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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  July 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with barely a scratch on his body oswaldo arroyo is having a difficult time making sense of losing his only brother, francis, in last night's car crash on east luzerne street. francis, who worked in an ice cream factory, leaves behind a pregnant fiancee and two children one son is a toddler, the other a teenager. >> my uncle went to do a u-turn and was stuck in the middle. the car came the rest is history. >> he kept going. it's not right. not right at all. >> reporter: accident investigators tell us that after the driver of a mitsubishi suv struck the brother's mazda sedan, witnesses called 911 and followed the suv which the driver abandoned. police are looking for the owner of that car. >> alberto vangas is the registered owner of that vehicle. we would like to talk to him, see what information he can provide in this investigation.
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it's crucial he gives us information who was operating the vehicle. >> devastated. just devastated. the whole family is affected by this. they are missing a dog now. >> reporter: natalie hall is a family friend and is a nurse for oswaldo's 12-year-old son jonathan who has special needs. the family's pet dog max is a comfort to the boy who was born blind and deaf. the dog was in the sedan at the time of the crash and got out. the family is also pleading with the driver to turn himself in. >> he has a heart, he made a mistake, do the right thing now. give them closure. >> my dad turned around. so his baby brother wouldn't get hurt. he could take all the pain. >> reporter: that was frankie describing his father francis bracing and sort of keeping his brother protected from the impact of that crash. in terms of the police investigation, cops say the driver may not have been at fault in this case but because he left the scene of a deadly
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accident, he could face prison time. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. wanted tonight, a montgomery county couple on the run. police say they are stealing identities and cashing in. take a good look. eric and porsche martin are accused of opening lines of credit using other people's information. police say they have stolen more than $124,000 under others' names. police think there could be hundreds of victims. nbc 10's deanna durante live in upper dublin township. you talked to one of the victims? >> reporter: i did. she told me she doesn't know the martins, never did business with the online bank that sent her a bill for $14,000. their business was based here in this upper dublin office building. all the offices look the same inside except for one on the second floor. piles of mail some of it could be junk others look like bills, all sit untouched outside suite 205, the office of center spike, a company that advertises
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heating and air conditioning repair online. the company is run by this couple according to police. porsche and eric martin. this woman is listed as one of eight vicktims police know about, who opened their mail to find a bill. in her case more than $14,000. >> how do you get my information? >> reporter: this victim didn't want her face shown or name put on tv. like all the other victims according to police they never met the martins or used their fort washington based company. >> the martins obtained their personal information, names, date of birth, social security numbers, and used personal information from victims to apply for loans fraudulently. >> reporter: an arrest warrant was filed for the martins. police say they used those names to open credit cards or take out loans and once money was put in their bank accounts the victims got the bill. according to court papers they stole more than $120,000 which is why police are urging you to look at your financial records. if something looks odd, call them. >> folks should know if you see
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something unusual in your financial background or history or documentation, take action. >> reporter: in this case only one victim here called police right away. many of the vicktims said that once they called the bank and said they weren't responsible for the charges that was it. they weren't even aware there was a criminal investigation going on until we reached out to them. why police say they want to hear from you if you know where the martins are or could be a victim. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. as philadelphia prepares for a visit from the pope in two months now, city officials are still not saying much about plans for getting around while he's in town. today mayor michael nutter tried to clear up some misconceptions about the event, saying the city officials have yet to decide on street closures and security zones. the mayor also dismissed some maps that surfaced over the weekend that showed closures saying there will be some inconvenience but the city is equipped to handle it.
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>> think about what happens in the few times that it has happened, 15 20 inches of snow. how am i going to get, how am i going to do where am i going to go. what do you do? you make plans. you make preparations. >> the mayor said he will make an announcement with new information about the world meeting of families next week. septa was also supposed to hold a news conference today to discuss whaten it would put the papal passes back on sale but it was canceled unexpectedly. septa says it will reschedule the announcement later this week. last week the website crashed the first day the special passes went on sale. septa will give the public 24 hours notice before putting the passes back on sale. the pope's appearance prompted one bucks county community to declare a state of emergency. middletown township's police
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chief recommended this. the woodburn station will be one of five train stops during the papal visit declaring a state offof emergency makes it more likely they will have access to federal money for police overtime and other expenses. we are only 60 days away from the pope's visit to philly. the pontiff arrives on september 26. for the last two dave's the world meeting of families. prepare for the pope by heading to or by downloading the nbc 10 app. hot and humid. two words you will hear a lot of in glenn's forecast. >> so there are some showers tonight and then a heat wave for the week right? >> yeah. temperatures in the 90s will definitely dominate the rest of the week. the showers, not exactly dominant. we have had a lot of clouds during the day today. that's helped keep the temperature down. just isolated showers, mostly on the light side. we did have a heavier one in cheltenham township going into northeast philly but that has
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totally fallen apart. we've got other showers and other heavier one across dewey beach. that one has weakened. another heavier shower in parts of kent county. not moving but it's weakening and that's the key. they have to weaken because they're not moving very much. future cast shows isolated showers around during the evening. i'll tell you when showers are most likely this week and how hot it will get with the seven-day in a few minutes. blindsided. police say a gunman acted alone taking two pharmacy employees by surprise. this is surveillance video of the man entering the cvs store in burlington township early sunday morning. he came in just as the store opened. police say he went right for the big bucks instead of taking the employees to the register. >> once inside the office he directed the manager to open the safe. >> it's very scary because i go there all the time and i take my
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granddaughter with me. >> police say the man in the video closely resembles one of the suspects from an armed robbery at an aston, delaware county cvs the night before. and he may be involved in as many as four similar holdups in recent weeks. this pharmacy robber is still on the run. he's linked to four different pharmacy robberies in gloucester and camden counties. police say the bandit wore construction clothes and demanded prescription pills during the june crime spree. in one case police say he threatened to kill a woman with a crow bar if the pharmacy tech didn't give him oxycodone. a few days before that police say he carjacked a priest in haddonfield. caught in the act. surveillance cameras captured a man secretly recording video of a woman -- up a woman's skirt. police say they arrested him at a walmart in burlington township. he confessed to making the recordings for fun and that he does it often.
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police say he's a truck driver and that's why they believe there could be victims all across the country. take a look at a powerful image here. 35 women on one magazine cover, all of these women saying they are bill cosby's alleged sex assault victims. the new issue of "new york" magazine hits stands tomorrow. some of the women revealing their identities for the first time on the cover. the alleged victims range in age from their early 20s to 80. the "new york" article comes on the heels of recent revelations from a 2005 deposition cosby admitting to using quaaludes during sexual encounters although he says they were used only during consensual sex. today, cosby's lawyers appealed a judge's decision to unseal court documents that included the quaalude comments. cosby has never been charged with a crime. the attorney of a delaware county man caught in a violent confrontation with police wants the u.s. department of justice to take over the investigation. we showed you the video last week of chester city and township officers arresting
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walter mote. the delaware county district attorney jack whalen said thursday he did not see excessive force being used in this video. whalen says mote was armed and resisted arrest because he didn't want to go back to jail. today mote's attorney says whalen's decision was quote, knee-jerk and premature. traffic alert to tell you about tonight in center city. the spring garden street ramp to the schuykill expressway is closed. crews are making improvements on that ramp. we have a live picture coming in from the network of traffic cameras. you can see the ramp there closed during rush hour. detour signs up. they will be there until next tuesday when this ramp reopens. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," local parents weighing in on changes at the top of the boy scouts of america. why some say they have no problems with gay scout leaders. and three bank robberies. why police think this guy is responsible for all of them and the one thing that may help
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police find him. it looks like another heat wave on the way. when we might have feel-like temperatures in the triple digits.
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a woman badly hurt riding bikes on the schuykill river trail reached out to nbc 10 to the try to help her find the man who helped her. carrie says she hit a rider in front of her and flipped off her bike. she was knocked unconscious. she recalls waking up to a man named steve holding her neck. he told her he was a nurse but that's the only detail they had. steve waited for an ambulance to come, then left. carrie found a picture of steve, posted on it facebook and tonight will get a chance to thank him face-to-face. watch their reunion tonight on "nbc 10 news at 11:00." right now, the national board of the the boy scouts of america is meeting to lift its blanket ban on gay leaders. nbc 10's tim furlong spoke with local scouting groups about what they think of the organization's historic vote. >> trustworthy and loyal, helpful, friendly courteous, kind obedient cheerful thrifty, brave, clean and
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reverent. >> reporter: the head of the boy scout council says you need to be all that stuff to work with the boy scouts saying he doesn't personally know or care about the sexual orientation of his area's 2800 volunteers all of whom have background checks. he says while many in scouting might disagree he believes allowing gay scout leaders probably won't be as big a deal as some make the out to be. >> as scouts we have learned to tolerate people's differences and more importantly to find what we have in common. >> reporter: the scouts have not historically been gay-friendly and while this change may probably shield them from discrimination suits at the national level it would allow local religiously based groups to make their own decisions. >> i think it's just a non-issue. >> reporter: this is the scouting dad of two boys who says his boys and the rest of his group would have no problem with a gay volunteer. he says scouts and the people who help them are generally good people. he doesn't think being gay or straight changes that. >> i really have no problem with them teaching my sons how to tie
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knots and fish and all the things they need to do to advance through scouting. >> we would appreciate more help. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. from the delaware bureau this evening, two north wilmington banks have been robbed since may, not once but twice. police think the same guy is responsible for three robberies and they want you to see if you recognize him or the unusual sweater he's wearing in a new picture. the first robbery was may 14th at the artisans bank on silverside road. same bank robbed again june 8th. police believe the same guy robbed wsfs bank about a mile and a half away on friday. now take a look at this surveillance picture police sent us. guy's wearing a hat, has a beard and is wearing an unusual sweatshirt. police say each robbery was the same. the guy approaches a teller flashes a gun and demands money before running away. it's taken decades of
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flooding for a local township to try to come up with a fee to fix the problem. parts of bethlehem township flood repeatedly. now a fee of $50 to $150 would be used to raise $1 billion for a flood control project. >> i'm willing to pay that $50 to $150 a year because i can't afford to do anything here. we're just people living paycheck to paycheck. >> they are also applying for various grants to help reduce the cost. we don't have any rain like that around now but we sure had downpours last night, especially around the poconos. just popup showers during the afternoon today. nothing like what we saw last night. we've got a muggy week ahead.
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we had a lot of comfortable days starting last wednesday, went all the way into the weekend but we are into another heat wave probably starting tomorrow. last thinging perhaps the rest of the week. we are finally seeing more sunshine. the clouds today helped keep the temperature down. 84 degrees, winds out of the south were two degrees cooler than this time yesterday but the humidity is up. today's high 86. tomorrow 92. then 95 and 96 with high humidity will make it heat wave number three. those two days wednesday and thursday with the higher humidity should make it feel close to 100 degrees. it's in the 80s in most places. 77 in horsham, had a shower in that area. 79 in oxford one of the cool spots. 80 in doylestown. it's fairly comfortable temperature-wise. it's the humidity that's up. if you are complaining about the way the weather feels, it's more about the humidity today.
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this is the rain mostly from last night. radar estimates and everything that's got a color on it had some rain. everybody got rain last night. the areas in yellow and red had the most. that includes in the poconos. carbon and monroe counties looking at various storm reports. how about this one. christens, penn forest carbon county, 7.8 inches of rain last night and close to 7 inches of that fell in a three-hour period. that's why we don't need intensive showers today because they're not moving very much and have a lot of moisture. unfortunately, they are weakening. with one exception, one in middlesex county into south brunswick. in the meantime we are seeing just the isolated showers for the next few hours, then things start to quiet down. then we start talking about the heat. isolated showers early and then
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just humid. 71 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, you will notice that heat up into the mid 90s plus the humidity. it will probably feel like 94 or 95. then wednesday and thursday feeling like closer to 100. thursday, the most likely day to get showers and thunderstorms. then lower humidity on friday but the temperature may not go down a whole lot. we could see 90 plus for quite awhile. i'm john clark. which team is now the front-runner for cole hamels and what are the chances sam bradford stays healthy? that's next. iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international
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agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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i'm john clark. baseball's trade deadline is friday. cole hamels is a wanted man. the texas rangers have emerged as the front-runner to land cole. he was named co-national league player of the week. he threw a no-hitter saturday in chicago. cole is scheduled to start thursday night at home but will he make that start? or will this no-hitter be his last outing as a phillie? marlon anderson believes the no-no can only boost his trade value. >> going out and throwing a no-hitter is one of those things, you have to understand the impact of a no-hitter. everybody is competitive in this game. gms, owners. you get a guy throw a no-hitter knowing he can come to your team next week and be able to help you advance your playoff chances, somebody will give up a prospect and pick him up. >> if you were down the shore or
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doing something else saturday comcast sports net will reair the no-no tonight at 7:00. former phillie shane victorino has been traded from the red sox to the angels. the eagles opening training camp sunday. chip kelly said he remade the roster because going 10-6 and missing the playoffs is no different than going 4-12. he says they weren't good enough. he took control of personnel this offseason but said quote, i don't think things would have been much different if howie roseman was still in control. i think we were all on the same page in terms of making moves and trying to make this team better. as for sam bradford coming off two knee surgeries, chip says they did research and says there is only a 10% to 12% chance that sam will re-injure his torn acl. kelly also said quote, everybody gets hurt in this game. the nhl released its national broadcast schedule for the coming season. you will see plenty of the orange and black. the flyers will play 18 nationally televised games, two games right here on nbc 10 february 7th against the
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capitals april 9th against penguins. the flyers play 16 games on nbc sports network. this is something you will not see in the nfl. arena football league, here we go. tiger jones scores for the jacksonville sharks. to celebrate he will do a wwe wrestling move on his teammate. this is the people's elbow. that was the rock's move in the wwe. of course, no penalties for excessive celebration in the arena league. somewhere, t.o. is smiling about that. that's what he used to do. back to you, jim. now for a look at what's coming up on "nbc 10 news at 11:00." cremated remains found in philadelphia. we told you about the discovery this weekend. tonight we have new information. what we have learned about this mystery tonight on "nbc 10 news at 11:00."
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looks like today's the coolest day of the week.
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92 degrees tomorrow. then it goes hotter from there. tonight, the search intensifies for two teenage boys lost at sea off the florida coast. for the first time we see their capsized boat as the's maive hunt to find them shifts gears. desperate families waiting for word. where they're looking now. danger on the road. one of the world's biggest automakers ordered to buy back vehicles from customers because of the serious risks they pose. are you driving one of them? taking the blame for a deadly accident caught on camera. would you go to prison to protect your child? one family's shocking secret exposed. and it's the end of an era. tonight, where were you when luke and laura got married? a night to reminisce as a tv legend says good-bye. "nightly news" begins


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