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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  August 1, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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later this afternoon. the good news we don't have humidity in place. we'll feel like 91 as we head through the afternoon. a live look outside, enjoying sunshine. a little bit of a breeze. it won't be breezy throughout the day, especially this afternoon. here is a live look outside. yes, staying hot. we had a stretch of 90s already. today we're going to reach 90 degrees. it looks like we're going to end the weekend with 90s as well. so the heat wave does continue today, tomorrow, monday and tuesday. things begin to change midweek. temperatures right now are mainly in the 70s. we are warm already. 80 degrees already in philadelphia. 70 to the north and west, allentown, lancaster, 70 in mount pocono. walking out the door to 81 in millville and 81 in wildwood. plan your day. hope it's a good one, by 3:00, 90, 6:00, 87. hot today, hot tomorrow. i'll let you know when that heat wave will finally end. those details coming up.
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some breaking news, police investigating the death of a 42-year-old woman in kensington neighborhood. it happened around 5:30 this morning. police tell us the woman was shot in a white ford explorer. bullets shattered the back passenger window. no word on a suspect or motive. overnight police in philly are also investigating another deadly shooting. this one in point breeze. police tell us the 30-year-old victim in this case was shot four times on the 1900 block of mountain street. he was found on the ground between two cars. no word on a suspect or motive in this case. still no arrest in the execution-style murder of a young mother in port richmond. philly police tell us the victim was targeted and that a new clue could help them catch her killer. take a look. this is surveillance video showing the suspected gunman running right from the scene on aramingo avenue just moments after witnesses heard shots fired from inside the victim's
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house. last night dozens of people crowded outside the home of 22-year-old stephanie dzikowski. she was shot and killed late thursday night right in front of her toddler. >> neighbors wondering who would shoot the mother and why? >> i don't know why anyone would do it. seems like somebody that knew her is what i'm thinking. >> police say her fiancee discovered the body after he returned home from the store. nbc 10 was in port richmond earlier this morning where the memorial outside the dzikowskis home continues to grow. at this appoint in the investigation, no suspects have been named and no person of interest either. family and friends will gather for fun rals ral services for francis arroyo. last sunday night he was in a car with his brother in the city's juniato neighborhood when
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witnesses an suv crashed right into them and did not stop. aroya who is survived by a pregnant fiancee and son was killed. police found the suv involved but continue to look for the driver. a womanlized to investigators about the circumstances rounding her daughter's death. they were called to this model where they found the lifeless body of trinity griffith. the little girl swallowed prescription medication similar to methadone. rather than call for help, investigators say the mother fell asleep and lied to police when she realized her daughter was dead. we have an update on an abduction from a teenager girl in luzerne county. investigators tell us the teen was found and safe this morning.
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an amber alert was issued for jena patterson. according to police she was taken from outside of her house in wilkes-barre by lewis, who you see here. he's currently in custody. investigators say jena was found in the area but they are not giving any specifics as to exactly where she was located. family members tell us patterson and lewis were romantically involved and a teen had a protective order against him. today the american red cross and the philadelphia fire department are joining together to help save lives. nbc 10's jesse gary live in gray's ferry where firefighters and volunteers are going door to door to hand out free smoke alarms. jesse, tell us about it. >> reporter: renee, sorry, just starting with judge renee caldwell hughes, just taken to the podium. this the formal portion of the program where officials give their remark. you see judge hughes and on the right fire commissioner and
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deputy mayor. behind them you see boxes of smoke detectors they will be handing out. what they are going to do work both sides of 6200 block of gray's avenue and install these devices for free. if you have video, let's go ahead and take a look at it. this is video from a fatal fire on gray's street a few months ago. according to the fire department there's been 10 fatal fires in the city of philadelphia this year. that is down from last year. last year at this time there were about 21. so fire officials are pleased they have made progress. but as deputy mayor said a couple mince ago, the goal is to have zero fatal fires in the city of philadelphia. they are handing out free smoke detectors with 10-year lithium battery. they will have them in their home and get people to use them and hopefully it will get numbers down to zero in the foreseeable future. it's something each fire commissioner has worked out and tried to accomplish during their
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tenure. commissioner sawyer is no different. he's hopeful number 10 will stay a 10 the rest of the year and 2016 will get as close to zero if not getting to zero completely. i said starting their remarks right now. when they start going to hand out fire smoke detectors, welcome back and join you around 9:30 and show you the process along the 6200 block of gray's avenue. live at gray's ferry, jesse gary. thank you, jesse. talking sports, a new era of phillies fans, live at citizens bank park where the team had the first home game since the cole hamels trade became official. in a single week phillies traded jonathan hasslebaum, revere and hamels. the phillies will be rebuilding for years to come. hamels' name has been circulating in trade rumors. finally became official. i was just 18 years old, practically a baby, when the phillies made him 17th overall
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pick in 2002 draft. since then bills have risen to the top of the baseball heap and fallen again making hamels expendible. >> i'm glad for him. but you know, you've got to rebuild at some point. his pitching wasn't going to get us anywhere. hopefully these prospects we will. >> he deserves to go somewhere and compete and win. absolutely. he got us to the only championship i was alive for. >> best move logically on the surface unless somebody emerges out of the lot they got. >> we'll hear what hamels has to say about the trade coming up later this morning in sports. next aviation experts may be getting closer to solving a mystery. they are examining debris from a plane that could be from the missing malaysian airlines jet that vanished more than a year ago. later an update on the hunt for the american wanted for bringing down a beloved lion in africa.
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what officials in zimbabwe want to happen to this dentist who killed the animal.
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welcome back saturday morning, mj michelle grossman. it's really hot later this afternoon. we've dealt with it for the last few days. great place to be, the beaches. looks like people have the right idea, closer to the 80s and 90s. temperatures 80 in philadelphia, 74 allentown, 72 in lancaster, 80s along the coast, 81 atlantic city, 82 wildwood and 81 in millville. today's highs across the area, neighborhood by neighborhood 80 in mount pocono. could see a thunderstorm, possibly a shower there. 87 allentown, 88 quakertown. doylestown, norris town, 90, 91 in mount holly. closer to the beaches mid-80s. back home to the city, 91 in philadelphia. 92 in wilmington and 88 in westchester. hot today, hot on sunday, hot
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monday and tuesday, then we're going to finally break out of this heat. we'll talk more about that and look at your seven-day coming up. >> thanks, michelle. happening now french aviation experts are examining what appears to be a piece of an airplane wing to determine if it came from that malaysia airlines jet that vanished more than a year ago. the debris believed to be from flight 370 has arrived in paris. experts say it's likely from a boeing 777, the only known mittsing boeing 777 was malaysian jetliner. the debris discovered on french island of reunion in the indian ocean f confirmed it would be the first significant finding from the flight. investigators will also be looking for clues as to what caused the flap to break off. flight 370 disappeared in march of last year on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing. there were 239 people on board. certainly a close call for a plane filled with passengers at jfk airport in new york yesterday.
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a drone nearly hit the delta flight from orlando as it was about to land. the drone flew below the plane's right wing. whoever was piloting that drone could face federal charges for endangering the lives of passengers on board. a firefighter from south dakota is dead after battles one of more than a dozen wildfires currently burning across california. forest service officials have not revealed exactly how he died. they say it happened while he was fighting the flames. according to the officials he vanished sometime thursday an his body was not recovered until yesterday morning. the fast-moving wildfires in california are threatening homes and businesses and have prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. elech minutes after 9:00 on saturday. when we come back we'll introduce you to this week's wednesday child. a triple crown winner running in the garden state. find out where you can find
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american pharoah in action. join us tuesday at 7:00 p.m. with pope francis. jim rosenfield talks with close friends, colleagues and critics to learn more about the man to became the people's pope. that's this tuesday at 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10.
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nearly 40,000 union workers at verizon are hours away from striking if they fail to reach a
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contract agreement with the company by midnight. here is the deal. verizon employees in nine states including pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware have voted to go on strike, if necessary. the communications workers of america union is rejecting demands that workers increase their health care contributions and make concessions on their pension. a verizon spokesperson said the company made a solid proposal that offers a path toward success. negotiations, by the way, do not involve verizon wireless employees in our region. this weekend new jersey transit is adding some train service because of a very special horse. triple crown winner american pharoah is running the haskell invitational as monmouth park on monday. as a result the agency will extend service due to the number of fans expected to attend. time to check in this week's wednesday's child. has he a lot in common with legos he loves.
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he's hoping to make a connection with forever family and hoping for structure and guidance he needs to help build a better life. >> see the pieces. >> reporter: 12-year-old jaffion, who likes to go by jay, is a little shy at first. when he's in his element he really opens up. he's passionate about legos so we went to the franklin institute in philly. we had a great time exploring the exhibits. he was really amazed at what could be done with legos. >> jaffion is a very bright young man. has he a big heart. he likes to help people and do nice things for his family and friends. >> jay is currently in the sixth grade and enjoys playing sports with his friends. has he a passion for professional wrestling. he has dreams to become a wrestler someday. >> i want to be a wrestler. >> a wrestler. >> a professional wrestler.
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>> the ideal family would be there for jay providing love and structure. >> javeon would be best in a two-partner family with experienced family who had parented before. he has expressed interest in a family that goes to church or is spiritual in some way. >> he's ready to share his big heart and dry sense of humor with his forever family. >> what's your t-shirt say? >> i'm not lazy, i just really enjoy doing nothing. >> tell me about your t-shirt. >> i just picked that up because i thought it was cool. >> javeon is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to help make javeon's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to and search "wednesday's child." you can also call national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. now, nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle
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grossman. it is a warm one already. hot this afternoon. get to the pool, get to the beaches if you can. we're going to see temperatures in the 90s again today, tomorrow, the heat really cranks up on monday and more 90s on tuesday. weather headlines on saturday morning. the heat wave continues at least for the next four days then things begin to change a little bit. a sunny weekend, sunshine today. also tomorrow a little shower activity to the north of the poconos. i'll time that out for you. a break in the heat comes on wednesday and we'll stay in the 80s for thursday and friday. we are already at 80 in philadelphia. warm already, winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour. temperatures across the region mainly in the 70s to the north and west, 74 allentown, 72 lancaster, westchester, 80 philadelphia. warm to the south and east 81 atlantic city, millville and 80 in dover. temperatures mainly in the upper 70s, low 80s. mostly everyone will be into the low 90s, upper 80s later this afternoon. we're looking for mostly sunny
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skies, a little hazy outside, humidity levels not bad. that's good news with 91 degree temperature. you don't want to feel warmer than that. winds out of the west. breezy through the afternoon. winds out of the west 13 miles per hour in philadelphia. up to 10 wilmington and dover. these numbers will increase over the next couple of hours. breezy today. i want to show you this because we do have green popping into the map indicating a chance for isolated showers, isolated thunderstorm especially north in the poconos. something to keep in mind as you're out and about. keep in mind, mostly cloudy night, saturday night, sunday more sunshine returns. it will be hot again with temperatures back into the 90s. we really start to crank up the heat on monday. we bring back the humidity on monday. get ready for that. poconos 80 today, isolated shower. 82, warm. overall nice weekend in the poconos. you may see a shower or two today. at the beach really nice. 87 and breezy, by sunday 83, mostly sunny skies. the city will be right around 91
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degrees. breezy by this afternoon. especially right around 20 miles per hour. seven-day forecast, 91 today by sunday. mostly sunny back into the 90s. that heat wave does continue. monday we're looking at temperatures even higher than that up to 96. more humid. it's going to feel higher than 96 with partly sunny skies. hot on tuesday 92. this is where we get the change. on wednesday mostly cloudy not as hot, 87. thursday, showers and storms 84 and then here is relief. payoff on friday, mostly sunny, nice 85. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are teaming up with dozens of animal shelters in our area to help find homes for pets in need. it's called clear the shelters and happening in two weeks on saturday august 15th. that day participating shelters will be reducing adoption fees in hopes of finding homes.
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here is how you help. join the conversation and raise awareness by sharing the event on social media, social media, twitter, facebook, use hashtag clear the shelters. send us pictures of your pets. we'd love to see them. of course come on out august 15th to welcome a new friend into your family. for shelter locations and fees tap on the nbc 10 news app. today is the dog days of summer again at blendo home shop on pine street in philadelphia. you'll find dogs available for adoption. the event runs from 11:00 until 2:00 this afternoon. coming up later in this hour, dog day saturday here at nbc 10. we'll introduce you to an adorable adoptable pet from the pennsylvania spca. live pet in the studio. you don't want to miss it. still ahead the coast guard calls off the search for those missing teenager boaters but family members are not ready to give up.
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off the coast of florida the coast guard search for two teenager boaters is now over. crews searched atlantic waters for seven days before the operation was suspended last night. the 14-year-olds austin stephanos and perry cohen have not been seen since july 24th when they took a boat into the waters off jupiter, florida, for a fishing trip. while the formal search and rescue effort is over, the boys' family say they will continue to look for the teens with volunteers, private planes and helicopters. now to an update from zimbabwe where authorities are seeking extradition of the american dentist who killed a lion lured out of the park. walter palmer remains in hiding four weeks after killing cecil the lion. it has sparked outrage all over the world. hundreds of thousands of people have even signed a petition
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urging the white house to get involved in this matter. meanwhile u.s. authorities say they have been contacted by a representative for palmer. he could face charges of poaching. >> nothing something as symbolic as cecil could die so treacherously and tragically, shows what a slippery slope we are when it comes to protecting the rest of ampk's amazing species of wildlife. >> in a statement palmer said, i deeply regret my pursuit of an activity i love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion. do you remember from earlier this month the pro surfer who punched a shark attacking him. who could forget it. another off the coast of australia this week. this time the shark trying to attack a boxer. he put his skill to goo use.
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it happened off evans head, a town 240 miles north of sydney. a friend said he was about to get up on his board when it slipped over and the shark went right after him. >> we were paddling out to catch a wave. we hadn't even gotten to where we would normally catch the wave and my friend yelled out, there's a shark. head back in. a second or two later, he went under the water >> police say people walking on the beach helped save his life by using surfboard leg ropes as tourniquets. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," teaming up to save lives in philadelphia. the american red cross and fire officials going door to door this morning to make sure that homes are protected with smoke alarms. nbc 10's jesse gary live in gray's ferry with the details.
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jesse. >> reporter: rosemary they are taking these and going to each house in gray's avenue. going inside a house where they are putting in one of the smoke detectors. we'll talk about this and show you of a the break. >> i love that idea. it is today, in the 90s. once again, that heat wave does continue. we have humidity, though. that's good news. we're looking at sunshine, a little breeze outside. we'll talk about that. how long the heat will continue and look at your seven-day coming up.
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a difficult weekend for neighbors of the young mother from philadelphia killed inside her home right in front of her toddler. police now have a key piece of evidence that they hope will lead to an arrest. plus an effort to save lives in philadelphia is called no more fire deaths. volunteers at the american red cross and fire officials going door to door right now making sure families have working smoke alarms. let's take a live look outside at citizens bank park. sunny and hot today, but a little bit more comfortable because the humidity will be low. how long will this heat wave last? that's the big question. details coming up in the first alert forecast. good morning, welcome back to
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"nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors, it's 9:30 on saturday. let's get right to this weekend weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. not too sticky outside, really, michelle. it's going to feel like an august summer day. >> exactly. not too sticky, that's the good news. it will be hot near 91 degrees this afternoon. typically the normal temperature is 87. not that far off. we're used to the 90s at this point. looking at mostly sunny skies across the area. lots of sunshine, pretty good start to the day. warm as well. staying hot today, a string of 90s. our heat wave does continue today up to 91 then looks like we're going to finish the the weekend just as hot around 90 degrees. off to a warm start. temperatures in the 80s, 82 northeast philadelphia, 81 millville, 81 atlantic city. a little cooler to the north and west but still mid to upper 70s, 75 redding, 74 allentown and 73
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in pottstown. as you step out this morning, certainly a warm start and finish hot in the low 90s. by 11:00, mostly sunny, 85. winds picking up as well. warm breeze out there. 3:00, mostly sunny, 90, back to 87 by 6:00 after a high of 91 degrees. we'll talk about the heat this weekend. the heat will start out the workweek. we'll break out that finally. we'll talk more about the numbers straight ahead. >> we are following some breaking news this morning. police are investigating the shooting death of a 40-year-old woman in philadelphia's kensington section. this happened at coral and rush street around 5:30 this morning. police tell us the woman was shot in a white ford explorer. as you can see bullets shattered back passenger window. no word yet on a suspect or motive in this case. overnight, police in philly are also investigating a deadly shooting. this one happened in point breeze. investigators tell us the 30-year-old victim was shot four
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times on the 1900 block of mountain street. he was found lying on the ground between two cars. in this case as well, no suspect and no motive. today family and friends will gather for funeral services for frances arroyo. last sunday night in a car with his brother in the city's juniata neighborhood when witnesses say an suv crashed right into them and kept going. arroyo survived by pregnant fiancee and two sons. they know who the registered owner of the car is but they continue to investigate who was driving that night. no arrests in the execution style murder of a young mother in port richmond. police tell us the victim was targeted and now they have a new clue they hope will help them catch the killer. this man seen running on
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aramingo after moments after the shot was heard in the house. mourners outside the home of stephanie dzikowski. she was shot while her toddler sat nearby. dzikowski's fiancee discovered her body after he returned home from the corner store. today philadelphia firefighters and volunteers from the red cross handing out free smoke alarms. their mission, save lives. nbc's jesse gary going door to door with those volunteers in gray's ferry. >> we're standing with fire commissioner here, zero tolerance with fires. this is something you've been preaching since you took the job. is this effective, installing smock detectors. we're doing an installation in the 6200 block of gray's avenue. >> it is effective. this year alone we've had 10
9:35 am
fire fatalities, but last year at this time we had 22. it is effective. we know for a fact by research and data, you have a 50% chance of living if you have a working smoke alarm and a fire. you can increase that success even more if you have a working home escape plan, if you practice a home escape plan. you have a working smoke alarm, home escape plan, you increase your chance of living if you have a fire. >> let's go inside and see what they are doing. talk about the escape plan. dave, i'll get the door for you. >> the smoke alarm is an early warning, allows you to get alerted you have a fire in the home. once you have the fire, what do you do? do you panic late at night? or if you have a plan, that plan is going to help you get out safely, as long as you practice it numerous times so everyone knows where to go. >> this is what they are installing. she's going over and having her
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sign papers for the smoke detector. this is what we do for the smoke detector. >> once we install it we make sure you test it. >> i'll let you do it. you're the fire expert. >> once you get it installed, you hold down this button. that's not going to work because is not installed yet. when you install this, it activates the alarm. >> gotcha. >> you push this alarm and i can show you. when you test it, it's going to be for about 15 seconds and go on. you do not have to worry about pushing it again once you test it. >> just having this simple piece of technology and, hey, run to the front door, back door. >> two ways out, saves lives. wakes you up. then it's up to you to have a plan, either go out the back door or front door. or if you can't get downstairs for some reason, how about closing your door and going to
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the window. that's an escape route also. our responders send companies to the front and rear. whether you go out the front or back we'll be there to help you. >> commissioner, thank you. i'm getting the music in my ear which means i've got to wrap. this goes on in the 6200 block for the next couple of hours. >> that's right. >> all right. we're live in gray's ferry where they are installing smoke detectors. nbc 10 news. >> thank you, jesse. a new lawsuit filed in connection with deadly am track train derailment that happened in may. the suit fired yesterday on behalf of rachel jacobs, ceo of a tech company. she died in the crash. jacob was riding in the first passenger car. jacobs family accuses in the lawsuit of reckless disregard.
9:38 am
the train was traveling double the speed limit when it hopped the track and rounded the curb in port richmond neighborhood. eight people in total died. more than 200 others were hurt. we'll tell you who is named phillies great. we'll see you later on at the ceremony. and a close encounter with the donald. what the gop got the presidential candidate to do during a visit to scotland.
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welcome back on this saturday morning.
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we're looking really good. sunshine, mostly sunny skies across the area. we're looking at temperatures mainly in the 80s right now. some 70s across the area. a warm start to the day. that was a live look at lowe's camera. right now looking at temperatures mainly in the 80s from philadelphia south and east, 80 in philadelphia. 5 chester springs, 78 washington township. to the north and west mid-70s mainly. 74 allentown. you're walking out the door to 72 in lancaster. temperatures mainly in the 80s. mid-80s. a very warm start there. woodbine 84, 0 in dover. lots of sunshine. the uv index around 8 to 9. very high. you want to wear the sunscreen. same story for sunday. get sun burned in 15 minutes. wear sunscreen from top to bottom and stay out of sun from 11:00 to 4:00. today's highs around 80 in quakers town, closer to 91 in philadelphia. we'll talk more about the heat this weekend and tracking into it in a few minutes.
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>> hey, michelle, did you see that blue moon? did you see it when you came into work? who could miss it. the event has nothing to do with the color, of course. the traditional definition is two full moons in a month. the second occurred last night. if you missed it, hate to tell you, you'll have to wait a while for the next one. astronomers say it won't happen again until january 2018. let's head to scotland where a young boy walked right up to donald trump on his scottish golf course and asked to take a selfie. he watched trump take off in his helicopter. the two posed for the photo and trump high-fived the boy when he left. jonathan, the little boy there, also got trump's autograph. >> looking for a great beach day. folks already getting their spot for towels, chairs, umbrellas,
9:43 am
the whole thing. here is a live look down the shore at cape may. sunny, hot weather continues. michelle will be back in the details for the first alert forecast. plus member of 2008 world series team gets phillies highest honor. we'll hear from world series cole hamels on his trade to texas rangers. all coming up next in sports.
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come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. today baseball fans can help
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dedicate phillies mural. the eighth-story painting faces the schuylkill river and expressway. several phillies alumni featured on the mural will be there for the dedication at 11:30 this morning. if you're a diehard phillies fan, that's where you want to be before noon today. some of the folks down there including hall of famer mike schmidt, brad lidge, darren dault daulton. today at phillies park pat burrell just inducted to the wall of fame last night will join 40 others lumm nice and phillies will take on braves. can you watch that right here on nbc 10. also today the camden river sharks hosting second annual home run derby from the deck of battleship new jersey. anyone can participate for a small fee or sit back and watch.
9:47 am
this will last until 1:00 this afternoon. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> lots of events and perfect day to be outdoors. won't have humidity, won't be oppressive like last week. low humidity, things change with weather returning. looking at heat continuing, heat wave does continue for the next four days. a sunny weekend. mostly sunny today, mostly sunny on sunday. overall a nice day. some might get a shower or two. i'll time that out a break in the middle of the workweek. temperatures 80 degrees, mixture of sun and clouds, breezy outside. temperatures north and west, cooler, 73 pottstown, 74 lancaster, 0 philadelphia, warmer to the south and east, temperatures mainly in the low 80s. 81 atlantic city. 80 in dover. so a little warmer but every
9:48 am
spot warm this morning. we will be hot later this afternoon. the breeze outdoors all afternoon, hot breeze, winds picking up to near 20 miles per hour. straight out of the west, see winds 13 miles in philadelphia, 10 miles per hour in wilmington, 10 miles per hour in atlantic city. as high as 20 miles per hour later this afternoon. breezy by this afternoon in many spots. a shower especially to the north. mainly poconos north of philadelphia. keep that in mind if you're going to be visiting in the pocono mountains, living in the pocono mountains. you may see a shower or two or thunderstorm. saturday night hot again on sunday, mostly sunny skies on sunday. a really nice end to the weekend with temperatures into the low 90s, keeping humidity levels down once again on sunday before we make changes on monday. poconos chance for thunderstorm, 80 degrees, 82 on sunday, partly sunny and warm. not too bad this year.
9:49 am
beaches looking picture perfect. another weekend looking good at the beaches. saturday 87. breezy, sunday, 83, not quite as warm but still warm. looking at a nice end. today closer to 91, breezy winds out of the west at 10, 20 miles per hour, lots of sunshine. a clear night. we'll keep those temperatures up, 71. back up to 91 on sunday, lots of sunshine. enjoy tomorrow, a repeat performance of today. monday that's where we have changes. 96 bringing back the humidity. going to feel a little warmer than that. a cold front comes through. shower activity late monday, tuesday, partly sunny, 92. back to the 80s wednesday not as hot, 87. by thursday lots of clouds, showers, 84. friday, mostly sunny and nice. 85, so enjoy that. a nice end to the workweek. hi, the trade to send cole
9:50 am
hamels to the texas ranger finally official. got pitcher matt harrison and five prospects. harrison placed on 15-day disabled list with lower back inflammation. hamels met teammates in the dugout, will join them tonight. he and his wife took out this ad in the "philadelphia inquirer." cole said this is a bittersweet ending. >> model said fighting fist. i believe independent that and tried to live that you don't ever wan to count us out. i didn't ever want to be counted out. i understand this is the nature. this does happen. >> phillies traded ben revere yesterday. he found out about the trade via twitter. he spent part of three seasons in philadelphia. phillies add add new member to their wall of fame last night.
9:51 am
pat burrell. burrell put his relationship with the fans in perspective. >> we had our ups and downs. i'm not sure more of which. but it was a fun ride. the only thing that matters to me is when i left, i was on the back of clydesdales coming down broad street. >> a good memory. bottom five, brown, deep to center. he said last night after his home run he would hit another one and he did it. second straight night. 6-0 phils later in the inning. in a pickle, hernandez caught a run between second and third,
9:52 am
angela watches. that -- ajwatches. that kind of night. 76ers made a move trading jason thompson to the golden state warriors for wallace, cash and consideration. that will do it for sports, comcast sports net.
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i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain.
9:54 am
[clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder] but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. this is what i call perk of this dog. we have two labrador puppies with us from the spca. they are looking for homes. i have a feeling they will go quickly. i'm joined by jenny from spca. tell us about ely and connor. >> they are lab mixes, about eight weeks old. they came to us, six litter mates in high-risk rescue partners. >> how are they doing? i have to say what we've seen in
9:55 am
the studio, they have been pretty good. >> they are good. they act like puppies. >> biting the microphone. other than that they have been pretty well behaved. >> they have been great. all their brothers and sisters are doing really well. they are very cute and nice puppies, very small. >> you have an event that's going on today. >> yes. we have a puppy kitten shower from 1:30 to 3:30. these puppies will be available from the location along with some pound puppies and kitten we're bringing along. we'll have animals ready for adoption. >> so fur looking to bring home a puppy, unless one of these adorable pets come home with me today. they will be there later this afternoon at the event, which is really great. i'm sure they will go home with someone by the end of the day. >> oh, yeah. >> if for some reason you can't make it out to the event contact the spca 245-426-6304.
9:56 am
their direct number or 6300. go to website thank you. thank you guys, you did a great job. you did a great job. before we leave you, wanted to get one last check of the weather from michelle grossman. i know you're so jealous. >> they are extra, extra adorable. i want to kiss them. i'll come see them afterwards. they will be outdoors, keep them hydrated, into the 90s this afternoon. already warm. lots on the beaches. i'm jealous of them in the studio with the dogs, jealous of them on the beach, looking at temperatures 83 on the beaches. 4 northeast philadelphia, 84 atlantic city, 82 already in wildwood, north and west. a little cooler, 78 in allentown. a little warm. 91 sunday. mostly sunny 91.
9:57 am
even hotter on monday. more humid 96, feeling hotter than that finally breaking our heat wave by wednesday with a couple showers. 87, 84 thursday and beautiful on friday. >> michelle, i think your lab at home would be upset if you came back with an extra pet. >> we'll keep it here in the studio for you. oil rosemary connors. from everybody at nbc 10, have a good one and we'll see you tomorrow.
9:58 am
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-hi. i'm sara gore, and this is "open house". this week, we're stopping by a sprawling estate near san francisco featuring amazing views of the vineyards and beyond. and for those days where you're not sure which car you want to drive-- we're showcasing the effortless style of interior designer michelle elzay. plus, we're on the hunt for the perfect pad in manhattan. but first, it's the house "scarface" fans will remember forever, a palatial estate in montecito. adjacent to the formal living room is the conversation room. it's definitely something unique about this one-of-a-kind montecito estate. [music playing] welcome to "open house". right now i'm coming to you from an exquisite home on manhattan's fifth avenue.


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