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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and have been for months figuring out traffic plans and how to move the thousands of rail passengers in and out of fort washington station. the plans are almost finished. >> there is going to be a lot more traffic in the area with fort washington train station being a designated septa stop. >> reporter: the giant parking lot will be reserved for handicapped parking leaving surrounding lots for parking. the lot here will also be used for drop-off lines and line after line for passengers to be standing. the traffic will be thick around the station with the closure of 76 at the blue route. drivers will have no choice but to offload at plymouth, white marsh and conshohocken areas. >> it will be insane. >> reporter: some tell me they plan to do nothing that weekend, not even take the train. >> i'm staying home. i actually got pope passes on septa and i'm giving them to friends and staying home. >> reporter: we have also learned this area will not only be used for travelers heading into the city but of course that means there needs to be a lot of emergency responders here.
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fire, police, emts, should it be a very hot day they will also need to be generators cooling places down here. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. speaking of trains, septa released new information today about another lottery for special passes. this time for specific trolley lines and its high speed line. the lottery will be held on wednesday. septa has allotted 20,000 special passes for the norristown high speed line but only two stops will be open. the gulph mills station and villanova station. tickets will be $10 each. they will be good from september 26th through the 28th. there will be 5600 papal passes available for the trolley route 101 and another 5600 for trolley route 102. those passes are $10 as well. two stops on each line will be open, springfield mall and lemey avenue and north street and
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clifton-alden on route 102. the lottery will be held wednesday, august 12th. customers have until 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. to enter. septa says no matter what time you enter, everyone has the same chance. you can request up to ten passes just like the last time. septa will notify winners via e-mail one week from today. the passes will be sold using the same lottery system that septa held for its regional rail passes. we are constantly updating the latest information about the pope's visit on and the nbc 10 news app. right now, find out how businesses and schools will be affected plus check out our coverage from the pope's homeland of argentina. here is some news making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." the search is on for two men who shot and robbed a bakery store owner in philadelphia's overbrook park area. the victim is in critical condition. she was opening best cake kosher
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bakery at 6:00 this morning when robbers shot her. regular customers are naturally shocked. >> it's devastating for us. it's devastating for the community. these things do not happen in overbrook park. they do the nnot and they will . >> reporter: investigators hope surveillance video from the scene leads to arrests. we have new information on an 11-year-old boy who was found dead in darby creek this week. police tell nbc 10 that a tip call led them to laquan lattimore's bike and backpack in glenolden. lattimore was last seen riding his bike monday in folcroft. his body was found in the week wednesday afternoon. the medical examiner has ruled his death an accidental drowning but the boy's family wants more answers about what led up to his death. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is expected to surrender tomorrow to face criminal charges.
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montgomery county d.a. furman announced the charges against kane yesterday. they include perjury, obstruction and conspiracy. kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to punish two former staffers who she thought were critical of her. kane says she is innocent. kane says she will not resign as pennsylvania attorney general but can she be forced out of office? one former supreme court justice says yes. if the court feels her misconduct is outrageous. retired justice ron castille says the court could order emergency suspension of kane's law license. kane would have ten days to fight that suspension but if she fails, she would be forced to leave office. that's because the pennsylvania constitution requires the a.g. to have a law license. kane could also be impeached by the legislature. her successor would then be appointed by governor wolf. a guilty verdict for former eagle irving fryar.
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a short time ago he and his mother were convicted of conspiracy and theft by deception. prosecutors claim they masterminded a bank and mortgage fraud scheme in burlington county. he of course played 17 seasons in the nfl including three for the birds. he faces five to ten years behind bars. sentencing is set for october. a gas leak forced part of the new jersey turnpike to shut down this afternoon. look at that traffic. sky force 10 in the air near exits 3 and 4 in cherry hill, camden county as police detoured that traffic. state police tell us a construction crew accidentally struck a gas main causing a leak. we are told crews shut off the gas and traffic is moving again in both directions. let's take a look at traffic heading down the shore at this hour. we have a live picture. this is route 42 at the ac expressway moving fairly smoothly for 5:05. this is the turnersville area in gloucester county. let's head to cape may. you can see the crowds have
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thinned out a little after some rain hit parts of the shore this afternoon. >> let's talk to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. has the rain moved out yet? >> yeah, it's definitely moved out of cape may. some rain lingering offshore in sussex county in delaware. that's really about it. still gloomy along the shore like you just saw but a majority of the moisture is still offshore. here is cape may. here is delaware. we are seeing drying conditions. the clouds are still there. it's a little damp along the shore and delaware beaches but the bulk of the moisture will remain offshore. another area of low pressure in north carolina that will move offshore tomorrow as well. one thing it will do is increasing the risk for rip currents along the shore and the beaches this weekend. if you are heading in that direction, be very careful if you plan on swimming. the water will be a little dangerous in some areas. temperatures pretty comfortable, 79 in atlantic city, 75 in wildwood. that's one of the areas where we have seen cloud cover today and lighter rain showers. 80 in millville, 86 in philadelphia. the humidity is low, too.
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that will make it feel really comfortable as we go into friday evening. by 6:00, temperature around 83 degrees, pretty low humidity, nice conditions. by 8:00 p.m., temperature upper 70s. very nice. by 10:00, about the mid 70s. tomorrow to start your weekend, most of the area will see sunshine but maybe not everybody. we will take a closer look at the weekend forecast and the shore forecast coming up. a man accused of taking cell phone video up a woman's skirt is wanted by police. take a look at this surveillance video showing a man in a t.j. maxx store in marple township. she tells police she saw a man squatting on the ground behind her with his cell phone in video mode. as she began to question the man he walked right out of the store. meanwhile, a group of delaware firefighters are in california right now helping battle forest fires sparked by lightning. the delaware forest service sent a team to help get the flames under control. so far the damage from the fires have burned more than 11,000
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acres. at least 20 homes have been destroyed. fortunately, no one has been injured. also from the nbc 10 news delaware bureau, new rules to protect businesses from snooping on employees. a new bill signed today by governor jack markell makes it illegal for employers to force workers to give up passwords or give their bosses access to their personal facebook, twitter accounts or other online social media accounts. the package of privacy bills signed today include one that stops businesses from using the internet to market potentially harmful products directly to children, prevents the selling and disclosure of students' personal information, stops companies from disclosing the reading habits of ebook readers and prevents crime victims and witnesses' addresses from being posted on the web. bullets flying and homes crumbling. neighbors say they need help to keep their community clean and safe. how the city of philadelphia now is stepping in to help.
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remember the comments from chris christie about wanting to punch the teachers union in the face? well, tonight one new jersey teacher is offering his face to the governor. we spend a lot of time online around here. but with all this speed from xfinity, it's all good. hey, why don't we do some homework for a change? gary, you too. stuff. yes! [laughs] lovin' the new design! konichiwa hirosan. five minutes...
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[snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. we are following developing news out of colorado. a jury has reached a decision on whether james holmes will be sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty. their decision will be read at
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7:00 tonight. jurors deliberated for about six and a half hours over two days before reaching this decision. the same jury convicted holmes of murdering 12 people and injuring 70 others at a movie theater three years ago. the u.s. navy plans to station armed guards at all of its reserve centers across the country, according to an e-mail obtained by nbc news. it follows last month's deadly attack in chattanooga, tennessee. a man killed four marines and a sailor at a navy reserve center. the navy plans to assign armed personnel at all 70 reserve centers that aren't located on military bases. the navy is also considering providing armed protection at its recruiting centers. now to decision 2016. more people watched last night's republican debate than any presidential debate ever. about 24 million people tuned in. >> today the question is, did the debate shake up that race
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that donald trump has been leading? nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman reports from cleveland. >> reporter: at the deli today not far from the debate site, scott walker campaign, the center of attention here. but not last night. despite his going in polling third or fourth highest, you got fewer minutes than almost any candidate. >> in the end i guess some of the others were eager to take on the others. >> reporter: grabing the most air time was, you know, with a record 24 million viewers and he he groused afterward. >> i thought their questions to me were much tougher than to other people but maybe i expect that but i really enjoyed the evening. >> reporter: jeb bush in new hampshire today was polling second to trump. >> i saw you on the tv last night. you looked very calm under pressure. that's really good. you held your own, you know? >> part of the task of being the president is hold your own. >> reporter: in fact, to many, bush looked laid back.
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>> when you're sitting -- >> reporter: after his tangle with rand paul. chris christie is very pleased. but donald trump made clear he might run as an independent and he won't mince words. some trump backers were turned off. >> i thought he was rude. and crude. >> i still think he's a strong candidate. >> reporter: one debate down, a long way to go. near term, a big question is how republican women are reacting and will react to trump's refusal to repudiate his previous put-downs of women. steve handelsman, nbc news, cleveland, ohio. a new jersey teacher is offering to let chris christie punch him in the face. the governor declared on sunday that the american federation of teachers union needs a quote, punch in the face for backing hillary clinton 15 months before the presidential election. now a teacher has written a blog
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offering up his face to punch. the president of the teachers union responded saying quote, if christie wants to punch the teachers union in the face, he needs to realize that he is punching every teacher in the face. he is punching each and every dedicated teacher who has been working to improve the lives of children for decades before christie discovered that bashing teachers is a winning campaign strategy, end quote. still ahead we will speak with a political media strategist about christie's comments and his performance in the debate. could it either improve or hurt his performance in the polls? that's coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:30. a taste of history in gettysburg this weekend, because the battle's 152nd anniversary re-enactment kicked off today. it was supposed to take place last month but was postponed because of bad weather. today re-enactors gathered to recreate the historic battle that was a turning point in the civil war. this includes the use of the confederate flag which one of the participants defended.
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>> of all places that it should be shown, it should be here. if somebody wants to carry it or fly it in their yard as an expression of hatred, that's a different story. this is not hatred here, obviously. this is history. >> the re-enactment runs through sunday. well, kind of gloomy along the shore today but most of the area had a really nice day. there is still rain well off to the south and off in the atlantic, new jersey and delaware seeing the brunt of that rain today and the cloudy conditions. the shore will be seeing improvement as we go through the weekend starting with tomorrow and especially for sunday, but with an area of low pressure still moving by offshore, the threat of rip currents, that risk is going to be at a moderate to high this weekend so be very careful if you are heading down there and plan on getting in the water. live look at cape may, not too many people for a friday because
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of the weather today. little gloomy in cape may. we had some light showers earlier but those have since cleared out. overcast skies along the shore, mid 70s for cape may right now. humidity is higher right along the shore points as well and the delaware beaches, but elsewhere, humidity's low and temperatures are at about the mid to low 80s, feeling comfortable. pottstown 82 degrees. 86 in philadelphia. 82 glassboro. 87 degrees bensalem and most of south jersey and delaware, where we have seen most of the cloud cover today, right around 80 degrees. atlantic city airport, right at 79 degrees. but we will see high pressure building in this weekend and what that's going to do is give more sunshine to the shore points and beaches. so right now, we do see the rain clearing out. it's well offshore but here's what we have seen over the past four hours. we had the rain kind of hanging on in sussex county, rehoboth beach up to cape may but finally it has moved out. it will take the thicker clouds with it. big area of low pressure in the
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atlantic will be moving away but another one off north carolina will stay offshore as we go into the weekend, increasing our risk for rip currents again. as you see, we go into saturday. the low moves away and the second one, that will stay to our south. it won't move in. what it could do early tomorrow is still provide some cloud cover along the shore points and the delaware beaches. there's a chance we could see a stray shower out of that. most of the area will stay dry. then we go into sunday and high pressure kind of stays in control. still giving us the mostly sunny skies. for the poconos this weekend, the upper 70s both saturday and sunday, just about mostly sunny. for the shore and delaware beaches, the moderate to high rip current risk will be there saturday and sunday. so both weekend days. we expect it to be the windiest as we go into saturday so you will notice the winds tomorrow. for sunday, not as windy but the rip current risk will still be there. temperatures in the low 80s along the shore by sunday. tonight, mostly clear, pretty nice. clouds could be lingering just to the south. 67 for the low in philadelphia.
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59 degrees, areas north and west. tomorrow, sunny, warm day. there is a possibility we could see a shower along the shore tomorrow but nothing that should ruin your day. temperatures anywhere from 83 to 86 degrees. sunday, looking pretty good. temperatures in the mid 80s across the weekend. saturday and sunday will be sunny and nice. saturday, humidity will be a little lower than sunday. the next rain chance comes later in the day monday. tuesday, you will definitely want your umbrella. looks like a pretty rainy day tuesday, showers and storms. in the next seven days, we actually stay in the 80s and the average high temperature has now dropped to 86 degrees. listen to this. russia has destroyed more than seven tons of imported cheese to protest western economic sanctions. russian tv showed this video. you can see a truckload of cheese dumped on the ground, then crushed by that bulldozer. the u.s. and its european allies have slapped a number of financial sanctions on russia
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after the country invaded crimea. right now at 5:00, thieves targeting women and their purses at local restaurants. a warning you need to hear before you head out tonight. plus a deadly outbreak in new york city. tonight the feds are stepping in to stop the spread of legionnaire's disease.
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we want to tell you about a benefit this weekend to help support local families who experienced a stillborn birth. 26,000 babies are stillborn each year in the united states. tomorrow's walk will honor the lost lives and the memory of those children. latifa ellis hamilton experienced this tragedy and is now working to help other families. >> there is a memory still of that day that she was born not breathing. but my mission is to continue her life here on earth. >> the second annual 5k walk for stillborn awareness takes place tomorrow at elmwood park zoo. all proceeds benefit programs and services of star legacy foundation. for more information go to or check out the nbc 10 news app. a breakthrough way to detect
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breast cancer is becoming more common in our area. doylestown hospital is just the latest to offer 3d mammography, a type of ct scan that shows doctors different angles of the breast, displaying it in layers like sliced bread if you will. einstein hospital had it first several years ago and now the technique is available throughout the area. benefits include giving doctors a deeper look at the breast. it is especially good for women with dense tissue. there are fewer false alarms. it finds more cancers at an early stage. but insurance companies will not cover the cost of 3d mammography so check ahead. there is a sudden scramble to help catch up to the dramatic rise in hepatitis and experts say the increase goes hand in hand with heroin abuse. hepatitis c affects about three million americans. the number of acute cases grew by more than 270% in recent years. public health agencies believe
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this surge has been spurred by heroin users sharing needles. better safe than sorry. allergy experts say doctors shouldn't hesitate to use epinephrine on patients who may be having an allergic reaction. a panel of allergists agree it should be used even if the symptoms don't meet all of the standard criteria of an allergy attack. from trash on the streets to bullets flying, neighbors in one community in philadelphia say they can't stop it on their own. >> now they are asking for help. how city officials are stepping in and offering solutions. plus trouble on the rails. the defect that's causing patco trains to stop without warning. new at 6:00, the secret service reveals security measures people will face if they walk across the ben franklin bridge for the pope's
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right now at 5:30, keeping their neighborhood safe and clean. it is what every community wants but for people in this section
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of philadelphia, those basic needs have been hard to come by. >> -- thinking sometimes that my house will fall down on me. >> the city stepped in. local officials walked the streets promising to help neighbors on a variety of issues. by far, their biggest concern was crime. >> that reality hit home again overnight. that's after another deadly shooting in north philly. tonight, police are still searching for the woman who shot and killed the 18-year-old victim on cross keys street. nbc 10's drew smith joins us from police headquarters. drew, what kind of solution does the city offer to these neighbors? >> reporter: it's not just police, it's a unified approach between elected leaders and other service departments in the city. they were all out in the neighborhoods today interacting with people one-on-one, documenting a series of problems. our big question for them was beyond that documentation, what's the next step? city government hit the streets
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today meeting with neighbors in north philadelphia. >> better safety for the kids. >> reporter: there was no shortage of complaints. overgrown trees, vacant homes and trash piling up. >> we try to bounce back as a community to go forward and how can you, with the ground sinking underneath us and people shooting everybody every which way you turn? >> reporter: councilwoman cindy bass organized the street department, sanitation and public safety representatives to write down people's issues. she hopes it builds trust and leads to an increase in reporting problems. >> the don't snitch rule and retaliation, it's real. people down here feel that it's real. so we want to make sure they know they have support. >> you need to go talk to the people to see what their issues are. >> reporter: the city workers definitely listened today but neighbors wondered if they would see any action soon. how are you going to follow up with these folks? >> our staff will follow up on each and every item we take down
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so we can make sure it gets done. >> reporter: this was just the first of these tour of the neighborhood. they will continue every friday for the rest of the summer in that district. drew smith, nbc 10 news. it is the day after the debate. a record number of viewers tuned in last night to see the long anticipated showdown between the top ten republican presidential hopefuls. the conversations were at times combative as expected and it appeared no issue was off-limits. the candidates answered questions on everything from immigration to isis to same sex marriage. chris christie just barely made the cut for last night's debate and the latest poll from monmouth university had him at 4%. >> that's right. did he do enough to boost his standing among the republican field? j.j.baloban joins us now, a campaign at the partner campaign group. he usually works with democrats. >> before we begin, let's take a
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look at some of christ auie's performance last night. this is an exchange he had with rand paul over the bulk collection of phone records by the nsa. >> that's a completely ridiculous answer. i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from other people. how are you supposed to know? listen, senator, when you're sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that. when you're responsible for protecting the lives of the american people, then what you need to do is to make sure that -- >> here's the problem. >> boy, there were a lot of fireworks last night. we knew there would be. that exchange we just saw really highlighted the difference between how the two would lead and govern and their understanding of the constitution. j.j., is that the kind of moment that will help christie? >> sure it will. as you pointed out, he started the debate in ninth place with 4% of the vote. he does have no place to go but up. however, the reality is i think
5:33 pm
he did exactly what he wanted to do. he used his experience to talk about how he fought terrorism as u.s. attorney and he also distanced himself from the washington crowd, from all those senators he basically called them all blowhards. that's what he wanted to do. >> we talked earlier about christie's comments about punching the teachers union in the face. who is he trying to appeal to here and do you think that it will help him or will it hurt him? >> well, i think it's pretty clear he's trying to appeal to donald trump's voters. i think he, like a lot of people, think that donald trump, this may be a summer fling but it won't last once labor day comes around and people start to get serious. in some ways i think donald trump is eating chris christie's natural constituency. so what he's trying to do, in a two-hour debate, chris christie only was able to speak for about six minutes. so he's trying to make the most of those six minutes when he makes inflammatory statements like that. >> do you think that he will eat
5:34 pm
away at some of donald trump's supporters? the poll numbers have shown trump only increasing. >> that's true. but it's a long way until people start to vote next year. >> you think that it could be just a fling right now and the numbers will start to change the closer we get to election time? >> i think it's possible. i think as it gets closer to election i imagine people in both parties will get more serious about figuring out who they want to represent their party in the general election. who they think can win. >> long way to go. j.j. balaban, thank you for your time. >> thank you. well, most of the area today saw nice weather but some parts saw a little rain. now we are tracking the possibility of that rain as we go into the weekend. i will show you the weekend forecast and what you can expect along the shore. plus how a special camp is helping children get excited about engineering at a very early age.
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questions about the crash that injured comedian tracy morgan and killed another man could get more answers next week. that's when an ntsb hearing will determine the probable cause. this comes more than a year after the deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. a walmart truck slammed into the back of a limo van carrying morgan and his friends back from a show in delaware last june. morgan suffered head trauma, a broken leg, broken ribs. he was in a coma for days. the comedian has said he doesn't remember the accident. morgan settled a lawsuit against walmart in may. morgan's friend and fellow comedian james jimmy mack mcnair was killed in that crash. a preliminary ntsb report found the truck driver kevin roper was driving 65 miles an hour shortly before the crash in an area where the speed limit had been lowered to 45 because of
5:38 pm
construction. trouble on the rails now. patco officials say they found a defect that's causing trains to stop suddenly. they said it happened 43 times from may to july, causing operators to remove passengers from trains traveling between philly and south jersey. patco's general manager told the "courier-post" the problem is in the brake pads. he also said the agency has notified the part manufacturer and is working on temporary solutions. back in may, patco rolled out six refurbished cars to help give commuters a more comfortable ride. the cars also have several safety features which patco calls more important than ever since the recent amtrak derailment in philadelphia. thieves targeting women and their purses at local restaurants. a warning you need to hear about before you head out tonight. plus dumping your trash in state parks is more common than you think. only nbc 10 is there for the crackdown down the shore.
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a warning tonight about a recent rash of purse and wallet thefts in our region. this video is from the plymouth meeting pizza shop. you can see the people at the bar. they have no idea what's happening. police say these men hit here multiple times on july 25th. they could also be behind a series of purse and wallet thefts near king of prussia mall. they say always keep your valuables where you can see them like this woman. >> it's always on me right where you see it. >> reporter: you always keep that bag on your arm? >> always. always. it's the safest way to go. >> if you recognize the men in
5:42 pm
this video, as always, call police. we want to show you a massive backpack giveaway for kids that took place today at the philadelphia housing authority. even the philly phanatic showed up to help out. about 3500 bookbags stuffed with school supplies were handed out to students. the backpacks will he help kids get off on the right track for the upcoming school year. a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration as a massive development opened in glassboro, gloucester county. the $74 million building includes space for apartments, retail shops, restaurants and medical offices. >> this is the rebirth of glassboro. this is just another component of an investment of -- a $350
5:43 pm
million public/private investment that creates a lot of jobs and is bringing a lot of commerce. >> the project created 400 construction jobs for that matter. it will also provide 100 new permanent jobs. local students at a summer science camp scrambled to perfect their projects today before tomorrow's awards ceremony. the summer engineering experience for kids ends tomorrow with a final competition. the third to fifth graders at rhodes elementary school worked with a special kind of toy that helps them design and build fully operational electrical circuits. many students say camp was a lot of fun even though they were learning some pretty complicated stuff. >> i learned a lot about circuits and atoms and electrons and protons. >> they are learning a lot. the camp's going is to guide students into a science related job like electrical engineering.
5:44 pm
from the nbc 10 news delaware bureau, drivers should start to notice a smoother ride at one of the state's most heavily traveled areas. the state is celebrating the completion of a major traffic construction project. the reconstruction of the interchange at i-95 and route 202 in wilmington is finished. the project took three years. governor markell was among those on hand for today's ceremony. crews widened and extended ramps at the interchange. they also added a traffic signal and installed better lighting. it is one of the busiest spots in the state. >> this is in places where they can get their products to market quickly, they want to be in places where their employees can get to work i use this ramp all the time. i live very very close to here. so this is going to be a big relief for a lot of people. >> the entire project cost more than $33 million. we are just over a week away from seeing the eagles in action
5:45 pm
for the first time this football season. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. you heard a lot of people yelling let's go, "d" last year trying to light a fire under the defense. today we heard from some key players. let's send it over to john clark from comcast sports net. >> reporter: the defense has to improve if they want to be a playoff team. the defense last year was pretty bad. they gave up the most big plays in the nfl. over the last two seasons they have given up the most passing yards in the league. the birds almost completely revamped their secondary. here are the birds practicing yet again today. they let go of four key defensive backs in the offseason. they have a new secondary coach as well. they have been working every day on techniques that they really didn't use last year. safety malcolm jenkins is the only starter left in the secondary from last season. he says the defense already in training camp is better than last year's unit. >> i think there's always going to be growing pains bringing in new guys but we're further ahead than we planned to be at this point.
5:46 pm
i think it's everybody working collectively as a unit, from coaching to players. whereas last year, we weren't always on the same page of how we saw different things. different rooms saw it different ways. i think collectively everybody sees the playbook and the scheme the same exact way. >> reporter: he said they weren't always on the same page last year but it is a new chapter. basically a new book this year. more eagles coverage coming up at 6:20. who could be one of the surprises on the birds' offensive side of the ball? we're not talking about him a lot. i'm john clark. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> you're ready for football season. everyone is. we are still more than a week away from the eagles first preseason game. if you need that pro football fix, tune in to nbc 10 this sunday for the hall of fame game. >> the vikings face off against the steelers in the first game of the nfl preseason. you can see it right here on nbc 10. coverage starts on sunday at 8:00 p.m.
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most of the area today saw really nice conditions, sunny skies, low humidity. but the rain stayed mainly south for new jersey and delaware. this is mostly offshore rain now. new jersey and delaware still hanging on to a lot of that cloud cover. over the weekend we will be seeing improving conditions along the shore. that will also come with a rip current risk. that risk will get higher both saturday and sunday. another area of low pressure will pass by offshore. nice look out at center city right now. if you have friday evening plans, we will stay on the dry side tonight. philadelphia looking at just about mostly to partly cloudy skies. temperature in the mid 80s. humidity is still down around 35%. it will be staying low to start off the weekend. low 80s north and west. 82 degrees reading and pottstown, west chester. mid to upper 80s for bensalem. 87 degrees. 84 in wilmington. 81 dover and glassboro. 79, atlantic city where we are holding on to a little more
5:48 pm
cloud cover closer to the shore and at the beaches. the rain you see is all pretty much offshore now. we really have seen big improvements through the day. there you see the rain over the past four hours along the shore in cape may up to atlantic county, some areas, also sussex county. that rain has moved out and now we are seeing dry conditions in cape may. here's a look right along the beach there. not too many people out compared to a typical friday in the summer but it will look a lot better tomorrow and especially as we go into sunday. big area of low pressure gave us the rain. it will be moving away offshore but another area of low pressure just to the south of that will pass by as we go through tomorrow and even sunday. continuing to move away but it will give us windy conditions along the shore tomorrow with the rip current risk, too. here's future weather. tonight we do stay on the dry side. tomorrow morning, there is a chance we could see more cloud cover along the shore and the beaches, maybe a couple isolated showers, slight chance of that, but better as we go through the afternoon.
5:49 pm
more developing sunshine for those areas. as we go into sunday, the dry air is still going to be here and so are the sunny skies and warm temperatures. both days out of the weekend i think are looking pretty good. for the delaware shore and beaches, or jersey shore and delaware beaches, moderate to high risk of rip current as we go through both saturday and sunday. temperatures, upper 70s for tomorrow. very slight chance for an isolated shower but it will be windy. we go into sunday, sunny skies, temperatures in the low 80s. the uv index will be higher sunday than saturday. either way, we do expect high uv index saturday. you could get burned in 15 minutes or so. tonight, clouds will hang on the south, 67 degrees for philadelphia. 59 areas north and west. pretty comfortable overnight tonight. tomorrow, sunny and warm. temperatures at about the mid 80s. slight chance of a shower areas south and east. that's a very small chance, but the best chance of seeing any cloud cover in the morning at least. then sunday, it will be warm and sunny. by monday night, that's when the next chance of showers or storms
5:50 pm
start to move in. by tuesday, that's the rainy day out of the next week. you will want your umbrella that day. temperatures pretty much stay at about the mid to low 80s over the next seven days. >> thank you very much. a new government report shows only a handful of railroads are close to meeting a deadline for having that new technology to prevent crashes. >> that includes derailments like the deadly amtrak crash three months ago. the report says three railroads have submitted plans to the government to install positive train control or ptc. among the three is septa. there is a december 31st deadline to install ptc. the technology can automatically slow or stop a train to avoid an accident like the one that killed eight people in port richmond. amtrak has not submitted a plan yet but has said it expects to meet the december deadline. new information on a famed art heist in boston with a local connection. the fbi said today it believes two thieves in the 25-year-old case are dead.
5:51 pm
the artwork is still nowhere to be found. that announcement comes one day after authorities released a grainy, never before seen surveillance video. you it was recorded the night before the heist. authorities released the video hoping to find the artwork. two men stole 13 pieces of art valued at more than $500 million. that was march 18th, 1990. today, the fbi said it suspects the two thieves are dead but it didn't elaborate. as for the local connection, investigators have said they believe some of that stolen art might have been sold in philadelphia over a decade ago. stopping an outbreak in its tracks. >> the new steps being taken to stop legionnaire's disease from spreading and killing more people in new york city. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," new details from the secret service about walking across the ben franklin bridge during the pope's visit.
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5:54 pm
a deadly outbreak of legionnaire's disease in new york city seems to be slowing down. >> officials tell nbc 10 correspondent erica edwards they have haa handle on the infectio that's killed 12 people.
5:55 pm
>> reporter: all rooftop cooling systems like this one must be tested for bacteria linked to a deadly outbreak of legionnaire's disease in the bronx. now the centers for disease control have sent staffing to help with the massive task. >> this is an all hands on deck situation. we need all of our apartments at every level of government to help address the situation. >> reporter: legionnaire's is not spread from person to person. people become infected by breathing in microscopeic droplets of water from air conditioners and other -- the name comes from a '76 outbreak in philadelphia. most of the people sickened had attended an american legion meeting at a hotel. 34 people died. the bacterial illness thrives in the lungs causing symptoms similar to pneumonia. >> that would be shortness of breath, chest pain when you take a deep breath in.
5:56 pm
cough, fever. >> reporter: annually there are thousands of cases in the u.s. other states have included cases this year, at least one in ohio and 13 in kansas. a missouri woman says she and a friend were infected with legionnaire's in may. >> we had both gotten sick and had what we thought was the flu. i got better and he didn't. >> reporter: older adults and people with compromised immune systems are most susceptible. erica edwards, nbc 10 news. >> early last month an employee of west chester university came down with legionnaire's disease. school officials tell us they eliminated that bacteria from infected cooling towers at the university. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," cracking down on illegal dumping. >> digging through trash to track down illegal dumpers in new jersey. >> we won't tolerate it. >> i'm ted greenberg with the dirty work that goes into catching the culprits.
5:57 pm
the rain is clearing out but we could see some dangers down the shore. the forecast is next. plus, donald trump says he should get praise for leaving atlantic city. we hear from voters in ac about the republican debate next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
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5:59 pm
now at 6:00, a kosher bakery robbed twice in a week and this time, the owner is shot in the face. customers and friends of a popular overbrook park business vow to be vigilant against crime. the early morning shooting and robbery took place on haverford avenue near city avenue. nbc 10's jesse gary has been working this investigation all day. what's the latest? >> reporter: detectives are on scene right now and we are getting some new information first that they do not have any video from the surveillance cameras out here at the scene. they will have to rely on the description the victim gave them. also, they brought amy mroieen of the bakery here to help with the investigation. they say it now appears the 56-year-old victim was shot on the inside of the store and not the outside of the store. a crime that has galvanized this community. >> this does not happen in our
6:00 pm
community. we are going to support her. we are going to stand behind her and her business. >> reporter: late this afternoon detectives were canvassing all of the businesses in the haverford avenue shop strip mall looking for clues to identify two men wanted for a robbery and shooting. >> it clearly was a setup as far as we're concerned. people clearly cased this out, knew what she did and had familiarity with this particular business. >> reporter: police say the victim was shot in the face as she smoked a cigarette behind her kosher bakery. it was the second time the 56-year-old was robbed in the past week. last friday she fought off her attackers but never told police about the crime until today's shooting. >> when you go up the street and you go to all the little shops that have been there for so many years and you hear things like this happen, it's not only heartbreaking but scary. >> reporter: while fear is a natural reaction to crime, other customers and overbrook park


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