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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> this does not happen in our community. we are going to support her. we are going to stand behind her and her business. >> reporter: late this afternoon detectives were canvassing all of the businesses in the haverford avenue shop strip mall looking for clues to identify two men wanted for a robbery and shooting. >> it clearly was a setup as far as we're concerned. people clearly cased this out, knew what she did and had familiarity with this particular business. >> reporter: police say the victim was shot in the face as she smoked a cigarette behind her kosher bakery. it was the second time the 56-year-old was robbed in the past week. last friday she fought off her attackers but never told police about the crime until today's shooting. >> when you go up the street and you go to all the little shops that have been there for so many years and you hear things like this happen it's not only heartbreaking but scary. >> reporter: while fear is a natural reaction to crime, other customers and overbrook park
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residents are defyiant promising to work with city council and police leadership. >> to hopefully get more police in this area to be very vocal and vigilant. anything that we see suspicious we are going to report to 911. >> reporter: investigators say people coming forward, eyewitnesses telling them what they know may be the best hope of catching these two robbers who shot this 56-year-old woman because no surveillance cameras, no video from those cameras at this point. we checked in with presbyterian hospital and the victim is said to be in critical but stable condition after being in surgery all day with a bullet lodged against her spine and a hole in her esophagus. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. guilty. that's the verdict a jury reached today in the trial of former eagle irving fryar. jurors found his mother and him
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guilty of conspiracy and theft by deception. prosecutors say they masterminded a bank and mortgage fraud scheme in burlington county. fryar played 17 seasons in the nfl including three for the eagles. he faces five to ten years behind bars. sentencing is set for october. a philadelphia judge overturned more than 100 drug convictions tainted by allegations of police corruption. this is the second time it's happened in the past six months. you may remember the six narcotics officers who went to trial on corruption charges. they were acquitted earlier this year but evidence uncovered during that investigation can be used in court by people accused in other cases. a public defender tells us he filed 1400 petitions asking for new trials for people convicted in cases involving the police officers who were later charged, then found not guilty. today, 158 of those convictions were tossed out. >> prosecutor's office to their credit has stood by what they
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said before which is there was sufficient doubt involving these officers that render questions about the fairness of their convictions and the right thing to do in the interest of justice is to reopen the cases, and they did. >> this is the largest single dismissal of drug convictions in city history. we are told there will likely be more convictions thrown out. turning to weather, even hoe the rain has moved out of the region, there is a slight chance of rain down the shore and the delaware beaches tomorrow. people down in cape may saw most of the rain early this afternoon. that didn't stop them from spending a little bit of time out there on the beach. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joins us with the first alert forecast. >> i'm sure a lot of people who have been heading to the shore or delaware beaches today were disappointed but it will be changing. it already is really. we are seeing conditions clearing out but now as we go into the weekend, we need to watch the rip currents because we do expect them to be moderate to high as we go through the shore into the delaware beaches
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both saturday and sunday even though conditions will be clearing out and the weather will be getting nicer this weekend, the rip current risk will still exist. as far as the rain that's moving offshore right now. i think it will be gone for the rest of tonight but we will be watching it as we go into tomorrow morning. very slight chance along the shore and the beaches. we can't rule out a stray shower. a live look outside, this is brigantine. the clear skies, we had overcast skies, very dark and gloomy about an hour and a half ago. the cape may camera not looking too bad. then we have philadelphia, center city skyline looking pretty nice this afternoon. temperatures are still in the mid 80s. skies just about mostly sunny to partly cloudy. the humidity is low, too. in most of the area in fact did see a really nice day. it will stay nice through this evening. 7:00 p.m. low 80s, low humidity. by 9:00 p.m. mid 70s. by 11:00 tonight, temperatures in the low 70s. if you have the friday night plans, it will be really nice outside. going into the weekend, the forecast looking a little better for the shore. we will take a look at that coming up.
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just in the past two hours we learned new details from the secret service about the pope's visit. people who walk over the ben franklin bridge will not have to go through a screening process. the secret service says it will put out a list of prohibited items as we get closer. the bridge will be closed to drivers friday september 25th and not reopened until monday, the 28th. trains will be allowed to run on the bridge. septa released new information today about another lottery for special passes for the papal visit. this time for specific trolley lines and its high speed line. the lottery will be held wednesday. septa will notify winners via e-mail one week from today. 20,000 passes will be available for the high speed line. the passes will be sold using the same lottery system septa held for its regional rail passes. there will be 5600 papal passes available for trolley route 101 and another 5600 for trolley route 102.
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two stops on each line will be open springfield mall and leamy avenue on route 101 and north street and clifton-alden on route 102. today we learned the pope's visit will involve a piece of presidential history. the gettysburg lecturn, the same podium abraham lincoln used to deliver his gettysburg address in 1863. pope francis will use it at his independence mall appearance in september. all you need to know about the papal weekend is on our free nbc 10 news app. donald trump is getting a lot of attention the day after the first gop debate. he did not rule out the possibility of running as an independent, and trump says he should get credit for leaving atlantic city. >> every company virtually in atlantic city went bankrupt. every company, and let me just tell you, i had the good sense and i've gotten a lot of credit in the financial pages, seven years ago i left atlantic city
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before it totally cratered and i made a lot of money in atlantic city and i'm very proud of it. >> so what are people saying about that? jersey shore bureau reporter cydney long got the pulse of atlantic city about the comments. >> reporter: donald trump and governor christie new jerseyans were listening last night. >> i tuned in so i could watch trump. i really wanted to hear what he had to say. >> trump said it the best. first america, second everybody else. chris is the same way. i wouldn't mind seeing the two of them on the same card. >> reporter: nick predicts trump and christie will end up running mates. voters in atlantic city and beyond vow to pay close attention to where this political roller coaster takes them. >> seven years ago i left atlantic city before it totally cratered. and i made a lot of money in atlantic city and i'm very proud of it. i want to tell you that. very very proud of it. >> reporter: trump talking down on ac and christie had just five total minutes in the lengthy two
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hour debate. the governor defending his record of balancing the budget cutting state employees and creating private sector job growth despite atlantic city seeing tremendous job losses last summer. >> if you think it's bad now you should have seen it when i got there. fact is in the eight years before i became governor taxes and fees were raised at the state level 115 times. >> reporter: rider university political analyst ben dworkin said poll numbers next week will tell the tale. trump was crass, bombastic and engaging. for christie to move up in the polls, he said someone needs to go down. he said everyone did pretty well. no one tumbled. >> forget the bickering, the stuff that goes on. trump, let's make america great and it should be great because it is the greatest country in the world. >> i think new jersey should be on the national stage more. >> that was cydney long reporting. we asked the atlantic city mayor
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for comment. atlantic city was blessed in the past with many investors, including donald trump and he said now, quote, atlantic city is once again recreating itself and we are looking forward to what the future brings. kathleen kane will be arraigned tomorrow on criminal charges. pennsylvania's attorney general is accused of leaking secret grand jury information and lying under oath. she faces obstruction of justice and conspiracy charges. kane's attorney says she will plead not guilty. today, there are more calls for the state's top cop to step down. senator bob casey says it's up to kane. >> it's a very sad day for the commonwealth and obviously a very difficult time for her family and we're mindful of that. but she's going to have to make that decision. these are serious charges. >> kane is the first woman and first democrat elected attorney general in pennsylvania.
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new at 6:00 a gloucester county man is behind bars for the second time on child porn charges. today, police arrested him after a tip from the national center for missing and exploited children. he is accused of possessing and distributing child porn. he was arrested back in february and released from jail on bond. an arrest in a murder and home invasion in new castle county. four people are accused in the murder. investigators say there was a home invasion on july 29th. 30 minutes later, the murder happened at another home. all four suspects are charged with murder. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," dumping your trash in a state park is more common than you think. only nbc 10 is there for the crackdown down the shore. plus meet courthouse. why this visitor has two new homes. and most of us saw a beautiful day today but the
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shore and the delaware beaches saw the rain. coming up i will show you how it will impact your weekend at the shore and what you can expect as far as we go into next week with more storms returning into the forecast. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars.
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among them were four hospitals that are part of cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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we are get going an exclusive look at how new jersey is tackling trash illegally dumped on state land. it's part of a new crackdown on those who leave garbage where it doesn't belong. investigators aren't afraid to sort through piles of waste to catch the culprits. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg braved the trip to see how they're going after people who litter the landscape. >> reporter: it is a dirty job. that requires lots of digging. >> i honestly believe that people are just too lazy to dump their trash appropriately. >> reporter: but new jersey state park police detective brian calloway is on a mission to figure out who made this mess. >> we just found a quick address. >> reporter: he and other members of the new jersey department of environmental protection are stepping up their efforts to find identifying
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information. they can use it to track down the people responsible for illegally dumping household garbage and other waste on state land. including here at the hamilton preserve in hamilton township. >> it really detracts from the visitor experience. we're not just protecting plants and animals. these areas are also open to the public. >> our success rate has been great. >> reporter: these are some of the 62 people arrested since the d.e.p. launched its don't waste our open space program last year. the agency is also posting photos of suspects on a d.e.p. dumping website as a deterrent. >> to catch a lot of people let people know they're getting caught. >> reporter: the penalties for doing this are severe. for a first offense you are looking at potentially $5,000 in fines and losing your driver's license for six months. >> that's just a bag of trash. you can just imagine what the penalties are for something more than that.
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>> reporter: uncovering potential clues. >> recycling receipt. >> reporter: connecting trash to those who left it here. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. two deli workers in berks county are accused of handing out more than lunch meat. detectives arrested jimenez and fernandez at their home and at the store. they are accused of selling cocaine out of their deli and grocery store in reading. investigators tell us the workers sold drugs to an undercover cop. a long time bread company is moving from southwest philadelphia to south jersey. amoroso's has been on south 55th street for more than half a century. the company says it has outgrown the facility and will move to a new building in bellmawr. 200 workers will lose their jobs. they can apply for new jobs at the new plant. the layoffs will begin in october. in middle township cape may
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county, a former shelter cat has an unusual routine that's earned him fans. meet courthouse the cat. for more than a year he's been spending business hours at the middle township municipal building. he visits the employees, sits in on court cases and makes time for cat naps. he does have a home right across the street with a family that adopted him but he's now a community mascot complete with his own facebook page. very popular. you can have a pet like courthouse cat. nbc 10 is clearing the shelters on saturday august 15th. welcome a new friend into your family. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are teaming up with dozens of animal shelters in our area to help find homes for pets in need. don't miss the special clear the shelters edition on nbc 10 at issue sunday morning. we will talk about why shelters are flooded with kittens. that's sunday morning at 11:30. if you are along the shore
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or in delaware and near the beach it's kind of gloomy outside. most of us saw a very beautiful day today. the rain has mostly been south of the philadelphia area for new jersey and delaware and it's cleared out. that's the good news. we will see more improvement as we go into the weekend for new jersey and delaware where we had the rain this morning. the one thing as we go into the weekend that we will also watch regardless of the sunshine building close to the shore, we also have the rip current threat. we are looking at a moderate to high risk for both saturday and sunday. live look out center city not too bad this evening. feels really nice. temperatures still in the mid 80s, humidity is low. it will stay nice into the evening and we expect it to stay dry. 80 degrees in allentown. 82 reading. 81 in pottstown. temperatures through south jersey and delaware some of the numbers have been dropping. 78 in dover, 78 degrees in atlantic city. some of the shore and delaware still holding on to some of the cloud cover. nice and dry for the moment. the rain has really moved offshore. it's all out of the area.
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locally we are seeing dry conditions for delaware and new jersey, where we had most of the rain today. this will continue to increase with sunshine building as we go into the weekend. a live look at cape may, not a lot of people especially for a friday so we will i think see a lot more people tomorrow and especially sunday. it will be windier tomorrow along the shore and that's when we will have the rip current risks increasing. this rain was brought by that area of low pressure. it will continue to move away. but the one farther south near north carolina, that's the one that will also be moving offshore tomorrow continuing to give us the wind and the rip current risk that we will be watching closely. here's future weather. as we go into the next 24 hours, the rain keeps moving away. that area of low pressure down to the south stays to our south. could swing us in some more cloud cover along the shore and delaware beaches. that will mostly be earlier in the day saturday. there's a very small chance we could see a couple showers but i think most of it will be on the dry side. most of the area also staying dry, even into sunday.
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high pressure building in and we see plenty of sunshine to end the weekend. for the shore and delaware beaches, remember we have the rip current risk increasing for both saturday and sunday regardless of how sunny and nice it is, be very careful if you're swimming. saturday temperatures in the upper 70s, windy. by sunday we are looking at the low 80s. tonight, mostly clear for most of the area. pretty nice. we will see temperatures in the upper 60s, philadelphia upper 50s in areas north and west. tomorrow sunny skies, warm temperatures, the mid 80s. and areas south and east of philadelphia, we will be watching for an increase in cloud cover with the other area of low pressure moving through. it will be a nice weekend, mostly sunny saturday and sunday. temperatures staying in the mid 80s across the weekend. by monday the rain chances increase later in the day. tuesday it will be a rainy day, thunderstorms possible. temperatures in the low 80s. as we go into the next seven days, the 80s stay in the forecast. no heat wave any time soon. i'm john clark. who is really the forgotten man on the eagles offense this
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training camp and how often will chase utley play now that he's back with the phillies? that's next.
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i'm john clark from comcast sports net. eagle coaches are saying very good things about third string quarterback matt barkley. offensive coordinator pat shurmer says it is night and day, his progress since he got here. says he is throwing the ball much better. tim tebow will have to beat out barkley feif he wants to make the team. alonso still out with a concussion. demarco murray limited, he's coming off being sick.
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how about the other free agent running back he is getting overlooked big-time. ryan matthews had over 1200 rushing yards two seasons ago. the coaches love him. >> a lot of guys that are that size don't have home run speed. he ran 4.37 at the combine. you guys had the first opportunity to see him two days ago returning kickoffs. think that's a big explosive body at 230 pounds that can run that fast. it's kind of a unique combination to have. there aren't many guys that are that big that are that fast. >> reporter: the birds' first preseason game nine days away. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. we will have pre and post game shows, every single snap of the season opener. the coverage begins 12:30 sunday august 16th. on to the phillies. they start a nine-game road trip tonight in san diego. chase utley is back after missing over six weeks with the sprained ankle. he has the worst batting average in baseball and is hoping the injury was the problem. cesar hernandez has hit .327
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since chase went on the disabled list. he leads the team in on-base percentage. manager pete mackanin says they will probably split time. >> i'm going to do as much as i can to try to get him in there four days a week if i can. i might put chase at first base. i will look at matchups when i get them and go from there. we got to get him at-bats. i'll do the best i can to try to do that. >> check out this play from the twins/blue jays game last night. laying out in center field, what a diving grab. that is one of the best catches of the year. have you ever seen this? in softball this guy's a right-handed batter. he's on the other side with his back on the plate. a backwards home run. most of us can't do that regularly. we'll be right back.
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i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank. what? tonight at 11:00, the dog
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that saved its owners life by dialing 911. for all of us, see you at lemp:00. tonight, fight night. fireworks as the gop candidates come out swinging. the highest-rated debate ever. the hits and misses and the fallout tonight. donald trump under fire over crude comments about women. breaking news tonight. life or death for the man who carried out a vicious movie theater massacre that shocked the nation. the jury has reached a verdict. will james holmes live or die? the heist mystery that has baffled the feds for decades. half a billion dollars in world famous art vanishes. the new video that could crack the case. and pink protests from a basketball squad kicked out of the championship all because a girl plays on their team. is that fair? we'll show you their response that has so


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