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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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maybe 20 blocks away. i don't know. >> reporter: you can laugh now but they are still saying they are uncertain if they will have to be going to work. with major employers like temple and penn shutting down and closing classes for some of that period of time, some we spoke to hope their bosses will do the same and call off work for a few days. for some businesses who have questions, there will be resources available starting on monday. the city is going to be posting that information on the city's website in the commerce section as well as opening up a phone line so the businesses can ask questions. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. the nbc 10 news app is your source for all things related to the pope's visit as we hear from businesses on their plans, we are compiling a list of what's open and what's closed. you can get that information and the latest on traffic changes and road closures. coming up in ten minutes, the parking problem facing anyone trying to drive in from new jersey.
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to other news now. take a look at this. a small plane crash in lehigh county this morning. skyforce 10 over the scene where amazingly, the pilot survived and we are told was alert. the single engine experimental plane went down into the little lehigh creek in allentown, very close to i-78 as you see on the map. the faa just released a statement saying it is investigating. they say the plane was an experimental aircraft and built from a kit. we are also hearing the pilot may be injured but was conscious as the rescue crews worked to get him out of this plane. he was the only one on board. the faa says it's not clear what caused the crash. police are turning their attention to preventing any additional problems that this accident could cause. >> we are concerned, you can see we still have crews on scene. we will be putting our haz/mat unit, put in booms across the water and such for any fuel or
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fluid that leaked from the plane. >> we will continue to keep an eye on this plane crash situation and bring you updates on air and on our nbc 10 app. today, eagles coach chip kelly answered the big quarterback question everyone wants to know about this sunday's first preseason game. will starting qb sam bradford play? >> sam will not play. that's my decision. he really wants to play. i don't think he's real happy with my decision. >> bradford won't, as you heard, take the field when the eagles take on the colts sunday afternoon in their very first preseason game. you can watch it only here on nbc 10. comcast sports net's amy fadool joins us with what that means for the birds. chip kelly was definitive with that answer. >> he was. i think he was right when he said sam bradford wasn't real happy with that. sam bradford mentioned he has practiced all during training camp and according to kelly the eagles are just being cautious with bradford. he has not played in nearly two years after tearing his knee ligament. even though chip kelly hasn't named bradford officially the
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starter, he has taken most of the first team reps during training camp. normally the first team quarterback plays a couple of series in the preseason opener. chip kelly says there is plenty of time for bradford to get into preseason games. >> that's the decision i had to make and i think with the training sessions with the ravens next week i think will help because we will get two real good days with them in pads and then we have the game against the ravens, then the packers. >> it's coach's decision. obviously i wanted to be out there, i was preparing to be out there, but this morning he kind of sat down and explained it to me and it's up to him. i'll be ready to roll next week, get out there and play against the ravens. >> more on bradford and the latest on running back demarco murray's status for sunday and also a player who will miss the entire preseason, coming up at 5:00. >> the players are ready to take the field sunday and so are the fans. >> we caught up with some eagles faithful today more than anxious to get the new season started.
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>> i know they're going to win. i just don't know how they're going to win. >> i don't know what chip kelly is on right now. you are getting quarterbacks, they have been injured for the past two years, you're trading your best players. i'm really trying to see where his focus is. >> i will definitely watch this game. we're about to crush this. we will get a good start and go to the super bowl this season. i can feel it. >> crews, meantime, getting the lincoln financial field ready to go for sunday's game. today, a time lapse view gives us a good look at the work that went into the painting and preparation. this view comes to us from the newest addition to our sky cam network right inside the linc. we call it the eagles nest, sits high above the seats to give us a crystal clear look at the field. a live look and nbc 10 will be using this new camera as we prepare to bring you complete coverage as the official tv station of the philadelphia eagles. it's the birds and colts and their first preseason clash right here on sunday. game time, 1:00. our pregame coverage begins at 12:30.
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just a spectacular day to be outside. you can see these men got together to enjoy the weather. they're playing a little domi dominoes in port richmond. the temperature is starting to creep up ahead of the next heat wave. >> starting to feel a little warm. first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has a look at the forecast for us. >> getting a little hotter each day. today is the most comfortable day we will see in quite awhile. it's certainly a popular day at the wave pool at camel beach. there are loads of people there and it is nice and comfortable. 79 degrees in mt. pocono. 86 in philadelphia. 88 in northeast philly. toward the shore, we got into the low 80s, getting a little bit of sea breeze now. what's going to happen here, yeah, we have another heat wave. temperatures going up over the next several days and that may not be the end of it.
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this thing could continue into a good bit of next week. bone-dry out there. there's no precipitation at all, hardly any clouds around, so we're certainly starting off the weekend in a great way. we've got nice, comfortable temperatures and humidity is low at least for tonight and tomorrow. then it's going to start going up. i will tell you more about just how hot it's going to get and for how long with the seven-day in a few minutes. history was made today in cuba. for the first time in more than 50 years, the american flag is flying over the u.s. embassy after it was raised during a ceremony this morning. gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: the u.s. flag is now flying he at the u.s. embassy in havana for the first time in 54 years. you could hear the applause as the flag was hoisted. the ceremony watched around the world. it technically reopened on july 20th, but this marks the formal reopening of the embassy
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attended by secretary of state john kerry. the first secretary of state to visit cuba in 70 years. he was joined in the audience by several marines that had actually taken down this flag back in 1961. that's when the u.s. had cut diplomatic ties with cuba. during his speech, secretary kerry alluded to the fact that several deep differences between these countries remain. >> having normal relations makes it easier for us to talk, and talk can deepen understanding even when we know full well we will not see eye to eye on everything. >> reporter: no political dissidents were invited to the ceremony but secretary kerry is set to meet with them later in the day. he is also set to meet with c a cuba's foreign minister. in his speech, the secretary says this day marks a historic change for the united states. we will look at cuba not only as enemies or rivals but neighbors. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, havana. a new york city firefighter
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put his life on the line today and was shot and killed responding to an arson fire. it started when police went to arrest the man this morning on a parole violation. he apparently set fire to his home on staten island. firefighters responded and say the man opened fire with an assault rifle and hit a firefighter twice. >> we had one fire lieutenant who was shot twice, once through the right buttocks and through the left calf. the lieutenant is in stable condition in the hospital. >> after a six-hour standoff, the suspect was found dead. we should make clear here, the firefighter wasn't killed but he was injured. it's not clear if the gentleman in the home was killed by police or himself. the suspect has 18 prior arrests, has been out of jail for just over a year. two life sentences without the chance of parole. that is the punishment for a philadelphia man convicted today of killing his pregnant
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girlfriend. a jury convicted aaron fitzpatrick of first degree murder in the death of his girlfriend and also returned a third degree murder conviction for the death of her unborn child. fitzpatrick shot and killed tiffany gillespie in the basement of her south philadelphia home back in february of 2012. gillespie was five months pregnant. the life sentences were mandatory. an ocean county woman faces drunk driving charges after a crash where she had her 6-year-old in the car. toms river police say she tried kicking officers as they put her in handcuffs tuesday night. investigators say he she crashed her jeep into a car at cedar grove road and bay area. the other driver had minor injuries. she is charged with dwi along with child neglect and resisting arrest. new information this afternoon in the investigation into pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane's office says she's expected to file a request next week asking a judge to release several e-mails. kane believes information in those e-mails could help her
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current legal troubles. on wednesday, kane called on montgomery county judge william carpenter to lift a court order so she could release the e-mails. she calls the e-mails pornographic and racially offensive. she is accusing judge carpenter of protecting friends whose names are in the e-mails. kane is charged with leaking grand jury information to a newspaper, then lying about it. she blames her prosecution on efforts to conceal the names of those involved in the circulation of the pornographic e-mails. kane is scheduled for a preliminary hearing august 24th. an earthquake rattled parts of central new jersey this morning. the u.s. geological survey says the magnitude 2.7 quake hit around 3:40 two miles north of bernardsville in somerset county. 78 people reported feeling it. police say there are no reports of damage or injuries. it's almost time to help clear the shelters. tomorrow is your chance to adopt an animal with reduced rates and
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bring some extra love into your home. it's a partnership between nbc 10, telemundo 62 and dozens of local animal shelters in our area. >> all week we have been telling you stories about the benefits of taking in a rescue. today, we are looking at the adoption pitfalls facing a particular breed of dog. >> nbc 10's jesse gary is live in old city with that story. you learned some big names are lending their voices to this problem. >> reporter: of the dozens of cats and handful of dogs up for adoption, one breed that you rarely see, if ever, pit bulls. tomorrow's clear the shelter event will find homes for many pets but often pit bulls languish. there's a renewed effort to find them homes by setting the record straight. >> a lot of people are fearful of pit bulls because they feel they are so aggressive. pit bulls have no more record on state health records than a labrador or golden retriever. >> reporter: stacy spends hours
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defending the reputation of pit bulls but caesar, a healthy 3-year-old dog, brought in during a cruelty investigation. they have generated plenty of negative press. one website lists every attack in philadelphia from what they call a bully of a dog. >> we had to stop based on what they look like and trying to fit them into this box of this what is this breed is and that is what it's known for because that's not true anymore. >> they make this breed out to be villainous when in fact, it isn't. >> reporter: jennifer utley jumped on board the p.b. express by adopting jack in 2008. it was the year the phils not only had fights but a championship. a photo shoot brought jen and her husband in contact with jack and a small pit ball pooch joined their family. >> i have two young kids. i trust this dog with my kids more than i trust some people with my kids.
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>> reporter: it is first-hand accounts like that that animal rescue advocates hope will resonate with people, hope to help them find homes for these pit bulls. coming up, we will take you through the process when you come in this front door and walk to this counter, what can you expect if you decide you would like to try and adopt tomorrow. that's in the next hour. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> we are learning a lot about the way to adopt and how to get ready. >> a lot of people need to know before they head out. >> absolutely. thanks, jesse. come see us tomorrow to welcome a new friend into your family. there are shelter locations across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. to find the one closest to you, tap on the nbc 10 news app. we have two recalls to tell you about. volkswagen is recalling about 420,000 cars to fix a problem that could cause the airbags to fail. the recall affects several vw
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models including certain passats and jettas. vw hasn't said when the fix will be available to drivers. and a potential safety defect is forcing car seat maker brittock to recall 47 models. the defect could prevent harnesses from locking. no injuries have been reported from the defect. all registered car seat owners are getting mailed a free remedy kit. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with south jersey's papal weekend parking conundrum. >> tens of thousands of people are expected to travel from new jersey into center city. as you know, to see pope francis. the most direct way is to walk from camden over the ben franklin bridge and then on to the parkway. but parking in camden will be extremely limited. south jersey bureau reporter cydney long did some digging today to find out what options people have if they are trying to find a spot across the river. so many questions. >> reporter: a good exercise plan is what you should plan for. you should plan right now, not
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wait until the last minute. we are trying to get you the number of the freedom passes because patco will be riding visitors across the bridge for $5, for a one day pass, and $10 for that two day pass. those are still up for grabs. we don't have a solid figure. otherwise the option is that long walk but only for people who get to this point. a patco rail pass for the papal festivities will allow you access to park your personal car in camden. the catch? on designated drpa lots only. even with large parking venues like this which can seat a concert crowd of 25,000, police, parking and transportation officials are not budging on the issue of private lots being up for grabs. >> there are not enough parking spots in camden city, in camden county, or in this region, to accommodate the people that want to go to the event. that's a fact. >> reporter: this is cydney long
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with nbc 10. we called the susquehanna bank center and asked rutgers university, the mayor's office and county freeholders if any privately owned lots will be able to offer additional pope parking. >> zero. >> reporter: the answer, zero. camden isn't playing hardball. it doesn't yet have a handle from the world meeting of family organizers how many of the 1100 buses will actually register and show up. therefore, they can't calculate leftover spots. instead, police are dead set on keeping an enormous volume of 80 to 100,000 papal visitors safe. they aren't willing to absorb any more cars in town or people, for that matter, to cross the bridge. >> the river line will be delivering tens of thousands of people into center city so our focus will be on delivering them safely to the ben franklin bridge. >> reporter: some 8,000 regular parking spaces in camden become far fewer when you consider a giant bus will be filling this space. folks can pre-register with the
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world meeting of families to get those credentialed buses until the end of this month so that number will not change until early september. 77,000 folks live here in camden so police are already going to have their hands full with those people who live and the visitors who will be emerging that weekend. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> rutgers university's camden campus is closing during the pope's visit. classes will be canceled starting at 4:00 p.m. on thursday, september 24th. they should be back in session starting the following monday afternoon, september 28th. but there is a chance the closure could be extended depending on how accessible the campus is by then. cheers to the pope. a brewery at the jersey shore is releasing a limited edition beer to commemorate the papal visit to philadelphia. >> the cape may brewing company is whipping up 500 gallons of the specialty brew called yopo or you only pope once. it will be available in late september.
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>> the company says the beer pairs with a nice cut of argentine beef. you had some of that. you like it? >> it was delicious. >> calling in mind the pope's home country. >> in fact, nbc 10 was the first local news station to visit the pope's home of argentina. next week we will share stories from our trip and bring you an encore showing of "the people's pope," my half hour special looking at the deep roots pope francis has in argentina. don't miss it next tuesday, august 18th at 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. wouldn't it be nice if the weather was like this when the pope was around that weekend. bad weather would make for some problems. we've got a heat wave that is on the way. it's not starting today. it will be getting hotter as we go through the weekend and the humidity is going to be creeping up as well.
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we are going to have a lot of dry days ahead. like this. look at that. blue sky all over the place. 86 degrees, the humidity only 37%. it's five degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday so that warming trend has started. it's 86 in philadelphia now. 88 in bensalem. 85 in allentown and mt. holly and wilmington. and at the shore, well, they had a land breeze in the morning and a sea breeze this afternoon. there's the wind starting to come in off the ocean, not real strong but it's dropped the temperature in atlantic city marina to 78 degrees while it's 83 at atlantic city airport. we have had a lot of dry air around. that continues from the philadelphia area all the way back to chicago and beyond. so chances of rain are pretty small, as you can see. future cast, one of our models going through the weekend,
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keeping high pressure nearby. moves offshore and generally as it moves offshore, the moisture increases. in this case, it may start coming back by the middle of next week, reinforcing the dry air and keeping the moisture back to the south and to the north. so that's why we could get an extended period of dry weather along with the heat. now, at the shore, the jersey shore tomorrow, we will be seeing 82 degrees, then the sea breeze kicks in, may kick in a little bit sooner on sunday, actually causing the temperature to go down. that is really nice weather. pretty nice in the poconos, too. little more cloud cover, slight chance of a shower and the humidity is going to be pretty low. for the eagles on sunday, not exactly football weather here. 86 degrees for the kickoff, 92 in the fourth quarter. the humidity, high enough to make it feel like it's about 95
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degrees. of course, once we get this heat building up over the weekend, there really aren't any signs of it getting out of here any time soon. so some of the computer models keep it here all through next week. for tonight, it's not going to be that hot. 67 for the low in philadelphia, 60 north and west. then tomorrow, it will be a little bit hotter. the humidity's still pretty low for this time of year. up near 90 degrees. if we don't hit 90 tomorrow, we are going to hit it on sunday. then we are going to hit it monday and tuesday, so certainly looks like another heat wave here. the eagles of course on sunday, then the phillies come home to this heat on tuesday and wednesday and look what i have for the temperatures. as we go through the week, hardly any rain and temperatures getting up toward the mid 90s. the fda ruling now sparking controversy across the country.
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why doctors are now allowed to prescribe oxycontin to kids. then who health experts say vitamin d is not helping and why.
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bad behavior at state parks in delaware, less likely to cost you a job. that's after governor markell signed a bill into law today that declassifies several minor violations associated with state parks. it changes from misdemeanors to environmental violations so a first offense involving such a violation would not have to be reported on criminal history but subsequent offenses would be reported. >> they are violations and they ought to be noted as violations but the penalties ought to be appropriate to the violation. >> the new law refers to activities such as damaging property and not paying for entrance fees or vehicle permits.
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excitement is building at the shore ahead of two big beach concerts coming to town. >> nbc 10's ted greenberg is in atlantic city for us. ted? >> reporter: guys, ac is transforming five blocks of its beach into a huge concert venue before maroon 5 comes to town this weekend. i'll have the story next in a live report. the temperature's going to creep back into the 90s this weekend ahead of our next heat wave. so will there be relief at the shore and the poconos? the answer next.
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stretches five entire city blocks. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in atlantic city with more on the wave of activity coming to town. it will be a good time, ted. >> reporter: yeah, jackie and jim, it certainly is. a lot of activity going on right now. this concert venue definitely still a work in progress. this is the stage from which maroon 5 will look out on the tens of thousands of people who will be on the beach to see them. the first of two big shows here just days apart. on the sand and on the stage, crews are busy working to turn five blocks of atlantic city's beach into a huge concert venue. >> i think it will be amazing. >> who do you want to see? >> maroon 5. >> reporter: concert organizers gave away 100 pairs of tickets for sunday's show featuring pop stars maroon 5 and special guest nick jonas. >> i'm so excited.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: for everyone else, tickets ranging from $40 to $250 are still available for a show that will be one of just two u.s. concerts this summer for maroon 5. >> can't see them in new york, can't see them in philadelphia, can't see them in delaware. you have to come to atlantic city. >> reporter: organizers are expecting a crowd of close to 50,000 people. sunday's concert will be followed by another big show on thursday. with country pop trio rascal flatts rocking the beach then. >> we have hired 1,000 people who will work 36,000 person hours to build, operate and dismantle this beach arena. that's an immediate economic impact to this region which was hit really hard by the casino layoffs. >> reporter: you might remember during last summer's beach concerts, there were some issues with very long lines on the boardwalk just to get in. this time, changes have been made to help alleviate some of that congestion. i'm putting that part of the story together for you for 6:00.
4:32 pm
i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. from one beach to another, take a look here. all the colorful um brbrellas. this is cape may. being close to the water -- >> or in the water. >> that's good, too. first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is with us for the hot forecast. >> it's a cooling forecast if you are headed to the shore or poconos compared to what we will see in the city. first of all it's nice and sunny and it will stay that way certainly at the shore. we are getting a sea breeze now. the temperature is limited somewhat by the ocean temperature, 75 degrees. the stronger the sea breeze is, the cooler it gets at the beaches. 79, atlantic city right now. tomorrow, the delaware beaches have a land breeze when we have a southwest wind so near 90
4:33 pm
degrees at rehoboth while it's 81 in cape may, 82 in atlantic city with that kind of wind. in the pocono mountains, the elevation keeps it cool. 80 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow and also on sunday. so it's kind of warm but not nearly as the hot as the seven-day forecast. you will see it in just a few minutes. we have new information now on a hit and run in north philadelphia from this morning. police say they have arrested the driver. she faces several charges including assault and dui. officers say she drove off after hitting a man at broad and cecil b. moore around 2:30 a.m. the victim was waiting for the bus. he is in stable condition this afternoon. another explosion in a northeastern chinese port today. the small explosion happened at the site of wednesday's huge blast that tore through an industrial area where toxic
4:34 pm
chemicals and gas were stored. wednesday's blast killed at least 56 people and injured more than 700. you can see that thick black smoke. more than a dozen firefighters died trying to battle the intense blaze. the cause of the blast is under investigation. tragedy at a famous amusement park in ohio. a man who was looking for a lost cell phone was struck and killed by a roller coaster yesterday at the cedar point amusement park. park officials say the man dropped his phone when he was on the raptor roller coaster. he then went into a restricted part of the park to look for it. that's when he was hit. crews tried to revive the man but he died on the scene. a spokesman for the park says the ride was inspected, found to be safe and is back up and running. police have lifted a state of emergency in ferguson, missouri. today's announcement comes after a third straight night of calm. most of the protesters have been peaceful until gunfire broke out sunday night. police shot an 18-year-old man who they say shot at them and that put the community further
4:35 pm
on edge. police in riot gear took to the streets. dozens were arrested for blocking a st. louis courthouse in an act of civil disobedience. more than $1 million a day. newly obtained payroll records show the price tag for the hunt for those two escaped killers in upstate new york. authorities looked for richard matt and david sweat for more than 20 days after they escaped back in june. officers shot and killed matt. they caught sweat two days later after wounding him. records show $41 million in overtime for the corrections department in june and july, and nearly $18 million for state police. state forest rangers, federal authorities and vermont police also joined that search. oxycontin for kids? >> the fda is easing up on restrictions for the powerful and frequently abused painkiller. we will tell you about the rule change that's giving doctors and parents a new option for treating young patients. plus an update on the little boy who became the first child to receive a double hand transplant here in philadelphia.
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right now, skyforce 10 is live over breaking news in burlington county. this is where emergency crews are on the scene of this car fire. it's in cinnaminson. it's impacting traffic in the area as well. vehicle crashed into a pole there on route 130 near winwood drive. we know one person was taken to the hospital. you still see flames on the side of the road. you see that pole also down on the road there. route 130 is shut down in both directions as a result. you see that large rig trying to get by. count on nbc 10 now for new information as we get it. a controversial decision today from the food and drug administration. it approved limited use of the potentially addictive painkiller oxycontin for children. fda officials say there will be strict limits on the use of the drug. doctors can only prescribe it to children 11 and older. pediatric patients will also have to show they can handle
4:40 pm
oxycontin. that will involve tolerating 20 milligrams for five consecutive days. a new study shows taking your vitamin d may not improve your health. researchers studied a small group of obese teenagers and found no changes in blood pressure, body weight or body mass index when the teenagers took vitamin d. those findings suggest the supplement has little effect on improving overall health. experts say more extensive research is needed on the long term effects of increasing doses in adolescents. >> an update on the 8-year-old boy who received the double hand transplant last month. c.h.o.p. officials say he is doing well, making progress. he is still he at the hospital undergoing intense occupational therapy four times a day. the hope is he will be able to return to school next month. nothing is definite yet. he is the first and only child to have a dual hand transplant. >> remarkable to see how much he
4:41 pm
was able to do before that hand transplant even took place. >> he's a remarkable young man. >> he's so happy right now. clear the shelters is a phrase you are hearing a lot. >> nbc 10 is part of a nationwide effort to find animals a loving home. next, the perfect example of why we introduce you to a dog who spent years waiting for a family to take him home. it's a beautiful friday with low humidity outside. now we are seeing blue skies, few clouds. this picture of the ben franklin bridge, you can see very clearly. i'm tracking our next heat wave next in the first alert forecast.
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4:44 pm
the back to school countdown is on. exactly one month of summer left for students in the philadelphia school district. today, thousands of parents and students showed up for back to
4:45 pm
school education day at high school of the future on parkside avenue. the district teamed up with more than 100 organizations to teach parents and students about everything from transportation and lunch programs, uniforms and registration. great weather for a great cause in atlantic city today. a picnic for homeless people in the area. picnics put together by atlantic care mission health care and community health services. there is fantastic food, of course, but there is also health assessments and information about housing as well as financial assistance. >> we hope that they will get out of the ability for them to understand that health care is accessible, it's affordable and it's available. >> this is the ninth year for the picnic. to this now. he's become one of the family but he's still up for adoption. >> we are talking about a dog named deputy who has been at a local animal shelter for five years. deputy was found as a stray and the center for animal health and welfare in easton, northampton county, took him in.
4:46 pm
he's said to be doing great but does have a few obstacles. >> he is a little bit fearful of what we categorize as all things new, meaning people, places, other animals. that being said, he's actually settled down quite well and sometimes we use him as a helper dog to test the socialization of new residents that come in. >> you can adopt dogs like deputy at the center for animal health and welfare in easton this saturday from noon until 6:00 p.m. it's all part of our effort to help clear the shelters. >> you can also join the conversation and help raise awareness by sharing the event on social media. make sure you use the hash tag clear the shelters. also, you can send us pictures of your pets and of course, come on out tomorrow to welcome a new friend into your family if you can. for more on locations and fees, tap on the nbc 10 news app. from our lehigh valley bureau, plans to redevelop that area's tallest building.
4:47 pm
the bethlehem planning commission is backing a proposal to jump-start work at martin tower. the plan calls for demolishing the building and turning the site into a residential retail and office community. martin tower's been vacant for years after serving as the headquarters for bethlehem steel. it's likely the next step will be a public hearing before any action is taken. the annual philadelphia folk festival is kicking into high gear in montgomery county. more than 120 performers will take the stage over the next two days including arlo guthrie and lyle lovett, who i haven't heard about in a long time. the festival runs through monday. this is the 54th year for it. it's considered the longest continuously running folk festival in the country. they have had some bad weather over the years either
4:48 pm
with lots of rain creating mud or dangerous heat. it's going to get hot this weekend but it's not going to be dangerously hot. we have a heat wave coming, though. it is going to be starting to get hotter and more humid, too, especially into next week. the humidity will creep up over the weekend. still tolerable humidity tomorrow, especially. we have a bunch of dry days in the forecast including when the phillies come back to town, it's going to be really steamy by the time they're here. 86 degrees, the winds southwest at nine, relative humidity only 37%. and we've got the heat wave coming and it is going to last perhaps for much of next week. 86 degrees in philadelphia now, only 85 in allentown and reading. 86 in trenton and see that little wind at the shore there, little sea breeze coming in over the last couple hours.
4:49 pm
so temperature's dropped a little bit right near the beaches compared to what we're seeing inland. north wildwood, 81. sea isle city, 81. it's warmer inland. now, the contrast will be much greater over the weekend. atlantic city marina, 79. it's 83 in northfield. over the weekend, might be 79 atlantic city and near 90, atlantic city international airport. the closer you get to the beach, more relief you'll get. and you will see a lot of sunshine, too. we don't see much moisture out there. the forecast for the shore, especially jersey shore, will be for comfort. 82 degrees tomorrow. the delaware beaches may get closer to 90 because of the way they're oriented here. then on sunday, the sea breeze may actually come in earlier and that's why the temperature may actually be down a little bit. in the poconos, and the rest of the area, looks like it will be warmer on sunday than on saturday. more clouds in the poconos and
4:50 pm
that's where they have a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. for the eagles game on sunday, it looks like a mixture of sun and clouds. looks pretty hot. 86 at kickoff, 92 by the fourth quarter and the high humidity making it feel like it's 95 degrees. not quite football weather. clear and comfortable tonight, 67 for the low in philadelphia. 60 north and west. during the day tomorrow, mostly sunny. it's going to be hotter than today but still decent humidity for this time of year. the high near 90. then the humidity starts creeping up. little bit more on sunday and then more significantly on monday and tuesday. the temperature goes up then, too. it will feel like it's more in the upper 90s and look at that, i don't really see much relief through the week. gas prices in parts of the country are at record lows. >> next, the problem in the midwest that's driving up prices
4:51 pm
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heading out of town this weekend? if you're heading to the shore or the poconos you may be surprised when you fill up the gas tank. >> if you haven't taken a summer trip, now may be the time. this looks inviting. here are the average prices you will find in our area. it's $2.67 a gallon. $2.42 in delaware. $2.28 in south jersey. much of the nation is enjoying cheaper gas prices this summer. >> but you could face a big price jump if your plans involve traveling in the midwest. nbc 10's leanne gregg takes a
4:55 pm
look at prices from coast to coast. >> reporter: for millions of people heading out on late summer road trips, the price is right when it comes to gas like in south carolina where it's under $1.90 a gallon. >> i can't believe i would never, ever dream gas would be $1.87. >> reporter: with crude oil at a six-year low, analysts expect on average even greater drops in prices at the pump. >> i think it's awesome. i think it gives everybody the opportunity to travel if they want to. >> reporter: the benefit, however, not being felt in the midwest, where a dramatic spike in gas prices this week is expected to continue. some areas could see a temporary rise in prices up to $1 more per gallon from just a week earlier. >> it comes down to the fact that a refinery isn't working the way it should be. >> reporter: problems at a bp refinery in indiana, largest in the midwest, forced the facility to cut production in half. driving up prices. it could take weeks to restore full production.
4:56 pm
overall, gas prices across the country are expected to remain low. >> americans are likely to pay the cheapest labor day gas prices since 2009. that's good news for everyone who will be hitting the roads to end their summer vacation. >> reporter: a trend on track to continue for the rest of the year. leanne gregg, nbc news. next "nbc 10 news at 5:00" bad for business? >> why local owners are worried that safety measures for the pope's visit will hurt their bottom line. plus some special visitors at eagles training camp. how coach chip kelly welcomed the family of a fallen police officer. and it's fairly comfortable now but that heat is going to keep building. i'll tell you how hot it's going to get and feel.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00 we are following two breaking stories. we begin in camden county. skyforce 10 is live over laurel springs where a car has crashed through a liquor store. this is happening along the white horse pike near summit avenue. the driver was not hurt. neither was anyone at the store. we also have an update on this breaking situation in burlington county. emergency crews on the scene of this car fire in cinnaminson that's affecting traffic in the area there. skyforce 10 was over the scene a short time ago. the car crashed into a pole on route 130 near winwood drive. the road shut down in both
5:00 pm
directions. we also know one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. we will keep you updated on any new developments on that story. also tonight, will the pope's visit be a bust for businesses? owners are worried that hundreds of thousands of tourists won't be able to get to their doors. officials on both sides of the river have announced numerous road closures and rigid parking rules lasting several days. >> nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long has been talking to businesses in camden today and joins us near the waterfront. >> reporter: i can tell you this entire walkway here along the camden waterfront will be one of two secure perimeters where police and public safety officials guide those faithful to the bridge and beyond to see the pope. so businesses not along this beaten path fear they won't cash in on the devoted crowd. the owner of guido's pizza on market street would love nothing more than to see pope francis up


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