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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, another day in the 90s. it's still warm and muggy out there, even at this hour. it looks like tomorrow's highs
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will mark an official heat wave. good sunday evening. i'm george spencer. it's going to feel even more sticky tomorrow as our region continues to heat up. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is here with what we can expect when we wake up. >> you can expect warm mornings. we're going to warm up very, very quickly. we're seeing the temperatures drop slowly tonight. temperatures still in the 80s. 89 in allenallentown. 72 in wild wood. after a high of 93 degrees today. day two. tomorrow will be an official heat wave. we'll get into the 90s. we'll top around 94 degrees, feeling more like 95, 96. more humid tomorrow, stuicky. as we wake up on monday morning, we're waking to mild air. lots of sunshine. by 6:00, 74.
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8:00, mostly sunny, 77. 10:00, 84. another heat wave that'll last a few days. we're tracking some storms and the heat wave. we'll look at that in a few minutes. ♪ baby, i'm preying on you tonight ♪ ♪ just like animals thousands packed the beach, fighting the heat and humidity to hear maroon 5 and nick jonas. this is the first of two concerts on the beach this week. really, the biggest problem seems to be staying cool during all of this intense heat. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in atlantic city. randy, you were out there with the crowds. how were people handling it? >> reporter: well, george, the beach breeze probably helped a little bit. most people really didn't seem to mind. they packed their bathing suits and sunscreen. the concert was steps from the shoreline. some of these fans waiting for hours upon hours to see maroon 5
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front man hit the stage. ♪ baby, i'm preying on you tonight ♪ ♪ just like animals, animals >> reporter: the crowds packed atlantic city. some 50,000 fans dancing under the intense sun. >> it's hot, and it's crazy, but it's awesome. >> reporter: megan sips on a bottle of water to seek cool. her family got to the front of the pac-12 hours ear pack 12 ho >> we've been fighting everyone since then. >> reporter: water was in high demand. a few people were cared for by emergency workers, but most kept cool and hydrated. drink water. don't forget. >> i will. thank you for the advice. >> drinking a lot of water. that's about it. waiting for a breeze. >> reporter: organizers say managing these huge crowds takes a lot of coordination. >> people listen to instruction. they drink water, they make sure we have water stations that are
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here, hydration stations. >> reporter: the beach concert series, now in its second year, has been a huge tourism success. music and the ocean make a great summer fling to the tune of $24 million. >> great day at the beach. we had maroon 5, who isn't even on tour, and 50,000 of our friends on the beach. gorgeous day, enjoying terrific music. >> reporter: if you missed it, the beach concert series continues this week. this continuing thursday, rascal flatts will take the stage. at 11:30, we'll talk more about the economic impact this concert series has on atlantic city and the shore. randy grade schoyllenhaal. breaking news. three people have been shot in philadelphia. nbc 10 is live at that scene. doug, what are you hearing? >> reporter: detectives tell us it was a few minutes after 10:00 tonight when a gray dodge
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charger stopped in the middle of the 5900 block on north 2nd. somebody got out and started shooting. three people were hit. at least 11 shots fired. a 26-year-old man was hit in the lower back. another man and woman were hit in the arm and the leg. detectives say they're not sure if any of those three was the intended target. live from nbc 10 news. dozens of emergency crews rush to help a of a boat crash stranded three people land night. take a look at these pictures. spring lake police called it an extremely dangerous situation. that fishing boat sit a jetty around 9:00 across from breakers hotel. they say alcohol may have played a role in the crash.
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so it begins. it's only preseason, but fans are excited. after game one, this is a live look at the link from our eagles nest camera. the eagles spread their wings for the first preseason game of the year. fans, they definitely liked what they saw, as the birds scored a big win over the colts. denny pommells joins us live from comcast sports net. a nice way to start this year. >> well put. today was a day to find out if the teachings of training camp carried over to a game. it was meant to mimic a normal 1:00 start during the preseason, but hopefully without the balmy temperatures. look at the rookie, breaking tackle, beat a number guys. guys. spins away, beats a man and has an entourage leading him to the
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end zone. eagles lead, 23-3 at the half. fourth quarter. tim tebow calling his own number. finds the near side pile on from seven yards away. eagles win. tebow talked about getting a huge ovation in his eagles debut. >> when you get support, it always feels good. i appreciated it. you have to focus on trying to communicate with the offensive line. for a lot of us, it's the first time we're really, you know, playing live snaps together, too. you know, we have to communicate. i appreciated it though. >> that guy can't get away from the spotlight. later, we'll examine the play of the qbs and more from tim tebow. back to you. >> many thanks, danny. next saturday, the eagles take on the ravens in preseason
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action. nbc 10 is the place to watch it, from pregame to kickoff to the post game. you won't want to miss a minute, starting at 6:30 p.m. nbc 10 is counting down to the pope's visit to philadelphia. we are now just 40 days and 10 hours away. tomorrow, the catholics will launch their campaign. they want south jersey residents to take up the pontiff's challenge to hear the cry of the poor. it will award eight families with tickets to attend the world meeting of families theological congress. you can read more about the pope's visit and see how it'll impact your life. tap on the nbc 10 news app and visit our section, preparing for the pope. it has everything you need to know, including the pope's itinerary. hot air balloon crashed,
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injuring three people. we know one of the victims is from honey brook chester county. the crash happened in a farmer's field in earl township. the deflating balloon fell on top of the electrical wires. the pilot and passengers are being treated for electrical burns. one of the passengers is in critical conditions. robert fisher of honey brook is in stable condition. from our delaware dur rbure female driver sped off when police tried to pull her over. she then hit an suv and the impact caused the suv to hit another car. this came from a viewer and shows the aftermath. in all, at least four people were injured, but they are all expected to be okay. in delaware county, a crime that did not go as expected. police say a man stole a motorcycle, then lost control of the bike and crashed it right
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into a home in upper darby. police were able to locate the man. they say he's currently recovering from the injuries in the hospital. philadelphia police are searching for the thief who stole a van while two men with special needs were sitting right inside. that carjacking happened on north 9th street in hunting park. another man got in while the other two were in the back. he let them out and kept going. the men are safe tonight, but the van is still missing. today, the children and siblings of falling service members remember their loved ones through a day of service. the travis mannion foundation held this event. the teenagers spent part of the day painting boats, which were built by children in philadelphia. they say the event helps them
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grieve, knowing that they're not alone. >> when we're with each other, we are able to come together with a bond that's unique and strong. it's amazing. we're doing so many things to work through grieving and just smile and laugh and get together. it's awesome. it helps. absolutely. >> the foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to helping families who have lost loved ones in service. pets from across the nation have new homes tonight, all thanks to nbc's clear the shelters campaign. we got updated adoption numbers from yesterday's event. a total of 1,014 animals were adopted just here in our area. pennsylvania, 540 dogs and cats have new homes. 411 pets were adopted in new jersey. in delaware, there were 43 adoptions. >> one, two, three!
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[ applause ] >> a lot of applause three years in the making. today, a dog park in clayton township opened to the public. the park is the brain child of a girl scout, elizabeth. that park is the first of its kind in claymont and sits on more than an acre of land. next at 11:00, he was a voice for justice and equality. tonight, remembering julian bond. and the part he played in our area as a civil rights leader. and rebuilding after sandy. it was an iconic image when the hurricane hit. now, a second chance for a famous pier. it was another hot one today. into the 90s. 93 degrees was our official high. we're going to be hotter tomorrow. also more humid. we'll talk more about that. also tracking storms in your seven-day. straight ahead.
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an indonesian plane that disappeared earlier today has been found. rescuers are now headed to the site of that crash to search for survivors. that plane was carrying 49 passengers and 5 crew members. it crashed into a remote mountain region of indonesia, and there's no indication that the plane actually made a distress call. officials say that plane lost contact with the airport while it was flying in bad weather. meanwhile, a pilot is dead and his passenger injured after
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a small plane crashed on railroad tracks on long island today. officials say the plane came down at a railroad crossing just before 8:00 this morning. the crash prompted new york's metropolitan transportation authority to suspend service on one branch of the long island railroad. under investigation. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> temperatures back into the 90s today. it was 91 yesterday and 93 today. 94 tomorrow. we will hit our official heat wave tomorrow. that'll be number four for the summer and number five since the year. looking at our weather headlines on this sunday night, we are looking warm. looking at another heat wave once again. the 90s continuing at least for the next couple days. humidity increasing, as well. it'll be uncomfortable on monday, but really on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we'll go over the numbers in a minute. then we're tracking storms returning. once we have the humidity levels
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come up, we have the chance for pop-up storms. 79 in philadelphia. winds out of the south at 5 miles an hour. the southerly flow is bringing up the temperatures. seeing them in 80s in some sports. 79 in allentown and philadelphia. to the south and east, temperatures in the mid 70s. 75 in melville. warm night tonight. definitely need the air-conditioning. it was hot for the eagles. we're going to keep it hot as we go throughout the next couple of days. here we go again, after the 80s last thursday, up to 91 yesterday, 93 today and 94 tomorrow. we'll keep the numbers up over the next several days. tonight, it's going to be uncomfortable in some spots. not as much as tomorrow night or monday night or tuesday night. 72 in philadelphia. 65 north and west. it'll be mild. we're going to wake up to warm temperatures. temperatures in the 80s by
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10:00. by the end of the afternoon, we're looking at temperatures mainly in the 90s across the area. staying in the 80s in mount pocono. may see a shower or two. 93 in allentown tomorrow. 91 in quaker town. to the south and east, temperatures in the 90s in doylestown. south and east, temperatures in the 80s along the shore. mostly sunny skies. 84 in atlantic city. always a nice day at the beaches, even with rain. to the city, we're looking at temperatures in the mid 90s. 94 in philadelphia. feeling a little warmer than that as we go through the day with the humidity levels. maybe feeling like 95, 96 in some spots. 93 in chester. 92 in westchester. 94 tomorrow. by tuesday, mostly sunny skies. most of us will stay dry on tuesday. may see an isolated shower. hot and humid on wednesday. the humidity is still up.
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we could see a shower or two. better chance for showers as the cold front moves through on thursday. friday, chance for storms, 89. still warm over the weekend. saturday, the eagles play late in the day, 88 degrees. 86 on sunday. chance for some rain. it was a big night last night for women in the nfl. the cardinals-chiefs game was the first game ever to feature both a female referee and female coach. sarah thomas is the first woman to serve as a full-time on field official. jen welter is interning as line backing coach for the cardinals. on the topic of football, got to talk about the birds. danny, a great way to kick off the season for the eagles. >> no doubt about that. coming up, we'll have phillies baseball, as well as the eagles. best, and i'm not talking about the beer. we examine more on the strengths and weaknesses of the eagles qbs
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> today was a perfect day for a cold glass of lemonade. but plenty of football-thirsty fans filled the stadium for the preseason opening against the colts. the eagles scored in every quarter. former eagle, trent cole honored during the game. sanchez throws an out to agui r aguilar. do your thing, young man. the first round pick turns on the jets.
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34-yard touch. 7-3, birds. to miles austin. look at that catch from the monmouth university guy. finished the drive. barkley throws it. eagles lead, 13-3, after one. hasselbeck finds dorsett. the second-round pick strips him. eagles recover. barner fields this kick, and watch him work. spins away from one man. makes another guy miss. has a convoy down the sideline. catch him if you can, like the gingerbread man. 94 yards for the touchdown. eagles lead at intermission. second half was tebow time. fans couldn't wait to see him in his eagles debut. connects for the 15-yard pickup.
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no points on the drive due to a missed field goal, who also missed an extra point. next drive, tebow to bailey. tebow scores from seven yards away. gets the near pile on. eagles win, 36-10. with more, here's john clark. >> reporter: mark sanchez struggled with his accuracy to start the game. he was 2 for 7 and only made one good throw. his young receivers bailed him out, and this offense put up over 400 yards for the game. >> it felt good to get out and play against another team. get a scoring drive going. got to use my legs a little bit, so that was fun. couple throws i thought i could have completed, but we moved the team down the field and got a touchdown there. >> had a couple high throws. i thought we played with a good
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tempo. guys were hitting and clicking. i'm sure he would want a couple of the throws back because they were high. >> it was tebow time. he may have gotten the loudest ovation out of all the quarterbacks. fans were chanting his name. he had to quiet down the crowd. tim tebow looked good at times, but finished 1 for 5. chip kielly said some offensive linemen didn't block as well. overall, tebow things he's improving. >> did some things decent and things we have to work on. try to be more consistent. it's never as good as it seems, never as bad as it seems. one more day to try to improve. >> i want to play good football. i want to come and make plays, be consistent with the ball. >> the competition continues for the third job. next saturday, we will see sam bradford in his first preseason action. he is definitely the starting quarterback. i'm john clark at the link for
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comcast sports net. on and on it goes. you can see the game, eagles-ravens, preseason number two. nbc 10 the only place to watch it from pregame to kickoff to the post game. don't miss a minute. despite the trade rumor s surrounding utley, he's still a philly. trying to avoid a sweep at the hands of the brew crew. utley not in the lineup today. his hot hitting wouldn't be a benefit. ryan brawn, good-bye. banks one deep to left center for the grand slam. philli phillies win, 6-1. tuesday night with the brewers. interesting to see if utley is still a philly. coming up, we'll hear from aguilar on his first nfl touchdown.
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hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past. get fios. tea? now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v celebrating those who gave the gift of life. today, an event was held to
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honor organ donors, along with transplant recipients and those still waiting for transplants. aden -- attendees spoke about how transplants changed their lives. a pier that was destroyed by hurricane sandy received approval to rebuild. the permit was issued by the state department of environmental protection. it allows the owner to rebuild the cable car attraction. the pier in seaside height it is where a roller coaster plunged into the ocean when sandy hit, becoming one of the most enduring images of the storm. rescue crews head to a kw r are,ry. a deputy goes to help after a tornado. how she finds herself saved.
11:32 pm
join me in argentina, the homeland of pope francis. learn about the humble boy from bay noise arias. >> always smiling. >> his passions. >> he grew up in the prime time. >> what concerns him now. >> what happens in america. >> it's the inside story of how he became the people's pope. don't miss our half hour special tuesday, only on nbc 10.
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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts
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now. more heat and humidity for the start of your work week. people walking around the city can still feel the warmth, and it is certainly going to be a hot one tomorrow. hot enough, in fact, that we are expected to officially be in a heat wave. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is here with a look at what's ahead this week. >> hi there, george. we're going to be in a heat wave tomorrow. probably 94 tomorrow. it'll feel like 95, 96. still warm at this hour, 80s on the map. 79 in philadelphia. 75 in melview. 72 in wild wood. we're going to make up to warm temperatures. we're going to warm up quickly by the afternoon. by 4:00, looking at temperatures around 91 degrees. i think we're going to top out a little higher than that, coming in a little cooler. probably topping around 94 degrees in philadelphia. as you wake up on your monday
11:36 pm
morning, you want to wake up to some more temperatures, get out early if you're going to exercise. the temperatures are going to climb quickly. by 8:00, 77 and sunshine. warming up us to 84 by 10:00. you need the sunglasses tomorrow, sunscreen. we're going to see the hot air. also tuesday and wednesday, we're going to bring up the humidity levels. we'll talk more about that coming up. fans were hot but happy as they streamed out of the link today after the eagles decisively beat the colts. extra emergency medical crews were on hand because of the heat. nbc 10's monique braxton tells us it was steamy from the go for tailgaters. >> reporter: the eagles drum line revved up the tailgaters, who kicked off the party. >> this is our first time at an eagles game. my wife is a fan. >> reporter: the heat and
11:37 pm
humidity weren't the only hot items. tack co tacos and wings were sizzling. >> i'm down for the tailgate party. >> reporter: the first tailgate party of the 2015 football season falls as another heat wave begins. just before game time, the fire commissioner, derek sawyer, treated this alert, urging fans to be cool and safe. those we talked to are coming equipped to beat the heat. >> we have her water bottle, my water bottle and our spray bottle. >> reporter: well before halftime, hundreds of people filed out of the stadium, despite its design, which enhances a constant flow of air, it was unbearable for the most devoted eagles fans. >> we got here early enough to take part in the pregame festivities. we're going to go cool off. >> reporter: are you ready to go because it's too hot? >> yup.
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>> reporter: those who endured till the end to see the 36-10 winning score tell us they had good reason. >> we wanted to see tim tebow. >> yeah. >> reporter: were you pleased with his performance? >> he could have done better, but he scored. >> reporter: i checked with emergency personnel, and they tell us they know of no heat-related emergency calls. at the link, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, bethlehem woman's body was found in the lehigh river. her body was south of the tre h treichler's bridge. an awe tutopsy will hopefully determine the cause of her death. a man was rescued from a quarry in north hampton county. the man was hurt after hitting a rock when he tried to jump from a ledge into the water.
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the country lost one of its strongest voices for justice and equality this weekend. civil rights leader julian bond died last night. he graduated from the george school in bucks county back in 1957, and his father was the first african-american president of lincoln university. we have more on his life tonight from nbc's kristin. >> reporter: he was more than a hero of the civil rights movement, he was a vital link to the past. >> like many of you, i was impressive religi privileged to be here. >> reporter: he was out front at civil rights protests. when he was elected to the house in 1965, voters didn't want to seat him because of his view on the war. >> the right to voice an opinion that may be unpopular.
11:40 pm
equally as important issue is the right of people, in this case, my constituents, to be represented by someone they chose. >> reporter: the supreme court agreed. >> fellow delegates, the people of america are watching us now. >> reporter: during the 1968 presidential election, bond became the first african-american proposed as a major party candidate for vice president. three years later, he co-founded the southern poverty law center. >> i think that america's lost a champion for the cause of justice, not only for african-americans, but for all groups and people and individuals who were oppress and discriminated against. >> reporter: bond was charismatic when hosting "saturday night live." in the late '90s, he was selected as chairman of the naacp, where he continued his life's work. today, the king center tweeted,
11:41 pm
rest in power and thank you. obama called bond's widow, pamela, and in a statement, remembered the man he called a hero and a friend. bond helped change the country for the better. what better way to be remembered than that. julian bond was 75. nbc news, new york. tonight, police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man outside a north philadelphia bar. it happened shortly before 1:00 outside the dew drop inn bar. the victim later died at the hospital. police are hoping surveillance video will lead them to the shooter. actor morgan freeman's god daughter was stabbed to death in new york city. the 33-year-old was found lying in the street after receiving a call about the stabbing at 3:00 this morning. medics rushed her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.
11:42 pm
morgan freeman made a statement, saying the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. a man was arrested at the scene. we have new information on yesterday's air travel nightmare on the east coast. the faa says a software upgrade may have been to blame for technical issues at an air traffic control center at virginia. hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed, and that included some flights here at philadelphia international airport. atlantic city is a hot spot this week for famous names. two big concerts are playing on the city's beach. maroon 5 performed tonight, and rascal flatts will play there on thursday. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal tells us the play is a big boost for atlantic city's economy. >> reporter: this intense heat did not stop anybody from coming to the shore today to see maroon 5 and nick jonas. thousands of fans, many wearing bathing suits and packing the
11:43 pm
sunscreen, hit the breach, spending valuable tourist dollars in an area that needs it pretty bad. the crowds arrived early. some 12 hours before the concert started. 50,000 fans packing the atlantic city shore. >> it was crazy getting in here. craziness, but it settled down. >> reporter: they bought tickets, some beer, and most everybody bought water, on a day where temperatures reached close to 90. >> a lot of money atlantic city is making. >> reporter: a few hours before sunset, maroon 5, led by front man adam levine, hit the stage. ♪ just like animals >> reporter: organizers say this concert series in its second year is a huge moment for the local economy. >> that puts money in people's polk pockets right away. >> reporter: an estimates $24 million will be jumped into the
11:44 pm
region, including hotel reservations and hundreds of temporary jobs. locals feeling an influx of cash in a year where tourism has struggled. >> we need more people to keep coming to atlantic for gaming and so much more. >> reporter: it is not over yet. this coming thursday, rascal flatts will be playing here on the beach. in atlantic city, randy gill gyllenha gyllenhaal. tonight, there is new hope for cat owners. you can get free spaying and neutering for your pets. donald trump lays out his plans for immigration reform. why they could be fighting words. it was a hot day today. temperatures in the 90s. we'll be hotter tomorrow, adding in humidity, as well. we'll talk more about that. also tracking storms to break the heat wave. that'll coming up.
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turning now to decision
11:47 pm
2016. presidential candidate donald trump is makie ining headlines . with comments on mexico and illegal immigration. brian moore has the story from washington. >> reporter: for the first time in donald trump's campaign, he's talking specifics about illegal immigration in mexico. >> mexico is taking our business. mexico is the new china, okay? >> reporter: trump's first policy paper lays out a plan that would end birthright citizenship, ramp up deportations and jack up border fees and business tariffs. >> reporter: mexicans to pay for a wall. >> in your years, you'll be interviewing me and saying, great job, president trump. >> reporter: candidates compete to show voters that they're really down to earth at the fair. >> so happy to see you. >> reporter: for some fair goers, style is less important than trump's message on immigration reform. >> people like me are tired of
11:48 pm
it. it's time somebody strand up and do something. >> reporter: donald trump, pivoting back to the issues that fueled controversy and his poll numbers. meanwhile, trump launched a new attack on clinton, suggesting her candidacy might be doomed by the questions around her private e-mail server. brian moore, washington. residents should prepare for mosquito spraying tomorrow in montgomery and delaware countings. expect the spraying in the evening. upper dublin, upper merion. if you have any standing water on your property, get rid of it to avoid mosquito growth. if you live in upper darby and own a cat, listen up. the spayed club clinic of sharon hill is offering free spaying
11:49 pm
and neutering services for 1200 cats in the township. it's part of the effort to keep the population from growing in the area. to qualify, pet owners must show proof they live in upper darby township. contact the clinic for more information. >> announcer: now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> definitely feeling like an august day tomorrow. today, it was hot. temperatures in the low 90s. around 93 in philadelphia. it's going to be warming on monday. we're going to add back the humidity. feeling more uncomfortable than today. sticky on monday. stickier tuesday and wednesday. you want to wear the sunscreen, the light, loose clothing, and stay indoors if you can, between 11:00 and 4:00. watching for another heat wave. if we reach 90 tomorrow, which we expect we will. three days of 90 degrees or greater. humidity increasing tomorrow and sticky tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we are also tracking the chance of storms returning once you add in the humidity. it brings up the chances for pop-up storms.
11:50 pm
we have a front moving thursday that will spark showers, as well. it's a warm night in philadelphia, winds out of the south-southwest at 5 miles per hour. lots of stars out there, clear night. that will not help keep the temperatures cool. we'll keep the temperatures in the 70s in philadelphia. 60s north and west. 80 in reading. atlantic city, 73 degrees. every spot, really warm tonight. across the area from top to bottom, temperatures mainly in the 70s. the upper 70s. 79 in allentown. 77 right now in lancaster. 79 in philadelphia. 75 in melville. and 72 in atlantic city. future weather throughout monday, the theme is heat, humidity, feeling and looking like summer. get to the pool if you can. looking at the chance of a pop-up shower in the poconos. the model is overdoing it in terms of the showers tomorrow. it's tuesday we bring back the chance for an isolated shower. mainly north and west.
11:51 pm
we're going to bump up the humidity levels. by 2:00, it's a hot one on tuesday. we're going to bring the humidity levels and dew points to the upper 70s. that will be the story throughout wednesday and also thursday. tuesday night, uncomfortable night. sticky on wednesday and thursday. thursday, we'll bring the temperatures back into the 80s. the humidity is still sky high. 65 north and west. tomorrow, a scorcher, around 94 in philadelphia. hot, more humid. you'll feel the humidity levels. 94 tomorrow. tuesday, 93. bringing the chance of an isolated shower or storm, mainly north and west. wednesday, isolated showers and storms, partly sunny. mainly dry. with the humidity, we may see pop-up showers and storms. 93, muggy on thursday. 87. friday, chance for thunderstorms, 89. trying it out on saturday for a late eagles game. 86 on sunday and chance for rain. hey, coming up, we'll show
11:52 pm
you something odd from major league baseball. apparently, it is possible to hit your own teammate in the g dugout with your helmet. take you to the pga championship, where a feel good story emerges, where either spieth or day could hoist the wanamaker trophy.
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oh my gosh, it's the guy from last night. what?! can i jump on your wi-fi? yeah, you can try it. hey! i had a really good time last night. yeah, me too. the only thing is that... the only thing is what? what's the only thing? oh my gosh he's married. he's a kleptomaniac. he's a pyromaniac.
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he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past. get fios. tea? now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v 2nd and 10 at 34. leaping reception. agholor gets the tackle. 15, and touchdown! nelson agholor, 34 yards! >> seems like the kid can ball. when the eagles selected nelson agholor 20th overall in the nfl draft, everyone knew he had big shoes to fill. he'll be counted on this season to make plays like the one he made today. >> your first official nfl game.
11:55 pm
what were you expecting from yourself? >> no real expectations. wanted to compete and put stuff on film to learn from. >> 34-yard touchdown, multiple catches. tell me about the touchdown, in particular. >> great read. gave me a chance. good concentration on the catch and tried to finish the play. >> everybody talks about the speed of the game going from practice to an actual game. was the speed that much of a difference? >> well, we prepare ourselves to, you know, simulate the speed of the game in practice. i thought that this was actually a little slower than how we practice. we push hard and push ourselves to uncomfortable situations. >> nelson, thank you. >> here's how the quarterbacks faired in the eagles win over the indianapolis colts. for more analysis on this group and much more, let's send it back to john clark. >> now, let's go up to the eagles broadcast booth. the guy who called the game and did a tremendous job calling the game and breaking it down for
11:56 pm
us, our eagles tv analyst. mike, even though sanchez looked inaccurate, tell us about the job his receivers did, the young receivers, really adjusting to plays and getting the footballs. >> i think you start with nelson aghol agholor. even though he had a drop or two, he's a natural any time he catches the football. he did a great job. i like the kid, number 18, made a couple plays. there's a lot to be excited about with the eagles and his skilled positions. >> if you're looking at this game and you're evaluating barkley versus tebow, who do you think played better? >> they're contrasting styles and it depends on what you're looking for. barkley is a guy who understands the offense. it's his third year in the offense. he gets the ball out quickly and accurately. you know what you're getting with barkley. the flip side is the wild card. tim tebow was a total wild card. in his first series, he got rid
11:57 pm
of the football accurately and on time. after that, i thought he struggled. >> on it goes. next saturday, eagles-ravens, preseason game number two. nbc 10 is the place to watch it from pregame, kickoff to the post game. don't miss a minute starting at 6:30. final round of the pga championship. jason day entered the day with the lead. jordan spieth could not catch him, but he moved to number one in the world of golf rankings. have a look at this putt on 7. talk about lining one up. if the ball had wings, it'd be a birdie. into the cup it goes. on 18, day taps in, tons of emotion pouring out as he wins his first major at 20 under par, a new pga champ jionship record 90th minute, sebastian gives union a 3-2 lead. man, oh, man. can't describe this one, as the union can't put out the fire.
11:58 pm
they get the equalizer off the cross late in the game and finishes in a 3-3 draw. last night, padres outfielder upton was mad, trying to throw his helmet. it slips out of his hand and hit alonzo in the head. alonzo was upset, but had fun today, wearing catcher's gear in the dugout. pretty good. that's sports. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back.
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when a tornado hits oklahoma five months ago, one sheriff's deputy went above and beyond the call of duty. that deputy rescued a puppy and made a place for the dog in her home and in her heart. marla carter has the story. >> reporter: the tornado injured 30, took one life and left some animals homeless. including this pup, found by a deputy, amber solomon. >> i see this puppy, and she comes right up to me. i picked her up, and she laid her head on my shoulder. >> reporter: the dog went to the shelter. >> every time our animal guys had to drop off at the shelter, hey, check and see if the dog is still there. >> reporter: she was. now the mutt and solomon have been best friends since. she adopted the dog and named her river. >> i was trying to come up with
12:02 am
names that would associate her with the dragic event. one, that way, not only myself, but my family could remember how many people did lose their homes. >> reporter: river is for the river oaks mobile home park that was hit by the tornado. she was found by the river. river is now part of the family. she's full of tricks. >> roll over. good girl. >> reporter: and loves a good belly rub. >> my mom and my son even joke around about, she should be a police dog. take her to work with you. if i could, i would. i think it'd be fun to have your best friend by your side all day. >> great story. going to be a hot, humid week for us. at least the first half. >> at least the first half. we have the heat staying with us. the temperatures will go down by the end of the week. feeling uncomfortable tomorrow, stuckey tuesday and wednesday. temperatures in the 90s. 89 on friday.
12:03 am
also some storms. >> that is nbc 10 news for now. i'm george spencer. have a great night.
12:04 am
12:05 am
we were talking back stage. he thought they were going to be 25, 30, 40, 50 people. >> honest to god, i didn't think this many people would be here. >> an hour and a half ago, i'm literally walking in the bank of america building next door getting some jungle juice. [ laughter ] >> that's a hell of a pregame meal right there. ♪ cam newton, heisman troephy winner, first round nfl pick. >> when football season comes, i'm going to be the most prepared player ever. >> and now, a live interview in front of hundreds of fans.


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