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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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route 322 between route 295. an although mat is 662. but an officer told me on the phone they are moving them to route 330. speeds are slowing considerably, 28 miles an hour, even 18 miles an hour i was seeing as you approach the scene. something you want to avoid. keep those detours in mind. we're learning new information this morning about the shooting of a 10-year-old boy in wilmington overnight. nbc10's jesse gary has been on the phone all morning. what's the lateest? >> within the past couple of minutes, crime scene investigators cleared the area. before going, though, they searched that nissan with the windows down. they took a good look inside that car, searched it thoroughly. they removed the mobile crime lab united parked out here most of the morning as that part of
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the investigation has wrapped up. before the departure, police dusted an exterior window screen and door for evidence. they did the same on the backdoor on the other side of the building. officers also used their cell phones to record video inside the two-story apartment. before 2:00 this morning, the 911 call of a boy hot. the 10-year-old was hit in the head and rushed to ai do you pontd hospital. he's listed in critical condition. ifs told earlier by hospital personnel they met with the boy's mother this morning. as for what prompted the shooting, residents say those living in apartment 712 reported a robbery before the gunfire. >> it's tragic. it's just terrible. i don't even know what -- it's just unbelievable. i seen the little boy walk past me i don't know how many times. >> reporter: that's rita foster, owns helping hands day care. coming up in the next 30
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minutes, i'll tell you what some people plan to do in response. live in wilmington, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." nine people need a place to stay this morning after a fire swept through a philadelphia apartment. flames broke out in a laundry room at haldeman apartments on haldeman avenue. philadelphia police are looking for a killer who may have left a message at the murder scene. nbc10 was on olney where gunfire killed a man and wounded a woman. police tell us someone keyed the word "rat" on a car parked nearby. the woman who was shot is expected to survive. police are reviewing surveillance video, they say, shows an overnight shooting in north philadelphia that left a man in critical condition. they have not released the video but they say the motive appears to be robbery because the gunman shoots the victim in the stomach on west hazzard street. someone shot a man in the
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face in the nicetown section of philadelphia on priscilla street. he ran to a nearby business for help. he's in stable condition. police have not made any arrests or commented on what led to sha shooting. in just more than two hours, congressman fata will make his first court appearance. nbc10's deanna durante is live outside the courthouse to walk us through this. >> reporter: the congressman is expected to appear here in federal court this afternoon. he is facing more than 20 charges, including bribery, money laundering and fraud. the congressman has been taking the offense. he is asking the congressional committee on oversight and government reform to require the department of justice to preserve any materials related to his case and he wants the committee to at least review the work of the justice department as to how it relates to how they collected the evidence.
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he writes, my case appears to be conducted in a manner that suggests prosecutorial misconduct. the 11-term democrat is accused of misuse of influence, stealing taxpayer money, having a secret campaign loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist. the congressman is turning the table, accusing federal investigators of violating grand jury secrecy laws. and the congressman appears to be walking into federal court right now, as you can see, going in the sixth street door there, right there. appearing into federal court. we'll be in the courtroom. we'll talk to him, see what he has to say coming up at 11:30. also, when he and make his speech later on today, he's expected too far talk to the media. we will bring it to you live right here on nbc10 and deanna durante, "nbc10 news." congressman fata is married to nbc10 renee chenault-fattah. she's labeled as person "e." the feds allege she took part in
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a scheme to fraudulently sell a car in order to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she's not charged and denies any wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc10. happening right now, he was a fan favorite during his time in philadelphia. now former flyer danny briere is hanging up his skates and speaking to the media in voorhees. >> and the last three that have been my -- my inspiration all those years, the reason why i kept going, i kept fightinging i kept pushing, kept staying on the ice for more, going to the gym to be cable to keep playing. my three boys, they're in the back, thank you, boys, for all your patience and being there without me the past couple of yooersz. thank you very much. like i said, i'm a big fan of the game.
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in the future i hope to stay involved some how in the hockey world. thank you very much for attending. >> danny briere talking about his retirement. he took the flyers to the stanley cup finals in 2010 and the team will honor him in a pregame ceremony before the flyers/sabres game on october 27th. it will be another scorcher today. that didn't stop this one woman we saw getting exercise in wynnefield heights neighborhood. the phillies hope their luck will change as they begin a homestand tones against the toronto bluejays. a live look at citizens bank park in south philly. going to be a steamy night. let's get you updated on the heat and humidity to come together. here's chief meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the ball travels farther so is it will be be be easier to hit a home run under these conditions. >> it's a no-brainer to head to the shore for those to escape the heat. a live shot in cape may where they've had a nice sea breeze over the last few days. the heat wave started on saturday with 91 degrees. it wasn't too humid over the weekend but that changed yesterday. we got up to 94. 92 today. close to 90 tomorrow. 83 now. we had low clouds and fog in parts of the area that have prevented the temperature from rising quite as quickly as yesterday. the ocean temperature still down at 67 degrees in atlantic city. the feels like temperature, up to 90 degrees in millville and dover. 87 in philadelphia. higher in reading and allentown because they didn't get the kind of fog and low clouds that philadelphia did. we're going to be seeing a lot of sunshine this afternoon as temperatures go into the low 90s, high humidity, and only very slight chance of any kind
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of showers in the region. that shower chance is really going to increase. more on that plus a new tropical depression in the atlantic. that's coming up with the seven day in a few minutes. a shocking arrest in north philadelphia. police say a 15-year-old boy is the person who abducted a 5-year-old girl from her home, assaulted her and left her unconscious in a pile of brush. >> it's sad. it's unbelievable. only a sick type of animal would do that kind of thing. >> that's reaction from the girl's mom last night. she told us over the phone that she's relieved police made ang arrest. they have not released the name of the 15-year-old. of the 15-year-old. he's accused of breaking into the girl's home, carrying her out of the house, beating and sexually assaulting her. he's also charged with attempted murder and rape. the district attorney will decide whether to try him as an adult. >> one, two, three, ya!
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>> that was this morning at 22nd police district in north philadelphia. loved ones and comrades released balloons in honor of moses walker jr. a gunman shot and killed him three years ago today. he was a 19-year veteran of the force. he was offduty during a robbery attempt. two men are serving time for his murder. blowing away the competition. the new poll out this morning showing the soaring popularity of gop candidate donald trump and where his republican counterparts start right now. and could women soon have access to the little pink pill? the government decision expected today about the first medication designed to boost a woman's l libido. >> another intense day of heat and humidity. the timing and what you can expect where you live.
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search crews in indonesia found the bodies of all 54 passengers who were on board a plane that crashed in a remote part of the country on sunday. crews eventually found the wreckage and the plane's black box after struggling through dense forests yesterday. investigators think bad weather played a role in the crash. right now nearly 100 wildfires are burning out of control across six western states. nbc10's leanne gregg is in washington state with an update on containment efforts there. >> reporter: good day. close to 3,000 people remain under an evacuation order, even
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though progress was made yesterday, in part because of high humidity and lower wintsdz winds. the fire grew. now it's up to 65,000 acres, up from 56,000 in the previous count. there's concern especially about the northwest edge of the fire because now it's moving within six to eight miles from the town of manson. the count for destroyed homes is up to 40 and it's expected to rise possibly up to 75, businesses and homes destroyed in this area. 200 active duty military personnel will be joining this fight for the first time in close to a decade. they'll be trained beginning tomorrow and sent to various fires across the west. washington is one of six states facing dangerous fire conditions right now. today in this area, aircraft will continue to drop retardant and will join 3,000 firefighters and personnel on the ground battling the blaze. this fire's now only 30% contained. from chelan, washington, i'm
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leanne gregg, nbc news. now to decision 2016. a new poll shows businessman donald trump is maintaining a double-digit lead in the republican field. he's leading the latest cnn poll with 24%. former florida governor jeb bush is second with 13%, followed by dr. ben carson with 9%. florida senator mark rubio and wisconsin governor scott walker are tied with 8%. now, governor walker is holding an event this morning in minnesota. here's a live look. he's scheduled to unveil his proposal for replacing the affordable care act. he'll propose offering refundable tax credits to people who pay for their private health insurance as well as a restructuring of medicaid. the government is digging deeper into the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the state department says a review of her private e-mails found about 300 of them could contain top secret information. the justice department is looking at clinton's e-mails
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while she was secretary of state. she turned over those e-mails. they were kept on a private server, saying she did nothing wrong. well, it's steamy out there and that high humidity is going to continue for a while. and the heat wave continues today. another day of 90 degrees. we also have thunderstorms returning in the forecast. once they're in the forecast, they're going to stay for a while. we may have a tropical storm developing over the next 24 hours. we do have a new tropical depression. it would be named danny if it becomes a storm. we have a little bit more haze out there in the sky today. 83 degrees. the wind is calm. feels like 87. we're 2 degrees shy of yesterday's temperature at this time. partly because of those low clouds that we saw. so, we had our official heat wave made on monday as we hit
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94. third day in a row. today about 92. today about 90. then the temperature starts going down closer to the average of 85. southerly wind but it's a light wind, as you saw. the temperature rising through the 80s now. at the beaching with that southerly wind, it's not going to warm up a whole lot. 79 in seattle city. 87 degrees at atlantic city marina. feels like temperature already up to 90 degrees in dover and am millville. it will be getting well into the 90s over much of the area this afternoon. it's still pretty dry along the east coast but moisture is getting a little closer and it will be affecting our area probably starting tomorrow. as we go through the afternoon, we're into the 90s again. the shore drops into the 70s with the sea breeze.
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nothing more than an isolated shower this afternoon. maybe less than activity than yesterday. moisture building up to the west. as we go into wednesday morning. we still may see some more low clouds and fog around. maybe an isolated shower. and then a little better chance as we go through the day tomorrow. but that's also going to be a day as we get close to the 90-degree mark as you see in the afternoon here. not a whole lot of activity during the day tomorrow than an increase as we go into thursday. once we get into that pattern, it is going to be pretty active. the tropical atlantic starting to get busy. we have a tropical depression that is just formed out here. it's in the far eastern atlantic. but these are the kind of storms. this is the time of year when we look out there. although it has 35-mile-an-hour
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winds now, it is projected to become a hurricane. not only category 1 but category 2. 100-mile-an-hour winds sunday heading in the general direction of the caribbean. obviously, that's something that needs to be watched as we go through the week. hazy sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. it's going to be hot, humid again. high temperatures in the low 90s. it will feel more like 96, 97 degrees. by tomorrow, a chance of showers. it's going to be close to 90 degrees. may not quite make it and that would end the heat wave. it either ends on wednesday or thursday. showers and storms will help keep the temperature down. we even have chances of storms and the high humidity all the way through the weekend. >> all right, glenn. some researchers say it is the secret to success. the new findings that show a link between talking tights and a brighter academic future. this historic bed and breakfast could be yours for 150 bucks. all right.
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there's a slight catch but we'll explain.
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there is new information this morning on the pill that many are calling the female vyingvie ing -- viagra. the fda could approve it as early as today. if they do, it would be the first medication to help the female libido. the little pink pill has to be taken daily over a period of weeks to become effective.
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regular dosages of aspirin could reduce cancer risk for overweight people. they show the cancer rate in overweight people could be reversed with a daily dose of aspirin. it could help obese patients finding it difficult to reduce weight in order to reduce their cancer risk. researchers plan a follow-up study of 3,000 participants to find the different side effects of different doses of aspirin. sprerts say women with a heavy workload may have a harder time to get pregnant. women who work more than 40 hours a week took 20% longer to get pregnant than those who work less. nurse who is had to lift heavy loads also took longer to conceive. a new study shows romantic relationships often impair the quality of relationships with teenagers. they found those better were linked with better social development. researchers show children
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more verbal at age 2 are better prepared for kindergarten. researchers at penn state used parent's input to assess 8,000 2-year-olds. we continue to follow break nugs out of south jersey this morning. new information about a multivehicle crash that injured at least three people this morning. plus, a man, a baseball glove, a baby and a dangerous situation. will he make the catch? and hold onto what you hope is the most prized possession?
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that breaking news is an accident we're following for you, following a number of vehicles in gloucester county. skyforce10 was over the scene
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around 10 a.m. crews had to pull at least one person out of the car and rush them to the ambulance. three people in all were hurt. congressman chaka fatah just arrived for his first court appearance since being indicted on federal corruption charges and nbc10's deanna durante is there. >> reporter: live at 11:00 a.m. you saw the congressman walk in to the courthouse. the congressman is facing more than 20 counts, including bribery, fraud and money laundering. again, he's inside federal court. his hearing is not for several hours but he arrived here early with someone by his side. now, he is also striking back and has been doing so since the indictment was handed down. he's asking the congressional committee on oversight and government reform to require the department of justice to preserve any materials related to his case. he wants the committee to at least the review the work of the
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justice department as to how it collected information in the case. in a letter to ranking committee chairman, fattah is accused of stealing money, taking a secret campaign loan and a bribe from lobbyists. the hearing he'll appear at on the fifth floor of the court building. he'll report to marshal service, fill out pretile paperwork. it's expected once he appears from court, he will address the immediate, yeah again, talking about the charges. he has been on the offense ever since the indictment was handed down. we will bring you his comments both live here on nbc10 and reporting live outside the federal courthouse, deanna durante, "nbc10 news."
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it is another scorcher out there. a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia as our heat wave continues. for how long is the question? chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the answer. >> yeah, tracy, it's going to last at least through today. it is going to get into the 90s with the high humidity. the phillies are coming back to town. it's going to be steamy out there at the ballpark. probably not raining but pretty humid. the ball travels when it's hot and humid, by the way. over the weekend, it wasn't that humid. we got into the 90s, but the humidity was relatively low. yesterday we got up to 94 and the humidity started coming up. it will be up today. close call tomorrow as to whether we get to 90 again. not after that, though. 83 in philadelphia. 85 in reading. that is one of the warm spots. also 85 in millville. 86 in wildwood. the temperature right at the
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beach is cooler because of the sea breeze. it feels like it's up to 90 in dover and in millville. upper 80s elsewhere. feels like that temperature is going to go at least into the mid-90s today. some places a little higher than that. we expect the clouds to break up some more and get a lot of hazy sunshine during the afternoon. temperatures getting into the 90s in most of the area. we'll see when the heat wave breaks, when the storms really start developing and have the latest on the new tropical depression in the atlantic coming up in a few minutes. now, to a developing new story we're following for you out of new castle county. a 12-year-old wilmington boy is in critical condition after being shot in the face. nbc10's jesse gary has been on this story along townsend place all morning long. what's the latest? >> reporter: the family that lives a couple doors down from the shooting thinks the boy that was shot was-s a great kid with loads of personality.
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this crime has touched the community in such a way. members of the nonprofit prayer chain foundation plan to hold a prayer vigil out here tonight. the wilmington police investigated the scene for most of the morning. for the past 30 minutes, packed up and left. before 2:00 a 911 call of a boy shot, 10-year-old hit in the head and rushed to the hospital is in critical condition right now. neighbors say residents living in apartment 712 reported a robbery short before the gunf e gunfire. councilwoman says crime in this city has reached epidemic proportions. >> everyone has a gun to shoot somebody. they're not in the right mind to think there's a child in the room. they're evidently in the wrong state of mind, so our children are not safe anywhere nowadays. >> it does make you think. >> reporter: think what? >> don't know if i should stay here or not. i'm here now and i still want to be a part of this community and still going to keep carrying
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right here. >> rita hands owns caring hands day care 30 yards from the scene. she says she's going to expand and open a second site in the neighborhood. the prayer vigil tonight starts at 6:00 in wilmington. we're live, wilmington, new castle county, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." we have surveillance video showing the second bombing in bangkok which came just one day after a bombing attack that left 20 people dead. this matches witnesses' description of hearing a loud bang before seeing water go into the area. an unidentified man threw an explosions ive into water from a pier. nobody was killed in today's incident but yesterday's blast happened near a busy intersection, surrounded by five-star hotel, upscale shopping centers. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack but news this morning that a surveillance picture. wanted suspect is surfacing.
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the man shown here in this yellow shirt is wanted in connection to the deadly bombing. surveillance video shows he was carrying a backpack near the scene of sunday's incident. he appears to take the bag off and then later seen without the bag. thailand's prime minister has promised to track down those responsible for what he calls the country's worst attack in history. chilling surveillance video here showing a man opening fire at several passing cars in charlotte, south carolina. authorities say the guy drove down a busy road, firing off several rounds out of his assault rifle before crashing his vehicle. then he gets out, continues opening fire as he approaches a gas station. no one was hurt. police arrested the suspect immediately afterwards. now yupdating you on a stor we first told you about yesterday at nbc10. the 1972 camaro belonging to the founder of papa john's pizza has been recovered. someone stole it last weekend during an event in detroit. it was found yesterday parked in
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the home of an abandoned home. the kentucky license plate is still missing. seminarians arrived on campus for what should be a memorable academic year. pope francis will spend the night at st. charles. the seminary is one place the pope will see during his visit to our area. nbc10's vai sikahema gives us the tour. >> reporter: st. charles is the beautiful property on the main line where pope francis will stay while in philadelphia. it is gated. you can rightfully expect round-the-clock security while his holiness is here. >> in terms of all the popes i know, not personally, but in terms of all the popes, i think he's particularly focused on a lot of very important issues and i'm excited personally that he's going to be here. >> reporter: from his quarters, the pope will commute like the rest of us, well, except he's not like the rest of us. he's not only a religious
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leader, also a head of state. his motorcade will have a police escort, his own security detail and members of the secret service. the pope's itinerary includes historical sites at independence mall. he'll visit prisoners and staff at fromhold correctional fa stillty and ben franklin parkway where he'll hold mass. the first stop is basilica of st. peter's and paul. if you're flying out of philly international saturday morning, september 26th, or sunday evening, september 27th, it might be wise not only to leave early but to have a couple alternate routes to get you to the airport. >> reporter: despite the hassle, some are thrilled the pope is coming. >> nice for the people of the united states, right? >> reporter: yes, especially here in philadelphia. others, not so much. >> i think we have other things
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to worry about than the pope. sorry, pope. >> reporter: in center city, vai sikahema, "nbc10 news." now, a man who nbc10 met in the pope's homeland is making a trip to philadelphia are for the papal visit and he's hoping to meet face-to-face with the pontiff himself. nbc10 was the first local news operation to put reporters on the ground in argentina. a seminarian we met with there took nbc10's jim rosenfield into one of the poorest neighborhoods he works in. the man will travel to philadelphia with a group of orphans from honduras. they hope to somehow meet pope francis, but he says, even if that doesn't happen, he can't wait to hear his message during his first visit to the u.s. >> to the u.s. is coming, this humble guy, this poor guy, to speak about god, to speak about
11:38 am
poverty and spo to speak about love, in the middle of the country, which is so powerful. >> reporter: and prosperous. >> and prospering in many ways. >> you can see more from our visit to the pope's homeland foent. nbc10 got a firsthand look at the pope's homeland. you can see that tonight only on nbc10. you can learn more about the pope's visit by tapping on the nbc10 app. tap on the special section, which includes the pope's itinera itinerary. you could own an historic bed and breakfast in virginia. now they say the family has outgrown their stay at high meadows and she's ready to welcome a new owner. the winner of the essay contest
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gets the 13-acre hilltop property which is even land-ready to grow a vineyard. >> there's an online entry form. basically, we want a 300-word essay. what do you see, your dream being. we said, what would you do with a house like this? >> wow. interested applicants have until the end of november to submit their essay. she's hoping to contact the winner on christmas day. all right. this traffic stop in seattle on sunday was anything but routine. a police dash cam shows an officer stopping a speeding car. the driver yells at him that his wife is in labor. by the time the officer called for backup, well, the baby girl was born. the officer did help clear the baby's airway so it could breathe properly. the family sent a note already thanking everyone who helped. a los angeles angels fan may have taken things a little too far when going after a home run bar hit by an all-star. have you seen this video? the guy goes after a ball while holding a very small child.
11:40 am
the two nearly tumble over the railing. as he reaches out for the ball. an attendant eventually comes over to retrieve the ball and gives it to someone else. a member of the broadcast team gave him a ball for his little one. it's called the worst animal virus breakout in u.s. history. a closer look at the impact of the bird flu outbreak it's having on the economy and what's being done to prevent the spread in the future. well, we have to deal with this heat wave for at least another day. and then get ready for the rain to replace it. i'm tracking some storms that are going to be headed our way. i'll let you know what you can expect and when just ahead.
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institute bird flu spread across 15 states earlier this year. a closer look at the impact and what preparations are being done to prevent the virus from spreading this fall. cnbc's morgan brennan reports. >> reporter: avian flu. they call it the worst animal virus outbreak in u.s. history. it's been two months since the last case was detected but the damage is done. 40 million turkeys and chickens had to be destroyed, the lion's share in iowa. they are finally lifting the quarantine in some parts of the state and some farmers are beginning to restock. brad moline, whose 40,000-turkey farm was infected. >> it was a huge relief.
11:44 am
>> reporter: formers in minnesota are also beginning to repopulate and so far it's turkey facilities, not eggs facilities. >> we anticipate there will be birds back in barns as early as september. ramping up through the end of this year and really strong egg production coming back on the start of 2016. >> reporter: still, it will take 12 to 18 months for u.s. production to return to normal. the entire industry is bracing for more bird flu this fall. waterfowl carrying the virus carry south. officials from the usda are scrambling to prepare. >> we are preparing for the fall and spring. we've got a lot of planning going on within usda and also within the states themselves. especially all of the major poultry producing states and with the industry. >> reporter: farmers are beefing up biosecurity and performing routine tests on flock. in many powellty-producing states, including georgia and
11:45 am
north carolina, which haven't been hit by the flu, is are. the usda says they'll have a sack seen ready if needed. happening now, eagles' head coach chip kelly is addressing the media after sunday's win against the indianapolis colts. let's listen from the novacare complex. sam bradford will make his eagles' debut saturday night. the eagles will practice against the ravens this week leading into the game. here's a live look at our brand-new eagles' nest camera at li linc. nbc10 is your official eagles station. join us saturday at 6:30 and the eagles take on the ravens. stick around for the postgame show right after the game only on nbc10. well, the media theater is a huge gem in the heart of delaware county.
11:46 am
as they say, the show must go on, so there's a big fund-raiser in media at the media theater tomorrow night to bring audiences to the theater for generations to come. actor kelly briggs will be on stage as herby in broadway's "gypsy" next month, along with brandon, who will be playing the title role in "billy elliott: the musical" coming up this holiday season. thank you both for being here. this is fun. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> tell us about the fund-raiser tomorrow. >> it's tomorrow evening at the media theater at 7:30 p.m. it's called roger, ricker and friends, good vibrations. >> explain that. >> a lot of songs from the '60s. roger, who is probably one of the hardest working men in show business, behind the scenes as well as on stage is collecting a lot of friends. it's going to be sort of a big variety show, almost like on the ed sullivan. >> really something for everyone. >> something for everyone. i'll be doing an incredibly
11:47 am
special number that i've never done before, looking very different than i do now. >> in our visits we call that a tease. that's really good. that's really good. brandon, tell us what it's been like for you to be involved? >> it's an amazing experience. i've become a better actor, dancer, singer because of it. >> really? >> it's just amazing. >> the media theater has incredible programs for young performers to learn to sing, act and dance. that is one of the reasons why we're doing this huge benefit for the new educational program at the media theater. so, we hope folks will call. 610-891-0100 for tickets. >> look at you. don't worry, we'll get the information out of it. are you going to be part of it tomorrow night? >> yes. i'll be dancing, performing my lyrical that i choreographed myself.
11:48 am
>> of course you did. i look forward to that. that's awesome. let us remind our viewers all the details so we can get them there. you can catch them tomorrow night at 7:30 at media theater on east state street in media, delaware county. for ticket information, you can go to our website nbc10 and check out the nbc10 app. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you so much, tracy. >> good luck tomorrow night. >> thank you. well, today should be day four of this fourth heat wave of the season. maybe not quite as hot as y yesterday but it's another 90-degree plus day. thunderstorms returning, not so much today but later in the week. we may get a good bit of rain out of that. we may have a tropical storm, danny, developing out in the atlantic. we do have a tropical depression
11:49 am
that's just formed within the last hour. a lot of sunshine out there. it's more of a hazy sunshine now. 83 degrees. the humidity is relatively high and relatively no wind. so, kind of sticky out there. it's in the 80s, low to mid-80s across the area. 83 in philadelphia. not quite as warm as it was at this time yesterday. that's because we had the low clouds and some fog earlier today. let's see what the differences are from the inland areas to the shore. cape may airport is 86 but it's 78 degrees at cape may harbor, closer to the ocean. north wildwood, 81. sea isle city, 81. in atlantic county, 79. well into the 80s inland. that temperature difference is just going to get bigger as we go through the afternoon. closest showers are still pretty
11:50 am
far away to the west but gives you an idea there is a little more moisture that's going to be approaching here. not so much during the day today or tonight but starting tomorrow we'll get more showers in the vicinity. we still have the general southerly flow keeping moisture in here, keeping the humidity high and keeping the sea breeze at the shore. then as we go into tomorrow, perhaps a few more showers around the area. we still may see most of this rain-free tomorrow, but the chances keep going up. by thursday and friday, there's a pretty high likelihood that there's going to be some rain around. this is high likelihood of becoming a tropical storm. it's a long, long way pa way. caribbean islands. the eastern caribbean is even far away from this thing. you can see the spin that's developed as tropical depression, 35-mile-an-hour winds moving west at 13 miles an
11:51 am
hour. what's interesting here, at least to me, is that the computer models are all suggesting it will continue to move to the west over the next five days or so. but the question is really going to be how much it's going to strengthen, if it will? we have a big difference between what some of the models are saying. this is the official practical from the nark hurricane center, which strengthens it into a category 2 hurricane with 100-mile-an-hour winds as it's approaching the eastern caribbean. but some of our other computer models are suggesting that it it really doesn't develop very much over the next week. there have been a lot of hostile conditions in the atlantic. too much dry air, too much wind higher up, the pressures of the atmosphere too high. just a lot of things going against tropical development this season because of the super el nino out in the pacific.
11:52 am
hazy sunshine, hot and humid today. probably no showers. temperatures into the low 90s. different story starting tomorrow. a little more cloud kor. better chance for showers. you're 90s so we could extend the heat wave another day. that will be a close call. i think on thursday that will be enough clouds around, showers around, to keep the temperature down below 90 degrees. the humidity's going to stay. it's going to stay humid. not only through the rest of the week but into the weekend with some shower chances continuing.
11:53 am
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nbc10 universal is announcing a $200 million investment in buzzfeed. it's part of a move to reach a wider audience of millennial and video movies. nbc universal is owned by comcast, the parent company of nbc10 and telemundo 62. coming up at 3:00, "ellen" with jennifer aniston and garth brooks and then "nbc10 news" at 4:00. this afternoon, inside the chaos in colwyn. the delaware county borough is known for heat city council meetings. now the nbc10 investigators are
11:56 am
uncovering how some say one man is the driving force behind much of the this action. that's this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. but let's get you updated on the forecast with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> looks like we'll be in the 90s again. the fourth day of this heat wave. heat wave number four. and the high humidity, but still we're not expecting the thunderstorms until some tomorrow, more than that on thursday and friday. thursday and friday should be the stormiest days, but we continue to see the chance of some storms and the high humidity, even into the weekend. so, the temperatures are not going to be that high, as you see. it's going to be enough cloud cover, enough rain to cool off the temperature some. the wind will be coming in off the cooler ocean. we're not getting -- >> still sticky. >> we're not getting out of this humidity for quite a while. it should stay that way all the way through the weekend. >> thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz
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