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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: the man has been charged with multiple offenses. there was no answer at his door today and we aren't showing you his face. police don't want to jeopardize their investigation by releasing his photo as they work to determine if any other children may have been victimized. the boys and girls clubs of philadelphia released this statement that reads in part quote, the safety and protection of our children is our highest priority and concern. as soon as allegations were brought to our attention, we removed him from the workplace and contacted the department of human services. the mother of the boy is suing the club and outland for $5 million. she says the club failed in its obligation and responsibility to keep her son safe from harm. as she says she was unable to reach the counselor to pick up her son for about an hour after that kimmel center show and further alleges through her attorney that this counselor was smoking pot and drinking while behind the wheel of a van here
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at the boys and girls clubs while transporting children. we just now spoke with the mother and her attorney. what her son told her, we will share that with you coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" and "nbc 10 news at 6:00." cydney long, nbc 10 news. the oppressive heat, day four now in a row in the 90s. taking a live look outside in center city. this fountain along the parkway looks pretty refreshing. hitting the water was one way to keep cool. skyforce 10 took this nice trip up the coast this afternoon. beautiful boat there. we found boaters enjoying the day on the bay in ocean county. some people couldn't avoid the heat, though. workers in winfield got an early start doing yard work around the st. joe's university campus, getting grounds ready before students arrive on friday. workers we talked to say they have to take breaks to keep cool. that's understandable. >> just got to stay hydrated, keep yourself cool when you can.
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you got to try and get in the shade if you can. if you got to take breaks in the truck and get in the air conditioning for a little while, that's what you got to do. >> same goes for people working out in this heat. we found this woman getting in her walk early today before the hottest of the temperatures hit. there is some relief from the heat coming. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with that forecast. >> the temperature will be going down a little bit over the next couple days. another place to get relief is in the pocono mountains. beautiful picture there. we had relatively low humidity over the weekend even though the temperature did get into the 90s yesterday, the humidity really jumped up. today it's almost as high as yesterday. should get up to around 92. tomorrow, right around the 90 degree mark. the big difference is in the humidity. feels like it's 92 in philadelphia right now. 93 in dover. 91 degrees in trenton and allentown and in reading.
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as we go through the evening, we don't expect any kind of showers or storms. it's going to be humid and it's going to be pretty warm all the way through the night, but we do have some lower temperatures. the tradeoff is for a lot of rain in parts of the area. we will get into that in a few minutes. a little boy is in critical condition after he was shot in the head this morning at his home in wilmington. we just learned police are questioning a person of interest. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live with new information on this investigation. >> reporter: the source in the city tells me the little boy is out of surgery at this point but still in critical condition. you can see there is still crime tape up and people are still watching the house. i'm told the little boy lives in that house with his mom and sister. police are interviewing a person of interest. they are not saying what they believe happened in there overnight. >> it's tragic. just terrible. i don't even know what -- it's just unbelievable.
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>> reporter: neighbors don't have enough words to describe what happened in this home on townsend place. a 10-year-old boy shot in the head overnight. inside his own home. investigators were here for hours. the boy's family spent the day with him at the hospital. we can tell you police are questioning a person of interest in this case but wilmington police have said almost nothing about the circumstances that led up to the shooting. the area's city council member spent part of her morning here, saying so many people fight the good fight against guns and crime. when they feel they made progress, something like this happens. >> now they can't even be in their own home. it tears at your heart. you feel hopeless. you feel helpless. >> reporter: we are hearing there will be a vigil tonight. i'm waiting to see if they make an arrest. i'm working to get more details about what happened leading up to the shooting. when we learn more we will pass it on to you on air, online and on the nbc 10 mobile app. tim furlong, nbc 10 news.
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skyforce 10 over a dramatic rescue in gloucester county. crews had to pull a pair of drivers from their vehicles after a crash on route 322 in logan township this morning. police say a tractor trailer lost control, crossed into oncoming traffic and hit the two other cars. the road was closed for more than five hours. it is back open this afternoon. not guilty. that's the plea today from pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah in the racketeering case against him. fattah appeared in court for the first time since his indictment was handed down. nbc 10's deanna durante live this afternoon in center city, where he once again proclaimed his innocence. >> reporter: he did. he immediately told the judge he was not guilty, innocent, did nothing wrong. he spoke a lot to the judge in court today. after court he joked with reporters about football and also said he will beat these charges. >> i am innocent of each and
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every one of these allegations. i look forward to my very capable and competent counsel handling this matter. as i leave here today, i'm going to return to my world. >> reporter: before a judge could ask for a plea, congressman fattah told a judge he was not guilty. when the judge told him to wait, he had to follow the rules, the congressman replied we all have to follow the rules. >> i fully expect that when we vet these allegations, that we are going to get to a point in which they will no longer represent any cloud on my very good reputation. >> reporter: fattah took aim at federal prosecutors. >> they took innocent people, people in my family and smear their good name, that says a lot about character. >> reporter: his wife renee was identified in the complaint as person e and a member of the fattah enterprise. she was not charged in the case but prosecutors allege she took part in a fake car sale. to a lobbyist to earn money for a vacation home down payment. it's also alleged campaign money
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was laundered to help pay off his son's student loans. fattah refused to talk about his family or the specific charges that include bribery, money laundering and fraud. prosecutors allege fattah took a secret campaign loan and took a bribe from a lobbyist. two alleged coconspirators were in court today, one charged with racketeering and a one accused of racketeering, wire fraud and other charges. the fattah lawyers are not talking about what kind of defense they will employ here as part of his bail agreement, the congressman had to surrender his personal passport but his travel is not restricted and he can travel on congressional business. live outside the federal building, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. another alleged co-conspirator pleaded not guilty yesterday. bonnie bowser was the chief of staff for his philadelphia office and managed his personal and campaign transaction. she is charged with
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racketeering, fraud and several other charges. she had to give up her passport with limited travel. the fourth alleged co-conspirator pleaded not guilty in the case two weeks ago. he faces eight counts including racketeering, bribery and money laundering. he is also out of jail on bond right now. renee chenault-fattah is not charged and denies any wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. there is a new push to have pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane removed from office. a group of political activists was in harrisburg today to announce a campaign to have kane out of office by labor day. they are filing complaints with the supreme court disciplinary board. the group used a trunk to symbolize she should be sent packing. she is charged with leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it. governor wolf has called for kane to step down. she has vowed to remain in office and says she is innocent. >> it's amazing when the top cop
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in pennsylvania does this kind of action. people should be very upset, extremely upset, and should demand she be removed right now. >> kathleen kane is due back in court for a preliminary hearing next monday. new information this afternoon on the investigation into a 14-year-old boy who was shot by authorities in trenton earlier this month. investigators announced several charges against that boy. they say he pointed a gun at officers as they chased him near calhoun street on august 7th. a state trooper and county sheriff's officer shot and wounded the boy. among the charges the boy now faces aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a gun. the attorney general's office is investigating the shooting. an ocean county man admitted to killing his mother in her bed two years ago. he will be sentenced in november after pleading guilty. prosecutors say he murdered his mother at the home the two shared in lakewood. officers found his mother's body inside the home in june 2013 after she never showed up to
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work. prosecutors never released a motive for the killing. prosecutors are still deciding whether to charge a 15-year-old boy as an adult in the kidnapping and assault of a little philadelphia girl. they say the teen snatched the girl from her bedroom here in north philadelphia last month. the girl was later found unconscious in a pile of brush nearby. police say the teen sexually assaulted and beat her. they announced his arrest yesterday. now to a story about neighbors helping neighbors. residents jumped into action when fire swept through this apartment building in philadelphia's summerton neighborhood this morning. flames broke out in a laundry room at the haldeman manor apartments. the smoke alarm got one wave of people out of bed and they rushed to help others. >> there was fire coming from under the laundry room door like a big ball of fire, then you heard explosions. everybody ran around banging on people's doors to get out. everybody got out safe. >> one man was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. family and friends gathered
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this morning to remember a fallen philadelphia police officer on the third anniversary of his death. the sound of bagpipes echoed outside the 22nd police district in north philadelphia. dozens gathered there to remember officer moses walker, jr. they also wrote messages on balloons and released them into the sky. officer walker was shot and killed as he walked to the bus stop after finishing his shift. he was a 19-year veteran of the force. >> he enjoyed life and we don't want to think about the reality of it. we miss moses. we miss moses every day. every day. but we have wonderful memories of him, you know, that hold our family together. >> earlier this year a judge sentenced officer walker's killer, rafael jones, to life in prison without the chance of parole. to decision 2016 now. donald trump has widened his lead over the gop field.
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in a new poll, the cnn/orc survey shows trump with the support of 24% of republican voters, that's six points higher than in july. his nearest competitor is former florida governor jeb bush with 13%. behind him, retired neurosurgeon ben carson with 9%, florida senator marco rubio and wisconsin governor each have 8%. the state department says a review has found as many as 305 of hillary clinton's e-mails may contain classified information. in a court filing, the state department asked that the e-mails undergo further review before they are he released to the public. clinton handed over the server she used during her time as secretary of state. questions regarding the server have overshadowed her campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. wildfires are burning out of control across six western states. authorities have called in the military to help with all of this. some of the most dangerous ones are burning in washington state
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and that's where nbc's leanne gregg is this afternoon. >> reporter: crews in washington state are trying to get the upper hand on massive blazes burning out of control. the largest fire is threatening communities in and around chilland. >> guarded optimism we are going to be successful. the probability of success goes up every day we can keep houses from burning down. >> reporter: dozens of homes have already been lost. >> the winds kicked up and this thing just exploded. >> reporter: close to 100 wildfires are burning across the west, fueled by hot, dry conditions. >> there is a tremendous shortage of resources giving all of the different fires that they're trying to battle. >> reporter: several states have called in the national guard and for the first time in close to a decade, 200 active soldiers will be trained as firefighters and sent in later this week. but with so many fires burning,
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there's no end in sight as the region moves into peak wildfire season. >> if we get to the point where we have a santa ana driven fire, we are going to be looking at some real scary conditions. >> reporter: scary conditions like this wind-driven fire in idaho that shot flames 100 feet into the air. leanne gregg, nbc news, washington. the obama administration is taking an unprecedented step to curb climate change now. it's proposing to cut methane emissions from u.s. oil and gas production by nearly half over the next decade. methane is a potent greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and is blamed for contributing to climate change. the military is about to put more eyes in the sky. the pentagon said today it plans to increase its use of drones by about 50% over the next several years. it decided to add army and civilian operated missions to the mix because the air force had been running about 65 combat air patrol missions per day, but it has to decrease that number
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to 60 to reduce stress on the force. for the first time ever, two women have successfully completed the army's elite ranger school. their identities have not been released but we do know they defeated one of the toughest combat training courses in the world. only 96 of the 400 original soldiers completed the course. army officials say the trainees made it through grueling conditions, limited meals and sleep deprivation all while hauling a 60 pound sack. here's video showing the man in the yellow teeshirt carrying a backpack near the scene of the shrine bombing. he appears to take the backpack and is later seen without the bag. at least 22 people were killed in the bombing at a busy intersection during last night's
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rush hour. bangkok was rattled today by an explosion at a ferry pier. police say an explosive device was thrown from a bridge and blew up at the pier after falling into the river. no one was hurt there. search crews in indonesia have now recovered the bodies of all 54 passengers who were on board a plane that crashed in a remote part of the country sunday. crews eventually found the wreckage and the plane's black box after struggling through really dense forest yesterday. investigators think bad weather played a role in the crash. authorities are once again looking into the safety of takada airbags following a crash between a volkswagen suv and a deer. during the crash, the airbag inflated with too much force, blowing apart a metal canister and raci raising questions abou safety of newer airbags. it's the first incident reported in a vw, the first in the field regarding the newer version airbags. target says it's reached a settlement with visa. the deal is related to target's
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massive data breach two years ago. the breach resulted in the theft of millions of debit and credit card numbers. target wouldn't say how much it will settle the claim for. the breach came to light during the height of the holiday shopping season. it compromised 40 million credit and debit card accounts. sprint is the latest wireless carrier to drop those two-year contracts. sprint says it's shifting entirely to a model where customers lease their phones instead of buying them at a discount. this now means paying full price for your phone or leasing it will be the only ways to buy a new phone from sprint. t-mobile and verizon have announced similar moves lately. at & t is the only major carrier still offering subsidies. another hot day out there and the humidity, higher than what we've seen in the last couple days. at least this morning. it was really humid. we had some low clouds and fog, too. we still got up to 90 degrees for the fourth day in a row.
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some thunderstorms returning in the forecast but not so much right now. tropical storm danny could be developing within the next 24 hours out in the atlantic. the pacific has been really active. the atlantic has not. all of a sudden, things are changing. we have kind of hazy skies out ñpcceñ degrees. the wind out of the south at 14 miles an hour. that's helping keep the temperature down a little bit. four degrees cooler than this time yesterday. and the temperature's up to 94 degrees yesterday, close to 92 today, close to 90 tomorrow. then it's definitely going to be staying below 90. more clouds, more showers, more of a wind off the ocean. near 90 degrees in allentown and trenton. northeast philly and philadelphia right now. and 80s across much of the rest of the area. as you can see, in delaware and south jersey, of course, we wonder about the beaches. lot of people still at the shore. winds still coming in off the
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ocean, sea breeze keeping things nice and comfortable. atlantic city marina only 79 degrees but the ocean's only 68 degrees. lot of folks would like a few more degrees than that. we do have showers to the west of our area, central, western pennsylvania. you can see they're moving up to the north so they're not moving in our direction. we don't really have to worry about rain threats tonight. that really starts increasing tomorrow. as we go through the night tonight, temperatures in the 70s but you can see even by tomorrow morning, there could be some showers in parts of the area. the atmosphere as a whole just getting more and more moist. you can see more clouds, more showers as we go through the day. not everybody's going to get rained on tomorrow. f if you're not rained on tomorrow, you have a pretty good chance of getting some on thursday. you might get some on friday as well. we expect some pretty wet weather between thursday and friday, as you can see the thursday moisture start to build
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up. of course, it's building up west of philadelphia at first. so chester county, burks county, lehigh valley are going to get some of these showers before many other parts of the area are. there is the united states and this is a long way away but it also may become a tropical storm pretty soon. you can see the spin there. it's got 35 miles an hour maximum winds. an update coming at 5:00. for tonight, warm and humid, patchy fog late. 74 for the low in philadelphia, 68 north and west. tomorrow it will be a real close call to 90 degrees. there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, maybe even in the morning in some spots. most of the day would be dry. thursday, more of the day has potential for getting wet. same thing with friday. lot of humidity helping to keep the temperature down. lot of clouds. little bit of a break with with the humidity on saturday and so we may be in decent shape for the eagles but then the humidity comes right back.
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some residents say he controls what happens in their town. the nbc 10 investigators dig into why one local man has such a strong influence on city council decisions. police pull over this car and get more than they bargained for. what was happening inside. then the breakthrough on childbirth. how doctors can tell if you're at risk of having a premature baby.
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as pennsylvania's budget standoff drags on, local school officials are calling on law makers to get a deal done. delaware county school district leaders gathered today to express an urgent need for lawmakers to approve a budget. pennsylvania has been without a budget for six weeks. the school year is quickly approaching and districts say without a budget, they have no idea how much money they will get or when they will receive it. thnchlgts is a n >> this is a nonpartisan issue.
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they have chosen inaction and enough is enough. >> governor wolf is scheduled to meet with law makers next tuesday in harrisburg. an apology from a former pennsylvania beauty queen accused of faking cancer and promising to pay all the money back. she waived her preliminary hearing today. she is from just outside state college and was the latest miss pennsylvania u.s. international winner. that was before she was stripped of her crown last week. police say she lied about having leukemia for more than two years so she could raise thousands of dollars for herself. nbc 10 is going inside the chaos. >> a delaware county borough known for heated city council meetings. now the investigators are uncovering how they say one man is the driving force behind much of the action. plus there's a little blue pill for men. now a little pink pill could be on the way for women. the government decision expected today about the first medication designed to boost a woman's libido.
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plus we are dealing with another day in the 90s. plus a break in the heat is coming and the chance for storms. i'm tracking the changes next in the first alert forecast. then new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" a 2-year-old drowns in her neighbor's pool at the jersey shore. why the toddler's parents aren't the only ones who could be facing charges. ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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another day in the 90s. this is a live look at the schuykill river boardwalk from our camera atop the mellon building. they will be sweating it out during a doubleheader in delaware tonight. a live look at blue rock stadium in wilmington. the blue rocks playing two games against the potomac nationals. the humidity making it feel even hotter. relief is coming, though. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the end of this heat wave and some storms coming our way, too. >> yeah. that's kind of the tradeoff.
4:31 pm
we will drop several degrees in temperature and gain a whole lot of chance of showers and storms. not so much showers and storms tonight. citizens bank park, the phillies are back playing tonight. it will be steamy and the ball does tend to travel a little easier when it's hot and humid. we'll see how that works out. it was not all that humid over the weekend, even though temperatures did get into the 90s. humidity has picked up in the last couple of days. tomorrow may not be quite as hot. we will be flirting with the 90 degree mark and potentially keeping the heat wave alive. it will be cooler right by the beaches and in the pocono mountains and it feels like it's 93 in dover and over 90 degrees in many other parts of the area. the other thing we are watching in the weather is way out to the east. this is the peak historical time of hurricane season and this could be developing into a tropical storm that would be named danny. more on that, the latest updates in just a few minutes. these are some of the story making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:00. sexual abuse allegations have resulted in a $5 million lawsuit against the germantown boys and girls club. the mother of a 12-year-old boy filed the lawsuit this week. a counselor at the club is accused of assaulting the boy in may. the counselor has been removed from his position. police are questioning a person of interest in connection with the shooting of a boy overnight in wilmington. investigators say the 10-year-old was shot in the head at his home on townsend place. he is now in the hospital in critical condition. pennsylvania congressman
4:32 pm
chaka fattah pleaded not guilty in federal court today. the 11 term philadelphia democrat is vowing to fight the charges in an indictment which includes racketeering, conspiracy, bribery and mail fraud. he was released on $100,000 bail. he surrendered his passport but can travel across the u.s. and overseas on congressional business. all new at 4:00, the nbc 10 investigators are getting an inside look at small town politics at play. >> they talked with a man behind what some call the colwyn kook. >> harry hairston has details of the plan and a look at one man's influence in that borough. >> reporter: he operates in the background but is open about his efforts and his success in swaying the council. through all the arguing and turmoil in the council meetings, one man stands out from the sidelines. >> i know a lot of people in
4:33 pm
this town. and a lot of people listen to me. >> reporter: maurice clark is known for getting democratic voters to the polls but insists he doesn't control the borough council. >> i do some lobbying. >> reporter: heavy lobbying. >> sometimes. >> reporter: clark acknowledges orchestrating what has been called the colwyn kucoups. >> mr. lesher called me one evening and said maurice, i want to be president of council. i said freddy, are you sure you want to be president of council? he said yes. >> reporter: to sway council's vote, clark had some demands. >> the guy wanted something, he drives 40 people to the polls, he's got more say than somebody who drives two people to the polls. >> reporter: the deal was struck. clark would help lesher become president. lesher would have to get rid of paula brown. lesher had been voting along
4:34 pm
with brown's allies on council giving and the majority. now he was joining brown's opponents to oust her. >> they were both republicans. they shunts haouldn't have been in the first place. >> reporter: at the april meeting, brown's allies left the meeting in an effort to prevent the vote but the rest of council continued with clark's plan. the positions were voted out and lesher was voted in. one week later with residents in the street in front of the borough hall -- >> we eliminated the borough manager job. >> reporter: the council made the firings official. clark was happy. you were the puppet master. >> i was. i was. i set it up. my plan worked. >> reporter: clark even changed the locks at the borough hall to keep brown out. >> asked them for favors and everyone i asked wanted paula brown out anyway. >> reporter: you were telling me
4:35 pm
fred lesher will be council president as long as you're around. >> as long as i'm around, he does the job, long as he doesn't think about bringing paula brown back, he's got the seat. >> reporter: that sounds like you run the operation. >> no. that sounds like the other council members are with freddy lesher. >> reporter: when a rumor surfaced lesher would be voted out at the august meeting, clark assured us that wouldn't happen. lesher brought up the rumor at the meeting. >> you guys wanted to remove me as president. >> reporter: he received the gavel as a sign of support. lesher announced brown would not return as long as the democratic party is in control. >> not in this town. >> everybody always votes with him. >> reporter: the mayor takes issue with clark's influence. >> i don't hate maurice clark. i just wish he would stay out of politics. >> reporter: clark tells us he's
4:36 pm
just lobbying because colwyn is home. >> i love this town. best town i ever lived in other than darby township. this is my town. >> reporter: he is president of the fire company. the station was ratided last week. clark tells us the raid came as a big surprise and any issues occurred before he became president. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. a routine traffic stop in seattle turned out to be anything but. >> listen to this. >> the baby's head is out! >> that's a mom-to-be screaming the baby's coming out. next, the unconventional way her little girl came into the world as the police dash cam was rolling. plus treatment trouble in the battle against head lice. the new problem emerging just as kids get ready to go back to school. then on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" hitchbot didn't make the through philadelphia.
4:37 pm
what about popebot? who is behind this new machine and where it's been spotted around the city.
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a traffic stop was just the start of a real roadside emergency in seattle. >> instead of delivering a ticket, officers helped deliver a baby. >> his head is out! the baby's head is out! >> police had pulled over the driver for speeding and running red lights. that's when the driver announced his wife was in labor. officers radioed for an ambulance but it didn't get there in time and the baby was born right there, on the side of the road. the girl gave a cry but then began struggling to breathe. >> she's not breathing. she needs to get things out of her mouth! >> the officers did help the mother clear the baby's airway and got her breathing again. the ambulance finally got there, took the whole family to the hospital and look at that beautiful picture. everybody is doing just fine.
4:41 pm
how great that those officers were there when they needed them. >> had to be terrifying. so scary. meanwhile, new study shows that a woman's job could impact her fertility. >> next, how workload can make couples wait longer before they add to the family. i just got new information about the tropics. tropical storm danny has officially formed in the atlantic ocean. the latest track coming up in the first alert forecast.
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the pill some are calling a female viagra could abproved as early as today. the food and drug administration is expected to rule today on the drug flibanserin. if approved, it would become the first medication available to help improve the female libido. while an fda advisory panel recommended the drug for approval in june, flibanserin has twice failed fda approval.
4:45 pm
this pill must be taken daily over a period of weeks to become he effective. scientists may have found a new way to tell who's at risk of having a premature baby by checking bacteria in a pregnant woman's body. the new study of 49 pregnant women found those with lower levels of the bacteria had an increased risk of premature level. experts say larger studies are needed right now. babies born prematurely are at increased risk of health problems. women with a heavy workload may have a harder time getting pregnant. studies show women who work more than 40 hours a week took about 20% longer to become pregnant than those who worked less. nurses who had to lift heavy loads also took longer to conceive. results from a new study may leave you scratching your head. pardon the pun. head lice population is what we are talking about. in at least 25 states those
4:46 pm
populations have become immune to most over the counter treatments. those states are shaded yellow on this map. pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are not among them. you can see a big concentration in the southeast. researchers gathered lice samples from 30 states. nearly all of the populations tested showed high levels of gene mutations which makes them more resistant to the active ingredient in lice shampoos. samples from 25 states contained all three mutations. experts say the good news is head lice are more of a nuisance than a real health threat. we've got the heat and humidity today but it takes more than that to be producing the thunderstorms. we did get up to 90 degrees again for the fourth straight day. the thunderstorms are going to return as the temperature goes down, actually, and danny has now officially developed in the atlantic. it will be a hot, steamy night
4:47 pm
for the phillies at citizens bank park but at least they won't be getting rained on. 90 degrees right now, feels like 92. four degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. we had clouds and some fog this morning help to keep the temperature down a bit. it's 89 in reading, 88 in pottstown, 83 in millville, one of the cooler spots. the wind coming off the ocean has really traveled inland to cause quite a bit of cooling in some areas, as you can see. where we have been close to 90 in the inland areas like cape may airport, now it's only 82. and woodbine, only 81. so the sea breeze is not just affecting the beaches today, it's gone well inland. only 81 in mullica township. well inland. about the same as atlantic city marina. so it's the southeast wind is strong enough it can keep the temperature down to even philadelphia which is what it's doing.
4:48 pm
we can see showers in pennsylvania and maryland and virginia but in many cases, they would tend to move this way but just look at it. they're moving straight south to north so not moving in our direction just yet. but the surface wind, the ground wind, certainly coming in off the ocean. in a way that's helping to keep most of the showers back to the west. the atmosphere is more stable there. as we go into tomorrow morning, there could be a couple showers generally in western parts of the area. same story in the afternoon. the best chance of the rain is north and west portions of our area. then it just increases some more thursday and friday. speaking of increasing, we have tropical storm danny way out in the atlantic. it has just formed, minimal tropical storm with 40 mile an hour tropical winds. the computer models, fair agreement about where it's going, general direction toward the caribbean, but the real difference is how strong it's
4:49 pm
going to be. some models are intensifying it tremendously. others not strengthening at all. the hurricane center, kind of a compromise here, taking it up to a category 2 hurricane by sunday and there's barbados. that is the entrance to the caribbean. so obviously, something we'll have to watch. as we go through the night tonight, warm and humid, patchy fog late. 74 degrees for the low. tomorrow, hot and humid again. we could get a shower or storm even in the morning in a couple of spots, then a little bit more in the afternoon. best chance west of philadelphia. the chances are just about anywhere on thursday and friday. should be some wet days there. little bit less humid on saturday so less chance of rain, then the humidity starts coming right back on sunday. the start of the new school year comes with some extra excitement for dozens of students at a local seminary. it's all because of a special visitor on campus. coming up next, we talk to recent graduates who get to meet
4:50 pm
their religious idol next month. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" -- >> a 2-year-old drowns in a neighbor's pool at the jersey shore after wandering away from home. >> you have to take measures to make sure that a child that age isn't able to leave the residence without you knowing it. >> i'm ted greenberg. why the toddler's parents aren't the only ones who could be facing charges.
4:51 pm
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what should be a very memorable school year started today at st. charles seminary in montgomery county. >> the new class is among the few who will have a close encounter with pope francis next month. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live with more on the first day back and all the excitement
4:54 pm
ahead. >> reporter: on these front steps here of the seminary, this is where they will greet the pope when he arrives on that saturday. the seminaryians will be among a select group of people to have closest contact with the pope away from the crowds, away from the heavy security while he's in philadelphia during the papal visit. >> it's a mood of great enthusiasm and energy. it's a new beginning. >> reporter: starting at any school can be overwhelming. but here at st. charles borromeo seminary, any jitters seem allayed by a sense of joy. >> knowing the holy father will be staying here, he they will see him and encounter him, is adding an extra level of excitement for sure. >> francis will be here, staying on campus. it's a very special time for the seminary. >> reporter: during the tour of campus, they learned that pope francis will speak to them and bless them here in st. martins
4:55 pm
chapel on that sunday morning, he will address them and visiting bishops who will pack the pews. it will be an opportunity for them to hear directly from the man they admire and hope to emulate. >> focusing on work with the poor people and being more accepting and inviting to people, to the church. >> reporter: for 18-year-old alexander crumm of bethlehem, whose parents couldn't be more proud of his decision to become a priest, being in the presence of francis is a gift. >> i just hope he will continue doing what he's doing, just inviting people, drawing people into the church. >> it makes it thach more special of a start, i think. when he's going to reflect back in a decade, two decades, it's a nice beginning. >> reporter: that chapel on campus holds special meaning for the community here because of something that happened 30 years ago. another important visit. we will explain that coming up
4:56 pm
in the 6:00 hour. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> new history to be made. learn more about the pope's visit by tapping on the nbc 10 news app. visit our special section, preparing for the pope. it has everything you need to know about the papal visit including the pope's itinerary. you can see more from my visit to the pope's homeland tonight. nbc 10 got a first-hand look at pope francis' life in argentina and how it shaped his papacy. join us at 7:00 only here on nbc 10. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> here's denise nakano. sources tell nbc 10 few parents could face charges after their toddler drowns in a neighbor's pool. >> how did she get in the pool? [ bleep ]. >> what the parents told us during this emotional exchange and why their neighbors could also face charges. and tracking our next chance
4:57 pm
for storms which will finally break our heat wave. and we have a new tropical storm in the atlantic. we will talk about that next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." mmm yoplait! it's snack time! oh, look! yoplait original now has 25% less sugar. time to taste it. how is it? it tastes good! congratulations yoplait! you did it!
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right now at 5:00, new developments in the atlantic. the national weather service has just announced our newest tropical storm. the nbc 10 first alert weather team has the latest on danny straight ahead. but first, a family and community in shock after a 2-year-old girl drowned in her
5:00 pm
neighbor's pool. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" starts right now. tonight, authorities in berkeley township, ocean county are trying to figure out if anyone will face criminal charges in the child's death. >> nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg joins us live. ted, police are trying to determine what the girl's parents were doing when she somehow got out of that house. >> reporter: sources tell me investigators found evidence of drugs inside the family's house and that the little girl's parents could soon be facing charges along with their neighbor. >> how did she get in the pool? how did she get in the pool? >> reporter: the distraught parents of a toddler overcome with emotion a day after the 2-year-old drowned in their neighbor's pool. >> worst day of my life. >> reporter: prosecutors say berkeley township police found the girl floating in the shallow end of the inground pool soon after she had been reported missing from her family's house around 8:30 last night.


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