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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that breaking news out of indiana where ex-subway pitchman jared fogle agreed to plead guilty to sex with minors and child pornography. federal prosecutors released those documents, among allegations he traveled to new york city to pay for sex with minors. the agreement also says fogle agreed to pay more than $1 million in restitution to 14 victims. he'll also register as a sex offender and undergo treatment for sexual disorders. the government will recommend a sentence of no more than 12 years in prison. while fogle will not ask for a sentence of less than five years. wale continue to follow this breaking story. we'll have more information
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throughout the newscast and the "nbc10 news" app. the heat and humidity not taking a day off. 83 degrees already. if you're heading out the door soon, you might want to take that umbrella with you as well. nbc10's first alert chief meteorologist galenn "hurricane schwartz is here with the forecast. >> not a lot of places to get relief from the heat. this is one of them at the shore, cape may. very nice, comfortable day there. now, it was relatively comfortable over the weekend because the humidity was down. the humidity really started to come up on monday. yesterday, 92 degrees. today, very close to the 90-degree mark. we could extend the heat wave one more day. it's 84 degrees in philadelphia right now. 82 in allentown and reading. the feels-like temperature getting into the 90s already at
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dover. 92 degrees. it's very humid out there. way more humid than it's been at any other time during this heat wave. so, as we go through the afternoon, it's going to continue to be very humid. there could be a few showers or thunderstorms developing. especially west of the city of philadelphia and in the state of delaware. the other thing we're watching is tropical storm danny out in the central atlantic. it is expected to strengthen. we'll have the latest current conditions and forecast on that coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. in just about half an hour, officials in camden county say they will give us an update about a hospital that tested a woman for malaria last night. for several hours last night, kennedy university hospital in stratford had to divert ambulances from bringing in new patients because the staff was testing a woman in isolation in the emergency room. a spokesperson says the woman recently returned from west
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africa and developed a fever. doctors diagnosed her with a travel-related illness that is not ebola, according to the hospital. but they did not say if tests confirmed malaria. now, we'll bring you the updates from the hospital this morning as soon as we get them. police still haven't found the person who shot a man in the face in camden last night. police say someone fired more than a dozen shots at man at fourth and sycamore streets. the victim is in critical condition. police have not discussed a motive. we're still waiting for some answers in the sad case of a 10-year-old wilmington boy shot in the head. yesterday police arrested jaleel gol gol goldsborough. police believe that gun fired the shot that injured 10-year-old mehki yesterday. he's in critical but stable condition. about 20 people came for a prayer vigil. >> oh, my gosh, this really touches our heart more because it is a child.
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>> now, detectives have not said who they believe had the gun at time of the shooting or if it was accidental. their investigation continues. a car slammed into four pedestrians in burlington county last night, killing a child. investigators say the driver of a bmw, you see it there in this shot from skyforce10, stopped after hitting the group of people on budtown road in southampton twiownship. police say three of the victims are juvenile and it is youngest died. the other two are in serious condition. the driver at this point has not been charged. everyone made it out safely from this delaware county row home after it caught fire around 1:00. cruise initially thought there were people trapped inside the home near north state and lennox roes roads in upper darby. officials believe squatters may have started the fire that ripped through this vacant rowhome in kensington. it started around 4:30 at kensington avenue and clementine
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street. the adjacent home was not damaged and no one was hurt. in fires like that one on hot, summer days like these, there's a group of volunteers that help make sure the firefighters stay cool, or as cool as possible. nbc10's katy zachry introduces us to the second-alarmers. >> reporter: you'll find second-alarmers at most fire scenes in philadelphia. in fact, they just got back from a call not long ago. when their trucks pull up, it is carrying dozens of supplies for firefighters fighting the fire and also police on the scene. towels for cold compresses, lots of ice, bottles of water, lights, portable generators, radio batteries, oxygen tanks and much more. at most fires in philadelphia, while first responders are doing this, volunteers called second-alarmers are busy with this. >> virginia, how we doing? all right?
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we're okay as far as supplies and all? water's going good? >> reporter: greg matthew, chief of second-alarmers association, a century-old volunteer group that provides relief and support for those fighting fires. >> i tell people, we're almost like navy s.e.a.l.s. we're in, we do the job, they don't know we're there. >> reporter: one call where their presence was felt for days was at the scene of the deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond. >> we had over 25 people respond and they were there for days providing rehab for all the emergency responders. >> reporter: that rehab is no small task, especially during fires during heat waves. second-alarmers check firefighters' vital signs, use cold compresses and misting fans, and offer plenty of liquids to hydrate and cook up food for strength. >> the most crucial thing is we have plenty of bottled water. we have bottled water. we have our own gatorade mix, which we've been serving for
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over 20 years. >> reporter: it's called bug juice or green champagne by firefighters who ask for it over water. at one scene a battalion chief told me philadelphia firefighters would not be able to do their job without this group. >> all volunteers. they just put in a lot -- their time is so valuable to us. they put that time in. all they get is a pat on the back and a handshake and that gets them going good. >> reporter: this all-volunteer organization has about 25 members and they rely solely on donations. reporting from nicetown, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." 11:07 now. tempers flared yesterday when we showed up at the jersey shore home of a family whose 2-year-old daughter drowned in a neighbor's swimming pool. >> how did she get in the pool? >> [ bleep ]! >> prosecutors say police found the girl floating in the pool soon after she was reported missing monday night in berkeley township, ocean county. sources tell us investigators found evidence of heroine and
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marijuana inside the parent's home. >> you have to supervise your children at all times. have you to take measures to make sure a child that age isn't able to leave the residence without you knowing it. >> our sources also tell us both parents could face charges and so could the neighbor, that's because the toddler was able to gain access to that swimming pool. a main line chinese restaurant once voted the best in the country hopes to reopen today after health inspectors shut it down. police say a customer at yangming in bryn mawr found a roach in her food twice. health inspectors closed the restaurant yesterday. management told us the roaches came in through a broken vent and they have been removed. not guilty is the plea from congressman chaka fattah. he faces charges of money
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laundering, bribery and conspiracy. it's alleged he misused campaign money and taxpayer dollars. fattah told a federal judge yesterday he's innocent and told reporters he's ready to fight. >> i fully expect that when we vet these allegations, that we're going to get to a point in which they will no represent any cloud on my very good reputation. >> on monday, fattah asked his fellow members of congress to make sure the justice department did not mishandle its investigation. now, two of fattah's associates also faced a judge, nichols and brand, pleading not guilty as well, so have bonnie bowser and herbert vederman charged in that case. congressman fattah is married to nbc10 anchor renee
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chenault-fattah. the feds allege she took part in a scheme. she is not charged with any crime and denies any wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc10. a live look now at lincoln financial field, south philadelphia, as the birds get ready to get ready for their second preseason game. they're holding a joint practice with the baltimore ravens. that's in about half an hour from now at the nearby novacare complex. you can watch the second preseason game on nbc10, your official eagles station saturday night against the ravens. pregame show starts at 6:30, kickoff at 7:00. stay tuned for the postgame show afterwards. a state development board might build a permanent stage on the beach after the successful maroon 5 concert. they could schedule five or six big concerts but the plans may
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fall through if the governor signs a bill to take money from that board. r rascal flatts hits the stage tomorrow, and anyone who paid for preferred seating will have a separate entrance. after the maroon 5 concert, some people complained about crowd control and not getting the seats they paid for. he is leading the rest of the republican candidates in the race for white house at this point, but how does the donald stack up against hillary? we have the results of a brand new poll and they may surprise you. and look at this. fire and wind. new video that shows what can happen when those two forces meet. wow. all right. we're dealing with the heat and humidity today. i'm also tracking our threat for storms tomorrow. also keeping an eye on the tropics. i'll break down the timing of everything just ahead.
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an explosion leveled part of a motel near seattle, injuring a gas worker, but other people made it out safely, thanks to the quick thinking of the motel manager. nbc has her story. >> let's all head on -- >> reporter: it was a close call for guests crowded on the street tuesday night, evacuated from their room minutes before a gas explosion leveled a large part of motel 6 in bremerton, washington. the motel manager says she made the split-second decision to sound the alarm after getting a call about a gas leak. >> i thought, okay, this could
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cause major pandemonium, me pulling this alarm, but my gut told me to and i'm glad i did. >> en route motel 6. fires on scene at the main supply line is broken. engine 2 will be evacuating the motel 6 at 3400 street. >> reporter: the leak was reported before 8:00 p.m. and guests were evacuated. 30 minutes later, it rocked the area, blowing firefighters 20 feet back. witnesses report it felt like a shock wave. >> we look, the building just collapsed on top of each other. i look over, my car was pushed out of the way by the force. >> reporter: remarkably, no guests were injured in the blast, but a gas company employee on the scene suffered second and third-degree burns. he was air lifted to a seattle medical center in critical condition. firefighters battled the blaze overnight as officials investigate just what caused the explosion. >> that motel manager deserves a raise there. that was nbc reporting. authorities in the meantime are
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asking for international help to fight the growing number of wildfires out west. more than 90 files are raging across the west. close to 64,000 acres have burned in central washington. and the fires have claimed more than 100 homes in three states. 200 active duty military troops will be helping to contain those fires. and look at this video recorded by a firefighter in boise, idaho, last weekend. this is a firenado, wind and fire, shooting flames 100 feet into the air. they said this was the first time they've ever seen anything like it. wow. in alaska this morning, geologists will assess the stability of the area where a landslide is believed to have killed three men. debris trapped those men yesterday, but crews haven't been able to dig in that area because of the unstable terrain. officials say the men are presumed dead and the search will be a recovery effort. at one point officials said four people were missing, but they revised that number to three. authorities are still trying
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to figure out what caused a deadly construction accident at a hospital in new mexico. crews were working on an addition outside the hospital yesterday when the scaffolding fell from the fifth floor to the ground. one person died and seven are being treated for injuries. in florida, look at this, emergency responders are blocking off a sinkhole that opened in the exact location where a hole opened two years ago and swallowed a man as he slept. now, this is the new hole here. it has a diameter of about 20 feet. it's on a vacant lot since crews tore down the home that collapsed after the 2013 incident. the man was sleeping in his bedroom when the floor collapsed and he fell into the hole. his body was never found. we've had a four-day heat wave. we'll be close to the 90-degree mark again. the humidity is way up there.
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it's very muggy compared to every other day in this heat wave. we have some downpours coming in the forecast. danny has strengthened since yesterday, but there are signs that it may not be strengthening during the rest of the day at least. we have wind coming in off the ocean. a fair amount of moisture. a lot more cloud cover. 84 degrees but it feels like 89 because the humidity is so high. that is quite a difference between the temperature and how it feels. and it is in the low to mid-80s across much of the area right now. 81 in glassboro and 83 in millville. these areas in south jersey and delaware are not going to be as warm as areas in pennsylvania because they're closer to the ocean and that wind is coming from the southeast. the ocean temperature 69. we're near 80 right at the shore. that's about as warm as it's going to be this afternoon because of that wind. and the feels-like temperature already up to 92 degrees in
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dover. 89 in philadelphia. and wilmington and mt. holly and trenton. so, yeah, that's just 11:00 in the morning. so, obviously most of those numbers are going to be going well into the 90s today. now, there's not a whole lot on the radar right now. you can obviously see more moisture to the west than what we're seeing, for example, in new jersey and delaware. just a couple of showers in virginia. we've got a couple little light ones associated with the sea breeze in new jersey. but there will be some around during the day today but nothing compared to what we'll see tomorrow. here's the futurecast hour by hour. you can see a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm developing. best chance is in northern delaware. we also have some near the shore. at the shore, temperatures, if anything, go down this afternoon because of the sea breeze increasing. then things quiet down during
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the night tonight. then tomorrow watch what happens. we're starting off warm. it's very humid again. but more showers tend to develop. some even in the morning, then more in the afternoon and here comes the real heavy stuff. that is for later tomorrow and tomorrow night and look at that area of rain. that's where the downpours are likely. a lot will be thursday night into friday morning as opposed to during the daytime hours. >> look at that, friday morning with potentially heavy rain. then we get dryer air that comes in behind it. speaking of dry air, that is now a factor in danny. it's in the middle of the atlantic, long way away. where's the center? it's not that easy to find
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because it's encountering dry air and having a tough time remaining a 50-mile-an-hour storm let alone increasing into a hurricane. the track is pretty clear-cut. up toward puerto rico, for example. the intensity, that is the real question. more about that in the next half hour. temperatures up near 90 degrees today. scattered showers developing. then we start to dry out. we get less humid on saturday and then the humidity comes back sunday into monday. well, it's news that may put your happy hour plans on hold. we'll tell you why even some light drinkers won't be raising a glass to the results of this new study. and later, talking turkey. it's kind of hard to think about your thanksgiving dinner in the middle of august, but you may
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want to start pinching pennies soon if you want to pull off the same feast you did last year. we'll explain.
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this week's wednesday's child is a talented and compassion nalt young lady with a passion for fashion and a longing for a forever family. she's proof that everyone needs someone to love and support them. nbc10's tracy davidson introduces us to capri. >> they're working on children's wear right now.
11:25 am
they just finished -- >> 0-year-old capri has a warm and kind personality, mixed with a great sense of humor. she has a creative spirit and has a passion for art and the world of fashion. so, she dropped in on a fashion design class at drexel university. >> i like these. it's cute. >> she had a great time going over all the designs and even got a chance to work on her own fashion ideas. >> it's going to be really hard to do cheetah print. >> she's a beautiful, engaging, articulate, funny young lady. she is amazingly talented, artistic. she is empathetic and has a very kind heart. >> she has graduated from high school and is getting ready for the next phase of her life. she knows why having parents matters. >> you're never too old to have parents and have, like, a stable back plan or anything. or, like, somebody to be there for you. >> the ideal family would be loving and be able to support capri throughout her life. >> she needs parents.
11:26 am
everybody needs a family. capri wants to know there are people out there that will love her and support her no matter what she does, where she is. >> she's ready to share in the love that comes from a forever family. >> capri would be a great asset to any family. capri is engaging. she's articulate. she's funny. she will bring laughter to a home. >> capri is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to help make capri's dream come true or the dream of any of our wednesday's children, you can do so by going to and searching wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. 11:26. we continue to follow breaking news this morning about some ways popular former pitchman jared. details on jared fogle's plea as documents allege he paid for sex with children. unsafe move. a baby found locked and crying in an unusual place and
11:27 am
authorities are searching for the parents.
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indiana where ex-subway pitchman jared fogle has agreed to plead guilty to sex with minors and receiving child pornography. among the allegations outlined this morning in federal documents, fogle traveled to new york city to pay for sex acts with minors. the agreement says fogle agrees to pay $1.4 million in restitution to 14 victims. he'll also register as a sex offender and undergo treatment for sexual gorddisorders. the government will recommend a sentence of no more than 12 years in prison while fogle will ask for no less than five years. a live look outside the federal courthouse in indianapolis, indiana. you can see the media gathered
11:31 am
because the u.s. attorney who's prosecuting this case is scheduled to address the media right about now at 11:30. we'll follow that, listen to that, let you know if anything more comes out of it. as for subway, they tweeted yesterday the company no longer has a relationship with jared and has no further comment. we'll continue to follow this story for you on the "nbc10 news" app. it's another hot one out there today. feels exactly like the middle of august as we take a live look over market street from our camera atop the loews hotel. rain could object the way. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with more. >> we're starting to see a few little showers starting to develop in parts of the area. we want to get some relief from the heat and humidity, is one of the places. the wave pool at camel beach resort in the pocono mountains.
11:32 am
we'll be very close to making it the fifth day of 90-plus. right now it's 84. 83 in wilmington, northeast philly, millville. 86 degrees in allentown. feels like 92 in allentown already. so, it is a really steamy day across most of the area. and take a look at the latest radar. you have to look real close to see them because they're really small. a couple small showers inland off the jersey shore. a couple in delaware. one tiny one in delaware county. so, just getting started here. we've got a lot of heat and humidity. atmosphere overall is getting a little more moist. we may see scattered showers and storms developing during the afternoon. but a whole lot more before the
11:33 am
week is over. i'll tell you more about that and tropical storm danny, see what's going to happen to that with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> 11:33 now. fire managers overwhelmed by wildfires blazing across the west are looking for help wherever they can find it. so, they've called in hundreds of active duty military troops to fight the flames. nbc10's leanne gregg has the latest from chelan, washington. >> reporter: today there's concern about a return of strong winds which could move the fire quickly and erratically. there are hundreds of structures that potentially are threatened. the national guard has moved in and they're among the 1,000 people working to protect the homes. the air quality is key. dozens of drops an hour. firefighters have been setting controlled burns to try to direct the fires to the burned out area where there's little fuel. 95 wildfires burning out of
11:34 am
control across the west including one in california that's threatening san luis obispo. in idaho 40 homes have been destroyed. so many firefighters are talking to firefighters in new zealand and australia to help with u.s. military and prison inmates expected to join in the fight. from chelan, washington, leanne gregg, nbc news. back at home, we continue to prepare for the pope. officials in montgomery county are talking to faith communities today about how to stay safe during pope francis' historic visit next month. nbc10's monique braxton is live at montgomery county emergency operation center in eagleville. what's happening there today, monique? >> reporter: hi, chris. montgomery county leaders tell us they actually began having discussions about emergency preparedness right after the church massacre in south carolina. about two dozen pastors heeded
11:35 am
the call this morning regarding what to do when there's an active shooter and other dangerous situations. there are also concerns, given the upcoming papal visit and the estimated millions expected. the fbi told the leaders that between 2000 and 2015 there have been six murders in houses of worship. there are no threats but they want their pastors and those to be vigilant. >> be aware of your surroundings. make sure you question anything that's suspicious or anybody that's suspicious, any activities or that. the best way to report that is through the 911 system. >> reporter: those who came here today also saw a video presentation of an active shooter situation. the pastors were told what to look for in a threatening individual.
11:36 am
and then how to react in an active shooter situation. whether to fight back, to hide or to run. coming up at 2:00 this afternoon, there's going to be another session here for local fa pastors. live in eagleville, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." >> now, there's a lot of information out there about the pope's visit. you can get ready for it through the "nbc10 news" app. there you'll find information on all of the security measures and the transportation changes. you'll also find the pope's full itinerary, including where you have the best chance to see him. 11:36. a new poll that shows donald trump isn't just at the top of the republican pack, he's now gained enough support to be competitive in the general election. the latest cnn/orc poll puts trump only six points behind democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton in a general election. in july he trailed her by 16
11:37 am
points. clinton still remains above any gop contenders. her victory in the democratic race is not guaranteed. bernie sanders continues to draw large crowds on the campaign trail. more than 1,000 people showed up at the university of nevada last night. he talked about a wide range of issues including child poverty rates, free education at public colleges. republican presidential candidates are pitching educational policies today at a summit in new hampshire. jeb bush and carly fiorina talked about what they plan to do if they get elected to the white house. this afternoon new jersey governor chris christie will speak at that summit. we have new video now of a nebraska woman who was attacked and robbed inside her church. take a look here. the 72-year-old woman entered the church in omaha minutes before mass. you see two men come up behind her, one grabbed her purse and the other punched her. just awful.
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>> an intentional blow and to take advantage of an elderly lady is not exactly bravery, so you can't think very highly of what was done. >> the suspects are still on the large. meantime the victim is asking that people pray for the suspects to stop further incidence from happening to someone else. in south africa, runner oscar pistorius was scheduled to be released from prison on friday. now that's on hold. the head of the country's department of justice made that decision just a short time ago. the department says that pistorius should have served ten months of his sentence before being considered for release. he was approved for parole in june, just eight months into his sentence. pistorius' release will now have to be reviewed again by the parole board. the former olympian was sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp in 2013. happening today, attorneys
11:39 am
for patriots quarterback tom brady and roger goodell are back in a new york courtroom, surrounding the deflategate scandal. they want them to hold more settlement talks for brady's punishment. he could be suspended for four games using known deflated game balls during last year's afc championship game. police in canada are looking for a couple whose baby ended up locked inside a hotel safe. in niagara falls. the family from brooklyn was staying at a howard johnson when they called staff for help, saying their baby was locked in the safe. the baby was reportedly alert and crying but the parents ran from the hotel before staff could call police. now investigators want to make sure the child is okay. >> maybe nothing more than a preventable accident and we're trying to verify that. >> police say the baby was less than a year old but it's possible that the child was somehow able to lock itself inside the safe. they also say a language barrier may have prevented staff from
11:40 am
finding out more before the family left. some call it the little pink pill. the fda has approved the first prescription libido pill for women. it doesn't come without restrictions. it works to increase desire by changing chemical levels in the women whose libido levels have plummeted without reasons. it will come with dangerous side effects like fainting and low blood pressure. 11:40. there's another ikea recall to tell you about. they have recalled a popular night light because it could pose a shock hazard. they say the cover can come off of the lights. you can return that light to ikea for a full refund. well, your thanksgiving turk y i hate to tell you, is going to cost you more this year. that's all because of the outbreak of bird flu that's caused a turkey shortage. that has driven up the price of a bird about 20%. gobble, right on cue there. did you have trouble with your taxes this year or did you
11:41 am
have a great time at a national park? well, now you can let the government know what you think about either of those services and many others. yelp has started letting users post reviews of government agencies like the u.s. postal service, the tsa and the irs. the government will respond to your comments and use the ratings, they say, to try and improve those services. we'll have to see how that goes. the long and short of it -- when it comes to having babies, a new study shows there is a connection between a woman's height and how her pregnancy may go. more steamy weather today, but i am tracking the approach of storms to our area. that's just ahead.
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(colonial penn jingle) even just one or two alcoholic drinks a day could increase your risk of developing cancer. previous studies have linked heavy drinking with certain cancers but now new research shows there's also a higher risk with light to moderate alcohol consumption. in women that means one drink per day, guys two drinks. researchers say they need to do more studies but for now they suggest sticking to that limit. a drug used to control blood sugar may help a diabetic patient lose weight. in a new study, overweight or obese people who got injections of the drug lost more weight than those who didn't get the drug. and that was especially true for the patients who got the highest doses of that drug. another study, while we're
11:45 am
on the subject of studies, shows shorter women may be at risk of having shorter pregnancies. the march of dimes found a mother's height helped shape the environment of the unborn baby. that influenced the duration of the pregnancy and whether the baby would be delivered prematurely. but the length and weight of the baby did not seem to be affected by the mother's height. so, short women won't necessarily have a short baby, but you could have a shorter pregnancy. got that? brain scans can predict how well your child will perform in math. researchers perform brain scans and iq tests on dozens of 8-year-olds. children with greater brain volume and stronger connectivity in areas linked to visual perception and number comparison were better at learning math. they found the skans were a more accurate predictor of math skills than standardized testing. i think i passed that test okay there, right? >> yes. >> okay. >> you got it. >> i almost had to call on help from a legendary star of stage and screen.
11:46 am
she's truly proud to be called a diva. >> yes. >> and she's also helping to spread the word about hiv/aids prevention. a cause very near and dear to your heart. we're all going to welcome now sheryl lee ralph back to nbc10. she's been here a few times. >> quite a few times. >> yes, many times. a good friend of ours. let's define diva now. you don't mind being called diva because it stands for what? >> divinely inspired, victoriously aware, alive, awesome, audacious. diva. i have no problem in saying i am diva. >> but you're so shy about it, so soft-spoken. we need to get you out of your shell. let's talk about hiv and aids awareness. i mentioned it's close to your heart. for people who haven't heard your story, tell us why. >> it all started for me as an original company member of "dreamgirls" on broadway. that is when i saw my friends get sick and die of a mysterious disease. and when they were in their
11:47 am
greatest time of need, i saw how humanity found it easy to turn their backs on them. and i -- the little church girl in me said, we can do better than this. and that is how i got involved in the struggle. for me, it was who were we to judge anybody? god said we have to love everybody. and i believed that. that's how i got involved. >> so, you used your singing skills and your musical background and your passion for making a difference about hiv and aids to come together for a concert that you created 25 years ago. >> that's right. >> and now here we are, the 25th anniversary. >> 25th year anniversary of diva simply singing. the longest consecutive running musical aids benefit in the country. for 25 years, we have simply dared to care. we care about erasing the stigma that's still around the disease. we care about raising awareness. this is a disease that is 100%
11:48 am
preventable. when a state like indiana can say, we have an emergency breakout of hiv infections and nobody says anything, i do not want this to be who we are as people. that's why we continue to raise our voices one song at a time, to let people know that they should put themselves first. it doesn't have to be them. especially not our kids. >> absolutely. let's talk about this concert, this 25th anniversary. at the dell music center. >> i love the dell. is one of the greatest, most beautiful outdoor music facilities in the country. and i love the fact they're doing an event like this at a price people -- everybody can come out and enjoy good music and hear something wonderful about their health. your health is your greatest wealth. take care of it. people never value their health until they don't have it. >> that's right. there's information on the screen. 7:00 p.m. saturday, august 22nd.
11:49 am
dell music center. on strawberry mansion drive. it's not just people who will be talking about aids. you can get free hiv testing. >> that's right. free hiv testing and have a concert that includes faith evans, kelly price, monifa, alice williams, algebra "blessed" carroll. the list goes on. they will all be there on stage singing. and if you go to the box office before the show and use the code word "diva" you get two tickets for one. code word "diva" before saturday, the 22nd. >> did you get that, everyone? code word "diva" and we won't make you explain what it stands for like sheryl. >> if it was sunday we would be
11:50 am
anointed. >> she's got it. we could let her go on and on. >> i could. >> i know you could. but we have to run. for more information, you can go to our website, you can find out how to purchase tickets there. thanks again to sheryl lee ralph so much. >> and my name name. sheryl lee ralph-hughes. the senator and i have been married ten years, i changed my name. prenup agreement. >> she comes with marriage advice, too. sheryl lee ralph-hughes. thank you for being here with us. >> thank you. she's a tough one to follow. by the way, the weather is looking pretty good for saturday night at the dell and just about anywhere else in the area. the eagles are playing as well. we have very muggy conditions out there right now. the muggiest it's been during this heat wave. we have some downpours on the way. not so much today but especially tomorrow and tomorrow night. danny has strengthened in the past 24 hours, but may be kind
11:51 am
of leveling off right now. there's the linc. they'll be playing football in a few days there. 84 degrees right now. feels like 89. it is pretty hot out there. and the heat wave does continue. we have gotten up to 94 degrees on monday. starting to go back toward 90 today and probably well below 90 over the next couple of days now that we're going to be seeing more and more moisture around. temperatures in the low to mid-80s. there's that south to southeast wind across the area. 81 in washington township. 84 in trenton and wrooiightstow. 84 in beach haven. 82 in lewis, delaware. the feels-like temperature already into the 90s in parts of the area. like i said, it's a very steamy day that is going to continue. we also have some showers that have popped up just in the last hour. generally on the lighter side.
11:52 am
generally moving straight south to north but they'll be getting stronger as we get hotter and hotter during the day. especially in delaware and chester counties. and berks county will see some of those showers this afternoon. now, you can see some of those coming in over the next several hours, diminishing during the night tonight. then coming back during the day tomorrow. so, not much around in the morning, but as we get the heating of the day tomorrow, we'll see more showers starting to develop. and then that stuff is coming in thursday night and into friday morning. now, in the tropics, this is tropical storm danny. it's nearly 3,000 miles away from us. so, it's obviously not an immediate threat. it's also appearing to weaken a little bit. at least to me. the 50-mile-an-hour winds, the 11:00 advisory. where is the center? it's hard to find on that infrared picture. we go and we can see the center
11:53 am
but all the thunderstorms are far away from the center. we have a lot of dry air on the north side that is likely to come in here. this may have a hard time. the forecast from hurricane center, we'll show you the latest one. keeping it at a category 1 as it heads toward the caribbean. but this is the european model. most acura in the world. this is danny. where is it in the future here? as we go through time, it's not -- we don't really see a whole circulation. it's not that strong. according to some of these other models. so, we'll check on that again this afternoon. steamy with some scattered showers around this afternoon. highs near 90 degrees. then as we go through the day tomorrow, especially in the afternoon and night, showers and storms. some very heavy rain.
11:54 am
probably an inch or two in some areas. we start to dry out as we go into saturday. then the humidity starts to come back starting on sunday.
11:55 am
11:56 am
introducing longhorns steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. we have just enough time to tell you we're all out of time
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for "nbc10 news" at 11:00. glenn will see you at 4:00, tracking possible showers.
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