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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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what can we expect? >> really depends where you live but most of the area can be expecting rain, at least at one point or another. right now we already have heavy rain falling, a lot of it still in the lehigh valley. that's where we are seeing the heaviest of it. because of this we have a flood threat. so flash flood watch through the philadelphia area, new castle county, some of the new jersey suburbs through the lehigh valley and poconos until 4:00 in the morning. we expect more heavy rain overnight tonight. for the poconos, we are seeing pretty heavy rain for carbon county, especially, right across 476 through the lehigh valley, also across 78 near allentown. this is pretty heavy rain where you see the yellow and orange. precip rates are coming in at almost three quarters of an inch an hour. we are seeing heavy rain continuing to fall in the same area. berks county still seeing heavy rain across 78. reading as well. kind of just scattered as we go into parts of montgomery and bucks county. chester county, delaware county, we have heavy pockets right by 95 and this is also making its
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way into parts of south jersey. aside from this batch of moisture, we have another line of storms that we expect to be moving in later on tonight. that's why we still have the flash flood watch out through the overnight hours. take a look at future weather. temperatures will stay warm and muggy and then as we go towards 11:00 tonight, you see we are still in the same weather pattern. even late tonight we could still be tracking some storms. some of those locally heavy. it will all eventually clear out and we will have a lot less humidity around, make it feel more comfortable. i will show you a closer look at the timing of the rain, when it clears out and how the weekend shapes up. a lot of people in atlantic city are hoping the rain stays away. rascal flatts is performing in front of thousands of people at tonight's concert on the beach. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is there among the crowd. he'll have more coming up at 5:30. remember, you can always get the latest weather updates by using the nbc 10 news app. it has interactive radar and forecasts for your area.
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we continue now with new information on the pope's visit to philadelphia. city leaders gave an update to nbc 10 this afternoon. they announced that a papal playbook will be available starting monday. that playbook will have information residents need including transportation, city services and pet care. >> we also learned that philadelphia's sports complexes will be a hub for buses and rvs during the visit. officials expect 10,000 buses to bring nearly half a million people to the event that weekend. >> today, the mayor tried to stress that the city is available to help residents get through this event. >> nbc 10's mitch blacher is here to explain more on the new information. >> this is now the fifth time mayor nutter has publicly updated plans for the pope's visit. today, more details emerged about transportation options as well as what those who live in center city will and won't be able to do.
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the mayor confirmed five weeks from today the u.s. secret service will wall off sections of center city. the pope's visit is an event with a security factor philadelphia has never seen. >> our city has experienced the planning for special events that can sometimes interrupt daily life. >> reporter: the mayor says plans are in place for the roughly 7% of the city's population living in what will be the highest security zones. residents will be able to drive but can't leave and re-enter the security perimeter. >> given the volume of pedestrians in the area, in and on the streets of our city at that time, we really don't recommend a lot of driving. >> reporter: maps of hospitals, places of worship and general walking distances will be up throughout the city. once the barriers go up on thursday, september 24th, septa will not stop at suburban station or the city hall subway stop. bus routes inside the security zone will also stop during the long weekend.
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>> buses on detour will get as close to the boundary as possible. >> reporter: the mayor played to philadelphians' work ethic and pride, seeing a weekend of inconvenience is a small price to pay to shine on a world stage. >> we like to work hard, see success and maximum effort. that's what you are going to see with this event. >> reporter: the mayor also announced that the city's 311 service center will be up and operational 24 hours a day for four consecutive days. residents can call and ask questions and have those questions answered in a timely fashion. live in the digital operations center, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 is constantly updating information you need for pope franc francis' visit. you can find all of that on or the nbc 10 app. look for our special section called preparing for the pope. right now, philadelphia police are investigating a pair of assaults at the cobbs creek golf course.
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they released details about both incidents this afternoon. a woman says she was dragged on to the course and assaulted last friday night. a 26-year-old says the same thing happened to her on july 10th. investigators believe the same man is responsible. so far, there have been no arrests made. two bridgeton police officers will not face charges for shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop last december. >> show me your hands! >> you might remember this dash cam video of incident. a grand jury decided not to indict the officers for killing reed. the grand jury apparently believed the officers when they said they felt their lives were in imminent danger when he got out of the car against their orders. reed wasn't holding a gun when the officers shot him. police officials say they hope the community will accept the decision of the grand jury. you may remember there's another controversial police-involved case in
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cumberland county. philip white died after this altercation with officers in march. nbc 10 is working to uncover the cause and manner of death in white's case. the prosecutor's office told us the autopsy report hasn't been completed. the cumberland county prosecutor's office is investigating white's death. a sentence handed down today for a man who let his unlicensed daughter drive an suv that crashed and killed three of her friends. michael ware learned his fate at a wayne county courthouse this morning. ware allowed his daughter to drive his chevy suburban last summer. she crashed in the poconos, killing three passengers. that father pleaded guilty. the three teenagers who died in the crash were all students at council rock high school south. a passenger is accused of trying to take a loaded gun on to a plane at philly international. tsa agents tell us they found the gun in the man's carry-on luggage yesterday.
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the man had a ticket to fly from philadelphia to chicago. this is the eighth gun discovered in carry-on luggage at philadelphia international this year. skyforce 10 over a pharmaceutical company in montgomery county today. you see dozens of members of the service employees international union protesting outside the company's headquarters in north wales. many of the people are janitors who were recently fired. today they were demanding their jobs back. we called the company for a response. they said they had no comment. to delaware now. a plant closing in edgemore, new castle county. the company says it's cutting costs. 200 employees and 130 contractors are affected by the move. some will relocate to the company's plant in salem county. others will be laid off and receive severance. the company makes titanium dioxide for the paper industry. the budget battle heats up in pennsylvania and could soon be a crisis.
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the state's surplus of more than $300 million is drying up. it is now down to about $15 million. when that's gone, lawmakers must decide how to pay thousands of state workers. budget talks are stalled over taxes and public pensions. meanwhile, republican representatives said in a news conference in delaware county today that services for at-risk children should be funded while negotiations continue. state workers must be paid during the impasse, and that includes the lawmakers of private agencies are forced to rely on federal funding or money left over from last year's budget to keep operations running. >> we are told we now need to sit and wait quietly until this budget gets passed and money starts flowing again. it's really unacceptable. >> the organization serves teenaged girls with serious mental health issues and doesn't know what will happen to them if the funding dries up. today is move-in day for the 2019 freshman class at the university of pennsylvania.
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nbc 10 outside hill college house at 34th and walnut streets in university city. the university's president was on hand to welcome the nearly 2500 new students and their parents. >> it's just been wonderful. all the people here are very friendly and the campus is just beautiful. it has been great so far. >> classes begin next wednesday. eagles fans are waiting to see their new quarterback in action. sam bradford scheduled to hit the field saturday for the eagles next preseason game. >> fans still can't get enough of the other quarterback. we are talking of course about tim tebow. comcast sports net's amy fadool joins us live. it's about two words. tebow-mania. >> absolutely. that's right. it is tebow, tebow. that's all the chants you heard at that colts preseason game. sam bradford said today that as far as he knows, he is playing saturday against the ravens. however, head coach chip kelly,
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noncommittal on bradford playing on saturday. as for the quarterback competing for a roster spot, tim tebow made his first game in eagles green a memorable one. he scored a touchdown, much to the delight of the fans in the fourth quarter in the romp over the colts. how much tebow plays saturday remains to be seen but tebow time has certainly hit philly, something eagles hall of famer mike quick asked tebow about in this exclusive conversation earlier today. >> tell me a little bit about this tebow mania. huh? you know, i know you're used to it but here, we haven't been experiencing the tebow mania. tell me about how it started. >> i've just been blessed, you know, being at a lot of different places where you've been playing football, especially at the university of florida, they have great fans and i played for some great organizations. we've had a lot of support and that's always a blessing. >> i can say tebow mania is everywhere. he played against my alma mater and it wasn't pretty. tebow mania is everywhere. you can see more of mike quick's
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interview with tim tebow saturday at 6:30 on the pregame show right here on nbc 10. coming up later at 6:00, we will hear from sam bradford. i'll send it back to you. >> so much to look forward to. so many new players, new pieces with chip kelly. a lot to watch. thank you. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. take a look at this. all is quiet at least for now at lincoln financial field as we take a live look from the exclusive eagles nest camera. the game begins on saturday night and nbc 10 will be there to bring you all the action. join us for pregame coverage that starts at 6:30. speaking of sports, while fans get excited about the eagles there is sadness surrounding their other favorite team. we are saying good-bye of course to chase utley. coming up at 5:00. plus, keeping kids healthy. pennsylvania announces a new plan to make sure more children are getting the medical care that they need. i'm ready for anything. looking forward to a new adventure.
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>> plus jimmy carter puts on a brave face as he shares new details about his cancer diagnosis. next, how the former president is fighting the disease and what he said was his biggest regret.
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for the first time, former president jimmy carter today talked about the cancer he's fighting. >> erica edwards has more on how the former president is feeling
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and his medical treatment. >> reporter: wearing blue jeans and his signature smile, former president jimmy carter spoke publicly about the most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma, that spread to his liver and brain. >> i just thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. >> reporter: carter is getting two forms of therapy. one is a relatively new drug that does not attack the body like chemotherapy does. it helps the immune system fight the cancer. >> cancer has a way of masking itself from our immune system. this drug is designed to unmask it. >> reporter: carter will also undergo radiation precisely targeted to four cancerous spots on his brain. spots that are smaller than the tip of a ball point pen. outside experts say this course of treatment seems logical even for a 90-year-old man. >> it's reasonable to attempt these therapies at full dose in a geriatric population and have proper monitoring. >> reporter: it's unclear where
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the melanoma began on his body which is not unusual. occurring in 15% to 20% of cases. even just a few millimeters can spread and be deadly. >> it's not a eulogy. this is a time to reflect on what he's done. >> reporter: while the former president has had many successes, he wishes he had done one thing differently. >> i wish i had sent the helicopter to get the hostages. we would have rescued, i would have been re-elected. >> reporter: carter said he is feeling well and was due for his first round of radiation thursday afternoon. erica edwards, nbc news. pennsylvania is ruling out changes to its children's health insurance program known as c.h.i.p. the governor says the new plan keeps the money where it belongs with the kids and away from the federal coffers. governor wolf announced more than 100,000 families grandfathered in under the affordable care act will move to a new plan. he says the change prevents from
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families from being slapped with a federal fine. he says now children won't have to be put on new insurance or lose their insurance. >> i think every pennsylvanian should know that their neighbors, the children of their neighbors, their own children, now have access to really good health insurance. >> the new plan improves vision and dental care and won't increase premiums. a facility in camden welcomed a high level visitor today. u.s. labor secretary tom perez visited the training center and met with students, too. he got a glimpse of the young adults as they worked on a home construction project. youth build provides classroom instruction and occupational skills to at-risk youth in camden. >> we are a stronger nation when more people have more. that's what this is all about. >> the students are aging out of
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foster care, have dropped out of school or have been in the juvenile justice system t program offers a chance at a career. this morning, members of the wilmington fire department went door-to-door in several neighborhoods to talk about fire prevention. firefighters fanned out to knock on doors between delaware and chalcross avenue from north scott to north union streets. they passed out pamphlets and installed free smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. so far, summer has been one heat wave after another heat wave after another. >> yes, we have. we are getting used to that, unfortunately. a dip in a swimming pool can help cool things off but what about for our pets? allentown's tenth annual doggy dip may be the answer. for four days, jordan and max pools will close to the public, then go to the dogs. the pool closes to the public on friday. its doggy dip will be from 12:00 to 4:00 on saturday and sunday. dogs can enjoy the pool september 8th and 9th.
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exactly what you need when it gets this hot. not so much right now. rain is moving through that's really cooling the temperatures down. because of that we have a flash flood watch out for most of the area. we expect heavy rain as we go through the rest of the evening for most of us. we are seeing heavy rain right now. that's going to stay in the forecast for tonight. humidity will be dropping as we go into tomorrow once all the rain is gone. not right now, though. all the counties in green here, that's the flash flood watch. it will continue overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. because of the heavy rain, we expect this will be lasting for several hours. here's a look at the radar. you see not everyone is seeing the rain along the shore. much of delaware on the drier side. most of the rain is confined at the moment to the lehigh valley and moving into the philadelphia area. we will start with the allentown area up into the poconos. we had pretty heavy rain here. rates have been about three quarters of an inch per hour and it's moving pretty slowly over 476 near allentown, also over 78, lehigh county into berks county. this is where we see some of the
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heaviest rain right over reading up near 78 here. just south of reading is where we start to see a little more break in the rain. so more scattered showers in that area. we also have one area of heavier rain around west chester, broomall, down towards chester and near the philly international airport we are starting to see heavy rain moving into that area. you see it across all the major interstates. here it is approaching philadelphia right now. and the yellow area is showing you some of the heaviest rainfall. here's a live look at center city. looking fairly dry right now but the heavy rain is right on the doorstep. you see the dark clouds. if you are in center city, we have heavy rain about to move in any minute. you see it moving in from delaware. it's pretty much keeping that heavy rain around. it's not really raining itself out or appearing to be weakening so that's going to slide up through the philadelphia area, make its way up towards trenton and we have a lot more rain in the forecast for the rest of the evening, too. we have another line of storms back off to our west and that
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one, we can expect later tonight. that's why we have the flash flood watch out through the overnight hours. here's future weather. so the scattered showers and heavy rain continues as we go through the evening. 9:00 p.m., we could be watching that second line starting to move in and overnight, that scattered rain continues, too. 6:00 tomorrow morning, i think most of the area will start to dry out and the humidity will start dropping through the day friday. so that will feel really nice. tomorrow we will have a nice afternoon. this is going to lead us into a nice weekend, too. even saturday looks really good with the lower humidity around. i think saturday is going to shape up to be a nice day out of the weekend. we are also talking about hurricane danny. this one is farther out in the atlantic so this storm is continuing to move to the west. it is a category 1 hurricane but we are still tracking it as we expect it to be moving in possibly to the caribbean, could be weakening to a tropical storm by then. that wouldn't be until about tuesday. by then we will have a much better idea on where that storm is heading. for the beaches, in delaware and
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also the jersey shore, for the weekend so far looks like saturday will be the driest day. temperatures right around 80 degrees. that's going to give us a nice warmer weekend at the shore. but still pretty comfortable. for tonight, showers and storms around, some of them locally heavy. 72 for the low in philadelphia. 68 north and west. then tomorrow, we will see some showers early along the shore but most of the area will be dry for the morning commute. and less humid as we go through the afternoon, too. of course, the eagles game as we go into sunday or saturday, i should say, looking pretty good for that. looking dry and nice for any tailgaters or anyone in the stands. as we go into sunday, we will watch for any rain chances, too. one target wasn't enough for center city and tonight, where a second target store is going and why they won't look like your typical target. we will explain. plus, there has been so much talk about donald trump and how well he's doing in the polls. but coming up, we have the unofficial candidate who is now beating donald trump in a new poll.
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two target stores will open in center city next year. our partners at the philadelphia business journal shared this rendering of the proposed store in washington square. a second store is also planned for 19th and chestnut streets. both will be smaller than the typical stores. the idea here is to brand them
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as neighborhood stores and make them fit into the area that surrounds them. supermarket chain aldi is opening new locations across our area. this map shows which of the four new locations is closest to where you live. three new stores in south jersey, bordentown, glassboro, east windsor and in philadelphia. along west gerard avenue. company officials plan to open 24 new stores in the area by the end of this year. thousands of people have descended on the beach in atlantic city. >> it's not for the surf and sand. nbc 10's ted greenberg is there for tonight's concert on the beach. >> reporter: atlantic city's second beach concert in a week has businesses opening for another banner day. the story, coming up. plus, could caitlin jenner face criminal charges? i'm tracking heavy rain. we still have the flash flood
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watch out for most of the area. more rain as we get through tonight. the timing, coming up.
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breaking news in atlantic city. >> police tell us a 2-year-old girl has been kidnapped there. the girl's name is blessing. she was last seen around 4:00 this afternoon wearing orange shorts and a white shirt. >> officers say the girl was taken from her mother by her
5:30 pm
father, who does not have custody of the child. we will keep you updated as we learn more. also tonight, we are talking a little music. a lot of people have gathered for this. if you like the beach and live music, thousands are on the beach in atlantic city. >> a lot of fans are there for rascal flatts. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg takes us into the crowd. >> reporter: the concert started with opening act ashley monroe. rascal flatts set to take the stage at 6:00 this evening. tons of people out here on the boardwalk. tens of thousands of folks on the beach right now as ac goes country. >> i wuish i could wear my cowby boots and hat but it's too hot. >> reporter: a steamy day on the sand for erin and thousands of others who hit the beach in atlantic city. hours before this trio of country pop stars takes the stage. >> their music touches your soul. it's just awesome. >> reporter: this evening's rascal flatts concert comes four
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days after more than 50,000 people packed this same concert venue for sunday's maroon 5 show. abdul says his boardwalk shop had a 200% increase in business on sunday. >> maroon 5, it was very good. more than what i was expecting. we are expecting the same today. >> i think the whole city needs it. >> reporter: officials say early estimates show atlantic city getting a $24 million economic boost from the pair of concerts. workers at lopresti's pizza and grill says sunday was a banner day for them and they are ready for another one. >> it was crazy. we were running out of pies. three pizza guys weren't enough. hopefully today we have the same type of rush we had on sunday. >> reporter: one business owner told me having a concert like this on a weekday is also huge because it brings crowds the size of what you would typically find on the weekend. rascal flatts set to take the stage at around 6:00.
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in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. if you prefer cheeseburgers in paradise, parrotheads will flock to camden tonight. jimmy buffett hits the stage at 7:00. suspense is building for tonight's dinner celebration in philadelphia. an estimated 4500 people dressed in white will gather at a location that's still a secret. this is a look at last year's event in center city. participants find out the location of the feast just minutes before it happens. no breaking news about where that location is. >> we will keep our lips sealed. lot of outdoor events hang tonight. the big question, will we need an umbrella? >> yeah, especially for the dinner en blanc. if you are along the shore we are seeing drier conditions there now. probably not the best night to be wearing white outside.
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lot of heavy rain outside. here's the area under flash flood watch, the i-95 area from wilmington to trenton, areas surrounding that up through the lehigh valley and poconos. extending overnight into tomorrow morning because this wet weather pattern is going to hang around through the overnight hours. lehigh valley showing the heavy rain that's been falling at about a half inch to three quarters of an inch per hour, most of it still in the same area, from allentown, the poconos across 476 and 78, all the major interstates through the lehigh valley still dealing with that heavy rainfall. that extends into berks county, still falling same area, not much movement here. that's also where we have a flood advisory. down through parts of lower montgomery county, chester county, delaware county, across philly international airport and moving into philadelphia. that's where we have more rainfall. this will continue to move into the philadelphia area. right now, we have dark skies, center city, and the heavier rain is on its way in. more rain back off to the west. take a look at that line of storms. that one, we expect to start to
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move in later this evening. could be a little weaker when it moves in. either way, we have more rain in the forecast through the late evening and overnight hours. whatever you're doing tonight, make sure you have that umbrella. keep an eye to the sky. even by 11:00, we expect showers and storms to still be around so of course, i will track those for you then. coming up, i will track the storms for you, we can see the rest of the timing as far as tomorrow and how your morning rush looks, straight ahead. today's headlines as we prepare for the pope's visit to philadelphia. today the city announced that a papal playbook will soon be available for residents that will have information you need to navigate all of those security measures happening that weekend. the philly 311 hot line will also be operating 24 hours a day starting that thursday to answer people's questions. the city also announced trash service will continue on thursday but not friday or monday. the red cross wants to make sure it's ready for the pope's visit. their big job is to take care of
5:35 pm
the police officers, firemen and emergency personnel who will be working across the city. >> as nbc 10's monique braxton shows us, they will need a lot of help to do that. >> reporter: the american red cross tells us it's looking for 1200 people for what will be a massive volunteer effort. the american red cross will be unloading trucks full of linen and cots like this one at ten shelters across the city. as many as 8,000 people are coming to help out during the papal visit. >> predominantly first responders. there will be firefighters, police officers, emts, so they will be coming to town to support this event. we will take care of them. >> reporter: should doctors or psychologists stationed at medical tents need support, the red cross will be there to assist. volunteers will hand out water. >> has the american red cross in this part of the world ever had anything of that magnitude? >> yes. we do this all the time.
5:36 pm
every time there's a large disaster, oklahoma city, the storms in texas, katrina, haiti, sandy. >> reporter: we went inside the american red cross nerve center where registered volunteers are now answering phones and checking the website for those heeding the call to help when frantic people call looking for lost loved ones in the crowd of millions expected, the american red cross hopes to reunite them. judge hughes says while philadelphia is seen on a world stage, her people won't forget victims of local disasters. >> we will also handle our normal three to five fires a night. so the red cross will be very very busy during this time. >> reporter: the red cross tells us it will be done setting up the shelters on september 21st as the world meeting of families kicks off. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> on the world stage, some
5:37 pm
people think pope francis may change the catholic church in dramatic ways. >> in his homeland of argentina, people who know and follow the pope say don't count on it. nbc 10's jim rosenfield was the first local reporter on the ground in argentina learning about the father before he became pope. he saw the simple life he led at the seminary he attended and later ran. we visited the neighborhoods where the pope is most popular because of his devotion to the poor, and we heard again and again from close friends as well as church and political observers, do not expect pope francis to change church doctrine. >> sort of the descriptions of him as just a regular guy and humble and we shouldn't mistake the fact that he is still a very traditional catholic leader. >> you can have this pope who is celebrated because he is on the streets, he's a very human
5:38 pm
character, and he is in touch with poor people. the doctrine is never going to change. >> right now on, you can watch more of our coverage from argentina. look for our special section called preparing for the pope. she won the world cup. tonight, new jersey's carli lloyd has something new to celebrate. plus, fans are in denial that chase utley will soon be playing for another team. their memories of this favorite, next at 5:00. still ahead, josh duggar's confession. the reality star comes clean after he was caught using a website to cheat on his wife.
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chase utley is perhaps the greatest phillies second baseman of all time. today he's on a different team.
5:41 pm
today he's a los angeles dodger. today, the fans' thoughts are say it ain't so. >> reporter: fans i talked to so far today are still in deniaden. of course there were rumors swirling about this chase utley trade and last night it became official. a classy move, long-time second baseman chase utley tipped his hat to the fans. he has been traded to the l.a. dodgers for two minor league prospects, darryl sweeney and john ritchie. utley has been playing well since his return from the disabled list earlier this month which makes it even harder for these fans to say good-bye. >> it was a very very difficult decision for me and my family to go. not so much changing uniforms, but it's really about leaving the city that has given so much to me over the course of 12 or 13 years that i've been here. >> it had to happen. sometimes you need a new wave to come in. but it's sad to see him go.
5:42 pm
i'm a die-hard chase utley fan. my dog is named chase. >> reporter: utley will join his former teammate jimmy rollins who was traded to the dodgers earlier this year. fans tell me if he has to go, at least he's going to the dodgers, where he will be playing side by side with his former teammate. >> while on the topic of sports, world cup soccer star carli lloyd is writing a book. the 33-year-old south jersey native is working on a memoir that's expected out next fall. the book doesn't have a title just yet. it will cover everything from her nearly quitting soccer in 2003, imagine if that happened, to her emphasis on physical and mental health. earlier this summer, lloyd scored six goals in seven women's world cup matches, including a hat trick against japan. lloyd is from delran, burlington county. we still have heavy rain around right now for part of the area. more heavy rain expected
5:43 pm
tonight. we still have flash flood watch in effect. we will talk about when it will clear coming up.
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caitlyn jenner may be charged with manslaughter. that's the recommendation from the sheriff's department in los angeles. jenner was involved in a crash in malibu earlier this year that killed a woman. it's up to the district attorney to determine if jenner will be charged. if convicted of manslaughter, caitlyn jenner could be sentenced the a year behind bars. jenner's attorney isn't commenting. one day after his account on a cheating website became public, josh duggar makes a confession. today the reality tv star from "19 kids and counting" confessed to cheating on his wife. josh duggar broke his silence on the duggar family website, saying he became addicted to
5:46 pm
pornography. yesterday, his account information from the ashley madison website was released. three months ago, we learned duggar molested underaged girls when he was a teenager. now to a clown no one is laughing at in chester county, because he has a gun and used it to rub a sunoco gas station on kimberton road. the robber put on a clown costume and held up the place tuesday morning. he stole about $280. take a look at this video of a robberity at a cricket wireless store on august 3rd on east erie avenue in philadelphia's juniata section. you see one robber grab a woman around the neck and push her down. that guy and another man took money out of the registers and three cell phones. the governor of washington is calling these wild fires burning in his state unprecedented. three firefighters were killed
5:47 pm
yesterday as 390,000 acres continue to burn. leanne gregg has the latest. >> reporter: with more than a dozen wild fires burning out of control in washington state, fire-weary residents and the 30,000 firefighters battling the blazes are bracing for a bad situation to get worse. >> the fire is sort of a sleeping giant. as soon as the winds start coming it will fan the flames. they will get a lot hotter, a lot more intense. >> reporter: steady winds of up to 45 miles an hour are expected. >> that's going to result in a lot of fire activity on the ground. you should anticipate that we will have a spread event today. >> reporter: the latest wild fire to erupt is being described as a hellstorm. more than 1,000 people were evacuated from the towns of twisp and winthrop. john and eve heeded the warnings and got out quickly. >> it was not a good place to be. the fire hadn't come over the hill yet but it wasn't very far away. >> reporter: three u.s. forest service firefighters were killed
5:48 pm
after their vehicle crashed and they were overcome by flames. >> these are three big heroes protecting small towns. we are going to remember them and the seven million residents that are embracing them and their families. >> reporter: four other firefighters were injured, one critically. across the west, a million acres have already burned. oregon's governor met with firefighters battling a blaze that's close to 50,000 acres. 36 homes were destroyed. a tragic scene playing out across the west with no end in sight. leanne gregg, nbc news. we are dealing with heavy rain across parts of the area right now so we have a flash flood watch out for tonight and even through the overnight hours for part of the area, continuing to see that heavy rain falling. that will stay in the forecast for the rest of the evening. but the humidity behind the rain
5:49 pm
will be dropping. so it will feel a lot more comfortable once all the rain's gone. all the counties you see shaded in green here, that's the flash flood watch. that goes until 4:00 in the morning. because we pretty much expect the same weather pattern to stay in place until it all clears out really early tomorrow. much of new jersey and delaware is dry but most of the rain is still confined around the philadelphia area and through the lehigh valley up into the poconos. that's where we have really seen the most consistent heavy rainfall. lehigh valley seeing the heavy rain still in allentown up through the poconos across 476 and 78, so that's an area where we have been seeing about half an inch to three quarters of an inch per hour with some of the heavy rain. reading still seeing the heavy rain, too. in berks county, we actually have a flood advisory here. we have seen close to an inch of rain so far and we could even see about an inch more before it's all over, at least for the rest of this evening. so this flood advisory will go until 9:30, meaning local street flooding is possible here, too. we are going to keep watching that for the rest of the evening for most of the area.
5:50 pm
closer to the philadelphia area, lower montgomery county still seeing some light to moderate rainfall near the p.a. turnpike. also in parts of chester county, delaware county, across philadelphia international airport. so we are seeing that rain continuing to move in but kind of weakening, not as heavy as it was earlier. and more rain right around maryland, pretty much sitting there but we will be watching that moving into lancaster county. you see the motion is mostly up to the northeast. now we have another line off to the west we're watching, too. the rain in place now. this was going to be around for the next few hours or so, then we have that line back off to the west that will start to move in late tonight, too. here's future weather. it shows the rain around now and we keep the clouds and the scattered showers around even through late tonight. 9:00 to 10:00, we could have the next line approaching and moving through. overnight tonight, pretty much the same thing. scattered areas of heavy rain or thunderstorms. 6:00 tomorrow morning, i think a lot of this will be gone. the only area that could be hanging on to the rain by 6:00
5:51 pm
a.m. could be along the shore or delaware beaches. then we really clear out through the day tomorrow, less humidity through the afternoon. it will really shape up to be a nice day. even into the weekend for your saturday, that will be a nice day, too. humidity stays low and we will see more sunshine again. we are also talking tropics. hurricane danny, way out in the tropical atlantic. it's a small hurricane but winds are around 80 miles an hour so it is a category 1. it's going to be continuing west. until it gets near the caribbean, then there's a little uncertainty where it could go. by that point it would be about tuesday and that would be approaching the dominican republic so by then, we will have a closer idea of where it plans to go. still pretty far away from the united states by then. of course we will track that for you. if you are heading to the shore or delaware beaches, temperatures around 80 degrees so far. sunday looks like we could have a chance of showers moving back in. tonight, showers and storms stay in the forecast. some of these locally heavy. low 70s for the low in philadelphia and then tomorrow,
5:52 pm
we will be in the mid to upper 80s so still a warm day but less humidity through the afternoon so it will shape up to be nice. even going into saturday, for the eagles game right here on nbc 10, we have nice conditions for that. less humidity and then we go into sunday, temperatures staying in the 80s but hotter next week. should he or shouldn't he run? that's the question joe biden and his supporters have been asking in recent weeks. >> tonight, there's a new piece of information that may push him into the presidential race. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," philadelphia city workers caught up in a sex website scandal. the new information in the investigation into what they may have done wrong.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
he's not even officially in the race but vice president joe biden already has a leg up on many of the candidates running for president. according to a new quinnipiac poll, biden would beat donald trump in three key states including pennsylvania. the vice president's numbers are better or the same as hillary clinton's. meanwhile, donald trump has found himself on the cover of "time." >> the editors say that's because trump defies the rules of modern politics. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman has the story from washington. >> reporter: every politician wants the cover of the most read news magazine. >> i'm definitely not a puppet.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: "time" posted video was donald trump as an american hero. >> how does the country take somebody like donald trump and how do they elevate him to the top of the major party's nominating contest right now? >> reporter: trump is dominating the polls and the debates. immigration is his issue. so is a term that's offensive to many. >> excuse me. i will use the word anchor baby. >> reporter: trump means children born in the u.s. to parents here illegally. the kids are automatically u.s. citizens and under obama policy, could keep the whole family anchor the family in the u.s. they are called babies, hillary clinton tweeted, but jeb bush, who speaks spanish, whose wife is latina but who is trying to catch trump, used the donald's term yesterday. and defended it today. >> reporter: do you think the term anchor baby is offensive? >> no. no. if there's another term i can come up with, i'm happy to hear it. >> reporter: bush did attack last night in new hampshire.
5:57 pm
>> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. >> reporter: from a bigger event, trump got personal. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd? as you know right down the street? they're sleeping! they're sleeping now. >> reporter: the world is wide awake to donald trump. two trump rivals, marco rubio and bobby jindal, were born to parents not u.s. citizens. when their boys were born in the u.s. and instantly became citizens. all four parents got their u.s. citizenship years later. from washington, steve handelsman, nbc news. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" -- >> i don't know whether he was real or not. i didn't want no trouble. i gave him my stuff. >> two teenagers become the target of thieves as they visited a popular south jersey park. the warning they have for others. i'm tracking stormgs and more coming tonight. the time you can see the downpours and some relief from the heat, next.
5:58 pm
a warning for women walking alone. two attacks in one place have police on high alert. what you need to know about the attackers next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00."
5:59 pm
"nbc 10 news at 6:00" begins with breaking news. and the search for this little girl. police tell us she was kidnapped in atlantic city about two hours
6:00 pm
ago. this 2-year-old was last seen at arkansas and atlantic avenues. officers say the girl was taken from her mother by her father, who does not have custody of the child. the child was wearing orange shorts and a white teeshirt. also right now at 6:00, tracking storms. some people are seeing a lot of rain. the nbc 10 first alert weather radar shows where you the worst of it is and more heavy rain is expected tonight. there is already a flood watch for our area so be prepared if you are heading out this evening. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the storms for us and joins us now. glenn? >> some places had a lot of rain for a lot of hours and others have yet to see a drop. but there has been some rain in the philadelphia area. there will continue to be more threats overnight. that's why a flash flood watch is in effect for much of the area until 9:00 tomorrow morning. we think most of the rain will be over several hours before that time. it's sure not over now. you can see a large area of


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