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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 25, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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different story on wall street. the dow bounces back after yesterday's wild ride. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. after yesterday's huge slide, stocks are surging in early trading this morning. here's a live look at the big board of the new york stock exchange, showing it up 326 -- 325 points. we'll continue to monitor that throughout the hour. we'll keep you updated on our "nbc10 news" app. japanese stocks fell for a sixth consecutive day after a volatile trading session. tokyo's nikkei closed lowest
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since february. china's main index shanghai closed down 7% in a fourth straight day of declines. again, we'll keep you updated on the u.s. stock exchange. this morning, philadelphia police are still looking for the man who gunned down three people in north philadelphia. several neighbors called 911 after hearing gunshots just after 6:00 last night. police got there to find three victims, including a woman shot several times in the stomach. a man was shot in the foot, another man in the leg. nine shots were fired from two dimpktd guns and the shooter was standing up with his upper body out of a mini van sun roof. >> all i was hearing like, gunfire back to back. >> somebody needs to do something about this. this is crazy. >> all the victims are expected to survive. as of now, police are looking
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for those involved. what witnesses describe as a gold van. police have witnesses and are reviewing surveillance video. take a look at this. this is an intersection still closed this morning because of that huge sinkhole that opened up yesterday at the corner of tulip and huntingdon street in kensington's neighborhood. skyforce10 over the scene. officials say a broken water pipe caused the sinkhole. this morning crews were working to restore water service to the area. right now we're trying to find out how long it will take to repair the hole. and then reopen the intersection. after a muggy start, conditions are getting more comfortable around our area. here's a live look at the art museum where people enjoy a very pleasant afternoon. how long will it last? we get the answer from nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> yeah, tracy, now that we've
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had a front come through and the less humid air is coming in, it's going to hang around quite a while. probably for the rest of the week at least. not a whole lot of wind out there right now, but we do see a lot of sunshine. one exception is farther to the south, southern delaware we have some clouds and a couple showers headed in that direction. sussex county, delaware, maybe the southern portion of kent county could see a little shower. it's mainly dry as the westerly winds come in, the humidity is very low. the temperature, well, it's still above average for this time of the day, at this time of the year. most of the area. it's 83 in philadelphia. the average high is 84. we're going to go well past that. it's in the 70s to the north and west. and eastern a little warmer toward wildwood. so, as we go through the day today, we'll be finding temperatures going into the upper 80s, but the humidity will be low, so it's still going to be relatively comfortable. it will be getting more
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comfortable as we head to the rest of the week. the big issue, the caribbean sea, the new tropical storm that formed last night, erika. we'll have that coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. let's get another check of wall street. stocks are surging in early trading. now up 328 points. let's get an update from cnbc's courtney reagan. she's live in new york. what's happening right now? >> reporter: it looks like a mirror image today from yesterday. this morning we saw stocks open sharply higher. in fact, starting the day with the biggest rally we've seen in 2015, but we still have quite a ways to go to make up the losses from yesterday. remember, the dow ultimately did shed 588 points, like you said, we're up about 330 points right now. still off from yesterday. and the dow is still posting -- or on track to post its biggest monthly loss since february of
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2009. now, the dollar has gotten stronger, oil has rebounded. asian markets were mostly higher and european markets were mostly higher. we saw china step in and cut the interest rate for the fifth time since november, so that probably gave some boost to those markets overseas. made us feel a little better here today. i think a lot of what we saw yesterday, as we discussed, was some panic selling. perhaps we've gotten our feet back under us here. investor confidence is higher. we heard from companies like best buy today coming out and saying, look, we aren't seeing any of the impact so far. we don't want to make any knee-jerk reactions as it pertains to our customers, our business, so we have gotten some positive commentary from ceos and very important market figures. sort of working to instill confidence back in the market. so, things have certainly gotten better here. we're seeing big names that shed a lot yesterday like apple trading higher. apple is at 5.6% today.
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it is still down for the week but still we've made up some ground. we'll keep you updated as to the market moves throughout the day. so far, it looks a lot different from yesterday. back to you. >> the take dast way for the average investor, stay steady, right? >> exactly. just as we said yesterday, don't panic. it serves as a good reminder to give yourself a gut check, a portfolio check, make sure your risk profile is where it should be so you can sleep at night. but you don't want to make any panic, irrational, emotional decisions on a day like yesterday because look at today. looks so much better. >> exactly. courtney reagan with cnbc. thanks. philadelphia police say a man wanted for robbing and attacking a worker with mace has struck again. this is new video showing the man at the 7-eleven store at 22nd and market streets last tuesday. philadelphia police say he asked for six packs of cigarettes and sprayed the clerk with mace as he was bagging the items.
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he also took off with $62. police say the same man is responsible for a similar attack and robbery last wednesday at the 7-eleven on franklin town boulevard. if you have any information, call police. new video into nbc10 shows a suspect wanted for shoplifting at a camden county rite-aid. authorities say the crime happened on june 27th at the store in gloucester township on blackwood road. police say the guy concealed about $280 worth of items under his jacket there. they say he went to the checkout counter, claimed he forgot the wallet, left the store and that set off the security system. the lehigh valley county corner is set to perform an autopsy to find the exact cause of justin wilson. wilson was hit in the head by a piece of debris from sunday's race. he was rushed to cedar crest hospital. he was in a coma until last
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night. the kree that operates indycar announced his death. >> justin's elite ability to drive a race car was matched by his unwavering kindness, character and humility. which made him one of the most respected members of the paddock. >> justin wilson was 37. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. his brother, also a race car driver, tweeted last night that justin never stopped caring for others and had chosen to donate his organs to help people in need. it's back to school time and parents and education advocates are putting the pressure on pennsylvania lawmakers to pass a new budget. nbc10 was in center city this morning as a group called public citizens for children and youth boarded a bus for harrisburg. they'll meet with lawmakers and hold a rally in about an hour at the capitol rotunda to push for action. >> we want the legislature to pass a budget, restore the education cuts that have decimated many school districts over the last few years, and
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pass a fair funding formula for our schools so we don't have to go through this every single year. >> republicans plan to resume talks today and also force line-by-line override votes of governor wolf's budget bill veto. a move the governor criticized yesterday. lawmakers needed two-thirds vote in the house and senate for the veto override to succeed. happening now, first dayle school for students at two charter schools in philadelphia. nbc10 was there as students returned to classes at young scholars charter school on west ontario street in north philly this morning. school leaders say starting the academic year early gives students an advantage. >> the parents and kids come back with smiles, excited to learn. we're just -- we're excited to start early. you know, a few weeks earlier than most schools in the city do, to help make sure that our scholars here are on the path to success and the path to college. >> students tell us they're excited to learn, see their friends and make new friends.
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well, another group of firefighters from our area is headed to the front lines to help fight those raging wildfires out west. firefighters with the new jersey forest fire service are traveling into a desperate situation in california. this is video of the first group that headed out west about two weeks ago. they joined the effort to stop fires that have now burned more than a million acres in all. it is an all-out battle in several western states. this morning wildfires are burning in washington, oregon, idaho, colorado and montana. army and national guard teams are joining the effort as conditions on the ground are quickly deteriorating. crews have to watch for pop-up fires and falling trees that could breach their safe zones. >> as tall as it were, if it were to burn out on the bottom and fall across the line, poses a threat to our containment line here. >> crews are fighting fires 16 to 18 hours a day and likely will be fighting through the end of october. vice president joe biden has
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been by president obama's side for seven years now, but what does the president think about biden's possible bid for the oval office? this morning we're getting some hints. and pregnant women often watch what they eat, but they may want to start being careful about their diet before they even get pregnant. we'll tell you why. well, the tropics are getting very active. a new storm has formed in the atlantic. i'll show you where it is and where it's going along with my seven-day forecast.
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to decision 016. new jersey governor chris christie is about to hold a news conference. we don't see him stepping to the podium just yet, with jewish leaders. a live look from rutgers university's new brunswick campus. cory booker hasn't said yet whether he opposes the iran deal. jeb bush is holding a town hall at a vfw in englewood, colorado. the former florida governor is talking about his plans to keep his promise to american veterans. there are new signs that vice president joe biden is closer to jumping into the presidential race. as nbc10's peter alexander reports, that would pose an interesting dilemma for president obama. >> reporter: this morning the buzz about a possible biden bid is building. the latest leak that the vice president will reportedly huddle privately with top democratic
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donors at his residence after labor day. adding to the drum beat that began with the vp's not so secret lunch with elizabeth warren. who would the president back? his vice president or former secretary of state? press secretary josh earnest said he respects hillary clinton but heaped praise on joe biden. >> there's probably no one in american politics today who has an understanding of what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign. >> reporter: later, he added to the intrigue. >> i wouldn't rule out the possibility of an endorsement in the democratic primary. >> reporter: and what would a biden/clinton showdown look like? their policy views are mostly in line. they part ways on national security. secretary of state clinton pushed for more aggressive military actions on libya and syria while biden was more cautious. the biggest split, the osama bin laden raid. clinton said she pushed for it
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but biden acknowledged he thought it was too big of a gamble. >> if they did get into the race together, you could see this becoming a defining point on judgment, presidential judgment. >> those messages disappeared all by themselves. >> reporter: meanwhile, republicans aren't letting up on clinton, today releasing this new snapchat style video mocking her handling of the e-mail controversy. clinton is not backing down, picking up the pace of her campaign, leaving her hamptons vacation tomorrow for a swing through the midwest. first stop, iowa. >> nbc's peter alexander reporting. six people were killed in a plane crash in quebec over the weekend. the seaplane was on a 20-minute routine flight when it crashed over a wooden area on sunday. four british citizens are among the dead. and take a look at these pictures. the japanese astronaut on the mission -- on a mission at international space station maneuvered a robotic arm to capture a cargo ship yesterday. the ship carried water, food and other supplies to the space station.
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the astronaut got some help from a fellow astronaut at nasa's mission control center in houston. the entire mission took about four hours. it's the first time japanese astronauts have worked together on a cargo docking operation from the space station and from the ground. now let's talk about runners lacing up their shoes this weekend for a foot race like no other. the philly 10k is the only race of its kind that actually navigates the city's neighborhoods. it starts sunday at 7:30 in the morning. here to tell us more is race co-founder, ryan callahan. thanks for being here. >> thanks, tracy. >> tell us what makes it so unique. >> there's a lot of great races in philadelphia. every single weekend during the fall and spring. but what was missing was a race that was entirely self-contained. a big race that was entirely self-contained within the city's neighborhoods. you know, the marathon hits some neighborhoods, broad street goes down broad street, but nobody had intimacy of going past
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rowhomes and past the italian market and all the great sights and sounds of philadelphia. we wanted to create that experience and that's what makes this race different and unique. >> how many runners? >> 4500 this year. >> unique through neighborhoods, which means road closures. >> yes. some road closures. it's a 10k race so it's not like a marathon, 6.2 miles. the road closures will be fairly minimal. you can go onto the website and see where the course is. if you're parked along the course, you want to avoid it that sunday morning. road closures only for an hour, hour and a half on that morning, except for around the start and finish line. otherwise, we want to get in, get out and have people get on with their day. >> i know you said -- you told me earlier that the race is sold out. it sells out pretty quickly. what if people want to watch and support and kind of get into this. >> that's the great thing about the race. you don't have to get in your car -- assuming you live in philadelphia, you don't have to get in your car and drive to see the race. for people that live in the city, you can walk out your front door and you're probably
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within a few blocks of where the race is. anywhere along the course is a great place. the start/finish line is a great place. the finish festival is open to the public, so people who want to watch friends, family or just the activities can come down to the festival afterwards and hang out. >> another little piece we should talk about, is that you're partnering with charities. >> yeah, absolutely. so, having charitable partners is a big priority for us. so, we've got two kind of different partnerships we have. first, we work with the philadelphia association of community development corporations. they support neighborhood cdcs in the philadelphia area. they're a direct beneficiary. some money gets donated directly to them. then a whole list of nonprofits of students from philly style, the fairmount park conservancy who get bids and sell for their nonprofit. all told $15,000 gets raised as a result of the race. >> good luck. we'll would remind our viewers,y
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10confident, sunday at 7:30. we have linked to your website on or you can check out our nbc10 mobile app. and it looks like it's going to be pretty hot by sunday. good thing they're having a race early in the morning when the temperature will be a little more tolerable. a week of 80s in here. starting off with high 80s. then getting into the lower 80s over the next couple of days. very active in the tropics. not just in the atlantic, but throughout the world. we're tracking erika, a new tropical storm that formed in the atlantic last night. citizens bank park, the ball was flying last night with the heat and the southerly wind. today's conditions, not the same. it won't be flying as easily as last night. 83 degrees. the wind is 8 miles an hour. the humidity's down, so it only feels like it's 83. and it's in the mid to upper
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70s. 84 in atlantic city. let's see what it's like right at the beaches here. the wind, a little bit out of the west. you can see we're into the 80s. beach areas off delaware bay keeping lewis a little cooler. that's a fairly light wind some places may see a sea breeze later on in the afternoon. we have one shower here in maryland headed toward portions of southern delaware. otherwise it is a really dry weather map out there. as we go through the afternoon, we're into the upper 80s. you see hardly a cloud in the sky out there. we have some delightful weather coming. as we go through the night tonight, you see temperatures going down into the 50s in parts of the area.
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well, this is erika, formed last night. 45-mile-an-hour winds. moving west at 20 miles an hour. it is a threat to the northern caribbean and potentially the bahamas. it is expected to strengthen somewhat, but there are a lot of questions about how much it might strengthen even though the track seems fairly certain, at least in the general idea of the track. for the rest of the day around here, we'll be seeing lots of sunshine. high temperatures getting into the upper 80s, low humidity. the humidity is going to keep going down every hour. as we go stlut seven-day, not quite as warm tomorrow. lower humidity. similar story for thursday and friday. then it starts to heat up as we go through the weekend. so, by sunday and monday, we're back up to 90 degrees. >> glenn, thanks. a typhoon makes landfall. we'll show you where a powerful storm came ashore. and the danger officials are concerned could soon follow.
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new advice for men who have trouble sleeping. see what they may want to expose themselves do more often to help.
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a woman's diet may affect her baby at birth even before she gets pregnant. researchers compared these prepregnancy diets of women who had healthy diets to those whose babies were born with a major heart defect. they found moms with the best quality diets had a much lower
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risk of having a baby with heart defects than moms with poor diets. looking to get a good night's sleep? a natural environment may be just what the doctor ordered. a new study finds having access to parks, ocean vistas or sandy beaches is linked to better sleep quality for men and researchers. researchers believe living near to green spaces increase physical activity which in turn could lead to better quality sleep. you have to hear the details of this story. authorities say suspects plan to use drones to make a special delivery. wait until you hear where the robotic aircraft was going to be sent and what it was going to be carrying. a campus controversy. sign welcoming freshman to one campus caused a flack.
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. wall street is still on a wild ride today. stocks are surging after the dow's huge nose dive yesterday. a live look at the big board of the new york stock exchange, up 387 points. cnbc's amanda drury is live at cnbc headquarters with a live look at the market. tell us what's happening. stocks are clawing their way back up. >> we're calling it turn-around tuesday. we're in a sharp rebound after what was essentially the worst day on wall street in four years. the s&p 500 has nudged out of correction territory. that correction is 10% or more from a high. now we're up about 9% from the may high on the s&p 500. what happened? we saw china cutting its interest rate for the fifth time this year overnight. not that the first forecast helped very much, though. and also, you know, we're very comforted by that because china is the world's second largest economy and the world's biggest
11:31 am
energy consumer, so it has a knock-on effect of global growth if china slows down. what we're seeing in the nasdaq is many u.s. listed chinese stocks at the top of the winner's list. i'm sure a lot of your viewers might have big-name techs in their portfolio. the tech sector is also set to end its losing streak. tracking its best day since december, led by names such as apple. that's a big relief because names like apple, netflix, linkedin, that had a pretty rough august up until today. we're up sharply today but we have not quite made up for yesterday's losses and the losses of thursday and friday. but for the moment, we're enjoying the biggest rally of 2015. >> hours more to go. amanda drury with cnbc, thanks. well, the jersey shore saw some showers but things have dried out. right now it lookis like a grea
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time to check out the beach. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. >> yesterday the humidity was up but today the humidity is down. we have delightful weather in the pocono mountains. wave pool at camel beach. and it is nice and comfortable up there. things are a little different farther to the south. not only is it a little warmer, it's a little more humid. even dover at 80 degrees is not bad. it's 72 degrees in mt. pocono right now. and 80s across much of the rest of the area. those showers from earlier this morning moved out. there's still one renegade shower here in the maryland eastern shore headed toward southern delaware. that's about it for any kind of rain threat. it's conceivable it could cross delaware bay. we'll keep an eye on it as we go into the afternoon. that's the only real rain threat here. we do have some clouds across the great lakes. even much of that moisture is going to be headed up towards
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new england and not into our area. we expect a lot of sunshine during the afternoon across the philadelphia area. places north and west. northern delaware, upper 80s, but lowering humidity as we go through the day. there's the eastern caribbean. that is tropical storm erika that formed last night. 45-mile-an-hour winds. more on the track of that and eventual possibilities over the next seven days with the forecast just a few minutes. let's talk about typhoon making landfall on japan's southern island this weekend. authorities ordered 300,000 people to evacuate. it brought heavy rain and officials are warning people to be alert for flooding and landslides. now to that new england prep school trial. as early as today, prosecutors could wrap up their case against a former student accused of sexual assault at the prestigious boarding school. all along the defense insisted
11:34 am
owen never had sex with his accusers but uncomfortable testimony from several of his classmates yesterday told a different story. >> reporter: today prosecutors could wrap up their case against 19-year-old owen lebree after four classmates testified he left them believing he did have sex with the victim. >> what was the message he conveyed to you? >> certainly a smile. i left under the impression that they did have sex. >> he eventually told me that in his words that he had [ bleep ] her. >> what does that word mean to you? >> i assume it would mean that they had had sexual relations. >> reporter: one classmate, who's a minor, said he was more direct. >> there was a private conversation between me and owen where i asked them if they had sex, which he told me they did. >> reporter: he has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and other charges, telling police he never had intercourse with the
11:35 am
girl. one of the nation's most elite boarding schools now under scrutiny as testimony details a lurid ritual known as the senior salute where older students ask out younger ones before graduation, sometimes for sex. st. paul's has said the current allegations are not emblematic of the school, but on monday the dean of students told jurors he learned of the senior salute in the spring of 2013. >> were you at all familiar with the practice or what was involved in practicing of senior salute? >> in relatively vague terms, yes. >> reporter: prosecutors allege lebree had been plotting the encounter with the 15-year-old freshman for months on a list of girls he wanted to pursue or slay, her name was in capital letters. his attorney says crude messages to his friends do not mean he is guilty. >> his statements have been typical teenage statements, in my view. with all the immaturities,
11:36 am
imperfections, uncertainties that are reflected in teenagers. >> that was nbc's gabe gutierrez reporting. a sexually suggestive welcome sign greeting first-year students at a virginia university is not sitting well with everyone. these are banners that decorated an off-campus home near old dominion university in norfolk friday. it tells the parents to leave freshman daughters for a good time. oh, moms can stay, too. >> the perception that was there when they were moving in is that this is not a welcoming environment nor do we take an approach to combat sexual assault, which is completely not true. >> now, the signs are gone. outraged administrators said the signs would not be tolerated, emphasizing a zero tolerance policy. as one prison officials put it, you can't make this stuff up. a drone poised to drop drugs, porn, tobacco inside a maryland
11:37 am
prison is intercepted before it took off from the ground. police say two men planned to use the drone to make that special delivery into a western maryland prison. investigators found the items, along with a gun in the suspect's car on saturday. they arrested the men who were under surveillance in connection with the contraband case near the prison. the prison inmate is expected to face charges as well. a 22-year-old michigan man is in jail after he tried to get away from police riding a mini bike on the sidewalk. police spotted the man illegally riding down the sidewalk and they tried to stop him. he think es can get away, so he keeps going. the chase lasted all of 60 seconds. then look what he does. he tries to hide in his aunt's house by riding the bike inside. the police knocked down the door and arrested him. new orleans mayor mitch landrieu is expected to release a comprehensive plan today for a possible catastrophic event. it's part of a commemoration to mark the tenth anniversary of
11:38 am
hurricane katrina. the mayor is calling the plan a resilience report. the strategy is expected to highlight some of the recovery and survival stories from across the region. more than 1800 people died during hurricane katrina and in the days following that devastating storm. saturday marks the ten-year anniversary since hurricane katrina made landfall along the coast of louisiana. the most costly natural disaster in the u.s. changed the landscape of new orleans forever. nbc's scott walker takes a look back. >> reporter: the superdome was a living hell for the 30,000 people inside in the days following katrina. >> there was no running water, no functioning toilets, no hvac, cramped conditions, hot and humid. >> reporter: doug thornton, executive vice president for smg, the company that manages the superdome, was inside through it all. >> and i thought, it's over. we'll never be back here. i mean, how can we survive? >> reporter: as bad as it was in the immediate aftermath, things were about to get a lot worse.
11:39 am
>> the water had risen to almost 5 feet in about 3 1/2 to 4 feet on gerard street and seeped through the doors and all the crevices into our central plan and elevated to almost 10 inches. >> reporter: the superdome had been on generator power for two days and everyone was on high alert because of a dire warning from then-police superintendent eddy compton. >> they can't stop the water from coming into the levees. there could be as much as 8 feet of water tonight, 8 more than what you have. >> reporter: thornton says at the dome, there was no room to spare. if the water climbed another few inches, the superdome's generator would have been overcome by water and the 30,000 people inside plunged into total darkness and utter chaos. >> you have a panic situation on your hands. people won't know how to get out of the building. i mean, literally, you wouldn't be able to see your hand in front of your face. >> reporter: thornton says he and his team keep the
11:40 am
potentially dire situation confidential. then the decision was made to mark the current water level to see if it would actually go up. >> you know, we know where it is right now. it's got to go another 3 to 4 inches before it hits the generator. >> reporter: this part of the wall in the central plant at the bottom of the superdome was updated with markings every 30 minutes. >> the water rose 2 inches and stopped. >> reporter: and because the generator survived, really, so did the dome. >> for me, it was probably the scariest moment. and it was one of those tipping points, i think, in this whole disaster. if we lose power, full power in here, we could have had a terrible loss of life. >> reporter: and if thornton has his way, the water marks will never go anywhere. >> i've told our guys that, to me, those water marks are a part of history and we should never erase that. >> reporter: in new orleans, scott walker for nbc news.
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a major chain gets an attitude adjustment. you may notice the new move the next time you walk into a starbucks. we'll tell you what's behind the personality change. that's coming up. glenn? the tropics have become very active and a new storm formed in the atlantic. i'll show you where it is, where it's going along with my seven-day forecast.
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authorities tell us the owner of the skating center in franklin township has been arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. they say showed child porn on his computer at the skating center. he's being held on $200,000 bail. we're following developments on wall street after yesterday's huge slide. look at the numbers today. they have reversed direction. up 354 points. stocks have rebounded nicely. we'll continue to watch those. you can always stay updated with the nbc news app and we'll have a complete report on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. starbucks howard schultz is tell baristas to be nicer to customers amidthe market turmoil. in a memo he says, customers may be experiencing increased levels of anxiety and concern. schultz has tried to rally people around the economy before, encouraging congress to work together to avoid that fiscal cliff in 2012.
11:45 am
we have new information about the scandal surrounding the adultery website ashley madison. the company that owns the website announced that it is offering a huge reward. $500,000 now on the table for information about the group that hacked into the site. the toronto-based dating website, which facilitates extra-martial affairs was targeted by hackers in july. last week the e-mails and home addresses of 37 million people registered on that site were released. toronto issued a message for the group. >> team impact, i want to make it very clear to you, your actions are illegal and we will not be tolerated. this is your wake-up call. we are now doing a serious investigation inviting all our partnerships from around the world to assist us in this investigation. >> toronto police with a message for the hackers. now, websites are also offering to erase customer profiles from that database for a fee, but
11:46 am
police say, don't fall for that. that's a scam. well, we had some really nice comfortable weather over the weekend. the humidity came up yesterday. now it's gone back down. temperatures will gradually be going back down. we'll be staying in the 80s for the rest of the week with lower humidity. tropics very active, not just in the atlantic, but overall. pacific has just gone crazy. we're tracking erika in the atlant atlantic, new tropical storm that developed. look how blue that sky is outside our station here. a lot of nice, dry, comfortable air has moved in, clean air, too. 83 degrees, feels like 83, as the humidity continues to drop. it's in the 70s north and west. 83 in mt. holly. 81 in trenton. 83 also in glassboro, atlantic city international.
11:47 am
a little cooler in dover. now, we can see that there's just a little cloud cover left across the area and that one little shower area heading into southern delaware. other than that, things are very dry across much of the country. have you to go up into canada to see some clouds with this swirl here. what that swirl's doing is going to push more of that dry, comfortable air in here day after day after day. now, here by this afternoon, we have more of the west flow, the southerly winds move offshore and stays dry. then it starts going into a north wind. we still don't have any clouds during the night tonight or into tomorrow. there's a dry west wind tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night, we're not seeing much of a change there. a change in the tropics is that danny weakened and now erika formed, 45-mile-an-hour maximum winds is the latest advisory.
11:48 am
does not look especially well organized and it may have some obstacles in its way with dry air and wind shear that danny did, but the forecast from the computer models, very consistent. that's a high probability of it going near puerto rico, perhaps a little north of puerto rico. if it survives, going toward the bahamas by early next week. and the official forecast from the hurricane center does go along with that. just north of puerto rico and out toward the bahamas by sunday. then, of course, things would get much more interesting. but there are questions as to whether it is going to make it that way. until we're sure about that, we won't get excited about any threats to the united states. nice and sunny today. temperatures into the upper 80s. humidity dropping by the hour. tomorrow and thursday and friday, we have low humidity
11:49 am
along with these comfortable temperatures. nice at night. low 60s in philadelphia. 50s in the suburbs. then we start to heat up on saturday, get even hotter on sunday and monday as the humidity creeps up, too. we'll be right back.
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steve harvey debuts the fourth season of his afternoon talk show two weeks from today. so, what's in store for the new season? let's find out from the man himself, steve harvey joins us live from chicago. good morning. >> hey, tracy. how you doing? >> i'm terrific. so, tell us, what surprises do you have for viewers this september? >> i have the biggest television show opening in the history of television. how's that sound? >> that sounds a little big. can you be a little more vague? >> well, no, it's probably not true either but it sounded good. >> sounded really good. >> yeah, it's going to be big, though. it's a two-day event. it's going to take two days to cover this one because we couldn't do it in one. september 8th and 9th. instead of doing it in my regular television studio, i took it outside to the oriental theater in chicago. beautiful. instead of having 100 men or women to pick the brains of, i brought in 150 women, put them on stage, and to their surprise,
11:53 am
i lifted a curtain. i had 2,000, 2,000 men. and i let these women represent all of you and go at these men and ask whatever they wanted. boy, i got to tell you something. these ladies did a heck of a job. i learned something for these two days. >> really? well, then that's going, because i know you know a lot and you actually talk about in terms of men and women, a lot of relationship issues and dating issues. what are you -- what do you find all the time that you sort of have to keep reiterating on your show? >> you know, i just got to give women two things. i got to get women out of finding a man business, get out of the hunting business. you shouldn't be in the hunting business. you're not hunters. you don't know how to hunt and you don't even like to hunt. so, let's stop hunting for a man. i teach them how to become just what they are. you women do better than anybody. you are attractive. you can attract a man, you can't
11:54 am
find one. and secondly, i discover more and more that when a man and woman is at an impasse and you've been discussing something rather heatly for 30 minutes andist going nowhere, like marjorie and i have to do, she says, i heard or i said, she heard. once we stop and -- as she goes, okay, i said this, steve. what did you hear? and i tell her what i heard. it's always very different from what she meant to say or how she said it. and once we can get two people to understand that, it will help you out a great deal. >> yeah, that's one of the big lessons in counseling, isn't it? real quick, tell us about all the other projects you've been working on. >> well, you know, i've been pretty busy, "family feud," "the celebrity family feud" is out coming up on nbc, ellen degeneres and i have a new show coming out "little big shots". >> this is going to be good.
11:55 am
>> yeah. we got little kids who we think are going to be the next big shots across the country. i'm going to host the show, ellen and i are both executive producers on it. that will be coming up. so, i stay busy. i'm very blessed. >> yes, you are. on both counts. thanks so much for talking with us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you can watch steve harvey each weekday at 2:00 here on nbc10. coming up this afternoon at 3:00 it's "ellen" with drew barry more and luke brian. then "nbc10 news" at 4:00 -- fixing some of pennsylvania's most dangerous gas lines. the investigators uncovered a problem spot in philadelphia months ago and now work is under way. nbc10 is asking why it took so long and when it will finally be fixed. that's this afternoon "nbc10 news" at 4:00. to an update on our top story. stocks are surging higher following the dow's 588-point decline yesterday. take a live look at the big board of new york stock
11:56 am
exchange. up 348. experts blame the losses on china's economy. again, stocks are soaring again this morning. a lot of people had called yesterday a market correction. everybody is watching today with crossed fingers as we watch. we'll keep you updated throughout the day. let's keep you updated on the weather. glenn? >> the weather is looking good, too. stocks going up. temperature willing going down. the humidity going down as well. and that adds up to comfort. so, it's going to be warm this afternoon. but the humidity will be down and then the rest of the week the temperature is lower, the humidity is low. there's no rain for the rest of the week. over the weekend, it starts heating up somewhat. humidity goes up a little bit. the chances of rain become higher than near zero, which is what they'll be for the rest of the week. so, we have some hot weather coming. then the other thing we'll be watching is tropical storm erika out in the atlantic. a new advisory coming up this afternoon on that one. >> we'll see you this afternoon. thanks for watching "nbc10
11:57 am
news" at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> brady: police are on their way. >> theresa: oh, thank god. >> xander: that bitch is lying. it was all her idea, she made the first move, she was all over me. >> theresa: that is not true. >> brady: xander, shut-up. you may have gotten away with what you did to eric and nicole, but i swear to god, this time you are going to jail, where you belonged all along. >> nicole: you did remember to get the check certified, right? i mean, not that i don'trust you or anything, but... >> serena: it's certified. >> nicole: it must hurt, handing over a quarter of a million dollars. especially after all the illegal and immoral things you've done. >> eric: all right, nicole. >> nicole: no, but still, it beats serving seven to ten years in jail where you belong. t


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