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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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he was identified as curtis smith. >> curtis smith appears to be the same individual who jumped the white house fence in march of this year. >> that's shocking. that's shocking to me. >> reporter: courthouse employees are grateful to the deputies who stopped the attack from going any further. nonetheless, they are stunned. >> numbness, i should say. we walked past the crime scene. i tried not to look, but you look and we walked through these doors every morning. always felt a sense of safety and i think that's kind of shaken now. >> doesn't matter where you are. it could be in your own backyard and that's scary. >> reporter: curtis smith died at paoli hospital. we mentioned that a deputy sheriff, the one who was slashed, he is now being treated for injuries to the arm and the hand. live in west chester, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> while you're still with us, we just heard the district attorney said curtis smith tried to jump the white house fence. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, we actually
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reported on this earlier this year in march. so did many other outlets. allegedly curtis smith climbed the outer perimeter of the stone wall of the white house. he was immediately apprehended by secret service, placed him under arrest, escorted him off the property and he was charged with unlawful entry. the district attorney here in chester county did not take questions so that's all he told us. he wouldn't give us any indication as to whether what happened at the white house could be in any way connected to what happened here today at the justice center. keith? >> thank you very much. nbc 10 contacted curtis smith's attorney, who says he represented smith for a domestic dispute involving smith's wife. he said his client was supposed to be getting counseling. wouldn't go on camera but told us quote, he was a hard-working young man and you would never think that he would do something like this. he called the incident sad and tragic. now to developing story in philadelphia's strawberry
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mansion. complaints about a bad smell which led philadelphia police to three decomposing bodies in a garage. police say they are from a nearby funeral home. nbc 10's deanna durante was on the scene today and tried to get answers from the funeral homeowner. >> i've got to do my work. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood say this is the owner of the funeral home around the corner from this garage. inside the garage, police say three bodies. one was there at least a month. >> we seen the garage open for months. we know it was shut down but to see it open is kind of curious. smelled it and noticed there was bodies in there. >> reporter: two of the bodies were in cardboard boxes, another inside a coffin, were removed by another city funeral home. police say they are looking at both scenes, the garage and the funeral home. inside the funeral home, a sign in the window says reconstruction and lists a number for services. sources say no funeral services should be performed inside that building. >> i feel sorry for the families.
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their loved ones really got duped. because you don't know how i would feel if one of my loved ones was in there. >> reporter: the funeral homeowner was a pillar in the community, always lending a helping hand to those in need. >> we didn't have no money, that lady was doing the best she could to set up something. >> reporter: police want to know if the home had a valid license and why the bodies were in the garage. they have not said if they will file any charges. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. to a developing story on wall street. trading just wrapped up for the day after a brief rally. the dow jones industrial average once again ended the day in negative territory. the dow made up some ground throughout the day but within the past couple hours, fell again to finish more than 200 points down. that's after the dow's worst three-day drop in history, losing more than 1,000 points. stocks continue to plunge today and the chinese and japanese markets, this as china cut interest rates for the fifth time since november as it tries
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to boost its economy. the shanghai index has now lost more than 40% of its value in the past two months. we are working to get developing details about a shooting in glenolden, delaware county. police tell us two people were shot outside an apartment complex. skyforce 10 flew over the area where you can see officers looking for clues. we are working to find out who the gunman is and how the victims are doing. we will bring you any updates on air and on our nbc 10 app. now the storm threats in the atlantic and the pacific. take a look at this. this is a satellite image of all the tropical activity brewing in the pacific. there's a new storm in the atlantic to tell you about. erica has strengthened to a tropical storm and is on a path to the caribbean. our in-house hurricane speexpers tracking all the action. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. a lot of activity but is this above normal? >> this is now the peak of
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hurricane season. it's not surprising that we are seeing some activity in the atlantic but it's taken awhile because of that el nino in the pacific depressing everything here. it also suppressed danny, that's the remnants of danny. produced much-needed rain in puerto rico. they have had a drought there. this is erica, another pretty small storm that became a tropical storm yesterday. now 45 mile an hour maximum winds moving west at 20 miles an hour. now the predicted path of this, the computer models are in pretty good agreement that it's on the general track toward the bahamas but the real question is, is it going to survive that trip, because this area of yellow and orange, this is called wind shear. upper level winds rip the storm apart, that's what happened to danny, and the more colorful it is here in the path, the more unfavorable the conditions are for strengthening. so here we are on thursday and
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it's north of san juan and still has a lot of shear ahead of it. here it is on friday. the greater the shear, the more the storm is likely to weaken. it may not even survive this but if it does, and gets to the bahamas, by the weekend, now we have very little wind shear. the conditions become more favorable for strengthening and then if that happens, that becomes a threat to the united states. more on this storm and also our forecast coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. now to two major court rulings affecting new jersey today. the first is a setback to the state's struggling gambling industry. new jersey has struck out again in its efforts to offer legal sports betting. a federal appeals court panel today denied the garden state's latest appeals. new jersey has been trying since 2009 to offer sports betting at its casinos and racetracks. today's ruling leaves the door open for the new jersey to file
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another appeal. and the state has indicated that will happen shortly. meantime, a judge today approved an environmental contamination settlement twep between new jersey and exxonmobil. under the deal, exxon will pay $225 million for damage at 18 industrial sites and more than 800 gas stations across the garden state. environmentalists have criticized the settlement. new jersey wanted nearly $9 billion. now to efforts to end pennsylvania's ubudget standoff. leaders met briefly today but still no agreement. pennsylvania has been without a budget since july 1st. 55 days and some 16 hours later, the stalemate goes on. republicans passed a spending plan without new taxes in june but the democratic governor vetoed it. house republicans say they will attempt to override that veto. meanwhile, the stalemate has shut off funding to schools and a number of safety net services. so parents and education advocates in our area are putting the pressure on law makers to pass a new budget.
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nbc 10 in center city philadelphia this morning as a group called public citizens for children and youth boarded a bus for harrisburg to push for action. >> we want the legislature to pass a budget, restore the education cuts that have decimated many school districts over the last few years, and pass a fair funding formula for our schools so we don't have to go through this every single year. >> governor wolf is expected to meet with law makers again tomorrow in harrisburg. now to a school funding fight in delaware county. the next round is set to begin in about two hours. that's when parents and teachers gather at chester high school. at issue, governor wolf's proposal to cut funding to charter schools in the chester upland school district. lawyers for both the state and school district are in court about it this week. tonight's meeting is set for 6:00 at chester high. parents are concerned that no budget decision will mean the start of school will be delayed. the fate of a montgomery county elementary school will be the topic of discussion tonight.
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the superintendent recommended closing audubon elementary. parents aren't happy about it. the school board will meet in eagleville at 7:00. closing audubon would leave the remaining elementary school to absorb more than 400 students. the owner of a local skating rink was arrested on sexual assault charges involving a minor. john carlo owns the franklin skating center in gloucester county. prosecutors say he made recordings of a child and also showed child porn on his computer at the skating center. carlo turned himself in yesterday to police. he is being held on $200,000 bail. i want you to take a look at this now. philadelphia police say a man wanted for robbing and attacking a worker with mace has struck again. this new video shows the man at the 7-eleven at 22nd and market streets last tuesday. police say he asked for six-packs of cigarettes and sprayed the clerk with mace as he was bagging the items. he also took off with $62. police think the same man is
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responsible for a similar attack and robbery last wednesday at the 7-eleven on franklin town boulevard. an autopsy will take place tomorrow in allentown on indy car driver justin wilson. wilson was hit in the head by a piece of debris when another car crashed at pocono raceway on sunday. he was rushed to lehigh valley hospital cedar crest in allentown, where he died last night. wilson is the first indy car driver to die in an on-track accident in four years. this massive sinkhole you see in kensington is still being worked on today. that sinkhole opened up you yesterday afternoon. the city tells us it was caused by a 12 inch water main break. here's what that sinkhole looked like less than 24 hours ago. skyforce 10 was over huntington street when crews began to repair it. elsewhere today, a prosecutor in paris formally opened a terrorism investigation into the attempted attack on a train last week. prosecutors say the suspect watched a radical islam video on
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the train minutes before he attempted his attack. he was heavily armed with an ak-47, a businepistol and box c. investigators are expected to file a number of charges against the gunman. as you might recall, three americans are credited with stopping and subduing him. all three plus a fourth american and a british man were honored with france's highest civilian award. the fourth american was one of the first people to see and confront the gunman. the british man helped the three americans tackle him. new developments now in the corruption case involving new jersey senator bob menendez. the justice department is pushing back against efforts by the menendez to dismiss the indictment geagainst him. federal prosecutors have filed a response to hundreds of pages of legal filings from menendez. the democratic senator wants his case tossed out and has raised allegations of misconduct by government prosecutors. the prosecutors say the
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indictment is the result of an exhaustive investigation that spanned more than two years. menendez is charged with accepting gifts and bribes from a florida doctor in exchange for political favors. now to the latest on the investigation into pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. kane issued a statement today looking to the court system. she wants to know how and if she should release pornographic e-mails she claims are related to her case. kane is charged with leaking grand jury information to a newspaper, then lying about it. she insists the allegations stem from a pornographic e-mail scandal uncovered by her office. several people have already been fired because of the scandal and two high profile people have resigned. kane claims releasing the e-mails are crucial to her defense. a new poll shows nearly half of pennsylvania voters think kane should resign. 27% say she should stay. the others have no opinion. a montgomery county judge ruled yesterday that kane will stand trial. she is scheduled to be back in court for formal arraignment in
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october. quinnipiac university released its new poll today. it surveyed about 1100 voters earlier this month and voters were also asked about kane's handling of her job as attorney general. 54% disapproved of her performance. 20% approved. a quarter of those polled had no opinion. new jersey governor chris christie's urging jewish leaders to oppose the iran deal. christie held a press conference today and didn't hold back on his criticism of the arrangement or president obama. >> we cannot permit a treacherous, murderous, deceitful regime to possess the most dangerous weapon the world has ever invented. the president got himself in too deep here. too obsessed with his own legacy. >> meanwhile, the president has said making the deal with iran would prevent another war. congress will vote on the deal next month. donald trump has something to say today about fox news
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channel's request for an apology. he's saying no. fox news channel called for the apology after trump took to twitter to resume battle with one of fox's biggest names. trump welcomed megyn kelly back from vacation last night with a series of tweets. in one, he wrote that kelly must have had a terrible vacation because she's really off her game. he claimed megyn kelly was afraid to confront a guest on her tv show, dr. cornell west. trump said kelly has no clue about immigration. trump also tweeted that he liked the fox show more before kelly took it over. trump suggested she take what he called another 11-day unscheduled vacation. trump has been criticizing kelly ever since her questioning of him during the first republican presidential debate on fox. in calling for an apology today, the chairman of fox news channel said megyn kelly represents the best of american journalism. trump responded a short time later, saying he disagreed with the fox statement. he added he doesn't think kelly is a quality journalist.
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to this now. ashley now finds itself at the center of a lawsuit after hackers released personal information on millions of its users, including credit card numbers and sexual preferences. eight people are now suing the website which caters to those looking for extramarital affairs. they are seeking class action status to represent an estimated 37 million ashley madison users. the suit claims the website didn't take reasonable steps to protect the security of its users, including some who paid a special fee to have their information deleted. an earthquake rattled parts of west tennessee this afternoon. some residents near covington, tennessee say they felt the ground shake this morning. the u.s. geological survey says the 3.5 magnitude earthquake hit around 8:30 local time. fortunately, there are no reports of injuries or any damage from the quake. mt. everest is opening back up to climbers for the first time since the deadly earthquake
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happened earlier this year. a climber from japan is volunteering to climb first. that man will attempt the 29,000 foot climb by himself. the climber has attempted mt. everest before in 2012. he lost all of his fingers due to frostbite. he aims to begin his climb by mid-september. an earthquake back in april killed more than 9,000 people in nepal and left hundreds of thousands more homeless. it also triggered an avalanche on mout. everest that killed 18 climbers. it was a picture-perfect day to eat outdoors. nbc 10 in west chester, where this group was enjoying lunch under the sunshine. we've got a lot more chances to have lunch or dinner outside during this week. every single day, they've got days of comfort to go.
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but it will be heating up eventually. the tropics have become very active as you saw just a few minutes ago. we are tracking erica which is the one system in the atlantic ocean that is definitely worth monitoring. we have beautiful clear skies out there right now. it is warm, it's 88 degrees. the humidity is so low, though, it feels like only 86. so that helps. we have a 13 mile an hour wind, too. it's only in the low 80s north and west. 90 degrees in bensalem, out towards northeast philly, 88 in mt. holly, 88 at atlantic city international. it's a warm day. the average high is down to 84 degrees for the philadelphia area. at the shore, little bit cooler at lewes, delaware, into the low 80s along the rest of the jersey shore. 78 degree ocean temperature, that's about as high as it's gotten all season. now, as far as lows tonight with very light winds, low humidity,
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gets down into the 50s north and west, reading and allentown, 56 degrees while comfortable 65 in philadelphia. nobody is going to be especially warm. you can see the dry air that's over us right now. we have some clouds back across the great lakes but the rain is way up in canada. so none of that's headed this way. just fair weather clouds is all i would be expecting the rest of the week. lot of dry air over a lot of the country. now, the west winds keeping things on the dry side and getting us in the future cast, the clouds and rain. want to mention that because you won't see much of either other than the dry northwest or west winds that are coming in here. there's wednesday night. we still don't even have significant cloud cover let alone any kind of rain. anywhere in the area. so it's good time to go wash the car because it's not about to get rained on. there's the remnants of danny. there is erica out in the
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atlantic, east of the caribbean. it's moving to the west, 45 mile an hour winds. new advisory coming out fairly soon. the latest track from the national hurricane center taking it west-northwest, just north of puerto rico and toward the bahamas. this big bermuda high in the middle of the atlantic prevents it from curving so the only thing to really stop this is that wind shear i was talking about, to weaken it or rip it apart totally, because if it manages to survive into the bahamas or anywhere around here, then it's a threat to land, obviously. potential threat to the united states. if it survives that trip. clear and comfortable tonight, skwief degrees for the low. 56 north and west. tomorrow, lot of sunshine, low humidity, bright blue skies
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again. not as warm. low to mid 80s. then we drop another couple degrees on thursday, low 80s on friday. that's just perfect weather for most folks. it starts to get more humid on saturday. temperature comes up a little. and more humid on sunday, up near 90 degrees. now we are talking hot and humid. we still don't see any real triggers for lots of thunderstorms. cape may residents calling out their mayor. the local ordinance they say he selectively enforced, leaving them without a ride to work. >> they go away and don't come back until somebody gets their attention like you guys. the nbc 10 investigators getting results on this dangerous gas leak in philadelphia. putting residents at risk. why it's taking pgw six months to fix it.
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the latest on a looming
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strike at the taj mahal casino. today atlantic city's main casino workers union said it will give billionaire carl icahn one last chance before hitting the picket lines. he is in the process of acquiring the taj from bankruptcy court. local 54 held a strike preparation event at the casino today. it's threatening to walk if the casino doesn't restore its health insurance and pension coverage. carl icahn has called the benefits unaffordable. a grocery store chain in our area is hosting a food drive to help people who can't afford groceries. several shop-rite stores will have a bin in front of their stores where shoppers can donate nonperishable food. the collection runs through mid-september. it will supplement fresh food shop-rite stores are already donating to food banks. in washington, d.c., two panda cubs born over the weekend aren't doing well today. >> officials at the smithsonian say they are paying special
4:25 pm
attention to the instasmaller o cubs, because the mother isn't letting keepers swap in the smaller newborn for feeding. officials are trying to switch the cubs every several hours to give mom a chance to bond with one cub at a time. right now, keepers are using bottles and tube feeding the smaller cub which they say seems to be doing just fine. that's the most important part of that story. >> have to watch them closely. still ahead, fixing some of pennsylvania's most dangerous gas lines. >> the nbc 10 investigators uncovered a problem spot in philadelphia months ago and now work is under way. today, nbc 10 is asking why it took so long and when it will finally be fixed. plus a dog used as a weapon. next, the confrontation where a man swung his pet at a police officer. and the countdown is on to eagles preseason game number three. the birds visit the packers saturday night.
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you can see that game only on nbc 10 at 8:00 p.m. pregame coverage starts at 7:30. nbc 10 is the official television station of the eagles.
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4:29 pm lling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at months after the nbc 10 investigators exposed a gas leak in a philadelphia neighborhood, residents say it's still a problem. >> investigative reporter mitch blacher first started asking about the issue back in february. now after he told regulators about the latest leak we are seeing results. mitch is live in grays ferry with more on what's being done. >> reporter: we are on grays ferry avenue. look at this street. it's pock marked. it's been torn up several times over the past few months.
4:30 pm
as we have been reporting on what residents have called a gas safety issue. they continually smelled gas in the street over the course of those months. now pgw says there is going to be a fix. they are going to tear up this street, two miles of gas main they are going to replace beneath grays ferry avenue. >> 50 feet. >> reporter: philadelphia gas workers were not eager to show off their work. this was the third time since february we documented them repairing something on grays ferry avenue. this time they pushed us back, they say for safety. we watched as people walked and drove by closer than we were allowed. still not happy we were there workers took an extra step, blocking the work site from our cameras. is that all for safety? >> i would presume so, yeah. i mean, everything we do begins and ends with trying to create a safe environment to maintain a safe environment. >> reporter: pgw's spokesman said by september the two mile, 30 inch gas main running under
4:31 pm
the road will be replaced. >> if somebody on that street says why did it take so long, what's the answer? >> the answer is it took exactly as long as it needed to take. >> reporter: we told state regulators about this latest leak and within hours, they were out here to supervise pgw's work. >> they go away and don't come back until somebody gets their attention. >> reporter: for months, neighbors have said they have smelled gas on the street. as we have shown you, he's been testing it, confirming what his nose is telling him. this time, pgw confirmed the readings. >> one of the joints on a natural gas main in that area have become a little bit loose and some gas had leaked out from there. >> reporter: this isn't the only problem line in pgw's system. on average, philly gas crews fix about 20 a day. pgw plans to replace all 3,000 miles of its gas lines. >> hopefully these major issues
4:32 pm
are on pgw's radar and it's a high priority for them because as soon as it is brought to the pcu's attention be it's a very high priority. >> reporter: pgw has been watching grays ferry avenue, taking its own readings every 48 hours in the six months between our first interview back in february and hopefully our final one on the topic last week. >> the system that we operate is safe. it was safe yesterday, safe today and it will be safe tomorrow. >> reporter: now over the course of our reporting, we have introduced you to many residents affected by this. one of the most memorable was a 2-year-old girl. she would be 90 years old if pgw's replacement plan continues. that's an 88-year replacement plan to replace all 3,000 miles of philadelphia gas works pipeline system beneath the streets. right now they are working on a plan to cut that in half. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news
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at 4:00. a man is shot dead in the lobby of the chester county justice center after attacking a sheriff's deputy. now nbc 10 has learned the same man was arrested at the white house a few months ago, accused of jumping the fence there. curtis smith was shot and killed during today's attack in west chester. a police deputy was injured when smith came at him with a knife. the deputy is being treated in the hospital. a foul smell leads police to three decomposing bodies in a strawberry mansion garage. that garage belongs to the owner of the powell funeral home, just around the corner from the garage. police say one of the bodies may have been there for a month. the funeral home is closed for construction. another tumultuous day on wall street after surging into positive territory for much of the day, all three major indexes finished down for the day. this comes after the worst three-day drop in history.
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we have new information tonight about the man shot and killed by police in ocean county. authorities now say julian hoffman appeared to have a hand gun when he approached two officers at a home in brick township sunday night. the home is in cherrywood circle. police responded there after a man called 911 to say he was going to create a disturbance. investigators say they ordered hoffman to drop his gun when they arrived but say he didn't. they shot and killed him. a well-known gymnastics coach was arrested on child molestation charges. a 48-year-old man from indiana was arrested sunday night. the investigation into marvin scharf began after a female gymnast filed a complaint against him. detectives removed computers and other electronics from his home. they also raided his gym. he is considered an elite coach. he has sent more than 100 athletes to national championships and one to the 2008 olympic games.
4:35 pm
a kansas man uses his dog as a weapon by swinging the animal at police. take a look at this dash cam video from sunday. the man has a dog on a leash and you see him swing the animal there at an officer. police say neighbors called after they saw the man roaming through yards, kicking fences. the suspect faces animal cruelty charges. we can report the dog right there is doing just fine. he is at an animal shelter. >> thankfully he's doing okay. a stumble at an exhibition ended with damage to a painting worth more than $1 million. a 12-year-old boy tripped and caught his balance by pushing against a 17th century oil painting. it happened in taiwan over the weekend. a representative from the exhibition says the boy's hand left a hole the size of a fist. an arts specialist was called to restore that painting. the painting was said to be 350 years old. when you see him trip, he's actually holding a drink in his hand, too.
4:36 pm
they say they are not going to charge the family to restore it. fortunately it was insured. getting kids to eat their fruits and vegetables can be very tricky. >> getting to do it when you aren't around, yeah, that's even tougher. we will tell you about the lunchtime trick to get kids to eat the healthy stuff at school. plus, the memory loss supplement health experts now say does nothing to slow down the onset of dementia.
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there are nearly 47 million people living with dementia throughout the world according to a new estimate called alzheimer's disease international. the number's on the rise, too. researchers say more than half of all people with dementia live in developing countries. a new study finds omega 3 dietary supplements do nothing to protect older people from memory loss. fish like salmon and sardines are high in omega 3s and some research suggested those foods
4:40 pm
may have a protective effect on memory. but this new research found no such benefit when it came to omega 3 supplements. if you check your child's lunch bag when they return home and see the fruits and veggies you gave them are gone and think that means they ate them, not necessarily. university of vermont researchers looked at pictures of school lunch trays before and after kids ate. most kids threw away the fruits and vegetables without ever touching them. experts say kids may find the healthy food more appealing if it's cut or sliced rather than left whole. the government mandated more fruits and vegetables in school lunch trays. there is a new way to see how much you save on your energy bill by using solar panels. it's called project sunroof. it estimates your savings by how much sunlight your roof gets. it estimates what type you should get based on square
4:41 pm
footage and what you pay for power. it is only available in a few cities but is looking to expand. we all know this. halloween just a few weeks away. amazing that summer, as a matter of fact, is coming to a close. there's a new costume to tell you about that will be named the most controversial. >> it plays off caitlyn jenner's transition to a woman. the costume reminiscent of her "vanity fair" cover.
4:42 pm
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4:44 pm
its's officially back to school for two charter schools in philadelphia. young scholars charter school kicked off the school year today. children in grades kindergarten through eighth lined up and were greeted by their new teachers. new school years bring students shuffling in and out of school, sometimes into busy streets and intersections. aaa wants to remind drivers, pay
4:45 pm
attention to crossing guards and safety patrols and follow directions. crossing guards have the same rights and responsibilities that police officers or even our school safety patrollers have. if they tell you to stop or they signal you to stop, you actually by law have a requirement to stop and stop a good distance away because children are not just going to follow in one straight line. >> aaa's safety patrol program has been around since 1920. more than 80 delaware schools participate. a new caitlyn jenner halloween costume is sparking outrage on social media. it's made by a company called spirits halloween. an online petition to have it pulled was launched today. more than 3,000 signatures so far. the costume includes a wig, an outfit similar to the one jenner wore in her now famous "vanity fair" cover. the former olympian opened up about her female identity in the
4:46 pm
july issue. the online petition says the costume is an insult to the transgender community. spirit halloween has not commented. it's been a great day to be outside. a lot of folks out enjoying the weather today. we shot this video on main street in newark. new castle county. we will be able to shoot scenes like that tomorrow and for thursday and for friday. we've got days of comfort. the rest of the week is going to be comfortable. the tropics, very active. the atlantic picking up and the pacific has been going crazy for the entire summer, actually. we are tracking erica, the newest storm in the atlantic. the phillies playing again, this time the atmospheric conditions not as favorable for home runs as they were last night when they really couldn't get any
4:47 pm
better. we had a southerly wind. tonight is a west wind. that's going out toward the right field foul pole. it won't be as warm or humid. 88 degrees right now, feels like 88 with the humidity not too high. this is the pocono mountains, another beautiful day there. you see loads of people in the water. it's 72 up there in mt. pocono with a west wind across the area, dry wind. 81 in allentown, quakertown, pottstown, 83 in doylestown. 88 in mt. holly, 86 in washington township, 85 in wilmington, 89 in wrightstown. places close to 90 degrees but the humidity has really dropped today. 83 degrees in beach haven with the wind right along the coast. the ocean temperature is 78 degrees. we've got dry air, lots of sunshine around. we will have fair weather clouds perhaps coming up tomorrow with this system but the showers are up in canada, so much of the
4:48 pm
country is on the dry side now. as we go through the night tonight, and into tomorrow, this future cast is showing clouds and rain, if it's going to occur and in this case it's not going to occur. you can see the temperatures dropping down into the 50s in many of the suburbs as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow. then into the afternoon, we are still going to be seeing very little in the way of clouds. that's the remnants of danny near puerto rico. this is erica moving to the west, 40 mile an hour winds, moving west at 20 miles an hour. the latest track from the national hurricane center keeps it fairly weak and then toward the bahamas as we go into the weekend. that's really going to be critical, if it can survive to the bahamas, it's obviously a threat to the u.s. but we won't know that for a couple days. it's not going to curve out to sea because of that big bermuda high sitting out there.
4:49 pm
now, this shows the wind shear. lot of wind high up in the atmosphere, really bad for development for storms. so the more colorful it is, the more hostile the environment. so there it is today. it's pretty hostile. by thursday, ripping the storm apart, still near san juan. by friday, still lots of shear out here but if it manages to survive into the bahamas, we don't have the shear anymore. then it really can strengthen. that's something we have to watch over the next couple of days, see if it weakens. clear and comfortable tonight, 65 for the low in philadelphia, 56 north and west. tomorrow, beautiful sunshine, low humidity, cooler than today. and then another day like that tomorrow and another day like that on friday. then the temperature starts to go up. saturday, along with the humidity, then it's just plain hot and humid starting on sunday. there's a bike battle brewing along the jersey shore
4:50 pm
boardwalk. >> city workers confiscated dozens of bikes. why owners say they are unfairly targeted. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood
4:51 pm
with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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left stranded and without warning, residents and visitors in cape may including some lifeguards had no ride home monday afternoon. >> their bikes were confiscated by city officials for locking them up on the boardwalk promenade. nbc 10's cydney long is live in cape may. this is a big no-no under the city ordinance? >> reporter: it is. we have a copy of that ordinance and it clearly states that no one can park, ride or leave their bicycles up here on the promenade area but the signs
4:54 pm
down here, the welcome signs, they don't make it perfectly clear and even city officials say it's an ordinance they have let slide. >> we had to choose locks this big and they started snipping locks off. >> reporter: as she and her family left the beach monday, city workers they say were cutting the locks on 30 bikes, chained to the promenade fence like this. >> putting them in the back of a pickup truck and taking them away. they were labeled cape may city trucks. >> we ran down here and our bikes were in there. we're like what are you doing with our bikes? the cop said you're not allowed to leave them up there. they never gave us a warning or anything. >> reporter: 13-year-old cape may resident brandon smith says the street level racks are always full. he got his bike back but dozens were hauled off to the west cape may police annex. the city says the residents violated an ordinance that bans bikes being locked and left on the promenade. >> says nothing about don't park your bike on the ramp. it says no bike riding.
4:55 pm
we don't ride our bikes. >> is it an ordinance that is enforced all summer? >> no, we don't enforce it all summer long. >> why yesterday? >> i don't apologize for the city taking some action to remove bikes that are attached to a park bench or to a railing that supports access to the promenade. >> reporter: city manager bruce mccloud says some bikes posed a public safety hazard. >> that's just ridiculous. he left kids stranded, took the lifeguards' bicycles, anybody that was there. snap, snap, snap. >> reporter: mary's daughter is handicapped. they had their bikes taken and plan to fight the summons. >> the fine is $100 for each bike. that's enough, isn't it? for an unposted law. >> reporter: as of right now, everyone that had their bikes taken did get them back but those of them that are left with these broken locks, they do plan
4:56 pm
to fight this in municipal court here in september. they say even when their parking meters run out at a parking spot, their cars are not booted or towed right away. live in cape may, cydney long, nbc 10 news. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" crooks using counterfeit cash at stores across the lehigh valley. >> how they are pulling off the scam. what you should know if that cash is passed along to you. we have days of beautiful weather ahead. cooler temperatures tonight. i will show you how cool, plus the tropics are getting more active. we will take a look at the updated track of erica coming up. plus new developments on the main line restaurant shut down because of roaches. tonight, the owners are sending a message to their customers. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:57 pm
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right now at 5:00, chaos at the courthouse. a deputy sheriff is wheeled out of chester county courthouse on a stretcher after a man attacks him with a knife. tonight we learned of that man's criminal history involving charges that he jumped the white house fence. but first, a foul odor leads police to three bodies inside a philadelphia garage. now the focus is on a nearby funeral home. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" starts right now. sources tell nbc 10 one of the bodies was there at least a month. >> right now at 5:00, nbc 10's deanna durante goes to the funeral home to get answers.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: officers from here at the 22nd district were the first to arrive responding to a 911 call of foul odor. philadelphia police tell us the owner of the funeral home told them she knew the bodies were inside that garage. what were the bodies doing here? why would you put them in a garage? >> i got to do my work. >> reporter: neighbors say this is the owner of the powell funeral home. she refused to talk to us about why three bodies were left in a garage around the corner from her north philadelphia funeral home. >> don't believe something like this happened in our neighborhood. but i do know janet and she's always been a professional person. >> reporter: crowds began to gather on the street after police arrived. inside they say they found three bodies. this was after 911 calls were made to report a foul odor. >> noticed t


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