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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  August 27, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now, coworkers are remembering two journalists killed on live television. as a makeshift memorial gross outside their station, we are hearing from the boyfriend of the anchor gunned down. hi, i'm tracy davidson. the cbs affiliate in roanoke, virginia, is back on air after two colleagues were shot and killed on live tv. by vester lee flanagan. flanagan went bit name bryce williams when he worked there. in his 23-page suicide note, he described himself as a human
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powder keg, waiting to go boom. >> eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. >> after a short chase by police, flanagan shot and killed himself. alison parker and adam ward were in relationships with colleagues and each have ties to our area. alison parker's boyfriend is an anchor at the station, chris hurst, went to conestoga and temple university for a year. he tweeted a picture with his girlfriend yesterday, saying she was the most radiant woman i ever met and for some reason she loved me back. this morning he talked about alison on the "today" show. >> she made us take these pictures sometimes when i didn't even to want smile, but she brought a smile out of me i didn't even know existed. she did that with everyone else she touched. that's why i'm so thankful there are so many pictures of her and adam together and so many pictures of her happiness.
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that's what we'll have forever. >> and the fiancee of the photographer who was shot and killed, melissa on ott, grew up in gibbstown, gloucester county. she started as an intern here at nbc10. she turned to facebook as an outlet last night writing, i'm not okay. and i won't be for a long time. but the enormous outpour of love and support from so many of you near and far is so much appreciated. yesterday was her last day working at that station in virginia. she was moving to north carolina to start a new job. she posted this picture before the shooting tomorrow morning. adam brought balloons to work and coworkers brought flowers and cake to celebrate her last date. adam was also going to move to north carolina. most recent tropical storm in atlantic has started to affect caribbean islands. erika is a potential threat to florida. nbc10 chief meteorologist glaus
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glaus is here with the latest track of the storm. fill us in. >> yeah. the 11:00 a.m. advisory has just come in minutes ago. erika continues on a westward track. there is miami. there is erika. it's been producing some tremendous rains in parts of caribbean islands. the island of dominica has had 6 inches. it's moving with winds 16 miles an hour. the center is not in the center of where the thunderstorms are. it is still in balance. it is not strengthening. there are no signs of it strengthening any time soon because of a number of factors. one factor is the land mass is ahead of it have a lot of mountains. puerto rico and dominican republic and many of the computer models take the track pretty close to the dominican
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republican. it's fairly consistent with a close call at florida as we go into sunday and into early next week. so, the latest official storm track from the hurricane center once again takes it through the bahamas and very close to the southeast coast of florida as we go into early monday. the possibilities? it could still curve farther out to the east so that it misses florida by a decent amount but could potentially go west of florida. the way this is now, unfavorable conditions for development with these kind of storms make the forecast that much more difficult. we'll get more into the possibilities of erika and also
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our weather, how long this great weather is going to last with the seven-day in a few minutes. it's starting out as another day of recovery on wall street. the dow industrials gained more than 200 points in the first few minutes. here's a live look at the big board still up 283 points. wall street soared more than 600 points at the closing bell yesterday, breaking six straight days of losses. the nasdaq and s&p also rose. china's key stock index surged more than 5% today. the biggest gain in eight weeks. markets rose after gut-wrenching global losses. we have new video at a theft at larry's steaks in yorktown. this happened a week ago around 4:30 in the morning. a guy smashes the front door, crawls, and he takes two cash registers before crawling back out through the broken glass door. police are looking for any tips you might have to help them find that guy. >> take a look at this
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surveillance picture. philadelphia police are working with the fbi to catch this guy. they say he robbed citizens bank on south 24th yesterday afternoon. police say he passed a note to the teller and then ran off with the cash. police say he is armed and dangerous. police in merion are looking for three masked men they say robbed this 7-eleven this morning around 4:30. the guys walked in with guns, asking for money. one of the employees was attacked but is expected to be okay. we were just there as police were leaving the store. police believe a deadly shooting in the francisville neighborhood may be drug related. investigators say two friends found the 24-year-old victim in his victim at poplar and 15th. he had been shot in the head. police tell us there were no signs of forced entry. they found remnants of marijuana, a strong odor in the apartment, a shell casing by the victim but no gun. police are looking for the
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killer. philadelphia police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck they say caused a five-car pileup and then left the scene. the crash happened around 6:00 at wyoming avenue and old york road in the city's logan section. the pickup backed out of the driveway and crashed into a car and caused a chain reaction. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. a local funeral director is telling her side of the story after a disturbing discovery in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood. police found three bodies in this garage on tuesday after neighbors complained of a strange odor. the garages were under the ownership of powell funeral home. the family of the deceased demanded answers. >> i'm not lying. >> mother, ask my mother if she -- >> i got to go.
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>> i bet you do. >> powell told us they were stored in the business-owned garage because it was easier to pick them up from a single location. powell's funeral home is closed for renovation and investigators want to know more. they're also looking into the finances including $17,000 in back taxes owed to the city of philadelphia. if you live near the water in one part of delaware county, don't be alarmed if you see a lot of police activity. it is a drill. they're practicing if a dangerous scenario happened. nbc10's monique broadcast ton is live with more on what this exercise is all about. >> reporter: the xib is leading emergency personnel, like homeland security, s.w.a.t. team members and police from chester county, montgomery county and those here in delaware county on a tactical drill. our camera was rolling when the teams landed on tinicum island.
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they're simulating a response to a situation where rockets or bombs are about to be launched against dell county. this is also under the airport's flight path, so they're practicing a united response to people who want to take planes down. this exercise falls less than one month before pope francis arrives. >> well, certainly, we to want make sure the pope is safe. beyond, that we want to make sure the residents of philadelphia, residents of delaware county and anyone that wants to visit this particular area for the papal visit are protected. >> reporter: if i ask if the waterway around tinicum island was monitored, i was told yes, by air and on the ground. outside tinicum island, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." a sudden disaster overseas caught on camera. one minute people are standing on the sidewalk, then in an instant they were swallowed by the earth. this morning we have an update on the people who ended up in a
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sinkhole. officials are warning visitors to one zoo. find out what they may have been exposed to coming up. it's nice and comfortable now. 90-degree temperatures are going to return. i'll show you when ahead in my seven-day forecast.
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imagine you're standing in a bus stop and all of a sudden it opens up underneath you. that's what happened in china. five people were swal load up by
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this sinkhole. a surveillance camera captured the whole thing. all five people are okay. there are new charges for the man accused of killing a louisiana state trooper. trooper vincent died on monday. they say kevin daegle killed him after a routine traffic stop monday night and now they say he is tied no another killing and used the same gun in both. he is being held on $1.5 million in bail. police have one man in custody after a shooting on the southern texas campus. one person is in critical condition. the northstar fire in northern washington state is still burning. that fire started a week ago. mandatory evacuations were enforced yesterday. you see people in tents. they're moving their pets, too. so far more than 168 acres have burned. the big concern is other fires burning less than five miles away. in alabama, the birmingham
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zoo closed its bird exhibit after birds tested positive for a bacterial disease. so anyone who has visited that exhibit in the pa month could have been exposed. it's one of the most popular attractions at the birmingham zoo. so far no one at the zoo is sick and the birds are being treated. closing arguments are under way in that closely watched sexual assault trial in new hampshire. after we heard the suspect in his own words for the first time. here's a live picture from con cord, new hampshire, right now, where attorneys are making their case. yesterday owen labrie appeared calm, presenting himself as a high achieving soccer captain who planned to attend harvard and become a minister. at one point his accuser left the courtroom in tears. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports. >> your honor, the defense calls owen labrie. >> reporter: closing arguments after 19-year-old labrie took
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the stand as the defense's only stand. >> was there any indication at that point [ bleep ] did not want you to take her pants off? >> no. >> did she say anything? >> no. >> reporter: labrie said the encounter last year with a 15-year-old freshman, who we're not identifying, was consensual and kissing. prosecutors say he plotted the meeting for months as he completed with friends at the elite prep school to see who could score with or slay the most girls. >> you were excited about having sex with [ bleep ] correct? >> i was excited to see her. >> you were excited to see her because you wanted to have sex with her. >> no. >> you were excited to see her because you wanted to slay her. >> i was waiting to see how the night went. >> reporter: labrie acknowledged he later deleted 119 facebook messages. >> it was my mom's advice. >> reporter: he told a friend he'd used every trick in the book to have sex with that girl. he said that comment and others
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were crude jokes. >> it was a joke but today it's a lie, right? >> yes, it is a lie. you know, i -- i wanted to boast to my friends. >> reporter: as labrie read other messages he exchanged with the girl, she left the courtroom in tears. >> it was appalling for everyone in the courtroom to hear his attitude and behavior towards the way he talked about women on campus. >> reporter: labrie has pleaded not guilty to all charges. >> i think he answered all of the questions that were asked of him directly. truthfully and completely. and i could not be more pleased that the jury saw the real owen labrie. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. the girl later returned to the courtroom for the cross-examination. if convicted labrie faces up to 20 years in prison for each of the felony sexual assault charges.
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>> things are changing down in the caribbean and perhaps changing in florida as well. so, we're going to be seeing more and more talk about erika. it is a threat to florida and potentially the southeast coast of the united states as well. we have more perfect weather around here coming, but 90-degree temperatures are going to be coming also. the temperature now, 76 degrees. the winds north-northwest at 9. feels like 76. the humidity is pretty low. around the same temperature as yesterday and that's where we'll be this afternoon, too. we're in the 70s just about everywhere except for that 63 at mt. pocono. that is pretty cool for this time of the day at this time of the year. and we're in the mid-70s across most of the rest of the area, too, despite all of that sunshine. so, it is kind of a cool air mass for this time of the year. there's that northwest wind so that the beaches are same
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temperature as what we're seeing inland. a few fair weather clouds neert great lakes. lots of dry air across a good bit of the country. that certainly continues. there's that northwest wind. keeping things dry. get a few clouds from time to time but generally fair weather type clouds. there's the nearly wind coming in tomorrow morning. watch what happens to this wind as we go not only -- not during the day tomorrow. tomorrow is nice and comfortable, too, but as we head towards saturday, the wind starts shifting, coming in off the ocean. the temperature starts going up as we get a southwest wind there on saturday. the weekend is definitely going to be warmer than what we have seen the last few days. now to erika. there's florida and there is erika. looks a lot more ominous than it
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really is because it's off-season. the center is actually right here. if it was in the middle of all those thunderstorms, that would be a little more impressive to me. we're starting to see thunderstorms near the center a little bit. this right now is moving more to the west. now, the tracks yesterday, we're talking about it going north of puerto rico. if it keeps going like this, it can't go north of puerto rico so the track has to change a little bit. 50-mile-an-hour max winds now moving west at 16 miles an hour. and the conditions are not favorable for strengthening at the moment. the latest computer models still bring it generally north of puerto rico and into the bahamas. and, obviously, with the threat to florida, the official track is there with the one on the left side of where the computer models are, partly because of where it's moving right now.
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there is more uncertainty, i think, than the computer models would be suggesting. and it's mostly related to the strength of this thing. the official track, 65-mile-an-hour, tropical storm as it hits the bahamas. conditions are unfavorable for rapid strengthening now. once it gets to the bahamas, if it gets that far, it will be much more favorable condition and environment and warm water, and that could really strengthen the thing. not just perhaps into a category 1 if everything comes together. so, there's a lot of potential here and a lot of uncertainty as we talk more about that in the next half hour. jun with low humidity today. high temperatures into the low 80s. seven-day forecast, mid-80s tomorrow. again, low humidity. then starts heating up saturday and sunday, the humidity goes up
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as well and we may have multiple days of 90-plus. new findings about dangerous viruses. local researchers make a new discovery about ebola and it could change the way wastewater is handled. we'll have the details straight ahead. when it comes to heart health, some doctors now say you shouldn't worry about counting calories. see what you should worry about instead.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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we are following breaking news off the coast of florida where a search operation is under way. a twin-engine cessna is believed to have crashed off the water near titusville near ken i can space center. the last contact was at 4:00 in the afternoon. they may have spotted debris between then and now. you can sea coast guard both in the water. this is off the coast of florida. we're working to get you more information. as soon as we do, we'll bring it to you. if you're worried about heart health, stop worrying about calories. you should worry about how nutritious your food is, like nuts, high in calories but linked to reduced risk of heart attack and strokes. scientists say eating two more servings of nuts a week could reduce cardiovascular deaths in the u.s. it's back to school which means more kids near the roads and more cars and buses on the
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roads. traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children 5 to 19. that's from a new report from safe kids worldwide. an estimated 500 children are killed and tens of thousands are hurt in car accidents every day. drexel university is behind new research about ebola. new studies show the disease can survive in waste water for eight days. right now ebola contaminated waste usually goes right into the sewage systems. this research will change the way ebola waste is handled. before school even starts we're talking about missing school. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, children missed 22 million days of school every year because of the common cold. but a new germ-killing product hopes to bring that number down. at this school in texas, they're testing out a new product that helps keep germs from spreading. >> just peel it and stick it to get it on the structure, and then you take a little heat gun if if you want a shrink wrap
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effect. it's metal based in silver so it doesn't allow microorganisms to multiply. >> it reduces the spread of staph injections by 99.9%. the film transfer protects surfaces from bacteria for a year. we're continuing to follow developments out of virginia. a makeshift memorial is growing for two journalists gunned down by a former coworker. coming up, we're hearing from the husband of the woman who survived that attack. and protecting your privacy online. one company now says, they can erase your digital fingerprints.
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checking out our top stories right now, a look at today's headlines. philadelphia police believe a deadly shooting in francisville neighborhood may be drug related. investigators say two friends
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went to their friend's apartment this morning and found him shot in the head. police are still looking for the killer. philadelphia police are looking for the driver of a pickup truck they say caused a five-car pileup and then left. the crash happened around 6:00 this morning in the city's logan section. police say the pickup truck backed out of the driveway causing a chain-reaction crash. police are looking for this smash and grab burglar. this is video from larry steaks in yorktown. police say this happened one week ago at 4:30 in the morning. the guy smashes the front door, crawls in. once inside, he takes two cash registers. tropical storm erika is affecting some caribbean islands and the storm on a path to cause it to become a potential threat in florida. let's get the latest from nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, as you look at that storm and look at the symbol for the tropical storm, you think, well, it's in the wrong place.
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they put the symbol in the wrong spot. obviously, the storm is centered in the middle of that activity. that's not the case here. we have a long way to go before we see that storm getting any kind of threat to the united states. it is definitely going in the general recollection of puerto rico. eventually it will be tracking toward the dominican republic and haiti. and then the bahamas. it has a long way to go before it gets anywhere near the state of florida. there are plenty of mountains in the way, too. the latest computer models show pretty much agreement of it coming over the bahamas, the fact that it's disorganized now
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makes this a little questionable because we're seeing the storms generally tracking a little more to the left of what we expect. this happens time after time after time. if it tracks a little to the left, that means part goes over over dominican republic, partly over cuba. it's weak now. if it hits those mountains, it gets even weaker. more possibilities around here for the future of erika. more on that coming up with the rest of our seven-day in a few minutes. meantime, president obama travels to new orleans today as the city and so many along the gulf coast. remember the devastation of hurricane katrina ten years after the massive storm. they're celebrating the resilience of communities affected and they are continuing to continue the difficult recovery. nbc10's jay gray is in new orleans with a closer look. >> we had about 1 foot of water.
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over the top of the ceiling and this door here. >> reporter: this took ten years, but joshua felix is coming home. is this home? >> oh, yeah, lord have mercy. god bless them. it was a disaster. >> reporter: the most costly disaster and largest hurricane in u.s. history. katrina had sustained winds of 140 miles an hour, ravaging the gulf coast and ripping through the levees around new orleans. >> one of the levees has given way. >> those who have endured such pain will tell you, that when everything is slipping away, the natural instinct is to tighten your grip to that was secure, struggling to hold on to what was. >> reporter: a decade later, a sense of kurt and tens of thousands of evacuees have returned to the city. >> you have to make the best out of the cards you've been dealt. have you to make the best out of your hand.
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>> reporter: an effort that continues in the french quarter and across the city, including the lower ninth ward. the area hardest hit by the floodwaters. >> new orleans is on a roll. like 78% of our residents, i'm optimistic about our future. >> reporter: future, survivors will not allow to be define the by the storm. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. one day after two virginia journalists were gunned down by a former colleague, people are coming together to pay tribute to their lives. nbc's sahas the story from roanoke. >> please join us in a moment of silence. >> reporter: a somber moment of silence at the time of wednesday's shooting that claimed the lives of alison parker and adam ward. >> we're doing okay.
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my greatest concern is about the news team. and they're doing a marvelous job of holding it together. >> reporter: the pair described not just to colleagues but as a team, dedicated to bringing the news to the community they loved. both were embarking on new chapters in their personal lives as well. ward was engaged to be married. parker had recently moved in with her boyfriend, station anchor chris hurst. >> she was looking forward to life. i was looking forward to a life with her. >> reporter: the two were interviewing vicky gardner live when they were ambushed by vester flanagan, former anchor. parker and ward were killed and gardner is in good condition following surgery. >> i immediately tried to call her on her cell phone. there was no response. the next time i spoke to her is when she called me from the ambulance. it was a pretty bad few minutes. >> reporter: the shooting was not only broadcast live but also was filmed by flanagan who later
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posted it online. flanagan, who went by the on-air name bryce williams was fired by the station in 2013. management describes him as an angry man who seemed to seek out confrontation. still, there were apparently no signs he was planning such a violent attack on two of his former colleagues. young journalists, now being remembered not for how they died, before the lives they led on air and off. last night president obama called the shootings heartbreaking. he also said the number of people who die from gun violence dwarf any deaths that happen through terrorism. meantime, the atf says the gun flanagan used was bought legally but they did not say where or when it was purchased. now to decision 2016. scott walker in iowa this morning, meeting with people at a coffee shop, talking about concerns that he has about cyber attacks against the u.s. he and other republican candidates are calling on president obama to cancel next
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month's state dinner planned with china's president. hillary clinton, who was in iowa yesterday, is in cleveland today. here's a live look. democratic candidate is speaking at case western reserve university. it's her first stop in ohio since announcing she is running. philadelphia is trying to build excitement for the pope's visit. city officials debuted the "i'll be there" campaign. they say security restrictions won't stop the fun for visitors. world meeting of families has a new name for the so-called traffic box of closures, calling it the francis festival of grounds. there will be food and beverage vendors as well. we're helping you prepare for the papal visit with our "nbc10 news" app. you'll find a full itinerary. a full download at imagine getting a bill saying you need to pay thousands to fix your sidewalk or else. that's exactly what happened to some homeowners in jenkinstown,
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montgomery county. it was going through a major facelift and repaving new roads in repair. many sidewalks are also being fixed but homeowners are responsible for paying for sidewalks. residents we talked with gave mixed opinions. >> i'm happy to do it because if you don't, they're going to raise your taxes if they have to do the whole town. >> it's just unfair. for a lot of people, it's creating a tremendous hardship. >> officials say they are giving people a lot of time to make the repairs. they have a few months to make them. 2 1/2 miles of north broad street in philadelphia are about to get brighter. new lights will line broad from hamilton streets to glenwood avenue and 41 decorative light towers are going up. each light is made of stainless steel mesh, stands 55 feet tall. the lights are programmed to be on every night from dusk until dawn. thousands of loaves of bread
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are being recalled because they may contain fragments of glass. it was sold under the brand name sarah lee, bimbo and love and fresh. there are small reports of glass found outside the bread. they say it came from a broken light bulb at one of its bakeries. you communicate, bank and buy online. we do so much on the internet. how do you know your personal information is safe? a new software from a startup company that claims to protect your information. while you're online looking at clothes, researching a medical condition or checking out a vacation spot, this is going on. this is what it looks like when a big data company tracks you. it happens all the time. >> right now you can go online and without ever entering an e-mail or a name, companies know who you are and what you're doing. >> reporter: the latest method is called digit fingerprinting, information collected from your
11:40 am
web browser and computer. it's how the boots i was thinking about buying ended up on my facebook page. >> i think if consumers knew the depth and scope with which they're being tracked, they would be absolutely appalled. because it is so prevalent with everything they do online. >> reporter: two college friends, a privacy lawyer and software engineer, created track off, a startup company aimed at giving you some privacy online. >> most people use software to act like security alarms, so that if someone breaks in, it will call the police and scare them off. our skoft wear works so when the burglar gets to the house, there's not an address outside. they don't know which house to go to. >> reporter: a lot of people accept nothing online is private anymore but plenty of people who value it. most of those people are baby boomers. >> baby boomers who didn't grow up with facebook and twitter and putting their constant thoughts and photos out on the internet
11:41 am
for the world to see. they want to retain this privacy. >> reporter: trackoff is a subscription but you can also try it out for free. >> that was megan pringle reporting. well, a change for walmart. the retailer says it will stop selling military-style weapons. we'll tell you why they're doing that coming up. enjoy the comfortable weather while you can. steamy temperatures are set to return. i'll show you when in my seven-day forecast.
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a little boy who inspired so many people has a firm hold on a new life this morning. zion harvey left children's hospital of philadelphia yesterday to go home to maryland. he's the youngest patient, the age of 8, to receive a double hand transplant. he underwent the 11-hour operation in july. he'll continue to get therapy on an outpatient basis. walmart is no longer selling controversial military-style weapons in its stores but it says it has nothing to do with politics or yesterday. the retailer says it will stop selling ar-15s and similar weapons, is there's not enough people buying them. walmart says it will focus on selling their other sports and hunting firearms. walmart is also rolling out its holiday layaway program tomorrow. it's two weeks earlier than layaway was available at walmart last year. it's trying to get a jump start on the holidays, which are expected to be ultracompetitive.
11:45 am
if you're still hanging onto any radio shack gift cards, you could be one step closer to getting your money because the company reached a tentative settlement in the dispute over the treatment of gift cards in the company's bankruptcy case. they would receive priority status and patd in full. it does not cover merchandise return and certain promotional gift cards. gap is ending a controversial practice called on-call scheduling which gives workers little or no notice about their schedules. the store will now give employees 10 to 14 days' notice. that change comes after gap received a warning letter from the new york attorney general's office. it says, on-call scheduling violates state law. a local organization is helping needy children in our area get ready for the start of the school year. they'll be giving aid to one of the poorest communities in our area. here to tell us more is blaine stoddart, co-founder of better living center in chester,
11:46 am
delaware county. welcome. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. it's a pleasure being here. >> tell us about the better living center. >> it's dedicated to empower people in chester and delaware county by providing information so that they can improve their lives. that's what we're there for. >> it's a bill challenge in that neighborhood. >> absolutely. it's the poorest census track in the state of pennsylvania. they have been in receivership for years, basically bankrupt. chester high school dropout rate is over 50%. the poverty rate is well over 33%. so chester has a lot of problems and we're there trying to help out. >> you mentioned the dropout rate. school is starting and you want people to be able to have backpacks. tell me what's happening on sunday. >> sunday the better living center, a community service program, macedonia church, and it's a 501-c-1, a stand-alone church related, we're giving away hundreds of backpacks.
11:47 am
last year we gave away almost 600 backpacks filled with school supplies to chester's needy kids. no paperwork. just show up at 2:00 next sunday at the better living center. >> that's terrific. you've been doing this for some time now. you're seeing results, right? >> we've had the chester community fair for two years. we normally gave away backpacks. we cut back on the community affair. we can't afford the pony rides and all that. it cost too much. >> but this is critical, right? >> but the critical functions the better living center performs are being carried out right now. and the book bag giveaway's a critical function. why? the average family we're seeing in chester has four to five kids. i just went out and bought a backpack just for demonstration purposes and it cost me $94. the backpack and the school supplies. >> you said, imagine if you have four or five children. >> right. >> and you have to put food on
11:48 am
the table. >> we're looking at $320 if you had a family of four children. that's a lot of money for a family that may be struggling with food. so, what's the choice -- what choice do you make, the backpack or food? we're here to help. >> let me tell our viewers about the bookback giveaway. sunday at 2:00 at better living center in chester. go to or the "nbc10 news" app for more information. we're in the historical peak of hurricane season and on schedule. we do have something out in the atlantic that's a potential threat to part of the united states for florida and the southeast coast, the way it's looking now. we've had more perform weather around here. we've got today, tomorrow, and
11:49 am
we also have 90s returning in the seven-day forecast. right now you can see a lot of sunshine, beautiful blue sky again. 76 degrees. the humidity is down. it's about the same time as it was yesterday. it's going to be another spectacular day. even in the low 70s in pottstown and in westchester, even with all that sunshine during the morning hours. we don't have anyplace that's really up near 80 degrees yet. we'll get into the 80s in most of the area. some places won't even get there, just like yesterday. if you didn't get to 80 yesterday, you probably won't get there today. a lot of sunshine on the satellite picture showing that. you can see a few clouds around the great lakes. no rain. we're dry in many parts of the country. this system here does look like it may be moving into green bay and they'll get some rain, perhaps, into saturday during the afternoon. maybe not during the game itself.
11:50 am
now, you can see from florida, we're a long way away from florida. we're even a fairer distance from puerto rico here. the latest coordinates, 50-mile-an-hour maximum winds moving west at 16. you see the center is way off from where the big thunderstorms are and this is getting sheared apart, as we've been talking about the shear indicated in these bright colors. higher level winds that are unfavorable for development. so, the more colors you get here, the more upper level wind is trying to rip that storm apart. the other thing that's happening is if it comes near land, a lot of mountainous terrain there in hispaniola. that helps weaken the storm. after saturday, as it gets into the bahamas, there is less and less she less shear. we don't have the mountains anymore. now you have conditions that are
11:51 am
favorable for strengthening. the question is, will it survive to this point. that is still in doubt. there are mountains to help weaken it. into the bahamas and eventually up to hurricane strength somewhere between the eastern gulf of mexico and just east of the bahamas. so, we'll continue to get updates on this and the more it tracks to the west, the more likely it is to weaken. so, we'll see what happens this afternoon. sunny. low humidity today. highs in the low 80s. low humidity again. saturday, now it's starting to get a little hotter. sunday it's hot and a little more humid. monday is hot and humid and monday and tuesday and wednesday. so, enjoy this nice, comfortable weather while it lasts.
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and it is gone! >> pennsylvania's own red land little league is headed to the little league world series, blanking the team from texas beating them 3-0.
11:55 am
they are representing our region. the u.s. championship game is on saturday. well, can't make it to a shelter to adopt a pet? how about calling uber? not for a ride. for a puppy. today uber and pennsylvania spca are offering puppy play dates. here's how it works. until 3:00 today, uber customers in philadelphia can use the uber app and request play time, a play date with a pet. for 20 bucks, puppies can be delivered to customers for 15 minutes of play. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it's ellen with shia labeouf. then "nbc10 news" at 4:00. this afternoon, gauging the nutrition of school lunches. a new report checks in on what our stations are eating. newly released results all this afternoon on "nbc10 news" at 4:00. right now, let's get you updated on the forecast with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> spectacular once again. day after day, as i was saying
11:56 am
in the morning meeting, just picture this as san diego for three days. yesterday, today and tomorrow. it's like living in san diego. as we go into the weekend, things are going to change. it's going to get hotter, more humid, more like philadelphia in the summertime again. we're not really expecting any kind of rain until some time next week with possible thunderstorms. we're not expecting erika to come up this way, but it is a poshl threat to florida, parts of the southeast united states. of course, new tracks will be coming out during the afternoon, new computer information. but what erika is actually doing is going to help determine the future because the more it tracks to the left, the more it's going to encounter those mountains in puerto rico, those mountains in dominican republic. high mountains, they just kill hurricanes. you got a weak storm to begin with. then you get into mountains. now you've got an uncertain
11:57 am
future. >> you have an updated track later this afternoon. thanks for watching "nbc10 news" at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson, for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
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12:00 pm
>> marlena: i can't believe you worked on all these cases. you were barely there a year. >> john: it's been a tough year for the city. way too much violence. >> rafe: oh, hey. sorry. thought you said the room would be empty. >> john: is that your reapplication? >> rafe: yeah, that's it. even though everything's still on file, i have to to redo everything to be reinstated. >> marlena: you a little nervous? >> rafe: oh, no. i'm not nervous. no, just i'm excited, you know? it's like, being here, and-- it's good. feels like home. >> john: well, we need you here, so make sure all your papers are in order and get them in. >> rafe: well, this is everything. it's everything right here. everything but my psych evaluation. >> marlena: then let's get that taken care of. we need you back on the force. >> rafe: okay. >> hope: hey, eric.


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