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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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philadelphia police inside a funeral home they say is operating illegally. this after a body was found inside. the funeral home is near 53rd and vine streets. no word on any arrests but this comes nearly a week after three bodies were found inside a philadelphia garage. you will recall a police source told us those bodies likely came from two different nursing homes. all three dead people were in their late 80s. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this. murder charges have been filed against a man whom police say was driving drunk when he hit and killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer. according to investigators, he tried to get away but a tow truck driver chased after him and called 911. he was arraigned this afternoon. he did not make bail after it was set at $500,000. officer lamar pool was hit and killed in oxford circle yesterday afternoon. nbc 10's doug shimell is live at the scene of the crash with reaction from neighbors who live
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nearby. doug? >> reporter: on lamar pool's street, neighbors remember a man who loved that red motorcycle and loved to joke but there is very little joy on their street today. the lone marked unit symbolically parked outside the house as neighbors remembered philadelphia police officer lamar pool. >> it's tragedy. it's shock. it's upsetting. >> reporter: investigators say the off-duty officer from the twelfth district hit a silver toyota that turned in front of him on the boulevard and devereaux avenue late sunday afternoon. charged with vehicular homicide and driving under the influence is 59-year-old louis vogwill. >> the guy was so under the influence or not, just the fact he could get out, see another human being laying there, get bag back in his car is disgraceful. >> reporter: the tow truck driver that followed vogwill and boxed him in until the police could get there -- >> he stood up. good for him. kudos.
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>> reporter: the police commissioner charles ramsey spoke to us a short while ago about that tow truck driver and about his officer. we are working on that story coming up in just a little bit. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> see you shortly. lamar pool, by the way, is the third philadelphia police officer killed just this year. sergeant rafael ali died a little more than a week ago when his pickup truck crashed into a tree in roxborough. investigators say he was speeding on henry avenue when he missed the curve and hit the tree. police are looking into whether he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. sergeant robert wilson iii was killed in the line of duty during a robbery at a north philadelphia game stop store in march. you can count on nbc 10 to follow withis latest tragedy on air and online on our nbc 10 news app. a hot, cloudy day at the
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shore but still crowded along the atlantic city boardwalk, people trying to get in last minute beach time before labor day. here's a live look over center city philadelphia. we are bracing for what could be, yes, our fifth heat wave of the season. there's even warmer weather ahead this week. >> first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the heat and a few showers out there, right? >> that's right. it's an even spread across the entire area. you're not getting much relief closer to the shore, where temperatures are still in the high 80s. a hot, muggy monday for us. 88 degrees in philadelphia, 85 in washington township. 87 degrees in wilmington. 87 in chester springs. close to 90 in trenton. the poconos right now in the low 80s. 90 degrees all the way in allentown. 88 in reading. 82 degrees in shenendoah. woodbine, 87. beach haven, 88 degrees. temperatures in dover at 85. we are also tracking a few isolated showers. this was a few hours ago, an
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isolated thunderstorm popped up right overwhelmi wilmington. if we switch you over, we are seeing one batch of precipitation near upper pitts grove. this will be the trend tonight. very isolated stray showers are possible heading into the evening. 6:00 p.m., still warm, 87 degrees. take a look at 9:00 p.m., 83. by midnight, temperatures still close to 80 degrees. it will be a warm next couple days. we will also stay humid. i'm tracking the details on what could be our fifth heat wave of the season and an early peek at the labor day forecast. penndot is preparing for the pope by putting the brakes on construction. starting tomorrow, work will stop on replacement of several bridges over the vine street expressway in center city. crews will start removing construction equipment tomorrow and the project will resume on october 1st. also, no construction on i-95 on the days leading up to and throughout the papal visit as well.
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penndot will stop all construction on roads in and around center city starting on september 22nd. that's when the world meeting of families begins. construction will begin again after the pope leaves. city leaders also now doing some back pedaling on advice they have been giving to people about the papal weekend. >> that's right. after weeks of warning people about the expected crowds and gridlock, officials are now kicking off a new campaign to bring people in. nbc 10's cydney long is live in center city where the mayor and leaders with the world meeting of families had a pep rally for local businesses. >> reporter: that's right. the 17th and arch wawa, it is already a busy one on any given day and today was stop number one at the wawa behind us on the tour by the world meeting of families and mayor michael nutter. basically they are delivering kits just like this one, open in philadelphia. the businesses will place these banners and buttons on the front window to let you know they will be open that weekend, they will
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be stocked and they want your business. it's a sign that your favorite place to shop or eat will be open during the pope's visit. today mayor nutter together with a string band, wawa's will wally the goose and others hand delivered open in p.a. kits for businesses. >> what better place to launch hash tag open in phl than the place with the best hoagies in the world. >> reporter: organizers say the buttons and banners are not a last minute push. today street teams boarded a flash bus to hand deliver the kits. it follows months of security detail, logistical plans and road closures that understandably have made some potential visitors apprehensive. wawa says they are still organizing deliveries and while they won't place their lunch computers outside -- >> we will have people with mobile units walking around the stores on ipads taking orders. little things like that that help provide a great welcoming experience. >> i can't wait until later this
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afternoon when we get there. i don't know if anyone saw the tweet over the weekend. mcgillen's tweeted if we have to have the beer delivered by drones we will be open on the papal weekend. >> reporter: the number of estimated visitors has been consistent and not fluctuated below 1.5 million. >> it's a balancing act between helping to ensure that people can be safe and secure and know how to get here and all of that. >> reporter: we are told by the mayor and the world meeting of families they have been in touch with some 300 businesses that will in fact be open. if you weren't one of the lucky ones to have the packets delivered to you today, you can pick them up at a number of locations starting tomorrow through friday, september 4th. some of them include 30th street station as well as independence visitors center. we'll have some of the other locations on our website, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> good information. thank you. plan your trip to see pope
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francis next month with the nbc 10 news app. you will find train routes, road closures and the pontiff's itinerary. patriots quarterback tom brady's punishment brought him back to court today. a judge could rule on whether the nfl was justified in suspending him as early as tomorrow. brady is suing the nfl for the sidelining him for four games because of the deflate-gate scandal. nfl commissioner roger goodell also appeared in court today. both parties left the courthouse less than two hours after arriving for today's hearing. the judge said lawyers for brady and the nfl tried to reach a settlement this morning but could not. today's court appearance was the second chance for a sketch artist whose initial drawing of the star quarterback was mocked online. so here are a few images from today's hearing. compare that to this image right here. this is the original sketch from the same artist that went viral after brady's last court appearance. the artist later apologized to brady and his fans. now to new information about the suspect accused of shooting
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a police officer in delaware county over the weekend. darryl burt remains in police custody after he did not post bail. police say he shot ridley park police officer mark hanley in norwood. according to investigators, while hanley and his partner were responding to a suicide call, burt shot hanley in the chest and leg. the officer was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. he credits his bulletproof vest with saving his life. >> if i didn't have my vest on, we wouldn't be here for this party. i'm alive. we're very thankful for that. >> the suspect in this case scheduled to appear in court to face charges of attempted murder, among others. skyforce 10 over this overturned car in northeast philadelphia. just after 2:00 this afternoon, the car flipped on its side at academy road and presidents street. the driver was taken to a local hospital and is expected to be okay. no word on what caused the car
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to overturn. kensington family escapes flames next door when a neighbor alerted them to the danger. lawrence taylor lives next door to a home that caught fire on arbor street early this morning. he says his family was asleep when they heard someone banging on their door. >> once we opened up the door we seen a lot of the smoke throughout the house and we got everybody out of the house, the dog and everything. just came out because no need to look around to see what's going on. just get out the house. >> taylor's family got out fine. no word yet on what started the fire next door. a community in burlington county is starting an aggressive mission to prevent dui related deaths. the program is the first of its kind nationwide. it's called operation evesham saving lives. it's a partnership and pilot program with police, mothers against drunk driving, sober sam and all 18 restaurants in the township with liquor licenses. starting on friday, the township
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is rolling out free trolley service and a new app. the trolleys will pick up and drop off patrons. the app lets restaurants and patrons know when the next trolley is due to arrive. >> if you are an evesham resident in one of our businesses, that sells alcohol, you one of our restaurants or bars, we will transport you home for free. >> evesham has not had a dui related death since 2009. there has, however, been a spike in dui arrests. more than 220 just this year. you might soon have to wait longer for a tram car on the atlantic city boardwalk because the company that operates atlantic city's famous boardwalk tram cars isn't happy with the city at all. the company says when it won the bid last year to operate it believed city council would let it advertise and also raise fares and that hasn't happened. now the company's blaming the city for its financial problems. it says it might cut service in
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the off season and also during non-peak hours. in montgomery county, an elementary school is getting a brand new building and the formal ground-breaking ceremony is happening tonight. hollow well elementary will have a new state of the art building to be finished in 2017. the current building is not big enough to hold all of the students. the new school will accommodate nearly double the amount of children. the project costs more than $30 million. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with back-to-school in philadelphia. more than 1300 kids started classes at the campus in somerton. this year the school has new studio space for science and design projects. today marked the dedication of a newly rebuilt park in philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood. we told you about this project two years ago. there are new basketball courts, gardens, murals and a playground. the project cost nearly half a million dollars.
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skyforce 10 is over some breaking news right now. a suspicious package was found at a military facility near trenton, mercer county. first responders are on the scene of joint base maguire dix lakehurst. the package was found around 2:30 this afternoon. stay with nbc 10 as this story continues to develop. around 9:00 tonight, the state department expected to release 7,000 pages of e-mails involving former secretary of state hillary clinton. some have been censored because they contain information now deemed classified. a new iowa poll shows hillary clinton's lead among the democrats is shrinking and the man many once considered a long shot, vermont senator bernie sanders, is gaining strength. >> the campaign that i am running, let me reiterate, is not against hillary clinton or anybody else. it is for an american people who are sick and tired of seeing the
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middle class disappear and huge numbers of people living in poverty. >> in this poll, 14% of democratic voters say they would back joe biden even though he still hasn't announced whether he's even running. biden will be in pennsylvania next week to celebrate labor day in pittsburgh. among republicans, trump's on top again. in second place, ben carson. next, ted cruz and scott walker. before it's all said and done, presidential candidates will spend close to $4.5 billion on advertising campaigns. that's according to the "wall street journal." so far, tv ad spending on the presidential campaign is up 900% compared to the 2012 campaign. online ad spending is growing even more quickly. candidates and outside groups will spend about $1.1 billion for online ads during the 2016 campaign. that's an almost 700% leap from the 2012 campaign. new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie is heading back to the "tonight" show.
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>> come on, jimmy. do you really think i would come on to this show to announce a presidential run? >> this will be his first late night talk show appearance since throwing his hat into the ring for president. watch the "tonight" show right here following the "nbc 10 news at 11:00." president obama becomes the first sitting president to visit the alaskan arctic. today he began his three-day trip in anchorage. the goal, to call attention to climate change. he will tour alaska and highlight the most urgent issues facing the arctic. scientists say the average glacier will lose more than 30 inches of thickness this year. before he arrived the president renamed the tallest mountain in north america. alaska's mt. mckinley is now denali. the president wanted to give the 20,000 foot mountain its traditional alaskan native name. the name stands for great one, what alaskans have called the mountain for years. a reception is under way at the virginia high school of murdered tv photo journalist adam ward.
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the 27-year-old cameraman at a roanoke television station was shot and killed the last week. many visitors are wearing maroon, ward's favorite color. it's also the color of virginia tech, where ward attended college. ward and reporter alison parker were gunned down by a former co-worker. vicki gardner, a chamber of commerce official, was wounded in the attack. police say the shooter, vester lee flanagan, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. today, hollywood is remembering its master of horror after legendary film maker wes craven died yesterday. craven died after a battle with brain cancer. the 76-year-old was behind the "nightmare on elm street" movies. he also directed the screen movies in the '90s. he was surrounded by loved ones in his los angeles home when he died. celebrities tweeted out their
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condolences. roast m courtney cox said the world lost a great man, my friend and mentor. my heart goes out to his family. we are officially in the running for another heat wave. this was day two of temperatures reaching 90 degrees plus. we are staying muggy and have a hot week on tap for us. i'm also going to go over the holiday forecast as we inch closer to your labor day holiday weekend. closer look outside right now, we're seeing just a few clouds throughout philadelphia. 88 degrees, the humidity at 51%. feels like temperature closer to 92. wind speed out of the west-southwest at 13 miles an hour so it's hot and muggy and breezy. if you take a look, we're not seeing a whole lot of relief even at cape may. still in the high 80s. 88 degrees with plenty of sunshine. 90 degrees in allentown and again, temperatures in philadelphia in the high 80s as
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well. as we go into the rest of the evening we will continue to see mild conditions. the low 80s in the poconos. at the atlantic city airport, 88. 82 in wildwood and millville, 84. our feels like temperature, just to point out, feels more like 90 in pottstown, 91 in reading, 87 in dover and 91 in wilmington. so closer look at the temperature trend here, our average for this time of year just to help put it in perspective is about 83. on sunday, 91. so today we officially hit 90 degrees at 12:54 so that's two days. we need three days to have a heat wave. tomorrow the forecast high is closer to 93 degrees. now a closer look at the radar. on top of that we're dealing with a few isolated showers that have moved through, even an isolated thunderstorm. that moved into parts of wilmington earlier. now we're just dealing with an isolated chance of more stray showers as we head into the next few hours. by 7:00 p.m., our best chance is going to be closer to the lehigh
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valley. we will continue to see warmer air coming up from the south. more moisture, more clouds for us heading into the rest tonight. again, these are going to be stray, very isolated showers that we are expecting. not widespread rainfall. most of the area is going to stay dry. as we head into tuesday, you will notice again, a mix of sun and clouds, slight chance for more showers closer to the southern parts of delaware. other than that, nice and dry. then this is the same pattern we're in. 4:00 on wednesday, another round of really light showers, again, closer to the southern parts of delaware. it's still going to be a hot day tomorrow, warming into the low 90s for the philadelphia area. close to 90 degrees for atlantic city tomorrow. and wildwood. the mugginess, the humidity is going to stick with us as well. the good news is as we head closer to the labor day weekend, we do expect to see our temperatures dropping down. so dropping out of the 90s back to the 80s. plenty of sunshine. right now it looks like all three days will be dry, no matter if you plan on staying in philly, the poconos or down the
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shore. temperatures along the shore in the low 80s so that's going to be a beautiful way to unofficially end summer. as far as tonight's concerned, early stray shower, warm and humid, temperatures down to 73 degrees for philadelphia, 66 north and west. hot and humid for us once again tomorrow. the temperatures range 90 to 93. seven-day forecast shows 90s are here to stay for the next three days. if we make it tomorrow to 90 we will officially be in a heat wave. then temperatures drop back down into the 80s. friday, a chance of thunderstorms before the holiday weekend. here's something to consider. talk to your kids before it's too late. >> that's the message from pediatricians to parents about the dangers of drinking alcohol. the new research that has doctors recommending that you have the talk with your children before they turn 10. later, what you drive may put you at risk for theft. the list just out that reveals the top ten stolen cars in the u.s. a stunt pilot's tragic death
4:21 pm
is bringing changes to a major air show at the jersey shore. >> you hate losing a performer, especially one that you know real closely. >> i'm ted greenberg. why his performance in atlantic city could have been record-breaking.
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the federal government says new jersey owes it $32 million in medicaid claims. the federal department of health and human services released an audit report today and it found questionable claims and missing documents for care provided to home-bound elderly and low income residents. similar problems were found in new jersey four years ago. the feds called on the state to repay $145 million but new jersey never did. we now know the performance scheduled for next weekend's made in america festival on the parkway. beyonce will headline the festival saturday night while the weekend will be the main act sunday night. other performers include meek mills, modest mouth, big shawn and jay coles. before the summer ends
4:25 pm
atlantic city will wow crowds on the boards and the beach with a spectacle in the sky. >> the air show this week will feature incredible stunts, plus a special tribute to a pilot who was on a mission to break a guinness world record. then a story of determination. the lengths rescue crews went to in the search for a missing hiker who spent nine days in the wilderness. and we're on track for a heat wave. i'm tracking the heat and humidity. i will let you know how long it will stick around plus an early look at the labor day holiday forecast. on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" car seat switch. what's about to change for thousands of drivers in our area just hours from now. (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪
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an aviation tragedy is bringing changes to this week's atlantic city air show. >> hundreds of thousands of people will head to the show for the spectacle in the sky. >> nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in atlantic city with more. ted? >> reporter: this was going to be a very big event for andrew wright. organizers here are understandably devastated about his death, but they say the show will go on and they believe that's exactly what he would want. the pieces are coming together but two days before the atlantic city air show, hearts here are heavy. >> we lost andrew on friday. it hit us all hard. >> reporter: these organizers knew andrew wright personally. the 53-year-old stunt pilot was killed when his plane went down while practicing for a weekend air show in orange county, new york. its tail broke off just before the crash. >> it's always in the back of
4:30 pm
your mind. you hate losing a performer, especially one that you know real closely. >> reporter: wednesday, atlantic city's air show was set to be the texas pilot's biggest yet. he was slated to give a performance plus attempt to set a new world record for the most inverted flat spins. >> we want to do it in grand style. so 700,000 people here would have been a great time for him to do it. he was thrilled. he was really excited about coming to a big show like this. it's a big honor to get to a show of this size. >> reporter: organizers say there's no need for any changes in safety but they have altered the show's lineup. >> it will be seamless to the public. >> reporter: they are also planning memorial tributes to wright and master sergeant cory hood, a member of the army golden knights parachute team who died following the collision during a stunt in chicago two weeks ago. >> they would not want us to interrupt a single thing in the planning of this show and would want us to carry on and do the
4:31 pm
performances. >> reporter: we are told aerobatic pilot matt chapman is being added on the schedule. he will dedicate that flight to andrew wright. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. a great day in the shade at this playground in new castle county. nbc 10 was in pine creek where the little ones are having a good day. the heat and humidity are creeping back up. lot of people taking relief down the shore. a live look at the beach in cape may. certainly cooling off by the water. the heat is really just the beginning of what we're about to deal with. >> doesn't that water look beautiful? >> it does. inviting. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp back with the nbc 10 first alert forecast. a hot one, right? >> hot one. it's a hot week that started yesterday with a high of 91 degrees, well above our average which is 83. so we are on track to see heat
4:32 pm
wave number five. today we hit a high of 90 degrees. tomorrow, same thing. we expect to stay in the 90s until thursday. friday we expect the temperatures to drop a bit. we are also tracking a chance of thunderstorms by friday. we have a few more days to get through first. our feels like temperature in philadelphia, 92 degrees. feeling like 90 degrees in northeast philly, 89 at the atlantic city airport, feels like 87 in millville and 92 degrees in allentown. the other thing we are keeping an eye on tonight is just the chance of a few stray isolated showers. we even saw an isolated thunderstorm, only over wilmington. everywhere else stayed dry. if i widen out the picture we could see a few more stray showers and downpours moving into parts of the poconos and the lehigh valley and berks county. as far as tonight's concerned, we are going to still see a mild, muggy evening ahead. temperatures by 9:00 p.m. at 83 degrees. our overnight lows will drop into the 70s. i'm tracking how long the heat and humidity will stick around, plus a closer look at the labor day holiday.
4:33 pm
a warning for ocean county residents about a foreclosure scam this afternoon. a prominent bank customer recently received a final notice of foreclosure letter. the customer went to the bank, showed them the letter which they quickly proved was a fake. the telephone number on the letter didn't match up and calls went directly to voice mail. the ocean county prosecutor's office has now gotten the case and wants homeowners to avoid being duped. anyone who has gotten a similar letter should call the ocean county prosecutor's office. a man armed with a two by four robs a convenience store in west kensington, all caught on tape. see if you can recognize this guy on the right. this was taken from inside lee's food cart on north front street. the man threatens the cashier, demands money, then takes off. fortunately no one hurt here. in california, an amazing story of survival. >> crews rescued a 62-year-old woman who spent nine days in the mountains alone and badly injured. this is where the woman was found. searchers had to hike 21 miles,
4:34 pm
brave treacherous terrain and smoke from wild fires. the fresno county sheriff spoke to the woman shortly after her rescue. >> i talked to her, there was a time she asked herself well, i can either stay here and die, or i can get over to the sod2is of water and at least make sure i can be hydrated every day. >> deputies walked through the woods yelling the woman's name. she finally heard them and blew a whistle. a new warning from doctors may fall on a generation of deaf ears. >> experts really worried about ear buds and how they could ruin people's hearing. up next, how loud is too loud when you turn up your tunes? how soon is too soon to talk to your kids about dangers of drinking alcohol? some believe it should be as early as age 9. ♪
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what many of us already know. get your rest to avoid getting sick. that's according to a new study in the journal "sleep." researchers tracked the sleep patterns of dozens of adults. they found that those who slept less than six hours a night were over four times more likely to catch a cold compared to those who got seven hours of sleep. the nation's leading group of pediatricians is urging parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of alcohol long before they may take their first sip. experts with the american academy of pediatrics are pointing to surveys showing nearly a quarter of young people report that they have tried their first alcoholic drink before their 13th birthday. doctors say parents should talk to their children as early as age 9. they encourage pediatricians to screen adolescents for alcohol use. there's a new warning about the ear buds you probably use to crank up the tunes. doctors have discovered an alarming trend associated with wearing ear buds and hearing loss. the trend is so dangerous the
4:39 pm
world health organization just issued a warning. it says more than a billion teens and young adults are at risk for hearing loss from listening to music too loudly. most people don't have any idea of the risk. >> most people associate hearing loss with elderly. the majority of americans with hearing loss are under the age of 65. >> doctors recommend following the 60/60 rule. keep the volume below 60% of the maximum and try to keep your listening to under 60 minutes a day. denney's is getting in the middle of a burger battle between two fast food giants. last week, burger king reached out to mcdonald's with the idea of making a peace burger for international peace day. mcdonald's declined but now denny's said it would team up with burger king on a new sandwich. they posted on twitter proposing the idea of combining its bacon slam burger with the whopper. so far, burger king has not responded to the proposal. netflix customers will soon lose access to some blockbuster
4:40 pm
movies. the streaming media service is ending its partnership with the cable movie channel. big games like "hunger games" will move to hulu in october. netflix is shifting its focus to more original programming and exclusive rights to movies. the eagles are working to whittle down their roster ahead of their first game. >> it's not an easy move for coach chip kelly. next, what he has to say about dashing players' dreams. plus, put your hands up. the celebrity and his kids busted by the cops over their charity lemonade stand. we will tell you who got the sour treatment. hot and muggy conditions expected to continue this entire week. i'm tracking how long the heat wave will last.
4:41 pm
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jerry seinfeld and his family busted over a roadside lemonade stand? not to worry here. they're not facing any charges. this insta fwram photo of the comedian and his son and two of their friends with their hands here behind their heads has gone viral. they set up the lemonade stand for charity earlier this month but police shut it down over complaints of illegally parked cars. his wife posted the photo saying their lemonade dreams were crushed. they were doing it for charity. speaking of crushed dreams for some, to the eagles preseason. time running out for players to prove they have what it takes to be on the team. >> the fourth and final preseason game is this thursday against the jets. not everybody will make it that far. comcast sports net's danny pommel joins us with the decisions chip kelly had have to make. >> chip is making the final decisions, eagles players running out of time to prove they belong on the roster for the regular season. the birds have to make the final
4:45 pm
cuts by saturday at 4:00 p.m. the birds returned to the practice field today with 12 fewer players than saturday. chip kelly had to cut the squad to 75 guys by tomorrow afternoon but the head coach isn't feeling the pressure of those big decisions that lie ahead. >> i don't think it's hard because you have a deadline. it is what it is. we talk probably every other day about personnel on each side of the ball. we use our full allotment of time. we have one more big test against the jets to make the final decision. the cut process itself is the hard part. when you have to tell kids like we did yesterday, tell players that they're no longer members of the eagles, that's the difficult part of it. >> the season opener in about two weeks. at 5:00, the third string quarterback battle continues. we hear from chip kelly on the future of tim tebow with one preseason game left to prove he deserves to be on the team. back to you. the eagles take on the jets
4:46 pm
in new york thursday night. you can watch the fourth and final preseason game right here on nbc 10. join us for our pregame coverage starting at 6:30. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. temperatures warmed to 90 degrees today. it was really muggy and it will stay muggy the rest of the week. plus we will see hot temperatures the rest of the work week as well. i am tracking what to expect closer to labor day. looks dry so that's always great. i will go over the poconos and shore forecast. a live look outside, our temperatures are in the 80s so we dropped from the 90s. 88 degrees, but our feels-like temperature still in the 90s. it is a hot evening out. i will be a hot commute home for you. wind speeds out of the west-southwest at 13 miles an hour. across the rest of the region, 81 degrees in the poconos, 88 in
4:47 pm
readi reading, 89 in trenton, 87 in wilmington, 85 in dover. temperatures at the atlantic city airport 88 degrees. and 84 degrees in millville right now. we take a closer look at the feels-like temperature, mount pocono at 82 degrees. low 90s in allentown. the feels-like temperature in pottstown at 90 degrees. wilmington, 91. our feels like temperature in atlantic city is at 89 degrees as well. our temperatures are just a few degrees or feels-like temperatures are a few degrees warmer than the actual temperature right now. future conditions as we head into the next couple days, you will notice hot air will be parked over philadelphia and this will continue into tuesday, into wednesday, into thursday as well. the good thing is as we head into friday, you will notice that we start to see more mild air approaching and that's going to stick around, setting us up for a more comfortable weekend as we head into the labor day holiday. closer look at the radar shows a few isolated stray showers
4:48 pm
moving through. we saw an isolated thunderstorm near wilmington. now we are mainly dry. one thing i am watching is just outside of our area, we could see a few more isolated showers start to push into parts of the lehigh valley and also into berks county. it looks like most of these showers are losing their steam as they get closer to us. our future weather shows us that by 7:00 p.m. we could see another round stretching down to philadelphia, even into the northern parts of delaware. and closer to atlantic city and heading into tuesday, mainly dry, still muggy but another slight chance of showers closer to the southern parts of delaware the tuesday evening. again, the same setup as we push into wednesday. a few more clouds and then another round of scattered showers but no organized thunderstorms so that's good. that won't happen until friday. as far as our highs around the region, tomorrow we'll be in the low 90s for philadelphia, at 90 in pottstown, low 90s in allentown and mid 80s for the poconos. if you plan on heading to the made in america festival saturday, our temperatures in the mid 80s, plenty of sunshine. that will be closer to 2:00 p.m.
4:49 pm
sunday, we might pop back into the 90s so it will be a little warmer on sunday than we will see on saturday. all the beyonce fans, she's the headliner saturday at 10:30. 76 degrees when she takes the stage. labor day weekend for the poconos and the shore, a lot cooler in both locations, in the low 80s. we will see a mix of sun and clouds saturday, sunday, heading into monday. that's a beautiful setup as we push closer to next weekend. for tonight, we will see an early stray shower, warm and humid, 73 degrees in philadelphia, and as we take a look tomorrow, hot, humid conditions expected. temperatures ranging anywhere between 90 to 93 degrees. expect another hot day. the seven-day forecast, 90s are here to stick around. by tomorrow, once we hit 90 degrees, that means we are officially in a heat wave with temperatures expected to warm to 92 degrees both tomorrow and wednesday. we won't drop out of the 90s until we head back into the end of the work week on friday.
4:50 pm
89 degrees. we are going to track a chance of thunderstorms on that day. >> i'm calling this summer's last stand. it was starting to feel like fall but not anymore. >> we are still in summer. >> i don't mind the hot weather. >> you don't? >> not really. long as you can find a way to cool off. >> more importantly we will stay dry as we head into the holiday weekend. the car in your driveway could be making you a target for thieves. >> that's right. the list of the most frequently stolen cars is out. next, the top five rides criminals are after. all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" philadelphia public schools set to open next week and the district has a pressing need. what it needs 5,000 of and fast.
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it was a lunchtime disaster of sorts in western new york after this cabbage truck overturned on an interstate this morning. the truck spilled sraw and salad staple all over the road. a mess for crews to clean up. nobody was hurt. talk about some hot wheels. the national insurance crime bureau has released its annual list of the top ten stolen vehicles in the u.s. >> here they are. the honda accord was the top stolen car, more than 51,000 accords were stolen. here's a look at the rest of the top five. the honda civic came in second followed by the full size ford pickup, full size chevy pickup and toyota camry. rounding out the top ten, the full size dodge pickup, the
4:55 pm
caravan, nissan altima, integra and maxima. there has been a big drop in the number of cars stolen every year from a high of 1.7 million in the late 1990s to about 700,000 today. most of the older models. the national insurance crime bureau has advice to protect your car from getting stolen. >> number one, it's so simple but so many people fail to do it. take your keys with you. even when you're running into a convenience store to pick up a cup of coffee or whatever, take your keys with you. it's surprising the number of people who have their cars stolen simply because they left their keys in the vehicle. >> in addition to taking your keys, the bureau recommends that drivers consider installing an audible alarm or ignition immobilizer. be careful about where you park. still to well-lit areas. >> drive safely. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> here's keith jones. all new on "nbc 10 news at
4:56 pm
5:00" breaking news unfolding inside a local funeral home. what's been discovered there and why it's attract thing te inatt the attention of authorities. we are tracking a heat wave. a hot week in store leading into the labor day weekend. we will show you that forecast and how long it will stay in the 90s. help wanted. what philadelphia schools need 5,000 of for the new year. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
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inside a funeral home near 53rd and vine streets, that's where three bodies are at the center of what could be a criminal investigation. >> nbc 10's george spencer just arrived on the scene and has been talking to police. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we are just confirming that this began as a state investigation into a tip about a funeral home that was operating without a license. when those state investigators got to this building earlier this afternoon, inside they found three bodies unrefrigerated. two of the bodies beginning to decompose. within minutes, crime scene tape was put up and investigators called in philadelphia police. we have confirmed that this building itself has been used by several different funeral homes over the years i was used by
5:00 pm
kimball's, gaither's and most recently by a group called hawkins funeral services. the funeral director who is working inside here today is licensed but we have confirmed that his funeral home operation is not. that means police have a lot of questions for him. >> at this point we are still investigating, we are still looking for documents that we need but most importantly, we are trying to care for the bodies at this point. we have three bodies in this building. they belong to somebody's loved ones. we are trying to get the bodies first and deal with the investigative part with the state. >> reporter: looking up on the back side of this property up by peach street, that is where investigators are now working. we believe they are beginning to bring out some of the three bodies that were found in this funeral home. we are expecting the medical examiner arriving any moment. once again, three bodies discovered in


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