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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i was thinking does this driver know where she's going. she kept pulling over and looking down. >> reporter: that's when she called her mom. >> she said we're still on the bus. i said where are you? she said near pennsylvania. >> reporter: the bus wasn't anywhere near where it was supposed to be. mom did talk to the driver. >> said are you lost? i will come guide you if you want. she's like no, no, i'm okay. >> reporter: mom didn't believe her. she literally had her daughter tell her where they were. mom chased the bus down and got her daughter to school. mom called the school district. i did, too. red clay officials confirmed that the driver did get a little bit lost. they say they worked with her to make sure she knows her route going forward. advance student transportation, i called them, they didn't call me back. mom called them, she did talk to somebody but she didn't get the answers she wanted to hear. >> the dispatcher was yelling and arguing with me, first day of school, things happen. we're running the route with her now. shouldn't she have done that ahead of time? >> reporter: katarina had an okay day at school but they'll have to talk about the plan for
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tomorrow. >> we don't want our child on that bus again. we don't want her with this driver. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00, within the past 45 minutes, the owner of a west philadelphia funeral home is explaining himself. this afternoon police say they found three unrefrigerated bodies, two of them decomposing, in the home. today, state investigators showed up at hawkins funeral services, acting on a tip that the business was operating without a license. inside, they found the three bodies. now the funeral home's owner is saying the concern about storage and lack of refrigeration is based on a misunderstanding. >> the bodies we have paperwork, they are to be cremated. >> reporter: why aren't they refrigerated? >> we don't refrigerate bodies that are being cremated. >> hawkins says he is personally licensed to work as a funeral director but is still in the process of getting a license for the business itself. hawkins funeral services has
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only been operating out of its vine street location for a few weeks after moving from its original home which was damaged by fire. in ann related case, this comes nearly a week after three bodies were found inside this philadelphia garage. a police source told nbc 10 those bodies likely came from two different nursing homes. to this now. 18 shots fired at a park packed with people. the bullets hit two people in north philadelphia this afternoon. bullet casings surround the park with children's playground equipment. police believe the two men shot may have been sitting near a wall. neighbors rushed children inside homes when they heard the gunshots. >> i was in the yard gardening and i heard the shots, a lot of them. i put the grandkids inside, told them lock the door. >> one victim's in critical condition. the other is stable. police are searching for the shooter. a man accused in a hit and run crash that killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer is now charged with homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter.
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the crash happened sunday afternoon. several drivers helped police catch up with louis vogwill. a judge today set his bail at half a million dollars. nbc 10's doug shimell joining us with the latest from oxford circle. >> reporter: there were a few glimmers of good news for the family, a neighborhood and a police department in mourning tonight. >> it gets harder and harder. you never get used to it. >> reporter: lamar pool was the second off-duty philadelphia police officer to die in a traffic accident in less than two weeks. the twelfth district officer was riding his motorcycle when police say 59-year-old louis vogwill turned in front of him at devereaux avenue and the boulevard sunday afternoon. this cell phone picture was taken just after a tow truck driver boxed vogwill in until police arrived. >> if it hadn't been for that, whether or not we would have been able to successfully get the person responsible is always debatable.
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certainly we appreciate everything that tow truck driver did. >> there's a thing with principles and values. he stood up. good for him. kudos. >> reporter: on lamar pool's block where a marked unit sits watch, his neighbors were glad homicide and dui charges had been filed against the driver. >> the guy was so under the influence or not, just the fact he could get out, see another human being laying there and get back in his car, pretty disgraceful. >> reporter: one of lamar pool's neighbors said that he would stop whatever he was doing to help someone and they say the one thing he will remember is that he always liked to stop and tell a joke. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. to our first alert weather now. get ready for a hot, humid week as we head toward labor day. some people getting in their last beach days right here, down in cape may. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen joins us with her first alert forecast. a hot one, right? >> yeah.
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it will stay hot for the shore, definitely a place you want to head to to cool down. if you look back to the west, we have a lot of heat across the middle of the country and in fact, we are in that same air mass. right now in philadelphia, temperatures are still near 90 degrees. we already hit 90 today but it's still hot outside. 89, northeast philly. 87, allentown and reading. 83 millville. 85 degrees in dover. we are tracking our fifth heat wave. if we hit 90 tomorrow which we expect to, that will be our fifth heat wave of the season. live look at the linc, beautiful conditions but again, it is hot and humid still this evening. at least we are on the dry side. a few isolated showers moved through earlier. there's a chance we could see one again tonight, a small chance. most of the area will be staying dry, just some clouds through part of the area right now. as we go through the 7:00 hour, temperatures will be in the mid 80s, hot across the area. by 9:00, warm and humid. 83 degrees.
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by 11:00 tonight, temperatures still near 80, kind of muggy, too. coming up, we take a look at how long the 90 degree temperatures will last plus an early look at the labor day weekend forecast. it's a campaign playing hand-in-hand with the pope francis i'll be here slogan. it's meant to encourage businesses to stay open during the papal visit. the open in phl campaign made a splash in center city as mayor nutter and the world meeting of families higher-ups delivered banners and buttons to businesses. they call themselves the francis festival street team. they say the open in phl campaign was planned all along and not a reaction to some businesses saying they may close their doors. >> people started making early, early decisions as i best yur understand it based on very preliminary information and then a bunch of bad information. >> some businesses have decided to close during the papal visit due to security delivery and logistical problems. penndot is putting road work on
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hold because of the pope's visit. starting tomorrow, in fact, construction will stop on the replacement of several bridges over the vine street expressway. crews will begin removing construction equipment tomorrow. the project will pick back up october 1st. there will also be no construction on i-95 on the days leading up to and throughout the papal visit. to politics now. a new presidential poll out today shows donald trump is not a clear favorite for voters in iowa. the monmouth university poll found ben carson gaining ground and tied with trump for the top spot. iowa republicans were asked who they would support in their local caucus. carson and trump had 23% of the vote. carli fiorina came in with 10%. ted cruz had 9%. chris christie fell below 1%. speaking of governor christie, he's hoping late night will help his momentum. tonight, christie will appear as a guest on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon. of course, that's right after "nbc 10 news at 11:00." new at 6:00, a local
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community came together to spread a positive message about ending violence and it happened just in time for the start of school. the event was put on by a group called camden one love. dozens came out to the park across from farnham high school. they listened to powerful speakers who lost children through violence. a child porn bust in montgomery county to tell you about. detectives arrested russell bates on charges of distributing pornography. the internet crimes against children task force helped out to track him down. detectives arrested him at his home last week. they say he used a file-sharing network. an arrest this evening in a string of home break-ins in greenwood, delaware. two are charged with at least five burglaries. police say they targeted homes during the day when no one was home. the thieves would take televisions and cash. the atlantic city air show is making some changes to this
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week's program after the death of a stunt pilot who was scheduled to perform. 53-year-old andrew wright was killed when his plane went down during practice for a weekend air show in orange county, new york. his plane's tail just broke off right before the crash. organizers say there's no need for any changes in safety, but they have altered the lineup for wednesday's show adding a memorial tribute to wright. one year after three atlantic city casinos closed their doors, their futures remain uncertain. >> a little depressing. >> i'm ted greenberg. why it could be a long time before at least one of them reopens. plus, catching a free ride when you've had too much to drink. one south jersey township's launching a first of its kind program. sheena? i'm tracking another heat wave before the unofficial end of summer. how long the 90 degree temperatures will last. plus an early look at the holiday weekend forecast.
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breaking news right now. nbc 10 has just learned the driver wanted in connection with the deadly hit and run of a child turned himself in to police today. last week philadelphia police issued an arrest warrant for miguel colon. police believe he was behind the wheel of the car that hit and killed david alicea jr. on masher street. charges expected tonight.
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we'll have the latest at 11:00. today marks a year since the showboat casino shuttered its doors for good in atlantic city. two weeks later, trump plaza joined revel and closed. the remaining gambling spots are now making money with less competition, but what about the thousands of workers laid off? nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg looks at the still struggling job market. >> reporter: carlos and maria were among the last customers to pass through the showboat exactly one year after it shut down, the former casino hotel is still closed. >> little depressing. >> reporter: just up the boardwalk, the glimmering failure that was the revel megaresort. its run ended september 2nd and also remains lifeless. >> the revel, i'm surprised. sh showboat was aged. >> reporter: trump plaza closed the same month, adding to the thousands who lost jobs at the other casinos. a year later, atlantic county's
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unemployment rate is nearly 9%, the highest in new jersey. but most of the resort's surviving gaming halls are on the upswing. >> we have fewer competitors in the market. they are gaining market share and doing better. >> reporter: today, stockton university announced it's received several proposals of interest on the sale of the showboat site, which the school purchased but failed to reopen as a city campus because of opposition from the neighboring trump taj mahal. meanwhile, glenn straub, who bought revel for pennies on the dollar, says his own legal challenges could keep that building closed for a long time. >> i'll just put my energy into something else. >> reporter: straub tells me he currently has four law firms working for him, costing about $100,000 a week. he says at some point you have to decide how much longer you're going to keep spending money if the timing is not right.
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in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ac casinos say five rescue bills on the governor's desk could hurt taxpayers if he doesn't take action. the casino association of new jersey urged christie to sign a financial assistance package. if he doesn't sign it, that would cost atlantic city $50 million this year. the state legislature passed those measures back in june. evesham township hopes to save lives and eliminate drunk driving in burlington county. police teaming up with mothers against drunk driving, sober sam and 18 area restaurants with liquor licenses. they are calling it operation evesham saves lives. a new app allows cell phone users to find out when the next trolley will stop to pick up anyone who might be too drunk to drive. not only do you get a free ride home, but your car will be brought home as well. it's free for people who live in evesham. others will get a discount. the mayor says this is not meant for people who bar-hop. the performers and times are now out for the made in america concert this weekend.
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more than 60 singers, groups set to play saturday and sunday. beyonce is the headliner. she performs saturday night at 10:30. local rapper meek mill goes on stage saturday night. all the times are listed on the nbc 10 news app. we are watching another heat wave develop across the area so it is going to stay hot for the last unofficial week of summer leading into your labor day weekend. i have that forecast for you in just a second. we are tracking what would be the fifth heat wave of the summer. if we hit 90 degrees tomorrow which we expect to, that would be the heat wave and we have a dry stretch coming along with the 90 degree temperatures. pretty much hot and dry as we go through the week with that added humidity. labor day weekend forecast so far looks pretty good. you will notice lower humidity for the weekend. that's good news. if you are heading to the shore this weekend, it looks pretty nice. temperatures should be in about
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the low 80s. i have that forecast coming up. this is a live look at cape may with nice conditions this afternoon. that's where you want to be to escape the heat. we are at 87 in allentown and reading. 88 degrees still in philadelphia. 83 west chester. 85 degrees glassboro. so it is still hot outside and humid, too. 86 degrees in atlantic city. as we go through tonight, it will stay warm and muggy. here's a look at the temperature trend as we go through the next few days. yesterday we hit 91 degrees. the average high is 83. today we hit 90. tomorrow we expect 92. that would be heat wave number five. for wednesday and thursday, we expect to stay in the 90s. so for the last unofficial week of summer, it is definitely going to feel like summer. live look at satellite and radar, few stray showers earlier today. if you saw them move through, they at least helped hold the temperature down for a little while. now we just have the clouds moving through. very slight chance of an isolated shower later this evening. most of us will be staying dry.
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now, moisture is down to the stout off the carolina coastline, moving out to sea as part of the remnants of erika. florida seeing tropical moisture from it. that will stay away from us. big area of high pressure keeps us dry as we go through the week and also keep us hot. that's not really going to be moving until about the end of the week and into the weekend. tonight, an early stray shower, still possible. most of us will be staying dry, warm and humid. 73 for the low in philadelphia, 66 areas north and west. then tomorrow, another hot day, humid, but not oppressive humidity. you will notice it being lower this weekend. temperatures will stay in the low 90s. now we jump ahead to the labor day weekend forecast. if you are staying around the philadelphia area, we expect sunny skies saturday and sunday with lower humidity. temperatures still close to 90 degrees. on labor day monday, we will be looking at temperatures near 90. for the poconos, mostly dry conditions with plenty of sunshine across the weekend. temperatures around 80 degrees. if you are heading to the shore, looks really good for the
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unofficial end to summer with temperatures in the low 80s. we do sfeexpect plenty of sunsh. the rest of the week, you see the 90s so we could be looking at a pretty long heat wave. friday, slight chance of a shower. we will watch that as we get closer. not too cool with our temperatures over the weekend. we do expect to stay in about the upper 80s but you will notice the humidity getting lower. so as of now, your labor day weekend is actually turning out to be pretty nice. danny? the eagles offensive onslaught this preseason hasn't included riley cooper. find out why the wideout is not concerned.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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live and in your living room, danny pommels with you. the eagles offense has marched up and down the field. one veteran has been noticeably absent. riley cooper has no catches this preseason and played in just 16 snaps against the packers. he missed practice today with a groin injury and also dealt with a thumb injury lately. but he was also asked about his limited production. >> honestly, i never even thought about this until all y'all brought it to my attention. it's preseason, dude. we're 3-0, we're killing people. i've played like two quarters this whole time but i'm not worried about it, to answer everyone's question. i'm super excited about this upcoming season. i will not have any targets this game. i will not play. so yeah. but i'm super excited. i'm ready to rock and roll and feeling great. >> either way, don't miss the
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final preseason game here on nbc 10 thursday night, eagles/jets. pregame coverage comes your way at 6:30. chip kelly cut 12 players yesterday. he needs to get down to 53 by saturday. here's the head coach on the cuts. >> i don't think it's hard because you have a deadline. it is what it is. we talk probably every other day about personnel on each side of the ball. we will use our full aloltment of time. we have a final game to make the decision. to have to tell a kid like we did yesterday, tell players they're no longer members of the eagles, that's a difficult part of it. >> he's number 98 in the program but should be number 1 in your hearts. conner barwin helped cut the ribbon on the ralph burke community park in point breeze. he led the charge to revitalize the park which now has new basketball courts, gardens and a gaming terrace. the redskins have officially
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benched robert griffin iii naming kirk cousins their starting quarterback for the entire season. meanwhile, nfl commissioner roger goodell and patriots quarterback tom brady were back in a new york city courtroom today. once again, no settlement could be reached between the two parties regarding brady's four game suspension for the deflate-gate scandal. a judge could rule on whether the nfl was justified in suspending him as early as tomorrow. oh, baby. high school football is back. our game of the week, you can help us choose. make your choice. head to and cast your vote. we will have the high school blitz of highlights for you friday night. the phillies will try to do something they have not done in awhile. beat the mets. the phillies have lost nine straight against their n.l. east rivals and 12 of the 13 meetings this season. that's sports. coming up tonight on "nbc 10
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news at 11:00," a lawyer charged with sexually assaulting his client. what police are telling us about the case. that's tonight on "nbc 10 news at 11:00."
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it was back to class for students at mass community charter in philadelphia today. more than 1300 kids starting school at the campus in somerton. the school has new studio space for science and design projects. it was a hot start to the school year for them. it will continue. >> yes. you know what, the last unofficial week of summer is going to feel like summer so i think a lot of people might really like that. because we don't want to let it go. we don't want to talk about that season that comes after fall. we don't want to mention that just yet. we will stay in the 90s. talking about a heat wave in the forecast. by friday, tracking a chance for some showers. but over the weekend, take a look at your labor day weekend forecast. so far, it looks less humid saturday and sunday. temperatures staying at about the upper 80s. monday, labor day, looks hot again.
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so it is definitely going to feel like summer. for all of us, i'm jim rosenfield. tonight, the deadly ambush mystery. a police officer executed in cold blood while pumping gas. shot 14 times from behind. the suspect charged with capital murder. a community in shock. and the question everyone's asking is why? the shake-up rocking the race for president. donald trump and hillary clinton suly feeling the heat from a pair of surging challengers. also, a landmark battle erupting over the sudden renaming of an american icon. unstoppable. a sea of desperate families flooding into europe by any means possible. one country now building a 100-mile fence to stop them. richard engel on the front lines of this widening humanitarian crisis. and fighting peanut allergies. as the number of kids suffering from them soars, the surprising


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