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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  September 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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being held with parents and the leaders of a catholic school in montgomery county. it is the parents chance to weigh in on a teacher's firing because of her same-sex marriage. >> if you like the heat, you're really going to like today's forecast. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour. already 73 degrees at 6:00 a.m. good morning, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. what happened to august? >> gone. >> boom, out of here! before we know it, we'll be longing for days like this when the weather is in the 90s. >> steamy. >> let's bring in bill henley and the first alert forecast. what about it? >> in february we'll be longing for days like this. probably not later this month when it will nkç doubt be more comfortable. the heat will go away with fog. we're tracking some areas of fog as the temperatures cool down at this hour under clear skies, the fog has formed. it was down to zero visibility in hazleton. now half a mile. it's improving in mt. pocono, light fog being reported in blue
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bell. excellent visibility for wrightstown, philadelphia international. dover and wildwood in the clear. just a clear spots of fog. clear skies, this is a live view from here at the nbc 10 studio. yesterday we started off with clouds. today it's sunshine on duty all day and a hot and humid afternoon. 90s today and this is not the end of the heat as well. there's more on the way. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood to show you which areas will be heading into the 90s today when i'm back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington has a look at what's going to greet you as you head out the door. >> starting to see a little bit of delay on 95, bill, right around state road. you can see on the southbound side, right in here where we typically see that volume first. 95 southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway. we still see a 14-minute trip there. if you're headed northbound, completely no problems at all. if you're headed out the door on the schuylkill expressway, this
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is through the conshohocken curve. we're not seeing any of the cars change color which means they're still green and moving. 13 minutes at the most and that's into the center city area. on the eastbound side from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway. westbound having no problems, heading into king of prussia area. if you're out in conshohocken, we have watching for an accident scene on east 7th street and fayette street. watch out there. mass transit, currently no problems or delays for new jersey transit, patco and septa. coming up in the next ten minutes, i'll have more drive times. >> new from overnight, a motorcycle rider escapes serious injury after he collided with a mini van in north philadelphia. this crash happened at broad and ontario streets around 1:00 this morning. the motorcycle braver was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. and happening çtoday, pares are voicing their concerns about the firing of a gay teacher at a montgomery county catholic school. nbc 10's jesse gary is live for
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us in merion station where the town hall meeting will take place. tonight's meeting is only for parents. tell us why the rest of the community wasn't invited. >> reporter: the school's principal says there will be an toon the for the larger community to talk to leadership later in fall. tonight's meeting is jut for students' parents so they can explain their actions and deal with the consequences. the hard feelings surrounding the firing of margie winters. parents were notified by mail earlier this summer. many school families are support of winters and condemn her firing. the sisters of mercy mid-atlantic community leadership team says the firing reflects adherence to the teachings of the catholic church. school officials say tonight's parents only meeting is the first step in rebuilding trust and healing the school community. tonight's meeting from is 7:00 until 9:00 right here and it is closed to the public. live in lower merion township,
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jesse gary, nbc 10 news. an unlicensed funeral home in philadelphia is under investigation after police discover eed composed bodies at the property. on a tip, police inspected hawkins funeral home. they found three bodies inside, two of them decomposing. the bodies should have within refrigerated. george spencer questioned the funeral home director. >> we have paperwork, they're going to be cremated. >> why aren't they refrigerated? >> we don't refrigerate bodies that are being cremated. >> police said they should have been refrigerated. while hawkins is licensed to are a funeral home, the actual building is not licensed to operate as one. police are waiting on a warn the to remove the bodies from the property. this is new video of a crash in lakewood, ocean county that injured is a baby, a child and an adult. the baby was in a stroller when the driver slammed into the
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group on river çavenue. skyforce 10 was over the scene. the baby and another child suffered serious injuries. we're working to find out their conditions and if police filed any charges. meanwhile, this morning, a man is in police custody in connection with a hit and run that killed a 2-year-old boy. miguel colon turned himself in yesterday. he was behind the wheel of a car that hit david alicea and his mother, josephine rivera. we spoke to rivera last anytime. >> i don't know what to say. i don't. i'm happy you're behind bars now, now my baby can rest in peace. i have justice for my son. >> just last week, the city offered a $20,000 reward leading to information for colon's arrest. a judge set bail at $500,000
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for luis vogwell. it's 6:06. the montgomery county lawyer accused of raping one of his clients. investigators say on august 6th, a woman who hired vincent cirillo jr. to represent her told them that cirillo raped her. police investigated the claim and arrested cirillo yesterday. no one answered when nbc 10's denise nakano stopped by the office in norristown. his office, cirillo is free this morning after posting $100,000 bail. happening today, philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will lead a discussion on crime, justice and the american prison system. he will make the presentation at eastern state penitentiary this evening. it's part of an ongoing series.
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he's expected to talk about community policing and the lessons learned from the recent riots in baltimore and ferguson. in the lehigh valley, allentown is beefing up its police force. today the mayor will hold a swearing in and badge ceremony for a new group of officers. >> atlantic city's casinos are calling on governor chris christie to sign a financial assistance package. the casino association of new jersey says if he doesn't sign the five mill package it could cost the city taxpayers $50 million a year. legislation was pass in june but the governor has not taken action yet. university's board of trustees held a special meeting to consider its options. the school's aing president says he hopes to sell the property in the near future. stockton bought it last winter hoping to turn it into a
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satellite campus. legal issues have prevented that from happening. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 6:00. we have a cooler morning than yesterday. our skies are clear but we'll be turning up the heat this afternoon with bright sunshine. a heat wave with temperatures building as the workweek goes on. late-week storms will finally break the heat wave heading into the weekend. nice changes, nice low humidity for saturday and sunday. right now, though, the humidity is high. 72 degrees in northeast philadelphia and atlantic city at 72. just dropped into the 50s in the pocono mountains. we are in the clear in philadelphia. a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios with just a gentle breeze blowing. the wind will stay light today. the humidity is high. lack at that 93% in mt. pocono. pottstown, dover reporting;qba humidity right now. steaminess will stay with us into the afternoon. the satellite shows we are in the clear. no clouds for us today.
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none expected. we will see sunshine on duty all day today. and the temperatures will be climbing into the 90s and stay elevated for the next few days. radar saw a little bit of activity yesterday. we are completely dry this morning. much-needed rain will wait until the end of the week. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, camelback, 88 degrees this çafternoon, into the low s for bethlehem, pennsburg, morgantown. sunshine will be bright. the humidity elevated for souderton, abington, morristown. right along the coast into the 80s. go inland a little bit, low 90s for milford, smyrna. 91 for millville. hot day today from thorndale through wilmington, woodstown and philadelphia all into the 90s this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. but the weekend will be much more comfortable. the humidity comes down. the temperature is nice on saturday. 85 degrees. it will be warmer on sunday. the humidity stays low with
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partly sunny skies. seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. it is just about 6:10. it's time to get back to work. this workweek. and commute time just slowly increasing now. >> let's find out for sure. let's specifically take a look at 422. jessica boyington is doing that for us. jessica? >> we're starting to see them increase by a little tiny bit along 422 at trooper road. you can see in here, starting to see brake lights and delay. the drive time is still doing okay from 29 up towards the schuylkill expressway. we'll get you posted on this delay if there's anything up ahead. i couldn't see anything as of yet. watch out for a disabled vehicle in plymouth on the pa turnpike around midcounty. an accident scene still active out in conshohocken on east 7th street and fayette street. watch out for that. mass transit, no problems for new jersey transit, patco or septa so far.
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6:10 right now. there are a lot of excuses for being late for school but this one might top them all. a mistake a bus driver made that had a student two hours late and a mother pretty scared. learn of fate of a football team after a hazing scheme. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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6:14 and 73 degrees outside. from our delaware news bureau, a mother took matters into her own hands after her daughter's bus driver was late and got lost on the first day of school. katerina pervez says she was almost two hours late. the bus was a half hour late picking her up, then once on the
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bus she realized the driver was lost. she called her mom for help. >> i was thinking does this bus driver know where she's going? i think she was looking down at a gps or something. she said we're still on the bus, mommy. i said where are you? she said we're near pennsylvania. >> katerina's mom ended up chasing down the bus to get her daughter to school. well, a judge sentenced six football players to probation and community service in connection with a hazing investigation in middlesex county, new jersey. they played for sayreville war memorial high school. last fall police charged seven players with attacking and sexually assaulting younger teammates as partç of a hazing ritual. the seventh player is awaiting trial in family court. police are hoping surveillance camera will lead them to a person who stole a flag from a delaware county
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family. >> video shows the thief ripping the flag from the front porch of a home in aston. mark dougherty's grandfather started the tradition after flying the flag. >> he flew that out hear for years, any kind of a holiday, he always had the flag out. when he was buried earlier this year, we foaled that up and had that on the casket. >> anyone with information is asked to call police. delaware university is expanding a pet friendly campus they started last year. 40 students will have pets, up from 18 last year. there's everything from chinchillas, snakes but the university is not allowing students to own cats. school officials did not specify a reason. >> bryn mawr college, officials
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announced the opening of the enid cook '31 center. the residential space will also serve as the culture center. since july, a part myrrhship help helped install almost 2,000 working smoke alarms in high-risk neighborhoods. 6:17. time to get another look at traffic and travel times out there for your folks commuting to work. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is with us. >> we're starting to see a pickup in the morning rush on the vine street expressway. right now around eighth street. we have a three-minute drive towards the schuylkill expressway. these are the westbound lanes
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right in here. just signs to watch out for. they're not blocking off any lanes. just something to watch out for, eastbound into 95. just under a five-minute drive time as well. as we head out the door, towards the schuylkill expressway, if you're on the vine, no problems yet. that's only the eastbound side. westbound toward the king of prussia area, it's about the same. the blue route is doing the same, southbound from woodhaven road up towards the vine street expressway, that's about a 17-minute trip. watch out for a vehicle that's blocking out the left-hand lane and an accident scene in conshohocken on east 7th street and fayette street. more drive times and a check with mass transit coming up in the next ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. we're minutes away from sunrise this morning and we will see sunshine to start with. there's a clear view from the mellon bank building looking past the comcast center in center city.
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73 degrees. that's cooler than yesterday morning, because we are cloud free. the humidity, that's still with us. 87%. it will be a steamy afternoon. with sunshine, it's going to be a quick warmup, even in the mountains. low-lying fog, this is a view from the french manor. with sunshine, upper 80s in the mountains today. light fog in mount pocono, three-mile visibility there, 1 1/2-mile visibility in south jersey at millville. otherwise, we are in the clear satellite wise. no sideline of any clouds or showers. we need the rain. the rain is way off to the north and west. it won't be here until later in the week. but it will bring some cooler temperatures for the weekend. but not today. not the next few days. sunny, hot and humid. hotter than yesterday. we'll be in the low to mid-90s this afternoon. and right back in the same territory tomorrow afternoon, 93 degrees. a few extra clouds around.
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if we're lucky we'll get a spotty shower. most of the area looks like it will stay dryç for wednesday. hotter thursday, up to 95. the steaminess this thursday will continue into friday. not the heat. the temperatures drop down thanks to showers and thunderstorms. 87 the high on friday and the storms, they're out of here for the weekend, sunshine and less humid saturday, 85 up to 89. still comfortable on sunday even though it will be warm. the humidity stays low for monday, too, with a high of 90. chris cato live in our breaking news center. skyforce 10 just got over the scene of a shooting in the city of chester. let's bring you that live picture right now. i'll step over to get a closer look. you can see uniformed police on scene, a couple of civilian vehicles, including that black car with the passenger's side door open. we don't know exactly what happened in this shooting yet. all we know at this point is that a man was shot in the upper body. we don't know what transpired. at this point we're still working to find out if anyone was arrested. look on the ground to the let of
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the car, you see shattered glass there. we're led to believe the glass was shot out there. one victim in this shooting. we done the know the person's condition or the circumstances of the shooting. the markers are put out to mark shell casings. if that's case we see six, seven, eight of those on the ground. we'll continue to watch this investigation as it progresses. a shooting in the city of chester, a city that continues to struggle with gun violence we'll see what happens with this one. chris cato, live 0 our breaking news center. we'll have nor as it unfolds. parents, you'll need to know about this, new rules go into effect today in new jersey. we'll tell you what you need to know about your car and your kid before you head out the door. plus this -- >> follow the leader. follow the leader. >> he's back. governor chris christie makes another appearance on "the tonight show." he explains why he might go nuclear in the next few days. ♪
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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and good morning, everyone. happy tuesday. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're starting things off right now on route 202 right around route 30. sun just coming up. it's looking nice. all lanes open whether you're headed northbound or southbound. there's no volume, delays or accidents, at least in this scene. coming up at 6:30 we check in with 95. we're starting to see volume there. i'll show you why, coming up. for right now, let's get a check with meteorologist bill henley. >> 73 degrees here at nbc 10. there are 60s to be found but they're going to disappear quickly with sunny skies, back in the 90s. in fact it's going to be a hotter day than it was yesterday. pottstown, doylestown, toms river, those are the cool spots
6:26 am
at 66 degrees. 73 now at philadelphia international. i'm katy zachry live along the ben franklin parkway. coming up, how is one man finding accommodations for hundreds of visitors for the world meeting of families? we'll show you after the break. i'm matt delucia, live in pennsauken. if you're a parent and you drive in new jersey, you might want to listen up. there's a new law this morning, all about car seats. i'll break it down, what you need to know, next.ç
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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nbc 10 break news. we are following breaking news in center city. we have launched skyforce 10 to check out police activity on lumbar between 5th and 6th street. we'll get you an update. preparing for the pope.
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today we'll learn new details about the city's plans and hear from one monsignor who has quite a task ahead of him. >> and governor chris christie. >> chris christie is always fired up and his appearance on "the tonight show" did not disappoint. he's talking about the campaign trail, the debates and of course the donald. >> of course. >> of course. and of course we have a hot day ahead of us. we'll be dealing with heat and humidity all day long in your first alert forecast, we'll tell you when we'll get relief. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. steamy out there right now, 73 degrees at 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> we've gone through the first one minute of sunshine today. the sun is up, the temperatures at this?x$our are a little lowe than yesterday morning. that's not going to last. it will a quick warmup withen isny skies. 66 in allentown, pottstown, millville and wilmington are in the upper 60s while it's 72
6:31 am
degrees in northeast philadelphia. we'll warm into the 90s today. hour by hour forecast, calling for 76 degrees. that's at 8:00 this morning. by 11:00, 86 degrees. then it's into the 90s this afternoon with plenty of sunshine today. you'll need your sunglasses, do your best to find a cool spot. back with the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast in ten minutes. right now it's time for jessica boyington who has your first alert traffic. jessica? >> we're watching 95 right now. we're starting to see delays around cottman avenue on the southbound side, right in here. headed towards the center city area from woodhaven road, that total trip now about 21 minutes. we have average speeds of 39 miles per hour. this is typically about a 12-minute trip or so. we're adding ten minutes to your morning commute if you're headed southbound on 95. a quick heads up in philadelphia, we do have police activity reported on lombard street, which is closing it between 5th and 6th street. watch out if you're heading out the door there.
6:32 am
new jersey transit transit is doing fine. thorndale train number 501 is 12 minutes late and norristown 6212 running 11 minutes late. if you're heading out in plymouth on the pa turnpike, watch out for the left lane blocked with a disabled vehicle. still that accident scene in conshohocken, east 7th street and fayette street. we're starting to see a busier morning commute. 6:32. in just 25 days, the pope comes to philadelphia. take mayor nutter will announce updates on the city's plans. also this morning, road work will end in some areas. crews begin removing some construction equipment in center city. the project will resume on october 1st. there will nobody construction on 95 in the days leading up to and throughout the papal visit. as the city prepares for the pope, one church is trying to make sure that one of the largestç delegations of cathols coming for the world meeting of
6:33 am
families has a place to stay. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city with that story. katy, tell us more. >> hi, tracy. you need it. vietnam is one of the top countries repped so far for the world meeting of families and the papal visit. there is one monsignor, one person here in philadelphia who is trying to find housing for hundreds of them. meet monsignor joseph trinn. helena's catholic church in north philadelphia where they are already making repairs for the papal weekend. he's also president of the country's federation of vietnamese catholics which means uns had of visitors from around the country and the world have reached out to him, needing a place to stay. at the parish's convent and rectory, they are getting rooms ready for that week and they also plan to feed hundreds of people from there, using the kitchen and the facilities. he's also asking his congregation for their help. >> so i asked the families to please will you host and take them in, please feed them as well.
6:34 am
so that alleviates my burdens. >> this is exciting. monsignor trinn has hand select about 50 people to join a larger audience, a larger choir that will sing personally for the pope for the sunday papal mass. that's pretty exciting for them. reporting live along the parkway, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> very exciting for sure. you can prepare for the pope with the nbc 10 news app. it is your one stop for everything you need to know, mass transit information, road closu closures. you'll also find the pope's itinerary and where you can see pope francis. it's a free download at chris cato live in our breaking news center. this may turn out to be nothing more than a traffic inconvenience. jessica boyington showed it on her maps earlier. we want to bring your attention to what skyforce 10 is over now. lombard street, the society hill
6:35 am
section of philadelphia is currently blocked offç between 5th and 6th street because of a suspicious package. autoof precaution police have to go check it out. this is why they have blocked off lombard street between 5th and 6th. you can see the police activity on scene there. we haven't scene the package yet from skyforce 10. it may be under one of those trees. this is a mix of a residential area. you can see the row homes and also part of the reason for the precaution could be there are two houses of worship right there on lombard street, mother bethel ame and a synagogue side by side. that could be part of the reason they are being cautious with this. nothing has been confirmed. this is just a package that the police department is checking out. they have to be very cautious in situations like this, even though usually it turn out to be absolutely harmless. but as we pan off there, you'll see one of the houses of worship
6:36 am
there again, mother bethel ame and a synagogue right next door. this is on lombard between 5th and 6th. be advised if this part of society hill, if you live and drive through this area, you'll encounter these road closures here. we'll keep an eye on it and let you know when the situation has cleared up. live in our breaking news center, chris cato, nbc 10. new car seat rules go into effect for drivers in new jersey today. they affect kids up to 8 years old. matt delucia joins us live with changes that parents need to know about. matt? >> reporter: an updated law and tougher fines, all for the goal of keeping your kids safe. keep this in mine. kids up to 2 years old and 30 pounds must be in a rear-facing seat, even if they done the fit in the seat. perhaps their legs are long. it didn't matter. here's another thing to keep in mind. up to 4 years old or 40 pounds, front-facing seats must have a
6:37 am
five-point harness. and the booster seat requirement of either up to age 8 or 80 pounds changes to kids who are under 8 years old or under 57 inches. now some parents, especially those with more than one kid, s-"átk often get confused with these laws. police were also somewhat confused. now there's the hope that the gray area is cleared up. >> previous legislation didn't deal with that. it was just very vague. this is much more delineated. it gives the police more guidance. >> reporter: yesterday you could be fined up to $25. now it could go up to $75. claiming you were following the manufacturer's guidelines won't cut it anymore. pennsylvania also has a $75 fine but that law is for children under 4 to be in an approved car seat and 4 to 8-year-olds in a booster seat. new jersey now among the toughest in the nation with their law. now, what can you do if you still need clarification? every state in our area has free
6:38 am
events where you can get your car seat checked. two weeks from now is child passenger safety week in pennsylvania. i compiled a list of resources within the last hour so you can go on to our website, to phone out where you can get your car seat checked so you can clear up some of the confusion. if you're waking up this morning, getting the kidness the car, getting ready for school and you still have confusion, which car to be in which seat, booster seat, rear-facing seat, it's a lot to take in. but thors are hoping this will make the kids safer when you get behind the wheel. live in pennsauken, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. officials released nearly 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails during her time as secretary of state. some e-mails are heavily censored because they have information that is now classified. state department officials say
6:39 am
that information was not marked classified at the time she sent the messages on her personal server. the presidential candidates are expected to spend $4.5 million on advertising campaigns during this election cycle. that's according to "the wall street journal." so far, tv ad spending in the presidential campaign is up 900% over the ç2012 campaign. online ad spending is outpaetzing the last election, up 700%. well, new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie appeared on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. >> you have to talk about the election when you talk about the donald. >> he's in the lead of all these polls. is this a surprise to you? >> oh, no, i completely expected that. didn't you. >> no. >> everything he does is fabulous, spectacular, amazing, the best.
6:40 am
>> fallon went on to say he thought christie would be the one yelling at people on the campaign trail saying that's normally his thing. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the sun is up, so is skyforce 10. looking at it through the haze this morning. that's the live view. the sunshine is going to be bright through the day and we are going to be turning up the heat this afternoon. yesterday we topped out at 90 degrees, into the 90s today. late week storms will finally break the heat wave and make for a nice weekend. until then, hot weather and humid weather, too. 60s for reading but low 70s with sunshine for philadelphia and cape may. philadelphia, you can see that haze. a little bit of a glow of sunlight on the comcast center in center city. you'll see more and more sunshine and less and less fog. we've seen thick fog, improved in hazleton. blue bell now reporting quarter mile fog there. as the temperatures climb, the fog disappears.
6:41 am
we'll see clear skies, the radar, no sign of the wet weather we started with yesterday. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 90s for bethlehem, fleetwood, morgantown, up to 90s this afternoon. look at the low 90s, new hope, morristown, 93 degrees, up to 92 for souderton. inland, there are the 90s one again for millville, milford and smirnoff. 93 degrees, 94 in philadelphia.ç wilmington and newark are into the low 90s. look at the weekend forecast with some nicer numbers when i'm back in ten minutes. 6:41. just a few minutes ago, chris was showing us pictures from skyforce 10 live over the scene on lombard between 5th and 6th street. >> jessica boyington has been watching that and she has ways to get around. where are the closures? >> we have an update for you guys, vai and tracy.
6:42 am
the police activity is clearing this out of the way. the package seems to not be a threat. lombard has opened between 5th and 6th. as for the schuylkill expressway, right around the conshohocken curve, we're seeing delays east and westbound. very similar also. eastbound from the blue route up towards the vine street expressway, that's about an 18-minute trip. typically a 12-minute trip in both directions. as you can see, we're tracking on seven minutes or so. heading into the king of prussia area, about a 19-minute trip. mass transit, currently no problems. delays we're seeing 10 to 12-minute delays for the thorndale lane and norristown line for septa. vai? >> thank you. act now or condemn the world to a nightmare the action president obama is calling for before he says it's too late. in an and an address mix-up leaves two people shot, a homeowner and a police officer. we'll have more on that.
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it's 6:46. 73 degrees outside this morning. today, friends and family will pay their final respecs to the virginia photographer shot to death last week during a live broadcast. 27-year-old adam ward will be laid to rest in roanoke. his family is encouraging those who attend the funeral to wear the colors associated with his alma mater, salem high school and virginia tech university. an atlanta area police officer is in critical after being shot after responding to the wrong home during a call. the homeowner was also shot and his dog was killed during the incident. the georgia bureau of investigations plans to investigate.
6:47 am
in texas we now know the man accused of shooting and killing a sheriff's deputy completely emptied his .40 caliber handgun during the shooting. investigators say shannon miles fired 15 shots at deputy goforth. the prosecution will not need to prove there was a motive. >> the why of an offense isn't an element of the crime. prosecutors aren't obligated to prove it. >> deputy goforth was a ten-year veteran of the department and will be laid to rest friday. since saturday, community members have donated $70,000 to his family. meantime in online drive has topped $100,000. and also in texas, a police officer is credited with helping save a woman from a burning car. it was all caught on the cop's dashcam. witnesses were already fighting the car fire with extinguishers. the officers and a handful of people got her out of the
6:48 am
vehicle and carried her to safety. sections later, the car burst into flames. despite a recent hack and rumors of a possible shutdown, people continue to join the infidelity site ashley madison. more than 87,000 women joined the site last week. owners say women sent nearly 3 million messages on the site. the company insists the media report last week made incorrect assumptions about recently leaked data that exposed personal information of 36 million users. new video showing a carefully choreographed smash and grab near chicago. it sh video shows an suv slamming through the front of a clothing store, several people jump out, wave friends across the street. they were in and out in seven minutes, stealing 70 pairs of expensive jeans. 53-year-old andrew wright was killed when his plane went
6:49 am
down while practicing to are a weekend air show in orange county, new york. the tail of his plane broke off just before the crash. at wednesday's atlantic city air show, the texas pilot was slated to attempt a new world record for the most inverted flat spins. >> it's always in the back of your mine. you hate losing a performer, especially when you know real closely. >> organizers say there's no need for any changes in safety but they have altered the show's lineup, adding a memorial tribute to wright. 6:49. in just more than an hour, three u.s. marines and their service dogs begin a 100-mile trek from the liberty bell to the freedom tower in manhattan. their nine-day journey is in honor of three fellow marines killed in action. they plan to get to new york by 9/11. they have set up a go uned fun
6:50 am
page in the name of their fallen officers. haing today, president obama will put his surviwql skills to the test. he'll tape a special episode of "running wild with bear grylls" which airs right here on nbc 10. he'll join bear for a trip through the alaskan wilderness and highlight the issue of climate change. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes before 7:00. it is a muggy morning. it's going to be a hot day today. look at the haze. you can see glimmer of sunlight, some of the buildings. that's the view from the comcast center. 73 degrees. humidity 87%. yes, we're 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. it's not going to stay that way. we started off with clouds, that kept temperatures lower during the day. scattered clouds in the pocono mountains, the view from jim thorpe in the mountains, low clouds and some areas of fog. not everybody is steeg the fog.
6:51 am
this changes minute by minute. we've seen improvement in the pocono mountains. blue bell at quarter mile visibility, dense fog and light fog in mount holly. wrightstown not an issue there. down under a mile visibility for millville. fog-free in dover and wildwood. any fog will disappear as the temperatures climb. it will be a quick warmup. clouds way off to the northwest and offshore. no sign of wet weather for us for today. it's going to be sunshine and a muggy afternoon with a quick warmup, too. we'll warm into the 90s, a little hotter than yesterday and just as humid. you'll need your sunglasses today and again tomorrow. you'll need to find a cool spot for both days. if you find one that you can use tuesday and wednesday, keep it around for thursday. look at that, 95 degrees thursday afternoon. the humidity stays friday and will likely feel showers and thunderstorms and that will help keep temperatures lower. 87 the high on friday. then the storms are out of here for the weekend and the humidity
6:52 am
drops, much less humid for saturday, sunday and monday. saturday afternoon, 85 degrees. then warming up later in the weekend. bill, eight minutes before 7:00. if you're getting ready to head out the door, we have an accident on route 73 to tell you more about. >> jessica boyington has more information on that on route 73, is it? ç >> yes, vai and tracy. folsom is closed north and southbound. your alternates, the ac expressway runs parallel to route 73 at that point. avoid the toll roads, take 322. it's a little bit further out. the rest of the new jersey roads are okay, no problems on the 42 freeway, or the new jersey pike. one more quick update with the police activity clearing from lombard street that's re-opened between 5th and 6th streets. we were going to look at the blue route around 320. it's clear, i can promise you
6:53 am
that. as for conshohocken, we're still watching the accident scene, east 7th street and fayette street. coming up in five minutes we'll have one more check, the last check, on traffic. i'm katy zachry, live in long the ben franklin parkway. vietnamese catholics with one of the top delegations expected for the world meetings of families. in the city, there is one person trying to find housing for hundreds of them. coming up we'll show you what he's doing. i'm matt delucia, live in pennsauken. just in time for getting the kids ready for school. there's a new law in new jersey, all about car seats. i'll explain, next.
6:54 am
the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
6:55 am
mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
6:56 am
i'm chris cato.
6:57 am
live in our breaking news center. news that may resonate deeply. pope francis announcing that he will allow roman catholic priests to absolve women who have had abortions. he will allow priest discretion in absolving the sin of abortion and those seeking forgiveness. this is a decision many had wanted the pope to make and now the decision coming out of the vatican today, pope francis saying that roman catholic priests can absolve women who have had abortions. live in our digital operations center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. i'm katy zachry, live along the ben franklin parkway. this is where nearly 2 million people are expected to gather for the world meeting of families and the papal visit in late september. hundreds, if not thousands of them will be vietnamese catholics and philadelphia's monsignor joseph trinn is trying
6:58 am
to find housing for as many as possible. more than 100 priests and deacons will say at st. helena's in the rectory and convent there. monsignor trinn helped to pay 50 singers who will sing on the stage during the papal mass on send. reporting live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. i'm matt delucia, live in pennsauken. a new law in new jersey all in how you put your kids in your car. starting today, here's the law, kids up to 2 years old and 30 pounds must be in a rear-facing seat even if they don't fit exactly in the seat, for example, if they have longer legs that hit the back of the seat. up to 4 years old or 40enç pod front huff facing seats must have a five-point harness and the booster seat requirement up to 8 years old or 80 pounds changed to 8 years old and 57 inches.
6:59 am
live in pennsauken, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we're out on route 73 right now with a live video from skyforce 10 over top of a folsom, new jersey accident where route 73 is closed in both directions. north and southbound. your alternate, take the ac expressway. to avoid the toll roads take route 322. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it's a warm one this morning. 75 degrees in philadelphia. trenton is at 69. 66 in pottstown. it's going to be a warm and sunny start and a muggy one, too, at the bus stop. your bus stop forecast, 70 in the suburbs, 73 in the city. during the day today, the temperatures soar. thought it was hot yesterday? it will be hotter today. in fact by 2:00 this afternoon, it will already be hotter than it was all day yesterday. >> wow. get ready. all right.
7:00 am
>> got the band all back together again. >> looks good. >> "today" show is up next. local updates in 25 minutes. >> see you then. good morning. document dump. 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails released overnight. do any of them contain classified information? and what did she know? sniper on the loose? shots fired at four different cars on the same stretch of interstate in arizona. one young girl injured, drivers on alert. is there a serial shooter? september scorcher. no relief from the blistering heat wave. much of the country baking. 50 million of us wondering when it will end while storms cause damage and bring a busy airport to a standstill. and worth the risk? ashley madison claiming hundreds of thousands of people have sign


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