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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  September 3, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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we begin with another day in the 90s and maybe our last day in the 90s for a feud. let's get our forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> it's going to be a hot one but not as humid. warm start and 60s and 70s and the fog not happening like yesterday. 70 in wilmington and low 70s for trenton and northeast philadelphia and 68 allentown and pottstown and millville. sunny skies and not much wind. a light northerly wind just enough to keep the drier air coming in. even though a hot afternoon, won't be all that uncomfortable. 85 degrees by 10:00. it's during the afternoon is when we will see the hottest period 92 degrees by 1:00 in the afternoon and still climbing at that hour. i'll show you where we will top out when i come back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. right now, looking live at the schuylkill expressway around the conshohocken curve where
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things are moving along nicely. you can see we have a 12 minute drive him here heading eastbound into the center city area from the blue route and eastbound lanes here where the headlights are headed and westbound look fine and just look identical.ea headlights are headed and westbound look fine and just look identical. you can see the cars are green moving 22 minutes at the most if you're headed eastbound from valley forge up to route 1. next ten minutes problem with septa and i'm going to tell you about. this morning, we are following breaking news in hungary where is there a migrant crisis growing. they are pouring into a railway station in budapest following a two-day d&standoff. overnight people tried to board trains and thousands seeking asylum from the middle east and
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africa and afghanistan. they have been waiting to travel farther into europe. government officials shut down the terminal on tuesday and preventing people with tickets head to go austria and germany. preparing for the pope. we are a little over 23 days away from it happening. >> you don't need a calendar to know that pope francis is coming. signs are up everywhere. one of them, the knotted gratto. told you about this for months and it's been in the works. a massive interaction art installation opening today at the basilica of st. peters and paul. in the past 24 hours, nbc10 has learned that you're going to need a ticket to get anywhere
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near the papal stage. monique braxton is live on the parkway this morning. explain how this is going to work, monique. >> reporter: hey, vai. take look at the paverkway. it is set up for the made in america event. emergency that stage is gone there and you have something on the other side. this is a dividing line between those who will have tickets and those who won't. i am, right now, standing at the border where you see the barricade. in the distance, people will have tickets and be standing outside here where i'm standing, folks that do not have tickets will be standing. this is all designated by a brand-new secret service map. pope francis will speak from an alt altar. those with tickets handed out at 200 local parishes will get them the day before the pope arrives. we found out how st. margaret's
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will distribute those tickets. >> we are going to do it on a first come, first serve basis, except for some people have already signed up for a bus that we are bringing down to the papal mass on sunday so they are guaranteed to get some of the pass. then the others, in addition to them, are just the first people that call and ask. >> the world meeting of families tells us it wanted to make sure parishioners here in the philadelphia archdiocese could be accommodated. announcements will be made during sunday's mass. the next half hour, we are working to bring you reaction to what is now being@ ticketed standing room only event and we will also tell you how many tickets are going to be up for grabs online on tuesday. ticketed, standing room only event, once again. live along ben franklin parkway, monique braxton, nbc10 news. the pope will be here in
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philadelphia, a list of things can you and can't bring inside the papal fence in center city. here is a look at the few things you can't bring. you can't bring balloons or tents or coolers or glass bottles or thermals or metal containers. no pets unless they are a service animal. there is also a restriction on what size bag you can bring in. a lot of things, other things you won't be able to bring in you and we have a list of what they are on the nbc10 app and a list of the viewing stations in the city away from the ben franklin parkway. a story only on 10. a delaware county woman is facing charges after police say she stole nearly $90,000 from a friend and next door neighbor she was supposed to be caring for. melissa deal is accused of taking that money from james mooney's life savings. she's a nurse who had power of attorney over mooney and took money would you the aston family without knowing.
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she say she siphoned tens of thousands of dollars without the aston family knowing. >> he loved us so much and it's all about family. >> i want you to know, i'll forgive you but never forget how you treated my family. >> the district attorney launched an investigation into deal after someone sent an anonymous tip. investigators say she used the stolen money for bills and two trips to disney world. two firefighters were hurt battling a house fire overnight and all that is left of that home in delaware county. a charred, burned outer shell. firefighters were called to this house on rogers lane before 1:00 this morning. the house was vacant and had been under construction. prosecutors say a former student accused of distributing nude photos of his classmates bragged about it in his yearbook. police charge 18-year-old brandon berlin after they say he shared nude photos of several current and former students at north penn high school in montgomery county. authorities say he stored the
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photos in a file sharing service called drop box and the name of that file was i probably had your picks. that same phrase was his senior quote in the yearbook. ber hin h berlin has since graduated. a community walk today aimed at bringing awareness to violence in the city. the d.a. seth williams will lead the walk in overbrook and which will travel past the scenes of two unsolved shootings. williams says it's a chance for him to hear from philadelphians on crime and other issues. don't fight back seagull or it could cost you. the punishment one man received for his battle with the birds. we have been battling the heat for days now. it's going to be another hot one for philadelphia. at the shore, though, 80s later on. the temperatures are cooling under clear skies at the shore. 74 degrees at 5:37. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood
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forecast is just ahead.
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20 minutes before 6:00. we are now less than an hour away from sunrise. we will see a lot of sunshine. yesterday, we had so much fog to start with but that is not happening this morning. the humidity is already lower and the temperatures running a bit warmer and keeping mugginess and fog at bay. we have a little bit of a breeze. most of the area is calm but just enough of a northerly component to bring in the dry air and keep us in the clear. we are on our way to another hot one this afternoon and sunny skies and back in the 90s later today and no sign of showers until tomorrow. 88 in the pocono mountains today and lowjq 90s for morgantown an pennsburg to 92. king of prussia 93 and 80s at
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the shore. and delaware beaches. 87 this afternoon. millville and smyrna into the low 90s today. a hot one. 95 in philadelphia and berlin and thorndale 92 this afternoon. your weekend forecast and full seven day and take you through the holiday weekend when i'm back in ten. we will you what vice president joe biden just did that is adding fuel to the rumors that he will run for president. plus, we have the results of a difficult and controversial standardized test in delaware. we will show you how students store and tell you what parents think about the test now. right now, we are looking live at route 202 around 252 and things moving along just fine. heads-up an accident just popped up on 95. southbound side approaching the betty ross bridge and blocking out the left-hand lane. more details on this around the philadelphia area to come.
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we just got this animation of six flags great adventure next roller coaster. total mayhem will make its debut next spring at the ocean county
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amusement park. i can't wait to go with you, tracy, to this ride. >> i'm not going. >> two 90-degree drops that give you the sensation of freefalling and just what we need right now. the coast guard rescued people on two broken down boat. this is one of the boats and stopped running and drifting toward a jetty. crews used ropes to tow it to land and the coast guard brought in a second boat a short time later. a man from pittsburgh is facing fines after attacking a seagull that attacked his daughter in ocean city. dennis regal said the seagull attacked his daughter while eating and he rolled up a towel and hit it and the bird die and he took it to a trash can. he was given a ticket and fined. vice president joe biden weighs a presidential bid, he is
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attracting more and more attention with each public appearance. yesterday, biden spoke at o?he÷ miami-dade college in florida. yesterday, biden spoke at miami-dade questions and brushed off questions about a possible run for president following a speech about college afford ability. later today biden will make the case for president obama's nuclear deal in front of lawmakers and jewish leaders in south florida. if biden decides to enter the race, he'll face hillary clinton and bernie sanders and martin o'malley and jim webb and lincoln chaffee. carly fiorina says cnn was right for changing its rules for an upcoming debate. >> i earned my place on that debate stage. they recognized there were so many polls before august 16th and so few after august 6th and before september 16th, that they had stacked the deck so they did the right thing.
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>> originally the network planned to average polls from mid july until september 10th. the top ten candidates would be included in the prime time debate. the rest would take part in a forum earlier in that day. but cnn decided to change the dates to polls between august 6th and september 10th. happening today, president obama will head back to the white house after wrapping up his trip to alaska. the goal of the trip was to bring attention to the issue of climate change. yesterday, the president visited native village north of the arctic circle where he participated in a traditional dance with the students at the school. today in a kentucky courtroom a county clerk faces a hearing on possible contempt of court charges as she continues to refuse to issue marriage licenses in a battle over sa same-sex couples. >> i'm not issuing marriage licenses today. >> why? why? >> kim davis refused to issue marriage licenses to anyone, gay or straight, after the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage and asking a judge to grant an order which would free
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her of issuing those licenses citing her freedom of religion. preparing for the pope. wireless companies are boosting their networks ahead of the pope's upcoming visit in philadelphia and new york and washington. >> doing it to meet the demands of millions of visitors expected. we told you about this before and now can show it to you. workers in washington, d.c. put up a mobile cell talker along the national mall and the idea is add capacity to the areas with the most crowds. it's a warm start this morning. but not as muggy as yesterday. with clear skies, we will see plenty of sunshine at the shore. there is a live view from cape may from the lafayette hotel.
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it will be a hot afternoon. even in the pocono mountains warming close to 90 degrees. can't see much right now. this is camel beach and can make out the pool, the reflection in the water and that light. no sign of any fog is what you can see from that view. fog is less likely to form today. light fog in some spots but most of the areas in the clear. 60s for pounce pottstown while 70 in camden and spruce street at 77. into the upper 60s for this area right now. the temperatures will be warming up quickly with fog out of the way and no sign of any showers. will be quickly warming through the 80s and into the 90s. wet weather is moving into michigan and that is part of a system that could give us some showers tomorrow. tomorrow morning, first thing morning, we will be in the clear but during the day, clouds will come in and look at the showers developing. that's 10:00 friday morning in northern new jersey and those showers and possibly some thunderstorms on the move.
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at 1:00 in the afternoon arriving in philadelphia. keep on going and possibility of scattered showers at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon but as we go into the evening hour, those showers will be moving out. and that will clear the way for a nice weekend. today, no showers. you'll need your sunglasses. mostly sunny skies and another hot one. another day into the 90s. but not tomorrow with cloud moving in, 85 tomorrow afternoon. scattered showers and thunderstorms but not everybody will see them on friday. everyone will get sunshine this weekend and sni less humid conditions for saturday and sunday and monday. even though labor day is warmer, up to 90 degrees. humidity will still be on the low side for the holiday. tuesday, late in the day,$zp5ñ might see some scattered showers and hot weather for tuesday afternoon and lots of sunshine again wednesday. see you a few more headlights out there. >> especially 95.
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jessica boyington is watching that. >> a few things going on right now. right now looking at girard avenue on 95 where we do have on the northbound side only a 12 minute drive time. some report of debris in the road where we have a lane closure. you can see not affecting that drive time all from the vine toward wood haven road but you can see a 35 minute drive time on the southbound side from wood haven road to the vine street expressway and due to this accident scene on 95 southbound right around betry ross bridge and blocking out the left-hand lane. a little bit of a backup behind that scene. update on twitter at septa. broad street line northbound trains will not service fairmount station this morning due to track problems. we will keep you updated on that in case anything changes. more updates to come but for now watch out for this accident on abington and davis road and london road. speaking of travel, happening today, federal officials talking about rail safety.
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the meeting is between homeland security secretary and tsa administrator and amtrak's chief of police so discuss the safety for the passenger rail system. amtrak carries 30 million riders every year. a new report shows outdoor dining is popular and growing in center city, philadelphia, as we take a live look at eighth and market. outdoor seating in restaurants has increased 400%. now it's available at 365 spots. the center city district is dedicated to making philadelphia premier destination for dining and outside attractions. >> ever wonder what happens behind the scenes here at nbc10 news? i'll ask our floor director to turn our peri scope here so folks can see what is happening. it's right over there. hi, folks. very nice. >> we have a constant conversation going behind the
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scenes. you can join the conversation by using the app peri scope at nbc philadelphia. family, sex and marriage. weeks before the pope's visit, we have the results of a new survey showing many american catholics no longer agree with the church on these fundamental issues.
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from our delaware bureau, education officials have released the results from a new and controversial statewide standardized test for students. last spring, students took the smarter balance assessment test. it's computer-based and measures critical thinking. some argued it was difficult for students and the state even warned that the results may not be so good. here they are. just over half of the third to eighth graders and 11th graders were proficient in english. only 39% of delaware students were rated proficient in math. despite the numbers, the results exceeded expectations but parents say they wish the results came in sooner. >> why is it taking so long to get the results? if my daughter has a problem or needs help, it's now six months and now she's in the seventh grade and now what? >> officials will not link the test with teacher evaluations
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for the first couple of years. this was a back-to-school welcome to remember. students at christo ray philadelphia high school were cheered as they arrived. it funds the cost of their education. 90 businesses and organization partner with the school to give students the work experience. a new survey shows philadelphia is one of the friendliest cities when it comes to tourists. a private jet company is behind the study. they rank chicago as the most tourist friendly city. then followed by atlanta and then philadelphia in third. miami and portland, oregon, round out the top five. findings come from positive and negative feelings in tweets featuring the word tourist. that is good news for tourists who will visit philadelphia later this month to see the pope. >> a little more than three weeks away. this morning, a new survey shows what many american catholics
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think is far from what the church thinks. a research survey found most don't agree with the church on major social issues like contraception and divorce. on abortion a third of catholics say terminating a pregnancy is not a sin and follows the pope's announcement earlier this year. a priest can forgive a woman who has had an abortion. >> said abortion is so wrong, but we need to be more welcoming and we need to ratchet back the language of damn nation and condemnation. >> the survey found half of all americans are connected to the catholic church but the vast majority of people who left the church say they can't imagine ever returning. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. raunchy pictures get a former north penn high school student arrested and police say
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there wasn't one victim. they found multiple pictures of several different teen girls all posted on drop box. back in business. the flourtown farmers market reopens today at a brand-new location where we are live and we will check it out. today a hot one and a break from the humidity which is key. we will get your first alert forecast hour-by-hour. already it feels nicer as you walk out the door. about 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today" and i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we will get a little bit of a break in the heat and maybe a little bit in the humidity. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> we are getting a break this morning. this afternoon, it's another hot one. though, the humidity will be low. the temperatures will be well into the 90s. right now, we are watching for fog. it's not happening for most of the area. so widespread yesterday. we are seeing 60s in millville and mt. holly and 70s for philadelphia and 60s north and west. most of the area is running warmer and we have a little bit of a breeze out of the north
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just enough to bring some dry air and keep the fog out of here. during the day. sunshine. hot. 90s in the afternoon and this will be the final day of the heat wave. temperatures will be turning cooler tomorrow and a chance we will see much-needed rainfall. go through the forecast neighborhood-by-neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes but time now with jessica boyington and your first alert traffic. early delay on 95. accident around bridge street. the delay behind that scene. we are at 37 minute drive him time right now and say about 12 to 13 to we are adding a good chunk of time and average speeds 22 miles per hour. wood haven road to the vine street expressway watch out for that and give extra time before you head out the door. septa seeing problems there on the broad street line all northbound trains will not service fairmount station due to track problems this morning so that might set a few people back. abington


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