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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> preparing for the pope. even in places where the pontiff won't be visiting. today several communities outside the city will brief residents about what to expect. >> saying good-bye to a philadelphia police officer who lost his life off duty. ahead, how family and friends will remember lamar poole who died in a hit and run crash. back in the 90s again. that would mean another heat wave. there is relief on the way and it arrives this afternoon. right now it's 74 degrees at 4:30. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it was toasty out there yesterday afternoon, wasn't it. >> sure it was. >> beyond toasty, perhaps, some might call it hot. meteorologist bill henley has the for first alert forecast.
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it's going to be another hot one today. >> another hot summer day. back into the 90s. the humidity is higher and the temperatures warmer. 76 at philadelphia international. warmer in northeast philadelphia, wilmington in the middle 70s, roxborough at 75 degrees and the temperatures will be climbing back into the 90s this afternoon. but today we'll see more cloud cover. there's a chance of a later day shower. this morning we will be dry. the south, southwesterly wind at 6 miles an hour, that's at 9:00 and 88 degrees at lunch time today. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington first alert traffic. it's still quiet so far this morning on the vine street expressway. our cameras right around 24th street proving that. you can see the drive time only about a three-minute trip headed westbound from 95 towards the schuylkill expressway. these are the westbound lanes right in here. if you're headed toward the 30th street station or the schuylkill expressway, you currently have no problems.
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the rest of the philadelphia majors are okay, 95 southbound into the center city area and the schuylkill into the center city area, they're doing okay. the blue route southbound from the schuylkill up towards the 95, still about a 15-minute trip. pennsauken township, we have a water main break that's been active since monday. route 130 southbound at route 90 with the right-hand lane closed. we'll check in with mass transit when i'm back in ten minutes. 4:32. now to preparing for the pope in just 17 days, pope francis will be here in philadelphia. >> 17 days. wow. it is upon us. the city, septa and many other businesses have been getting ready for this for months now. this isn't the just a philadelphia event. this is a regional event. several towns nearby have been preparing as well. katy zachry is in radnor. officials there want people to know the pope will change their routines, right? >> definitely. today radnor is one of several township in our area that today,
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after a long awaited time is sharing its pope plan with the community. the radnor township police department is putting on a series of these public meetings. one will focus on the business district and what it can expect trafficwise and road closurize. another will look at schools, how districts and universities are being asked to beef up security because of the influx of people to the airy. the final meeting this evening will focus on the overall community impact. at each of these meetings, the police department will encourage specific safetyç measures. coming up in the next half hour you'll hear from police about the specific safety measures and you'll also hear from the lieutenant about what they are doing differently the weekend the pope will be visiting. >> meantime, officials hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the gran opd opening of the official world meeting of families pop-up shop.
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it will sell officially world licensed world meeting of families merchandise like t-shirts, hats, rosaries and prayer cards. ♪ and this is the organ that will be use the during the pope's visit. we went to cunningham pianos in germantown yesterday. the musician will play the organ along the parkway for the papal mass. and camping out for the pope. up to 1,600 people can call part of fairmount park home during the papal visit. and the nbc 10 app has everything you need to prepare for the pope. you'll find detailed information on mass transit and road closures and how to get instructions on how to register for tickets to see pope francis. you'll also find a list of things you should leave at home if you're headed to the parkway as well. funeral services happening today for the philadelphia police officer who was killed in an off-duty hit and run crash last week.
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a viewing for officer lamar poole is scheduled at first district plaza at 9:00 a.m., followed by funeral services at 11:00 a.m. lewis vogwell hit and killed officer poole and then left the scene. a tow truck driver followed him and boxed him in until the police arrived. there's a push to suspend the law license of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. they argue a conflict of interest. kane faces charges of lying under oath. we've reached out to kane for comment. she's not responded to our latest attempts but has denied wro wrongdoing in the past. a judge faces a new legal problem. federal prosecutor are charging michael sullivan in a tax
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evasion case involving a restaurant he owned. if convicted he could get up to a year in jail. sullivan and five colleagues were charged in a ticket fixing scheme. a jury acquitted them of conspiracy and fraud. however, four of the judges were convicted of lying to authorities. sullivan was not one of those. well, it's heartbrack for a family in delaware county. >> flex thing you know, i look and they are attacking my dog. >> their beloved dog died. ahead we'll tell you why they say animal control officers are to blame. and a one-car crash scene that no one saw for hours. ahead, a happy ending to this story. why rescuers say luck played the biggest role. 74 degrees at 4:36. a warm, muggy start. we're watching for some areas of fog and later today, some storms. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 4:39 and we are seeing clear skies for parts of the area. reading, cape may in the clear. there are low clouds over philadelphia. 76 degrees, in fact, just about everybody in the 70s this morning. a warm start. clouds are not producing any rain in the area. it will be dry this morning. as we go into the afternoon hours, that may be changing. temperatures are running warmer already. and will be heading into the 90s again today. 78 at philadelphia international. south, southwesterly winds at 7 miles an hour. the humidity is 76% and we'll be staying high during the day. no sign of fog for pennsylvania. we have seen light fog in the toms river area and in wrightstown, already improving in toms river. it's not an issue for most of south jersey and delaware. we might see isolated spots of
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fog this morning. they won't last. as the temperatures climb, the fog disappears. the clouds to the north and northwest. ahead of it, that southwesterly flow continues. that's the warm, mauggy air tha will make for a hot and humid day today. scattered afternoon showers, possibly thunderstorms for new hope, abington, norristown. it will get warm innive al ivea. into the low 90s for newark and wilmington, philadelphia, 93 degrees. that's within 1 degree of the record for this day. by the time we get to the weekend, though, things are cooler, much more comfortable saturday with less humid conditions, even cooler on sunday with a chance of some showers. full seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. i say we might as well set a record if we're going to be that
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hot. what's 1 degree, right? >> let's go for it. >> let's put one in the books. >> now let's check traffic. how about we do that? jr)j watching 422. jessica? >> it's let's not get any hotter in here. 422 around trooper road. we have an eight-minute drive time in the eastbound lanes headed towards the schuylkill expressway. we still have no problems there. westbound doing even better than that. if you're heading out the door for the rest of our majors in the philadelphia area, we currently have no problems. on the pa turnpike, smooth sailing whether we're headed westbound or eastbound. grant money will help repair damage from hurricane sandy and prepare it for future storms. $250 million in federal grants we're talking about hour. most of the money will go towards placing four electrical substations and improving the hoboken station. the rest will be used for flood barriers and concrete sea walls.
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p.a.t.h. carries hundreds of thousands of riders every day. imagine spending nine hours trapped, injured and all alone. >> that's exactly what happened to a driver who crashed in lower merion yesterday. just ahead, why it took so long for him to be rescued and why emergency crews are giving much of the credit to luck. plus, where to stay during the pope's visit. some people with the choice of sleeping outdoors. next, the other unique housing options available.
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4:44. delaware county animal control is under investigation after a family claims the agency made them keep a stray dog that later attacked and killed their family dog. the family says they found a stray rottweiler and took it home and theyç say when animal control arrived, the family says the agency showed them a second dog believed to be related to
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the other stray and the family claims that the agency forced them to keep that second dog overnight. both dogs they say attack and killed their pet, louie. attorneys for the county say the family was warn and they say that animal control offered to introduce the dogs to avoid an issue. >> it does not appear as though delaware county animal control did anything other than act carefully, consistently and in a caring manner. >> the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals stopped taking any animals from the delaware conte animal control at this time. the company owner is now suing the shelter saying that it conspired to hut him out of business. that incident comes days after another dog died while in custody of upper darby animal control officers. a pitbull that spent two hours in the back of this van with no air conditioning after being dropped off at the chester county spca.
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those who treated the dog say his body temperature was 107 degrees and died of a heat stroke. the district attorney is looking into whether to file animal cruelty charges. upper darby township says it's not sure the heat caused the dog's death. time is 4:46. happening today, a texas school district is set to begin an investigation of two high school football players accused of assaulting a referee during a game last weekend. there's video. the two students from john jay high school in san antonio tackled the ref during a play at the end of last week's game. an assistant coach linked to the incident has also been placed on administrative lead. >> the players also allege racial slurs were directed at them by the umpire. the students allege that an assistant coach said, that guy needs to pay for cheating us.
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>> school officials tuesday called the incident shameful. said the football season will not be canceled. a gruesome investigation in chicago. a lagoon where the remains of a child were found over the weekend will be drained today. officials say that's necessary for their investigation to continue. police were called out to that lagoon on saturday after someone reported seeing something strange in the water and it turned out to be a toddler's foot. police eventually found the other foot, a hand and later the child's head. officials say divers have completed their search of the area and they say draining the lagoon could yield more ans in the investigation. people living near this wildfire in southern california are being forced to leave now. the flames are within several hundred yards of homes. the fire started yesterday and already has burned 80 acres in orange county. it's 70% contained now. officials are unsure how it started. this morning, the refugee crisis in europe continues to grow as thousands of men, women
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and children flee the war in syria. they've made their way to turkey, grease and finally hungary. hungarian officials are refuse to let them continue their journey north. hundreds made a run for it but they were eventually encircled by police, put on to buses and taken to a refugee camp. homeland is looking at what we've learned since 9/11 and how to prepare for the next threat. members held a hearing at the 9/11 memorial and museum in new york dwreyesterday. the police commissioner says al qaedaç continues to plot mar attacks from overseas while isis continues to use social media to encourage lone wolf attacks. former new york mayor rudy giuliani warned that past attacks teach terrorists should be taken at their word. >> bin laden declared war on us.
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we weren't paying attention. meanwhile, lawmakers push for more funding for first responders who suffer from illnesses believed to be related to their work at ground zero. 4:49. people looking for a place to stay in philadelphia during the pope's upcoming visit have another option. tickets are on sale for francis field camp ground. it's in east fairmount park. the city says it is prepared to host up to 1600 people here, including restaurants, showers, food, drink and charging stations. a wristband for the camp ground will cost you $199. a car pass is anywhere from $99 to $109 and an rv pass goes for $999 which includes four wristbands. the camp ground is the latest in the spots that are set up to house people during the papal visit. >> does this make pop-up campers pope-up campers now. >> something to think about.
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a group from new jersey is planning to sleep at the philadelphia zoo. about 220 members of our lady of mt. caramel church will stay at the zoo's buildings that house bird and insect exhibits. battleship new jersey has space available for people who have the place to stay $75 per person will get you a one-night bunk and a navy locker. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the battleship beats the park. i'll take that one. clouds to start with. no rain just yet. 76 degrees in philadelphia. look at the humidity. it will be another steamy day today. at the shore it will be back into the 80s this afternoon, 70s and completely dry on beach avenue. look to the north and west, you'll see what's on the way. that's the line of showers and
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thunderstorms, heavy downpours in southern illinois and into missouri. we'll see heavy rain in the area tomorrow. today, the temperatures take off. by lunch time, 86 degrees in philadelphia. then as we go into the afternoon, the late afternoon hours, some areas will see pop-up showers and possibly some thunderstorms as well. delaware, south jersey, most likely dry. those storms stay to the north and west late this evening. overnight tonight, it will be a muggy one. the clouds will be building into tomorrow morning. look at the rain coming in for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. keep an umbrella on stand by. hot and humid, back into the 90s, day three it's a heat wave for day six. this is where it ends. tomorrow it will be cooler thanks to the rain. we need the rain and we will get it. potential for heavy rainfall on thursday. one, two inches, possible isolated amounts will be more than that. 80 for thursday. the temperatures will stay lower, especially in the morning. 62 degrees friday morning.
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60s again on saturday. warming to 83 in the afternoon. and a cooler day on sunday with a chance of some showers. 78 degrees, will stay in the 70s, nice and comfortable for monday. >> looking good, bill. thank you. eight minutes until 5:00 now. time to check area roads. >> including admiral wilson boulevard. jessica boyington is doing that for us. >> we're in camden right where the admiralç wilson boulevard comes into contact with 676 in jersey. you can see if you're headed towards the ben franklin bridge, it's right behind our chyron right in there. no problem or backups. that's definitely a good thing. the rest of the area bridges, approaching the ben franklin, that's okay. the walt, the tacony palmyra, the betsy ross are nice and clear so far for morning. if you're heading out the door, we're still moving. westbound or eastbound, 23 minutes it will take you from route 1 up towards valley forge.
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we'll do one check on mass transit, chris. dozens of people in burlington county took advantage of a free ride home over the labor day weekend. 65 people used a new shuttle service to get home from restaurants and bars. the 30-day program called evesham saves lives started friday night. police, mothers against drunk driving, sober sam and all 18 restaurants with liquor licenses in the township joined together for this program. the shuttle is free for evesham residents. happening today, a half day because of the heat. we've learned that schools will be closing early because of heat and humidity. we'll have a live report of which schools are closing and what students and parents need to know. next, this survival story that began as a one-car crash and the rescue didn't happen until hours later. way emergency crews say luck and someone else were on their side.
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five minutes before 5:00.
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in decision 2016 republican presidential candidate jeb bush will begin rolling out his first television ads. >> we have an important choice to make about the direction of our country. >> the bush campaign says it will spend $500,000ç for ads targeting new hampshire voters. this comes as a poll shows he's slipping in the gop republican nomination. hillary clinton says she is sorry about the e-mail controversy. she apologized for using a private server. she said she should have used separate accounts for work and personal business. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> clinton is showing her lighter side on the campaign trail. she'll be on the "ellen" show and appear on "the tonight show with jimmy fallon next week. we're getting a preview of president obama's upcoming appearance on "running wild with bear gryles."
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>> the president sampled partially eaten salmon carcass left behind by a bear. they cooked the salmon fist. watch the president's appearance on that show later this fall on nbc 10. many kids who struggle with reading are getting extra, individualized atension this school year. nbc 10 was at carrie downey elementary in new castle yesterday as 15 americorps workers had their pinning ceremony. it's part of a pilot program with the reading asift institute. a way to provide direct help to students who need it most. >> when they get that word they've been struggling with for a couple days, it just brightens my day and their day as well. >> the reading assist institute says this collaboration with americorps is the first of its kind. the program could be implemented in other delaware districts and
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around the country. >> this morning, a rescue that likely saved a local man's life. >> his car plunged off an embankment in lower merion township monday. he was trapped for nine hours. this was the scene at grays lane and millcreek road. the driver says he lost control, went off the road and wound up in trout creek. about nine hours later, a police officer was cruising by the scene. he had no idea that the crash had happened and he heard the victim's cries for help. >> he lost his car in there at 7:00 p.m. and nobody saw him until that police officer heard him. if that police officer wasn't coming by, i'm sure he could have been in there for another day until somebody saw him. >> rescue crews are calling this a miracle, because the victim they say was trapped inside the car out of plain view from the road above and the victim is expected to make a full recovery. >> very, very lucky. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> ticket time take two. today you'll get another chance to get your hands on tickets to see pope francis in philadelphia. plus, we're getting more information from several communities about how the papal visit will impact life outside the city. >> a back-to-school scorcher. today temperatures climb into the 90s again. some schools in our area are already taking precautions to keep students safe. >> but there is some relief on way from that heat, though. the nbc 10 first alert weather team tracking showers and storms that will cool us off and bring us much-needed rain. it's getting dry out there. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. >> we are down inches of rain over the last couple months. we could see urchls of rain tomorrow. today, another hot and humid and challenging day. 78 degrees in northeast
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philadelphia. look at theç 70s across delawa, south jersey, it's just dropped to 68 degrees. in allentown, upper 60s and pottstown under clear skies there. low clouds over center city, those will break for some sunshine and another hot and humid day. afternoon showers and thunderstorms will be spotty today but heavier rain is due in tomorrow. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. we'll take a look at the heat today. first, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. jessica? >> we're looking live on 95 around girard avenue. still no problems. though this is typically where we see the jams first. still a little early for that. 13-minute drive time from woodhaven road up to the vine street expressway. average speed, 63 miles per hour there. we at least can see they're moving. if you're heading out the door on the blue route, no problems there either. doing okayro


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