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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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officer like his mother. >> philadelphia's prison commissioner says the actions they're accused of endanger colleagues and the public. >> to any officers who are considering this type of activity, i would recommend that they refrain from it, to anybody who may be engaged at this time, you'll be next. >> now, i just checked to see whether the four officers currently employed by philadelphia prisons still have a job, i'm told that they are being suspended as of today. live in old city, lauren make, nbc10 news. another day in the 90s, a steamy look outside at the ben franklin bridge. today's temperature makes this an official heat wave. that is the sixth one so far. but changes are brewing, the nbc10 first alert weather team is tracking rain headed our way tonight. and more is coming for tomorrow. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is
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tracking what's ahead for us, glenn? >> it's another hot and humid day, the phillies are going to be feeling that tonight, a steamy night for baseball. we have temperatures that have gotten into the 90s once again, 93 now, 95 in northeast philly, 94 in allentown, if you are wondering how many 90 degree days we've had. a lot of them, we've had 12 of them in august, now 7 in september about that's the 12th most 90 degree days in any single year, 37 of them as of today. the record is 55. so we're nowhere near that. it feels like 97 in philadelphia, 98 in dover, 96 northeast philly. pottstown, allentown, and this will probably be the last of these extreme temperatures and feels like temperatures for the season, there are a few showers around, there's one right over delaware bay about to go into cape may county, most of the
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action is into western pennsylvania and ohio. that is going to be starting off later on tonight. future cast shows just some isolated showers and especially north and west as we go into the evening. we may even have a relative lull here later on this evening. later tonight, this is 2:00 in the morning, things start getting more and more active, we're going to be seeing more and more showers and thunderstorms developing. and this is just the beginning of a very active day tomorrow, tomorrow's not the only day in the seven-day that's going to be stormy. more details with that in the seven-day in a few minutes. >> you can check the rain and storms with the nbc10 news app. the second round of free tickets for the papal weekend are supposed to be available on line right now. it appears there's been a snag in those plans. nbc10's keith jones is trying to get tickets right now. what's going on? >> we're past 4:00 right now, on the website.
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still says no tickets available. i'm going to try to refresh it one more time. it's refreshing, it's refreshing, we're going to leave it there just in a second. we're talking about 10,000 tickets for the festival of families that are onsale online right now. these tickets will get you on to the parkway where andrea bocelli will perform that not. if you're not online, you will not get a ticket. the sale lasted about 2 minutes yesterday. we're at 4:03 right now, you can't get in. you're limited to four tickets. i'm going to click this one more time to see if it will let me in. i'm logged on to the world meeting of families website, still no word here tonight. 10,000 tickets will be available to attend the papal mass on sunday. tickets are available, you're limited to four free tickets, i'll get back to this website and get back to you.
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jackie? >> interesting to see that in realtime, if did does refresh, and you can get tickets, we'll let you know. with more than a million people expected to attend the events in philadelphia, nearby communities will also be affected. the plan includes provisions for first aid stations, port-a-potty and message boards. the community will activate its emergency activation center the morning of friday the 25th. they've also requested the assistance of 280 national guard member members. >> we want everyone to be safe and be comfortable to enjoy this, not to fear it. >> residents are urged to sign up for del co alert and texts. coming up, papal plans for another delaware county community. radnor township is one of the few areas with a regional rail station and a trolley stop.
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at 4:30, how they plan to handle the influx of people. making money on the pope's visit, how people are cashing in on the papal weekend. four workers hurt after a hangar collapse at new jersey's newark airport today. crews were dismantling this old hangar when it happened around 2:00 this afternoon, two workers hurt, they're expected to survive, two others suffered minor injuries. a guilty plea in philadelphia's basement of horrors case. a woman enslaving several mentally disabled people to take their benefit money. prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty, they found four adults chained inside her payment in the city's tacony section in 2011. westin kidnapped them, held them there and stole their social security money. she agreed to accept a life sentence, prosecutors are
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pleased. >> arrange a guilty plea to 196 counts today, many of them serious and caring life in prison, that is really brings us much closer to closure. >> westin already served eight years in prison in the 80s, that was for the death of a man kept chained in the closet in her north philadelphia home. her lawyers also spoke about closure. >> the victims did suffer a great deal. however, it's also closure for them, given everything they have gone through not to have to be subjected to a trial. >> westin will be sentenced in november, two of her codefendants, including her own daughter have already pleaded guilty to racketeering and conspiracy charges. two other codefendants are awaiting trial. the ntsb is blaming the flight crew for the crash that killed a philadelphia philanthropist and six other people. the crew skipped important safety checks that may have
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prevented last spring's crash that killed philadelphia inquirer co-owner louis katz. randy gyllenhaal has more on the report and reaction from the community he served. >> reporter: two of those victims had deep ties to camden. louis katz was born here, it's a billionaire philanthropist. and marcy was his friend. they co founded this charter school in camden together. both of them were on board that flight when it crashed. today we're learning more about what went wrong. >> the legacy of hope. >> marcy and katz helped create this charter school. >> they touched each one of our
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lives. >> takeoff near boston, the ntsb released a report blaming the flight crew for accident. >> a complete flight check had not been done. >> the jet was unable to even get off the ground because it's elevators were accidentally locked. >> this accident was preventable. and it just shows us the importance of following procedures, each and every time a plane takes off. >> some of the victims families aren't buying that explanation arthur represents two of the families. >> i don't have any question there was a mechanical component to this crash. it's a disservice to the flight crew to blame them without data. >> this flight crew had a repeated pattern of not filling
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out these preflight checklists. live in camden, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> new information into nbc10 this afternoon, charcoal is to blame for the forest fire that scorched nearly 1,000 acres in new jersey's pine barons, someone got rid of hot charcoal brickettes which touched off this blaze. it's too early to say if any criminal charges will be filed. the 300 plus teachers and staff at chester upland school in delaware county will get paid. they decided to start the school year without pay. the state will cover the district's debt service payment. that means chester upland will be able to make payroll today, it's not eye long term fix. the district remains $20 million in debt. a new requirement for parents who send their children to catholic schools in our area. they understand and agree the
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school will teach church doctrine. officials with the archdiocese say the new requirement is unrelated to the controversial firing of a gay teacher at waldron academy. parents will not be punished if they don't sign the memo. final good-byes for the philadelphia police officer killed in an offduty hit and run crash last month. the viewing is held in west philadelphia this morning. he was riding his motorcycle in oxford circle when he was hit and killed back on august 30th. louis vaudeville hit the officer before speeding off. a tow truck driver followed him and boxed him in until police arrived. he's now charged with murder 37. candidates on both sides of the aisle taking aim at the iran nuclear agreement. donald trump and ted cruz teamed up for a joint attack on
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president obama's nuclear deal with iran. both candidates spoke at the tea party sponsored stop, the iran deal on capitol hill. trump has blasted this deal all along. meanwhile, hillary clinton spoke out in support of the iran nuclear deal. she told an event in washington this morning, if she becomes president, she will make sure iran follows through with the deal. >> as president i will take whatever actions are necessary to protect the united states and our allies. i will not hesitate to take military action if iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> president obama has secured enough support in the senate to block a republican vote disapproving the agreement. house weapons are delaying today's vote due to uncertainty on rank and file members. new video today of a british airways jet that caught fire at mccarren airport in las vegas. they're sending three officials to investigate what caused the
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left engine to fail and go up in flames. video from other planes show the smoke billowing into the air. the aircraft bound for london experienced a technical issue shortly before takeoff. 157 passengers including alitha evacuated by sliding down emergency shoots. >> as soon as they hit the tarmac, they sprinted. because behind us are giant flames. >> 14 people suffered minor injuries, most of them as a result of sliding down those emergency chutes. this morning, the baltimore spending board unanimously approved the payout after the family approved it yesterday, it comes five months after riots over gray's death. today's settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing by the six officers charged in gray's death. a hearing will determine whether the officers should be removed from baltimore.
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she's out of jail. now kim davis says she's going back to work. locked up for refusing to sign the marriage licenses of same sex couples. she hasn't said if she will stop co-workers from signing the marriage licenses. davis is expected back at work on friday or monday. we have new video to show you of an armed robbery caught on camera. police luking for the two masked men who held up the 32nd street pub in philadelphia early monday. you can see them pointing guns at workers and demanding money, they ran off with an unknown amount of cash. if you know who these men are, call police. a cab driver has been under investigation by the pennsylvania public utility commission. more than a dozen formal complaints were lodged against rosemont taxicab company in the last five years. we reached out to the company today.
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they had no comment. amanda of phoenixville and brian were killed when they were hit by a rose monlt cab early monday morning. the victims were crossing broad street in march when a cab driver hit them. new castle county workers are being rewarded for sticking it out through tough times. they've approved a one time $750 bonus for any full time employee who's been on the job at least 60 days. the county was forced to cut costs last year, as they faced a projected $2 million deficit. lots of radio listeners are making a difference for some kids in some tough situations. the annual two-day radio thon is underway at the ai dupont hospital in wilmington. our partners from wdel f.m. and their sister stations from around the region are all
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broadcasting from the hospital's new atrium. they're raising money for research and raising money to help give children a happier hospital stay when they need to be here. >> pet therapy, music therapy, and all the different things that when a child comes through these doors make their stay as good as it possibly can be. >> the radio thon runs through tomorrow afternoon. from our south jersey bureau, beach tags are a must, at least one is working to keep its shore line free. wildwood officials are banking on new business to help keep sun bathers from having to open their wallets. they're bringing in new food vendors and possibly four-wheel drive vehicles on the beach. they could reach their goal of $300,000. that's enough money to avoid imposing beach tags. your nbc10 first alert weather with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> man, if we had a lot of great
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weekends at the jersey shore this summer, we've also had a lot of hot days inland, we have another muggy day at 90 plus and a near record for the day. we're tracking some thunderstorms, they're going to be affecting, especially tomorrow, we have cooler days ahead. we have a lot of sunshine out there now, we're up to 93 degrees, it feels like 97. that is about as hot as we've gotten this summer. winds southwest at 10 miles an hour, 95 degree temperature in bensalem right now, other places in the mid-90s too, allentown at 94, it's down to 87 in mt. holly, and in dover, it's still incredibly humid in those areas, though, and it still feels like it, well into the 90s. southerly wind, sea breeze is come in, and that's why it's not as warm right at the beaches. the ocean temperature nice and warm, 78 degrees.
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look at the feel's like temperatures. 97 in philadelphia, 97 in allentown. dover's number was 98 an hour ago. we've had heat wave number 6 officially. 90 on monday, 94 yesterday. the high, the record high for today is 94. only one degree away from that, that was set in 1884. we have a few showers around right now, we have the heaviest one in delaware bay headed toward cape may county. otherwise, it's pretty much isolated until you go back to the west, western pennsylvania getting an increase in showers and thunderstorms there, and that is what's going to be affecting us later tonight and tomorrow. here's the future cast, we go through the evening hours. the southerly wind continues, it's going to stay muggy. we're not going to be seeing a lot of showers around, later tonight we'll start to see a difference. an increase as we head after
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midnight toward daybreak, there will be some isolated areas of heavier rain. watch what happens as we go through the day tomorrow, we're still getting pretty warm weather. not as hot and look at some of these heavy thunderstorms, knocking the temperature down. we're going to be getting some real downpours here, localized flooding out of it, you can see the temperature, 6:00 tomorrow night, 67 in allentown. big difference from today, and then as we go through thursday night and into friday, the northwest wind comes in, and it gets less humid, cooler, we have temperatures approaching the 50s by friday morning. now, of course, there's a question of how much rain we're going to get, not a whole lot by 5:00 a.m., but this particular computer model is giving us between 1 and 2 inches of rain on average, less toward the shore, perhaps a little bit more north and west, some models have more and some show less.
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we'll get into that a little bit later. for tonight, warm and humid, the showers increase generally after midnight, 73 for the low in philadelphia, during the day tomorrow, we've got periods of rain, it's not going to be a couple showers here, some of them heavy, a lot of downpours, thunderstorms expected. temperatures generally around 70 up toward the lehigh valley, mid-80s in southern delaware, huge contrast tomorrow. and then everybody starts to dry out on friday, and the humidity goes down. and then another system is coming in, thunderstorms saturday night and into sunday morning. could get heavy rain then too. boy, some great weather after that. few kids are encouraged to do this, put their painted handprint on a brand new car. today it was for a very good reason, doctors at the hospital got a check for $400,000. the hyundai scholar hope grant
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will fund research into neuroblastoma, a dangerous childhood cancer. treatment that could one day lead to a cure. >> speaking of children swapped at birth, a delaware grandmother says her son has been raising the wrong child. >> that couple now has their biological baby back. the investigation underway to see if someone traded out their child intentionally. how safe is your child in their booster seat. the mistake many parents are making coming up at 4:00. and don't forget to vote for the high school football game of the week, here's a look at the early voting, garnet valley versus bonner. you can text or call 610-624-4111. we'll announce the winner tomorrow night at 11:00.
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this just in, the free tickets to see the pope appear to be sold out. 10,000 tickets were supposed to be available starting at 4:00, keith jones and many others in our newsroom tried to log on starting at 4:00, it appears the system opened a few minutes late, and they were all gone moments later. this is the message we are getting on the website right now. a third and final round of free tickets will be available at 8:00 tonight. a texas couple has been reunited with their son three months after he was mixed up with another newborn at a hospital in central america. >> it's a story making international headlines and it has a local connection too. the baby's father is from delaware, the grandparents still live in new castle county. the father lives with his wife in texas now. she gave birth to a baby boy while the couple was in el
4:25 pm
salvador just over three months ago. new video shows the couple reuniting with their baby boy there today. the couple believed all along that the hospital swapped their son with the baby. recent dna tests proved they were right. the doctor was arrested last weekend. they're looking into whether that doctor is part of a child trafficking ring. that baby has been reunited with his biological parents as well. quite a story there. philadelphia and communities within a wide radius all preparing for the pope and a wave of new visitors. leaving many business owners wondering how they're going to operate. what visitors are doing for papal weekend opinion. a cameraman tripping a man carrying a baby. why she's attacking these refugees. i'm tracking the chance for rain tonight and then a lot more tomorrow. we'll have the timing of those storms and when the temperatures are going to drop.
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next in my first alert forecast.
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philadelphia suburbs start to reveal plans for the influx of people traveling through for the papal weekend. >> thousands of people are going to be arriving to use suburban train stations parking lots and starting friday night on the 25th, the schuylkill expressway eastbound will shut down from i-95 to the blue route, that means thousands of drivers will be jamming backroads throughout delaware and montgomery counties. how are those areas going to handle all those people. >> deanna durante is live in wayne, where businesses got some answers today. >> the township's been working on this plan for over a month,
4:30 pm
it knows that a lot of cars will be here on route 30. this is a main road, no plans to close this road, however, one road around the radnor train station will be shut down for a big chunk of the weekend. >> we're getting creative. >> weekend dinners are the bread and butter of melrose. but the area close to the train station is going to be a no drive zone. >> we're going to open up at 5:00 a.m. and do a satellite kitchen, we're going to offer a continental style breakfast, coffee, potentially bloody mary's. >> reporter: the idea is to attract the papal visitors. >> planned and unplanned road closures. >> the township and police are alerting people now things will be very different come september 25th. >> we're going to have 24 hour presence. we're going to have officers all
4:31 pm
over the place and stop and ask. the predone message boards will help people going to the parking areas and those particular road closures. >> king of prussia road will be closed from matson ford to radnor/chester. they hope to open it up at some point during the day, but it's difficult to say when. >> we've had to close several programs. my dad who is 95 lives near the radnor train station, i'm concerned i will not be able to get to him. >> people who live near the closed roads will be able to get in and out. people can move around in their neighborhoods. another meeting set for residents for 7:00 tonight. reporting live in wayne, deanna durante, nbc10 news. a live look at citizens bank park where the phillies will
4:32 pm
battle the braves and september heat. we hit 90 degrees again today which makes this an unofficial heat wave. rain and a cooldown are coming. glenn? >> the ball is going to be flying out there tonight. the heat and the humidity contribute to that, the pocono mountains, you can see clouds building up here, there will be showers around during the evening. not nearly as much as what is coming tomorrow, the temperature has gone into the 90s for the 37th day of this season. 94 in allentown, 95 in northeast philly, which is the hotspot. it feels like 97 in philadelphia, 96 in a lot of places from allentown all the way down to dover, we're not going to be seeing these uniform temperatures during the day tomorrow, big changes are coming. we hit 90 degrees on monday. 94 tuesday.
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so far 93 today, making an official heat wave, we're one degree away from a record high set in 1884. we have just some isolated showers around right now, heavier ones head in the general direction of tom's river in new jersey. but more activity is back out in western pennsylvania. that is what is going to be affecting us during the day tomorrow. as we go through the evening, we're going to see the activity actually diminish somewhat and then pick up after mid flight, as you can see, things getting a lot stormier in the middle of the night. even that is nothing compared to tomorrow. we'll have that and the timing in the seven-day in a few minutes. six current and former philadelphia prison guards are charged with smuggling contraband to prisoners. guards gave inmates drugs and cell phones in exchange for cash. >> a philadelphia woman admitted to enslaving several mentally disabled people in order to steal their social security checks. linda will spends the rest of
4:34 pm
her life in prison after pleading guilty. four adults were found chained inside the basement in 2011. seven minutes, that's all it took for 10,000 tickets to go. the tickets were available online a few minutes after 4:00 today, the tickets were for the pontiff's visit saturday. they're going for over $200 on ebay. investigators say there have been nine shootings reported over the last 10 days, all of them took place within an eight mile stretch of i-10 in phoenix, only one minor injury has been reported. a $20,000 reward has been posted for any information leading to an arrest. we're learning more tonight about the high school football official who was tackled by two texas high school football players. robert watts was not a member of the referee group.
4:35 pm
watt's attorney says he's under a doctor's care as a result of the hits he sustained. the players have accused watts of using racial slurs, a charge his attorney denies. the local prosecutor is considering filing assault charges against the two players. the incident remains under investigation. overseas now as more and more migrants pour across the border. the president of the european union commission said today, 22 of its members should be forced to accept another 12,000 people. about 500,000 people are fleeing violence in syria and libya through greece, italy and hungary, a hungarian photojournalist who was videotaped harming migrants is out of a job here today. a man was holding a baby, she later was seen kicking several children. it's not clear why she did it, but it's thought hungarian
4:36 pm
reporters are in line with the prime minister's stance on ref egees. queen elizabeth became the longest reigning monarch. she passed queen victoria who served for 63 years. she's been queen for 220,000 days. it is unlikely we will see a king or queen like elizabeth for a long time, because princes william and charles are now both older than the queen was when she became queen. elizabeth the second became queen in 1952 and things looked a lot different back then, especially prices. the average new house cost about $9,000, the average yearly salary was $13,000. and a gallon of gas cost 20
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cents. today in fact, apple revealed its new line of products. next, what's new, what's different, and when you can get the company's latest devices. and this. >> removing a long time eyesore to make way for a longer board walk in atlantic city. >> i think it's about time. where you'll be able to stroll, bike or run for the first time in decades.
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apple is trending everywhere right now. the company's product announcement just a few minutes ago, the company showed off two new iphones and a huge new ipad. >> this is the ipad pro. >> yeah, the new ipad pro has a nearly 13 inch display, and a smart keyboard. it's going to debut in november. the price starts at $799.
4:41 pm
. the new iphones are called the 6 s and 6 s plus. they have sharper cameras with a resolution of 16 mega pixels and the front facing camera will be approved for better selfies. they could go on sale two fridays from now. also apple will overhaul their set top tv box. booster seats save lives but not all parents know how to use them the correct way. booster seats tend to get ignored when it coxs to safety inspections. when inspections are done, most kids ages 4 to 7 aren't improperly restrained. inspectors think it's because boosters seem less complicated to parents when compared to infant seats. parents are more casual when using them. the season hasn't started, but there's already super bowl
4:42 pm
talk. >> we're not talking speculation over the teams. that's the superstar in a could lead the half time show. glenn? it's hot now, but that's about to change. a lot of this rain is headed our way, along with cooler temperatures, i'm tracking the changes next.
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we're five days away from the philadelphia eagles first game of the season. >> we got some good news about a couple key players, comcast sportsnet joins us live. what are we talking about here? >> can you feel it? i don't know if you can feel it. no, oh, baby, we are five days from the open of monday night football. all eyes will be on quarterback sam bradford on monday, if he
4:46 pm
has him at his disposal. bradford himself can't contain his excitement to get the season going. >> who wouldn't be excited, especially -- i don't even know how long, a year and a half. a year and seven months. a year and nine months since i played a regular season. i don't know how long it's been. opening day is always exciting, when you haven't played in that one, i'm much more excited to get out there and play. >> coming up at 5:00, focus on the other side of the ball, where the eagles defense has a tall task in front of them. until then. the nfrl season kicks off tomorrow night, the pittsburgh steelers take on the patriots at 8:30. only on nbc10. now, of course, we'll have to wait several months to see if the eagles may be close to the super bowl this year. >> but the nfl has already extended an invitation to one
4:47 pm
person. bruno mars will perform at super bowl 50. the singer/songwriter fronted the half time show just two years ago with the red-hot chilly peppers. the last time he performed it was the second most watched half time show of all time. this year's super bowl will be played february 7th in santa clara, california. still feeling like the middle of summer out there, and we've now seen the 37th day of near 90 plus. so that are one degree shy of a record set in 1884. some thunderstorms around the area tonight. even more activity tomorrow, some of that rain is going to be on the heavy side. we're seeing a fair amount of sunshine today, mixed in with some clouds and haze. 93 degrees, with the humidity the way it is, it feels like 97 degrees. 44% is actually fairly high for that kind of a temperature.
4:48 pm
and the high temperatures have been 90 plus. tomorrow we're not getting there. it's a minimal heat wave of just three days. temperatures are in the 90s across much of the area, we're into the 80s in delaware. the humidity is high it feels like it's in the 90s just about everywhere. 75 degrees in mt. pocono, these are the number of 90 degree days, 37 of them but that's nowhere near a record. that's 12th on the list. 55 days is the record. and so we're a long way from there. one or two thunderstorms around. one in ocean county, and another shower headed toward cape may county. it hasn't been moving very much, and that may be an issue with some of these storms tonight not moving too much. there's a lot more action back
4:49 pm
out in western pennsylvania and some of that is what's coming in tomorrow, as you can see through the evening hours, isolated activity. later on tonight, look how much it increases, middle of the night, toward daybreak. and the humidity is going to be high, steamy in the morning. and we're -- we need this rain. so it's coming. and some of it coming up from the south, there's a lot of moisture associated with that, and we're going to see big temperature contrasts from the 70s north and 80s south, look at some of this rain really on the heavy side. it's not going to last. and we're going to start clearing out as we go into thursday night. it's going to get pretty comfortable out there. we expect isolated showers around, and increase later. tomorrow a wet day, temperature contrast from north to south, thunderstorms, some localized flooding is possible.
4:50 pm
especially from i-95 area up through the rest of pennsylvania. we start drying out on friday, early showers, another system, separate one comes in saturday night and into sunday morning, with more heavy rain possible. once that moves out, it gets beautiful around here, early next week. >> as the summer beach season winds down, a new board walk project is picking up. the jersey shore town that's revamping its famous walkway. ♪
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volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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atlantic city's board walk used to be longer than it is now. >> decades of storm damage left
4:54 pm
absecon inlet to change. ted greenberg has our story. >> long negtsed pieces of the past are finally disappearing in atlantic city's inlet section. >> demolition crews are removing what were parts of a dilapidated unusable structure of board walk which looked like this a few years ago cut off from the main wooden way where the casinos are. >> they weren't fixing the boards as it was getting old. >> even more of those battered boards were ripped down by hurricane sandy in 2012 and ended up floating through local streets. >> but now a $50 million project, mostly funded by the federal government will add a protective seawall and make the resorts famous board walk whole again for the first time in
4:55 pm
seven decades. >> it's a pleasure, really a pleasure. i'm so glad they're not going to leave it like this. >> you'll be able to stroll from gardner's basin to atlantic city. previously, the board walk stopped short of the tucked away attraction. >> right now parts of this area are pretty baron, city leaders believe once there's a board walk here again, these vacant lots will be attractive to developers. >> as the economy kicks in, it's going to be a great place to have a whole new city built. >> visions of a revival and a board walk finally reconnected. >> nbc10 news at 5:00 is next. taking home a piece of pope francis, the new store that's filled with papal merchandise.
4:56 pm
plus how local entrepreneurs are hoping to cash in on their own creations. we officially hit heat wave number 6, now we're watching as heavy rain approaches the area, the timing on the rain for tomorrow, and cooler temperatures, just in time for why are weekend.
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4:58 pm
our latest heat wave goes out with a bang. we found out moments ago, that
4:59 pm
today's temperatures tied a record high. the humidity only made it feel worse out there. >> help is on the way. >> the first alert weather team is tracking rain and storms on the nbc10 radar. they'll bring much needed relief from these hot temperatures. >> sheena parveen joins us. we just got through heat wave number six. cooler temperatures are coming quickly, right? >> yes. they will be here eventually. we'll have to deal with heavy rain before we can get the cooler area. 92 degrees in philadelphia. officially we are still in the heat wave. here's the feels like temperature. hot and humid day. feels like 96 philadelphia, allentown, and it's going to stay hot and humid as we go through the rest of the evening. the average high is 81 degrees,
5:00 pm
it all started monday with our number 6 heat wave. yesterday we hit 94, today so far, we hit 93 degrees. tomorrow that's going to break. for today the record high is 94. the official high temperature for today will come in in about 30 minutes, we'll know whether or not we matched it. either way we know it's hot outside. a couple showers to show you. in the delaware bay, approaching cape may county, very slowly. one thunderstorm moving from burlington county to ocean county, this one's leaving burlington county. this is some heavy rain, as we go into tomorrow, you can expect heavy rain possible, local flooding and thunderstorms in the forecast for parts of the area too. coming up, i'll show you the timing of all of this and what it means for your thursday morning and evening commute straight ahead


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