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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it all started monday with our number 6 heat wave. yesterday we hit 94, today so far, we hit 93 degrees. tomorrow that's going to break. for today the record high is 94. the official high temperature for today will come in in about 30 minutes, we'll know whether or not we matched it. either way we know it's hot outside. a couple showers to show you. in the delaware bay, approaching cape may county, very slowly. one thunderstorm moving from burlington county to ocean county, this one's leaving burlington county. this is some heavy rain, as we go into tomorrow, you can expect heavy rain possible, local flooding and thunderstorms in the forecast for parts of the area too. coming up, i'll show you the timing of all of this and what it means for your thursday morning and evening commute straight ahead the last hour,
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ten,000 new tickets vanished for another papal event. they were gone just seven minutes. we've been checking websites like e bay and craigslist. some of those tickets are up for sale for up to $250. the ticket sellers aren't the only ones trying to cash in for the pope's visit. >> you'll spot all kinds of merchandise everywhere dedicated to pope francis. the world meeting of families joined that trend. >> george, with all the tourists that are coming in here, there's a big market for local entrepreneurs. >> a million plus pilgrims here on the parkway presents a big opportunity. an opportunity for small businesses that offer services like the shuttle service behind these flyers and those that offer keepsakes. for event organizers, the entrepreneurs fill some important gaps and sometimes present competition.
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>> remember the pope dot com? >> yes. michael mccarthy has a catchy website and a plan. he's designed this poster, showcasing the pope's u.s. tour for pilgrims who want a visual reminder of the historic trip. >> we're marketing as the premiere keepsake for the papal visit. >> this is where they're going to get out? >> this couple is running a hotel shuttle service. their business is essentially a pop-up, launched for this one major event. >> there's opportunities here for some business and to make some money. >> we salute their entrepreneurial spirit. >> leaders expected a pope economy to develop around the visit. >> but today the world meeting opened its own pop-up store at 11th and market. and officials hope pilgrims will gravitate toward official
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memorabilia. >> this is helping with the expenses. as you can imagine, is a really expensive undertaking. >> virtually no way to measure how big the pope economy is or how many local entrepreneurs are taking part. whether it's a shuttle service, keepsake posters or anything else, demand may not peak until the event itself. >> how are bookings, how was business? >> it's good, i'm getting a lot of calls, we expect it to be a rush, once everybody comes. >> many local homeowners are expected to be entrepreneurs in their own right by renting out their homes during the papal visit. a check of the website showed 1,000 listings still unrented for that weekend. i'm george spencer, nbc10 news. >> a lot of money is being made thanks to the thousands of people who need a place to stay. we've seen hotels charges up to
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$600 a night. experts say it's best to work directly with the hotel or real estate agent. and the nbc10 investigators found out why. last week we showed you several instances where people tried to rent properties for thousands of dollars. in one case, the home was in foreclosure, the investigators also found someone trying to illegally sell their hotel room. >> you still have a chance to get free tickets. 10,000 tickets for the papal mass on sunday will be available starting at 8:00 tonight. you have to log in to the world meeting of families website to get tickets. as we've shown you, they're going fast. human error today, investigators confirmed that's what caused this deadly plane crash that killed several people from our area. among them lewis katz. today the people katz helped are remembering him. randy gillen hal joins us live.
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>> two people on board had deep ties to camden. they founded this charter school on the north end of the city. lewis katz and his friend marcy were on the flight. we're learning about what caused it to crash. >> when the gulfstream g 4 jet crashed during takeoff, seven people died, including two victims with deep ties to camden. lewis katz and marcy dalsy helped found this charter school named in their honor, katz was a billionaire philanthropist who decided to give back to his hometown. >> they were incredible souls that continued to touch each and every one of our lives. >> as students create a memorial garden in their honor, we're learning more about why that plane crashed. the ntsb blamed the flight crew for the exodus, saying the pilots failed to do a preflight
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checklist. >> the accident was preventable. and it shows us the importance of following procedures. >> the jet couldn't even get off the ground because it's elevators were locked and the crew failed to notice. some of the victims families aren't buying that explanation. >> i think in this instance there's plenty of mechanical failure component to go around. >> arthur represents two of the families filing suit against the jets manufacturer gulfstream. >> i don't have any question there was a mechanical component to this crash. i think it's a disservice to the dead flight crew to simply blame them without data. >> but the nts about does say this very flight crew had a pattern of ignoring their safety checklists. in the meantime, the agency is now issuing a safety recommendation to all pilots in light of this accident. live in camden, randy gillylle l gyllenhaal, nbc10 news.
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>> some of the other people on the plane were from our area. james mcdowell from georgetown, delaware. and wayne leads and susan asbell. she was the wife of a former camden county prosecutor. switching gears, prosecutors say he talked about targeting the white house. a north jersey man admitted he planned to travel overseas to join isis. he faces up to 20 years in prison, he'll be sentenced in november. federal agents arrested him in june. they say he agreed with three other men to travel abroad to join isis. six current and former philadelphia prison officers are facing federal charges tonight. authorities announced the indictments today, the guards are accused of smuggling in contraband drugs and in some cases cell phones to inmates in exchange for cash. >> it's regrettable, the sworn staff who have an obligation to provide a secure environment in
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our jails. >> of the six, four are still prison employees, but they're being suspended as of today. a lehigh county town is closer to lowering the speed limit where an 11 yerl girl was struck and killed. the town of emay as want the speed limit reduces. abigail was walking home with a friend last may when she was hit at 6th and chestnut streets, the memorial still stands at the scene of the crash. no charges were brought against the driver. a $70 million research and development facility is being built at the philadelphia navy yard. coding systems will relocate 190 jobs from glenn mills and exton.
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construction should be done on the new facility by 2017. they make coatings that prevent corrosion on vehicles, buildings and pipelines. pennsylvania's budget impasse is taking its toll on human services programs around the state. the state has been without a budget for 70 days now, and the clock continues to tick. today state representative met with advisers, her goal, help human service workers provide aid to people who need it. >> these agencies across the board, whether it's a latino agency or an african-american agency. all of these agencies are being affected by this budget impasse. >> legislators don't go back to work for a week and a half. they want to pass a stopgap that would give money to nonprofit
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organizations. the state senate will be back in session on monday. governor wolf has said he would prefer to work toward a final budget agreement. can the port of wilmington handle more ships and cargo. that's what a new panel wants to find out opinion they have to get permission to send consultants there to conduct the study. the study will look at maximizing the use of the port's current facilities and possibly building a container facility along the delaware. the port handles more than 400 ships and 5 million tons of cargo every single year. it was a shorter day for some students in our area, we'll tell you where schools decided to close early because of the heat. first, she was accuses of keeping mentally disabled adults captive in her basement. now, the suspect is taking responsibility for her crimes. the debate over planned parenthood heads to capitol hill. what both sides have to say about those controversial
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nshs 10 is getting reaction after a guilty plea in what became known as philadelphia's basement of horrors case. a woman admitted to enslaving several mentally disabled people in order to steal their benefit money. linda westin pleads guilty to every charge against her. in exchange, prosecutors agreed
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not to seek the death penalty. police found four adults chained inside her basement interest city's tacony neighborhood. she held them there and stole their social security money. she agreed to accept a life sentence. >> by her endering a guilty plea to 196 counts today, and many of them very serious, carrying a mandatory life in prison, that really brings us much closer to closure. >> westin already served eight years in prison in the 1980s, that was for the death of a man kept chained in her closet in her north philadelphia home. her lawyers also spoke about closure. >> the victims all really did suffer a great deal, however, it's also closure for them given everything they have gone through not to have to be subjected to a trial. >> westin will be sentenced in
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november. two of her codefendants, including her daughter have already pleaded guilty to racketeering and conspiracy charges, two other codefendants are awaiting trial. the police officer killed in an offduty hit and run crash last month was laid to rest this morning. the viewing and funeral for officer la more poole was held in west philadelphia. he was on his motorcycle in oxford circle when he was hit and killed back on august 30th. police tell us lewis hit officer poole then took off, the tow truck driver followed him and blocked him from driving away before police arrived. he's now charged with involuntary manslaughter and homicide by vehicle. in texas, a 4-month-old boy is dead after he was left alone in a hot car. the father ran an errand tuesday afternoon and then went home and forgot the infant and his 16-month-old sister in the car. 40 minutes later he remembered the children and called for
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help. the mother wasn't home. the little boy died. his sister survived. congress takes up the issue of funding planned parenthood. the house committee is looking at secret videos taken by anti-abortion activists. planned parenthood is illegally propheting from the sale of fetal tissue. they say they've done nothing wrong and the videos were doctored. >> the center heavily edited the videos to present a misleading picture of the recorded conversations in order to suggest illegal conduct by planned parenthood. >> abortion clinics would harvest fetal tissue. this law needs to be updated to ensure that live born infants are not killed but they also
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receive appropriate care. >> planned parenthood gets $500 million a year in government funding. a number of republicans have called for an end to federal payouts. to another issue on the campaign trail. donald trump called the iran nuclear deal disgraceful. they tried to find a way to block the agreement. trump tried to make the agreement a bigger part of the race for the who is. steve handlesman has the story from washington. >> this is donald trump. >> donald trump brought his contempt for the iran nuclear deal. >> never ever ever in my livville i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. >> it's the crux of the presidential campaign said candidate ted cruz. >> stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> he was preaching to a tea party choir. >> they mean death to america.
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>> you want a presidential candidate that says no to this deal? >> a real threat is a threat. >> in the capitol, the house and senate debated. >> can they build a bomb? the answer is no. >> u.s. allies agree, and democrats have the votes to block congressional disapproval. >> it's a gun deal, we have stupid people and incompetent people running our operation. >> across town was hillary clinton. she supports the deal but warned iran will test the next u.s. president. >> here's my message to iran's leaders. the united states will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon. i will not hesitate to take military action if iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> tough talk from the leading democratic candidate and the top holding republican on an issue sure to play a role. >> congress may not be able to stop the iran deal, but the next
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u.s. president could back the u.s. out of any agreement. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. very close to a record high today. we did hit the 90s today, near record heat because of how hot we did get in philadelphia. heat wave number 6 that we're in right now. we have relief coming in the form of rain. this rain will be holding temperatures down. live look at center city. it's also humid outside it's 96 degrees, that's pretty much the trend. temperatures are feeling five to seven degrees hotter than they are. our suburbs in south jersey and delaware are around the mid-80s,
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here it feels like the mid-90s. actual temperature 86 degrees, 85 right now in atlantic city. if you want the relief, you're going to have to head to the shore for that. we're mostly dry on radar, we have a couple showers we're watching, the first one moving over delaware bay, you see the most of this thunderstorm, it's very slowly struggling to reach cape may county, we'll be watching that one, the showers you see off to our west and southwest, some of these will try to move out tomorrow. during the day tomorrow we have heavy rain in store for the area. take a look at future weather, we go through the late evening hours, we could have a couple showers around, more activity around tonight. here's 1:00 a.m., we're looking at scattered showers, possibly thunderstorms. morning commute, we could have some showers around too, the heaviest rain looks to arrive closer to the middle of the day.
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we could have heavier showers around. temperatures dropping to the mid-70s once the rain moves in. low 70s in some spots. this is 5:00 p.m., that rain pretty heavy at times, it could lead to localized flooding. 9:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. some of this rain is holding on, not moving out until the later hours around 10:00 p.m. or so. look at the afternoon temperatures, only around the mid to low 80s, some areas by 2:00 p.m., still showing the upper 70s. as far as the rainfall tomorrow is concerned, a majority of that heavy rain will fall in the afternoon hours, could range from an inch to two 1/2 inches in some spots many that's what one of our computer models is showing, we do expect the heavy rain, we could see some thunderstorms mitched in too. tonight warm and humid showers, increase late tonight, especially overnight, 73 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow rain around some of that heavy, also some thunderstorms, temperatures will be ranging, depending on where you live, if you're through the
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lehigh valley, expect temperatures staying in the 70s throughout the day. closer to philadelphia, you could be in about the mid to low 80s. once the rain hits the area, temperatures start to drop. temperatures only around 83 degrees. over the weekend, another round of rain moves into sunday night. we stay in the 80s tuesday and wednesday, so our weather pattern is definitely changing. more on the timing of the rain coming up. a 1-year-old seal swimming in a new home seven months after he was rescued on a new jersey beach. crews picked up the seal for the marine mammal stranding center in brigantine. that's where he's been getting treatment for a partially paralyzed flipper. it's impossible for him to survive in the wild. every year philadelphia sees thousands of gas main breaks. pgw says it will take close to
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90 years to fix all of its aging pipes. they have a plan to cut that time in half. customers may not like it. watches, iphones, tv's, tablets, and you can hear people are liking it. apple announced big changes for its most popular products. ♪
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. pgw is trying to put a plug on the thousands of gas leaks they see notice city every year. >> that could mean higher bills for their customers. >> the investigators have done a series of reports on pgw's gas leak problem and what nieds to
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be done to fix it. mitch blogger joins us now. >> the new plan could help them get it done in half the time. >> think about this, in the last two years there have been more than 13,000 gas leaks in the city of philadelphia. some of the people living in the neighborhoods that have been affected told us that month after month they continued to smell gas in the street. pgw said it would take 90 years to replace all the gas lines in the city. pgw is pitching, what would be about a five sent more charge on every monthly bill to speed up replacement work, replacing pipe, it costs about $1 million per mile. the pennsylvania public utilities commission will have to sign off on pgw's plan before they put it into place. for the investigates, i'm mitch blacler, nbc10 news. >> we saw hot temperatures
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today. that was too hot for some local students. plans notice suburbs for the papal visit, how it's going to affect people in the burbs. new at 6:00, tracking and following a ups driver in the northeast.
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we begin this half hour with new details about the pope's visit to philadelphia. president obama will greet pope francis when he arrives in washington, d.c.. the delaware river port authority has released its list of items that will be banned for people walking across the ben franklin bridge. >> in delaware county, officials said they will ask 280 members of the national guard to assist them during the pope's visit. the county will activate its emergency operations center. the pope's visit will have a ripple effect all over towns in the philadelphia region. >> nbc10's deanna durante joins us live in wayne with more details. >> despite that warning, radnor police told business owners today they don't want them to
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fear the papal visit, instead, prepare for traffic on roads like route 30. route 30 will be opened, they plan to have a lot of police and digital signs to alert visitors to the detours. >> it's very exciting, and it's a wonderful event but can we get our students and faculty and staff in and out in a timely fashion. >> the main concern, will they be able to get to school, work and home? >> we'll have about 10 employees that need to get to villanova on monday morning. >> they want to know if the roads will be open by monday the 28th. >> it's a gray area of not knowing, losing the typical revenue that i have on a weekend, friday, saturday, sunday. that is a huge chunk of my weekly income, that's our bread and butter. >> and dining hotspots like 333 melrose, could be a no go. the roads along the neighborhood will be shut down. the chef is whipping up train side service. >> we're going to open at 5:00 across the street, and we're
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going to do a satellite kitchen. we're going to offer continental style breakfast, coffee, potentially bloody mary's, holy water, whatever it might be. >> he's hoping they will stop in and eat. >> 15,000 people walking in front of the restaurant. we're hoping to get to the train station, we're hoping that will give us the opportunity to pick up some business. >> police in the area say despite some road closures, they're hoping that when some of the traffic dies down, they can reopen the roads so residents can move around. if you live near king of prussia road which will be shut down, you won't be restricted, you can get in and out of your neighborhood. reporting live in wayne, deanna durante, nbc10 news. happening now to a public meeting in force town. the municipality is meeting with the community to talk about how
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the pontiff's presence will impact them. norristown is one of four septa transportation hubs in montgomery county that will transport nearly 10,000 riders to and from philadelphia each day while the pope is in town. we are constantly updating this information for you on and on the nbc10 news app, look for the section called preparing for the pope. we are in heat wave number 6. it all started monday when we hit 90 degrees. today so far 93. heat wave number 6 is here now. the record high is 94 degrees. we'll be able to find out what the actual record high was today. we got close to it as of now. 1884 is when that was set. thursday 82 degrees is expected high temperature, that's going to come along with some heavy rain, heat is going on right now, 94 in allentown, 91 in
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reading. 92 in philadelphia, 93 northeast philly, in these areas it feels like the mid-90s when you factor in the humidity. here's a look at the radar. we're still watching one thunderstorm very slowly approaching cape may county, this has been struggling across the delaware bay. if it holds together it will be moving into cape may shortly. most of the rain we expect will be here overnight and through the middle of the day tomorrow. we had some showers approaching, some of this overnight tonight. the heaviest rain we expect through the middle of your thursday. take a look at future weather, it shows that rain moving in and building and becoming heavier. we could have some areas with localized flooding, we do expect quite a bit of rainfalling in the area. i'll show you a closer look at this for your morning and evening commute tomorrow.
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some local schools dismissed early today because of the heat. >> the heat drove students out of school early in clifton, new jersey as well. >> 99 degrees. >> that's what it felt like? >> boiling. >> by any definition, the boiling sun outside made classrooms unbearable inside. >> i drank two full bottles of water in two minutes. >> parents waited in the shade out front of school number two, the kids waited for early dismissal. >> it gets the kids out for the hottest part of the day. >> all of clifton schools dismissed early as the summer temperatures left kids sweltering. open windows did nothing to alleviate the heat. the high school let out before lunchtime. the girls soccer team had practice. they didn't complain about practice, just walking to the
5:36 pm
field. doris picked up her two grandchildr grandchildren. this old building needs a new hvac system. >> i would love, but our taxes are very high in clifton, they should do something. >> that's a hefty price tag in buildings that are decades old. the district superintendent didn't return our phone calls, in clifton new jersey, i'm pat battle, nbc10 news. >> trenton public schools and public schools closed early. hamilton township schools had an early dismissal. and a charter school in philadelphia closed because of that heat. the 300 plus teachers and staff in chester, up land school in delaware county will get paid. chester-upland will be able to make payroll today.
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the district remains $20 million in debt. see if you recognize this guy. >> he stole about $5,000 for computers and equipment cameras recorded this early monday morning. the setting of a new movie might look familiar to some of you. a famous director filmed in our area. apple's at it again, from the apple watch to a whole new ipad. just when we got the last one. highlights from today's big announcement. caught on video, flames engulf a plane about to take off from the las vegas airport tonight. investigators are at the scene to uncover what happened.
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a new movie, "the visit" hits theaters friday.
5:40 pm
parts of it were filmed in royersford, chester springs and chestnut hill neighborhood. the movie tells about the elderly couple's strange behavior scaring their visiting grandchildren. a building in atlantic city has been saved from the wrecking ball. getting a new lease on life. the apartment building at boston and atlantic avenues is now being prepared for major renovation. it sat vacant for more than two years. a lending company bought that building from the new jersey casino reinvestment authority in april. they planned to demolish it. >> my ideal tenant is the casino worker in their 20s to early 30s that wants to be close to everything that can take a jitney to work. >> the renovations also include the addition of office and
5:41 pm
retail space on the ground floor. the project is slated to be finished by april of next year. listen up, time to dust off those resumes. the coatesville va medical center is hosting a job fair on friday. the event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in building five. if you're plan to go, you'll need to bring any of your professional licenses and certificates. scientists actually have proof that there are more sharks swimming off our coast. more on that in a bit. we're also talking about heat wave number 6, we're in it right now, we have cooler air on the way, that's going to come after rev very rain. i'll show you the timing for that on your thursday coming up.
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a record number of sharks are swimming along the east coast this year, researchers captured or tagged more than 2800 sharks from florida to north carolina between april and may. there were 13 different species, most common were sandbar atlantic shark nose, dusky and tiger sharks. officials are tracking a hammerhead shark spotted at a number of beaches at the jersey shore. a group called o search is keeping track of elias opinion he last surfaced off the shore
5:45 pm
of bellmawr. new york is now the first city to require train restaurants to warn consumers about high levels of sodium. the new york city board of health voted today to require a salt shaker symbol next to menu daily limit of sodium which is 2300 milligrams. the new measure will apply to restaurant chains with at least 15 locations nationwide. apple unveiled its newest creations. >> among those creations is the latest incarnation of the iphone. >> no product is more about innovation than the iphone. >> the newest tweaks to its smart phone formula today.
5:46 pm
the 6 s and 6 s plus. the camera is capable of shooting 4 k video. 3-d touch is sensitive to finger pressure. >> 3-d touch is a tremendous breakthrough. >> the 6 s will start at $200 on a two-year contract. the 6 s plus $100 more. >> we have the biggest news in ipad since the ipad. >> in the wake of sliding tablet sales, apple introduced the jumbo sized ipad pro, along with a 12.9 inch screen, it offers options new for apple. a stylus like pen. >> i can go to enterprise, what do i need? i need a bigger screen, some new input mechanisms, that's what we saw unveiled today.
5:47 pm
>> they also announced an update to its streaming media box. >> show that modern family episode with edward norton. >> it integrates voice commands. the new apple tv will start at $149 and be available in late october. in san francisco, jennifer about a york land, nbc news. eagles fans will have to wait until monday for the eagles season to kickoff. >> the secondary will be tested in the season opener? >> the pigskins will start flying, we're just days away from the eagles opener in atlanta with the falcons. zach ers ten practiced today for the first time. he looks to be a game time decision on monday night. on the other side of the rock. the eagles new look secondary will be tested by the best receiving duo in all of football. couple them with qb and pen
5:48 pm
charter product meg ryan it will be a handful. >> try to get them out so we can get the ball out of his hands. depends on how their protection can hold up. and how does our coverage hold up against some really talented receivers. those are two of the tops in a really good pair. >> keith and jacqueline coming up at 6:00. the goal he has in mind after his surgery. for now, i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. the nfl season kicks off tomorrow night right here on nbc10, the eagles aren't playing them. the steelers are taking on the patriots at 8:30 tomorrow night only on nbc10. temperatures were in the 90s today, which means we are in
5:49 pm
heat wave number 6 today we got to 93, the heat wave is going to break as we go into tomorrow. late showers start to move in tonight. our entire weather pattern starts to change this is all going to be followed by a much cooler air mass low 90s still in philadelphia. just about the mid-80s in much of our new jersey suburbs, especially as you get closer to the shore. here's a look at cape may. the beach is a lot less crowded now. cape may, 79 degrees, a little breezy, it feels more like 85 degrees locally we are mostly dry. one thunderstorm still struggling to move into cape may. it's finally starting to make a little progress on land, this shower is moving slowly. once it moves in, it will be bringing pretty heavy rain into
5:50 pm
cape may. the rest of the area waiting for showers later on tond. more rain down to our southwest and this will be moving in tomorrow. it's all part of a cold front. cool air is behind it, once the rain moves flew, we're going to cool down with temperatures right around where they should be for this time of the year. the average high is 81 degrees. take a look at future weather, as we go through the rest of the evening, 9:00 p.m. there's a chance we could have a couple showers around. 1:00 in the morning, i think we'll have a little more activity that increases through the day tomorrow. we could have a couple showers around. this is 2:00 p.m., some of this rain could be causing localized flooding. the rain will keep the temperatures down. you see about the mid to low 80s, areas north and west. more heavy rain moves in in the afternoon hours, some areas barely at 70 degrees possibly, and this rain continues into the
5:51 pm
evening. 8:00 p.m. tomorrow we could be looking at locally heavy rain by 10:00. i think a lot of it will start to move out. and into friday, we see nice conditions. big improvements as far as our sky conditions. and temperatures only about the mid to low 80s, the cooler air mass will start to move in, especially friday and in through the weekend. rainfall for tomorrow, anywhere from about half an inch to two and a half inches is what one computer model is showing, it's pretty good at showing you where some of that heavier rain might be falling. we could see localized flooding, we'll be tracking that for you as we go through the day tomorrow. showers increasing overnight. 73 for the low in philadelphia. 69 areas north and west. rain around some of the heavy thunderstorms, 73 for areas north and west in philadelphia. 85 the further south you go. our temperatures will be a little different across the area. we're going to be cooler than today, by friday, 83 for the high, dry conditions, low 80s
5:52 pm
saturday, upper 70s on sunday. and we'll have another round of rain move in. next week, so far it looks pretty good. passengers and crew members escape just in time after their plane went up in flames. they're praising the crew that got them to safety as investigators tried to uncover what happened. next on nbc10 news at 5:00. coming up on nbc10 news at 6:00. credit cards ordered. ups drivers tracked. the cards stolen. the scheme that targeted people in south jersey. (plays throughout)
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♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love.
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♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. federal investigators are now on site in los angeles. that's where a half full passenger jet caught fire just before takeoff. the fast acting crew is getting high prize from those grateful passengers. >> chris clackum has more on that investigation. >> by daybreak wednesday, the heavily charred jet had been towed from the runway in las vegas. closeup photos providing proof of how extensive the damage is. >> it burst into flames tuesday, just before the 777 began down the runway. >> he was doing 100 miles an hour when he slammed the brakes
5:56 pm
on. >> the fire grew into some terrifying moments. >> the exit doors were open, they were in full swing. they were literally like clockwork. >> more than two dozen people were injured evacuating, none seriously, though. >> everybody that got off before me, as soon as they hit the tarmac, they just sprinted because because behind us are giant flames. >> ntsb investigators will focus on what caused the engine to catch fire. crew gives thanks the fire occurred before, not after takeoff. chris clackum, nbc news. coming up next at 6:00, a big win for first responders tonight. the move to save jobs down the shore. our heat wave is finally
5:57 pm
going to be leaving us. i'm tracking rain and thunderstorms too. stolen identities and credit card theft, how a ups driver relied on his intuition and the rearview mirror. that story at 6:00.
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a thief orders credit cards, tracks ups deliveries and steals the cards. the bust that stretches across camden and burlington counties many one last chance, tickets for the pope's sunday mass are about to open to the public. and we almost set a record with our heat today. now, rain and thunderstorms are on the way. good evening, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield, we begin with an identity theft scheme that involved phony paperwork and delivery truck surveillance. ups driver's every move as he tracked deliveries in cherry hill, evesham and voorhees. that's when thiefs knew how to get their hands on credit cards. toro was arrested after one alert driver noticed someone trailing him. south jersey bureau sydney long spoke exclusively to one of the victims.
6:00 pm
>> when the ups driver came up, he was somewhat shaken. >> a fully approved american express credit card in his name, one he didn't apply for. the driver who handed it over said he thought he was being followed, the two called police. >>. >> he noticed he was delivering an abnormal amount of american express gift cards that day. >> police pulled over that suspicious whiteland rover in evesham township. >> as the officer starts speaking with the driver, his story is all over the place. >> they arrested primo rafael lopez toro, who let cops search his suv. >> he discovered ups packages. >> it's scary when someone can pull your credit and get a credit card. >> he had the tracking numbers when they were going to be delivered. >>e


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