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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 10, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman off the street and holding her captive for days is expected to make a big announcement in court. we are live in a preview. tickets to see the pope disappeared in seconds. this morning, we are showing you how you can still see the holy father in philadelphia even without a pass. looking here at radar, another muggy start and we are tracking showers and thunderstorms. you can see that on the radar. could be a second round coming up later on today. things will be cooler after that moves through as well. good morning. i'm chris cato. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and physician alert
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forecast. it won't warm up much today, right? >> the temperatures will be holding steady and may come down more with the rain manufacturing through the area. thunderstorms moving through delaware county and heavy downpours in camden as well. the showers and thunderstorms will be scattered this morning and around philadelphia this hour we are about to see some rain move across the scene here. a chance of showers through today. holding steady as chris mentioned 78 at 6:00 and 81 at noon. scattered showers this morning, and heavier downpours expected this afternoon. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. now jessica boyington has a look at the traffic. >> right around the eastbound side at 24th street you can see
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we do have some -- actually not even a lane restriction. the exit ramp. so watch out for that as you're heading eastbound toward 95. a three-minute drive time from 95 to the schuylkill expressway or 30th street station, no problems. as far as the rest of the majors, no delays. no problems heading into the center city area. the blue route is doing just fine. as for mass transit, we are doing okay. new jersey transit and patco and septa running on time without any delays. next ten minutes, i'll check in with new jersey roads. gone in 30 seconds. people snatched up 10,000 free tickets to see pope francis in that short amount of time. the tickets for the pope's sunday mass on the ben franklin
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parkway lasted 0 seconds last night. earliertpt= in the day it took minutes for tickets to be snatched up at the pope of families. you can see both of those events without tickets but you'll be two and a half blocks away from the stage. even then, you can still see the pope parade down the parkway before the festival of the families. here is the route he will take. now, a second shorter parade will take place on sunday on the parkway before mass. details still being worked out on that one. local leaders say they are doing everything they can to answer questions that still remain about the papal visit. yesterday, philadelphia security council man johnson held a meeting to discuss some of the issues and he says even he still has questions about some of the arrangements. >> for that week, people want to pretty much have to reschedule their lives so we want to make
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sure we have as much information as possible. >> delaware county is requesting the national guard and an emergency operations center. we will have more on that county's plans and preparations coming up at 4:15. a man accused of kidnapping a woman off a philadelphia street corner is expected to change his plea in court. delvin barnes pleaded not guilty but he will change that plea today. police say barnes kidnapped a woman off the street in germantown. police say he tied her up, held her in the trunk of his car for a couple of days before she was rescued in maryland. today, two former coatesville area school officials go on trial. ex-superintendent como is accused of taking championship rings and being reimbursed for fraudulent expenses and denato
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is accused of stealing thousands of dollars to pay down gambling debts. both resigned in 2013 amid allegations they exchanged racist and sexist messages on their cell phones. that led to the discovery of the financial crimes. a chester man who shot and killed a would-be robber has a license to carry a gun and does not face charges this morning. police say early yesterday morning, two men tried to rob the man as he got out of his car outside his home on west seventh street in chester. police say one of the robbers fired two shots. the victim was not hit. he pulled out his own gun and shooting and killing one of the robbers. the man's neighbors told us the man had to do what he had to protect himself. >> this time they ran upon the right one. >> a shame you have to carry a gun in this neighborhood but that's the way it is. >> police have not released the name of the robber who was killed. the other one ran off and police have not caught him yet.
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environmental officials say charcoal sparked this forest fire that scorched nearly a thousand acres in new jersey pine barrons. they say someone sgofdisposed ot brick itet brickets. the fire did not damage any property and is 100% contained. workers injured when this abandon airplane hangar collapsed in north jersey is expected to make a full recovery. it was being prepared for demolitions when is collapsed and injuring four work aeers an two seriously. federal investigators blame pilots for the plane crash that killed seven people last year including billionaire philanthropist philip katz. it took off from bedford, massachusetts.
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they believe the crew failed to do a preflight safety check and didn't notice that the jet's elevators were locked. >> this accident was preventable and it just shows us the importance of following procedures each and every time a plane takes off. >> listen to this. the ntsb says the vaereteran flt crew failed to make 98% of flight checks before takeoff. they will call for the state supreme court to stop its proceedings on whether to suspend kathleen kane's law license. the group says that decision should not be made until her criminal case is resolved. kane is accused of leaking grand jury information and lying about it. her lawyers say the state supreme court proceedings are
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supposed to be confidential. the attorney general denies any wrongdoing and says the charges were fabricated. the delaware county spca is trying to save a puppy that was found in a duffel bag. they are calling the 16-week-old puppy duffy and she was found in a duffel back in scorching feet earlier this week in chester. the spca is asking for donations to help pay for her care. eight mince after 4:00. a steamy start and it's been a stormy night for some. we have some scattered showers and thunderstorms this morning. heavy down pours to lead to flooding in the flood-prone and low lying areas. water will accumulate especially
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during the afternoon hours. cooler temperatures on the way for the weekend but a chance for weekend showers. right now it's dropped to 70 degrees in reading and rain coming down in florida and cape may at 73 degrees. no sign of the 90s today or for the foreseeable future. clouds are over the city and we already have some wet weather in the area this morning. but this morning it should be scattered showers and thunderstorms like we are seeing right now. they are lining up in chester county, heavy downpours in southwestern chester county and thunder and lightning to the east of nottingham and heavy rain moving through delaware county and new jersey. gloucester and camden county seeing heavy rain through the lawn side area right now heavier thunderstorms this afternoon and the temperatures nowhere near the noin the 90s like we saw yesterday.
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heavier downpours for doylestown and mt. holly. 83 cape may and vineland and dover into the low 80s today. sunshine on hold but we will still warm up into the very low 80s this afternoon. that's not a lot warmer than it is right now. held back by the occasional showers and thunderstorms. the threat of more storms this weekend, chris. back with the weekend forecast in ten minutes. >> we definitely need the rain, for sure. what we don't need is a big traffic jam this morning and there is the potential for that because we have an accident now involving a tractor-trailer. nbc10's first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> it's actually involved two tractor-trailers. a double whammy there. bordentown township in new jersey. route 130 northbound closing, the red means the cars are slow
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going or almost stopped. at groveville road and your best bet is hop to 295 and you can take local due tours if you know one you feel is better. right now 295 is in the green so definitely a good alternate. northbound from 55 up towards the walt whitman bridge about a five minute trip. everything green. the rest of the area bridges just fine. everything good heading into the city. tomorrow will mark 14 years since the 9/11 attacks. you got to see this preview coming up. the words black lives matter posted on a local church sign sparks some complaints and controversy. we will tell you what they did in response to bring people together.
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happening today in southwestern pennsylvania, official will dedicate a new visitor's center at the flight memorial center in shanksville. this is a pretty cool time lapse of that construction of that center. the 26 million dollar complex opens today, one day before when we mark the 9/11 attacks. the center uses photos, video, artifacts and interactive sgl s displays to tell the story of night 93. the passengers fought off
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haurges he hijackers into that field. we are hearing now from a survivor of the attack inside emmanuel 7igyame church in charleston, south carolina, in an nbc exclusive interview. >> we were just about to say the prayers to be released and he caught us with our eyes closed. >> she says dylann roof fired on all of them during prayer. this happened in june. sanders granddaughter survived the attack and her son was among the five killed and talked about it with lester holt of nbc. >> remember my son saying, mamma, he shot me in the head. >> your granddaughter was with you? >> yes. and i was telling my son, i said just -- just lay here, just lay
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here, but he was still talking to me and i said, just lay here, and my granddaughter was hollering saying she was so afraid. >> instead of harboring resentment, sanders says she has forgiveness in her heart for the accused shooter. a montgomery county church is defending the use of a phrase black lives matters with opening up a discussion with those who say it has grown to hate and disrespect toward police. earlier this week this church posted a sign that said black lives matter. the pastor said he received e-mails and phone calls saying it's the wrong message. the pastor held a meeting last night to address the controversy that has now turned into a national debate. >> i'm very disappointed in 2015 that type of hatred exist.
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>> this church , it hurt us and made us sad that people would think that. >> church maebs say they are happy to have an open discussion about the issue even though no one who complained about the sign actually showed up to speak. preparing for the pope. leaders in delaware county are doing so and this morning, they say they have a safety plan in place that includes first aid stations and port-a-potties and drinking messages and boards and they will activate the morning operation center on friday september 15th and open through monday, the 28th. authorities requested 300 national guards members. >> we want everybody to be safe and everybody to be comfortable to enjoy it this, not to fear
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this. >> residents are urged to sign up for delco alerts. the county is preparing for an influx of people who may stay there during the pope's visit or flood the train stations to commute in for a chance to see the pope. today we are expecting to get a look at some of the first objects that will arrive in philadelphia straight from vatican city. this is part of an exhibit at the franklin institute. the objects including a 17th century bronze angels sculpture, a lamp given by pope john paul ii. smi rare works are also in flay some this part of philadelphia. one of the pieces is from michelangelo and features a piece from greek mythology. the summer season winds
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down, we have learned a record number of sharks are swimming along the east coast this year. researchers say they captured or tagged more than 400 sharks and 13 different species among them. right now, ofgs aficials are tracking a hammerhead shark spotted last month. a group is keeping track of a shark that surfaced off delmar. they are also tracking a shark that was spotted off the jersey shore in may. 19 minutes after 4:00. we have wet weather in the area this morning. some thunderstorms too. can you see the clouds over center city. those are rain clouds. right now it is raining in philadelphia. 74 degrees. humidity is still elevated. no surprise with the rain but we have some big changes when it
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comes to humidity and temperature on the way over the next several days. right now it's dry in cape may but that is going to be changing. we saw some showers pop up late yesterday afternoon and more wide spried rainfall. you can see salem county and burlington counties getting rainfall. thunderstorm activity in chester county and moving to the northeast and we are tapping into more moisture that is lining up to our west and to our southwest for more rain and potentially for some heavy rainfall during the day. your hour-by-hour future cast shows 7:00 this morning the largest area of rainfall through central pennsylvania but we will see scattered showers in the area during the morning hours. at lunch time, here comes heavy rain into lancaster shower. off shore, showers for trenton and philadelphia and wilmington. into the afternoon, that's when the storms become more numerous. 3:00 in the afternoon heavy downpours for chester, montgomery, into new jersey and
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delaware getting into the act with some heavy downpours and this one looks like it's going to be messing with the evening commute. this afternoon, at 6:00, look at the heavy rain moving through. the i-95 corridor from philadelphia to trenton at that hour and heavy downpours in south jersey as well. clearing out overnight tonight. during the day today, occasionally showers and thunderstorms and the potential for heavy rain. look at those temperatures. no sign of the 90s that we had yesterday. yesterday afternoon, 93 degrees. we will stay cooler this weekend with showers and possibly some thunderstorms later saturday and into sunday. sunday will be even cooler with the high of 78. show you how long that cool weather lasts with the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. let's get another check of traffic and we are watching an bordentown township that could slow things down this morning. jessica boyington has that. >> we are still watching this acted involving two
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tractor-trailers on 130 northbound closed at groveville road. now that your bet best you can see where the accident scene here. it's back to green so i'll double-check and see if it's reopened the last few minutes. your best bet is take 295 which runs pretty much parallel to that scene right now and update in the next ten minutes. on 295 up a little ways around the black horse pike. roadways all wet in the area. and through that work zone that is actually not active right now but we still have a 13-minute drive time 38 up towards this point at the black horse pike and if you're heading through the schuylkill expressway or conshohocken curving moving along just fine. may soon be something new you can order from amazon. we will tell what the online retailer is resting that could help satisfy your hunger. how police say an alert
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u.p.s. driver stopped a would-be thief in south jersey and tell you why the police believe there could be more victims and more arrests coming.
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4:25 now. in burlington county, police believe there could be more victims in a identity theft and credit card scheme that landed a man behind bars. this man was arrested. a u.p.s. driver realized he was delivering too many credit cards in one neighborhood. he thought someone was following him. so he called police and minutes later, police pulled over lopez torra in the vehicle that the u.p.s. vehicle that the driver
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had described. >> we discovered u.p.s. packages that belonged to residents in that neighborhood. he had the tracking numbers of when they were going to be delivered. >> officers satisfy think intercepted $80,000 in fraudulent approved credit cards and gift cards and the fbi is involved in this case and stories like that make you want to check and double-check your credit twice. here is how to make sure your credit is safe. you can get one free credit report a year from three of the credit card agencies. and monitor your service and get alerts when there is something wrong with your file. amazon says it will begin its own restaurant delivery service to prime members in select areas of seattle. customers will be able to order food from dozens of restaurants using amazon's prime now app. the delivery system is free for now. amazon hasn't said what it could
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eventually cost you or whether it will offer the same service in other cities. it's a rainy morning. showers and thunderstorms. the potential later today for some heavy rainfall. right now, 73 degrees at 4:27. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> roads looking damp on route 202 and not a car in sight so moving along just nicely. we will check out the accident scene in new jersey when we come back at 4:30. the nfl season starts tonight! the eagles aren't playing but you still might get a chance to see them. i'll explain how coming up after this break.
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preparing for the pope. if you didn't get your hands on one of the tickets to the big event, you're not out of luck. we will tell you how you can still see the holy father when he is in philadelphia. preparing for the pigskin. football fans, the long wait is finally over. the season kicks off today right here on nbc10 neand we will sho you how fans are celebrating here. thunderstorms and showers are here now. we have you covered. 73 degrees at 4:30. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. bill, you haven't had green in the radar right now. >> my lawn is looking brown is i'm happy to see the green and we are getting it. we have seen heavy


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