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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  September 13, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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flooded out streets and ripped up sidewalks. nbc 10 cameras were rolling as a broken water main sent torrents of water rushing through a north philadelphia neighborhood. we'll take you live to the scene as repairs are underway. starting this week, the city of philadelphia will let you know where you can and cannot
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park during the pope's visit. we have you covered with what to do if you're losing your go-to spot on the street. after on and off again rain, the skies are now clearing out. it will feel like fall today with temperatures in the 70s, but that doesn't mean we are done with the warmer weather. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 7:00 on this sunday. let's get to the first alert forecast with brittney shipp. we welcome this cooler weather. we'll take it. it will not stick around for long. today and tomorrow, then back to the 80s for tuesday. you can see the clouds across the sky there in philadelphia. it's all due to this area of low pressure that moved through yesterday bringing us thunderstorms and a few scattered showers. now most of that system has pushed off into the northeast of us. what we'll see as we head into the rest of today is mostly cloudy skies with a few showers hanging around. mainly dry. the city planner shows by 9:00
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a.m., 66. by noon, 70. it will take us a while to warm up. 3:00 p.m., 73. our high today will be closer to 74, which is about 6 degrees below average. tracking warmer weather. i'll go over all the details on that coming up. new from overnight, police in delaware county are investigating a shooting that left one person wounded. it happened just before 1:00 this morning on darby terrace in darby borough. medics took the victim to the hospital, there's no word on that person's condition. right now a north philadelphia street is caked in mud and closed to traffic. the reason -- this 48-inch water main break. water began gushing around 8:00 last night creating a major mess. nbc 10's jesse gary is live on the scene this morning. what do we know about repairs? >> rosemary, repairs won't come until they completed the cleanup process. it is underway.
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that gentleman with the hose trying to hose down hunting park avenue to try to get the mud off the street. if you pan to you're right, you can see it, they put up this barricade fencing. this is what they put up in advance of the retears that will come quite possibly tomorrow. we have been out here for the past two hours or so. since our arrival we watched men with shovels and in heavy equipment scooping the mud away. the mess is left after a 48-inch water transmission main erupted under a parking lot next to the u-haul storage facility here. 15 million gallons of water estimated to have flooded the area and caused low water pressure for residents. this is the second time in three months a transmission maine in this area has failed. >> this main was installed in 1895 age is not always a factor, but we will do an assessment of the main to see if we can identify a cause of a break. >> any indications so far? >> it's too early to tell.
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>> reporter: crews say the cleanup will be completed sometime today. they had been using the water from the fire hydrant earlier to wash away the mud. now they brought in a hose to do that they hope to have hunting park avenue reopened before the monday morning commute. what impact is this break having on the overall water system? we'll tackle that for you in the next 30 minutes. live in north philadelphia, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. an elderly couple who went missing on friday in chester county is home safe this morning. according to investigators, dominic jampo and his wife, barbara, were disoriented when they were found in the woods near a house in union township, berks county. the couple parked their car at the house and walked into the woods. police searched the area of the home after receiving reports of a suspicious vehicle parked in a private driveway. dominic and barbara jampo were missing since friday morning.
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they told their son they were headed to the grocery store from their chester county retirement home where they recently moved. this morning, investigators from the faa are looking into the deadly crash of a small plane in camden county. 65-year-old david sees from marlton died when his single engine aircraft crashed into a backyard in a residential neighborhood. the plane went down in atco at 11:00 yesterday morning. investigators say the people saw the plane flying low before it crashed narrowly missing some nearby homes. according to waterford township police there was no fire or explosion at the crash site. no one on the ground was hurt. this was the third time that there's been a deadly plane crash in new jersey in the past week. on thursday, a small plane crashed into the ocean near atlantic city. investigators say the plane had no radio communication for the final two hours of the flight. the pilot's body has not been found. that followed another crash earlier in the week that killed a pilot in north jersey.
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today pennsylvania governor tom wolf and his wife are inviting the public to tour their home in harrisburg. visitors can tour the governor's residence as part of their second sunday event. on every second sunday of the month since june the governor has held a free themed event. today the focus is on a new art exhibit at the governor's residence. artist and participate in painting classes. this comes as wolf and the republican controlled legislature are locked in a budget stalemate. in june wolf vetoed the $30 billion budget. months later it doesn't look like they're closer to a deal despite talks. tonight at sun down members of the jewish faith celebrate employees of barkley caterers
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were hard at work making meals for rosh hashanah. tonight families will gather to celebrate the new year and begin a ten-day period of prayer and personal reflection, which concludes with yom kippur, one of the most solemn days on the jewish calendar. next fires are ravaging parts of california putting h e homeowners at risk. preparing for the pope means moving your car, at least for some folks in philadelphia. ahead what drivers need to know before their cars get towed.
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we are following a developing story out west. four firefighters are being treated for burn wounds they suffered while battling a place that already scorched 400 acres in northern california. crews are aggressively fighting the wildfire which is now threatening homes and buildings about 100 miles north of san francisco. officials just issued mandatory evacuation orders for residents in the path of the flames. that's one of more than a dozen fires burning across the state. this fire east of sacramento destroyed 100 square miles and is forcing thousands to evacuate. more than 3,000 firefighters are battling the fast moving flames. officials are blaming the fire's rapid movement on very dry conditions. residents describe the situation as downright scary.
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>> the whole house glowed red. >> i'm scared to death. this is worse than an earthquake. this just is continuing. >> further south near fresno, the state's largest fire has grown to 128,000 acres. it's been burning for a month and a half now and fire season is far from over. good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. looking outside, we will see cloudy conditions for the rest of the afternoon. breezy conditions, too. you can see the flag on top of the aramark building is blowing. clouds pushing through. we will see more of a mix of sun and clouds. by tonight we should see mostly clear skies heading into tomorrow. one thing you are also noticing on this satellite radar shot is a little bit of scattered shower
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activity coming out of washington. heading closer to us. we have a slight chance of showers in the forecast as we go into it the rest of today. since a cold front moved through we have cooler air moving in. that's going to get ready of the humidity for yesterday before the rain moved in, also keeping our temperatures down below average. as we head into the rest of tonight, we'll see those clearing skies and that's going to set us up again for a really nice looking monday. our average for this time of year is 80. is going to feel like fall. temperatures today pushing to 74. for tomorrow, 77. our current conditions as you get ready to head out, 65 in philadelphia. 69 in pottstown. 60 in allentown. and 68 in wildwood. i'll have more details on the warming trend coming up. next, we have seen the shoes
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and tonight's the night. the new miss america will be crowned. it comes amid some controversy. why pageant officials are suspending the contest's spray tanning partner. and ahead, parking daughter the pope's visit. for drivers in the so-called traffic box, you'll have to move your car or risk getting towed. in the next half hour, we'll tell you about some places where you can leave your vehicle.
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♪ there's something in me... ♪ ♪ ♪ there's something in me... ♪ ♪ ♪ there's something in me... ♪ former tennis star james black wants the nypd officer who tackled and mistakenly arrested him to lose his job. that's what blake told nbc 10 news in a new interview on wednesday. he was standing outside a m
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a manhattan hotel before he was taken down by the officer. he was handcuffed for ten minutes before police realized they had the wrong guy. the officer is on modified duty. since the incident, we learned that the officer has already had two pending excessive force lawsuits filed against him. >> makes me wonder why he was out on the street and given this position to begin with. it was completely unnecessary whether i was criminal or not, whether i was the person they were look for. i don't think the person they were looking for deserves to be treated the way i was treated. >> the mayor and police commissioner apologized to blake and agreed to meet with blake who said he is considering filing a lawsuit. good morning. temperatures today expected to stay below average. staying in the 70s. we have a slight chance of showers. i'll show you when and where. fall-like conditions today and tomorrow. we will warm things back up. i'm tracking a dry stretch. nice weather is in store for us
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over the next couple of days. temperatures at 65 in philadelphia. mix of sun and clouds. humidity high at 78%. wind speeds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. across the region, 57 in the poconos. 59 in reading. 57 in lancaster. 61 in wilmington. 66 in atlantic city. and 64 degrees in dover. here's a closer look at the storm system. we have a cold front that produced the show ers yesterday. we'll show you most lis cloudy skies for parts of philadelphia stretching down to wilmington. keeping our eye on 95. just outside of baltimore some showers are slowly drifting towards us. that's the extent of the showers today. light, isolated, most people won't see anything. for those that do, we want to give you a heads up, there's a chance of showers.
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because we had a cold front come through, cooler air is going to be settled over us. that's going to give us those below average conditions heading into today. our future cast shows showers coming in from williamsport and scranton area. clouds will thin out and that will set us up for mostly sunny skies heading into the start of the work week. temperatures will stay below average but warmer than today. today is on the cooler side. 74 in philadelphia. 73 in wilmington. 73 the high in wildwood. temperatures range between 72 and 75. slight chance of showers and cooler than what we saw yesterday and definitely below average. seven-day forecast shows fall-like conditions sticking around from monday into tuesday, wednesday, thursday and next week. warm, nice and dry with lots of sunshine. the miss america
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organization has suspended its official spray tanning partner ahead of tonight's pageant in atlantic city. the suspension follows allegations that the owner of the company, be bronze, scanned salon owners across the owner. they say owner kelly richardson solicited them to take part in spray tanning events in atlantic city this week, they gave her money but she canceled on them last minute and never gave refunds. richardson insists nothing was done improperly and she will return money to anyone who is due a refund legally. this year is the 95th year of the miss america pageant. there are 52 women competing this week in categories like talent, swimsuit and interviews. the winner will be crowned during a live televised event atlantic city's boardwalk hall. yesterday the contestants participated in the annual show us your shoes parade on the
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atlantic city boardwalk. each u.s. state and territory was represented with shoes that symbolized where the contestants are from. >> when they come by in the cars, you yell show me your shoes, they show them to you. there's a bunch of cool ones. >> this is definitely not hawaii weather. but it's beautiful. it's exciting to be here. i'm excited to show off my shoes. >> like ms. hawaii said, folks along the boardwalk had to deal with the rain, wind and clouds yesterday. the 95th miss america pageant takes place tonight. in case you were wondering, miss new york has won it the last three years. drivers are shelling out less to gas up the car, especially in new jersey. maybe now is the time to head down to the ac boardwalk. aaa mid-atlantic reports that prices continue to drop. the average price across new jersey is 2.11 for a gallon of regular. that's down a nickel from last week. that compares to the aaa national average of 2.34 a
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gallon. in our region aaa reports drivers in the philadelphia area are paying $2.43 for a gallon of regular. in northern delaware, 2.27. south jersey lower than the state average at $2.02. next, call it a book-mobile. how librarians are using pedal power to push home the need to get kids to start reading early.
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tonight, sunday night football is back and so is its familiar song. tonight is football night in america and is right here on nbc 10. this is a sneak peek behind the scenes of the sunday night football anthem starring country
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singer carrie underwood. including a ton of nfl stars including nfl eagle demarco murray. >> i have been doing some yelling, pumping the crowd up which i'm not usually doing. have to come out of my comfort zone a bit. it was awesome to see the huge green screen and whatnot and the special effects later in the process. it was fun. fun ordeal. >> this is carrie underwood's third year singing the nfl football anthem "waiting all kay for sunday night." you can look at the finished product this evening before the new york giants and dallas cowboys square off on football night in america. coverage starts at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. then kickoff is at 8:30. there is a new trend that puts libraries on wheels to keep them connected to the communities they serve. for three years now librarians in seattle have been pedalling books around on bikes. sometimes they set up a pop-up library along the waterfront.
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one of the librarians behind the idea is so passionate about reading he has one of his favorite literature quotes tattooed on his leg. >> there's something about seeing a librarian on a bike that brings a smile to someone's face. >> how much do you love reading? >> on a scale of one to ten, ten, i love it to ten. >> you can find similar libraries go in cities across the country from cleveland to denver to san francisco where they call their version the spoke-n word. right now a philadelphia street is shut down because of a water main break. jesse gary is live on the scene to update us on the progress. >> they continue to clean up this mess on the street. how is this mess affecting the overall water department system? we'll talk about this coming up after the break. >> tracking cooler temperatures but it won't stick around for
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long. we'll head back to the 80s. i'll let you know when coming up. here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. it's white breast meat chicken every time. because white breast meat chicken releases its flavor into the broth and absorbs more flavor from it. and in vineland, it's all about flavor so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso.
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right now cleanup and repairs are on the agenda after a water main floods a busy intersection in north philadelphia. 15 million gallons of water flowed down hunting park avenue and westmoreland street. missing couple found, there's good news to report about this husband and wife who had not been seen for a day and a half. we'll explain where they turned up. it will feel like fall today. here's live look at the center city skyline. the rain and clouds are clearing out. temperatures will make it into the 70s. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 7:30 on this
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sunday. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the clearing and tracking the cool temperatures. >> temperatures staying in the 70s heading into the rest of today. we were in the 70s yesterday. 78, now 74 today. tomorrow we'll still be in the 70s. it's an early taste of fall. a live look, a cloudy shot out at the poconos. a closer look at the satellite radar shot shows the clouds changing by the philadelphia area. as we zoom in, we have a few scattered showers coming out of baltimore. looks like they're heading into the southern part of lancaster county and also chester county. probably will be there in the next 20 minutes or so. a heads up if you live closer to east nottingham or the northern parts of new cassel county. as we progress the model, we'll show you over the next couple of hours, cool conditions will stick around for us. as we push into the rest of the afternoon and evening, we'll start to see clouds clearing up. that's going to take a while.
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after 7:00 p.m., mostly clear skies. feeling like fall. the average for this time of year, 80 degrees. today, 74. tomorrow, 77. tracking a return to the 80s. all that is coming up. this is what 15 million gallons of water looks like. not a lake or a pond this is an intersection in north philadelphia. the flooding happened after water main break last night. jesse gary is live at the scene this morning with more on the clean-up. jesse? >> reporter: quite a clean up it is once the clean up is done, crews have to get to the root of the problem. in this case it sits at the bottom of this watery crater a pipe that's 120 years old failed flooding this area. the result has crews working with shovels and with heavy equipment removing mud from west hunting park avenue. the mess is left after a 48-inch water transmission main ruptured. 15 million gallons of water
7:32 am
flooded the area. this is the second time in three months a transmission main has failed in this area. >> there's redundancy built into the system where once one main is turned off like this the other maintenance will pick up the remaining need, and feed the homes. >> so everybody should have service. >> everyone has full service. proper pressure back in all the homes. >> reporter: back live here in north philadelphia. transmission mains break for different reasons, not just during the cold winter months as we have seen. this is the second main in this area to fail. the two remaining are being checked to make sure they are ok okay. this is hunting park and they are using hoses to spray down the mud and scoop it up. they want to get this opened again by the rush tomorrow morning. live in north philadelphia, jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
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an elderly couple who went missing on friday in chester county are safe and sound this morning. according to investigators, dominic jampo and his wife, barbara, were disoriented when they were found in the woods near a house in union township, berks county. the couple parked their car at the house and walked into the woods. police searched the area of the home after receiving reports of a suspicious vehicle parked in a private driveway. they moved to a personal care facility not long ago. >> it's very hard. it's frustrating. i can't imagine anyone being in such a situation. it's terrible. >> the jampos were missing since friday morning. they told their son that they were headed to the grocery store but never returned to that retirement community. the couple is now doing just fine this morning.
7:34 am
today investigators with the faa will be looking into the deadly crash of a small plane in camden county. 65-year-old david sees from marlton died when his single engine aircraft crashed into a backyard in a residential neighborhood. the plane went down in atco at 11:00 yesterday morning. investigators say the people saw the plane flying low before it crashed. narrowly missing some nearby homes. according to waterford township police there was no fire or explosion at the crash site. >> did you hear any people screaming or yelling? >> nothing. didn't hear anything funny from a plane. >> according to police the plane ended up about 180 feet from a house and spilled some fuel at the crash site but nobody on the ground was hurt. we are less than two weeks away from the papal visit and tomorrow crews will begin posting signs warning drivers about where they can park in the city and where they will be towed.
7:35 am
if you normally park in the area designated as the francis festival grounds, you will have to move your vehicle by next sunday, so one week from today. earlier this week the secret service released this video of the fenced off area. the ppa will offer parking spots in several garages. you will have to reserve parking spots in advance. $20 covers the entire weekend. you can also use a private valet service called lux for 20 bucks a day. another option is the naval hospital on patteson avenue where there are 1,500 free parking spots. also tomorrow a food relay in honor of pope francis kicks off in south jersey. catholic high school students and other volunteers will give out $1,500 worth of donations to local food pantries. organizers tell us that those donations will help more than 5,000 people. the food relay is part of the catholic charities 40 days of francis campaign. check out the nbc 10 app for the pope's full itinerary while he's
7:36 am
here in town. we also have details on traffic changes, security and the event during the world meeting of families. it's all available right now on the nbc 10 app. next, honoring a true philadelphia champion. everybody can look up to the new statue of joe frazier. hear the story behind the famous boxer's immortalized pose. anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love.
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hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate spreads.
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smokin' joe frazier's boxing career has been over for decades, because lasting tribute has just been unveiled. [ applause ] officials unveiled a bronze statue of frazier at xfinity live in south philadelphia yesterday. before he died in 2011, frazier called philadelphia home since he was teenager. the statue shows frazier in mid punch when he knocked down ali in 1971. at the time, the match was dubbed the fight of the century. >> you have a rocky statue, a movie, and this guy's probably the most famous athlete in philadelphia. the statue should have been here ages ago. it should have been here when he was alive. >> took a little time, but it's
7:40 am
here. and frazier says thank you. >> the city of philadelphia commissioned artist steven layne to make the 12-foot statue. he began with a clay model and constructed a silicone mold and finished with bronze work. >> good morning. temperatures today expected to stay below average. we are also tracking a chance of showers heading into the rest of today and fall-like conditions as we push into tomorrow. a dry stretch on tap for us. we don't have a great chance of rain for the next few days. right now we're seeing breezy conditions. we can see the flags moving on top of the aramark building. cloudy skies to start. 65 degrees. wind speeds moving at about 10 miles per hour. low 60s in trenton. 60 in allentown.
7:41 am
57 in mount pocono. 59 in pottstown. 61 in wilmington. 64 in dover. it is a relatively cooler, mild start to the morning there. just on the cooler side if you're heading out to exercise. probably just need a light jacket as we head into the rest of today. we'll stay cooler than average. satellite radar shows that this code front here is just off-shore. that cooler air is over our area. temperatures closer to the 70s today. tracking a chance of showers, it's riding along 95, moving out of baltimore. moving closer to lancaster county and parts of chester county. the brunt of this system is already far away from us. we won't see more rain like how we saw yesterday with isolated tomorrows. most of that cleared out. we could see leftover moisture moving in producing a few showers heading into the rest of today. the big story is that it's cooler. cooler than what we have seen for a while.
7:42 am
so, now we will see temperatures staying below average for today and tomorrow. by tuesday, back into the 80s. one thing you'll notice heading into work on monday, lots of sunshine. a pretty nice start to the work week. a nice end to the weekend. 74 degrees is the high today in philadelphia. 69 in tots pound and in allentown. same thing in reading. close to 70 in lancaster. we'll stay in the 60s for the poconos. today's range between 72 and 75. a slight chance of showers for some locations. i showed you lancaster county and chester county. the seven-day forecast shows we head back into the 80s. next, the temple owls take to the field after last week's historic win against penn state we have the highlights of their second game of the season. plus the rest of your morning sports.
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thomas had two scores a 100-yard kickoff return and this 56-yard run. temple beat the bearcats by a score of 34-19. the owls are off to their first 2-0 start since 2011. good morning, i'm danny pommels from comcast sportsnet. the countdown to kickoff for the eagles continues as sam bradford prepares for his first regular season game in almost two years. if his preseason is anything to go by, the falcons defense could have a long night. bradford led the birds to touchdowns in all four drives he played. but he's ready for the real thing. >> more than any other season opener i'm probably more excited than ever just to get back on the field. it's something i've been waiting a long time for. i didn't get the opportunity to do it last year. it's been a while. i'm looking forward to it. even when i was playing before i got injured, there's jitters every week. that makes this game fun.
7:47 am
>> keep it locked right here. the premiere of nbc 10's eagles gameday kickoff is today at 10:00. comcast sportsnet's john clark will be the host. he'll have an exclusive interview with demarco murray. that's eagles gameday kickoff today at 10:00. to the college ranks, penn state hosting buffalo. barkley, high school blitz veteran out of whitehall high school. look at the hurdle of the defender. 17-yard gain. first two freshmen with a 100-yard gain since silar red. barkley finishes it off from nine yards out. penn state knocks off buffalo for their first win 27-14. villanova and florida. john roberts calls his own number. wildcats get their first win of the season, 14-7. to baseball, phillies and cubs rain delayed to start this one for almost an hour. that didn't affect the phillies starter, jerad eickhoff. he was dealing. eickhoff, one run, 8 ks in seven innings of action. bottom of seven.
7:48 am
ryan howard with the pinch-hit. 1 for his last 37. doubles to right. that scores a run. kicks off a five-run frame. top eight, the cubs get to the phils bullpen. bryant has revenge, rbi double. cubs score four to tie it at 5. bottom of the ninth, cody asche had about enough. it's a walk-off, off the foul pole. two-run job. the phillies get the victory in dramatic fashion 7-5. check this out down on the farm, reading phils playoffs. j.p. crawford, he fields the throw to second and makes the tag all in one motion. great leaping catch and tag to get the out. beautiful play. fighting phils win 4-2 and sweep the series 3-0. red sox slugger david ortiz tip your hat, hit two jacks against the rays yesterday. he reached 500 for his career.
7:49 am
ortiz the 27th player to reach the milestone. he does it ten weeks shy of his 40th birthday. it was his 50th multi home run game of his career. red sox beat the jays 10-4. an all italian final between vinci and pennetta. pennetta wins 7-6 6-2. her first career major championship and her last. she goes out in style. the 33-year-old announced her retirement after the victory. not too shabby. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. don't miss our eagles kickoff coverage today at 10:00. we have player and coach interviews, plus inside access to the birds. nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles. the time is 7:49. just a few minutes before the "today" show 5at 8:00. we check in with erica hill and craig melvin. >> just ahead on "today," utter devastation for one california
7:50 am
town. it went up in flames ins with one of the wildfires that popped up and has been burning through the night. our crew was on the scene for much of that. >> and james blake speaking out after he was body slammed by an nypd officer. what was he thinking when it happened? and now what he wants the nypd to do about it. >> and we are taking you inside fashion week here in new york city with a look at creations that have sort of, you know, are a testament to the fact that everything old is new again. we'll introduce you to the hot the fashion illustrators, bringing you their take on those images. and some people say this guy is gross. some say this guy is incredible. we'll let you decide when the professional regurgitater comes on our air live to regurgitate. you probably have seen him on "america's got talent." we are told he has a neat trick
7:51 am
for us this morning. >> we're not sure what neat means in this case. so we're intrigued. >> we discourage you from heating a heavy breakfast. >> we'll tune in. >> that's our public service announcement. >> thanks, guys. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet... that it was damaging the enamel. i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. pronamel is helping me lead the life that i want to live.
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now to2016. republican front-runner donald trump continues to take aim at some of his rivals.
7:54 am
during a campaign stop in iowa, trump talked about the exit of former texas governor rick perry from the race. trump said he's gone, good luck, he was very nasty to me. trump also set his sights on ben carson who comes behind trump second in most polls. he said he doesn't have the energy to negotiate with world leaders. it's been two monthses since new jersey governor chris christie announced his campaign for president. governor christie will get a chance to sell himself to the nation this morning as a guest on "meet the press." joining us for a preview is moderator chuck todd. good morning. >> good morning. >> hopes were once really high
7:55 am
bridgegate standal, it se ascan star has faded. is it too late for him? what did he need do to recapture that popularity? >> the good news is he's not alone in struggling to gain traction. everybody from jeb bush is struggling, marco rubio is struggling, rand paul is struggling. the problem is what if trump and carson start to fade who is in best position to pick up the pieces. that's what all these candidates are trying to do noticed chris christie is finally having fun on the campaign trail. just when it looked like he might be turning a corner, the united airlines ceo has to resign and it has to do with -- stems from the original investigation into the bridgegate mess. it's just remind their his local
7:56 am
politics have been a drag on him. and they'll continue to be a drag. >> let's talk about the democrats as well and the surging bernie sanders who you will sit down with this morning. sanders admits his pole presence is surprising. do you see him holding up in the long run? >> let me clear up something. i think it's no longer the case to say it's still early in the race. i think we are knee deep into this thing. i can tell you the sanders people nor the hillary clinton people, while they thought the race would get tighter, nobody thought by five months before the first contest that bernie sanders would be ahead in iowa and new hampshire. some of this is about e-mails. some of this is about the fact that the democratic party has some of the same divides inside it that the republican party does. it's just that barack obama being in the white house papered over those divides. there's always been a strong progressive wing of the party.
7:57 am
bernie sanders tapped into it. hillary clinton has struggled to tap into it. >> chuck todd, thanks. >> thank you. >> governor chris christie and bernie sanders will be chuck's guests on "meet the press" this morning. that comes your way at 10:30 on nbc 10. before we leave you now, we want to get one last check of the weather. looking better today than it was this time yesterday. >> yeah. it's cooler, too. temperatures in the mid 70s today. right around 5 degrees below average. you'll notice breezy conditions. looking at the seven-day forecast, just a few changes. warmer weather on the way. 78 degrees tomorrow. still fall-like. feels like summera all over again. mid 80s. staying nice and dry. if you like fall, you'll get that. if you like it to be summer lasting, you'll have that, too without the 90s. >> without the 90s and the
7:58 am
humidity. >> that will do it for us. see you back here at 9:00 for a half hour show and then some eagles specials.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight, massive inferno. a wildfire burning out of control charring 30,000 acres in just 12 hours. our crew in this northern california town ast is destroyed before their lives. >> reporter: it's going up in flames. >> residents racing to safety but the worse may still be to come. we are live. on the record, james blake speaking out about the violent take down by an under cover officer. >> it was completely unnecessary whether i was a criminal or not. >> what he wants the nypd to do about the officer who body


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