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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: this isn't a resort but for six families last resort. they moved out here, tiny baby, to live in tent because the city has no place else to put them. posts got us and others for a rally. >> we think there's something wrong with millions of people coming into the philadelphia area to see the pope and yet can't figure out how to feed, clothe, house our children. >> reporter: the city's spending millions to host the people when they should be spending more to put roofs over families. that would give her financial wiggle room. >> two minimum wage jobs isn't enough. you need medicine, food, clothes on your kids. i'm sorry. >> our city can't afford not just to host the pope. we can ford to host the families. >> reporter: toward the end of the rally the housing authority called and say they are going to
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put families up in public housing. so they're working on that now trying to figure out where to put people. people appreciate all of the support. these are donations. they have a pantry here working at this corner here in kensington. a lot of people got the message but none want the message about homelessness and the discussion to end here. live in kensington, tim furlong, nbc 10. >> we've been waiting for months and months. now the number of days until the pope's visit is down to just ten. >> officials are urging people to get ready and get excited. today city leaders laid out details reminding residents trash collection friday 25th and monday the 28th is canceled city wide. however, all city rec centers, parks outside the festival ground will be open during normal hours. law enforcement is preparing for 12-hour shifts beginning midnight on the 25th and additional medical units on duty. >> if you drive near the parkway
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you noticed a lot of changes over the last few days. we spotted these crews setting up the big stage for the papal event. a bird's-eye view looking over the parkway. officials expect this area here to fill with hundreds of thousands of people during pope's mass on sunday. could be 1.5 million, 2 million. we have an idea what that will look like. nbc 10 partnered with virtual real center to bill a 3-d model and crowds as well. the new view exposes big security challenges. >> cydney long went to the lab with our security expert who has more on what it will take to protect all of those people. >> now that we have this bird's-eye view, a huge area, jam packed. specific security challenges you're up against. >> a number of security
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challenges with this event because you have a number of moving parts. you have a number of moving agencies. inner operable of communication is key. that's a downfall with a number of different efforts to protect anyone. you have to take into account this three rings of security in executive protection. one is next to the pope. the second being 500 yards from the pope. the third the security check point and the countersniper folks and those undercover in plainclothes protecting and augmenting this mission. one of the things that the snipers will be looking for, we'll get into that cover and conce concealment. >> a lot of tall buildings and trees. is that an issue with line of sight to the pope. >> the problem with tall buildings and trees from this vantage level, a thousand yards away from the stage where the pope is, is tall buildings and trees pose an issue.
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you always want to have a line of sight to your principal. you always want access points and egress points covered. you never know if someone will come into this area that may challenge secret service. >> what did they set up the security checkpoints. >> encounter themagnatomter. >> reporter: a virtual homework assignment to include best statistical data that the reality team worked on with nbc 10 for a month to best prepare you for next weekend papal mass and parade. >> trained last year, secret service, philadelphia police department. they've exercises this. they planned for this. this should run fluidly. >> that was cydney long reporting. tonight at 6:00, see what this will look like from the pope's
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view and we'll take a closer look at locations of jumbotrons that will have subtitles for the pope's mass in spanish. a big boost to cell service will hopefully keep you connected while pope francis is in town. a group of cell phone carriers spent tens of millions to install special antennas on the parkway light poles. provide high speed data and phone service. remember to use and the nbc app for any information about the pope's visit. look for preparing for the pope. right knnow at 5:00, onpathetic and ridiculous. tom wolf described the budget battle in harrisburg. the pennsylvania senate was back in session. republicans say the governor's rejecting their month-old offer to meet a key demand of his boost to public school aid. they want wolf to lend support to a measure to end traditional
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benefits in the state's major public pension system. within the past hour, the governor shared his growing frustration over the stalemate. >> we have wasted three months, they've made it beyond clear through inaction that they take the interest of special interests above the interests of school children and schools in pennsylvania's future. that is unacceptable to me. >> house action on the budget expected next week. >> philadelphia police are looking for the suspect who pistol whipped a woman during an apparent attempted sexual assault. outside an elementary school. the victim tells police the attack happened as he was walking around 6:00 this morning outside john marshall elementary in the frankford neighborhood. school officials called parents ahead of time to inform them of this crime but some parents never got that call. police were still on scene as students started to arrive.
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>> walking by themselves, first thing they looking at cops, cameras, what's going on, nobody's telling them nothing. little kids might be scared trying to figure out what's going on. >> the crime happened under one of the surveillance cameras. >> they're working to create a sketch. a new jersey teenager cannot use medical mare juijuana to tr her seizures. jenny's mother cannot come to the school to give her daughter home made cannabis oil every day. the judge cited federal and state drug laws. the family plans to cope appealing this decision and eventually take their case to the federal court to fight not just for their daughter but for all children like her. radnor high school seniors are in him bow. teachers refused to write college recommendation letters
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until early october part of an ongoing contract dispute between the teachers and district. the board confirmed they'll negotiate with the teachers union for the first time in weeks. a school official says guidance counselors are writing and sending in college reps. >> a lawsuit over the death of a woman who drowned after taking the polar bear plunge made its way to court. she fell off a pier. she was seen celebrating with friends jury selection started. the lawsuit contends she was alive when police found her but, according to her family, paramedics mistakenly thought she was dead and didn't properly try to revive her. plflag throughout now count delaware are at half-staff to honor a fallen officer. stabbed to death while responding to a car break-in in 230 20 11.
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his killer is serving a life sentence. he had served 18 years on the county force. he was 44 years old. a new name in the race to become delaware's next governor. congressman john carney announced his intention to run today. carney's delaware's lone member of the u.s. house of representatives. he planned to support beau biden's bid for governor but after his death in may carny decided to ask the people of delaware to give him a chance. senator and laugherty are running but it's not sure if he'll meet a clalger. he lofrts the primary to governor jack markell serving his second and final term. after the investigators put a spotlight on philadelphia's dangerous vacant properties, officials took notice. now calling for one leader to
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lose his job. jon stewart gets serious. his emotional plea to help first responders to 9/11. why he calls congress' behavior embarrassing. >> warm and dry to end out the week but challenges for the weekend. a cooler fall-like forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> comedian jon stewart demanding first responders be compensated for working at ground zero. demanding that congress renew the health and compensation ability. stewart who helped get the act passed in the first place says it's embarrassing lawmakers haven't renewed funding. >> everything that they say about this country, about how much they love it, about how much they believe in it, is -- that's all symbolism as far as i'm concerned if they can't take care of people that took care of us. >> i was diagnosed in november with a brain cancer inoperable and it was immediately linked to the world trade center as well
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as my father had a couple of bouts with cancer also a fireman on 9/11. the federal government needs to pay for. >> one part of the act expires at end of the month. firefighters in california trying to get a handle only while fires. no end in sight. firefighters taking advantage of the cool weather and rain today to get more control of the valley fire. 30% contained more than 100 square miles. it's one of a dozen fires burning in california. 1,000 homes and buildings destroyed in the two worst fires in the state. right now, a child is missing and at least 18 people are confirmed dead in the intense flash flooding that swept through southern utah monday. leeanne gregg joins us live from colorado city, arizona. >> how are conditions where you are right now? >> reporter: well, it's supposed to reason this afternoon, as it has for the last three days.
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finding those missing people continues to be a priority. one adult and one child still missing in one of the worst disasters this community's ever faced. for the third day the search continues for 6-year-old boy lost after two vehicles swept away by floodwaters, killing three women and nine children. a frightening scene caught on video. >> oh, no. >> reporter: one of three survivors fled to get help but it was too late. >> it's just a horrific event that was totally out of our control. >> reporter: city and state officials coming to grips with reality of the loss and devastation. >> this is as much tafatality a flooding in the state. >> reporter: missing, one of seven hikers when flash flood struck. the bodies were recovered tuesday. about 25 members of the utah national guard are helping with
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the efforts, along with law enforcement, emergency rescue teams and hundreds of volunteers. one talked about unique challenges of searching for victims. >> muddy, slippery, some of the areas folks are walking into, sinking up to their knees and getting covered in mud. >> reporter: searchers are not giving up hope, missing are feared dead. >> to be successful if helping bring closure to families something that we definite like to do. it's a big, important thing for us. >> reporter: officials urge residents to be mindful of flooding threats. once begin, rain is in the forecast. >> and in a late development word that two of hikers, bodies have been recovered, one remains missing as well as the child. a strong focus on the seven mile stretch of creek bed hoping for some result. the community continues to unite in grief. >> we heard about those tough
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conditions for those searching for a child among the missing. how long do you expect crews will continue to search. >> reporter: they haven't said they have any sign of letting up. they want to continue and have some results but it's been extremely difficult, the weather has caused problems as well as issue of the massive area that they have to search. for example, some of these debris piles that have been left from the flooding, hundreds of them, each have to be gone through separately, takes a lot of man power, patience. they have had hundreds of volunteers with paid personnel, search and rescue teams professionally but time consuming again. no signs of letting up. >> leeanne gregg, thank you. head of the united nations called it shocking. >> hungarian riot police pummel migrants with tear gas and water cannons. they're now stranded in serbia
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after hungary closed the last hole in the border between the two nations, cutting off a popular route between germany and sweden. a group of migrants demonstrated demanded to be let through before police started using tear gas. at home as the death row debate heats up an inmate learns his execution will not happen today. earning a reprieve hours before his execution. new evidence to show he is innocent. convicted in 1997 of murdering a hotel owner. supporters believe he was not involved in the crime. the reprieve was the news death penalty poeopponents were hoping to hear. the group held a prayer vigil inside the church. they prayed for the pontiff to speak out against the death
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penalty when he's in town. also asking pope francis to show support for governor tom wolf's suspension of executions in the state. earlier this year, governor wolf issued a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania until reviewed more thoroughly. that moratorium is being appealed and we're waiting for the state supreme court to rule. opponents of the death penalty fought to abolish in delaware. supporters voted down a bill earlier this year. new jersey abolished the death nenl 2007. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a perfect day again to get school work finished outside. nbc 10 on the campus today where students seemed to be enjoying the weather. take advantage of weather like this, low humidity, comfortable in the morning and afternoon.
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we have been warmer but we can still talk about the comfort level with humidity being so much lower. warm and dry, stay this way to end out the week and going into the weekend. talking about eagles opener sunday and changes in that weather forecast for sunday. talking about fall air returning. it is going to get cooler second half of weekend leading into next week. i'll show you the forecast in a second. clear skies, lots of sunshine. warming up into the mid-80s. warmer than yesterday which was warmer than the day before. we're going to keep the warm air in the forecast for the next several days until we get cooler air. mid-80s through lehigh. 87 allen town. 87 in philadelphia but back down to 85. 84 wilmington, millville 82. 86 glassboro. if you're along the shore points or delaware beaches on shore
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wind is giving you temperatures in upper 70s. sea isle city. water temperatures in the low 70s. dell ware at 80. atlantic city marina 77. that's the area we are seeing cooler air but all under the same air mass. the same weather pattern's in place for the northeast back off to the west. big area of high pressure. this is giving us sunshine. it's what kept us with pleasant conditions over the past several days. the high's going to block it. none will move up. florida seeing opposite weather of what we're seeing. we'll keep the pattern going. through the next few days, big high meanders around the northeast, keeps us dry. slides offshore friday. that's going to bring winds in from the south. as we go into saturday with south wind note this humidity going up. we should stay mostly dry through the weekend.
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cold front moves through but rain chances very small to where we don't expect anything but cloud cover across the area. once the cold front passes it will get cooler and breezy in time for the eagles game but expect to stay dry. eagles forecast sunday against the cowboys, nice but breezy. winds pick up, tailgating temperature around 73. notice more clouds. kick-off, mid-70s, temperatures around 70. tonight we stay comfortable. 63 for the low in philadelphia. 54 areas north and west. tomorrow, nice day, mid-80s, sunny, warm, low humidity, light wind. looks perfect as we end out the week. friday, the same thing. then we go into your weekend mid-80s, supper 70s sunday. into next week starting in the mid-70 and rain comes back middle of the week. >> police have a message for parents. use your car seat correctly. why they say many families are doing all wrong. a local shelter gets ready
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to chew the ribbon on a new facility. how to will improve the way owners find their next pet.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> news of a car seat recall to pass along. impacts some 173,000 parents, recaro is pull two models made before june 9th, the pro ride and perform 'ride. the top tether of the seats could detach and hurt the child that it's supposed to protect. contact recaro to order a repair kit. nearly 60% of car seats are
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misus misused, according to research from safe kids and vehicle crashes are the leading killer of children. help keep kids safe in your life, certified child passenger safety technicians are offering free car safety checks. event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. allen town. appointments recommended. call 610-402-care. >> there will be a ribbon chewing ceremony. >> that's right. >> dogs and cats will chew the rib on the association's new facility. the campus features rooms where family can spend time with pets they might want to adrop. the animals have large fenced in fields for play time. association wants animals to feel comfortable when here and humans too. >> also the people and volunteers here and the visitors, it's just -- you want a better experience going as a family or individual or couple
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to look for a pet. >> delaware humane association has a large community room. even have birthday parties there and bring in the dogs and cats to play with the kids. >> great idea. >> investigators first told you about condemned property still standing long after declared dangerous. >> the situation hasn't gotten any better. now a new call for someone to lose their job. >> all new on "nbc 10 news at 6:00." >> popular jersey shore landmark is a drone-free zone. >> i think they should fly -- >> what prompted the ban and why some drone owners say it makes sense.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> so after the nbc 10 investigators put a spotlight on philadelphia's dangerous haveva properties, officials took notice calling for one leader to lose thisser his job. the controller tells nbc 10 he wants the mayor to fire the head of licenses and inspects. >> how dangerous properties are affecting neighbors across philadelphia. >> reporter: steve sees two properties every day. >> it's a shame. it's a nice street. it's up and coming and you have stuff like this, no roof, trees
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growing out, broken windows, trash. >> reporter: investigators first told you about these properties in march, not much has changed and the controller says things have gotten worse. >> the buildings had decals indicating they had a notice to be demolished two years previously. >> reporter: the controller says dangerous buildings are one issue. in his latest report he points out ten problems butt including questionable overtime. now calling on mayor nutter to fire williams. >> his job to find a way to get it done, especially notice over two years. instead of getting it done he's interested in making it appear like things are better. >> reporter: mayor nutter says williams is staying put and the controller on a personal crew side against the lni head.
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>> we're not going to get distracted about that narciss t narcissistic personal disorder that seems to compel the need for constant public attention. >> reporter: steve doesn't care who's in charge he wants dangerous buildings on gone. >> you get trash, rode ens and it affects neighbors. >> williams tells us he will not resign. nbc 10 has been track the number of vacant properties in philadelphia. when we reached out earlier this year, there was ait to total of 25,000. since then, overall-number has gone down to 16,000 but the number of unsafe or dangerous properties, look at that number, went up to more than 5,000. >> right now at 5:00, new details how the pope's visit will affect people in philadelphia, suburbs and new jersey.
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we begin in south jersey. it got easier to see the pope. what officials announced today at the gathering in camden. 8500 parking spaces available on the water front for the visit. that will put people closer to the ben franklin bridge and river link ferry. find a link that will allow you on officials are encouraging people to enjoy the historic opportunity. >> don't let the rollouts and confusion and angst discourage you. this is a great event for the region and we want as many people as possible to participate. >> camden count announced patco will sell passes saturday and sunday. warning for people in the philadelphia suburbs with part of the expressway shut down, thousands of cars flooding local
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streets. how can neighbors navigate through the traffic changes? deanna durante live with that story. >> reporter: people who live and work as well as upper marion townships will be getting these letters. they'll list roads that are closed. police are preparing for a lot more come the weekend of the papal visit. >> we want to show our pride as a borough we are behind you 100% and cooperate to make this safe for the visitors coming to our town. this our pledge. >> reporter: that said the borrow will not be home to a papal visit. >> traffic could come to a halt, gridlocked especially special 95, all of the car on 76 east will no longer be on 76 east.
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>> being directed to 476 south. the expectation is viss visitor will be directed. many are going toing attempt to drive into the stay not realizing massive road closures and the fear is they'll drive around here lost. >> signs at every intersection, cosh corner. >> reporter: penndot is allowing the borough to close the middle lane of the bridge. warning residents of drivers that are driving around aimlessly, they want them to call 911 and report that and anything suspicious. >> i hope people will work with us. >> good news for people who live here. they don't have to move their cars auch the street. police say it will be up to property owners who have unauthorized vehicles towed and they've been in touch with businesses in the area. employees shouldn't have a problem getting to work friday.
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but on saturday, they may need extra time. denan durante. >> if you need to get to church when the pope is in town sunday, whether catholic or not, the city will help out. that is the result of a meeting between local religious leaders and members of may nutter's staff. clergy members voiced concern over inaccessibility to churches because of closed roads and detours. 70 churches fall within that secure perimeter. deciding to move sunday's service outside the city to mt. errey. >> to decision 2016. wire forks expected in two hours. the crowd square off for the second debate. trump comes in as the front-runner and focus of the gop race now. some are calling on trump to shift from rally mode and deliver some specifics of his
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presidential flat form. >> they're going to come out in plans. >> i'm a tortoise in the race. i'm a joyful tortoise. >> insiders looking for gop to change his tone and challenge trump during debate. stocks closed up for a second day in a row ahead of tomorrow's decision by the fed on interest rates officials will decide whether to raise interest rates since 2006. the average student is leaving college $33,000 in debt. one local college is making a bold mood to help. the new push to solve one of the most high profile furd cases ever in burkes county.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> the man accused of killing
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nine people at a historic black south carolina church is willing to plead guilty for a life sentence and not the death penalty. that's what his defense attorney said this morning. at the same hearing, media organizations challenged the judge's gag order in the case. the judge did not make a ruling in court today. there is a new push to solve one of the most high profile murder cases ever in burkes county. seven years ago someone killed gary redner in his community. the body found near his home outside redding in march 2008. to help keep the case from going cold, one of his friends is pledging an additional $10,000 to a growing reward fund, to find the killer. >> i want to bring closure to my friend's widow and family. i wish you are here, but god willing we are working hard to solve this. >> $125,000, that's a lot of
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money. someone to be able to hold this under their hat if they know something, it's amazing to me. >> police are asking anyone with information to contact them right away. we are still warm and dry, very nice weather. but changes coming in for part of your weekend. i'll show you when the cool air will come back in and how cool it will be, too, next.
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this is nbc 10 news. cost of higher education and be overwhelming, according to advisers. 70% of students borrow money to go to college and take on an average of $33,000 in student loans. one local college is making a bold move to help students and families. rose month announcing it's cutting tuition for the 2016 to 2017 school year. right now division almost $33,000 but that will be cut to $18,500. that's a 43% drop. room and board also will be cut. >> it's going to save a lot, i feel like. but i feel like it's going to take away from the financial aid as well. >> it's great rosemont's the first school to be making this steph. i'm hoping more schools follow in their footsteps with us.
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>> according to a report by bloomberg, since 1978 college tuition and fees increased by 1,220%. during that same period the price of medical expenses jumped 600% and food costs went up 244%. new jersey's battle to legalize sports betting is inching back into the courtroom. two judges have removed themselves from the case. this comes one day after the four major sports leagues and ncaa were ordered to respond to new jersey's request to have the case reheard. according to legal experts, today's developments could be a sign the case could head back to court. nevada's the only state that allows betting on individual games at casinos and racetracks. 17 years since jeremiah trotter's rookie season in the nfl. tonight preparing to make a different debut.
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trotter -- >> could have been a sister or mama. >> trotter has a starring role in "the north star" based on the story of two escaped slaves who made their way to bucks county. trotter is a former eagles linebacker who spent 12 seasons in the nfl. tomorrow he'll walk the carpet of the premiere. it was as a surprise to discover he has a hidden talent. >> i didn't know i had it either. as soon as i read the script, i fell in love with it. >> the north star shot several years ago. writer, director, produce is a doyles town native. the red carpet premier is happening tomorrow night at kimmel center in center city philadelphia at 5:30 and 8:00 p.m. check out our website
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or the nbc 10 app. a game eagles fans circle every year, the birds take on the dallas cowboy. the matchup means facing off against his former team. >> joining us live with more on that. excitement already building. >> yeah, it's sunday birds and boys lincoln financial 4:00 start and adding fuel to an already raging e ining inferno. murray led the season for dallas. you might think extra motivation playing his old team. think again. >> a game, we too, i'll be doing the sam thing leading up the weeks. going to do what we do, run our plays and go from there. >> cowboys week. more from demarco murray.
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a health check with zack irks. >> the link, looks empty now. a live look from our eagles nest. nbc 10, official eagles station for coverage before and after the game. exclusive interviews with players and coach chip kelly. let's go to citizens bank park. if you watch the phils play the nats pick up the card of a new rookie, pope francis. rookie card includes stats on the back. available first or third base kiosk. while there you can pick up information on the pope's visit to the area. >> now nbc 10 first alert weather with metrologist sheena parveen. >> another beautiful day in this nice weather pattern, is going
5:49 pm
to continue through the week and weekend. live look at pocono. beautiful as the sun is about to set. clear skies, so we're under the same warm and dry weather pattern. warmer today than yesterday. yesterday warmer than the day before. we'll keep this going into the weekend to the eagles opener but we are going to see changes for sunday game. big sunday game. fall chill returns back into the forecast. cooler as we go into next week. now 87 in allen town. 84 redding. mid-80s west clefter. 85 in philadelphia. everyone is under these warm and dry conditions. average high 78. today we're above that. we got to 87 so far. but as you can see, warming trend has continued with today. goes through tomorrow and friday, even into saturday but changes will be lowering
5:50 pm
temperatures as we go into sunday. big area of high pressure. this is giving us the really nice weather all week long and it's been helping to warm us up, too. it is going to keep us dry. another thing is keep us with the air quality alert. tomorrow, air quality alert for philadelphia, suburbs north and west, delaware, unhealthy ozone levels exist in these areas. elderly, children, limit your time outdoors. we'll keep this pattern in place through friday, saturday, then offshore. sunday a cold front will move through. we'll see more cloud cover. another thing it will cool us down. if you're tailgating temperature around 73. breezy. kick-off mid-70s. fourth quarter 70, clear sky. tonight clear sky, temperature
5:51 pm
63. he lie temperatures around the mid-50s. areas like dover, wilmington, 60. comfortable with the light winds. another comfortable day tomorrow, low humidity, sunny, warm, temperatures in the mid-80s weep stay in the mid-80s. same weather pattern holds on until the weekend. then dropping into the upper 70s sunday. monday and tuesday, mid-70s. rain coming back into the forecast by the middle of the week. fall starts next wednesday. he doesn't have a name but he is cute. new video of the baby giant panda at smithsonian national zoo. weighs 2 pounds, is growing well. the cub spends most of his time with mama. some important pieces of american history back where they belong. >> the long journey to restore
5:52 pm
ellis island after from hurricane sandy.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> homeowners affected by superstorm sandy have extra time to have flood insurance claims reviewed, an extra 30 days. extension comes after
5:55 pm
accusations of widespread underpayments. fema says more than 20,000 homeowners asked for reviews. 459 claims worth more than $7 million have been approved. >> talking nearly three years after sandy roared through new york harbor and ellis island marked a significant moment. >> reinstalling 2,000 display artifacts began. >> immigrant child's shoe, delicately placed marks the first step in making ellis island whole again. tourists couple find lit tle of what immigrants brought here. >> it's a shame. >> heating, cooling, and humid control systems are ready for workers to put items like this wheelchair back on display, after spending all of this time in a maryland warehouse. >> nerve-racking, trying to jockey things in tight places. >> reporter: for six weeks after
5:56 pm
sandy, items like this girl's embroidered coat sat in display cases with no control and up and down humidity levels. yet, rangers believe they moved them to maryland just in time in. >> too quick sr anything to happen. >> during two years cigaret s v looking at pictures. signs warning them the museum was but a shell of itself. >> i'm reading it and taking a look at it. >> this museum's most passionate advocate the return is overdued. >> depressed thinking there's so much to go through, get this dobut it gone done. the system will be higher and drier next storm. this is a work in progress. last exhibits to installed here in the treasuries from home gallery but don't expect their
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return until the owned of theier. brian thompson, nbc 10 news. next at 6:00, can verizon and at&t handle a people on their phones during the pope's visit. will your phones will work. fall temperatures return. this weekend, cooling down. police believe a local college student killed herself. new details show that is not the case. latest developments next at 6:00.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now, 6:00. capturing history in philadelphia on your cell phone. but will phones work? a million people packing the parkway, millions more watching on tv and social media. today we wanted answers. >> is my cell phone going to work. >> you're going to have a good experience. can i guarantee it's going to work 100% of the time? i can't say that. >> good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. can you count on your cell phone working during the visit? that's the question we took directly to cell phone companies. lauren mayk answered our call to get answers.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: they have built a new network here. they've sort of broken up a cell site from logan square all the way up here to the art museum hear. they have put antennas along the way. this network is going to be permits but they rushed to get it done for the pope. >> reporter: by the time the pope arrives on the parkway there could be a million here, not just people, but cell phones. how daunting of a crowd is this? >> it's a real challenge. >> reporter: verizon is among the carriers launching new in a innai ininfrastructure along the parkway. is my cell phone going to work? >> you're going to have a good experience. can i guarantee it 100% of the time i can't say that. >> reporter: he and other representatives hope in is will park. >> this is one of 37


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