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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  September 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news a home invasion in northeast philadelphia, police say the intruders forced a woman to the ground and ransacked the place while two kids inside were sleeping. pope francis will be in philadelphia one week from tomorrow. that means getting around in center city is already getting tougher. we'll show you the road blocks in place and how officials will focus on security today. we have another nice warm day on tap before the humidity returns tomorrow. a cooler change is on the way. the timing of that coming up in your first alert forecast. it's 4:30. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. congratulations you made it to friday. we got nice weather again too. let's get your forecast now with meteorologist brittney shipp. we're off to another good start today. >> right. lots of sunshine expected for us. of it it's a cooler start, temperatures between the 40s and
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50s now. heading into the afternoon we'll warm above average so in the final days of summer it's still going to feel like summer. philadelphia, 64 degrees. the air is calm, our humidity is up to about 90%. we're going to see humidity increasing and you'll notice the difference by tomorrow. satellite/radar shows high pressure is still in control. it's been in control for some time so really nice work week. definitely above average and that is going to continue today and tomorrow. as we head into sunday things will change. your city planner shows by 6:00 a.m., 64 degrees, 9:00, by noon 81. today's high closer to 86 degrees and our average is 78. we're staying well above that. i'm tracking warm and dry conditions. the humidity going up and i'm tracking cooler conditions as we get closer to sunday and the eagles game. i'll let you know what to expect coming up. we want to check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're doing a jersey check
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where we have decent drive times still on 13 minutes here on 295, at the black horse pike, that work zone right now doesn't appear to be active. we still have the same lane restrictions. doesn't seem there's crew there. southbound from 38 up to this point of the black horse pike, currently no problem. out on the 42 freeway in jersey you can see everything is green moving along, a five-minute drive into the city, right now from 55 up toward the walt whitman bridge. the bridges are okay. the walt, the ben, tacony palmyra right now, they are fine and ended on a good note with mass transit. no problems or delays. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. police say robbers terrorized a woman and her children after breaking into a home in northeast philadelphia early this morning. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene on shipley street. what are police telling you about this crime? >> reporter: first off, the mother and her kids are okay, they were not hurt in this.
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that is the home behind me here where all of this the happened. we're in the 2800 block of shipley street. three masked men broke into the basement door of this home just after 1:00 this morning. 33-year-old mother was in her upstairs bedroom at the time. she heard the break-in and saw the men. they ransacked the house, tied up the family dog in the basement and stole at least $800 in cash. >> at least one of them had a gun, put a gun to her head. forced her onto the kitchen floor. then put a towel over her head. the male said do not look at us or we will shoot you. >> reporter: while all of this was going on the women ees 2-year-old and 10-year-old were up in separate bedrooms sleeping. they fortunately slept through the whole thing. no one was hurt in this. back out live, philadelphia police had been out here at the scene. they have since left but detectives are going to go over
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all of the evidence. the description, three men, all wearing dark clothing and wearing masks and at least one of them had a gun. if you know anything about this you are urged to call police. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> if you have driven close to the ben franklin parkway you know preparations for the pope's visit are in full swing. katy zachry is live in center city to explain. >> reporter: the inner drive of the ben franklin parkway between aikens owe valley here to 20th street that is closed off to traffic. and it will not reopen until tuesday after the papal visit. the outer lanes of the parkway remain open but also shut down closer to next weekend. also on the parkway you'll see stage construction under way and you will not be able to miss the several thousand portable bathrooms. we learned more than 3,000
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port-a-potties have been brought in. we're told they will be about one for every 250 people. and they will be cleaned several times a day. something else you can expect to be happening later today is an important security meeting between the secretary of homeland security and mayor michael nutter and other organizers of the world meeting of families and the papal visit. we'll preview the security meeting coming up in the next half hour. we'll tell you what security officials are most concerned about going into next week and next weekend. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> all hands on deck how paramedics will be functioning. every paid and volunteer staffer will be on duty but spread out, some will be inside the seminary where the pope will be staying, some in center city in ems tents where physicians, nurses and paramedics will field people to see if they need to be hospitalized or not. get ready for the papal visit,
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find a list of road closures, mass transit changes along with the pope's schedule if you want a glimpse and a list of things you are not allowed to take to the parkway if you plan to go to any events there. >> philadelphia's 311 information center will reopen today, a day after someone found a bed bug there. it was just one bed bug and it was dead. but the city closed the office and did a complete search of the call center. the exterminator did not find an infestation. the city, though, sent employees out of the office but they still took 311 questions through e-mail and social media. they will be back open today. by the way, they had to fumigate the place. the price of that for one bed bug, $2500. scores of migrants remain stranded in europe. >> what they need to travel on to their new life. we'll update the death toll from the earthquake that rocked chile and give you a look at the damage. >> later, center city puts on
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the ritz to welcome a big star. what richard gere was doing on the red carpet.
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good morning. another round of heat for us as we head into the afternoon. temperatures pushing into mid-80s well above our average with this closer to 78 degrees for this time of year follows around the corner, and it's going to start to feel like fall. our current temperatures now at 50 degrees in the poconos, 55 allentown, mid-50s in pottstown. 64 in philadelphia. low 60s in wilmington. 55 at the atlantic city airport. 59 in wildwood and 65 in millville. satellite/radar shot shows quiet conditions. not a lot happening. we'll see lots of sunshine today, we'll stay dry, no weather disturbances even in the northeast or off to the west of us. high pressure is in control. that's going to help us stay warm once again today and then
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again tomorrow. so 86 degrees today and then 86 heading into saturday but by sunday i am tracking changes. let's go over the highs today. 78 in the poconos, 85 allentown, 80 in wildwood. and temperatures in atlantic city will reach a high of 83 degrees. so there's the range between 84 and 87 sunny and warm, winds out of the stout west 5 to 10 miles per hour so we'll start to get more humidity moving in as we head into the rest of today and by tomorrow you'll feel the difference. i'm tracking cooler more comfortable conditions for the eagles game. sounds good. should be good football weather sunday. let's see how your morning ride is shaping up. >> including 95. jessica boyington is watching that. what are you seeing? >> we have ongoing construction on 95 on the northbound side to the ramp to the blue route. so you can actually see we do have lane restrictions into the right-hand shoulder, right next lane over and traffic moving by
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nicely right now. so we'll keep an eye on this for you for the rest of the morning. as for the p.a. turnpike, no problems. we see the cars are green and moving, 23 minutes a it the most eastbound from valley forge to route 1, westbound doing just as well. and already watching out for pope closures, katy also reporting on this with the ben franklin parkway inner lanes closed both directions, that's going to be until tuesday, september 29. >> the clock is ticks on capitol hill. >> lawmakers have less than two weeks to pass a spending bill or we could face a government shutdown. we'll tell you the potential deal breakers that could stand in the way. >> a new way to get scores and stats in the nfl. a look at a new sports app next.
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>> >> croation authorities closed
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all border crossings with serbia except one trying to cope with the thousands entering the country. meantime, hundreds of people seeking asylum remain stranded in eastern croatia and slovenia. >> more than one million people have left their homes in chile. we know 12 died in the massive earthquake wednesday night. the 8.3 quake prompted tsunami advisories in california and hawaii. those are over by now. chilean leaders say the death toll could rise when crews gain access to the areas hardest hit by the quake. >> a friend of suspect dylann roof is under arrest, so far authorities have not disclosed the specific charges against joseph meek. he was friends with roof t man charged with shooting and killing nine people at a church in june. meek received a letter this month saying he was under
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investigation for knowing about a crime before or after it was committed but failing to report it. a kentucky trooper killed in the line of duty will be laid to res. funeral services for joseph ponder killed after a chase sunday night. he was conducting a traffic stop when the suspect fired into the trooper's car. the suspect was shot and killed after a stand-off. >> congressional leaders working to avoid another government shutdown. leaders from both parties have until october 1 to avoid a partial shutdown. some republicans are demanding any stop-gap spending measure block federal funding for planned parenthood. we heard this in the republican debate. the white house says threats of a shutdown are quote a game of chicken with our economy that we cannot accept. >> now to decision 2016 and this weekend six candidates head to michigan for michigan republican party biennial leadership conference. yesterday fresh off the debate all eyes on duelling town halls in new hampshire featuring the
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front-runners, democrat hillary clinton stumped at the same time as republican donald trump. trum am took questions at a town hall meeting in rochester. >> one of the things i'm doing that really has gotten a lot of praise i'm self funding. i'm not getting hundreds of millions of dollars. >> questions were raised about immigration, trump's competitors and building the economy. hillary clinton had her own opinion about the nation's nurture. >> i say this without meaning to be either partisan or personal, but the economy does better when a democrat's in the white house. that is just a fact. >> clinton got applause as she laid out her policies. >> back to wednesday night's debate on cnn, the numbers are in. nearly 23 million people tuned in, that is fewer than the first debate that aired on fox in august but the largest audience in cnn's 35-year history.
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decision 2016 obviously means big bucks for tv ads. at this point spending far outpaces the levels of four years ago. at this point in the 2012 election more than $2 million had been spent in the race. this year nearly $20 million, not even close, has gone toward tv ads. this week more than $3 million getting your attention on tv. 81% of that spending is coming from super pacs or outside groups versus 19% from the campaigns themselves. >> montgomery county detectives served the attorney general kathleen kane new warrants. it's not clear why they searched the office, this after montgomery county d.a. charged kane with leaking grand jury information and lying about it. kane insists she is innocent. 4:47 now. the eagles of course are gearing up for air all-important matchup with the hate it dallas cowboys.
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on hund this was a live look outside from the camera at the wells fargo center. nbc 10 is your official television station for the philadelphia eagles. you can join us before and after the game for exclusive coverage. watch game day kickoff sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. you'll hear from tight end zach ertz and eagles famous fan carli lloyd. and eagles came day final, exclusive interviews and highlights from the locker room. hopefully after an eagles victory. >> a new way to get up to themond scores and stats about the eagles or any nfl team. >> and baseball too. 2015 eagles hall of fame inductee brian wes brook. comcast reengineered the app to give fans more specifics on their tv via the platform. before the game check out player
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and team comparisons and injure reports, then during the game keep track of in-game drive stats or even for players on your fantasy team. >> you want everything at their tinger tips. i do and everybody does. this app gives you all of the information that you need right at your finger tips. you don't have to move, it's easy and i don't have to pay more for it. i think you have the best of all the worlds there. >> comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. happening told, can you believe this, it's already time for the flyers to get ready to return to the ice for training camp, getting under way in voorhees camden county. players will be on the ice for practice at 9:45 a.m. and 1 clock p.m. those sessions are open to the public and free of charge. good morning. lots of sunshine expected for us once again. plus above average temperatures. i'm tracking more humidity and
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then cooler weather in store for us in time for the eagles game on sunday. right now a live look outside. 64 degrees. clear skies, though, humidity at 90% and across the region we're at 65 degrees in pottstown, so cooler than the city. same thing in georgetown. 59 but under clear skies. that's going to give way to plenty of sunshine for us today. current temperatures at 50 degrees in the poconos, 60 in reading, 55 in atlantic city. 69 in wildwood and 64 in dover. satellite/radar shot shows quiet conditions for us, high pressure in control over our region. widen out the picture you can see high pressure is keeping everything nice and dry and clear that includes the northeast, the carolinas, we are seeing a little bit of a weather disturbance up closer to the midwest closer to chicago and also parts of michigan. but here is the area of high pressure as it continues to shift offshore. the clockwise rotation that helps pull up a little more
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moisture. more humidity for us and that's going to kick off the weekend. but not to worry as we head into sunday we have a cold front move through. and that's going to bring cooler more breezy conditions and that's just in time for the the eagles game. that's going to be nice for everyone planning to head to the game. things are going to be cooler so you shouldn't be sweating. the eagles taking on the cowboys on sunday, kickoff expect 77 degrees, by the fourth quarter down to 72, that is perfect football weather. highs around the region at 86 in philadelphia, 83 in atlantic city and 80 degrees in wildwood. seven-day forecast shows we stay warm as we head into saturday. take a look at sunday, 77 and breezy, temperatures drop a bit. then we stay in the 70s which is around average, perfect temperatures as we welcome in fall next wednesday. >> welcome in fall. love. 9 minutes before 5:00. check your ride to work see if you love it. let's waf 422. >> hopefully things are smooth. jessica boyington has that. >> if you're heading out the
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door now you may love it because we're okay still. we're not in the middle of rush hour. lanes open, pretty much all majors. we're dealing with some construction in some spots, right on 422, though, we're in the clear. trooper road, eight minutes. up to the schuylkill expressway, and the eastbound lanes are in here you can see not even a car in sight so headed to the schuylkill expressway from 422 no problems there. as for 202, all green, same story here. 11 minutes a it the most millibar from 30 to the schuylkill expressway. when i come back in the next 10 minutes we'll do a check on mass transit. >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning, a terrifying night for a mother in northeast philadelphia. three men broke into her home while she and her children were asleep. we'll update the investigation, tell you what the men were after in a live report. up next, a hollywood style premier in philadelphia. it's for a film starring richard gere. how he is trying to give a greater voice to the homeless.
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>> am i homeless? i'm homeless. we don't exist. >> this is part of the film "time out of mind" starring richard gere. he wants to raise awareness about homelessness. he walked the red carpet with comcast senior executive vice president. this was for a private screening of that film. gere plays a homeless man trying to make his way on the streets of new york. jock 0 lin london moderated a panel. a meeting of the minds this hopefully create solutions. >> i was invisible in new york because i was this character, people decided within two blocks of seeing me i was a homeless guy and didn't look further. it was confusing and profound. >> the human disconnect is such a devastating experience as well
4:56 am
as the physical disconnect of what happens without a home. >> you can watch that film beginning next friday at the ritz 5 in old city. >> while the papal events are rain or shine, there are contingency plans for severe weather. taking a live look at the ben franklin parkway, the national weather service will provide monitoring to the city's emergency operations center where officials will broadcast discussions on video boards lining the parkway and sent alerts via text messages. officials would direct people to nearby parking garagings. the city has experience in evacuating the parkway. remember officials during a torrential thunderstorm at the made in america festival last year. >> dozens of pieces of papal history have arrived in philadelphia. nbc 10 at the franklin institute an exhibit called vatican splendor opens. it has more than 200 objects
4:57 am
from the vatican, many have never been seen outside of italy. the exhibit runs through mid february. >> a keystone mint in delaware county is showing off the official commemorative pope francis medallion. they created these bronze coins to celebrate the world meeting of families and the visit. delaware county is proud to have played a part in this. >> it's amazing when you think about it that when someone goes on the world meeting with families website or go down to the parkway next weekend and buy one of these coins they are going to buy it from someone, made in delaware county. >> those medallions are selling for $50 on the world meeting of families website. >> a new extension of the penny pack trail will open. it's at 2:00 this afternoon. runners, walkers and buicyclist
4:58 am
will enjoy extra miles. >> did you remember that the spooky season is almost here. the haunted house opens today terror behind the walls. final preparations yesterday for the 25th year of this. proceeds support the prison's year-round museum. it's always -- that's too scary for me. but you should go and enjoy it. be terrified out of your mind. >> in atlantic city, the facility they say is the largest hotel conference facility between baltimore and boston. another way that atlantic city is trying to remake its image and how it draws visitors to the area. >> you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> nbc 10 breaking news. >> that is a home invasion in northeast philadelphia. police tell us a woman was
4:59 am
inside with her two children when three men broke in. we'll tell you what they were after. we're live at the scene. >> protecting the pope. the secretary of homeland security willble in philadelphia today to check on security as we head into the home stretch. >> heading into the work week, it's a nice end to it here. but we always use that three-letter word. changes are on the way. we'll tell you if we stay warm and dry and if it will be dry for the eagles game on sunday. >> good thing is we're talking about the weekend because it is friday. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. 64 degrees, just about 5:00 a.m. let's begin with meteorologist brittney shipp. talk about the weekend. first get us through friday. >> that's right. what's the 3-letter word? >> but. but. >> i'm awake now. current temperatures at 50 in the poconos, 5 think in pottstown, 64 right now in
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philadelphia and 60 degrees in wilmington. along the shore in the 50s so it's a cool start to the morning in most locations the exception is philadelphia and wilmington in the 60s. one other thing we want to point out the air quality alert today. adversely going to affect our entire area with the exception of a few counties. we haven't seen rain so stagnant conditions build up. so if you suffer from respiratory illness be careful and also sensitive groups like children, people with lung disease, the elderly, try to limit your outdoor exposure and outdoor activity at least for today. we should see by sunday some cooler air moving in. that should help us out as well. satellite/radar shot shows quiet conditions, high pressure is still in control so what that means we'll stay dry. you can see lots of sunshine here for us by 10:00 a.m., 75 degrees, 1:00, 83. the high closer to 86 degrees, well above our average of


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