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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  September 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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see you in philadelphia. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, a special message from pope francis, with less than a week before his historic visit, the holy father is reaching out to residents in the philadelphia region. the eagles take on the c cowboys, and we'll preview the action at lincoln field. the humidity makes it feel like summer, but fall is right around the corner, next in the
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first alert forecast, the changes you will notice starting today. good morning. this is nbc "nbc10 news today." brittney shipp is keeping an eye on the conditions out there. >> we are seeing a little patchy fog, and temperatures will drop today staying in the 70s versus yesterday in the 80s. we are ushering the fall-like weather in the final days of summer. in the poconos, 77. we are at 65 in atlantic city. visibility is down to five miles in cape may, and then down to two miles in millville and four miles in mount holly. temperature will range between 74 and 77, cooler, becoming more
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sunny once the cold front moves through. and the rest of your workweek is coming up. with less than a week to go, excitement is growing for the pope's visit to philadelphia next weekend. pope francis is getting excited about his visit here as well, and the world of families released his message to the city. >> i look forward to greeting the bill grimes and the people of philadelphia when i come for the world meeting for families. i will be there, because you will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> here is the response from philadelphia archbishop, what a waout full and humbling message to receive from the holy father and i hope that all who hear his words will allow them to touch their hearts and be compelled to join in the moment of grace, love and community. simply put, this moment will not
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come again. this morning pope francis is preparing to celebrate mass in cuba and that's going to happen in havana's main square, and he will meet with raul castro and possibly have lunch with fidel castro. the relations between the u.s. and cuba has given him home. and then francis will meet with president obama at the white house on wednesday and will address a joint meeting of congress on thursday and then he's off to new york city, and will arrive at jfk on thursday night. on friday, the pope visits the un, parades through central park. saturday morning, pope francis arrives here in philadelphia, and he'll celebrate mass at the
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basilica. and then he will celebrate mass on the ben franklin parkway to conclude the world meeting of families and then heads back to rome. a very busy week for the pope. this is where a large portion san francisco closed this week from logan square to akeupbz oval. today you won't just have to worry about where you are driving, you will also need to be concerned about where you park as it relates to the pope's arrival. nbc 10's jesse gary is live about exceptions to the rule. >> reporter: on a normal day finding a space on this area is akin to finding a needle in a
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hay stack. read it and weep, so to speak. it will be more challenging to find vehicles, and this is the first security zone where security will start to be enforced at 6:00. the exceptions to the temporary rule are people who purchased exemption placards. this is all part of beefed up security for the world meeting of families and the arrival of pope francis. >> all of this security is a major thing. this is the closest person to god. you have to protect this man. just like presidents obama and other dignitaries, but this is like a higher level. >> reporter: if you can't park here, where can you park?
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we'll have that information for you in 30 minutes. >> thank you, jesse. if you are still looking for a way to get around the city while pope francis is here if you don't want to drive, you can't really drive, septa will be selling one-day passes, and they cost $10 and will available during the papal visit. coming up, a closer look at the big job under way to build the stage where the pope will speak and what it will take to build that stage. in other news this morning, investigators call it a disturbing discovery, a man, his wife and two dogs were all found dead inside their house on greens word road in bucks county. police are investigating and they say it looks like a murder suicide. officers got a call from a family friend that said she had not spoke to the couple in a few
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days, and police first found the dog and the couple both in their 50s, shot to death. still no arrests this morning following a deadly shooting in the frankford neighborhood. police are searching for the killer who shot a man multiple time while he was getting out of his car. it's unclear what prompted the shooting. let's look at the cell phone video of detectives evacuating a theuft store after two grenades were found in a bag of clothes. investigators determined the grenades were hollow with no explosives inside. dozens of fans caught revved up for the eagles' home opener yesterday. it was a thing to help them get
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mentally prepared for this afternoon's division meeting with the cowboys. they kick off today at 4:25, and nbc 10 is your official television station for the philadelphia eagles so be sure to join us before and after the game for exclusive can you have repblg. you can watch game day kick off, and you will hear from one soccer star, carly lloyd. donald trump surged past his republican polls, but his latest controversy has some wondering if the bubble is about to burst. some say this time he should be concerned about huz critics.
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>> the good news for drivers hrfr the break. i am tracking cooler weather, and we also get rid of our humidity today, and i will go overt details on what you can expect for the second half of your weekend.
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good morning. we're going to start a few changes as we head into the second half of your weekend, the cooldown is here and yesterday temperatures at 84 degrees now as we go into today, we'll drop down to 77, which is closer to average which will feel like fall out there. 67 in pottstown, and 64 degrees in allentown, and we're at 67 in the poconos, and 65 at the atlantic city airport, and seeing a little patchy fog, and closer to south jersey, so atlantic city.
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just be careful driving, especially in atlantic city. the city planner shows us temperatures are going to stay in the 70s today. by 10:00 a.m., 71 degrees, and lots of sunshine and it's going to set us up for beautiful conditions if you plan on heading out to tailgate. our temperatures will range between 74 and 77 degrees today, cooler and becoming a little more sunny towards the afternoon, and i'll have more details on how long the temperatures will last and that's coming up in my full forecast. you will not be able to drive a portion of the pennsylvania turnpike's northeast extension due to roadwork, an 11-mile stretch is shut down in both directions between the mid county and hrapbz dale exits. crews are removing beams, and they started today's work at midnight and wraps up in less than 30 minutes. now is the time to gas up
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for an end of summer road trip. gasoline prices continue to come down. as usual, the cheapest prices are in the garden state. our cameras found several gas stations minutes from philadelphia charging less than $2 for a gallon of regular. and in camden, one selling gas for under a buck, can't beat it. and then in the philadelphia region, regular is $2.37. a gallon. next, a burning yacht sinks to the bottom of the bay in texas. it happened in less than an hour. coming up, how the boaters onboard survived and made it to safety.
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onboard survived and made it to take a look at the video of a yacht that caught fire on the water near galveston, texas.
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three adults and a 6-year-old boy were onboard when it bursts into flames, and luckily another boat was passing by and rescued them. the fire started in the engine, and the coast guard is continuing to investigate the incident. we have new video of the man police say terrorized drivers in phoenix in a series of freeway shootings. at a bail hearing yesterday he told the judge that he is the wrong guy, and nonetheless the judge set bail at $1 million. s.w.a.t. team members arrested him at a walmart on friday night, and tracked him down after tests that he pawned was used. homes in drought-stricken california has been destroyed, and the largest fire is still
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threatening another 64 structures, and we're talking about businesses and houses, and five people have lost their lives in both fires that are burning in california. hollywood glamor and racy romance, and those were specialties of jackie collins who died yesterday. jackie was born in london and had an early acting career there before turning to writing, and some countries banned her first novel because of its sexual subject matter. the family says jackie collins died of breast cancer and was 77 years old. now to decision 2016. donald trump waited two days to do it but finally spoke publicly about his latest controversy in the campaign. in iowa yesterday, the republican presidential frontrunner defended his
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decision not to correct a supporter who incorrectly stated that president obama is muslim and not an american. >> it was the biggest story, and i even beat out the pope -- the only time i will ever beat up the pope. they wanted me to speak up in favor of the president. do you think he will speak up for me? i don't think so. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist, brittney shipp. >> good morning. we are gearing up for changes as we head into the second half of your weekend. expect temperatures today to drop down into the 70s versus yesterday's high, and we are cooling things down, and it's going to start to feel like fall, and we're watching patchy fog this morning and this is
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closer to atlantic city, and then we'll have your eagle's forecast on tap for you. and humidity up to 94% and that's going to be changing as we get the cold front through, and we will see breezy conditions as we head into the rest of the afternoon. current temperatures at 64 degrees in allentown and 67 in pottstown, and 68 in westchester, and 65 currently at the atlantic city airport and temperatures in dover at 68. a closer look at what we expect, and our average is 77, and yesterday we were around 84 degrees with high humidity, and now we go into the rest of today, and our temperatures will drop down closer to 77. we're watching the cold front here, and you can see it lined with all the rainfall, and that rain is associated with the cold front, and we are mainly seeing air moving in here, and that
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cold front is going to slide by, and we see the wind speeds coming in from the north, and that's cool air moving in for us and that will drop temperatures and breezy conditions expected as we go in for the rest of the day. you will notice the cooler air is going to be around, so that's going to make it feel more comfortable out, and maybe yesterday was a little too warm. and that wind direction once the front moves through coming from the north, and these are wind gusts gusting up to 25 miles per hour head into the afternoon and lasting even until monday. for your eagle's forecast, which the game starts atting 4:25, perfect football weather, and lots of sunshine and lower humidity and a little breezy out there, but i don't think anybody is going to complain. highs around the region today will push into the high 70s, and by tomorrow we're in the mid-70s, so things will continue to cool down. head into tonight, cloudy and
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patchy fog, and then sunny and cooler for today, and temperatures ranging between 74 and 77. your 7-day forecast shows we are going to see conditions staying on the cooler side. still ahead, controversy over an upcoming bear hunt, and some are calling the prosts politically incorrect. why it's a racially charged debate. the eagles are getting ready to clash with the cowboys at the linc this afternoon. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north
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i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. eagles and cowboys, can't wait for today. the birds really need a win because they do not want to start 0-2 in the ofc.
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and here they are arriving in philly yesterday afternoon. and the birds are going to be coming full of emotion off that season opening loss in atlanta, and you have to throw in that cowboys rivalry. >> it should not the take much to get hyped for the game. everybody and their mama wish they could trade places with us right now so they could play in this game. >> join us on nbc 10. before and after the game you can watch coverage. if donald trump can be president, the temple owls can be ranked, right? the owls had a heck of a win yesterday. they are kicking the extra point but it's blocked. and that is huge, because that's two points for temple, so they
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are within one now, and that clears the way for this, a 32-yard field goal by austin jones. it's gone. temple wins, 3-0 for the first time in five years. and then over 3,000 in happy valley last night. and they are missing their suspended head coach. this is lynch, 75 yards for the touchdown. penn state with over 320 yards rushing. and penn state wins 28-3. villanova hosting delaware. robertson leaves the game with a knee injury. he could miss some time. nova is down in the game. red shirt freshman does his best robertson impression and brings them back with two touchdowns,
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and nova wins 28-21. and then game of the week on thursday, you have south philly versus central, and bartram versus gratz. we have day two of flyers' training camp. the practices have been very intense with a new head coach, dave heck stall. and they believe the flyers will be back in the playoffs this season. >> i have a lot of faith in ron who has a lot of faith in ron, and frankly i many a thinking we are looking at big things and going to be a playoff team this year. >> good to hear. and seven scoreless innings, so nice job out of him. and then freddy freeman, oh, no.
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he cannot make the catch. that's a tough one. two runs score right there, and phillies lose to atlanta, 2-1. eagles and cowboys today, can you see a full wrap-up after sunday night football on eagle's game day final. if you would allow us for a moment, we would like to take a bough after nbc 10 won local emmy awards last night. nbc 10 took home statuettes in three categories. congratulations to all the nominees and winners. coming up in about 12 hours, the tow trucks will be out in philadelphia getting ready to remove your car if it's in a secure zone ahead of the papal visit. jesse gary is live in fairmount. >> reporter: rosemary, the signs
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say it's moving day, not for people but for their vehicles. we'll have the story right after the break. i am tracking cooler weather today. that's coming up after the break.
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see you in philadelphia. >> right now on nbc "nbc10 news today," pope francis is reaching out and encouraging everybody to join him here next weekend and you will hear his special message coming up. the boys are back in town. you will hear from the eagles as they get ready for their showdown with dallas at the lynn bg. it's 6:00 on this sunday. let's get to the forecast with first alert meteorologist, brittney shipp. we'll take a dip in the temperatures, right? >> yeah, we will stay in the high 70s, closer to our average. it's hard to beat combinations like this, the combination of sunshine and lower temperatures and low humidity, and


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