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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  September 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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see you in philadelphia. >> right now on nbc "nbc10 news today," pope francis is reaching out and encouraging everybody to join him here next weekend and you will hear his special message coming up. the boys are back in town. you will hear from the eagles as they get ready for their showdown with dallas at the lynn bg. it's 6:00 on this sunday. let's get to the forecast with first alert meteorologist, brittney shipp. we'll take a dip in the temperatures, right? >> yeah, we will stay in the high 70s, closer to our average. it's hard to beat combinations like this, the combination of sunshine and lower temperatures and low humidity, and it will be
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a little breezy so a bit of a mixed bag. we'll take a look at cape may. you want to be careful driving in those areas this morning until the patchy fog clears up. right now the temperatures in philadelphia, 72 degrees and wind speeds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour, and our humidity at 84%, and a closer look at your sunday forecast, 74 to 77 will be our range today. we will see a few more clouds and things will become sunny and our temperatures will drop one more time and we'll let you know what to expect as you head back to work tomorrow. we are just six days away from the pope's arrival in philadelphia. the holy father is getting excited about his visit here next weekend, and the world meeting of families released his message to the city just last night. >> i look forward to greeting
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the pilgrims and people of philadelphia when i come for the world meeting of families. i will be there because you will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> the pope has a few stops to make before he gets here. today he has a very full schedule in cuba. he will celebrate mass in havana's main square, and then will meet with raul castro and possibly have lunch with fidel castro. he spoke about the renewed relations between the u.s. and cuba. >> finally, you have already seen it, cuba will open to the world and the world will open to cuba. >> the pope called on the u.s. and cuba to continue down the
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path for the, quote, example of reconciliation for the whole world. he heads to washington and new york city and finally philadelphia next weekend. today the philadelphia parking authority will begin towing cars in preparation for the papal visit. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in fairmount. tell us about the parking restrictions that begin today. >> reporter: signs like this one have been up for several days warning residents who live in the area the convenience of modern life here in philadelphia will take a hit, and that starts this evening at 6:00. this is the first security zone where parking restrictions will start to be enforced, and area vehicles must move out of the area, and the city had several garages where you can park for free or there's free parking down by the sports complex, but the first phase of the mass migration of vehicles starts today. >> such a mess of undertaking,
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and i guess they have to start as soon as they possibly can and get everybody ready to go. >> exceptions to the temporary rules are people that purchased an exemption placard. if you have one stuck in the window of your car you can leave it there until thursday of this week, then you have to move it out ahead of the pope's arrival on the weekend. >> thank you, jesse. if you are still looking for a way to get around while pope francis is here, drive something not going to be your best bet. septa will be selling papal passes again today, and the one-day passes cost $10, and will be available at most of the 18 septa stations that will be open during the papal visit. if you want to keep up-to-the-minute on the pope's visit, tap on the app for the parking, and we will bring you any changes as soon as we learn them.
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dozens of fans got revved up for the eagles' home opener yesterday. it appeared to be just to prepare for the division battle with the dallas cowboys. let's look inside lincoln financial field. kickoff is at 4:25 this afternoon, and nbc 10 is your official tv station for the philadelphia eagles. graham is ready for the rivalry game. >> it shouldn't take much just to get hyped for this game. everybody and their mama wish they could switch places with us right now so they could play in this game. >> join us before and after the game for exclusive coverage, and also this morning you can watch our game day kickoff at 10:00, and you will hear from one of the eagles' most famous fans,
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u.s. soccer star, carli lloyd. ahead, the kentucky clerk that refused to issue marriage license to same-sex couples could be facing your legal trouble. she could be facing more time behind bars. a twister rips through a campground in kansas, and a look at the damage coming up. after the summer heat yesterday, fall-like conditions for us today and as we head into next week, and i'll let you know what's in store. that's all coming up.
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good morning. we're saying good-bye to summer and hello to fall as we head into the rest of today. temperatures post into the mid-80s, and it was humid and now changes on your way with a cold front sweeping through our area, and we'll also see breezy
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conditions behind the cold front, but that's a look at the linc. the average for this time of year is 77. yesterday we were in the mid-80s, 85, and now today we will drop back down closer to average, a few little scattered showers, and moving through allentown, associated with a cold front that will drag across the region. and then as we head into the rest of this morning, expect temperatures to stay mild for philadelphia, 72 degrees and it will feel cooler once we get the cooler air moving through and the wind speed starting to pick up. 69 in trenton, and 65 degrees in allentown, and 56 in poconos and 72 in beach haven. how much more we will cool down is coming up. holy family university have several events today to mark the world meeting of families coming
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this week. a mass at 10:30 this morning and a family picnic at 11:45 to celebrate. the university is planning more events throughout the week. it takes two to tango, but philadelphia will feature many more today. argentine tango dancers will perform in love park this afternoon at 1:00. it's a prearrival welcome for pope francis who was welcome in argentina. it will be filmed for social media and afterward you are invited to tango with the dancers and they will perform again saturday when the pope visits independence hall. still ahead, controversy is brewing up over a bear hunt, and we'll explain coming up.
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dozens of loved ones and supporters gathered yesterday to remember the virginia news crew killed on live television last month. bre jackson reports. >> gathering for a day of remembrance, and this is one day to honor the victims of august 26th shooting, and gardener, the lone survivor was overwhelmed by the support. vickie gardener. rose pedaling fell from the sky
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in honor of the two journalists. many say they are now in heaven now smiling down. >> what we are doing here with the long-lasting tribute, we have scholarships in place for them and they will never be forgotten. new information about kim davis, the kentucky clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples for religious reasons, and one of her employees believes davis has violated a court order by altering the forms, and she removed her name and the name of the county, and attorneys for gay couples who are suing davis say they are exploring their legal options. the altered forms are valid and will be recognized by the state. and an upcoming bear hunt in florida is causing controversy,
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those protesting are making headlines for the way they are demonstrating. >> reporter: it's a message she proudly displayed. signs like this, saying black bear lives matter popping up by neighbors who opposed legalized bear hunting. >> i think it's uncalled for. there's no reason just to kill them. >> she says it's an important message told in a way that can make people smile. >> it's fun and it's something that i definitely want to stand up for, but the signs are no laughing matter behind the movement that started after the acquittal of george zimmerman. >> if you are equating the lives of black americans to a bear, that is wrong and that is not funny. >> sharon helped to create the
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controversial signs and told them on facebook until we told her about the criticism. >> honestly we did not mean for it to be offensive at all. >> nor does hoge. folks are cleaning up after tornados touched down near the kansas and missouri border. a weak tornado ripped through a campground on friday, and one woman was inside her camper when a twister picked it up and carried it 30 feet before dropping it to the ground. the woman says she is lucky to be alive. >> somebody is looking out for me. that is just crazy to think anybody could have walked out of
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it. >> the american red cross is helping those families affected by the tornado and there are no reports of any serious injuries. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather, with your meteorologist, brittney shipp. >> get ready for fall-like conditions as we get ready for the second half of the weekend. we will have your eagles forecast, but i think you are going to enjoy it. a live look outside, the sun will slowly start to come up, you can see patchy fog in the distance. temperatures in philadelphia at 72 degrees. a few clouds out there, and the winds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour, and the humidity is dropping, and our feels like temperature will stay as close to the actual temperature. we're at 65 degrees in atlantic city, and temperatures in millville at 67, and we're at 70 degrees in dover, and a closer
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look at our satellite radar shot shows a cold front starting to push through the region, and once it does we will see cooler air coming in from the north, and we are seeing a few little scattered showers associated with the cold front and here's a closer look at what is going to happen, and the wind speeds come in from the north and that's cooler air coming in, but breezy conditions expected as the cold front continues to pull away. here's a look at your wind gusts as we head into the next couple of hours. we will be gusting up to 30 miles per hour in the poconos and up to 22 in philadelphia and 20 in atlantic city, and as we go through the day, expect the breezy conditions to stick around as we push into the evening and into tomorrow morning. so a beautiful look at what you can expect for your tailgating forecast, and at 4:25 for the kickoff, we expect temperatures right at 77. take a look at your fourth quarter temperatures as the sun comes down, temperatures at 72. very nice. can't beat that. it's not going to be hot and not
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too sticky, just nice. the highs staying in the 60s for the poconos, and 75 in quakertown, and closer to the shore we will stay in the high 70s, 78 degrees, and as we take a closer look at your 7-day forecast, it shows that we will see the temperatures drop into the 70s as we head into the rest of your workweek. rosemary? a huge portion of the ben franklin parkway is shut down while crews work to get the area ready for the pope's visit and the world meeting of families. those crews are using elbow grease and heavy equipment. esm productions is in charge of the multi-million-dollar piece. they are working around the clock. >> running miles and miles of
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fiber optic cable that will provide the audio and video signal to the 40 jumbotrons. >> after the festival of families on saturday, work crews have less than 12 hours to convert it to a sanctuary on sunday afternoon. it begins on tuesday and that means the volunteers have to get ready. they picked up their official uniforms. the bright orange shirts will make the volunteers easy to spot. keep that in mind. some of them called the experience a unique way to give back. >> i think everybody deep down wants to be part of something bigger than themselves and this is a great opportunity, especially with the holy father's visit being such a rare occasion. >> the volunteers will help with language translation, and greeting visitors at the airport and giving directions around center city. the stage is set for tonight's emmy awards in los angeles former saturday night live cast member, andy sandberg
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will be hosting the show this evening at the microsoft theater, and all networks are going head to head for the highest sought-after award, and you can watch all your favorite stars arrive on the carpet at 6:00 tonight on e. if you are sitting down right now, you may want to think about standing up, and spending too much time sitting down could harm your health and the damage could even be deadly. details are next.
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at 6:23 on this sunday, here's a live look over center city. a little bit of cloud cover now,
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and meteorologist, brittney shipp, tells us it's going to be sunny and temperatures warming into the 70s. if you are heading to the eagles' game, should be perfect weather for the football match-up. local dance enthusiasts strutted their stuff. this event is closed to traffic that went on for the night. it was back to school this weekend for the united way in north philadelphia. volunteers stopped by the general george meade school. smartphone users have more than 165,000 help apps available right at their fingertips, but a new report shows that only three
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dozen of those apps account for the downloads. concerns about lack of research and data protection are limiting wider use. too much sitting can kill you. for most of us, sitting is really unavoidable if you work in an office, and odds are you sit for most of the day, and i am sitting here until 8:00 this morning. if you can, make a point while at work, to walk to the printer or to a restaurant and fill up your water bottle once an hour, and when you are not at work, don't go home and sit in front of the tv if you can avoid it. for every two hours people spend glued to the tv increases your
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risk of diabetes and blood clots. and coming up, tow trucks out in philadelphia. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in fairmount with what you need to know. >> reporter: the only thing that can save your vehicle from a ride to the impound lot is sitting on this dash, and i will explain what it is and why after the break. warm and humid conditions yesterday and we are cooling down and it will feel much more like fall. i will let you know how long the fall-like conditions will last, and if you are heading out to the eagles game, that's coming up in the full forecast.
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right now on nbc 10 news
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today, move it or lose it. towing cars in the security zone, and there's something that can keep you from losing your ride and we'll tell you about it coming up. an epic showdown, and we'll preview the action at lincoln financial field. say good-bye to summer and the shore. here's a live look at cape may, new jersey. we'll get a taste of fall today, in the 70s in much of the areas, and details in the first alert forecast. i am rosemary connors. it's just before 6:30 on this sunday. let's get to the forecast right now with meteorologist, brittney shipp. >> yesterday was warm and humid and felt like summer and now today it's going to be our first taste of fall, and the fall-like weather will continue into next week. there's a live look in the poconos where we will see cloudy skies and a little patchy fog throughout our area. we will see lots of sunshine,
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but the cooldown is here, and yesterday's high at 85, and today we will drop to 77 degrees. our current temperatures at 72, and philadelphia, 67 in millville, and 65 in atlantic city, and 64 degrees currently in wildwood. a mild start to the morning. take a look at the foggy conditions mainly confined along the shore, down to zero visibility in cape may, and half a mile in atlantic city, and your planner over the next eight hours shows we will see temperatures stay in the 70s for the most part. take a look at 8:00 a.m. 72 by 11:00 a.m., and by 2:00 p.m., 76, and today's high in the city, 77. tracking cooler weather as we go over tomorrow. with less than a week to go, excitement is building for the pope's visit to philadelphia next weekend. pope francis is getting excited himself about the visit here. last night the world meeting of
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families released his message to the city. take a listen. >> i look forward to greeting the pilgrims and the people of philadelphia when i come for the world meeting for families. i will be there because you will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> certainly taking a cue from the world meeting of families committee on telling people i'll be there. so here is the response from philadelphia archbishop to the pope's message. he says what a beautiful and humbling message to receive from the holy father and i hope all that hear his words will allow them to touch their hearts and be compelled to join in this moment of grace, love and community, and simply put, this moment will not come again. this morning, pope francis is celebrating mass in cuba, and
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it will happen in the main scare. yesterday francis says that the normalization of relations between cuba and the u.s. over the last few months has given him hope. on tuesday, the pope will leave cuba and head to washington and will meet with president obama at the white house on wednesday, and will address a joint meeting of congress on thursday. then he is off to new york, and he will arrive at jfk airport thursday night before an evening prayer on st. patrick's cathedral. saturday morning, that's when the pope comes to philadelphia. he will celebrate mass first at the cathedral basilica, it's a private mass, and then on saturday visit independence mall, and then it's the meeting
6:33 am
of families, and then he will visit the prison in northeast philadelphia, and then the big event he will celebrate mass on the ben franklin parkway to conclude the world meeting of families, and after the mass he will head back to rome. a large portion of the parkway is closed from logan square to eakins oval. this is so crews can prepare for the visit. today you won't just have to worry about where you are driving especially around the parkway, you will have to be thinking about where you park or don't park. jesse gary live with details about when crews will start towing cars and the exceptions to the rule. >> reporter: the towing starts at 10:00 tonight, that's less than 12 hours from now. the exception, it depends on if you have the exemption placard
6:34 am
in your window like this, and this is pennsylvania and fairmount avenues, at the intersections. this car can stay until thursday. and the cars down pennsylvania, this one, this one, all of these cars, they have to get out of here by 6:00 tonight or they will be towed. it's an irony, a city where you would literally kill for a great parking spot, and you will have plenty of spots, just can't park there. if you have the placard, you can stay here until thursday and then this car, too, will have to leave and the city will have garages where you with park over the weekend for 20 bucks and free parking down by the stadiums, but that's what you are looking for if you are wondering who can stay and who has to go, that's the indicator right there. >> good point. thank you, jesse. if you are looking for a way to get around the city, not driving, while the pope is here, septa may be your best bet.
6:35 am
septa will be selling papal passes again and a one-day pass is 10 bucks, and they are available at the stations that will be open during the papal visit next weekend. tap the nbc 10 app for more information on traffic, parking and the world meeting of families and we will bring you changes as soon as we learn them. a man and a woman and their dogs were all found dead in their home in bucks county over the weekend, and police are investigating but at this point say it looks like a murder/suicide. officers had gotten a call from a family friend saying she had not spoken with the couple in a few days and police first found the dogs and then the couple, both who are in their 50s, all shot to death. no rest this morning following a deadly shooting in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. right now police are searching for the gunman who killed a man
6:36 am
while he was getting out of his car yesterday afternoon. the man was shot multiple times, and it's still unclear what prompted this shooting. take a look at this cell phone video. this shows detectives evacuating a kensington thrift store yesterday morning after two grenades were found in a bag of donated clothes. investigators eventually determined the grenades were hollow and no explosives were inside. dozens of fans got ready to go for the eagles' home opener. went to a pep rally yesterday, and it was just the thing they needed to get ready for this afternoon's division battle with the dallas cowboys. here's a look inside the lincoln
6:37 am
financial field, and it's going to be a different scene later this afternoon. kickoff is at 4:25. nbc 10, of course, is your official tv station for the philadelphia eagles. be sure and join us before and after the game for exclusive coverage. first watch game day kickoff at 10:00, and there you will hear from zac urts, and a famous soccer fan, carli lloyd. donald trump has been pushing past his republican candidates for weeks. >> the biggest story, and i even beat out the pope -- can you believe that? the only time i will ever beat out the pope. >> we will tell you what had trump dominating the headlines and why some say this time he should be concerned about his critics. if you did not get to take that trip this summer or get to travel anywhere, now may be your best time to hit the road. we have good news for drivers
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coming up after the break. summer-like heat, that was yesterday, and today it will feel more like fall as we head into the second half your of weekend and i'm tracking patchy fog throughout parts of our area, and plus more sunshine towards the afternoon. that's all coming up in my full forecast.
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good morning. we have a little bit of patchy fog we are dealing with and even dense fog closer to the shore. plus lots of sunshine for us and we will see temperatures dropping for us, and it will feel like fall, and there's a live look at cape may. you can see a few clouds and the
6:41 am
clouds will start to clear up towards the afternoon, but a closer look at our visibility, and down to about a quarter of a mile at cape may, and down to four miles in mount holly and five in tom's river. current temperatures at 66 degrees in wildwood, and 70 degrees in dover, and we're at 66 in reading and 65 in pottstown. we're still seeing a southwesternly flow, and the cold front has not moved in. the wind direction is going to shift and we'll see wind speeds moving in from the north. for today temperatures will range between 74 and 77, cooler and becoming sunny towards the afternoon, and we're even going to cool down more than that as we head into tomorrow. more details coming up in our full forecast. now is the time to gas up for an end of summer road trip. it's the last weekend of summer. gasoline prices continue to come down. this is really nice. as usual, the cheapest prices are in the garden state, and our
6:42 am
camera found several gas stations minutes from philly charging less than 2 bucks for a gallon of regular. and according to aaa, the average price in south jersey is running around $1.96, and northern delaware, $2.21, and in philadelphia, a gallon of regular gas is $2.37. i'll take it. next, the man suspected in a string of shootings on a busy arizona highway makes his first court appearance. we'll tell you what he had to say to the judge after the break. crews out west made some progress battling two major wildfires in california, but authorities warning residents not to let their guards down and we'll explain coming up.
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take a look at this video of a yacht that caught fire on the water near galveston, texas. three adults and a 6-year-old boy were onboard when the vessel bursts into flames last night and another boat was passing and rescued them. the coast guard is continuing to investigate the incident. a drive-by shooting claimed the life of an indianapolis child yesterday. witnesses say they saw a car drive up as a car drove up and started shooting at a house, and the child died at the hospital, and another young child and two adults were injured but expected to be okay. and then new video of a man
6:46 am
that terrorized drivers in phoenix. leslie allen merritt told the judge he's the wrong guy. the judge, nevertheless, set bail at $1 million. s.w.a.t. team members arrested merritt at walmart on friday night after testing showed the bullets came from a gun merritt used. and then the largest fire is 67% contained in california, but it is still threatening another 6400 structures and businesses and homes. five people so far have lost their lives in both fires that are burning in northern california. on the other coast, a search underway for a woman that went over niagara falls. search and rescue crews have been trying to find her since 6:00 yesterday.
6:47 am
police say the woman intentionally entered the water to harm herself. donald trump waited two days to do it but finally spoke publicly about the latest controversy in his campaign. in iowa yesterday the republican presidential frontrunner defended his decision not to correct a supporter at a recent town hall who incorrectly stated that president obama is muslim and not an american. >> it was the biggest story, and i even beat out the pope on every single -- can you believe it? the only time i will ever beat out the pope. they wanted me to speak up in favor of the president. do you think he is going to speak up in favor of me? i think not. good morning. we are gearing up for changes as we head into the second half of
6:48 am
your weekend. cooling things down a bit, and highs in the 80s yesterday and now we're going to have highs in the 70s. and there's a live look outside right now, a few clouds and the clouds will start to burn off as we head into the rest of your afternoon. we will see more sunshine as we have cooler air and it's going to blow the clouds away. philadelphia, 72 degrees and humidity at 84% and wind speeds out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour. we are seeing temperatures throughout the poconos, and 68 in glassboro, and 67 in millville and 70 degrees in dover currently, and cooler temperatures head into the rest of today. buffalo, detroit, and cincinnati, we have all seen the cold front come through, and we can see where the mild air is sticking around, and in philadelphia, temperatures in the low 70s. the other thing we're checking
6:49 am
out, visibility this morning. down to a quarter of a mile in atlantic city and half a mile in dover, driving through the areas you want to take it easy. you can see the rain associated with it, and it's going to continue to slide through our area and then head offshore, so it's producing a few isolated showers, but can you see those are dying quickly, and we will see partly cloudy skies, and then we will see lots of sunshine today. as the cold front moves through, we will start to get the cooler air coming in from the north, and breezy conditions will stick around most of the day as well, and wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour, and 23 miles per hour by 11:00 a.m. in the poconos and as we go through the day, breezy conditions will stick around for us and tomorrow we will start to see the wind speeds relaxing. a closer look at the futurecast shows the clouds will go away as we head into the late morning hours, and then tomorrow afternoon, lots of sunshine and beautiful conditions expected, and heading into today and monday and tuesday, we stay nice
6:50 am
and dry for the next three days. saying good-bye to the summer, though, and a humid 85 yesterday, and as we head into today back to average we go with a high of 77 degrees. your kickoff at 4:25, 77, and by the fourth quarter, 72. 74 on tuesday, and then we do see fall starting officially starting on wednesday. next, the countdown to kickoff is here. the eagles are getting ready to clash with the cowboys in a rivalry match-up at the lynn bg. we'll have that for you next in sports.
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. moses malone, the man at the center of the 76ers last championship is now laid to rest. funeral services were held in houston yesterday, and his former teammate, charles barkley was there paying respect. barkley remembered malone as a m player that put him at ease. >> i said, mo, i am really struggling. what can i do? give me advice?
6:54 am
tell me what's going on? he says to me, well, little fella, you are fat and you are lazy. >> moses malone was a hall of famer that helped to lead the sixers to the nba title in 1983. i am john clark from comcast sport nets. chip kelly lost both of his games against the cowboys at the linc, and the birds want a win because they do not want to start 0-2 in the nfc. dallas has won nine straight on the road, and that's the longest streak in the nfl. the birds are going to be coming full of emotion off that season opening loss in atlanta, and you have to throw in that cowboys rivalry. >> it shouldn't take much just to get hyped for this game. everybody and their mama wish they could trade places with us right now so they can play in this game. >> join us here on nbc 10 before
6:55 am
and after the game for exclusive coverage. you can watch eagles kickoff today. if donald trump could be president, the temple owls could be ranked, right? they could be in the top 25 poll for the first time in 36 years. the owls had a win at umass yesterday. they are kicking the extra point but it's blocked. two points for temple, that's huge, and they are within one now and that clears the way for this, a 32-yard field goal by austin jones, and it's gone! temple wins 25-23, and they are 3-0 for the first time in five years. over 103,000 last night. missing their head coach and seven players, and this is
6:56 am
lynch, 75 yards for the touchdown, and penn state wins 28-3. villanova hosting delaware. john robertson leaves the game with a knee injury and you can see it here. he will have an mri tomorrow and could miss some time. >> and then a red shirt freshman. and nova wins, 28-21. our game of the week for thursday, that's a special date because of the pope's visit, you have south philly and central, and bartram versus tkpwrats. . and then training camp. the practices have been very
6:57 am
intense with a new coach, and ed schneider believes the flyers will be back in the playoffs this season. >> i have a lot of faith in him, and quite frankly, i am looking for big things. i think we're going to turn this team around and be a playoff team this year. that's good to hear. phillies taking on the braves. and seven scoreless innings, so nice job out of him. in the eighth, freddy freeman, this is out to left, and sweeney cannot make the catch. two runs score right there and phillies lose to atlanta, 2-1. as i said, eagles and cowboys today, can you see a full wrap-up tonight after sunday night football on eagle's gameday final. still ahead, move it or lose it, if your car is parked in the papal security zone, it's towing
6:58 am
time. a cold front is moving through and our temperatures are going to be cooler and breezy conditions expected for us, and you can see the sun is shining brightly over cape may. the clouds and the fog will go away head into the afternoon, and we have a beautiful forecast on tap. i will let you know how long the fall-like conditions will stick around.
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so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. see you in philadelphia. >> all new this morning, pope francis has a special message for residents in our region. here more from the pontiff who will be here in less than a week. the eagles' home opener. it will feel more like fall today as we take a look inside lincoln financial field from the eagle's nest camera, and if you are headed to the game, you might want to bring a light


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