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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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cultures were largely forgotten. so that's why many people feel that because of that system in what happened, they don't feel that serra is worthy of  sainthood. despite that cannonization is moving forward today. we spoke with one person, he opposes the canonization, he works at one of the missions here in california, but he is actually out east in washington, d.c., and today he is expected to do one of the readings during the mass and he will do that reading in one of the long lost languages of his ancestors. it's a language that was basically forgotten but by studying the writings of that time he's working to reawaken that language, to teach to new generations and it will be heard by millions and millions of people today. lester? >> nbc's joe fryer in california, where we're watching the popemobile. i realize he basically did a reverse, come back to the crowd, come back to the east side of the basilica where he enter for
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a short time before emerging again to the public mass here. we should know those paying close attention to papal transportation, feet yachtiat p. this was recently introduced, one in each city, multiple, located not only here but the other parts of his trip, philadelphia and new york. john paul ii really kind of made the popemobile in fashion. there have been, we're told, a number of manufacturers. everything from fiat, cadillac, land rover, mercedes. but right now, the jeep wrangler and the bulletproof glass in the front but open to sides and occasion lil peopally people co leave gifts. we're told what happens to gifts if they're perishable, given to the poor. others end up vatican storage, if you will.
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>> lester, i think another interesting point about father serra is that, as george was saying, that he left a life behind. he went out of his comfort zone to try to bring faith to people. >> that's a message the peep wants to get across. >> exactly right. that's what he spoke about in cuba. he spoke about the importance of us all going out, he references mary, jesus' first disciple, the first person to be a servant and he fundamentally believes that all of us, every single person, regardless of our economic background, that we can go out and in service, that great quote, you find yourself and find people in need. you find struggle. you find empathy, you find connection. i think that's a big part of the story is somebody who changed their life and the pope himself also changed his own life and is a big believer we can all change as can the church, right?
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>> and, and, went literally to what he thought was the end of the earth. there was no coming back. we fly from spain to california and think nothing of it. to leave the comfort zone of european academic life and go into what is now california was an act of extraordinary heroism, as well as self-emptiness and that's the model that pope francis wants to hold up. everybody should be, in their own unique way, a missionary disciple. >> this basilica is the largest roman catholic church in the was one of the largest in the world, i think one of the ten largest churches in the world. i believe pope francis was here, pope john paul ii. mother teresa, among others. it is -- it's sometimes referred to as america's catholic church, dedicated to the patrons of the united states, blessed virgin
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mary, and that crowd has been out there for a very long time today, waiting for this moment. they were keeping them entertained with choirs and they were able to watch some of the other activities of the day on the jumbotron but shortly, after the pope issues a blessing to those gathered inside and praise a in the chapel he'll celebrate canonization mass, first one ever held in the u.s. >> in north america. >> in north america. >> i believe in north america. but certainly in the united states. cannonizations are usually held in rome. beatification is often held in the home country. i think the pope wanted to send a message by doing this here, and the message was, i invite this catholic church and america to be like this man, to get out of the comfort of our ordinary lives -- >> he doesn't mind provoking.
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>> no, he doesn't mind provoking. >> we saw some of that today in his remarked, talked about hot button political issues, cuba, climate change, immigration. >> and the provocation cuts across the normal divides. i mean, he's all-purpose provoker, if you will. he's going to challenge everybody. and that's part of the job. >> maria, as he looks across the crowd, this is the first religious gathering, if you will, of this trip so far, he won't -- he may not see diversity he might have expected in the catholic church, at least in this group. >> when i was walking in, i was surprised how diverse the people waiting in the long lines were. they were singing in spanish. there seems to be, it feels some point like a rock festival, it feels like a pilgrimage. >> but he's up front. >> as you get closer it feels like a different kind of church. >> it's all male. >> a lot of guys up there. a lot of guys in white.
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we can talk about that later. we should mention, there aren't women up there. hello. >> i think the crowd is getting a glimpse, looking at monitor over there, a glimpse of him inside as he entered. i believe the upper church, great upper church. and that's where some seminarians and religious and invited guests there. he will offer them a simple blessing, escorted to the blessed sacrament chapel for a brief prayer. >> did you see the nuns hands they're shaking the nun, her hands she stretched out and they started shaking to try to touch him one thing worth noting, this is the work that nuns are doing, day in, day out, in the neighborhoods, all across this country, all around the world. look at the -- you see a lot of nuns here. >> just touching him. >> touching him. and he has been very supportive
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of the nuns in the united states. >> you can see the sculpture on the back wall of the basilica. that's one of its newest features, that was put in about 20 years ago. it's the universal call to holiness. and it's very appropriate backdrop for the canonization ceremony today because, while the church lifts up certain extraordinary individuals and honors god's work in their lives by canonizing them into saints, everyone is called to be a saint. maria shriver can only be st. maria shriver. >> george, thank you so much. i don't have to do two miracles? it's a miracle if i make it through. >> saint lester holt if we're to fulfill our christian destiny. that's what that remarkable sculpture is calling us in the back. >> the crowd being blessed inside the basilica. remind you that, the folks
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journey to america will continue here tomorrow in washington, d.c., he'll begin the day addressing a joint meeting of congress, carrying that at 9:15 eastern time. he'll bless the meal at catholic charities and make his way up to new york city, arriving about 5:00 eastern, there will be evening prayers at st. patrick's, going on actually as we're doing the east coast edition of nbc "nightly news." another full day ahead. it's been a very, very full day for the pontiff here in washington today but his energy seems to be high and seems, once again, as we see being fueled by the energy the crowds have come out to see him. we'll have full coverage of the popes day in washington and canonization mass, about to begin here, at the basilica. when we see you later for nbc "nightly news".
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for now, lester holt, nbc news washington. >> you were watching special coverage of pope francis' visit to america on nbc 10. >> the pontiff just walked into the basilica, the national shring s shrine of immaculate conception in washington, d.c., ahead of mass. live picture where mass is scheduled to begin in a few minutes. and once the pope is on the move again, and it gets under way, nbc 10 will bring that to you live. count on us to bring you all of the action. you watched francis rode in his popemobile to the basilica following an exciting morning of activities in our nation's capital. francis smiles, waved to the crowds lining on both sides of the street. many holding cell phones and cameras to capture this historic
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moment. ♪ president obama and first lady greeted pope francis he arrived at white house. he gets a version this ceremony in every country he visits. the leader of the free world and the head of the catholic church stood side by side on south line before 15,000 people. the pontiff addressed the crowd in english, one of the few times he'll do so during his trip. >> i would like all of the men and women will in this great nation to support efforts of international community, the vulnerable. >> the pope said climate change is an urgent problem, which can no longer be left to future generations and praised the president for his actions to stop global warming.
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after the ceremony, president obama, the first lady and pope francis amerged on the balcony of the white house to wave to the crowd. the popular pontiff received a stirring, final applause from that crowd, and afterward the president and the pope walked through the white house. that's a quarter connecting the main residence to the oval office where the president and the pontiff posed for pictures before holding a private meeting. president obama deflected a question regarding the most important issue on the agenda, and francis himself did not respond to a question regarding whether he had anything to say at moment about the european migrant crisis. >> listen to the crowd. the popemobile procession through the streets, as he's known to do, the pope posed twice to have babies brought to him, and kissed him on the head. the pontiff gakve a huge thumbs
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up. well-wishers began gathering along the route at 4:00 a.m. from the public spectacle of the procession, the pope moved through the rituals of his church. francis attended a service with bishops. the pope spoke out against abortion and against environmental devastation. pope francis had a few hours of down time to rest up for the evening's events. >> another live look from the basilica in washington, d.c., where the pope will host mass a short time for now. now this is the nation's largest roman catholic church, the service will begin inside with the canonization of junipero serra and outside for a hom il will on the basilica steps. we will bring you live coverage as that begins. a crowd of folks have gathered inside 25,000 people waiting outside to hear the homily. nbc 10's rosemary conners is in washington with today's events.
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>> reporter: with children and babies in tow, families hope to appeal to the lighter side of francis, maria ramirez, travelled from san jose, california, calls her granddaughters pope magnets. >> hoping he'll give them a kiss. >> reporter: before close encounters with the holy father, the faithful pilgrims had to pass through tight security, the protocol similar to tsa standards with law enforcement on hand. despite the two-hour wait, few complaints and, instead, counted their blessings. >> come on down, get your ice cold water. >> reporter: because no outside snacks and beverages are allowed in, concessions featured pope pricing, in other words, reasonable, considering the canonization mass has drawn 25,000 people. one of them is chris merry, who grew up in delaware county, went to catholic university, likes in center city, philadelphia. >> i feel like the people in
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philly will be more passionate, that's what we're all about, right? of course we'll be more energy in philly, it's to be expected. d.c. is straitlaced. >> reporter: still, smiling faces all around, and chris expects the same when the pope is in philly. >> there's mixed reaction in terms of the headaches from people. once the pope's there, people on the street, people will be generally excited especially after the eagles game. we need something to cheer us up, right? >> that was be in 10's rosemary conners reporting. amen to that, right? the pope grew a diverse people of washington. people around the world, in d.c., hoping to catch a glimpse of pope francis. look at the crowds. some will follow him across the u.s. tour as he visits new york and here in philadelphia including one couple that we spoke with from new jersey. >> it's a blessing to have him here in america and it's my first time to see a pope, so that's really, really good. i'm so excited.
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we love him. >> i'm so happy, so excited. we love to see you more and more and more. >> this is the second time he's seen a pope. he also saw john paul ii. >> here is another live look from inside the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. the pope will be inside the blessed sacrament chapel for a private prayer. pope francis will walk across the sanctuary to the vesting area before stepping on to the east for a canonization mass. we'll bring the mass live as it happens. watch uninterrupted live stream on the nbc 10 news app. people across the country will be watching. >> nbc 10's doug shimell live where local students are feeling the pope hype, right? >> exactly. whether it was here in burkes county or back to west philadelphia and the main line,
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two very different ways of welcoming the pope to america. they could have been watching an eagles game. but it was pope francis at quarter become in the nation's capital. >> oh my god, he's going around blessing her. >> reporter: students at st. joseph's university campus ministry are learning, when you're the pope, it's what you do. >> this is huge. it more than just celebrity. it's our excitement because like how much we identify with the pope and his own values. >> reporter: seeing him on the streets of washington built suspense support this weekend. >> a lot of people are thrown off at the idea the city's being shut down. i'm super excited. >> i plan on being when the pope passes by, being with other students trying to get a high while he's passing by. >> reporter: it was class warfare in redding over the
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pope. >> what is pope francis' middle name? >> reporter: pope trivia. >> theology class we talked a lot about him but we'll try learn more in the trivia game. it will be interesting to learn more about him. >> reporter: the pope's middle name is mario. >> pope francis has self-jobs as a college student. name one of them. >> reporter: he was a nightclub bouncer, you never know what you'll learn with this pope. >> i thought it was cool heed a motorcycle he auctioned off. you don't hear a lot of popes having motorcycles. >> reporter: and now you have. live in west reading, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. with that, let's go live to washington, d.c., this is inside the basilica of the national shrine of the am maimmaculate c. he's in the upper sacristy, he's going to vest in there to prepare, that begins at 4:15 el
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we he'll canonize father serra who founded missions across california. we can tell you outside, there are 25,000 ticket holders that will celebrate mass with him. you'll see 15,000 seated, and about 10,000 standing behind them. again, expected to start. it's 4:18 now. so i guess we're a couple of minutes behind. count on nbc 10, committed to bring ittiing it to you live as as it happens. >> from d.c., then the pope will head to new york city tomorrow and arrive in philly saturday. >> today, more changes under way as the city prepares for flood of peep coming in for the pontiff's historic visit. a live look over the ben franklin parkway. across philadelphia, the broadest round of parking restrictions took effect. >> george spencer tracking changes. this round impacted major cross streets. >> yeah, absolutely did, keith.
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a lot of drivers came out to cars this morning finding this ad for valai car parking services that would take their cars elsewhere. this is lombard and then 22nd street here to my left, still do have moving cars but the parked cars have been removed. >> reporter: watch the tow trucks rumble through around midday. by then, hardly a vehicle left to tow. these papal emergency routes looked almost unrecognizable. >> looks like a ghost time but i'm happy because i bike everywhere and it's been the nicest time to cycle. >> reporter: sarah zimmer may enjoy open roads but closing her business for the papal weekend. the emergency routes cleared today shown in purple on this map, crisscross the city east to west and north to south. streets like lombard, spring garden and vine. >> they'll be open roads for
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fire, ambulance or police response. the parking authority says since sunday, it's towed nearly 300 cars city wide, only one-fifth the number it expected. but for contract electrician anthony wood, no parking meant no work. >> i ain't going to make money for the next couple of days i can't come down until next tuesday. >> reporter: by tomorrow evening, even driving around the core parkway don't will be restricted. lots of preparation for early deliverieses a bearing fruit. >> a once in a lifetime opportunity. it's going to happen whether we like it or not. so we just embrace it. >> reporter: people taking it as it comes. next dead line in all of this is tomorrow night late when the security perimeter begins to take shape starting at 10:00 tomorrow night. only people who live and work in that immediate parkway zone will
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be allowed inside. live along lombard street, george spencer, nbc 10 news. another sign of what's to come along the seminary, several signs, street closure signs in place in advance of the pope's arrival. pope francis will be staying at the seminary, and city avenue will be closed while he's in town. so these signed will be moved out into the street. >> from philly back down to washington, d.c., live look at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. no sign of pope francis. he's inside in the upper sacristy where he'll canonize father junipero serra. the pontiff's six, seven minutes behind schedule. 25,000 ticket holders celebrate the mass with him. turn to nbc 10's roer mary conners outside the basilica. >> tell us what it's like out there. >> reporter: joyous.
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it's just an energy like no other that we've experienced up to this point in terms of the pope's arrive until washington. right now on the rooftop of one of the campus buildings here at catholic university where the basilica's located. just behind me, beneath me, 25,000 people who came here to see the pope, to be close to the pope and present for the historic canonization mass. 15,000 people have tickets, 10,000 to be seated, 10,000 ticket standing. quite a few had been here since 4:00, 5:00, some with small children. hoping to get as close to the gates as possible to be closest to the pope when his popemobile came around the campus, around the basilica. many hoping the pope would bless them, pray for them, like he did for schoolchildren just outside of the vatican embassy earlier this morning. i'd be remissed if i didn't mention the weather. incredible. ideal for today for this outdoor
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mass. earlier this week on monday in washington, it was pouring. today, nothing but clear, blue skies, warm weather, sun has been shrining. that's contributed to the mood here. everyone has been pleasant. as i mentioned earlier in our piece a few moments ago, it took two hours to get through security. security was very tight. members from the secret service, atf, law enforcement, all hands on deck. but it really didn't seem to bother people or dampen the spirit because there's an incredible energy and momentum going into this afternoon's event. . rosemary conners live outside the basilica. thank you. >> keep showing you live pictures outside the basilica and inside washington, d.c. and bring you the mass live as soon as pope francis says it. it appears he's several minutes behind schedule. was set for 4:15. >> a live look inside the basilica of the national shrine. the largest roman catholic
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church in north america. 3600 u.s. seminarians and men and women novices seated in the upper church.
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thousands are waiting to see the pope, as we take a live look. bishops walk out side the basilica. mass and homilies celebrated in spanish but you'll hear english. >> we'll bring you canonization live. watch uninterrupted on nbc 10 news aep pope francis preparing to celebrate. we'll show it next.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> here's a live look outside the basilica, where pope francis has entered and is in front of a crowd of 25,000 people. we have about 15,000 that are seated, 10,000 people standing. he's just entered and people are very quiet. you can hear music there. getting ready to do the canonization mass. >> 25,000, 15,000 seated, 10,000 standing. all ticket holders, toop pope francis will canonize father junipero serra famous for founding the first of 21 spanish missions in california. the missions were intended to convert native people to catholicism. critics contend to do that they terrorized and enslaved indians but pope francis feels serra protected indians, showing them great respect. the pope praised serra's desire to spread the gospel. now that that mass is under way,
4:32 pm
we showed you live picture, it's good time to welcome in father kevin gallagher. father, thank you for joining us. a good place to start here, though, for people at home, in laymen's terms, what is happening during this mass? its the actual recognition of a man's virtue, a man's holiness, and the holy father himself saying, under great declaration that this man, junipero serra, is truly in heaven. a remarkable beginning to his time in america, while he's been here more than 24 hours how to, this is the first religious celebration he's had. first mass he's celebrating on the side of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception the largest church in the western hemisphere. what a beautiful crowd there to witness this. he gathered with the bishops this afternoon to give to them a very challenging and reassuring
4:33 pm
message, and they gather with him, as well as we mentioned more than 25,000 pilgrims to be in the presence of the holy father. >> father gallagher, explain who junipero serra is and the significance of what he represents. >> sure. he was -- he's an 18th century saint, franciscan, to the best of my recollection, born in spain, and came to mexico and in mexico, working in mexico city, sent to the west coast, to begin to evangelize in the 18th century, in those early years of the 1700s, founding all of those missions that are now very, very much attractions for people visiting california. while there is criticism, certainly his style of evangelization, simplicity, a franciscan, this pope francis
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canonizing a franciscan. there's a real connection there. but way ahead of his time, suffered much himself in founding the mission as long the coast, along california's coast. this is an important moment to recognize here. a live picture, as this mass is being celebrated now. for perspective, 25,000 people watching, you can see the heads there watching pope francis. here in 1,úiladelphia, we're expecting on the parkway at least a million people. so put it into perspective, this saturday, sunday here in philly, an enormous event. father, thank you for joining us. >> as people prepare for the people weekend, there are thousands of people around the world in town for the world meeting of families congress. >> the event bringing pope francis here to our area. >> for more on the changes unfolding, up in the air to sky force 10. >> monitoring center city's
4:35 pm
changing landscape. >> it's important to remember the pope is saving the best for last. great stuff in d.c., new york. but coming here to phillip take a look at world meeting of families. the pope said it today, the world meeting of families in philly is the reason behind this whole big international trip. he's coming to see catholics, so many inside that convention center doing good things for people all over the planet. >> reporter: the gong kicked off one massive world meeting of families service project. >> came around the corner and, boom, like a lot of people here. >> reporter: catholic high schoolers from all over packing up meals for needy in west africa. these kids had off from school today. chose to be here. >> i want to help people because not everyone has -- is fortunate as we are here. so giving up some of my time is not as bad as not having necessities for other people. >> reporter: an international event, 100 countries
4:36 pm
represented, thomas here from ghana. >> making the world a smaller place to be together. it's a wonderful way to create this global family. >> this father is in chile. he's thrilled to be at meeting and excited, held here in philadelphia. >> we know we are disturbing the normal life in philadelphia, street closures, more people than usual, but people are welcoming. we are grateful for that. >> reporter: live over the parkway, which is closed to traffic, i can tell you, there are many inconveniences. people are starting to get caught up in the excitement. seeing excitement in washington, knowing we will be hosting the grand finale of this part of the historic trip. hard not to get swept up in the
4:37 pm
cool emotion of the moment. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. >> count on nbc 10 for coverage of the pope's visit to the u.s. rosemary conners reporting on francis' stops in washington, d.c., cydney long and katy zachry will pick it up from new york tomorrow. and then, nbc 10 going all out this weekend to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of pope francis' visit to philadelphia starting saturday morning. team of reporters out in philadelphia, suburbs and south jersey to bring you all of the action live on the air and on our nbc 10 news app. if you have not downloaded the app yet, now is the time. you can watch the pope's events in philadelphia live on your phone, wherever you're at. also an entire section about what's changing and when it's happening. >> another live look now as pope francis celebrates mass. he's right up there on the altar. you don't see him here. they're looking at it 25,000
4:38 pm
ticket holders. right now the pope and the other clergy on that altar talking about the accomplishments of junipero serra who is being canonized. by the way, watch this uninterrupted live stream on the nbc 10 news app.
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pope francis celebrating mass at the basilica. he's there to cannonize juniper serra. a like look at process just beginning. it's a process that brought on praise and criticism. you can see the crowd of clergy and ticket holders that you don't see in that shot who have gathered to see this and experience this process unfold. >> from washington, d.c., pope will travel tomorrow to new york city and of course this weekend to philadelphia. the pope's visit will block off much of center city but officials say closures won't stop drug addicts from getting help they need. office of addiction services tells us 750 people won't be
4:42 pm
able to access their clinic. people need methadone to control desire of drugs, mainly heroin. some will be directed to clinics outside the zone, others will be given take-home medication to reduce the risk of withdrawal. >> a piece that is very real, you can lapse into illicit drug use. >> according to addiction services officials, only people who are low-risk for overdose or resale will be given take home medication. it's a ride worthy of the pope. >> you watched the holy father climb into a fiat. that decision may be driving sales of the small car in our area. plans for expanding a brand, next. a beautiful first day of fall. we have weekend changes in the forecast. watching the chance for rain, that's coming up.
4:43 pm
♪ >> live look at the basilica where you see the choir performing. pope francis is there among 25,000 ticket holders and clergy, as the canonization mass is under way.
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an historic canonization mass, the first on u.s. soil, taking place at largest roman
4:47 pm
catholic dmur norchurch in nort america. this is the basilica in washington, d.c. the mass held in spanish but you will be hearing english translation. the pope's influence reaching the car dealership lot. you watched yesterday as the pope shunned the typical motorcade black car for a fiat. >> nbc 10's drew smith checks in with customers at a fiat dealer. crediting the holy leader with h helping them choose a new car. >> reporter: one of moments that people are talking about, when he hopped in the back of the compact fiat 500l, an unusual sight as most head of state ride in large, black suvs or limousines. >> reporter: erica test drove the same model pope francis is using. >> love how small it is. love it. >> reporter: her mom is from italy, and she says these cars are all over the place in
4:48 pm
europe. but not so much here in the states. she thinks the publicity from the pope could change that. >> it's very excite squoog all good news for the general manager at fiat of maple shade. >> we've been getting phone calls and people coming into the dealership now that maybe wouldn't have come in otherwise. >> always driven like chevys and fords and i just wanted something a little bit different. >> reporter: kathy says it's cool that the pope was thinking differently, too, and joked there might be something holy about driving this car off the lot today. >> maybe i'd get a secondary blessing. >> reporter: before all of this attention brought on by the pope, fiat had plans to expand in the u.s. this dealership adding five more models by the end of 2018. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> now, nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> beautiful first day of fall. temperatures warmer than normal now for this time of the year, about five degrees above normal
4:49 pm
80 degrees philadelphia. 81 northeast philly. allentown. 80 millville. the sky's clear and the way it's going to stay. cool night. we are nice and dry. there is moisture to the south. we'll be watching this as we go into the weekend. so we are tracking a possible chance for showers, not for everybody, though. this is one computer model keeps moisture to the south for friday. we get cloudy saturday, staying cloudy, rain to our south, by sunday, area of moisture staying to our south. this particular model will be keeping us dry through the entie enweekend, just cloudy and breezy. the other model friday, rain to the south and cloudy we go into saturday, rain farther north and sunday a chance we could see light showers around. i don't think it would be anything heavy but we are going to keep a close eye on this as we get closer to the weekend. cloudy and breezy for saturday, mid-70s sunday. chance of showers south.
4:50 pm
temperatures around 73 degrees. for tonight, though, across the area, clear and cool. upper 50s, philadelphia. upper 40s, areas north and west by early tomorrow morning. as we go into tomorrow, another beautiful day, sunny, nice, a lot like today temperatures right around 80 degrees. advertise 75 but cooling back down, closer to average by friday. more clouds move in over the weekend. expect clouds around. temperatures in the mid-70s. morning lows around 60. next week we'll warm back up
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a like look at pope francis celebrating canonization mass. we are about 15 minutes into the process. the holy father, speaking moments ago, we will bring you
4:54 pm
more of pope francis throughout our newscast. >> as we prepare for the pontiff's visit to philadelphia this weekend, looking back at last time a pope came to town. >> that was in 1979 when pope john paul ii visited and longtime nbc 10 anger and reporter terry ruggles brought viewers complete coverage. we couldn't think of a better person to help do the same thing. >> we dragged terry out of retirement to help tell stories of the preparation and impact of francis' visit. >> and differences. absolutely. you only need to look around and see differences. think about in 1979, more than 1 million people expected to be in center city area and around the art museum. police on duty, 36 years ago, will tell you it's about the same number as estimated today, the mood of the moment today will be different and it is unavoidable. >> human values -- >> reporter: 36 years ago, more than 1 million people packed the
4:55 pm
broad street as his motorcade moved to logan circle. more than a million, like the number anticipated for pope francis. but the cops who were there then, and now, say back then things were different. >> a lot of people, lot of people, all wanted to get a glimpse of the pope. >> reporter: a beat cop when the crowds swelled into the streets when the pope visited the tomb of st. john newman. >> one of the biggest crowds in my career. >> reporter: how close did the pope get to the crowd? >> he came down, walked by. >> a happening, people were happy. >> reporter: mike one of 7500 philadelphia police officers working that day, too. >> there was security concerns but it wasn't out of control. it wasn't hyped up. >> reporter: chitwood remains us pope john paul ii's visit was more than 20 years before the attack on the world trade center in manhattan.
4:56 pm
>> the hype was about the pope visit, the hype was not potential lone wolf killer, potential suicide. >> reporter: today we err on the side of caution. >> the parade-type environment is gone. now everything is about security. everything is about security. i think we lose a lot. you've got to make sure everybody's safe, that's number one priority. everybody's safe. we live in a different world. we live in a different world than 36 years ago. >> how right he is. in the weeks to come, more than a people line the streets of center city and more will watch on television. one of pageantry, religious men wearing mitres and people passing through security detectors. >> thank you. good to see you. look forward to the story. here's another live picture from the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. here is the canonization mass, live as it is happening. also watch uninterrupted live
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
canonizing a saint on american soil, actually, he's inside. nbc 10 will bring you every important moment during pope francis' trip. >> pope francis celebrating canonization mass, being held outside the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception, what you see on the right side of the screen, that's a live picture. canonizing father junipero serra, an 18th century franciscan fryar who founded missions across california. you can see cardinals in the crowd, not this live picture here. but i want to paint a picture. cardinals wearing scarlet or red, bishops wearing roman purple, fuchsia, and priests and 25,000 other ticket holders, as this life picture pans the crowd. there they are, 15,000 seated. 10,000 behind them are standing up. earlier today the pope thrilled thousands of people with the parade through washington. cheering crowds of some people holding out


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