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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc "nbc 10 news at 6:00" with picture from washington, d.c., as you saw pope francis celebrating mass on this, the first full day of his u.s. tour, one that will bring him here to philadelphia as you know by week's end. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. with philadelphia prepared to host the pope in three day our nation's capital in the spotlight. you watched as francis celebrate mass at basilica of the national shrine. the mass included something never been done before, the canonization of a saint on american soil. prior to today's mass, the pope rode in his popemobile to the basilica, francis smiled and waved to the crowds. lining both sides of the street, many holding cell phones and cameras to capture the historic moment. it all followed an exciting morning of activities in our nation. capital. president obama and the first lady greeted francis as he
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arrived at the white house this morning. the pope gets a version of this welcome ceremony in every country he visits. then, the leader of the free world and the head of the catholic church stood side by side on south line before a crowd of 15,000 the pontiff addressed the crowd in english, one of the few times he will so during this trip. >> i would like all men and women of this great nation to support efforts of the international community, the vulnerable in our war. >> the pope said climate change is an urgent problem, which can no longer be left to future generations. and praised the president for his actions to stop global warming. moments after that ceremony, president obama, first lady and pope francis emerged on the balcony of the white house to wave to the crowd.
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the pontiff received a stirring, final applause from that crowd afterward the president and pope walked through the white house colony, the corridor that connects the main residence to the oval office, where the president and the pontiff posed for pictures before holding a private meeting. president obama deflected a question regarding the most important issue on the agenda, and francis himself did not response to a question regarding whether he had anything to say at a moment about the european migrant crisis. francis delighted an adoring crowd with the popemobile procession through the streets of washington, as he's known to do. the pope paused twice to have babies brought right to him and kissed them on the head. the pontiff gave a huge thumbs up, and waved to adoring well-wishers who began gathering along the route at 4:00 a.m.
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♪ from the public spectacle of his procession everybody the pope moved to the rituals of his church. the pope spoke out against abortion and against environmental devastation. nbc 10's rosemary conners covering the events for us in washington and joins us live. quite a day to remember there, rosemary. >> reporter: quite a day. throughout the mass here, we've seen people engaged in deep prayer, clutching their rosaries, listening closely to the pope's words especially during the homily. shared a message of mercy and love, telling followers to go forth, proclaim the good news. they can't imagine being at any other place today. >> waving the flag and hopefully it will put a smile on his face. >> reporter: the argentinian flag in honor of the pope's country, families all over brought their children to see the holy father celebrate the
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special and rare canonization mass in front of a crowd of 25,000. >> we got the tickets from our church and found out last night at 11:00. >> it's special, my wife's birthday, and her family 's from argentina, makes that nice connection. >> to be here with pope francis, so wonderful, the pope of the people. >> reporter: from rosaries to prayer cards and miraculous medals pilgrims couldn't resist the opportunity to snap up pope mementos, to take home a piece of history. religious and lay people of the church describe this experience as a testament of their faith. >> we're in awe. the girls so excited, hip, hip, hooray, right? tired now. >> the pope's coming, a lot of my friends are like why are you going down to d.c.? i figured something different, get back to the roots. wasn't able to get tickets for anything in philly. at least i know i can see the pope here. >> reporter: double dose of the
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pope. another live look at the mass that's happening at basilica. right now, priests are distributing communion while the pope is seated. i was going through the program and, of course, a number of hymns sung, as communion is distributed to the 25,000 gathered here. one of the hymns sung in english, the pray of st. francis, a familiar hymn for catholics, first line says, make me a channel of your peace. words embody who st. francis was and who this pope has tried to emula emulate. live in washington at basilica, rosemary conners nbc 10 news. >> people throughout the area have had their eyes glued to their televisions, as today's events play out in washington. nbc 10's doug shimell watching them, as they watched. plenty of people enjoying some history today. doug? >> reporter: exactly. the tributes to the pope that we found today sort of ran the spectrum, everything from high school pope trivia to college pope watch party.
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>> reporter: they could have been watching an eagles game, but it was pope francis at quarterback in the nation's capital. >> oh my god. >> reporter: students at st. joseph's university campus ministry are learning, when you're the pope, it's what you do. >> this is huge. it more than just celebrity. it's our excitement because like how much we identify with the pope and his own values. >> reporter: seeing him on the streets of washington built sus response for this weekend. >> a lot of people are thrown off at the idea the city's being shut down. i'm super excited. >> i plan on being when the pope passes by, being with other students trying to get a high while he's passing by. >> reporter: it was class warfare in redding over the pope. >> what is pope francis' middle name? >> reporter: pope trivia. at berks catholic high school.
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>> theology class we talked a lot about him but we'll try learn more in the trivia game. it will be interesting to learn more about him. the little facts. >> reporter: the pope's middle name is mario. >> pope francis had several jobs as a college student. name one of them. >> reporter: he was a nightclub bouncer, you never know what you'll learn with this pope. >> i thought it was cool he had a motorcycle he auctioned off. you don't hear a lot of popes having motorcycles. >> doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> the pope will head to new york city tomorrow, before he arrives here in philadelphia on saturday. today, more changes are under way, as the city prepares for the flood of people arriving for the pontiff's historic visit. a live look over the ben franklin parkway which will have a much different look over the next few days with expected crowds. george spencer brings us up to date on the progress.
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>> watch the tow trucks rumble through midday. by then, hardly a vehicle left to tow. these papal emergency routes looked almost unrecognizable. >> looks like a ghost time but i'm happy because i bike everywhere and it's been the nicest time to cycle. >> reporter: sarah zimmer may enjoy open roads but closing her business for the papal weekend. the emergency routes cleared today shown in purple on this map, crisscross the city east to west and north to south. streets like lombard, spring garden and vine. >> they'll be open roads for fire, ambulance or police response. the parking authority says since sunday, it's towed nearly 300 cars city wide, only one-fifth the number it expected. >> it's bad for us. >> reporter: but for contract electrician anthony wood, no parking meant no work. >> i ain't going to make money
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for the next couple of days, i can't come down until next tuesday. >> reporter: by tomorrow evening, even driving around the core parkway zone will be restricted. lots of preparation for early deliveries is bearing fruit. >> a once in a lifetime opportunity. it's going to happen whether we like it or not. so we just embrace it. >> reporter: george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> the second day of the world meeting of families and faithful are flocking to the pennsylvania convention center. for more on changes unfolding, up in the air to sky 410, nbc 10 tim furlong on board. >> the parkway, i want to show you, more stuff, more and more stuff. i've been here for the last few days more, jumbotrons, for everything, including more road closures, headaches. a world meeting of families
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today, even more excitement, seeing the festivities in d.c., it's beginning to feel very real. our turn is coming up. >> reporter: the gong kicked off one massive world meeting of families service project. >> came around the corner and, boom, like a lot of people here. >> reporter: catholic high schoolers from all over packing up meals for needy in west africa. these kids had off from school today. they chose to be here. >> i want to help people because not everyone has -- is fortunate as we are here. so giving up some of my time is not as bad as not having necessities for other people. >> reporter: the world meeting is an international event, 100 countries represented, thomas here from ghana. >> making the world a smaller place to be together. it's a wonderful way to create this global family. >> this father is in chile. sight sigh ceoing anywhere with ben franklin's name on it. he's thrilled to be at meeting and excited, held here in philadelphia.
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>> we know we are disturbing the normal life in philadelphia, street closures, more people than usual, but people are welcoming. we are grateful for that. >> reporter: i'm grateful to be here in sky 410. the pope is in the united states to come to philadelphia. we all know, he's saving best for last. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> tonight, 7:00, right here on nbc 10, watch "pope in america" detailed look at everything that happened today in washington, d.c., as well as what's ahead for the rest of the papal visit. much more on pope francis' historic visit to philadelphia. a facility face returned to nbc 10 to provide us with a look back. >> parade-type environment is gone. now everything is about security. >> local law enforcement with unique perspective of how the
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mood of the moment this weekend will be quite different than it was more than 35 years ago. longtime nbc 10 personality terry ruggles returned to share the story, straight ahead. >> a warm first day of fall. weekend changes, i'll show you that forecast and if we're tracking any rain for it, too.
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another live picture from washington, d.c., pope francis celebrating mass on this, the first full day of his u.s. tour. one that will bring him here to philadelphia by week's end. and as we prepare for the pontiff's visit to philadelphia this weekend, we are looking back to the last time a pope visited our city in 1979 when pope john paul ii visited. longtime nbc anger and reporter terry ruggles brought viewers complete coverage. we couldn't think of a better person to help us do the same thing this time around. terry decided to help us out with all of the preparation and the impact of pope francis' visit. talking about the security. today we saw pope francis out there getting so close to the children and everyone, which i'm sure made secret service feel very nervous. >> i'm sure. let's do a comparison. this weekend, just like in 1979, more than a million people are
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expected to crowd on the center city streets and gather around the art museum area to see the pope. but police, on duty 36 years ago will tell you that while that estimated number will be about the same, the mood of the moment will be different, and it's just unavoidable. >> human values -- >> reporter: 36 years ago, more than 1 million people packed the parkway to see the holy father. hundreds of thousands lined broad street as his motorcade moved to logan circle. more than a million, like the number anticipated for pope francis. but the cops who were there then, and now, say back then things were different. >> a lot of people, lot of people, all wanted to get a glimpse of the pope. >> reporter: a beat cop when the crowds swelled into the streets when the pope visited the tomb of st. john newman at fifth and gerard. >> one of the most polite crowds. >> reporter: how close did the pope get to the crowd? >> he came down, walked by. >> a happening, people were
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happy. >> reporter: mike chitwood one of 7500 philadelphia police officers working that day, too. >> there was security concerns but it wasn't out of control. it wasn't hyped up. >> reporter: chitwood remains us pope john paul ii's visit was more than 20 years before the attack on the world trade center in manhattan. >> the hype was about the pope visit, the hype was not potential lone wolf killer, potential suicide. >> reporter: today we err on the side of caution. >> the parade-type environment is gone. now everything is about security. everything is about security. i think we lose a lot. you've got to make sure everybody's safe, that's number one priority. everybody's safe. we live in a different world. we live in a different world than 36 years ago. >> so the week to come, more than 1 million will line the streets, and many more millions
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watching television, looking at scene of pageantry in philadelphia. it will be pageantry, there will be religious men wearing mitres and unfortunately people passing through metal detectors. it's a sign of the times. it's sad, but it is what it is. >> unfortunate sign of the times. fortunately necessary. we love the touch you add to every story. good to have you here. >> ages a good touch. >> thank you. tonight, 7:00, right here on nbc 10, watch "pope in america" it's the detailed look at everything that happens today in washington, d.c., as well as what's ahead for the rest of the papal visit. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorology sheena parveen. >> well, today officially the first day of fall, and temperatures are above normal for this time of the year. perfect weather outside. we have sunny skies, still near 80 in philadelphia. 79 northeast philly in trenton,
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allentown. low 70 in dover. tonight another cool night with clear skies. now we are watching some rain, as we go into the weekend. here's one model. this one keeps the rain to the south, by friday, we'll see clouds increasing, so changes as we go into the weekend, saturday staying to the south. and we'll continue to see cloudy skies. by sunday, that moisture barely to our south. so this computer model would be keeping us dry but we have to watch the track of the system closely. the second one does give us a weekend shower chance by friday, clouds increase. we agree with this for the forecast. possibly rain to the south by saturday. by sunday, it keeps the moisture offshore, the heaviest of it but it could be throwing us showers and as we go into sunday this would be on the lighter side and mostly around philadelphia and points south, the best points would be for south jersey and delaware. something we'll be watching closely as we go into the one for the papal visit. saturday looks mostly cloudy and breezy. high temperature mid-70s.
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sunday, cloudy, breezy, with the best chance of showers south of philadelphia but of course updating this as we go through the rest of the week. clear and cool, 58 for the low in philadelphia. 48 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, tomorrow, sunny, nice, 80. average high this time is 75 degrees. we'll get closer to that on friday, more clouds move in. and over the weekend, you see it, mid-70s, we warm back up to the 80s as we go into next week. >> i think the pope would approve. the pope arrives in philadelphia three days from now, and law enforcement will be putting in extra hours. >> got a phone call friday asking what our dogs will be doing. >> next, call that's come for four legged officers from our area. ea straight ahead.
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as we continue our >> as we continue coverage, live picture from washington, d.c.'s basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. where people are filing out after pope francis celebrated a canonization mass on this, the first full day of his u.s. tour, three days before he arrives in philadelphia the papal visit has meant police all over the area need to pitch in and lend resources working overtime and staffing up areas that may not be located in their towns, and that includes four-legged officers, too, putting in a lot of hours this weekend. nbc 10's deana durante tells us more. >> want to go to work? >> reporter: canine officer bear will be working this weekend. days off postponed. >> huge deal. people can rest assured knowing with us, this is, you know, this
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is what we do. it's a different time and place we're doing it. >> reporter: in bear's working, so is officer dan lunger, a canine police officer, with two traintations in the township shuttling papal visitors, the four-legged officers are in high demand. >> never enough kcanines. >> reporter: transporting thousands, the transit agency is relying on its suburban partners to help out. the secret service confirms it's asking suburban agencies to help out by lending canines and handlers. >> i got a call asking what our dogs will be doing. they were asking us, we're staying around here. >> reporter: officer jennifer says others have been asked to help out. she and officer rocky are staying close to home. police departments say the event is placing a major stress on resources and use of canines will help them be proactive. she'd like to get a glimpse of the pope. >> a job i chose and i'd rather
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keep people safe. >> reporter: tonight at 7:00 here on nbc 10:00, watch "pope in america" detailed look at everything that happens today in washington, d.c., as well as what is ahead for the rest of the papal visit. ♪ tonight at 11:00, aretha franklin's gift for the pope. queen of soul reveals what she will give the holy father when she performs for him in philadelphia. details coming up at 11:00.
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don't forget tonight 7:00 on nbc 10, watch "pope in america" detailed look at everything that happens today in washington, d.c., as well as what's ahead for the rest of the papal visit. for all of us here at nbc 10, i'm jacqueline london. couldn't have been a more beautiful day for the pope. >> it was beautiful. >> hopefully it's nice when they
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comes here. nightly news is next. full coverage of the pope's visit as we continue to watch that live picture from washington, d.c. . tonight, god bless america. the pope speaking from the heart, embracing and challenging our country on this historic day. first mass on soil and tens of thousands looking fire glance. a touch or blessing. parents handing over children to be kissed. but there is controversy as the pope canonizes some say isn't a saint. >> and donald trump reignited a media war and points fingered at hillary clinton over president obama's birth. >> and the head of volkswagen ceo busted for cheating its way around the lot.


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