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tv   NBC 10 News The Pope in America  NBC  September 23, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> as pope francis began an historic day in the u.s., thousands lined the streets in washington to catch a glimpse. the practical pontiff arrived at the white house in a working man's car, rode through the crowd in a jeep, kissed a baby. seemed certain to steal the hearts of not just catholics but all who stop to listen before he makes his way to the faithful right here in philadelphia. >> you are watching special coverage of pope francis visit to america. good evening, i'm keith jones.
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>> i'm jacqueline london. the pope has had a busy day in washington, d.c. moments ago he left basilica of the shrine where he had mass for those of people. he's in the fiat he drove from joint air force base andrews. right now headed back to apostolic nunciature. this is the crowd that awaits his arrival. we'll be following you movements and bring live video or pictures as they come in. this is pope francis first visit to the united states. >> what better symbol than white house where pope francis started his day. president obama and the first lady welcomed pope francis. they emerged on the balcony of the white house and had a crowd greet them. the popular pontiff received a huge applause. afterwards the president and pope held a private meeting in the oval office.
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after leaving the white house, francis delighted the account with his popemobile through the streets. as he's known to do the pope paused twice to have babies brought to him and kissed them on the head. a huge thumbs-up to well wishers who began gathering at the route around 4:00 a.m. two services, a smaller with one bishops at the cathedral and a larger at basilica national shrine. at the basilica he canonized junipero serra and made him a saint. the first canonization in the u.s. a lot of people outside the shrine hoping to get a glimpse of pope francis. >> live in washington, d.c., rosemary, what was it like among those crowds today? >> it was joyful. it was really a special occasion here. i have to say in terms of how
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the event played out, it was smooth. it was seamless, no small task making it go off without a hitch considering there were thousands, maybe 20,000 in attendance. many gathered between 4:00 and 5:00 this morning. a lot of them had small kids by their side. >> he's coming. >> with children and babies in tow families hope to appeal to the lighter side of franke. maria ramirez, who traveled all the way from san jose, california, calls her granddaughters tiara and lilly pope magnets. >> we're hoping he'll give them a kiss. >> before encounters with the holy father they had to pass through security, protocol secret service, atf and other law enforcement on hand. despite the two-hour wait, few complained and instead counted their blessing. >> a nice, bright sunday day. >> come on down, get your nice cold water, $2. >> because no outside snacks and
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beverages allowed in concessions with pope pricing, reasonable conferring canonization mass drew 25,000 people. one chris merry grew up in delaware county, went to catholic university. >> i feel like people a little more compassionate because that's what we're all about. of course a little more energy in philly, expected. a little bit buttoned down and straight laced. >> still smiling faces all around and chris expects the same when the pope is in philly. >> there's some reaction in terms of headaches for people. once the pope is there and on the streets people will be generally excited. especially after the eagles game we need something to cheer us up, right? >> reporter: if there's one thing we have learned from pope francis this week, it may be hope springs eternal. we will see as the sun begins to set in washington, the crowd is leaving energized as pope francis called on them during
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his homily to live their fates. reporting live outside basilica. >> what about security, more than 25,000 people out there, here in philly we're expected more than a million. you must have seen a dose of what we could expect. >> reporter: a dose in terms of putting those numbers into perspective. i have to say that the word to describe everyone if you're waiting in the security line this morning was patience. everyone was really patient going through security. i think in this day and age we all expect long lines. we know it's going to take time. atf was there, secret service, of course, and many other law enforcement. everyone was calm and moved through really without any problems. i do want to say and i want to mention people there, those in wheelchairs, anybody with a physical disability, the organizers overseeing security, they made sure they were taken care of. in fact at one point they moved them over to the press line.
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it was less crowded, more room, making sure everybody had access to the pope. it was really all things considered like i said, a smooth operation. we're hoping the same will be true in philadelphia. like i said, i think everybody needs to pack their patience when he arrives this weekend. >> we can't say enough especially on independence parkway, thank you. >> before he takes off to the big apple he has some important stops at the nation's capital. the day begins with an address to congress. the vatican hasn't said what will be in that peach. many expect he will challenge lawmakers on a variety of issues. >> we know the pope put a strong emphasis on helping the poor. that will be the focus of his other stop in d.c. tomorrow. the pope will visit catholic charities for 200 homeless individuals receiving meals. the pope will greet them and give a blessing. >> then it's onto new york city. the pope takes off around 4:00. once he lands he goes directly to st. patrick's cathedral for
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an evening prayer service. we still have a few more day until the pope arrives in philadelphia. >> as officials have said many times, now is the time to plan. the pope will have a huge impact on traffic as he travels from the airport to events around the city and into montgomery county where he'll be staying at st. charles seminary. big changes already started for people who live and work in the city. >> nbc 10 george spencer shows us how people are handling the new rules of the road. >> at pure design florist on 22nd street we watched final work on early deliveries. the shop is shutting down for the papal weekend because just outside these no stopping signs mean no deliveries. >> it's tough for our delivery guy because he can't pick up our deliveries. >> basically no business for you guys. >> we're just going to close for the weekend. >> trucks rumbled through the area until midday.
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emergency routes empty. plan to stay put. >> i'm not moving my car. i hear people are moving into the area and i'm not taking any risks. >> emergency routes cleared today shown in purple cross cross east to west and north to south, lombard, spring garden and vine. the routes will be open roads for fire, ambulance or police response during the papal visit but in the meantime the no parking rules caused some inconvenience. van? van. i have to move it before they tow it away. >> the parking thought said since sunday it towed 300 cars citywide, only 1/5 the number they expected. tomorrow night driving in and will be restricted. tightest driving restrictions will take effect at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night when only people who live or work along the parkway will be allowed into
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that area as the security reporting in center city, george spencer, nbc 10 news. all those cars need to get out of the way to make room for thrk the popemobile. today we got our first glimpse of the pontiff's legendary vehicle a especially outfitted jeep wrangler made by chrysler. if that's familiar, the pope made news for another fiat yesterday, he surprised many when he got into the modest car after arriving at the united states. now we're seeing the power of the pope's influence. >> nbc 10 spoke with customers who said the holy father is helping them choose a new car now. >> it's still one of the moments from pope francis's arrival to the u.s. that people are talking about, when he hopped in the back of the compact fiat 500l, an unusual so it as most heads of state ride in large black
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suvs or limousines. >> the fiat, liked him even more. >> erica took us along as she test drove the same model pope francis is using. >> i love how small it is. i just love it. >> she says her mom is from italy. she says these cars are all over the place in europe, but not so much here in the state. she thinks the publicity from the pope could change that. >> it's exciting, very exciting. >> it's all good news for the general manager at fiat of maple shade. >> we've been getting phone calls. we have people coming in the dealership that may not have otherwise. >> i've always driven chevys, fords, i want d something different. >> kathy says it's cool the pope was thinking differently, too. she joked there might be something holy about driving this car off the lot today. >> maybe i could a secondary blessing. >> before all the attention brought on by the pope, fiat already had plans to expand in the u.s. this. dealership will be adding five more models by the end of 2018,
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in maple shade i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> their music will be the last thing pope francis hears before leaving philadelphia. ♪ >> still ahead we'll introduce you to the musicians from this local high school as they get ready for one of the biggest performances of their lives. >> a couple gets the honor of a lifetime. they were chosen to personally greet pope francis right here in philadelphia. >> you're watching nbc 10's continuing coverage of the pope in philadelphia brought to you by these sponsors.
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we are still awaiting the pope's arrival at the apostolic nunciature. that's where pope francis is staying in washington. you see the crowds out there also waiting for him. we'll keep an eye on this. in the meantime we want to bring a special guest. >> he covered the visit to philadelphia in 1979. >> kerry came out of retirement to compare it and the change this weekend. >> a lot of similarities, you're right. a lot of things that don't change. think about this. pope's arrival to this country
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was to philadelphia. when pope francis leaves he'll depart from philadelphia. o'hara springfield township very involved. the o'hara band has been practicing for months. that senior caroline demikko kentuckying. the student drum major showed me part of what she will wear when the band saying going at philadelphia international airport. >> i am so excited. it's such an honor and something that's really one of a kind. >> reporter: one-of-a-kind in 2015. but in 1979, scott sandford was the student conductor and drum major when the band wrkzed pope john ii when he flew in. >> the band was playing, crowd cheering. >> like caroline, sanford said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> i was excited the whole time. talk about a young man of 17.
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>> scott and his band from o'hara entertained thousands who crowded the tarmac to see the holy father. when he arrived the mayor kissed his ring. scott presented pope john paul ii with flowers. >> i got to kiss the pope's ring. he gave us both the papal blessing. >> the pope gave scott a rosary he still cherishes today. it all happened so quickly. >> interaction was probably 20 seconds to 45 seconds. >> the meeting lasted a minute but i it's been a valuable part of scott's life for 36 years. caroline is hoping she meets pope francis. but even if she doesn't, she knows what o'hara band is doing is very important. >> i think it's a really great opportunity that we get to be the last thing that he's going to remember from america. >> well, just how close caroline will get to the pope this weekend is still to be determined. after eight years of graduation and onto the navy, we found that
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scott was a helicopter pilot in the navy and part of the crew who flew president reagan to the vatican to meet john paul ii. >> amazing. he's never going to feet that first time meeting the pope, though. >> i would not. i think you're 100% right there. >> 30 to 45 seconds is a long time. >> yes, it is. yes, it is. >> nice story there. >> terry, thanks. good to have you. >> my pleasure purchase our crowds will hope for good weather when the pope is there. >> let's check in with sheena, are we clear? >> we're going to be clear for most of the week. yes, we're watching the weather system just to the south. we'll show you that in a minute. it is going to be very different from today. today a quick warm-up. even tomorrow, first day of fall, warm, sunny. we will see changes as we go into the weekend for the papal visit. we will see cloudy changes. of course watching for any shower chances. right now across the area,
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mid-70s, allentown, philadelphia, some areas in delaware and new jersey dropping into the upper 60s. but we'll be staying mostly clear tonight. this moisture off the carolina we go into the week. that area is what could possibly bring rain as close as about delaware. here is future weather. this one showing rain staying mostly to the south. this is friday 5:00 p.m., our we will see noticeable changes in the week. saturday our clouds increase, cloudy skies, rain just to our south saturday and sunday. this model continues to keep it just to the south. the other model we've been watching, this will bring moisture farther north, dry, cloudy skies, moisture. go into saturday just south of the area is where we could have heavy rain saturday. overall mostly cloudy. there is a chance with this computer model we could see light showers. clouds increase friday. the cool morning will be in the
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forecast. cool afternoons in the forecast. you might need a light jacket over the weekend. showers mostly stay to the south late saturday and into sunday. here is the planner for the weekend. 8:00 temperatures in the mid-60s. cloudy skies saturday. by 4:00 p.m. mid-70s topping out. by sunday clouds continue. by 4:00 p.m. 73. that chance of rain mostly south of philadelphia. of course we'll be keeping a very close eye on if the shower happens to the north. tonight clear and cool upper 50s philadelphia, upper 40s north and west. tomorrow sunnyish nice day, right around 80 degrees. there you see the week in changes starting with friday clouds move in. saturday and sunday expect pretty much overcast skies most of the day there. you see the temperatures dropping back to around where they should be this time of the year. then it gets warmer after that. >> all right. thousands are already in the city for the world meeting of families and anxiously awaiting the pope's arrival. >> how local children and visitors from all over the world are carrying out his message.
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plus this isn't just any red carpet, a local company that's creating one-of-a-kind pieces for the pope. >> announcer: you're watching nbc 10's continuing coverage of the pope in philadelphia brought to you by these sponsors.
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>> thousands from around the world in the city. >> here for world meeting of
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families. nbc 10's tim furlong shows how people attending are already trying to carry out the pope's message. >> reporter: day two began with a bang at world meeting of families, hundreds of high schoolers packing up meals for the needy in afc. >> they had the day off. they could be doing anything they want. they are here saying they want to help people in their community and around the world. >> representative of the spirit of the world meeting, hundreds represented here. >> it's just a wonderful, helping hands one another as we gather together. >> many people say they have done sightseeing in town. equally glad to know we're thrilled to have them here. philly is the pope's last stop. now that he's seen reaction in washington even naysayers are seeing how big a deal this is and how necessary precautions are. >> i think the excitement meter is building and all eyes are in a very positive direction moving forward after this weekend. it is going to be incredible.
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>> we have found that, too. some people telling us they have been bothered by the predicted inconvenience now saying they are getting caught up in the excitement. sure, the pope is going to new york. we know he's specifically in the united states to come to philadelphia, certainly saving the best for last. >> world meeting of families and pope's visit mean different things to different people. >> for perspective with welcome from st. catholic church in allentown, thank you for joining us. you've actually met pope francis. a question to start out, what was he like. >> a great leader, compassionate man. i had the opportunity the day after father's day to greet the holy father in rome. the delegation was visiting. i was on vacation and i had the opportunity with my father to visit with our holy father. i told him i was pastor at st. denis, i asked him to pray for our people. he told me i was young to be a
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pastor in italian. to be honest with you, he made a bug fuss over my dad, much to my chagrin. but he's the holy father, he can do what he wants. amazing. i've had the opportunity to meet pope john paul ii, pope benedict and now pope francis. it's an unbelievable experience to meet christ's vicars here on earth. it's unbelievable. there's something about francis. his carism, his simplicity and love for people is infectious. you can see that in rome but you can see it now in our own country in the united states of america. >> that translates, comes right through the tv. a lot of people here hoping they will see that in person. father gallagher, let's talk about the church event, canonization at the basilica national shrine of immaculate conception. beautiful mass. >> a very long day for the holy father. the greeting at the white house. something we all know makes him
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somewhat uncomfortable. he's a very simple person. but the beauty of being treated by the president of the united states. then having make time to relax. he was then taken to the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception, the largest church in the western hemisphere. there he was greeted by a priest from the diocese of scranton and cardinal wuerl and welcomed into the basilica. really the mother church of the united states of america. an outdoor mass where he celebrated the canonization of blessed junipero serra. junipero serra was beautified for evangelical work.
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it was something truly memorable. the first visit of pope francis and the first canonization on american soil. >> look at all those people, 25,000 out there. father gallagher, thank you so much for joining us. look forward to speaking to you more during special coverage of the pope's visit. >> thank you. >> the pope was all smiles as people greeted him inside the basilica of the national shrine in washington, d.c. today. as you can see the crowds were excited to get close to the holy father. >> even those who had to watch from afar couldn't get enough of these historic visit. what stood out to these local students as they follow the pope's every move. >> announcer: you're watching nbc 10's continuing coverage of the pope in philadelphia brought to you by these sponsors.
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we are still aweighing the pope's arrival at the apostolic nunciature where the pope is staying while he's in washington. you can see crowds cheering.
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they are waiting with vatican city flag. we'll keep an eye on this live picture and bring you new video of the pope's arrival as soon as it happens. one thing is for certain, wherever the pope goes, so, too, go the crowd. we saw pope francis visited spots across nation's capital. >> thousands lined d.c. for pope francis. he waved to throngs of faithful as he headed to basilica of the national shrine of immaculate conception for first mass and canonization held in the united states. >> the pope also spent time at another church. he attended worship church with u.s. bishops at st. chris matthews cathedral. the pope spoke out against abortion and environmental devastation. >> the pope had one-on-one meeting with president obama in the oval office. after posing for reporters, a private discussion for about 40 minutes.
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the white house would not say what they discussed. >> pope francis till has one more day in d.c. before heading to new york city. then of course to philadelphia this weekend. people here don't want to miss a minute of his historic visit. >> nbc 10, how local students feeling the hype. >> what country did his parents come from? start the countdown. >> italy. >> that would be the correct answer. >> how many brothers and sisters did pope francis have? >> four. but not every class at the catholic high school in redding got that one right in pope trivia. >> i knew a pretty good amount. when he was being elected we had to watch it on tv. >> that's where the pope was born. the faculty knows it's been a while since there's been a pope kids want to learn about. >> as a young person myself i remember in '78 i was on my dad's shoulder in washington, d.c. at the papal mass. so it's an amazing time for them. >> pope francis had several jobs as a college student.
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name one of them. >> a nightclub bouncer. >> i thought it was cool he had a motorcycle that he auctioned off. you don't hear a lot of popes having motorcycles. >> with each child that was brought up, they were almost like the pope's groupies at st. joseph's university catch us ministry. >> i want to get as close to the pope as possible because i think he's had an incredible influence on the way we view marginalized people in society and people we might not think about. >> oh, my god, he's just going around blessing people. >> the students so engaged and excited about this time in our church, this time at the university, this time for our jesuit pope. >> for us at the university st. francis is sort of a teacher in the classroom. >> like them, he's a serious pope who likes to have a little fun. >> will you be able to take a selvie with him?
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>> i hope so. >> i'm doug shimel, nbc 10 news. right now you are looking at a live picture in washington, d.c. of the now infamous fiat with pope francis getting ready to exit. this is at the apostolic nunciature where pope francis spent the night last night and where he'll spend the day today. this morning when he exited the apostolic nunciature before meeting with president obama and first lady michelle, he didn't just get into the fiat immediately. he did what he's probably going to do right now, he went over to the crowds of people who have been standing there waving their flags anxious to see pope francis, anxious to get a glimpse, get a hug, possibly a kiss and a selvie, too, as you see many of the cameras positioned to try to catch those
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moments. a lot of people are torn. do they savor the moment, put the camera down or just look him in the eye face-to-face, because experience. you see him right there with his hand on a child's face welcoming these crowds have been out so long as they were last night as well. many of those people had been out sin 4:00 in the morning hoping toting a glimpse and a touch of pope francis. he's blessing children. many parents are hoping they would get that. seeing some lithuanian children from a lithuanian school who had a chance to meet with pope francis and get a touch. he wanted to be in the fiat. he didn't want to be in a protected vehicle. secret service knew he would probably get out and engage with crowds, which is what he did. >> why he's known as the people's pope. we've been talking to security
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efforts leading up to this week. they say he makes their job very difficult because he wants to do things like this. he wants to reach out and touch people. he does that through his words and through what we saw right there, literally going up to the crowd and touching. to answer your question before, digital age, you'd like that contact, like to relish the moment. i don't think we're seeing much of that. those crowds are certainly loving it. >> they definitely are. i know the vatican and the secret service detail were torn between what the pope wanted and what the secret service wanted in terms of trying to protect him. they wanted to grant him his wishes. he wanted to get out there and touch the crowd. they knew they would have to be prepared for that. >> this is the end of his day here. he's going to move on tomorrow, another busy day. look at this. the first full day in america and he still takes the time before turning in. >> turning in for the night. he does have a full day tomorrow.
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here is a look at that schedule. his day begins in d.c. with a speech to congress. he'll then visit catholic charities as they serve meals to the poor. then off to new york city. the pope's first stop will be at st. patrick's cathedral where he'll hold an evening prayer service. the pope will also spend friday in new york city. he will give a speech to united nations and visit 9/11 memorial and school in east harlem. he'll finish the day with a mass at madison square garden. you could say the pope is saving the best for last. we like to think so. his last stop in the united states will, of course, be right here in philadelphia. the pope will leave new york city for philadelphia on saturday morning. he then goes right to the basilica for a private mass. friday includes a speech independence mall and parade down the parkway to the festival of families. on sunday the pope begins his day at the seminary where he'll be staying.
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then to the prison. speak with prisoners and family members and corrections officers. the prisoners are building a chair to give as a gift to st. francis. the pope has been an advocate for prisoners and outspoken opponent of the death penalty and long prison terms. then it's time for main event after a second parade down the parkway pope francis will hold mass at the philadelphia art museum. up to a million people are expected to watch from around center city. jumbo trons going up. count on nbc 10's complete coverage live in philadelphia. >> live for pope's events both on air and online. nbc 10's team of reporters will be fanned out across the city and the suburbs to keep you up to date on security, traffic and other impacts of the pope's visit. the nbc 10 news app, we want to mention this. it's a great source of information. be sure to download it before the pope's visit to get all the details you need. how about this. one local couple is getting
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quite the reward for their 52 years of marriage. >> they will personally get to greet pope francis here in philadelphia. how they learned the news and what they plan to say to the pontiff. >> there will be a lot of officers on patrol during the pope's visit. some of them have four legs. local police say they will play a vital role keeping the pope and public safe. >> you're watching nbc 10's coverage of the pope in philadelphia brought to you by these sponsors.
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. police from all over the area of pitching in and lending resources for the papal visit. >> that includes four-legged officers as well. how they will be putting in a lot of hours this weekend. >> reporter: canine officer bear will be working this weekend. his days off have been postpo d postponed. >> it's a huge deal. people can rest assured with us this is what we do, it's just a different time and place we're doing it. >> reporter: if bear is working, so is the officer, a canine police officer. with two train stations in the township shuttling people into center city the four-legged officers are in high demand. >> never enough canines. >> transporting thousands from montgomery, chester, transit relying heavily on suburban partners to help out. secret service confirms suburban agencies help out by lending
7:43 pm
canines and handlers. >> i got a phone call asking what our dogs will be doing. i don't know if they wanted us. >> officer jennifer cocoa says other departments asked to help out. she and officer rocky are staying close to home. it's placeing a major stress on resources. she says it's a wups in a lifetime experience. she'd like to get a glimpse of the pope. >> this is a job i chose. i'd rather keep people safe than go see the pope. >> nbc 10 news. pope francis historic trip to the u.s. is captivating faithful everywhere. we knew this would happen of he's a trending topic on social media. >> the moment the pontiff stepped foot in america a flurry of videos hit the airwaves cure ating the best tweets. >> let's head to washington, d.c. and see him through the eyes of people that lined up
7:44 pm
since 4:00 this morning. the 16-year-old girl jackie mentioned went to lithuanian school, this is her. she was lucky enough to get a selfie. she said it was super exciting experience. this guy wasn't as close but got a thumbs-up from the pope. the pope gave a kiss to this baby aptly named francis. let's go to philadelphia. people, three days he'll be here. plenty of people tweeting about the press for the pontiff. if you can see, if you've been downtown you see a port-o-potty everywhere. he wonders if these will smell bad by sunday. a lot of people visiting basilica leaving prayer messages you can see them hanging on paper. there's fairmont, walking down the street in papal clothing there. common sight on the streets, pta removing trucks and cars from the sidewalks there. you see the tow trucks and convoy right down
7:45 pm
the treat through center city. university city military setting up command posts and tents right around the science center there. take a look at this image. world meeting of families signing this port rart of the pope to commemorate the papal event. i'm sure we'll see a lot of pictures at home. be sure to share them with us nbc 10 app of check out special feature dedicated to the visit. it includes day by day guide to closures and more. nbc 10 news. >> all right. imagine how great those pictures are going to get over the next few days. a lot of people will be using their smart phones to check weather during the papal event. >> a lot out including us at nbc 10. how does the forecast look. >> most of the weekend will be dry. it's going to be very different than today. today we are sunny, warm for the first day of fall. we're going to see a big increase in cloud cover as we go into friday, saturday, and sunday. yes, we are tracking a chance for a few showers even if they
7:46 pm
did move in, i really don't think it would be anything heavy. i'll show you that in just a second. live look outside right now. we are seeing nice conditions looking at the art museum now and parkway as all the preparations are under way. we are continuing to see dry conditions for this evening. so nice weather tonight. a warm start to fall. quick warm-up, today and tomorrow both with temperatures around 80 degrees in the afternoon. as we go into the weekend we will see changes for the papal visit. shower chances could be in the forecast for part of the area. really depends how far north this weather system moves. i'll show you that in just a second. live look outside, clear skies at center city, temperatures getting cool again tomorrow right now in philadelphia, 74 degrees. we'll be dropping into about the upper 50s overnight for the philadelphia area. to our south is where we'll see make rain off the carolina coast. this is an area of moisture that we're going to be watching as we go across the weekend. area of low pressure will very
7:47 pm
slowly move to the north. i think most of it will be hanging to the south of philadelphia. as we go into the weekend, papal headlines, clouds increasing starting friday. it will be cloudy across the week. cool mornings, though, and cool afternoons. so you may want a light jacket especially in the morning hours. now the shower chance will mostly be south of philadelphia, late saturday and into sunday. there's always a chance a couple showers could move north into the philadelphia area. of course we'll be tracking that later tonight. tomorrow, friday, more updates more accurate as we get closer, too. here is future weather. tomorrow we are dry. friday we see more clouds moving in. here you see an increase in cloud cover friday. for saturday it will stay cloudy even going into sunday. there you see the moisture just to our south saturday afternoon. by sun there's a chance some of that could move a little bit farther north. at this point i think the shower chance will mostly be south of the area. here is your papal planner. saturday mostly cloudy in the morning. by noon temperatures 70 degrees
7:48 pm
by then. by 8:00 saturday night around 70 degrees. sunday, starting around mid-60s by 8:00 a.m. pretty much cloudy through the day. temperatures topping out around 73. compared to today with highs around 80, it is going to be cooler going into the weekend. breezy, too. for tonight clear and cool, upper 50s philadelphia, upper 40s north and west. sunny and nice, a lot like today, highs around 80 degrees. a little above normal for this time of year. then we go into the weekend ties 75 degrees. we'll be getting closer to that for saturday. breezy, clouds around. sunday we'll be watching shower chances south of the area. we'll have updates as we go through the rest of the week. then it becomes warmer next week. >> all right, sheena. for some perspective let's check back with father gallagher in allentown. >> father gallagher we just watched pope francis step outside the fiat outside
7:49 pm
nunciature. that's why people cheer him on that attitude. >> he's so generous, speaking with the young people. i'm not sure but i think there were three different crowds of three different times of coming out and leaving. this looks like a much younger crowd. i have to say, god love him, he must be tired. i can see it in his walk. he's had a very long and exciting day. look at him, just jumping right into the crowd. saying something in italian to someone right there. he's just still even being 78 and tired, he wants to be with his people. >> i believe he suffers from sciatica. he has one lung. he's still really going to zo well on an exhausting trip. we knew pope francis would interact with people outside the route and the nunciature, who he is. different from pope benedict but
7:50 pm
reminiscent of pope john paul ii. >> he was the first to be truly a charismatic leader of the church. remember, he was in his 50s when he was elected. pope benedict xvi emerged as a very elderly pope and said that from the very beginning. pope francis the same. 76 years old elected, has so man times predicted that his pontificate would not be long. but he's certainly challenging us in ways that you would think he's 40. his unbelievableable to communicate. even here in the united states he's speaking in spanish often. his words were english. just look at that. he's a communicator with that smile. i witnessed that smile firsthand. it speaks the face of christ to others. >> he's energizing. when you look at his go through the crowds waving.
7:51 pm
a 76, 78-year-old guy. really an incredible source for these people that wait for him. of course we're waiting for him here in philadelphia this weekend. father gallagher, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> what would you say to the pope if you had the chance? one local couple will have that chance. how they got the opportunity of a lifetime. >> announcer: you're watching nbc 10's continuing coverage of the pope in philadelphia brought to you by these sponsors. ♪
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the pope arrives at philly of the city will be rolling out some very special red carpets. the langford carpet company created three carpets for the pope, one for the airport and the others for the rectory, cathedral of st. peter and paul. the employees that worked on this couldn't have been more excited. >> well, everybody is extremely excited by the whole idea. the fact that you can go home and tell your family you made something that not just for the pope that the pope actually walked on. >> this is amazing. listen to this. the red runner for the airport used more than 100 miles of yarn and consist of more than 1 million individually woven loops. that's quality right there. >> that's a true labor of love, isn't it? >> it is. let's face it here, everyone looking to get a little closer to the pope. one couple won't have to try too
7:55 pm
hard. >> john and kathleen mccarthy will be greeting pope francis during his visit to the basilica. why they were chosen for this special honor. >> we had an apartment down on 4th avenue which cost $46 a month. >> it's easy to see why john and kathy mccarthy have been married 52 years. >> we got married about nine months after i graduated from nursing school. >> back then they didn't know their marriage and work with the church would be honored today with a visit to see pope francis. it was their parish priest who selected them. but they worried about traffic. >> i said, well, if you really want to go. >> i really wanted to go. >> yeah, we'll go. i figure he had some plan like the pope was coming here to pick us up. >> reporter: that wasn't their only concern. >> knowing we're going to be there, becoming more comfortable
7:56 pm
with meeting him. >> even talking about him. >> then i said, women, this is a big deal. we should be in awe. but i don't want to be not saying anything. >> dumbfounded. >> never really been dumbfounded in my life. >> she even put a new battery in her hearing aid. >> i did. i did. make sure it's all right. i tend to say welcome, we've been waiting for you because he's approachable. >> glad you got here. >> he seems to be so approachable. >> the couple trying not to be too nervous. kathy just recovered from an unexpected illness. she said that was life changing. meeting pope francis is life changing, too. >> be in the moment and enjoy it. it's a blessing. it is. it's a blessing for us. >> the mccarthies thought they were going to be with a whole group of people meeting the pope. not so. two other couples, one that's been married 25 years, another that's been married 75 years.
7:57 pm
they said they are looking forward to meeting them, too. nbc 10 news. >> that is perfect with the world meeting of families all about strengthening that bond of family, so quite appropriate. >> that's right. >> remember, nbc 10 is your choice for information and coverage of the pope's visit to america and right here in philadelphia. >> nbc 10 bringing you live continuous coverage throughout the weekend. our coverage will also be on coz itv and nbc 10 news app. thanks for watching our special coverage of the pope's visit to america. >> we'll leave you with moments from the pope's day at the nation's capital. have a good night. >> i am deeply grateful for your welcome.
7:58 pm
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