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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  September 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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pope francis prepares to do what no pope as ever done before. philadelphia gets ready for its biggest changes yet. by this time transform philadelphia will be transformed. >> your papal visit survival guide is coming up. we begin with pope francis spending his last night in the nation's capital. here he was arriving at the apostolic church in washington, d.c., the equivalent of a vatican embassy where the pope is staying during the first leg of his u.s. visit. ♪ >> president obama and first lady michelle obama greeted pope francis. the commander in chief escorted the head of the catholic church to the south lawn where the pontiff addressed the crowd in english, one of the few types he will do so during this trip. .
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>> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country. which was largely built by such families. >> pope francis delighted an adoring crowd with his possibly mobile procession through the streets of washington. as he's known to do the pope paused to have babies brought to him and he kissed them on the head. pope francis gave a thumbs-up and wave to well-wishers who began gathering along the route at 4:00 a.m. >> check this out, this 16-year-old was lucky enough to get a selfie with pope francis. an nbc producer took this video outside the vatican embassy today. nbc 10 showed you live coverage of pope francis celebrating mass in d.c. >> the mass included something that's never been done before, a canonization of a saint on american soil. rosemary conners is in
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washington with people who witnessed here. >> i was really there. >> reporter: an emotional moment that trid and joyce garza did not expect. they waited patiently to snap a picture of the pope but underestimated the lasting impression it would have. >> i didn't know how to react. he's right there! hi! you know? they say every time he does this he's blessing you. so i could use the blessing from the pope. >> he's a rock here tonight. >> the people of the community who aren't necessarily the most desirable, pope francis seems to do that, he leads by example. it's just inspiring to try and emulate that and just aspire to be a better christian in that way. >> i knew i'd be excited but it was like, oh my gosh, there he is. the group, there was just this energy. it was just kind of magical. >> reporter: sisters donna and deborah were impressed by the calm of the crowd at the canonization mass. and the planning on the part of the organizers as every element
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of the liturgy appeared to be seamless. >> the way they handled communion, holy communion, how in the world are they going to give holy communion out to 25,000 people? >> reporter: the holy father left his followers with this me message. live your faith. the garzas can't help but feel inspired. >> i think he's trying to bring the catholic of today into the 21st century by talking about 21st-century problems. >> reporter: the setup is under way at the capitol building. tomorrow pope francis will make history again as he addresses a joint session of congress. reporting from washington, i'm rosemary conners, nbc 10 news. the canonization was not without controversy. the franciscan friar marched with conquistador friday his native spain. he established nine missions in what is now california. catholics revere serra for his missionary work but many native americans say he enslaved converts and helped spread disease. in his homily today francis
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defended serra saying he was a kind man who protected native americans from colonizers. tomorrow pope francis will make even more history in washington. he'll become the first pope to address a joint session of congress. the vatican hasn't said what will be in the pope's speech but many expect him to challenge lawmakers on a variety of issues. we know this, pope has put a strong emphasis on helping the poor and that will be the focus of his other stop in d.c. tomorrow. the pope will visit catholic charities where about 200 homeless people will be receiving meals. the pope will greet them and give a blessing. then on to new york city. the pope takes off around 4:00 and goes directly to st. patrick's cathedral for evening prayer service. pope francis arrives in philadelphia saturday and excitement is entering at the world meeting of families as randy gyllenhaal reports, the
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pope's visible compassion in d.c has led to high hopes for the city of brotherly love. >> reporter: they came from every corner of this planet hailing from countries near and far, speaking of different tongues. >> i grew up speaking spanish and that's my first language. so having a hope that speaks spanish and is hispanic is amazing. >> reporter: >> reporter: this family arrived from texas, originally from belize. >> it took us 35 hours to get here. >> reporter: on the parkway, we found a campizzi clan from montreal lucky enough to get tickets. >> festival of families and papal mass. >> reporter: they're scoping the best spot to see the pope in person. >> if we have to wait we'll wait. we'll keep the kids busy bringing games and the cards. >> reporter: for lucia, this trip is personal. >> to give me hope. to continue. >> reporter: her son, sebastian, was born with a rare genetic condition with a very short life
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expectancy. she prays the pope will reach out and touch his hand so sebastian can be healed. >> i go to the hospital. i go to the therapies. you know. in the spirit i go to the pope. >> reporter: each family has their own story, their own reason to show up. they've been watching on television as pope francis makes his way through washington and in 48 hours it will be their turn to see the holy father up close. >> you're going to try to get a glimpse of him when he goes by? >> yeah, i'm going to push everyone. >> reporter: at the world meeting of families, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> big changes starting form night for people trying to get around philadelphia. >> there are restrictions, road closures that you need to know about. tomorrow night at 10:00 several exits along the vine street expressway will chose. exits to 23rd street and the ben franklin parkway. exits to broadway and eighth
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street will close. those bits will remain closed until monday morning. >> the secure vehicle prim administer goes into effect as well starting at 10:00 p.m. you will not be able to park on the street even if you bought placards that the city that helped you escape the towing earlier this week. you must move your car into city garages or out of the area. >> for people who use public transportation, these subway stations will close tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. suburban station on the original rail fine. the 5th and 15th street stops on the market flank furt line, city hall on the broad street line, the 15th street trolley stop. we asked mayor nutter about the inconveniences going forward. >> whatever you normally do on a saturday or sunday in n philadelphia, failure out your game plan how you want to get there, what oar going to do, knowing what all the he instructions or inconveniences that might already be in place. >> now that we've settled that,
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what is your game plan for the papal visit? >> there's key things you need to do now so you're not caught off-guard. >> whether you are going to the papal events or if you're staying home, now is the time to make sure that you have what you need. that means checking the maps and even your medicine cabinet. at fairmount pharmacy on green street they started preparing weeks ago, trying to get one important message out. >> plan ahead. >> reporter: kevin powell, the pharmacist here. >> ease been fast and furious. people have been calling trying to get their medications in order. >> reporter: the neighborhood pharmacy handed out flyers reminding customers to count your pills, warning deliveries will stop on thursday. they'll be open but some stores will be closed or have shorter hours this weekend. we wanted to know what's on your checklist before the pope arrives? you want to think about medication, food if you're staying home, cash if you're going out, your pets, and how to
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get to and from work for the papal event. >> what are you thinking about ahead of time? >> i'm looking to buy a bicycle. >> reporter: we met corey on his way to find wheels to get through the crowd. jerry and bernadette have septa passes and checked out center city on a dry run. >> we wanted to see the setup of where the pope will say mass and the orientation of that to the parkway and where a good spot would be. >> reporter: for those staying home -- >> what's i do your checklist? >> top of the list, box of wine, probably. >> reporter: whatever is on your list, it's a good idea to get it now. >> cover all the bases and make sure everybody's prepared. just the next couple of days. and then everything will go back to normal next week. >> here is another tip. think beyond sunday. what are you going to need on monday morning? even tuesday? you need transportation tokens? do you have bills that are coming due? now's the time to get ready.
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>> something else you need, the nbc 10 news app, a key toll to get prepared. find a list of road closures, mass transit changes, find a list of what you're not allowed to bring if you're coming to see the pope on the parkway. a man shot and killed behind his home. a murder investigation is under way in the overbrook park section. officers say the 41-year-old victim was shot in the chest on sherwood road just before 8:00 this evening. he w he was transported to presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word on suspect order a motive. a wilmington man was dead after police say he shot himself and officers shot him. sky 4 over the scene just after 3 c. this afternoon. tulip and south scott streets. officers say they were responding to reports of a man who had shod himself. police say they got there, found a man armed with a gun, and police say they opened fire.
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major league baseball is mourning the loss of one of its most iconic and colorful players tonight. yogi berra died at age 90. he was a member of 10 world series championship teams and as great as he was on the diamond, berra may be more well known for his humorous quotes. here are a few yogi-isms as they are known from the man himself. >> you can tell me what i'm it is, i'd say "now." >> deja vu all over again. >> i'd still be sleeping if i didn't wake up. >> it's not over till it's over. >> berra was elected to baseball's hall of fame in 1972. changes to your pope weekend forecast. the weather to expect day by day and the chance for showers. i got a phone call asking what our dogs will be doing. >> how the secret service is
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callology local officers and their canine counterparts to help with the pope's visit. aretha franklin will get the pontiff back to the civil rights movement.
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officials have identified the victim as 31-year-old marcus fennel of bridgton. an autopsy determined the cause of death as drowning. officials say his death does not appear to be suspicious. his body was found at the newton creek in oakland. >> more council chaos after weeks of trying. the small borough finally had enough council members present to hold a meeting. two council members have been boycotting the meetings for what they call bullying by the majority party. members of the audience cried
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foul and when police were called in, one sat on the floor in protest. she didn't like the protest that council member jeanette fray returned to the borough for the meeting. as nbc 10 investigators told you last month, she resigned but the council never accepted her resignation. because republican members of the council boycotted the last two meetings. with her in attendance the council had a quorum, the present members voted to accept her resignation and chose her replacement. county members question whether the meeting was legal. the council president says they followed the rule. >> before i do anything i talk to a lawyer and i talked to a lawyer and i had a lawyer on speed dial in case something is going to happen the council voted to lease new police vehicles and install a security system in borough offices. a victory for indicted congressman chaka fattah, a federal judge says he can continue to talk about his good works and raise questions about
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prosecutors. the government argued fattah was taint ago potential jury pool by making such statements but a federal judge pointed out fattah's trial isn't set to begin until next may and it's too early to know how he plans to defend himself. fattah is accused of stealing taxpayer money, taking a bribe and accepting a secret campaign loan. he says he's innocent. congressman fattah is married to renee chenault fattah. she is labelled as person new england the criminal complaint of her husband and an affiliate of the fattah enterprise. the feds allege she took part in a scheme of fraudulently sell a cared for the to pay closing costs of a vacation home. she is not charged and denies wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. ♪ a little respect, baby >> reporter: the queen of soul has something special for pope francis when she performs for him saturday in philadelphia.
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arena franklin says she'll present the pope with a huge box of sermons by her father, civil rights activist seal franklin. franklin says she plans to sing amazing grace and one other song. she declined to reveal it saying it will be a surprise. calling in the canines for papal visit. nbc news has learned the secret service issing is local police departments to lend their canines and handlers. >> nbc 10 was there. one of the canine officers in rad more to township has been called into service. police say canine officers l( help them be pro-active in places where thousands of people will gather. a beautiful first day of fall. high temperature in philadelphia got to 80 degrees and a lot of sunshine so we have a quick warmup. really just lasting about a few
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days so tomorrow will be a lot like today, still around 80 degrees, still very sunny. go into the weekend and we're talking about changes for the papal visit. more clouds and the possibility of a few showers but that depends how far north this system goes that we are watching. i'll show you that in a second. clear in allentown, clouds around philadelphia but mostly clear, 66, and 56 right now in atlantic city. for tomorrow morning, philadelphia area around 8:00a.m. low 60s and sunny, poconos mid-50s by 8:00 a.m., near 70 degrees by noon and if you're along the shore near 60 degrees by 8:00. plenty of sunshine, mid-70s by the middle of the day. topping out closer to 80, the moisture we're watching is off the carolina coast. slowly it will try to move into our area but stall a bit and increase our cloud cover.
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so clouds increasing starting friday. you'll note more cloud cover, cool mornings and cool afternoons, you might need a light jacket. showers mostly south of philadelphia late saturday into sunday. so here's one computer model. this keeps the rain mostly south. clouds increase and it gets breezier. saturday cloudy, rain still south of us. for sunday the moisture stays south but the winds stay up and the cloud cover stays here. the other model we're watching, shower chances will be higher but still to our south. by saturday the moisture gets closer and by sunday we could be seeing light showers but that's not every model so we'll watch closely. saturday mostly cloudy, breezy, for sunday a cloudy and breezy with the best chance of showers south of philadelphia for the papal forecast. 73 degrees for sunday. for the overnight low, though,
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48 for allentown. you'll bottom out there so cool tomorrow morning. upper 50s philadelphia, possibly 53 in millville and tomorrow sunny, nice day, 80 degrees. then we see clouds move in as we go into friday. across the weekend we've talking about mid-70s for saturday. 37 sunday. we'll watch the rain chance very closely. danny. >> thank you, sheena. as if the eagles needed more bad news this week, john clark as more. details on another injury to a key player on the eagles as their must-win game with the jets approaches. that's next.
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>> akeisha has a kind and thoughtful personality and loves to express her creative side. so she headed to busy bee to make a birthday gift for a friend. >> the best part about art is if you make a mistake it's not really a mistake. >> reporter: akeisha is a very playful, energetic young lady who loves to laugh. she loves arts and craft. >> akeisha is this week's wednesday's child. >> call 1-866-do-adopt or visit
11:24 pm for information on how to begin your adoption journey.
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>> the eagles are already mired in injury issues on the defensive side of the ball and wednesday tamp injury bug bit the offensive side. don clark has more from the nova care complex. >> the eagles are going into a must win game sunday against the jets trying to get their running game going and wednesday at practice they see their top back, demarco murray, leave early. the eagles said demarco left with a hamstring injury. he has carried the ball 21 times in his first two games for just 11 yards. the worst start ever in nfl history for a running back in the first few games. now this. >> demarco is a great player but we have also got two other great backs to get the job done. whoever is carrying the ball behind us, we have to do a better job of blocking but as long as we can take care of the line of scrimmage we'll make hay
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in the run game. >> he's the leader of this team probably, the biggest leader on this team. a lot of guys look to him. >> reporter: if demarco can't go, ryan matthews is ready. against the cowboys he only had one touch and then, of course, there's darren sproles. at the nova care complex, i'm john clark for comcast sports net. we have a winner of our high school blitz game of the week and it's a tie. for the first time ever we're going to extend voting until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. south philly and central or mastbalm and kensington. cast your vote. phillies in miami taking on the marlins. ten games left after tonight's contest. pick this one up in extras. tied at two, coming through with the opposite field base the marlins tie in the the bottom of the 10th. gordon spanks one into right center. that's your ball game. fillies lose to the marlins in
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walkoff fashion. as you heard earlier, a sad day in the baseball world. yogi berra passed away at the age of 90. berra is one of the icons in new york yankees franchise and owns 10 world series titles. the most of any player. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net. we'll be right back.
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let's find out who's on tonight. >> thanks, guy, james spader is here! [ cheers and applause ] plus we have andrew reynolds, brian regan and keenan and kell reunited for a good burger sketch. that's right, keenan and kel. >> today was gorgeous. >> first day of fall, high of 80 degrees and sunny tomorrow just like today. we go into the weekend we'll have to change it. there's more clouds and we're tracking the possibility of showers but we'll watch that for
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the rest of the week. >> sheena, thank you. that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> i'm keith jones: for sheena and all of us here, thank you for watching. the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next. have a good night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader andrew rannells comedian, brian regan


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