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shared responsibility. dialogue is what moves us forward. i think all of these phrases i was touched by the way when he walked into the applause. he put his hands over his heart. >> right. >> he was very gracious. i think this was a gracious, aspirational speech, that people of different faiths and different political persuasions could take in many different ways. >> i want to go to peter alexander now because he's on the capitol grounds and as we can see, pope francis is making his way through the hallway. and he will in a second step out on to the balcony. peter, let me turn to you, you're surrounded by people. take me through what happens as they get their glimpse of this pope. >> well, for the last hour or so, the people here have basically been watching like we have on television, this visit by pope francis. and in matter of moments they're going to bet the moment they have been waiting for. which is the chance to see him walk on to that speaker's balcony. this is historic not only
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because he was the first pope to speak before the joint meeting of congress, but the first anybody, the first individual to give remarks from the speaker's balcony. 50,000 tickets distributed here. and the moment during those remarks, during the pope's speech to congress that really -- we hear applause again as the cameras show him once again, was when he referred to the golden rule. that was the biggest ovation, the biggest applause. i think for many of the families that we have met here today, for them that is the single greatest life lesson that they can take home from this. the one that's applicable not just to the adults in this audience, but to all the young children. so many families that came out to witness this moment today. >> standing in the stattary right now a poignant moment. >> very moving to see that, controversy about the statue being there so i think his presence is very moving. >> as he makes his way to the balcony, kelly, you had a front
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row seat to history. what was the feeling like in the room? >> matt, i think this was an engaged but restrained level of political involvement. very different than when i have observed the president addressing congress or other world leaders like benjamin netanyahu. members of congress were listening intently. i watched as bernie sanders cupped both ears to hear a bit better as he talked about poverty and social justice. i watched closely as james imhoff from oklahoma who is very much against the notion that a human being affects climate change, his hands were tightly clasped, not applaud x/x/uç úaúaúa@b!6@eáñ÷@ú@apúpú@aúú8
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. >> our efforts must be restoring hope, righting wrongs, maintaining commitments and thus
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promoting the world bank of individuals amongst peoples. [ applause ] right now at 11:00, in halting english, a message of humility and pope. pope francis continues to make mystery in america as he becomes the first pontiff ever to address a joint meeting of congress this morning. in the speech you saw live right here on nbc 10, the holy father called in the protection of human life at every stage of development and an abolition of the death penalty. here's a live look at washington, d.c. pope francis will depart the nation's capital later this afternoon. he spoke to the crowd outside the capitol building. his next stop, new york city, that's followed by pope francis's visit to philadelphia saturday and sunday. good morning i'm vai sikahema. francis is now the first pope to address congress. >> your holiness, welcome.
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>> the pontiff arrived around 9:15. he was greeted by speaker of the house john boehner and was led into the house chairman fwoer address the joint meeting of congress. >> mr. speaker, the pope of the holy see. >> among the topics he covered, the immigration debate in the u.s. and the migrant crisis overseas. >> if we want security, let us give security. if we want life, let us give life. if we want opportunity, let us provide these opportunities.
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the yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which is used for us. [ applause ] >> pope francis also spoke out against abortion, the death penalty, and the arms trade. and he said the response to violence in the world today must be hope, healing, peace, and justice. after addressing congress, the pope visited the statue of junipero serra. the pope declared the controversial 18th century spanish missionary to be enrolled among the states. serra established nine missions in what is now california, but many native americans say he enslaved converts and helped spread disease. the pope appeared on the speakers' balcony to wave to the crowd on the front lawn of the capitol. and as we told you just a few moments ago, the pope with house speaker john boehner at the
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capitol. hearing the pontiff speak before congress is a political coup for boehner. he unsuccessfully invited two previous popes, john paul ii and benedict xvi to speak. waited on the west lawn of the capitol for a chance to see the pope. here's the crowds that were gathered there this morning. some of those people have been out there since very early this morning. nbc 10's matt delucia is one of them. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, vai. for the most part out here, all eyes were on the jumbotron. it was near silence. occasionally there would be applause that would break out over something that pope francis would say. i'm going to just step out of the way here, you can see the throngs of people who are still out here, thousands and thousands of people came out here very early this morning, out here on the west lawn. they are starting to leave now. most stood aoude here waiting since 5:00 this morning. i've been talking with folks out here this morning. it's pretty much complete joy to
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have waited hours to see the holy father for a brief moment. 50,000 tickets were issued, the largest papal event in washington for this trip. one thing is clear having been in the capitol these past few days, these pilgrims are devoted, i can tell you that. we'll come back out here live. we have folks from our area, from the delaware valley who came down here, giovanni, you're from new jersey. you were at the mass yesterday, you came here today. you've been dealing with crowds the past couple days. how was this today? >> it was amazing, moving,ing, everything he said was incredible, incredible. and i am so blessed to be here and blessed to be a part of history. >> enjoy the rest of your stay in washington. the folks are leaving now. tens of thousands of people in washington. reporting live from washington, d.c., i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> this afternoon pope francis
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heads from washington to new york city. here's a live look right now at new york. if pontiff will attend a prayer session around 6:45 this evening at st. patrick's cathedral. he will be greeted by new york governor andrew cuomo, bill de blasio and monsignor robert richie. big changes start tonight for anyone trying to get around philadelphia for the world meeting of families and the pope's upcoming visit. tonight at 10:00, several exits along the vine street spaex will close. the 23rd street exit, the ben exit will remain closed until monday morning. the secure vehicle perimeter starts tonight at 10:00. drivers won't be able to park their cars on the street even if you bought nose placards from the city that helped you escape getted towed. officials say all cars must be moved into city garages or out of the area. for anyone using public transit, the septa stations on your
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screen close tonight at 10:00, suburban station on the regional rail line, the fifth and 159 street stops on the market frankfurt line, city hall on the broad street line and the 15th street trolley stop. they will remain closed through the weekend and will reopen on monday. we just gave you a lot of information. here's an easy way to get a look at it. our nbc 10 digital team put together a great guide of what's closing when. you can find that on the nbc 10 news app, it's a free download, if you don't have it, go get it right now. meanwhile, we're following breaking fuse into our newsroom, we are learning that russian president vladimir putin will meet with president barack obama this monday. putin is scheduled to speak to the united nations general assembly that day. it isn't yet clear if the meeting with obama will take place before or after putin's remarks at the u.n. and police are searching for an attacker who stabbed and killed
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a man near city hall this morning. skyforce 10 was over the scene today blocks away from where the world meeting of families is being held. investigators say the man was stabbed in the chest around 6:45 this morning at north broad and arch streets. the victim died. and a man is in very critical condition after a violent confrontation overnight in philadelphia's west oak lane section. we got to 67th avenue just after investigators say a man was stabbed multiple times in the chest. they tell us the victim hit the suspect in the head with a 2 x 4 before the stabbing happened. the suspect is also in the hospital listed in stable condition. the pope in america. here's a live look again from washington, d.c. our live team coverage continues just ahead. lots of sunshine expected as we head into the rest of the afternoon. plus above-average temperatures. that's all going to start to change as we head into the end of your work week and into the weekend. i'll have your papal visit forecast coming up.
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right now pope is headed to st. patrick's church in washington, d.c. here's a live look at the church. looks like hundreds of people are lined up out there but only about 300 people are allowed to be in the church during the pope's visit. they are volunteers from the catholic charities and parishioners selected by lottery. they're just awaiting the pope's
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arriva arrival. >> thank you very much and god bless america. [ cheers and applause ] >> the pope breaking into english. the crowd erupted when pope francis appeared on the balcony. this happened just a short time ago. this happened just after he made history by being the first pope to ever speak before congress. and pope francis isn't the only big name visiting the u.s. this week. the president of china is expected to arrive in d.c. later today. he has already spent several days in seattle and is expected to attend a private dinner tonight with president obama. several items are on their agenda, including cyber attacks and climate change. meanwhile, hundreds of people are dead after a stampede during the hajj pilgrimage in saudi arabia. authorities say more than 700 were killed and that number has grown throughout the morning. hundreds more are injured. the crush happened in mina, a valley on the outskirts of the holy city of mecca.
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mina is where pilgrims carry out a symbolic stoning of the bevel by throwing pebbles against three stone columns. roughly with the two million people are taking part in this year's hajj which began tuesday. it's an annual islamic pilgrimage through the holy cities of mecca and medina. it's been an historic day in our nation's capital. here's a live look again from washington, d.c. and here's the motorcade carrying the pope. we expect to see him just turning the corner. he has been traveling in a jeep vehicle that's been outfitted specifically for him, or what we have come to know as the popemobil popemobile. ing see the familiar black suvs belong to the secret service. you can hear the crowd cheering, yelling for pope francis and there he is. he's not in the jeep he's in the
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at the airport at andrews air force base and he's just arriving there. surrounded by security detail. secret service agents wearing their familiar sunglasses. extremely popular here, of course, in the u.s., the pope is. and he will head unside where he will meet with -- well, there's john boehner just to his left where he will meet with about 300 volunteers from catholic charities and others who won their opportunity by a lottery system to attend this luncheon and then later this afternoon he will board a plane headed for new york city and jfk.
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wait a few moments before they head in to st. patrick's. there must be folks there on balconies now. this is a live look from inside that church as those folks are awaiting the pope's arrival. it has been a historic morning for pope francis. the speech to the joint session of congress that was continually interrupted by thunderous applause and standing ovations when apparently they had been instructed beforehand not to interrupt the pontiff's remarks and yet they not only
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numerous times this morning. we've become familiar with these scenes and settings seeing everyone with their cell phones rolling on video and snapping pictur pictures. there's only 300 people allowed in the church total. many of those are volunteers for catholic charities. the others are parishioners who
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earned the right to be here by winning a lottery. imagine how fortunate they are to feel that they are able to enjoy breaking bread and having lunch with the pontiff. it's a church, a place of people yelling and screaming out his name of course he's known as the people's pope. he takes every moment he can, sometimes breaking protocol, to break away and meet people. we don't have control of these cameras by the way. this is a news feed that comes to us so we're showing you
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scenes as i see it. this woman has a chance to speak with the pontiff. hard to read lips from that distance but my suspicion is she's probably speaking in spanish, his native language. he's high fiving a number of people there as he makes his way towards the front of st. patrick's in wards lunch has
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been prepared for the pontiff at this church and after a blessing is given on the food, it is expected a number of homeless from the washington, d.c. area have been brought on this occasion to dine with pope francis. it's well known now how highly he regards those who live in poverty and on the and on the fringes of society: he is, of course, made a vow of poverty as a jesuit priest, as a young jesuit priest and the first
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jesuit to ascend to the papacy. taking a moment to kneel and a moment of pause and reflection. while he's been surrounded mostly as he's been escorted into st. patrick's here in washington, d.c., they have allowed him a moment of peace to himself. he bows his ned prayer, it appears. it's hard to imagine that the
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numbers that we have been given that there are 300 people is a total number that they can allow in this church. i'm sure there are reasons for that, perhaps by fire commission. however, it's just a rough looksy at the number as he walked in. it appears to me to be well over 300 and just lined the building as he made his way in. the pope having a moment of levity with one of the cardinals here. i wonder if he's getting instruction. i can't imagine him giving instructions, he may be giving the instructions as he will
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preside over this luncheon in stats in washington, d.c. this has been most fascinating to watch the procedure. we'll take a break and we'll be back as we continue our coverage of pope francis's visit to america.
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we're back to our coverage of pope francis's visit to america. he's taken the podium at st. patrick's church in the nation's capital where he will preside over a luncheon with about 300 parishioners and some homeless folks as well as -- >> translator: the bible is very clear about this -- >> volunteers from catholic charities. and then he will board a plane and head to new york city a little bit later this afternoon. let's take a moment to listen to n to his child. >> translator: with no shelter, no home, no place to stay. the son of god came into this
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world as a homeless person. the son of god knew what it was to be a homeless person, what it was to start life without a roof over his head. we can imagine what joseph must have been think iing. how is it that the son of god has no home? why are we homeless? why don't we have housing? these are questions which many of you may ask daily.
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like st. joseph, you may ask why are we homeless without a place to live? these are questions which all of us might well ask. why do these, our brothers and sisters, have no place to live? why are these brothers and sisters of ours homeless? joseph's questions are timely
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even today. they accompany all those who, throughout history, have been and are homeless. joseph was someone who ask question questions, but first and foremost he was a man of faith. faith gave joseph the power to find light just at the moment when everything seemed dark. faith sustained him amid the troubles of life thanks to
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faith, joseph was able to press forward when everything seemed to be holding him back. in the face of unjust a situations, faith brings us the light that scatters the darkness. as it did for joseph, faith makes us open to the quiet presence of god at every moment of our lives in every person and in every situation.
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god is present in every one of you and each one of us. i want to be very clear we can find no social or moral justification, no justification whatsoever for lack of housing there are many unjust situations, but we know who that god is suffering with us. experiencing them.
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the pope's washington, d.c. visit continues. here's a live look at st. patrick's church where pope francis is speaking right now. he opened his remarks by talking about jesus of nazareth who says was born into a homeless family. dozens of tables are set up to serve lunch to the poor and homeless of washington, d.c. the pope is expected to walk among them and bless the food before they partake. let's take a moment and listen in. >> translator: in prayer we all learn to say "father, dad."
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and when we say father or dad we learn to see one another as brothers and sisters. in prayer there are no rich and poor people, there are sons and daughters. in prayer there is no first or second class, there is brotherhood. it is in prayer that our hearts find the strength not to be called an insensitive in the face of injustice.
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is in prayer god keeps calling us, opening our hearts to chari charity. how good it is for us to pray together how good it is to encounter one another in this place where we see one another as brothers and sisters, where we realize that we need one another. today i want to be one with you. i need your support, your
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closeness. i would like to invite you to pray together for? one another, with one another. that way we can keep helping one another to experience the joy of knowing that jesus in our midst. and may jesus help us to solve the many injustices that he knew
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first. are you red ready to pray with me? i've started in spanish, you can't no english. our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. [ lord's prayer continues )
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before leaving you, i would like to give you god's blessing. the lord bless you and keep you. the lord make his face shine upon you and to be gracious to you. the lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace and please don't forget to pray for me. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> as we come to the conclusion
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of this newscast, it seems only appropriate that we conclude a blessing from pope francis given to the people and the parishioners there at st. patrick's day in washington, d.c. he is expected to walk among the parishioners, the homeless and volunteers and catholic charities and bless their lunch and then he will dine with them. tickets to see the pope, of course, are extremely difficult. a tough ticket to get but interestingly enough he requested that homeless people be brought so that he could have the occasion to dine and meet with them and in a way elevate them from their circumstances. he will now retreat to a back room before coming back for lunch. and our continuing coverage of pope francis in america
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continues and you can watch our coverage on and on the nbc 10 app. and check in for our coverage on nbc 10 news at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. you'll find a list of the road closures and mass transit changes happening during the papal visit. you'll find a list of what you are not allowed to to bring. have a good day.
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