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tv   NBC 10 News The Pope in Philadelphia  NBC  September 27, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> announcer: you're watching nbc 10's coverage of the pope in philadelphia. welcome back to our live coverage of the papal visit to philadelphia, which is wrapping up here. you're looking at live pictures from philadelphia international airport. there's mayor nutter along with the deputy mayor there with him, as they cross the tarmac. and vice president joe biden will be the official sort of farewell host, if you will, of this particular event. he's, by the way, the first roman catholic vice president. there will be many others there as well, a lot of the key organizers with the world meeting of families to wish him well. and he wishes to speak with them. archbishop shep hugh also along with the vice president. the vice president will make some remarks as we understand it who will introduce the archbishop who will introduce pope francis and he will speak for about ten minutes or so as
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you look at a large police and security presence at the airport right now. >> making sure he was able to arrive at the airport in swift fashion. we can tell you some of the other people who will be attending this ceremony, this departure ceremony, for the pontiff. governor wolfe and mayor michael nutter and lisa nutter, ar archbish archbishop, we've seen him throughout quite a bit of this as he's hosting pope francis. yesterday was his birthday which i couldn't think of a better birthday gift for him. executive director of the world meeting of families who mentioned that she could not think of a better place to have the world meeting of families and for people to see pope francis than right there on the ben franklin parkway. >> and the president of the world meeting of families will also be there. these are people who have been just totally immersed in preparing for this week of events for over a year's time
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obviously. so much work went into this. and they're all no doubt breathing a large sigh of relief. ed archbishop not long ago said his biggest concern was making sure he got the holy father from here to there to there. there's been a lot of that here to there to there just here in philadelphia, let alone before he arrived here in philadelphia in the other major cities that he visited, new york and washington, d.c. it's been a nonstop week for the holy father. and he began his transcribe of course in cuba. >> and the archbishop said he hopes a couple of things are take-aways from the world meeting of families. he hopes the pope's visit to philadelphia will do two things. number one, he hopes it will remind us that america is one continent with one people north and south. also, he said he hopes that it sets our hearts on fire to become the missionaries that a new era in the church requires. >> i also understand that he's quoted as saying that when the pope flies home the archbishop says he hopes the pope will
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understand that american bishops share every ounce of passion for the poor that he embodies, even as he put it, if it doesn't fit into the narrative of the compassionate francis versus some of the more conservative american bishops. but in this event here in philadelphia, we are all sort of one as he put it in so many words in possessing that passion for the poor, which is definitely a passion of pope francis as we know. >> we've heard that often in the middle of the night apparently pope francis sneaks out in rome to go feed the hungry and meet with the homeless. >> i understand that the holy father is now speaking. let's listen in. >> my days with you have been bri brief, but they have been days
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of great, greater for me and i pray for you, too. please now as i prepare to leavor, i do so with a heart full of gratitude and hope. i'm grateful to all of you and to the many others who worked so hard to make my visit possible and for the warm meeting of families in a particular way i find the archdiocese in philadelph philadelphia, the organizers and all the many ben e
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all the many ben factobenefacto. [ applause ] i also thank the families who share and witnessed the meeting. it is not easy to speak openly of one's life. but their mu mihumility before lord and each of us showed the beauty of family life in all its richness and diversity. i pray that our days of prayer and reflection on the importance
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of the family for a healthy society will inspire families to continue to strive for all and to see the church as a constant companion, whatever the challenges they may face. at the end of my visit, i would also like to thank all those who prepa prepared in the ari archdiocese new york and washington. it was particularly moving for me to canonize serra who reminds us all to be missionaries.
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and i was also very moved to sing with my brothers and sisters of other religions at ground zero, that place which speaks so powerfully of the misery of evil. yet we know that evil never has the last word. in god's plan, love and peace triumph always. mr. vice president, i ask you to renew my gratitude to president
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obama and to the members of congress and my assurance of my prayers for the american people. this land has been blessed with tremendous gifts and opportunities. i pray that you may all be good stewards of the human and material resources entrusted to you. i thank the lord that i was able to witness the lord's people in this country as manifest in our moments of prayer and evidenced in so many works of charity.
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jesus says in the scriptures, truly i say to you as you did to one of the least of these my breathen you did it unto me. your generous welcome is a sign of your love for jesus and for your faithfulness to him. so to issue care for the poor, the sick, the homeless, and the immigra immigrant your defense of life at every stage and your concern for family life.
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in honor of this, you recognize that jesus and that you care for one another you care for jesus himself. as i leave, i ask all of you, especially the benefactors who assisted with the world meeting of families, do not let your -- for jesus his charge for families and the broader family of society go dry. may our days together be a -- that will last generosity and
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care for others that will endure. just as we have received so much from gifts given us and not for our own making. so let us give to others in turn. i embrace all of you in the lord, and i entrust you to the maternal care of mary. i will pray for you and your families, and i ask you please to pray for me. may god bless you all. god bless america.
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[ applause ] [ applause ]
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>> final words from pope francis at atlantic aviation during the gesture of gratitude, a private ceremony, hosted by vice president joe biden and jill biden. he was saying his heart is full of gratitude and hope. his time words in english the same final words that we heard on the benjamin frankly parkway, pray for me. please pray for me. >> and now personally greeting some of the volunteers and benefactors, the organizers of this event. >> i think, jim, he's also greeting people in wheelchairs. >> yes. as he has wanted to do.
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pope in vatican square and wherever he goes. >> and if you think of how many families he has touched in this way over the past few days in the united states and the memories they will carry with them forever as he blessed the babies, the children, those who are disabled, many of them in such spontaneous situations and all of them right there trying to capture those moments. not just in their heads and memory but also on their smartphones so they can have that image with them forever. >> he said this land has been blessed with tremendous gifts and opportunities, and he prayed that we may all be good and generous with the human and material resources entrusted to us. >> one of the great quotes from the gospel of matthew, matthew 25, whatso every you do to the least of these my brothers you do to me. he was emphatic about that in
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his farewell. it seems as if the farewell is not a very long celebration. he's making his way -- it seems like a smaller room than anticipated. i know there was 500 people expected to be there. >> and ahead of schedule. we were thinking this private reception actually wasn't going to start until about 7:00. maybe about 20 minutes early at least. a speedy trip from the ben franklin parkway to the airport before he departs to rome. >> part of me, while ever grateful that the holy father is here with us, leaving i've flown to rome many time 605 out of philadelphia to rome but having been there since 3:30 or 4:00 and he comes in at 6:15, he'll be on the plane very soon. i guess that's a perk. >> we're getting so used to seeing the official translator just behind him, monsignor mark
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miles who has become somewhat of a celebrity. you always see him nestled very closely to pope francis, whether it's between pope francis and president obama. he has the difficult job of translating not just the words but the expression, the emotion and also not being obtrusive and stepping back and not interfering with the contact pope francis has but relaying the words for those who don't speak his language. >> and so fast with it, alternating what he knows are prepared remarks and the times when pope francis decides to be spontaneous. >> which we've seen quite a bit of. >> yes. >> we get the transcripts. we have them in advance. we no what pope francis is scheduled to say and more often than not he does stray from that and becomes very animated when he does. and it's beautiful to see when that passion arises in him when he's speaking off the cuff. >> we just saw another passionate moment where someone obviously asked him to bless them. he really paused, closed his
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eyes and again entered into that moment of human connection. also with monsignor miles, when the pope smiles, he smiles. he delivers the message with a smile as well. >> and for many, so surprising, 2 1/2, 3 years ago people of argentine know would never have thought that jorge bra goal yoe would be pope. the selection of his name goes back to the sixth century and a lot of people think that pope francis chose his name as a nod to sfs st. francis of assisi wh devoted his life to the poor and disenfranchised. >> it became a moment right after he was elected, one of the other cardinal eelectors said to him, remember the poor. >> and in those poor barrios of argentine know, we understand that when the pope was elected
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you would have thought that argentina won the world cup. because that's where he spent so much of his time, in the poor slums of argentina. for them, he was beloved and they were so thrilled he was elected. in other parts of buenos aires they weren't particularly in touch with the fact that this man has done this work quietly, behind the scenes in many ways, that kind of response all over argentina. but in those barrios where he spent so much of his time, whether it was for religious ceremonies, maybe sharing a maut taye. >> maute very pop bular there. >> and the fact he was a jesuit priest. a lot of people were thinking that because he was a jesuit priest he would not become pope. you are not supposed to strive for a high office if you are a jesuit. >> he was a leader in the jesuit
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community, but even that brought him uncomfort. he really just wanted to be, as he said earlier today, a man of prayer, a man who preaches the word. >> he also said that he's over the years sort of evolved in the way that he leads and that he was a very young man when he was heading the jesuits, the provincial, in argentina. he was 36 years old at that point. he was still very young. and he sort of learned over time not to be quite so authoritative and to listen and he's changed his approach over time. >> his motto in buenos aires was apparently lowly by chosen. he feels that although he was chosen he still remains lowly in terms of giving back so much to the topoor and those who aren't afforded as much as others. >> i think we see that in his messages but also in his simplicity. the fiat we've spoken of so much
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since he arrived. >> even when he was elected poem, he stepped out on the balcony in the austere white, and people say it's another symbol of his simplicity. gone was the gold, the furs, the gold rings. instead he omitt opted for the rings. abandoning the red shoes. some saying the shoes were prada from benedict. that was not true. but straf gant red shoes with gold emblems. pope francis abandoned those as well. so much of the world has fallen in love with him. >> all the bishops wear a cross around their neck. it's called a pectoral cross, to be close to his heart. he continues to wear the one he entered the kaconclave with. it's the image of the good
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shepherd, one of the oldest images of christ in art, the good shepherd places the sheep around his shoulders when they're not able to walk he carries them. mr. john rouse there, a friend of mine. >> once again, ear looking at the pope's departure event, the final event of the philadelphia visit where vice president joe biden is leading an american delegation wishing him well. and he is now personally thanking so many people who were instrumental in making this world meeting of families event in philadelphia a success. father, talk to us about sort of the after-glow of having pope francis here in america, in these major cities, and what kind of impact it may have on the church. >> again, i think's going to be just a renewal, a brand-new spirit, the same message of the gospel but the tone of it is different. to be loving and inclusive, to be ministers of hospitality, to
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the family. it's still being lived out in denver from world youth day 1993. there's still a great spirit of the church. and i think we're going to feel that. a revitalization. people there may not practice their faith, but they felt in his message and the enthusiasm of today maybe it's time for me to get closer to my family, closer to god. and i think we're going to see a lot of goodness. i think there will be a lot of bragging about the city of philadelphia. >> certainly the city has been in the spotlight the last couple of days and the events here focused in center city on the parkway themselves, carry with them a great deal of majesty and beauty. the weather certainly cooperated as well, which doesn't hurt. >> and the world meeting of families that is the epicenter
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of everything, it was just to see the international fabric of the church and humanity that were made in the image and likeness of god and just that goodness all around us. we may not speak the same way. we may not pray the same way. we may not look the same way. but there is a great unity in the midst of all of that diversity that i saw world meeting of families and certainly at these papal events. >> and it has to be so bittersweet for pope francis, for the catholic church here, for the officials who helped the planning, the world meeting of families. there was so much anticipation and buildup to this. hoped that it would go smoothly with the security changes and the road closures. so much angst involved in that, hoping that everything would go smoothly. and now that it's over, i'm sure there are a lot of mixed emotions about it. for pope francis as well, his first visit to america.
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>> i think what many people have said for the archbishop, for all those who have worked on this event, what does tomorrow bring? a certain amount of cleanup, but it's probably going to feel like after a big wedding. all the preparation that went into it or some big celebration, that monday you feel like, i have nothing to do now. >> what now? >> no honeymoon for sure. >> what the holy father is saying is now the work begins. he's left us this unbelievable message of hope and peace. >> and maybe the void of pope francis being gone when he departs, maybe that will be filled by people returning to church and people returning to their faith regardless of what that is. >> we're going to be hearing for weeks, months, years terry ruggles still talking about the holy father's visit 36 years ago. >> greeting one of the volunteers.
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that's been the bright orange t-shirt that's been worn all throughout the world meeting of families. >> they were out at the airport helping the visitors come and thunderous applause as pope francis wraps up his visit here in the united states. this is the final event before he boards that plane to head back to rome. and if you're opportune tuning in for football night in america, by the way, here on nbc 10, it is coming up next. >> but if you'd like to keep watching our continuing coverage, you may do that by turning to cozi-tv. you can find that on comcast channel 248, verizon 460, and over the air on 10.2. and we are streaming live on the nbc 10 news app.
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