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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we do expect some very heavy rain but that's mostly later tonight, so for the evening activities just be some patchy showers around, little bit more in berks county. but as we go through the latter portion of the night, it starts getting more widespread and it starts getting heavier. we're talking about rainfall rates up in the orange one to two inches per hour. if it stayed over the same spot, you get that much rain in one hour, and the red over two. see the little dots of red there? there's even more up towards the lehigh valley by 5:00 a.m. as we start the morning rush. that is tremendously heavy rain. that's enough to cause some localized flooding. and remember, this is a triple threat. this is just part one. and there's the morning rush and we have some showers locally heavy out there, but not widespread. so overnight tonight we expect new jersey and delaware to get some rain, showers, maybe a thunderstorm in the philadelphia area north and west, that's the
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greatest chance of the flooding rain. and the same thing for the morning rush. if there's going to be flooding, likely north and west. in the philadelphia area, some rain or showers and new jersey and delaware with some showers, as well. this has nothing to do with the tropical storm that also may play a role in our weather. more on that with the seven day in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. as our rain moves through, be sure to keep the weather team at your fingertips with the nbc 10 mobile app. you can get interactive radar and keep track of when the rain will pass your area, also share photos to show what you're seeing. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has vetoed a republican-crafted short-term spending measure that would have brought the state's budget battle to a temporary end. the commonwealth has been without a plan to pay for government operations since july 1st. the stalemate has dragged on for more than 90 days and school districts are getting increasingly worried. nbc 10's lauren mayk spoke with the governor today.
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lauren? >> this has now dragged out from summer to fall. the governor is looking for a full year solution, a full budget, but i asked him about what happens in the meantime. in harrisburg, the governor's veto comes at the end of three months without a budget. why was that not good enough for you? >> what i want is what all pennsylvanians want, which is a budget. we're over 90 days past the time when we should have had a budget, and a stopgap is not what we want. we don't want a continuing resolution, we want a budget. let's get one. >> in the meantime, funds for things including school textbooks aren't coming. i asked governor tom wolf about the impact. do you think schools are being hurt? is education being impacted in pennsylvania right now because of this? >> yes. >> how long can that go on? >> that's a good question, and it varies from school district to school district. i think the question, though, is
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does a short-term feel good fix outweigh the benefits we'd get from having a real budget that actually addressed the educational needs of pennsylvania for the long run? >> the republican house appropriations chair, though, is calling it all an unnecessary standoff. >> an awful lot of pennsylvanians are suffering as a result of this veto. >> i asked the governor could this go into 2016, no firm answer there. he says he wants a budget now and a real investment in education, but we do know is tomorrow is day 92 without a budget in pennsylvania. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, thank you. temple university is on high alert today as police continue to look for the person who sexually assaulted and robbed a student near campus overnight. it all happened shortly before midnight near carlisle and master streets. that's just blocks from temple's main campus. the student says she was walking home from the library just
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before midnight when she was attacked. the student told police the suspect approached her from behind, sexually assaulted her, then ran away. she was able to notify authorities by using an emergency alert system. the university sent out messages to the entire campus urging everyone to use caution. >> probably have somebody's boyfriend, friend, walk me around, because i walk here at night all the time to go to my friend's house, never really thought anything could happen around here. it's a pretty quiet part of town, lit up, all that kind of stuff. >> police also tell us they are stepping up patrols off campus to keep students safe. a school scare in delaware county today after a student brought a very realistic toy gun into the building. as nbc 10's deanna durante shows us, officials hope the incident helps lead to a change in the law. >> this is a horrendous message to send to this community that you can do what you damn well please.
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>> reporter: chester police commissioner is furious. the morning was spent with chester high school on lockdown. student reported another had a gun in his pabackpack. the student arrested. >> i have just been advised by my juvenile officers that the district attorney's office says this does not qualify as a weapon or other than the fact that it's a weapon on school property, and the juvenile will not be detained. >> reporter: it was after bail walked away from a press briefing he said he learned state law doesn't allow for the child to be charged with a felony because the gun is a fake. . no markings on it and on the side of it it's marked as a colt 1911. >> reporter: police say the law doesn't account for how real the gun looks or manpower they had to use for the toy gun and now they are on a mission. police and the mayor say they are going to be reaching out to the district attorney and lawmakers about changing the law. >> toy or no toy, this is no
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joke. and this could get him killed by a police or someone else with a gun. >> in chester, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. a medical emergency caused a septa bus driver to swerve across the road and into a pole. sky force 10 over the afternoon accident. 11 passengers, plus the driver went to the hospital for treatment. we're told the injuries are not life threatening. new video in to nbc 10. check out this surveillance footage of a nail salon robbery. police say a male in for a manicure pulled out a sawed off shotgun and demand money. the suspect was last seen on rockland street. anyone with information is, as always, asked to call police. a new jersey neurologist is facing charges. syed jaffrey was indicted,
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alleging he accepted money in exchange for patient referrals to diagnostic imaging services in south jersey. if convicted he could face up to ten years in prison. we have new information on a fatal forklift accident that killed a 13-year-old boy. the victim was a seventh grader. sky force 10 was over the scene sunday night when according to philadelphia police the teenager suffered fatal head injuries while he was joyriding on a forklift. shoemaker and some friends found the heavy equipment after sneaking into the grounds of the newman paper company. the first of four debates is tonight featuring the major party nominees in the race for philadelphia mayor. there will be a town hall style debate set to include democrat jim kenney and republican melissa murray bailey. independent jim foster, socialist worker candidate osborne hart and independent
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boris kindij will also take part. it begins at 7:00 p.m. at the double tree hotel in center city. from our delaware bureau, two hospitals have been hit with fines over alleged mishandling of hazardous waste. according to state environmental officials, the hospitals must pay penalties, plus thousands more in recovery costs to the state. officials say saint francis hospital in wilmington and bay health in dover violated rules for handling pharmaceutical waste. officials say both hospitals are now in compliance. happening now in delaware, a construction project is set to get under way at this hour that could cause headaches for drivers in christiana for the next couple of weeks. road crews are replacing the deck of the i-95 bridge over route 7. workers will be on the bridge from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and on weekend overnights from 8:00
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p.m. to 8:00 a.m. hundreds of thousands were spent by some local city governments to deal with big papal crowds that never materialized. we'll show you what some officials are doing to try to get some of that money back. that's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00. plus, more than two years later there is still no permanent memorial to honor the victims of the deadly center city building collapse. we'll show you what's causing the delay. well, we're continuing to track rain moving through our area. i'll show you what to expect as the night continues and i'll tell you what the weather conditions for your morning commute are going to look like.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> here's another look at first alert weather radar as we are tracking rain moving through our area. if you're not seeing rain yet, you will soon. find out when it will start falling in your neighborhood when glenn "hurricane" schwartz rejoins us in a couple of minutes with his seven-day forecast. the demolition contractor charged in the deadly market street building collapse is getting set to go on trial. lawyers selected most of the jury today for griffin campbell. he is charged with six counts of third-degree murder, reckless endangerment, and aggravated
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assault. six people died in june of 2013 when a building under demolition in center city collapsed on to a salvation army thrift store. dozens were injured. campbell hired the excavator operator who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and causing a catastrophe. meanwhile, money continues to be raised for a planned memorial at the site of the building collapse. members of the memorial committee gave the media an update today. the park design has been approved, but organizers are still $400,000 short of the $1.4 million needed to build the memorial. construction cannot begin until the fundraising goal is met. a live look now at the ben franklin parkway, where cleanup continues following the papal visit. all streets have reopened with the exception of the inner lanes of the parkway in both direction. those lanes are expected to be reopened by wednesday night. new numbers from the philadelphia city comptroller shows economic activity during
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the papal visit was less than half of what would be seen on a normal weekend for many businesses. city comptroller says his office surveyed more than 40 restaurants and retailers impacted by the papal visit. the restaurants reported business of just 45% of what it would have been on a normal weekend. retail stores say their business was 21% of a regular saturday and sunday. and hotels surveyed were at 88% capacity, which is typical for a normal weekend. some south jersey municipalities spent a lot of money as a result of the papal visit, and as nbc 10's drew smith shows us, some of them are wondering if they'll ever see any of that money back. >> it's back to normal for david's restaurant along the camden water front. >> crowds weren't as great, but wasn't an incident anywhere, and everybody was protected. >> reporter: he kept busy serving meals to police, who he says did great work.
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another opportunity to praise officers, ems and firefighters came at a blue mass today in blackwood. >> the community is coming together to say thank you. >> reporter: elected leaders say they had no choice but to prepare for the crowds the city of philadelphia predicted were coming and they say having hundreds of officers and troopers, even the national guard on the roads, bridges, and river kept everyone safe. >> perfeicture perfect. i think everything went as planned. >> reporter: the city will get millions in reimbursement for security, but the surrounding cities and counties don't have that arrangement. while police acknowledge the crowds were lighter than anticipated, they say they had to prepare for the worst and it was a valuable experience. >> us together as agencies and reminded us that no matter what patch we wear, we're still one family, one big happy family. >> reporter: i've been talking to camden county spokesman today and he just got back to me
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saying this county spent $300,000 on security this weekend. they are communicating with the city of philadelphia about any possible reimbursement. in camden, drew smith, nbc 10 news. and you can relive memorable moments from the pope's weekend right on the free nbc 10 news app. from our trenton bureau, protests over a pipeline that would run through mercer county. the pipeline would stretch more than 100 miles from luzern county, pennsylvania, to pennington, new jersey. those opposed to the pipeline fear the project will threaten tourism along the delaware river. we are continuing to track rain moving through our area. parts of our region could see heavy downpours. nbc 10's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. >> this is just the first of a triple threat, three threats of significant, if not heavy
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rainfall, and so by the time we get to the weekend, could be some serious problems around here. we've had a live radar with just a few little showers around the philadelphia area. a lot more to the north and west. we had some heavy showers move through the lehigh valley and poconos a couple hours ago, you could see that move through quickly. that's a good thing. heavy rain doesn't last as long. we're getting fairly steady rain in berks county, one of the areas likely to get really hard hit later tonight because look at this rain from baltimore westward and a lot of that is going to be moving up into our northern and western counties. that is a tremendous area of rain, and if that holds together, it will probably be some localized flooding before the night is over. and here's the future cast showing that by 9:00 there's not a whole lot of rain around the philadelphia area or new jersey or delaware, but again, berks county, chester county, montgomery county, middle of the night most of this is falling, and so by the time you get up in the morning, you could be seeing
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some street flooding, especially the rivers and creeks are so low because it's been so dry for a while, but here we are in the morning rush, locally heavy showers around. not everybody's getting rain in the morning, and later on during the day there may not be very much at all. a warm day, relatively humid, so not too bad for the afternoon rush. even thursday morning, not too bad. but we have moisture coming up from the south, has nothing to do with the tropical storm. this is related to a stalled front. it's kind of tropical moisture, but not from joaquin. and here we go friday. we get smashed with another round of rain. that's round two. this is round three if it manages to come up here and that would cause some problems. joaquin has strengthened, it's getting closer to hurricane strength. it's not moving much. it's just been meandering here well east of the bahamas. it's going to take a long time
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before it's going to be affecting us. over super warm water, 85 degrees or higher now the next couple of days, then even off north carolina it's more than 80 degrees. that's by sunday. that's a long way away. so round one comes tonight into wednesday morning. three or more inches of rain in the lehigh valley and berks county. two to four inches of rain for round two from thursday and friday. that's the stuff near north carolina now. round three would be determined on the track from joaquin. you see it's not just all about the tropical storm. the other two are pretty significant, too. showers increasing, becoming heavy at times, especially north and west. tomorrow the showers mainly early in the day, then most of the rest of the day dry. relatively warm and humid, not as warm as today. then much colder thursday and friday. heaviest rain thursday night through friday, and if joaquin makes that predicted left turn, it would be affecting us with rain and wind over the weekend.
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thanks, hurricane. i'm john clark, how bad was cody parkey's groin injury? more injuries for the bids' offensive line and jahlil okafor's first day after camp. that's next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. eagles are favorites heading to washington on sunday but may have lost three players for the season. alonso, cody parkey is done for the year with a groin injury, so the eagles signed caleb sturgis. he last kicked for the dolphins.
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parkey had a groin injury in the preseason, this time he says he tore three muscles heading into the game sunday and he kicked through it. >> it wasn't feeling good in warmups just from the start and i, obviously, knew i was the only kicker, so i had to suck it up and went through a lot of pain during the game, but was able to hit all my kicks. >> you have to stay ready, it's a competitive league and there's a lot of good kickers out there. you know, just been staying ready down in florida. >> an an offensive line shuffle, andrew gardner is done for the year, so backup matt tobin in his spot today, dennis kelly also there. hopefully this o-line can keep it together. >> i have good practice out there, do well out there, study tape, study my opponent. be as prepared as i can be. >> i feel i have a pretty good grasp of the run blocking scheme they do here, and so hopefully it works out and maybe they give me a shot for it.
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>> there is good news, demarco murray and michael kendricks return to practice today, they are hoping to play against the redskins. how about former sixers coach larry brown suspended by the ncaa for nine games and his smu team is banned for the postseason for violations. wow. sixers opened camp today. here's the center of attention, jahlil okafor on the court for the first time. the two big men believe it will help them to practice with each other and against each other. jahlil wants to make a good impression on sixer fans. >> i want to make the playoffs. we want to. walking around, see the excitement of all the fans. we want to give them something to really be excited about. >> for the phillies, mike el franco will return the last three games of the season this season. i'm john clark, back to you. >> all right, john, thank you. now for a look at what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, calls for justice. tonight, several families come together looking for answers
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final look at weather, rain. >> yeah, what a change. two weeks straight without any rain, and now we're going to get day after day with some. we have a triple threat here. we have heavy rain tonight and into tomorrow, then another round thursday, into friday, and then depend on what happens with joaquin for the weekend, and as a matter of fact, speaking of joaquin, join us on periscope talking about the next rainstorms and also the potential track and impacts of joaquin. it's very complex weather pattern and it has potential to produce some really big problems around here. it's an extreme weather pattern that is setting up and like i say, extreme patterns equal extreme weather. so some part of the east coast
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is going to get hit hard. >> important to pay attention closely to you and nbc 10 for that. i'm jacqueline london, the news continues now with nbc nightly news and lester holt. good night. test tonight, showdown on abor republicans go on attack. the head of planned parenthood in the hot seat. a lightning rod on the campaign trail. the gop eager to cut off the money. breaking news, georgia's first execution of a woman in 70 years. and pope francis' personal appeal to spare her life. reality check. president obama and 100 world leaders converge to take on isis as another enemy shows a frightening resurgence. gathering storm. what could be the next hurricane is churning in the atlantic, gaining strength. al roker with the impact on the urs. and is it worth it. passing doubts on whether a supplement many americans take every day a


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