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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  October 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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here's a live look down the shore at cape may, people down the shore have already seen significant flooding, and today, could bring even more. >> and we're watching joaquin headed out to sea, but others on the east coast are expected to feel his effects. good morning, and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm katy zachry, 6:00 a.m. on a rainy and cold saturday. a first alert weather day, and brittney shipp has the forecast. we've had a couple wild weather days. what can we expect this weekend? >> well, gradual improvements is what we expect the rest of the weekend. into the rest of today, the good news is the heavy rain is already gone. we'll still see light rainfall. we are holding on to the strong winds and also the cooler temperatures as we push into tomorrow, at least we'll warm up a little, and we're pretty much going to be with the rain by tomorrow. just a slight chance of showers, but a look outside right now, you can see the visibility is down a bit.
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our radar shows a cold windy rain continuing to stream up from the south, and you'll notice valley, there's steady rains. a coastal flood warning in effect 6:00 p.m. in the areas highlighted in green. inland, a little bit, the coastal flood warning stays in effect through midnight, and that's for parts of salem county, cumberland, the shore, and beaches there. coastal flooding is still a concern for the weekend. here's the gusts in the area, up to 41 miles per hour in lant tick city. it's miserable down the shore. 43 in wildwood, gusting up to 35 in georgetown, up to 31 in wilmington. temperatures range 54-57. your seven day forecast is coming up. >> thanks. let's look at flooding
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that's put some underwater. yesterday at the jersey shore this was happening. right now, we are keeping an eye on what problems could happen today. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter is live in atlantic county with a blustery and wet county. ted, what is going on there? >> reporter: blustery is right, and i'm getting wet from the spray coming off that inlet, katy, as well as the rain coming down. alaska also, you can see sea foam flying through the area. you heard brittney, i believe winds are in the 40 to 50 miles per hour range here at the jersey shore this morning. we are coming up on low tide right now, so the water, in this inlet, is beyond the rocks, looking very, very angry as you imagine, though, because of the gusty winds, but yesterday at this time -- midday yesterday when i was out here, i couldn't stand in this area because the
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water from the inlet, ocean water, had come up all the way into the street, and that's why you see all this sand here along the pavement, and the sand goes all the way down the street. you can see some residual water there in the street left over, and also no doubt from the rain that is falling. look at video we got earlier this morning. just a couple hours ago in ventnor, and some streets there were still flooded, even though high tide had passed several hours earlier, the back bays are just so full because was days and days of constant northeast winds pushing more and more water from the ocean into the back bays. they have not had any opportunity to drain. we are looking today at the third straight day of serious flooding here at the jersey shore, and it could be the fourth day by tomorrow, but this afternoon's high tide around
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12:30 on the ocean, one to two hours later on the back bays. look for similar, serious conditions like we've seen yesterday, moderate tidal flooding when many, many streets in low lying areas and areas that don't usually flood filled up with water. we are looking at a similar situation again this afternoon. so hopefully by this point people have moved their cars to higher ground. if not, they may have been innoned by salt water yesterday, but, again, it's a wet day here at the jersey shore with a lot of flooding, and this rain that keeping coming down will only exacerbate the situation in the back bays and in the streets. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. thank you, ted. we said what a trooper you are. now from the nbc 10 news delaware bureau, sussex county under a limited state of emergency. the governor made the
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announcement yesterday because of the flooding at high tide. offices remain open and no driving restrictions, but be on the lookout for closed roads in sussex county. in kent county, fans hope race weekend at dover international speedway will not be a washout. at least one of the nascar events cancelled yesterday will run today, weather permitting. track officials now said the events scheduled today will go on as planned. before you leave today, check the forecast ones nbc 10 news app. you'll see live radar so you know what to expect in your neighborhood. temple university students and people who live in the area are on alert. people -- police released new video of a suspected sexual predat predator. investigators believe the man forced a student behind the dumpster at gunpoint monday night, robbing her, and sexually assaulting her. the attack happened a block off campus on carlisle street.
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this video gives you a look at the suspect there. you see him smiling as he exits a train on the broad street subway line that same night. police tell us the man may be connected to an armed robbery in the same area. in bucks county, two arrests decades after a girl was raped and murdered. the accused are george shaw and robert sanders. 14-year-old barbara rowan was killed in 1984. police say shaw raped and strangled barbara, and sanders helped shaw dispose of the body that was found in a wooded area two weeks after she vanished. police say that shaw hired the teenager to babysit, and they say he lured her into his bedroom he killed her. sanders was arrested in monroe county pennsylvania, and shaw arrested in florida. people are -- police are calling shaw a serial rapist, and investigators believe other victims are out there. happening this weekend, the
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susan g. komen walk to fight breast cancer. the rain did not stop them yesterday, as you can see, and will not today. thousands of people expected to lace up the sneakers for a soggy stroll. the three-day walk heads through kenwood and penn win ted including survivors and their supporters. the 60-mile trek ends tomorrow afternoon at the philadelphia navy yard. right now, crews look for a missing cargo ship lost at sea because of the hurricane. what searchers tell us about the doesens of people on board, plus, problems that the storm causes on land. where people have been forced from theirs, and what could come next for them?
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the coast guard is having a tough time finding a missing cargo ship that vanished in hurricane joaquin. it left jacksonville tuesday
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bound for san juan with 33 people on board. they lost power in the bahamas passing close to the eye, and they believe it could be in waves up to 30 feet high. flooding forced people in south carolina to evacuate their homes along the coast overnight. the area is expected to get more rain this weekend as hurricane joaquin sweeps past the east coast. high winds are forecasted, and that could cause beach erosion and coastal flooding. now your nbc 10 first alert weather, with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. temperatures today expected to stay in the mid-50s. another round of rain on the way for us, and light rain, lighter than what we've seen yesterday, which is an improve. . we're going to start to see improvements as we head into the rest of the weekend, which is great news. a closer look at the mode rat downpours happening closer to allentown and the poconos. a dry spot in trenton, but
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moisture will continue to move in our region from the south, but our future weather shows that as we get closer to 10:00 a.m., most of the rainfall's going to be situated closer to allentown into the boconos, north of atlantic city, and showers hug the shoreline as we go into the rest of the today. sunday, mostly cloudy skies, passing showers, and we'll see improving conditions pushing into the 60s by tomorrow. and then a closer look at wind, very windy. these are the sustained winds, our gusts are closer to 30 miles per hour, and right along the shoreline, closer to 40 miles per hour. right now, winds sustained right around 21 in atlantic city, and this a persistent northeast and easterly wind helping contribute to the coastal flooding that we've been seeing, so a coastal flood warning is the biggest concern in effect through 6:00 p.m. on sunday for parts of our area that's only going to stay
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in effect until midnight, but, still, coastal flooding is the concern. it's just going to be really rough. rough surf, rough conditions closer to the shore with the winds and cooler temperatures, so maybe you can just plan around that. our current temperatures at 51 zra degrees in philadelphia, and 51 in dover and wildwood. the rest of the day, the temperatures do not move much, staying in the 50s, 55 degrees by 2:00 p.m., cloudy skies issue and the winds, sustained out of the northeast at 22 miles per hour, your seven day forecast is coming up. thanks. next, new information about the mass murder who struck at a community college in oregon. plus, what we're learning about the victims. and a community pays tribute one year after a deadly ambush in the poconos, the memory of a fall state trooping lives on.
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this morning, we are tracking more wet weather, but it is expected to be lighter than yesterday afternoon. that's good news. coming up in four minutes, meteorologist brittney shipp will let you know what to expect in your neighborhood. good morning, it is 6:15 on a saturday morning. following a developing story overseas, a doctors without borders clinic bombed in afghanistan. three staff members are dead and 30 are missing. we just got this video in from the scene, and you can see firesing inside that clinic. u.s. forces conducted an air strike in the this morning, and there may be, quote, collateral damage to the medical center.
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the incident is under investigation. we are learning more about the gunman a community college mass shooting in oregon. authorities say the gun maman td to be a soldier years back, but did not make the grade. he shows an interest in mass shootings as well as in the military, and u.s. army revealed yesterday flunked out of basic training in 2008. he died in a shootout with the police. last night, authorities released the names of the nine people mercer shot to death at umpqua community college ranging in ages 18-67, including several freshman and a professor there. nine other people were hurt including chris, the army veteran hailed as a hero. he was shot seven times while trying to block the gunman. another student injured played dead. >> she said, god was telling her to stay calm, stay still, don't do anything. like, apparently, the gunman
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walked up to her and said, girl in the black, you know, girl with the blond hair, stand up. she stayed still. >> investigators found six guns at the college and seven more at the gunman's apartment. officials say all of them were purchased legally. meantime, in washington, president obama expressed frustration over the government's inability to pass universal background checks for gun buyers, which he said may have prevented the traj gedy an others. an highway is named in honor of a state trooper killed in an ambush last year. i-84 was renamed after corporal byron dickson yesterday. he was a veteran of the marine corp. and he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. his colleague trooper, alex
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douglass, was also shot, but trooper douglass survived. eric frein led police on a 48-day man hunt and he was found hiding in an abandon airplane hanger and pled not guilty. new jersey gis getting larg amount of money for education. 18 states were granted grants including new jersey, with the goal of expanding access of high quality preschool for children, and new jersey gets $17.5 million of the funding. and president obama's education secretary is stepping down. at the white house yesterday, arne douncan announced he'll leave in december and has been secretary since 2009 and will be returning to chicago to rejoin his family there. the president nominated deputy education secretary john king jr. to succeed duncan.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. temperatures today expected to stay in the mid 50, another cold day on tap for us, and another wet day. these wet conditions continue. we'll see light rainfall moving through again throughout the majority of today, and them as we head into tomorrow, we will start to see our temperatures going up, and also getting rid of the rainfall. a gradual improvement is expected. take a look at how much rain has fallen, anywhere between 1-4 inches. those are the older toe tals, but the newest totals show the bull's eye here in delaware, close to 4 inches. most locations anywhere between 1-2 inches with all of this rainfall. cold windy conditions expected to continue once for us, and improve into tomorrow. you can see all the moisture from the south, and the other big story is our coastal flood warnings. we do have winds moving from the
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northeast, pushing water onshore, and so this is going to stay in effect at least through 6:00 p.m. sunday, and for other parts of our area inland, we'll start to see this coastal flood warning expiring closer to midnight. the big concern is during high tide in combination with the persistent northeast wind, and you can see the wind gusts are very strong. right now, in atlantic city, up to 41 miles per hour. you saw ted greenberg all morning, just miserable out there with the winds and rains coming down. also, our wind speeds gusting up to 33 in wildwood, 32 in dover. live radar shows that we're dealing with rainfall in burlington county, cape may, a lull in the philadelphia area and also parts of trenton. there's been heavy amounts of rain over the past 24 hours, and right now, rain is still coming down in louis. our future wind speeds show that will keep with the really strong winds, especially along the
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shoreline as we push into the afternoon and even into the overnight hours and into sunday. our future weather shows that as we head into the rest of today, we'll continue with the on and off light rainfall hugging the coast saturday evening, and sunday, mostly cloudy skies, but less of a chance of rain. just a few showers as we push into sunday. sunday plans should be safe, including if you're going to head down to the eagles' game into d.c. so nicer conditions, not the best. we'll be dealing with windy conditions, but an improvement from how we spent the end of your workweek. hurricane joaquin is a category 3, moving way from the bahamas. movement from the northeast, 13 miles per hour, so it's starting to pull away from our coastline, which is good, and it will stay away from us, headed into the weekend, and into early next week as it continues to weaken when it gets away from the warmer waters. cold and windy is call for
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today. temperatures range between the mid-50s, so 54-57, a.m. shower, and windy. 7 day forecast shows warming into the 60s as we head into tomorrow and rest of the weekend, but for today, expect to stay in the 50s with light rain moving through. >> all right. we like that light rain, thanks. next in sports, the owls try to accomplish a feat not pulled off in more than 40 years. plus, the eagles square off against the division rival, redskins tomorrow, but demarco murray is questionable for game time. we'll explain why he could have a heavy workload if he plays.
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i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net. they expect to game to be played as scheduled sunday at 1:00, and will murray play? he is it expected to play, but with the weather conditions, he could have a big workload, and demarco is okay with that.
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>> as a running back, you look forward to the game, you get a lot of carries, weather the storm, but, you know, i think we have a lot of, you know, mature guys who played in different kinds of climates and sure i'm used to, in philadelphia, used to playing in snow, cold, and whatsoever, but, you knnoknow, sure to be a good game. college scene, salute the temple owls, visiting charlotte trying to be unbeaten, and the throw to anderson, temple up 24-3 and won 37-3. 4-0 for the first time in 41 years. to the ice, flyers wrapped up the preseason last night against the devils. regular season begins thursday in tampa. this prudential center, the shootout, and, man, the flyers can't show improvement in the shootouts. they lost 3-2. phillies game last night postponed due to weather. they play a double header today
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at 4:00. people along the coast are getting ready for another round of flooding, and ted greenberg is on the shore. ted, you've been a trooper all morning. >> yeah, katy, winds are gusting, and the flooding, looking at the third straight day of flooding here at the shore. coming up later today, i got new information on power outages. the latest on that live from atlantic city next. at least your eyes are open now, ted, you are definitely a trooper down there, and our winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour, plus i'm tracking light rain with a coastal flood warning. going to stay in effect today and into tomorrow. i'll have more details coming up.
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i was about to head to thecheck. bank, but out of nowhere it just started to rain. like really rain. [clap of thunder] i did not want to go out. [clap of thunder]
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but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. people at the shore are getting hit with whipping winds, and they are abrasibracing for r
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round of flooding today. we are live with the conditions along the jersey shore. the heaviest rain has moved out of the area as you see there. that's a nice map, but some spots have to deal with wet weather again today. we'll tell you what it means for you in your neighborhood. good morning, and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm katy zachry, and it's cold out there on this saturday. temperatures are in the 50s, and our meteorologist, brittney shipp, is joining us. do you have good news after the wild weather? >> i have news. a gradual improvement into the rest of today and into tomorrow for most areas. the shore is the exception with the coastal flood warnings staying in effect until 6:00 p.m. sunday. a live look outside right now, visibility is down a bit. we are still seeing low hanging clouds and light rain in the area, although there's a of a dry stretch near the philadelphia area, but a closer look at the light rain near
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atlantic city, pushing into cape may, more moisture from the south, and we have more moisture that's headed our way. our future weather shows that as we go into the rest of today, most of the heavy rain is gone. we will see moderate downpours in the poconos, allentown, and redding. light showers in atlantic city, and pushing into sunday, there's a better chance to see just mostly cloudy skies, a few little showers, and, again, improving, and temperatures tomorrow, and in the 50s, rains today between 54-57 degrees in philadelphia. very windy. look at the winds out of the northeast, sustain at 22 miles per hour, gusting closer to 35 for philadelphia, up to about 50 miles per hour gusts expected right along the shoreline with the coastal flood warning in effect. more details on what to expect coming up in ten minutes. katy? thank you. this is what it looked like at the shore yesterday, flooded streets and strong winds there. people are bracing for more of
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both today. we will check in with nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg in a bit. he's been live for us throughout the morning in atlantic county, braving those conditions. we'll see him in just a few -- actually, hi, ted, and i should say that people need to take a lesson from you. you don't have the hood or hat because can't keep them on in the wind. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, katy. i tried the hat earlier this morning, and it just started blowing away, like, you know what, put it back in the van because it doesn't matter. it's not keeping me dry too much anyway because the rain is coming down, the sea foam is hitting us, the spray coming off at the beacon inlet right here, and you talked about light rain. well, it doesn't seem so light when it's being blown at you at 40-50 miles per hour, which is what's going on out herement since i last talked with you about half hour ago, i got some information from atlantic city electric. they are dealing with power outages this morning.
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just under 900 customers without power right now. the majority of them are right here in atlantic county. look at the beacon inlet here. this is low tide. that's why the water's not coming up here closer to the street, but take a look at the waves, and you can see how rough the water is, very, very angry, and the sea foam fly through the air. i was here yesterday at high tide at midday, and the water from the inlet, ocean water was just pouring up here into the street, and that's why you see all of this sand here, and the sand runs about a half block down here. we're right near the end of atlantic avenue in atlantic c y city, right in the inlet section. look at some video that we got just a couple hours ago in ventnor approaching low tide, and we found water in the streets. ventnor heights section of
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ventnor, a lie lying area, prone to flooding, but several hours after high tide, we found waters in the streets. the water since receded, but we are looking at another day of moderate tidal flooding here at the jersey shore coming up at high tide at about 12:30 on the ocean, and one to two hours later on the backs this afternoon. we are looking at a very similar situation to what we saw yesterday, moderate tidal flooding, roads flooded in low lying areas, and even areas that do not usually see flooding, well, this situation is more serious causing a lot of the high water. the reason? because all of this per sis tent northeast winds that we've been having for days and days here at the shore, the winds just continuing to push water from the ocean into the back bays, the bays are very, very full, very swollen, and the situation that you get is just water piling on top of water with no
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real opportunity for the bays to drain. when you have high tides, the water comes up higher than normal, and that's what we're going to be dealing with today. flooding for the third straight day here at the shore, looking at possibly a fourth day tomorrow. again, the high tide of concern this afternoon 12:30 on the ocean front, one to two hours later in the back bays. a lot of people have been saying this is the worst flooding since hurricane sandy almost three years ago. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ted, thank you. shore communities are preparing for whatever this weekend's weather will bring their way. governor kris kentechris christ meeting yesterday. >> we're going to see 6-10 foot waves, maybe as high as 16 feet over the course of the weekend, which will really damage the beaches and lead to more beach erosion. >> yeah. erosion is a major fear from the storm so the dunes were just
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replenished. governor christie says it's another indication why preparedness measures following hurricane sandy are so important. in glosser in camden, utility ewes work around the clock to tie up loose ends in the latest rounds of stormy weather, cleaning storm drains, taking down trees that could quickly fall over, and clearing up debris from a strong storm in june. some businesses have yet to rebuild and reopen following that storm that knocked out power for days. a camden county freeholder and homeowner in the area fears a similar outage could hit again. >> it takes time and money to repair everything. we also, in our town, have debris that is still down. our public works department is trying to get to it all, but we have to tell our residents to be patient. >> officials urge homeowners to secure things on their own property and to not let their
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guard down during all of this rain. now delaware's under a limited state of emergency just for sussex county. the governor said state offices remain open, but parks and campgrounds across the state, the weekend is a wash, sorry so say. many camp sites are closed today and tomorrow. fenwick island is also closed. before you leave the house on this wet weather day, check your forecast on the nbc 10 weather app for live interactive radar so you know what to expect in your neighborhood. turning now to the pennsylvania state budget. governor tom wolf hire e ordere hiring freeze and restriction on travel, applying to most salaried and wage positions. job offers made through thursday, though, count, and the freeze does not apply to caregivers or police officers. travel and related costs are off
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limits, but the order allows for trips considered critical. pennsylvania has been without a state budget for more than three months now, and that time is counting. and it's a wet weekend for thousands of breast cancer survivors and their supporters making a 60 mill trek. the annual susan g. komen walk for a cure started yesterday in montgomery county, and finishes at the navy yard in south philadelphia. each step raises funds to help fight breast cancer. >> you know, it's wet, it's really wet, but we're out here for a good cause, and it's kind of fun. >> it's just overwhelming. the support i received, last year especially, walking during chemo, with no hair. >> she lost her mother to breast cancer, and she survived ovarian
6:39 am
cancer. she's been doing the walk since 2008. good for them. next, high school blitz, scores, highlights from another big week on the gridiron.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. you are probably tired of the wet weather. we'll see another round as we head into the rest of the day. philadelphia, expect light rainfall to continue on and off, and them our totals show that we have seen anywhere between 1 to 2 inches of rain over the past 24-36 hours, but, again, the bull's eye is closer to the central and southern parts of delaware where we have picked up
6:42 am
closer to 3-3.5, louis close to 4 inches of rainfall. that's a lot of rain, and we'll see more moving into our region as we head into the rest of today. let's break it down for you. your futurecast shows more rain on the way, moderate down powers into the poconos, and here in the shoreline, we'll continue to see the light rain and clearing near the philadelphia area, and as we into sunday, mostly cloudy skies, a chance of showers, but drying out, and also warm things back up. today will stay in the mid-50s. by tomorrow, we are headed towards the 60s, so more 60s on the map, low 60s and the day after, in the high 60s, eventually into the 70s. one thing we can't get rid of yet, dealing with the strong wind gusts headed into the rest of the afternoon and also into the evening up to 38 miles per hour.
6:43 am
gusts in la gusts, cold, and windy day ahead. we have improvements, and latest on the hurricane coming up in the seven day forecast. katy? >> thank you. up next, the high school blitz, scores and highlights from the big matchups from around the area on the gridiron this weekend. plus, terror behind the walls, where to get in on this spooky hall tradition and it's different this year. details coming up.
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welcome back. it is 6:45, and we are just a few weeks away from halloween, and a spooky tradition continues this weekend in philadelphia. terror behind the walls is at
6:46 am
the eastern state penitentiary. one of this year's new attractions? inside quarantine 4d, sounds scary. visitors will be told there's an infectious outbreak and actually feel symptoms including hallucinations and other mind altering effects. i don't know how they do that, but terror behind the walls was closed last week while pope francis was in town, but it's back open this weekend. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with brittney shipp. >> good morning, a live look at cape may, and this paints the picture as to what the shore's been dealing with. again, a coastal flood warning staying in effect until at least sunday at 6:00 p.m., you can see the wet roads and low hanging clouds, gray, and extremely windy. we expect gusts closer to 50-55 miles per hour today. gusts right now even at 40 miles per hour. ted greenberg live along the shore, but here's a closer look
6:47 am
at the coastal flood warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. sunday so we have to go through all of today and into tomorrow, and then inland, this expires closer to midnight. still, that persistent northeast wind, heavy rain pushing all the water onshore, and beach erosions will be a concern for us as we go into the rest of the weekend. rainfall totals show most of the areas seen anywhere of 1-2.5 inches, but the central and southern parts of delaware saw the most rain, closer to 4 inches, especially closer to louis and also long neck. our satellite shows what we see as we head into today is more moisture pumping in, but it's not as heavy as yesterday in terms of rainfall. lighter rain today. temperatures are not budging much in the mid-50s, but cold and wet conditions expected as we head into saturday. as we kick off the weekend, you'll notice heavier rain is going to be in the poconos and
6:48 am
allentown with a good chance to see the light rain affecting philadelphia. definitely mostly cloudy skies, along the shoreline here, cape may, atlantic city, expect to see those light showers sticking around. now, as we head into sunday, we'll see mostly cloudy skies issue and we'll start to see the temperatures rising into the 60s, a little bit better for us, gradual recovery is what we track as we head into today and tomorrow. here's a closer look at the current gusts in lant tick city, almost at 40 miles per hour. the future winds show that we'll gust closer to 45 miles per hour, headed into the rest of tonight, plus, high tide around midnight for most locations along the shore, and then as we push into sunday, we are still dealing with persistent winds, very strong. the update with the hurricane, category 3, shifting northeast, which is great, look at the northeast track, pulling it away, far away, from really most of the eastern seaboard, and it's going to continue to head
6:49 am
out to the northeast as we get into your early days next week. highs in the region today at 51 and mid-50s in philadelphia, 56 in wilmington, warmer on the shore, but not feeling like with the strong winds. temperatures range between 54-57. we warm up as we head into next week. nbc 10's high school blitz presented by toyota, let's go places. yeah, buckle up. that time again. mother nature not playing nice this weekend. it was wet. long list of schools postponed friday because of the weather and many made up today, but we have plenty of big action and big plays for you on a wet and wild edition of the high school blitz. ♪ upper dublin hosting
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montgome montgomery, home team in this one. the game here. down to the 10, upper dublin beats springfield 62-0. upper marion, qb, quin, looking for room, but finds a hat barrel d, release the hounds. bringing him down, and they win 30-6. south and north penn, south deep in the end zone, attempt a screen pass, but nope, stuart will take that and go into the end zone untouched, 14-0. then fourth down, reese finds nick, and touchdown. north penn wins 46-20. up in the lee high valley, white hall visiting parkland, and cross fires the rock down field and get out of the way. the defenders bang into each other and they take it to the house. 77 yards. they beat whitehall 42-28. sloppy tracks, not a lot of
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tackling here, sterling down 20-6 until carter takes the jet sweep and goes to the barn, 60 yards touchdown. winning 20-12. we see you, the cheer you know leaders trying to fire up a small crowd. prep charter having no trouble with the wet conditions. get off me. stays on the feet and goes if for the touchdown. prep charter wins 34-0. headed out of bounds? no. a man down field, twinkle toe the sidelines, and riley with a pro-style reception, pumped up, a good grab there. ben falls to franklin 31-12. central and mass, hard on the field, and they can't hold on as it becomes lose, and central recovers and central calls his
6:52 am
own number, and he drags people into the end zone with him. central wins 36-0. frankfurt going at it, white showing he has more moves than a u-haul truck, spinning around, dodges, off to the races, and gratz wins 28-22. now to the game of the week on nbc, you voted del rand and paul as a game to visit, but mother nature won. that game is now today at 2:00. as we say in tv, the show goes on. the prep is the number one team in the area, the defending state champs at that, and last night, they took on a rival, melbourn prep. game of the week is sponsored by your ford quality stores, home of america's favorite brand. they were not wasting time establishing authority early. kevin doyle to fernandez who dukes his way for a big drive.
6:53 am
ali son, dude is nasty. takes it deep into hawks' territory. go to the final seconds of the first half. check it out. doyle files the hail mary, prayered answered. they upset the defending champs, 33-21. >> now we reveal the three games vying for your votes for the game of the week. mainland, coatesville and westcheser east. log on to cast your vote. that's a look at sports. have a great day.
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so, mobile banking from td bank helps me keep track... for both of us. she was just browsing... we gotta go. i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank. what? live from new york, "saturday night live" begins the fifth decade here, and miley cyrus is the host and guest, hosting once before in 2013. >> she can sing, dance, act, sheds like her disney training. she's a pro at the show, and she's just, like, you know, she's naturally a creative person, so that's kind of perfect for what we do. >> and you'llment to tune in into nbc 10 for the all-new snl
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documentary called "live from new york" beginning tonight at 2k8 8:00. that would be fun. >> not that long ago she hosted, but at least a few years now. >> yeah. >> tonight's a good night to stay inside because temperatures will be in the mid-50s today, and also those winds are going to still kick until tomorrow. we have a coastal flood warning in effect due to the persistent northeast wind, that onshore flow, and you can see the radar right now, more rain moving in, but at least it's lighter than what we saw yesterday, and a.m. showers are expected, very windy for us, temperatures range between 54-57 degrees. tomorrow, we improve a bit, and into the 60s, 63, still windy, slight chance of showers, and then our temperatures warm back up. >> oh, it was 48 when i got in the car this morning. >> yeah, miserable. >> thank you for joining us.
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good morning. lost at sea. a desperate search for a cargo ship in the path of hurricane joaquin with 33 crew members. the ship issuing a distress call after taking on water. the historic efforts by the coast guard to find the ship. fierce flooding. a dangerous situation brewing along the east coast this weekend. up to a foot of rain expected in parts of the carolinas where residents are warned to stay off the road. dylan is tracking it all. a gunman's fury. details about the man who took nine lives in oregon on thursday. his troubled past, dismissal from the army and


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