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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 4, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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at all. watch the job by this offensive line. big credit to armstead. he couldn't even walk at the end of the first half. >> al: at the 17 yard line that wasle coleman's fist catch of the night. down to the 14 goes ingram. the cowboys will take another time-out. they don't have to. le coleman making one catch. you have a guy named snead. i'm sure everybody has snead and coleman in their fantasy leagues. snead caught six tonight for 89 yards. brees trying to pull one out at the end. >> cris: jason garrett thinking i want at least, whatever, 15 seconds. some chance going back the other
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way or they will run it down inside of five. take a shot for the game winner. pretty masterful by brees. no time-outs. so calmly taking them down the field with the answer. >> al: ingram able to slip a tackle in the back field. play at the 12-yard line. and dallas. going to take a time-out. >> referee: 30 seconds. >> al: third down and if you are new orleans you're almost compelled to try -- i telle you what. this is the dangerous thing f. you run this play and it's 4th down you can't spike it. you have to get the field goal unit out there.
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>> cris: no way. you have to kick it at this point. >> al: 1,000% at this point you have to kick it though dallas will have time left on the clock. they would like to milk it to zero but they can't. >> cris: jason garrett had time-outs remaining and he'll at least have the opportunity here. >> al: a 30-yard attempt. drescher the snapper. mccown the holder. hocker the kicker. dallas has an extra point block. kicked. hits the upright. no good. it hits the upright. >> cris: can't return it. >> al: you can't return it. the play is dead. the play is dead. it hit the upright. that's the end of that play with 12 seconds. 30-yard field goal.
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no good. >> cris: that hit the upright like a pete rose single. dead solid. i thought it might kick over just enough. it was on the inside edge. that ruined the party in new orleans. >> al: at least for the moment. we'll wind up going to overtime. crazy stuff. san diego today. tie game. ended the game. missed a field goal. cleveland was off side. le second chance. win it. >> cris: they say there is no way to practice for the pressure of making a three-foot putt to win the masters. no way to practice for the pressure of a game-winning field goal. some people can deliver. some can't. >> al: we go to overtime. we veal a coin flip. we'lle see who wins the toss and who gets it.
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each team has the opportunity to have the ball once unless the team receiving scores a touchdown. or the defense wiepds up with a touchdown or safety f. the teams are tied after one possession each the next score wins the game. the game can end in a tie after 15 minutes. two time-outs. all reviews from the booth. no challenges. a field goal on the first possession would extend the game. touch of a first possession would end the game. if you don't score at all on the first possession. >> referee: each team will have the opportunity to possess the ball unless the team first possessing scores a touchdown or there is a safety. we'll use fourth quarter timing rules. two time-outs for each team. reviews from upstairs. the field is heads. the rib bob is tails. tols, your option.
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>> tails. >> referee: the call is tails. it is heads. new orleans. you will receive. you will kick this way. new orleans, turn around. good luck. >> al: instead of the game end ing with a field goal it ends with a doink as coach madden likes to say. we go to overtime. back after these messages.
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>> al: to overtime we go. cowboys trying to stay on top in new orleans trying to stay alive with carolina and atlanta at 4-0.
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trying to get there. the saints will get the ball. they will get the ball at the 20 yard line. brees led the masterful drive. 279 yards tonight for them. one touchdown pass. 8-9 in extra session games for number 9. >> cris: aren't many guys you would rather have in the huddle. he's out there playing with the injured shoulder. man, did he fly down the field with no time-outs in the last drive. if he can get a touchdown for this, it is over. >> al: start with robinson. in the back field with brees. down to the 20. four-man rush. trapped. robinson can't hold on.
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sec down and ten. >> cris: there are some big time pick plays going on now. that time, i think it was gachkar got taken to his feet. >> al: to the sidelines limping. it's crazy what's going on. keith schmidt, seldom used linebacker, 56 is in the game. it is caught on the run. and out in front is spiller. he's going all the way to end the game. an 80-yard touchdown pass. wilson was covering on the play. what a way for drew brees to come up with touchdown pass
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number 400. >> cris: you can see the confusion here. damien wilson, the young rookie got lost. he's out there. you don't have sean lee or the leadership. he just got lost. he didn't realizele spiller was his man and he goes right by him. church on the back end had the opportunity to get him on the ground. he failed. the saints win it. >> al: we talk about do or die. they do in a heart breaking loss to the cowboys. 26-20 is the final score in overtime. with the volkswagen post game report next. so i need to collect your phones so you can't post pictures.
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he did not. but he did give us this... your sauce should be a little smoky, a little spicy and a little sweet. got it. so come try our smoky, spicy or sweet barbecue sauce, served on top of hickory smoked pulled pork with crunchy slaw on toasted brioche bun or over natural cut pulled pork cheese fries. wendy's a barbecue tradition since 2015. >> announcer: welcome to the volkswagen passat post game report. here now bob costas. >> bob: well, al michaels said it late.
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somebody was going to leave the superdome with a heart-breaking defeat. that's the dallas cowboys. the saints may not have revooied the season but it didn't tie tonight. they win in overtime 26-20. just about everybody in new orleans is a drew brees fan. how much do you think zach hocker is thanking tre ining dr right now? he could have been the goat. instead brees gets them the game winning touchdown. the players of the game are drew brees and c.j. spiller. they each get to speak with michele tafoya. >> michele: i just saw you run up to c.j. spiller and say, i knew you could do it. what was going through your mind as he ran down the field on your 400th touchdown pass? >> i knew nobody would catch him. it was only a matter of time before he made toyota the end zone before anybody else. it was a great effort on his part. our team just responded after
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missing the field goal. just knowing they could take care of business again. believe in one another. we need ed the fist win bad. no better way than on sunday night football against the cowboys. in the manner in which we did it. it would make uts a stronger team. we got better today. >> you said we are working our tail off to get our season going. it is just one win. how does it get your season going? >> we had to earn it on both sides of the ball. all the way around. these wins strengthen you. they bring you together. help build confidence. we have had tough losses. probably been on the other side of these games. it's about time we pulled it together, got a win. hopefully this results in many more. >> michele: i don't know how much you will tell me about this. how did the shoulder hold up? how are you feeling? >> it felt fine. felt good enough. got the job done. we're all good.
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>> michele: congratulations, drew. >> thank you. >> michele: let's go to the man of the hour, c.j. spiller. you made the catch. what did you see ahead? >> nothing but green grass. i thank god. i stayed with it. i told the guys there would be ups and downs throughout the game. had to put the good plays and the bad plays behind you, focus on the one play. me and drew talked about catching them in a certain look. congratulations to him. that was the 40 09 touchdown pass. a tremendous leader, tremendous person. i love him to death. >> michele: you're in the history books now as the guy who caught his 400th. how would you describe what it does for the aem's psyche? >> it boosts our confidence. we came in fighting.
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able to get rewards by getting the win. >> michele: congratulations. >> thank you. >> bob: last play of the game. last play of overtime. brees to c.j. spiller. second t.d. pass of the game for brees. 400 for his career. he and tom brady reached the milestone this year. dan marino was the first to get there. held the record. now peyton manning at 5:36 and counting at the top of the list. tony, are you more optimistic about the saints or does this change your opinion about dallas? saints fans have to be happy drew brees is back. looks like he wasn't. on the other side. haven't been able to hold it in the second half. i'm not sure how they win without tony romo.
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now the defense is not strong enough to hang onto the lead. maybe getting some of the defensive players back. getting greg hardy can help them generate pass rush. really disappointed in the defense. not being able to hold the leads. >> bob: now to mike florio. you had a lot of info earlier on philbin's status with miami. anything new? >> mike: the owner is expected to decide by monday. there isn't an obvious candidate to take over for the final 12 games. working against philbin, stephen ross is committed to convincing key players on the roster that the owner will make changes to improve things in miami. meanwhile, in indianapolis, colts coach chuck pagano is believed to be on the hot seat. andrew luck missed the first game of his career.
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peter king said during football night in america luck is considered 50/50 at best to be ready to go on a short week thursday night in houston against the texans, bob. >> bob: thanks, mike. here at the superdome in overtime the saints 26, the cowboys 20. al and cris back to wrap things up after this. you fifteen percent or more on huh, fiftcar insurance.uld save yeah, everybody knows that.
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we're gonna get bigger. we're gonna merge with cableworld. (exec 1) cableworld? i can't stand those guys. (exec 2) they're the worst. (exec 3) they're totally incompetent. (exec 4) that company stinks and i mean they smell. i used to work there. i had to breathe through my mouth the whole time. (cole) shh, shh, shh, they're here. (newhart) this is gonna be fun, firing everyone. (vo) get rid of cable and switch to directv. call 1-800-directv. with the directv 8-game mix pick the games you want to watch with the nfl sunday tigt. today in buffalo eli manning threw three touchdown passes including this one to ruben randall. the giants won their second consecutive game. in san francisco, colin kaepernick and the niners fell to the undefeetd packers. the niners are 1-3 now through the first four weeks. the niners will be at the giants on sunday night football that's
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next week right here on nbc. >> announcer: welcome back to the volkswagen passat post game report. here now al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> al: it's the fastest ever regular season overtime finish. 13 seconds, two plays. a lot ouz going on in the 13 seconds. >> cris: a lot going on in the two plays as well. it was a pick play that didn't get called. a guy is hurt and the rookie comes in. snead comes down to pick andrew gachkar. he's hurt. he has to go off the field. the rookie damien wilson comes in alongside keith smith, number 56 in there. there is no experience whatsoever at the linebacker position. between the two guys they had two snaps at defense all year. wilson gets pulled. church can't make the tackle. there you go.
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it was mainly set up by the fact that gwacham was hurt on the previous play on a pick play that should have been called. >> al: and drew brees sees everything. >> cris: he sees it all. it's the difference between a veteran quarterback knowing what he's doing, playing at his pace and going against rookies. it finally showed up. >> al: after week two dallas was 2-0. the giants had blown two games. one to dallas, one to atlanta. to new york next week. the giants are 2-2. dallas is 2-2. giants against the 49ers. >> cris: it's the national football league. it makes us crazy. it's why we lo it. >> al: reality television, here on nbc. okay. final score in overtime is 26-20 new orleans. onto the meadowlands we go. we'll talk to you from met life stadium next sunday night. until then al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya,
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malibu kelly, george shill, melissa horton and the gang saying good night from new melissa horton and the gang saying good night from new orleans. -- captions by vitac -- >> announcer: nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national football league. ÷ú'@ú7@@@o
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a threat puts colleges an the philadelphia area on high alert tonight. federal agents warn campuses to
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take extra precautions air force the threat appeared on the same social media site that the oregon gunman used before his massacre. good evening. the threat has schools in the philadelphia area and in delaware warning students and faculty to take extra care tomorrow. doug shimell tells us, some are nervous and others are not worried. >> reporter: the threat was just vague enough to cause some people not to take it seriously and to cause others to have that mild sense of panic. the debate went back and forth at villanova. >> maybe it is big. maybe it is someone messing around on their computer. but it is scary and i'm not sure i should go to class tomorrow at that time. >> reporter: uncomfortable looking and sounding threat on social media promising violence at a university near philadelphia. temple and other area schools put out e-mail and social media
11:57 pm
warnings to students. >> the oregon thing scared me. my sister lives an hour from the community college. i was just, you know, it's horrifying what's happening. >> i think it is odd. i don't know why they would target a random school. >> reporter: increased security measures are put in to place at drexel university and other campuses just in case. >> somebody could be just playing around with the schools in the area. trying to scare peechlt. >> reporter: some students say they have a decision to make monday. >> you have to be more safe than sorry. if you are uncomfortable with walking to class at that time i think it is understandable not to go to class. >> reporter: the fbi recommends that all students listen to any safety notices that come out of their campus police departments, and many of those departments are working with surrounding law enforcement to step up patrols on those campuses. in villanova, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. local civil rights leader
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swrerry mondesire has died. he passed away this evening at jefferson hospital. he suffered a brain aneurysm while having dialysis. he was famous for his cowboy hats, boots and pointed activism. he took over the local naacp chapter in 1991. the national office suspended him last year after he was accuseed of misusing funds. he started the weekly newspaper "the philadelphia sunday sun." in 1991, he took over the philadelphia chapter of the naacp and he stayed there until his suspension last year. tonight we talked to one of mondesire's friends who worked with him for 25 years. >> made sure he stood for the
11:59 pm
right thing at the right time. i think that somebody needs to pick up the ba tochbl we're sorry he died. it is untimely death and he will sorely be missed. >> reporter: he was a founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalists. the 0 organization released a statement saying jerry used the power of the pen and bull horn to advocate for those without a voice. he fought not only for the philadelphia black community but for all people of color and wanted nothing for all people in the city to be treated justly. mondesire passed away at the age of 65 with hi family and friends close by. a memorial service is being planned. new video in to nbc 10 shows the coast guard rescuing a jet ski who are fell overboard in rough seas in monmouth county. a helicopter crew from atlantic city was flying over when they
12:00 am
spotted a jet ski in the water with no one on board. the strong waves were pushing the man toward a jetty. the coast guard lowered a rescue swimmer from his chopper and he grabbed the man and got him to safety. the jet skier was only in the water for a few minutes but exhausted from trying to swim through the waves. this is a photo of the coast guard crew who brought him to safety. the storms are gone. there's still flooding at the shore. water filled the streets in avalon today. in stone harbor, beach erosion is a growing concern. this is two years after millions were spent for a beach replenishment project that proved effective and now needs to be replaced. >> normally we have a beautiful beach out here, 100 yards, 150 yards out in the dune structure. now this angry sea has chopped away at it. >> reporter: the storms come ahead of the peak nor'easter season which typically runs january to march.
12:01 am
not everyone is fed up with the flooding at the shore. this video shows a surfer making his way down waterway road in ocean city, cape may could nty s afternoon. he glides before falling off his board. brittney shipp has more on what we can expect for the start of the week. there's some reason for concern down the shore. >> some coastal flood advisories continue to be extended. this was supposed to expire at midnight but it is now until monday at 10:00 a.m. minor flooding in the back bays. this will occur after high tide. we are dealing with wind speeds out of the northeast but only for a few low cases. mainly along the shore but it is getting better. not 40 miles an hour. down to 23 miles an hour. atlantic city 22 wildwood.
12:02 am
as we head to tomorrow it will relax. the current temperatures 56 in philadelphia. 51 pottstown, 49 allentown. mid-40s in the poconos. today was warmer than what we have been seeing and the trend will continue. tomorrow 8 a.m., in the 50s for philadelphia. mid 0s in allentown. close to 60 at the shoreline. a we progress to 4:00 p.m., more 60s on the map. in the mid-60s as we head in to monday. that's the start of a warming trend. i'm tracking temperature that will push closer to average and staying dry for us. i will go oef the details of what you can expect as you head back to work tomorrow. record rain continues to fall. south carolina is one of the hardest-hit areas where there have been 200 water rescues since last night. rushing waters took out this
12:03 am
road in columbia and two vehicles went along for the ride. rescue crews were with able to get people to safety. 200 state roads are impassable. a day after the wettest day on record. in just 24 hours, more than 11 inches of rain fell. relentless downpours blamed for at least six deaths in the carolinas over the past few days. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years. that's how big this is. >> reporter: the governor of is south carolina saying this afternoon she's activated the national guard. we will have the latest tomorrow morning on nbc 10 news today at 4:00 a.m. now to decision 2016. donald trump's lead in the republican race for the white house is shrinking. according to two brand new nbc news "wall street journal" poll 0s, trump holds a five point advantage in the early
12:04 am
nominating states of iowa and new hampshire. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is leading in iowa with 47% support. in new hampshire, bernie sanders is leading clinton by nine points 4rks 8 48 to 39%. in biden juchs in toe race clinton would lose ground in both contests. if you live in philadelphia tomorrow is the last day to register to vote for the november 3rd election. that's when voters will decide who will be the next mayor of philadelphia. there are also 17 city council seats up for grabs. nbc 10 has learned an american service member killed in a plane crash in eastern afghanistan has ties to our area. airman first class casey ruiz was originally from philadelphia but she moved to georgia in 2004. she was 21 years old.
12:05 am
based in massachusetts. she was among the six american service members killed on friday when a u.s. transport plane crashed at an air base in jalalab jalalabad. that is 80 miles from kabul. the cause of the crash is under investigation. u.s. defense secretary ash carter is promising a full, transparent investigation in to the bombing of a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan over the weekend. it happened in the northern city of kunduz. a warplane involved in battling taliban militants may have been responsible. today the death toll rose to 22. doctors without borders has abandoned the hospital declaring it a total loss. new information on a story we told you about last night at 11:00. swathmore college identified the college who died there yesterday after falling


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