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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  October 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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and right now at 11:00, colleges and universities in our area are on alert today after a threat was posted on social media. good morning, i'm vai sick ka ham match the threat did not mention a specific school but authorities say they are not taking any chances. nbc 10's matt delucia went to local schools this morning to talk with local students and checked on the height.ed security. >> reporter: several campuses in our area are increasing security patrols and keeping a closer watch on their schools just in case. we saw officers on patrol this morning, this one here at drexel university. several schools, including drexel and tevle, have issued alerts to students and staff, all because of this, a threat
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posted on social media warning that someone will take up arms against a university near philadelphia today at 2 p.m. the same web forum warned of an attack at a school in the northwest, a day before the mass shooting in oregon. the fbi alerted schools out of what it calls an abundance of caution. the students i spoke with this morning had mixed feelings about the threat and response on campus. >> i probably still go to class, but yeah, they need i.d. require good inside. >> i was concerned for everyone here. a lot of people r a lot of people left campus, a lot of people are staying at home. i think everyone i talked to is taking it well and being as safe as possible, that is not something you want to risk. >> security and police at campuses throughout our area are asking students and staff if they see anything suspicious, to give them a call right away. in university city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. s.w.a.t. more college is offering counselling to students
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and staff today after the fatal fall of a college student over earth weekend. the student of bay side, new york, accidentally fell 40 to perhaps 50 feet off a cliff at the back of a campus saturday. neighbors found his body. steady rain and flooding took its toll on cape may county over the weekend. water filled the streets in avalon and neighboring stone harbor, beach einvestigation a big concern there. this is happening two years after the area underwent a beach replenishment project that costs several million dollars. >> normally we have 100, 150 yards of beautiful beach but this angry sea chopped away at it. >> it comes during the peak nor'easter season january through march. cape may, new jersey, beach avenue looking dry this morning as the rain has moved on.
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this is from our camera there at the hotel. officials there will be keeping an eye on the high tide later today. what's in store for the rest of the workweek? income ten first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with more. bill? >> bright sunshine, pretty good breeze is blowing, however. see the flags on top of bolt house row blowing in that wind out of the northeast, 12 miles an hour. see higher gusts gusting to 20 miles an hour this afternoon in philadelphia. 57 degrees, one degree warmer than yesterday morning tilt. after we got a chillier start this morning and the warming will continue. 60 already for northeast philadelphia, millville and do every, warm into the upper 50s to upper 60s across the area today. pocono mountains see upper 50s with 8-mile-an-hour wind, a 20-mile-an-hour a wind right now in wilmington and picked up in wildwood as well. there's sta aes sta's still a p flooding, minor flooding
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possible at times of high tide this afternoon for the jersey coastline, the delaware beaches and the back bays in delaware bay. most of the area going to see much-improved conditions through the day today, with sunshine, 63 degrees, still breezy at 4:00, northeasterly winds 11 miles an hour, 65 degrees at 4:00, then starting to cool down as we head into this evening, 61 degrees at 7:00. cooler later today but we have got a warming trend on the way, got the 7-day forecast when i come back later this half hour, vai. >> see you later, bill. video of a harrowing rescue and choppy waters off the jersey shore. this is video that shows a coast guard rescuing a jet skier who fell overboard yesterday in monmouth county. when the helicopter crew flew over the inlet, they spotted the jet ski with no one on board. strong waves were pushing the man toward a jetty. and the coast guard crew lowered rescue swimmer to the water to grab the man and get him to safety. officials say the man was only in the water for a few minutes
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but was still exhausted from trying to swim through the waves. this photo shows a coast guard air station crew that saved the man's life. there it is. and we received new information in the past hour about that cargo ship that's lost at sea. the coast guard says it found the body of one crew member from the u.s.-based ship "el faro" that sank during hurricane joaquin in the bahamas. a crew spotted several survival suits floating amid debris. most were empty but one had a body in it. the crew confirmed the person was dead but had to leave the body behind to continue the search for possible survivors. 33 people were aboard that ship. and mandatory curfews are in place throughout the south as record rain continues to fall there. south carolina's the hardest hit. and hundreds of people have been rescued from fast-moving floodwaters. take a look at the roads throughout columbia here. officials say more than 200 state roads are still
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impassible. the floods are blamed for the a least sevl -- for at least seve deaths and more rain is on the way. just made a mistake. there he goes. >> in flash flooding, the saying goes, turn around, don't drown, which is pretty good advice, as you can see here. raging floodwaters in columbia, south carolina, sweeping away this driver in a pickup truck. a good samaritan who tried to help out also ran into trouble. a water rescue team got both of them safely to dry ground. flash flooding closed dozens of roads and several highways. is members of the columbia whitewater paddle club went out on their own yesterday searching for anyone who might need help. this video showing one rower in action. in some cases, rising waters reached the roof lines of some homes. the club offered assistance to local authorities but say they weren't told which flooded areas
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to search in. and dramatic drone video showing how flooding in some areas of south carolina has shut down streets and even trapped people in their homes. the storm dumped more than two feet of rain in some parts of the state over the weekend and forced more than 250g2 roads to close. the state's department of transportation say it took nearly 1200 distress calls. south carolina governor nicky haley advised people to stay off the roads, not only to stay safe but keep streets clear for rescue and utility trucks. and new video into nbc 10 shows the suspect wanted for posing as a home care nurse and stealing jewelry from a south philadelphia. police salt woman was wandering around the home on snyder avenue on august 28th when the elderly resident confronted her and said she didn't recognize her. police say the suspect walked out and didn't return but the resident noticed her drawers had been rum imagined through and all her jewelry was missing.
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surveillance videos from a nearby 7-11 store, if you happen to recognize this woman, you are asked to call philadelphia police. philadelphia police looking for the teenager seen in this video, riding on his bike in dickenson street in point breeze when he snatched an iphone from a man. if you happen to have any information or you recognize him, please call police. a leading voice for civil rights in philadelphia died last year, jerry mondesire was known for his cowboy hats and boots as well as activism. the former head of the philadelphia naacp passed away at thomas jefferson hospital. mondesire suffered a brain aneurism on friday while having dialysis at chestnut hill hospital. he was 65 years old. jerry mondesire was born in harlem in 1949. he was an assistant city editor at the enquirer and later worked as an assistant to william gray. he started a weekly newspaper,
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the philadelphia sunday sun in 1991. he took over the local naacp, the national office suspended him last year after the he was accused of misusing funds. we spoke to a friend who worked with mondesire for 25 years. he made sure that he stood for the right thing at the right time. >> you think the city needs a leader like him today? >> i do. i think somebody needs to pick up the baton and we are sorry that he died. i mean, it's just an untimely death and he will surely be missed. >> mondesire was a founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalists a memorial service is being planned. happening at this hour, new jersey's fourth medical marijuana dispense very opened for business in camden county. compassionate sciences in belmar is one of six dispensaries allowed to legally grow or sell marijuana to patients with certain medical conditions. the state health department issued a final permit after inspecting the facility friday. another late-game let down for the eagles.
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washington's last-minute touchdown yesterday sent the birds to the bottom of the nfc east. demarco murray questionable before the game did play. he had 36 yards and eight carries. he has got less than 50 yards in four games so far. the fourth quarter, the eagles took their first lead of the game, sam bradford hits miles austin for this 39-yard score but washington gashed the birds' defense for a 90-yard drive that finished with kirk cousins finding pierre garcon in the end zone with 26 seconds left to go. eagles lose a heartbreaker, 23-20. >> as a group, you know, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to score, you know, every time we touch the football, but i think we just got to take a big breath, relax and just go have fun. >> the eagles are now 1-3 on the season and in last place in the division. the birds are home next sunday at 1:00 to play the new orleans saints. pope francis addressed a contentious gathering of the world's bishops and he had a message to deliver. we will tell you what the pope wants them to set aside coming
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up. chris christie wants to be president but if his run for the white house doesn't work out, he will need to take a different career path. find out what political job he says he would never do. sunshine and warming temperatures. it's a trend that is going to continue. 7-day forecast just ahead.
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decision 2016. donald trump leads the
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republican field for president still but his latest poll numbers have taken a bit of a dip. two new nbc news/"wall street journal" polls show trump now only holds a five-point edge in the early nominating states of iowa and new hampshire. trump's lead is down by as much as 16 points from a month ago. he is ahead of carly fiorina in new hampshire and ben carson in iowa. on the democratic side, hillary clinton today will unveil a plan for major new gun restrictions. clinton's aides say her plan includes closing the gun show loophole which lets private gun sellers skip during background checks of buyers. clinton's announcement comes in the wake of last week's deadly mass shooting in oregon. democratic polling, hillary clinton still leads in iowa with 47% support but new hampshire, bernie sanders tops clinton by nine points. the polls also show if vice president joe biden jumps into the race, clinton would lose ground in both contests. new jersey governor chris christie wants to be president, but there's one job in
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washington he said he would never take. in a sunday tv interview, christie said, "i would rather jump off the brooklyn bridge than be in congress." the governor made that comment following a joke about whether he was running for speaker of the house. current speaker, john boehner, will step down later this month. and the supreme court heads back to work today for the start of a new term. today, justices will decide whether to take up two cases, both from texas, one covering facilities and medical privileges, the other surrounding affirmative action in college admissions. the court is also likely to consider a challenge to the birth control mandate in the affordable care act. the russian defense ministry released video showing air strikes carried out by russian jets over syria. russia says it is coordinating its action with the syrian government and is receiving intelligence from iran and iraq. russian officials say more than 50 war planes and helicopters are taking part in the open-ended air strike operations.
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the u.s.-led coalition has been critical of russia's involvement, claiming it has targeted western-backed moderates as well as isis. pope francis told a group of the world's bishops to put aside their personal prejudice and have the courage and humility to let themselves be guided by god. the holy father spoke to 270 cardinals, bishops and priests this morning. he said the three-week sign on is a parliament isn't where compromises take place but a sacred and protected space where god shows the way for the good of the church. they are determining how the church can better care for families where divorce is on the rise. a once in a century convenient set to take place in if i recall, an organization that helps people live with a chronic medical condition is celebrating a major milestone. the american diabetes association is marking its 75 a
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thanners a vism joining us now to tell us more are jennifer face bender, the director of wellness and community partnerships for the american diabetes association and also william george, the president and ceo of health partners plans. welcome to you both. tell us how the ada helps those with diabetes. >> well, in its 75 years of existence, the american diabetes association has really fought for its mission to prevent and cure diabetes, improve the lives of all those affected by diabetes. we hold out hope for our vision to become a reality, you know, of a world free of diabetes and all its burdens. so, from a lot of money being dumped in, millions of dollars being dumped into the research world, in philadelphia alone, helping to try and find a cure and make lives better, to all the programming that we do in the community and abroad, to our wellness initiatives, there's really a lot happening with the
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ada, an exciting time. >> tell us, jennifer, how the organization has evolved over the years. >> i think from an organization, when it started in 1940, being run by 26 physicians, to being a primarily volunteer-running ors, i think that's been probably the most pivotal point for the organization, we rely heavily on our volunteers, such as mr. george, who is with us today, to really help us meet that mission. tell us why you worked so closely with the ada. >> sure. diabetes is very close to me personally. my father and his brother contracted type one die bet tease in the 1920s as very small children as a result of getting scarlet fever. my father's older brother did not survive the battle with diabet diabetes. he died at the age of 6. my grandfather took my father, my future father up to harvard, where he was given insulin, just being tested for small children and my father survived. he became a physician.
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and as a practicing physician in pittsburgh, treated with a great amount of compassion and sympathy, lots of type one diabetics like itself. now there is irony, running health partner plans in a leadership position and our plan is a plan of choice for diabe c diabetics. >> seems like it's comfortable. tell us about the anniversary celebration. >> sure. we are expecting a wonderful time this week at the -- at the convention center, which is a wonderful venue, bring together both people from the private and public sectors. going to recognize physicians and educators who are on the front line in dealing with diabet diabetes, day in and day out. >> once again, the american diabetes association, 75th anniversary awards celebration set for wednesday night from 5:30 to 8:30 at the national constitution center. we have posted a link for more information on our website, jennifer, bill, thank you very much for coming in. good luck. >> thank you. >> all right.
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20 minutes after 11, we have got sunshine and the temperatures are climbing nicely. gusty winds will keep us in the 60s today, but it's a warming trend. we will be warmer than it was yesterday afternoon. that will continue over the next few days. minor flooding is possible at the shore. and in delaware bay, some of the back bays, going to be coinciding with high tide this afternoon, later this afternoon, if it happens, that is just a possibility for later today. warming trend, we will see it. bright sunshine, sending our temperatures up already, doylestown, nothing but sunshine, 58 degrees, 59, philadelphia, millville already in the low 60s at 61. look at this beautiful view from the pocono mountains, just some scattered clouds there, no sign of any rain showers. there was a slight chance earlier in the day of seeing some showers at the shore. now that looks like it's not going to happen. 60, northeast philadelphia, chester springs, 56.
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50s for allentown, quakertown, pottstown, started off in the 40s this morning. most of south jersey started in the 50s, still there upper 50s, millville, mount holly, woodbine, 60, 60 for dover and middletown. there, you can see nice and clear for most of pennsylvania and delaware along the coast, still some clouds, visible satellite shows those clouds, but the radar shows there's nothing coming out of them. so, clouds will thin out. meantime, to the south, south carolina into north carolina, steady rainfall still coming onshore, fortunately not as heavy as it was earlier today in south carolina. it's finally starting to die down but look at the rain that is on the ground in the last few days. more than 20 inches of rain in some spots, approaching 23 inches in parts of south carolina. charleston, just under 14 inches of rain. a tremendous amount of rain there. it will take some time to recover from that. we are drying out, too, we got sunshine and 65 for this
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afternoon, allentown, reading, 66, 63 in quakertown, still a bit breezy this afternoon, for doylestown, trenton, mount hollis, winds gusting, possibly up to 30 miles an hour for atlantic city and cape may, 66, the high for dover. plenty of sunshine will warm wilmington, philadelphia, middle 60s today. but warmer weather to come, after a cooler morning tomorrow, with less wind tonight and clear skies, that will allow the temperature to drop into the 40s, 73 tomorrow afternoon a built warmer on wednesday. thursday is looking good, too, plenty of sunshine, a high of 72. but rain here may be necessary on friday as the cold front comes through. those showers friday will be gone by the weekend. cooler and breezy saturday, up to 68 degrees sunday afternoon. >> wow, thank you very much, bill. a new road hazard, incidetse of drunk driving are down. another danger is only the rise. and we will tell you what is happening more and more, coming up. not all women who get breast
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cancer have a family history. see what researchers are doing to try to help doctors detect these kinds of cases earlier.
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there have been fewer cases of drunk driving the past several decades, drug driving is on the rise. the figure shows the percentage of drivers who tested positive for marijuana or other drugs jumped from 12 1/2% to 15% the past five years.
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drugs are also playing a larger role in deadly accidents. more than a third of drivers killed drugs in their system, which is only slightly less than those impaired by alcohol. severe weather caught on camera. this morning, seeing dramatic video of a tornado. tell you where it struck and how much damage it caused. changes could be on the way at some popular theme parks. see why they could affect how much you pay and when you plan your trip.
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a threat on social media puts local college campuses on alert. no specific school was named but authorities not taking any chances. an alert to colleges and universities in our area. the fbi says someone posted on social media -- a social media site, claiming an attack on a philadelphia area school will
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happen today. nbc 10's matt delucia visited lukal campuses to see how students are reacting to the increased security. >> reporter: several students i spoke with this morning say they aren't terribly concerned about the threat but say they are going to keep a watchful eye today, just in case. classes and activities went on as scheduled. here at drexel university, public safety officers were on patrol and more of them are on the street today. this is why, a post on a social media website claiming an attack on a university near philadelphia will happen today at 2 p.m. the fbi put out a warning to schools in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, a warning to be alert out of an abundance of caution. the threat did not mention a specific school, but several in our area said they would be spending the day monitoring the situation. threat seriously, while others think it may be a joke that went too far. >> it also instills fear in everyone and i don't know really what is the purpose of it, but
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it definitely puts everyone, like, thinking. >> with everything going on around the country it is something everyone has to watch out for. >> over the past 24 hours, schools have been alerting those students and telling them if you see anything suspicious, call police or security right away. in university city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. after a wet and gloomy weekend, we are dry for now across most of our area. there's a live look now at bolt house row. we don't have bolt house row. go right to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. >> show you around, vie. scattered clouds. that's about it a few thin clouds, a few from here at the nbc 10 studios. nice breeze has been blowing, a cool breeze, temperatures with the bright sunshine, warming up in spite of that 59 degrees right now winds gusting to 22 miles an hour at philadelphia international. while 60 in northeast philadelphia, still lots of 50s
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for pottstown, coltsville, doylestown this morning, right along the coastline. clouds are hanging in there but managed to warm into the low 60s for cape may at the airport and north cape may. temperatures will climb a bit higher this afternoon into the middle to upper 60s at the shore. ocean view, 60 degrees. sea isle city, 60 degrees a slight chance of minor flooding later today at around high tide which occurs right along the ocean, 4:00, a bit later on, the back bays in the delaware bay. keep an eye on that. the flood threat not as great as it was over the weekend. for today, plenty of sunshine. a few thin clouds, 62 at 1:00. by 4:00 this afternoon, 65 degrees. but there is some warmer weather on the way, vai. the 7-day forecast when i come back later this half hour. >> thank you, bill. in delaware, rescue crews pulled two people from a pickup truck engulfed in floodwaters in bethany beach this past weekend.
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officials say the driver tried cross south inlet road when the truck got stuck in the rising waters. firefighters were able to haul the truck to safety. the driver and the passenger were not hurt. bad weather as a cover for crime? police have a suspect in custody after a string of burglaries in friday storm in atlantic city police arrested 48-year-old deion joyce yesterday. officers responded to four break-s in the span of four hours on friday. all the cases, the front locks of the businesses were destroyed. an investigation is ongoing. days of continuous torrential rains are keeping of the state of south carolina under water today. at least seven people have been killed in the weekend flooding and thousands of people remain without power or clean drinking water. nbc 10 national correspondent, jay gray, has the latest from columbia. >> reporter: hey there. and finally, we are getting a break from some of the rain here but not from the problems created by the floodwaters. take a look behind me.
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you can see what they have done here, tearing away the road way, snapping a power pole and dropping the lines into the rapids here, seems like this was playing out across the carolinas and as south carolina governor nikki haley says, testing the strength of those who live here. >> south carolina, we are strong people and right now, i feel for those. they have lost their homes. they have lost a lot of their -- their, you know, belongings, but at the end of the day, they recognize their blessings and so right now, we are a state in a lot of prayer and a state trying to take care of each other but a strong state, we will get through this. >> reporter: a tough go when the rain is over that is expected, forecasters say, later today, still, the creeks and rivers are going to continue to climb. flooding going to be an issue, adding to the misery here, all of this floodwater, but no usable water for tens of thousands of families. the public water system here has been compromised, some of the lines snapped. they don't expect to have water for tens of thousands until some
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time later this week. that's the latest here in columbia, south carolina, i'm jay gray, nbc news. a typhoon triggered several strong tornadoes in china which were caught on camera. the twisters killed at least six people and injured more than 160 others. the tornadoes overturned a coach, a home and blew a crane off the top of a building currently under construction. and in oregon, umpqua community college is set to reopen today to staff after ten people were killed on campus last thursday, including the gunman. students will be allowed back on campus as well, but only to talk to grief counselors. nbc's miguel almaguer has more insight into the moments before, during and after the gunfire. >> exchanging shots with him. he's in a classroom. >> code four, the suspect is down. >> reporter: he took nine lives in ten minutes, then his own.
11:36 am
christopher harper mercer murdered classmates and staff, one by one. >> she said, daddy, all of a sudden, i heard a horrible bang. >> amen. >> reporter: pastor randy scroggins speaks for his daughter, lacey, too traumatized to break her silence. she says when student trevor taylor ans ba lost his life, he saved her's. >> i felt trevor's body as it moved partially on mine. i'm frozen to the ground. i can't move. >> reporter: covered in blood, unable to move. lacey's life was spared. others weren't so lucky. >> she then heard another lady say to the shooter, "i'm so sorry for what you've gone through. i'm so sorry that you've been hurt." and with that he shot her. >> reporter: the shooter's father wonders how his son could ever amass 14 weapons. >> talked about gun control.
11:37 am
every time something like this happens, nothing is done. >> reporter: a campus full of heartbreak, hoping to heal. for today, miguel almaguer, nbc news, roseburg. meanwhile, checking to you the our top stories right now s.w.a.t. more college is offering counselling to students and staff today after the fatal fall of a student over the weekend. the student fell 40 to 50 feet off a cliff at the back of the campus saturday. neighbors found his body. philadelphia police trying to track down a suspect accused of posing as a home care nurse and stealing jewelry from a south if i recall home. the woman was wandering around the home on snyder avenue on august 28th when the elderly resident confronted her and said she didn't recognize her. police say the resident noticed her drawers had been rum imagined through and all her jewelry was missing. surveillance video is from a nearby 7-11 store. and philadelphia police are also looking for the teenager seen on this video.
11:38 am
they say he was riding on his bike on dickenson street in point breeze when he snatched an iphone from a man. if you happen to recognize him or have any information, you are asked to call police. a leading voice for sir rights in philadelphia died last night. jerry mondesire was the former head of the philadelphia naacp. he passed away at jefferson university hospital. he suffered a brain aneurism on friday while having dialysis at chestnut hill hospital. he was 65 years old. joining us now to talk more about mr. mondesire's life is the current naacp philadelphia president, rodney mohammed. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me what you think jerry mondesire, what will his legacy be? how will he be remembered? >> i think he will be remembered as the giant that he was. his sterling leadership of the naacp over this last 17 years
11:39 am
really speaks for itself. milestone projects that he was able to accomplish and 17 years of service. and you have to remember that jeremy mondesire was not only the president of the philadelphia chapter, but he was also the president of our state conference and a member of the national board of the naacp. so his impact was more than city-wide, it was state-wide and nation-wide. >> what do you think was his biggest accomplishment? >> i can say recently, he was able to thwart the efforts to change the political landscape in this country. there were efforts to bring the voter i.d. law to pennsylvania. it was mondesire's leadership fighting in the courts, which is a traditional way of fighting for the naacp to stop those efforts to bring the voter i.d. laws to pennsylvania where you
11:40 am
have 21 electoral college votes, they are much needed to win a presidential election, turned the tide and kept the current president in to be re-elected because pennsylvania was able it keep those efforts and block those efforts of them trying to bring the voter i.d. laws to pennsylvania. that was one of the more recent things he was able to do, but of course, there's a list of accomplishments under the leadership of jerry mondesire from the naacp. >> we have 30 seconds, can you tell me what the naacp of philadelphia, what their plans are, if they plan to honor mr. mondesire? >> we always plan to honor them, living or dead, but one of the things that we will focus on, of course, is to build on the great work, the only way to preserve the great work of a man is to build on it. and we intend to do that with everything that we have in our being as members of the
11:41 am
philadelphia branch. we always remembered his sterling leadership and we want to preserve that history and so we are out here to protect that narrative, to know the great work that jerry mondesire was able to do and we want to preserve it. >> rodney mohammed, the current president of the naacp. we appreciate your insight on your friend and we pay our condolences to you. by the way, philadelphia mayor michael nutter released a statement about mon desire's passing. it reads, in part -- happening today if you live in pennsylvania, this is the last day you can register to vote in the 2015 election. the election is tuesday, november 3rd n philadelphia, the mayor's office and several city council seats are on the ballot. check the nbc 10 news app for a link to the state website
11:42 am
that -- and how you can get registered on the website. holidays are right around the corner and people are starting to make their travel plans and we will tell you when you want to buy your thanksgiving tickets in order to save the most money. we will have that straight ahead. bill? >> i'd like to bougttle this weather we are about to enjoy. i have the 7-day forecast when you come back.
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a new report out today finds the atm and overdraft fees you are paying have hit record highs much the study finds the average out-of-network atm fee is $4.52. that's up 21% in just the past five years. the average overdraft fee is $33. that's 9% higher than it was in 2010. only 30% of all non-interest checking accounts are completely free. that's the lowest percentage since bank rate began tracking data back in 1998. bank rate says most of the fees are avoidable if you shop around for the right bank or credit union. and disney may switch to demand-based ticket pricing for u.s. theme parks. the "wall street journal" says that means tickets will cost less on slower days and could include extra benefits such as free parking and family photos. they would cost more and include more restrictions on peak days such as holidays. disney has offered variable pricing at disney land paris since last year.
11:46 am
well, if you're flying out of town for thanksgiving, travel experts say tomorrow is your best chance at saving money on plane tickets. an annual orbitz holiday survey shows this entire week is the best opportunity to get the good deals on holiday flights. orbitz bases its projects on previous years and tray travelers are in line to find cheaper flights. air theirs are 9% lower than they were last year. >> this early week in october is when prices are dipping the most before they head back up as we get close to the holidays. book your holiday airfare sooner than later because once you hit mid-october, you're only going to see those prices continue to rise. >> analysts say the best day to book airfare for flying around christmas is this friday. as for new year's eve, it's this saturday. one in eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetimes and most cases are sporadic breast cancer, where an accumulation of
11:47 am
mutations over time causes the disease rather than it being hereditary. now, researchers say they have identified a number of genetic alterations in breast cells that could signify an increased risk for sporadic breast cancer and they say these alterations could help medical professionals make earlier breast cancer diagnosis in the future. as with all cancers, detecting the disease at an early stage significantly improves the treatment possibilities for patients. and october is breast cancer awareness moment and one locally based organization provides programs and services to help people whose lives have been impacted by the disease. the organization is called living beyond breast cancer. here to tell us more it this jean sacks, the ceo of living beyond breast cancer. thanks for coming in. you were just around the area here from the station. we are. >> tell me more about what yo youring your organization's mission is. >> to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of
11:48 am
support. we are all about information and then connecting people with others so that you know, thins suspect so scary and lonely when you're diagnosed. >> aside from the medical care, obviously, what is the number one thing women suffering from breast cancer need? >> number one thing? they need good medical care. they need good insurance. they need support. they need a lot of things. and living beyond breast cancer tries to fill that gap so that you go to the doctor, you get a lot of questions and then you can kind of come to us and we can help you figure things out. >> now, your annual butterfly ball is coming up. >> it is. >> is there an auction involved with it. tell me more about that. >> yes, the butterfly ball is october 24th, so our big gala. there's going to be a great auction, an exciting thing from a motorcycle to a trip to israel, a cast until tuscany, a great evening where we also honor breast cancer survivors. >> things people just donated because they wanted to help out? >> absolutely. >> fantastic. sure people will be able to get
11:49 am
a great price if they wanted to come to the event? >> i hope so but bid high is what we want. >> exactly. what we want. go higher than what it's probably, you know, worth. so, that's good. once again, the living beyond breast cancer 2015 cancer butterfly ball is october 24th, a saturday, right? >> it is a saturday. >> saturday. 6 p.m. it will be at lowe's philadelphia hotel in center city, great venue. we have posted a link for more information at our website at had thank you you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. over the weekend, a lot of people were asking for the temperatures to go higher. the numbers are higher this morning, thanks to this, sunshine. the clouds have really thinned out. we are going to be in the upper 60s this afternoon with warmer weather to come, a beautiful day right now, 58 degrees in allentown, saw those scattered clouds in philadelphia, 59, atlantic city more clouds at the shore. you can see it in this view from
11:50 am
cape may. now, it's filtered sunshine and a healthy breeze that's going to continue blowing through this afternoon. could lead to some minor flooding later today. 22-mile-an-hour wind gusts in philadelphia gusting to 20 miles an hour at wildwood at this hour. clouds will be thinning out, even at the shore, you will get some breaks of sunshine, already some sunshine, cumberland county, kent county, delaware bay, we could see minor flooding at high tide later this afternoon. nothing falling from the clouds, no more rain, most of the week is going to be completely dry. still watching walk keen. walk keen is still a hurricane. 85-mile-an-hour winds, now moving quickly off to the north-northeast at 13 miles an hour. that's motion that's expected to continue and expected to stay a trop tropical storm by early tomorrow morning. excuse me, a hurricane by early tomorrow morning. then as it heads into wednesday morning, it will lose its tropical characteristics but still be a powerful storm to contend with as it crosses the
11:51 am
atlantic. but it's pullinging away from land masses. for us, that's good news. for us, partly sunny to mostly sunny skies, definitely breezy, temperatures in spite of the winds, the middle to upper 60s, winds northeasterly to 20 miles an hour. tonight, the winds will die down tomorrow morning with clear skies, dry air. that means a cooler start in the morning, down to 49 degrees. 73 the high temperature, really nice turn around, the warming continues for wednesday and thursday's looking pretty nice, too, though not quite as warm as thursday afternoon. 50s in the morning, 70s in the afternoon. clouds ahead for friday with a chance we will see some showers and a slight chance of a thunderstorm later on friday. and we are clearing out as the wind picks up for saturday, be cooler, 66 degrees, especially chilly sunday morning, down to 47 degrees, high of 68 for the eagles game and for the dill worth town wine festival, raising money for cancer.
11:52 am
we have got breaking news into nbc 10. at this hour, at least four people were hurt after an amtrak train derailed in central vermont. the vermonter train was traveling from st. al been a's vermont to washington, d.c. this happened in north field, about ten miles southwest of moment peelier. there are reports that the two train cars went over an embankment. we are making calls it trying to get as much information as we can to bring it to you. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 news app for updates on this breaking news.
11:53 am
your immune system doesn't work the way it did when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+. with a high high higher dose of antigen... it's significantly
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more effective than fluzone vaccine in preventing flu. fluzone high-dose vaccine is approved for people 65 and older. it's not for anyone who's had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've ever had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around the clock, ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine.
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we have more on our breaking news story, more information. four people were hurt after an amtrak train derailed in central vermont. the vermonter train was traveling from st. al been a's vermont to washington, d.c. this happened in north field ten miles southwest of month bealier. the scheduled to stop here at 8:00 tonight. there are reports two train cars went over an embankment, the past ten minutes, amtrak released a statement saying the train hit a rock slintd tracks. amtrak says no life-threatening injuries. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking news. meanwhile, coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, an all new "ellen" with nathan
11:56 am
lane, trey buyers and rita orrah. and nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, teenagers and texting. your child's phone may be hurting their grades. all new at 4:00, the impact constant communication is having in our nation's schools. conditi constant communication with bill henley. >> nice sunshine today, a bit breezy and slight chance we will see minor flooding at the shore later on today, at time of high tide. the floo flod threat is lower t the weekend. 67 today. most of the workweek will be beautiful. fall, you get just gorgeous weather, low humidity, nice, comfortable temperatures, what we will see until friday, we get some showers, then clearing out for the weekend with a pleasant weekend, temperatures in the 60s saturday and sunday. nice weather ahead. ness nice for the eagles on sunday. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00, i'm vai sikahema.
11:57 am
for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10 have great day and tune in for us at 4:00, 5 and 6.
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11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> kayla: jenn, i am so sorry that i couldn't make it to paige's funeral. i-i had to scrub in on an emergency surgery. ugh, i know it's been such a tough day. take care of yourself, okay? all right, bye-bye. come in, hello. whoa, let me guess what this is about. >> roman: i just came from seeing ma, and victor the experimental drug that you-- >> kayla: you know what? it's not gonna help. >> roman: how do you know? >> kayla: who are you gonna listen to, him or your sister, the medical doctor? >> roman: i would just like a little more information. >> kayla: you know what? here's the deal, roman. i have mom's medical power of attorney. the answer is no. she is not getting that drug. >> maggie: ciara circled the catering options that she'd prefer for your wedding. [phone ringing]


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