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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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week's storms also wiped out profits for business owners. good evening everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. nbc 10's cydney long is joining us live from cape may county tonight. sydney? >> reporter: i can tell you the long walk to the beach over the summer, it's no longer here. about 12 to 15 steps in between the surf and the boardwalk, and emergency managers tell me the winds and surf and you can see it out here, still too aggressive for them to measure the volume of damage in cubic yards, but take a look, you can see the bite mother nature took out of the beaches. in some spots, erosion about three feet, in this area it's about seven feet. this cliff on the beach all happening on a weekend when businesses were boarded up, as well. >> not as bad as sandy, but it was getting close. >> reporter: cathy has felt trapped and stranded inside by mother nature for the past three days, finally fletcher is getting to stretch his legs outdoors. >> it wasn't pleasant.
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i felt like i was on a cruise ship in my house looking out at the water. things were floating and it was not pleasant. >> the consistent high tides, the wind doesn't allow the tides to drain properly at low tides, so you have this stacking effect, which makes each subsequent tide even worse. >> reporter: ocean city suffered only back bay, no ocean flooding. the bigger issue, substantial beach erosion up and down ocean city's seven miles of beaches. while there were no breaches to the dunes, in some spots the sand dropoff is three to six feet. this as surfers take advantage of the swells. >> definitely a lot colder now that the storm's passed through, a lot of the warm water moved out, but the waves are definitely big from the hurricane offshore. >> reporter: today assemblyman sam fiocchi wants the state's beach erosion commission, which hasn't met in more than a decade, reactivated. he's asking for double the amount of federal funding to
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preserve new jersey's coastline. >> a lot of times the sand is still in the system, so to speak, and favorable winds can bring it back. >> reporter: her patience is wearing thin. >> at my age i am getting very tired of it. >> reporter: she told me she may relocate to pennsylvania with her daughter if this cycle of bad weather keeps repeating itself at the shore. in the meantime, the dunes did what they had to, protecting the boardwalk along with businesses and homes and also another major beach replenishment project, it is in the works to take place just a couple of weeks from now in ocean city's north end. live in ocean city, cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> all right, thanks. check out the beach erosion on long beach island. police tweeted out this video as the beach patrol assessed damage this morning, toms river lost 50 to 60% of its dunes. also hit hard, once rolling dunes are now 15-foot drops.
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our cameras caught significant damage in bethany beach, where a number of streets are still under water and the access to the beaches is now limited. officials tell us once the water levels go down, crews will be able to assess the damage and fix problems. so is the shore out of the woods for more flooding? here's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the answers for us. glenn? >> we're just about seeing the last of it. minor flooding at the time of high tide today and a sign of brighter things to come. we're looking from cape may, lafayette, looking towards the southwest and not out to the east. cape may is the only beach that faces the southwest, as you can see here on the map. there we are. and the wind speeds over the last few hours, coming down a little bit. gusting up near 30 miles an hour a few hours ago, now 15 to 20. it's going down gradually. the coastal flood advisory is only for another hour or so.
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northeast wind, of course, continues. it affects the delaware beaches more than the jersey shore. minor tidal flooding in the back bays, that is about it. now we're left with some clouds coming down from the northeast and some high clouds from the south, so it's not totally clear at the shore, but there's still moisture down south. we'll see if any rain comes up this way with the seven day in a few minutes. now for a traffic check and some big backups on i-95 in philadelphia right now because of a crash and a car fire. you can see the flames right there from this video sent in by a viewer and now this crash in the southbound lanes approaching the commodore barry bridge. sky force 10 showing you, as well, two lanes shut down, crews clear the accident, so far not clear whether anyone was hurt here and no word what caused that crash. tonight we've learned a doctor found dead in manhattan grew up in south jersey.
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she was the mother of three young children. nbc 10's keith jones has new information now from the nbc 10 digital operations center. keith? >> authorities are waiting for the autopsy results performed today, but sources tale nbc the married dermatologist was using cocaine inside a manhattan apartment. two men with her reportedly tried to carry her to a cab, but then left her in a lobby where she was found dead sunday morning. she's originally from washington township in gloucester county. investigators initially thought she was strangled, but changed the theory. the medical examiner hasn't confirmed the exact cause of death. no one has been arrested in this case, but investigators are looking for a man believed to be her boyfriend. he flagged down an ambulance and then left the scene. she graduated from washington township high school in 1995. those who knew her are grieving as people who live near where she was found dead say they are baffled by the incident. >> outstanding person.
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very vibrant. >> this is very nerve racking. i've been here for years, nothing like that happened. >> there was no comment from the office of her husband. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. at least 40 years behind bars, that's the sentence tonight for a former daycare worker found guilty of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from school. this story gained national attention back in 2013. regusters tried to dress like the girl's mother wearing muslim clothing when she took her from the classroom. today regusters told the courtroom she was not a monster. nbc 10's doug shimell reports from center city. >> reporter: right up until her sentence, christina regusters said that was not her in the security video who took a 5-year-old girl from her school and sexually assaulted her. >> she's not going to admit what she did, there's no doubt in our collective minds that she acted alone. >> reporter: the judge gave
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regusters 40 years to life in prison, which is what prosecutors had wanted all along. >> the judge understood that this is the type of case where if she gets out, she'll be a danger in the future. >> reporter: in court, the young victim, now 7, told regusters, quote, what you did to me was wrong and you shouldn't do it to anyone else. >> the victim is the most resilient child and the most extraordinary child i've had the pleasure of working with, and i know she will go on to do great and amazing things. >> reporter: in center city, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00, a woman is attacked as she walked to her apartment in bucks county. the woman left the clubhouse at the village of penn brook apartments around 9:00 last night, a man grabbed her from behind at the parking lot and tried to take her clothes off. another woman walked up and he ran off. an $183,000 check issued to a church. investigators say back in april
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he pretended to be a pastor with the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, taking a refund check issued to the church from peco and got it cashed. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. an amtrak train expected to arrive in our area tonight derailed in vermont. that accident comes five months after the deadly amtrak accident here in philadelphia. train 55 today derailed this morning in the town of roxbury on its way to washington, d.c., with a stop planned at 30th street station. seven people are hurt, one seriously. passengers helped one another after the crash. >> all of the most able bodied people kind of adopted a person and got them down the train tracks and out. >> reporter: passengers were put on a school bus to take them away from the scene. we're waiting to hear back from amtrak about when the passengers are expected to arrive at their
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destinations. back in may when amtrak 188 derailed in the port richmond section. investigators say the train was traveling twice the speed limit. another day of testimony in the philadelphia building collapse trial. on the stand today, an architect who says he warned the building's demolition contractor the day before the collapse. the architect says he told griffin campbell the building was in imminent danger of collapsing and needed to come down immediately. the defense is cross examining that architect after he took the stand for prosecutors friday. griffin campbell faces third-degree murder charges in the collapse. a four story brick wall fell on to a thrift store at 22nd and market in june of 2013. six people were killed and more than a dozen were hurt. griffin campbell's construction company was in charge of that demolition. well, no reports of violence today after a social media threat pointed to a philadelphia area university as a target. campus security officials began notifying students at
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universities from delaware to philadelphia and in the suburbs. the fbi says the social media threat doesn't mention a specific university. students were notified about the threat and told to call police if they see anything suspicious. a wife is behind bars tonight charged with killing her husband. officers went to the home on friendship street saturday night. 32-year-old david wood was stabbed several times and police arrested his wife, 49-year-old at her home, she's now charged with murder. construction on a new parking garage now under way at the landfill septa station. the goal is to create more parking spaces, but while the work is being done, the station will have almost 400 fewer spaces. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a mother locked up tonight. what she's accused of injecting into her own daughter. plus, misery monday for eagles fans. tonight, chip kelly's plan for the kicking game after a missed
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field goal and extra point. glenn? >> that was painful. after a cold weekend, that was pretty painful, as well. get ready for about a ten-degree warmup. forecast next.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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>> chester county mother accused of injecting her own daughter with heroin. police announced the arrest today. the d.a. says jessica riffey injected her daughter and a 16-year-old boy with heroin on several occasions at her home in honey brook last month. riffey is locked up on several charges. investigators also tell us the teens snorted heroin allegedly supplied by riffey's boyfriend, jamison burn. he's also facing charges this evening. tonight friends are remembering the life and legacy of the former philadelphia naacp leader. nbc 10's andrea kline thomas has more on how he's being remembered. >> his death means there's one less voice fighting for the voiceless, the powerless. >> jerry is being remembered as a force, unapologetic about his passion for civil rights. his charisma was often accented
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by his trademark cowboy hat and boots. >> he was able to work with banks to end redlining. he was able to help get ex-offenders the right to vote again. he was able to marshal 10,000 people to march when a young boy was shot to death in a schoolyard. >> reporter: he was an editor at the philadelphia enquirer and even served his own weekly newspaper, but his influence was cemented by the chief of staff bill gray, then as the local and state naacp president. >> when you're straight forward, when you're fighting, you realize you're going to make friends, but you're also going to make foes, and he didn't mind making either. >> reporter: last year the national naacp removed him and three board members from the office after the financial management of the philadelphia chapter was called into action. the naacp vows to continue his
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legacy. >> build on it. >> from the end, when you balance the scales of life, he gave much more than he received, and i think the city is better for it. >> in addition to fighting for the issues, he believed in, he mentored many of the city's prominent leaders. funeral arrangements have not been finalized. back to you. >> so young. all right, thank you. britney spears shouldn't have to pay state income tax if she performs at least four nights in atlantic city. that's the premise of a new bill approved today called the britney bill because it encourages multi-night shows like the ones britney spears does in las vegas meant to attract artists and visitors to the struggling beach town j. >> now your first alert weather with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> nice big dunes helped protect them from the storms over the
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weekend and late last week. and now saw a lot of the dunes getting eroded, but at least it wasn't the stuff on land getting eroded. we're calming down now, the water is going down, the wind is going down, the sunshine has been increasing. look at that. nice picture. finally getting some nice sunsets. it's been a while. we're warming up, as well. the sun setting around 7:00 or so, 65 degrees right now in philadelphia. the winds are down, 6 miles an hour. single digits. haven't seen much single digits lately either. the current temperature is 59 in mt. pocono, but we're in the 60s just about everywhere else, and we got close to the 70-degree mark in some spots, but most places did not get there and most places will get there tomorrow. we have a northeast wind parallel to the jersey shore, but it's still hitting the delaware beaches and not helping them out any.
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near 60 degrees at the beaches. we still have the coastal flood advisory, but not for much longer, and we won't be putting these colors on the map for a while because the wind is going to be tolerable all week this week. we have some clouds down toward the shore, but not enough to ruin that sunset. there is joaquin way out in the atlantic. good thing that didn't come in on top of this. this is the upper air portion of that storm, the nor'easter, combined with the blocking high in canada that just produced the unbelievable rains in south carolina. 20 to 30 inches of rain in some areas and it's not over. there are bands of heavy rain just offshore they are going to have to monitor this evening. temperatures tonight going down into the 40s in many of the suburbs. nice and cold, but at least it's not windy. in the morning, be fairly calm. with the sunshine, temperatures going to jump up quickly. so by noontime we're almost to
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70 already and we'll be in the 70s tomorrow as you can see across most of the area. tomorrow night, we're mostly clear, as well. we really have a pretty nice week overall, especially compared to what we saw late last week. way out in the ocean, in the area that normally hurricanes weakened, joaquin is still hanging on. you can see the eye out there, 85 mile an hour winds moving north/northeast at 12. exceptionally warm ocean water from there all the way down to the bahamas. that helped keep joaquin strong and that didn't help us any. and the remnants of joaquin heading across the ocean and in a general direction of europe. so we may be hearing about some storminess over there in a few days. clearer and cool tonight, 49 for the low in philadelphia, 43 north and west. during the day tomorrow, we're seeing a lot of sunshine,
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lighter wind, and it's coming from the northwest. that lets the ocean calm down. seven-day forecast, even warmer wednesday. nice sunny day thursday. one shower chance really on friday with the front and a nice cool and comfortable over the weekend. i'm john clark. demarco murray believes he needs more carries. chip kelly responds today. will the birds be looking for a new kicker? and the flyers laid a big salary player. that's next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. we heard jason kelce say the birds' offensive line is a
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disgrace right now. they are a little banged up, but hopefully jason peters and lane johnson will be able to play sunday against the saints. demarco murray only ran the ball loss in washington. the eagles only had the ball about 18 minutes. demarco murray believes he's not getting the ball enough and chip kelly reacted today. >> do i think -- no, i'm not. i don't think i am, but it's just how the plays are being called and, you know, i'm -- i love this offense, i love playing with these guys, and it's just how it is. >> we all should be getting more touches on the offensive side of the ball, but when you only have 51 snaps on offense, there aren't a lot of touches. >> birds have a problem with the kicking game, but chip is he says the kickers out there caleb missed a 33-yard field goal and extra point yesterday. those four points would have helped.
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in the nfl since the start of the 2013 season. >> we know we have the right players here. we just -- it's a play here, a play there, you know, we've lost a game by two, lost a game by three, ten, two by 15 points. hit two kicks, we're 3-1 and everybody's hope. >> all is not lost. the birds are only a game out of first place in the nfc east, yet the division is keeping them in it, all 2-2. malcolm jenkins joined us and i asked if he was stunned the eagles are 1-3. >> not stunned. i think if we would be going into these games and getting blown out, i think that would have shocked uts, but you look at every game, we have an opportunity to win. there's just a difference of maybe one or two plays that can change everything. >> the flyers, they are dumping another bad contract. they have put defenseman andrew mcdonald on waivers. the flyers just signed him last year to a six-year $30 million
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year. john hexall is still correcting mistakes made in the past. >> we had a hard decision to make and it was not one that revealed itself real easily, so we kind of went through what we needed to do, we need cap space, roster spot and this is one that made sense. >> larry beau what interviewed with the marlins today for their managing job. back to you. >> john clark, thanks. coming up tonight at 11:00, a health scare in new jersey, employees go in for routine flu shots and get more than they bargained for. a warning for those affected and what the company is saying about a nurse said to have reused syringes to deliver those vaccines.
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we finally got a nice break in the weather today and it's going to get even warmer tomorrow. dry weather continuing into thursday. first chance of showers really not until friday, but that's a whole lot nicer forecast than last week.
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>> yes, nice break. for all of us here at nbc 10, i'm jim rosenfield and the news continues now with nbc nightly news with lester holt. have a good evening. breaking news. from a growing disaster in south carolina. a major dam gives way and fear another will blow. and hundreds aof of amazing rescues. lost at sea. a ship with dozens of americans on board now believed swallowed to the bottom of the ocean in a ferocious hurricane. a life boat found among the debris. could anyone have survived? fatal mistake. the pentagon changing its story over what happened during a deadly bombing. did american forces knowingly target a hospital killing doctors and patients? and in flight emergency as a captain becomes incapacitated during a flight. a co-pilot calling for


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