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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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morning at the community college of philadelphia in the city's spring garden section. nbc 10 has live team coverage on what happened and the impact on students. we begin with nbc 10's george spencer live in the digital operations center. george? >> investigators are confident police say their response was both seamless and automatic. you could hear the s.w.a.t. team commander giving orders to his unit in this cell phone video recorded by a student as police hunted for the person allegedly armed with a gun in the middle of this urban campus. students were hiding in their classrooms. >> just me and my teacher. i saw about one other person on the floor at the time. it was like a scary movie.
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>> we hear school, obviously, we're coming hard. >> joe sullivan tells us it appears this morning's incident began after a series of confrontations between two students and today people saw one of them with a gun. s.w.a.t. teams first zeroed in on the student center as the last place that suspect was seen. >> we begin that search, but at the same time receiving information from s.w.a.t. inside the building and also from detectives outside the building. >> those outside detectives were simultaneously reviewing surveillance video and realized the suspect had actually made his way to the nearby business and industry center, where s.w.a.t. teams found him just outside a classroom. he had no gun on him and was arrested without injury to any student or officer. >> my heart was, whoa, gun bigger than me almost. >> just back in may of last year a ccp student was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on a year's incident taught lessons
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applied today. campus all afternoon, officials closed the school for the rest that gun that was reported has live in the digital operations center, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. the uncertainty has left people on campus rattled, especially students who told nbc 10 what they saw as s.w.a.t. teams swarmed through their classrooms. >> going to show you a picture on instagram now shows one group locked in their classroom on campus watching nbc 10 to find out what was happening. our team coverage continues with doug shimell with more on the impact to students and their reaction. >> it was like a regular day until we got the text. >> reporter: the security alerts kept going out to students in class at the community college of philadelphia. >> the security guard told me couldn't go inside the building. i needed to get away from the school. got out, but those in class were
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told to stay there and stay quiet. >> one of the other instructors came in and asked me to keep my students in, so i had my students in for about an hour. then we saw people walking, so the students left and i left. >> kind of scary, because almost every building is almost connected with each other, so they can go from one building to the next. >> reporter: a student took this cell phone video as the all clear was given and they were told what had kept them locked down. >> somebody got in an argument with another student, pulled out a gun. >> reporter: in spring garden, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> the search for the gunman also impacted areas outside of campus. >> nbc 10's keith jones is here now to walk us through what happened and where, as well. keith? >> jim, jackie, this started around 9:30 north of center city, philadelphia. this is the campus here, the community college of philadelphia. here's what happened. the suspect threatened a student with a gun on 17th street outside the winnet student life
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building. then the suspect ran inside, prompting that lockdown. as the search spread to the surrounding parking garage just to the south and the campus buildings, the lockdown then expanded to include masterman high school right here and the colonnade condos on spring garden. finally now police found and arrested the suspect in a classroom in the center for business and industry to the southwest of campus. that's at 18th. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> keith, and today's incident at the community college of philadelphia comes a year and a half after another lockdown on the very same campus. a student pulled a loaded gun on a classmate there in may of last year. he was sentenced to four years probation. he walked into a classroom and pointed a gun at a student. police say he was upset about an argument over a girlfriend. students sheltered in place. many of you first learned about today's campus scare through an alert on our nbc 10 news app.
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you can get news alerts for stories like these and weather updates with our new app available now. a south jersey teacher is in jail right now accused of sexually assaulting a child. rick gazzola worked at salem middle school before he was arrested. cydney long is live in salem tonight. cydney, you're speaking to parents and neighbors of the teacher at the center of all of this. >> reporter: jacqueline, that's right, i am. it's important to note this alleged sexual assault did not happen on school property, but parents who were walking their students home from school just a half hour ago tell me they are shocked and outraged to learn about this arrest and want to make sure their children were never placed in harm's way. in the meantime, police say because of the child's tender age and the sensitive circumstances of the alleged investigator to handle the case. >> you know, because i have great grandchildren, children, i
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can't imagine this man doing this. >> reporter: doris is beside herself learning with our visit neighbor is in jail charged with an unthinkable crime. >> i would be -- >> reporter: wasn't in school now gazzola does remain jailed on $100,000 bail. we are told he would have to put it up in all cash in order to be able to get out of jail. neighbors in the meantime say we will hear from some of the up on nbc 10 news at both 5:00 and 6:00. for now, live in salem, cydney long, nbc 10 news. a ray of hope for south carolina this afternoon. the sun is actually out there after days of torrential downpours and this widespread flooding.
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still no relief in sight for hundreds of thousands of people left swamped by this historic rainfall. here's the latest now, the death toll is now up to 17 people in two states. more than 800 people are now staying in shelters. more evacuations are actually possible over the next two days, especially along the coast. meanwhile, the governor of south carolina says it is too soon to assess the damage across the state. nbc national correspondent jay gray is joining us live from columbia, south carolina, where threats from flooding are far from over, right, jay? >> reporter: absolutely right, jim. as people start to clean up the mess like this across this region, they are also concerned about the very real possibility of more rain could be on the way. not rain, but water. flood waters that are continuing to build as everything kind of flows now and gets back into some of the ponds, lakes, and rivers here. we're going to see that flood level continue to climb, even without the rain. it's really testing the dams here, the bridges that are
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already pushed to their limits. we've seen 18 dam breaches over the last couple of days. teams are standing by in some of the most critical areas right now. neighborhoods have been warned to be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice, that the water could come up at a rate of perhaps two feet per minute if some of these dams give way. this is a process that's going to continue for quite some time. they don't believe that the lakes and rivers will start to recede until a week at the earliest. of course, the clean up and recovery here is going to take a lot longer. for now, that's the latest here in columbia, south carolina. jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> a fiscal and emotional toll, thank you. a car plunged into a canal this morning leaving two people dead. the car crashed into the schuylkill canal in montclair. five people were in the car at the time, two died. detectives are still working on what led to the wreck. a pedestrian is in critical condition after a police chase
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and crash this morning in delaware county. that chase came to a chaotic end at an apartment complex on east glenolden avenue in glenolden. sky force 10 was over the scene after 7:00 this morning at the contemporary village apartment complex. swerving and driving up on to the curb. he hit four parked cars and a pedestrian was trapped beneath one of those cars and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. neighbors say they woke up to quite a bit of commotion. >> he hit them all pretty hard. he must have been going pretty fast. >> a lot of times people will park in here if there is police, they try to hide out in here. >> the suspect in that police chase was taken into custody after the crash. crash early this morning sent two philadelphia police officers to the hospital in southwest philadelphia.
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a police suv lost control and hit a tree, the driver who is an officer and another officer sitting in the front seat are both hurt this afternoon. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the one-car crash. the trial began today for the two men charged in kidnapping and torture and it all started on philadelphia's famous jeweler's row. the two are accused of kidnapping a woman from a parking garage in april, then beating and torturing her. the men wanted the code to the safe at the jewelry store where she worked. jury selection started this morning. a third suspect pleaded guilty. he'll be sentenced next month. new information this afternoon about a chester county woman accused of injecting her 14-year-old daughter and another teen with heroin. we learned today she is due in court later this week. a judge scheduled jessica riffey's preliminary hearing for friday. investigators also tell us the
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teens snorted heroin that was supplied by riffey's boyfriend, jamison burn, he faces drug charges this afternoon. amtrak today threatened to shut down some train service unless congress extends the deadline for adding safety technology. the technology is designed to prevent accidents like the deadly derailment in philadelphia earlier this year. it's called positive train control. the nbc 10 investigators first discovered it missing on the stretch of track where amtrak 188 derailed last may. nbc 10 investigative reporter mitch blacher joins us with what amtrak is telling congress. mitch? >> the northeast corridor is one of the only places in the country amtrak says it will have positive train control installed by the end of the year at the deadline. the rest of the country is where it may be a problem. in a letter to congress, amtrak's ceo says most of the railroad's 21,000-mile network will become inoperable without an extension because it is not
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equipped with positive train control. amtrak does not own most of the railway it uses and relies on partner railroads to install safety equipment. amtrak told congress it will cancel train service to much of the country as early as december 1st without that extension. we found there is one section of track that amtrak does not own on the northeast corridor, the 56 miles between new haven, connecticut, and new york, will not have positive train control installed by the end of the year. amtrak says that section will not affect service between washington and boston. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with two victories for women in the workplace. one out west and another in our nation's capital. first to california, the state's governor today signed enacts the strongest equal pay protection in the nation. female workers can now allege pay discrimination based on the wages a company pays to other employees who do similar work. the new law takes effect next
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january. and new legislation in washington, d.c., addresses maternity leave, giving workers 16 weeks of paid leave. that would more than double the length of any paid leave program in the county. d.c. council introduced the bill today. it deals with circumstances ranging from child birth to caring for a dying patient. today we're getting a first look at pennsylvania governor tom wolf's budget proposal ahead of tomorrow's vote on the house floor. if wolf's proposal passes, it would end a 97-day budget impasse. wolf says he's pursuing a half point increase in the state's personal income tax and a new extraction tax on natural gas drilling. the governor says the new money will close the deficit and add about $400 million for basic education, but republican leaders say the governor's proposal for higher taxes does not have enough support in the legislature. new figures show plenty of pennsylvanians went online to make sure their vote counts next month. the state tells us more than
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32,000 people registered online to vote in the november general election. more than 20,000 are new registrants. the rest are people who changed the information on their registration. in august, pennsylvania became the 23rd state to allow online registration. yesterday was the deadline to register. to decision 2016 now. pennsylvania's first openly gay elected state lawmaker is challenging, state representative brian sims today announced he's running to unseat him. he's the third person to challenge the 11-term congressman in next year's democratic primary. commissioner brian gordon is also running. he's vowing to remain in office. the congressman accused of misusing his congressional influence, stealing taxpayer money and charitable donations, he's also accused of accepting a
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secret million dollar campaign loan and taking a bribe from a lobbyist who wanted to be an ambassador. he denies all the charges and still holds his congressional seat. he's married to nbc 10 anchor renee chenault-fattah. renee is labeled as person e and affiliate of the fattah enterprise, saying she fraudulently sold her car in order to pay closing costs on a vacation charge. renee is on leave from nbc 10. tonight, looking for answers. the national transportation safety board is now trying to find out how a container ship sank near the bahamas. take a look, ntsb officials arrived in florida earlier this afternoon. they'll be looking at debris from el faro, the u.s. cargo ship that sank near the bahamas last week. officials will also be conducting interviews and looking at maintenance logs. this all comes after el faro lost contact on thursday near
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the bahamas. it was hit by 150 mile per hour winds from hurricane joaquin. 33 people were onboard at the time, including 28 americans. we're also hearing from the mothers of the missing americans, who say they are staying hopeful about finding the crew alive. >> i have absolutely no interest in negative energy, have no interest in looking at blame. i have interest in finding my son and the rest of the crew alive, and the only thing that i blame in this is hurricane joaquin. >> so far only one body has been recovered from the scene. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, another beautiful day outside today. plenty of sunshine. it was cool this morning, but this afternoon our temperatures have warmed up a little bit compared to yesterday, so we are on a warming trend now. we'll see warmer temperatures slightly even as we go through the day tomorrow and then we
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have another rain chance in the forecast. it's not really going to be until the end of the week, so i think most of your week will be really nice, very fall like outside. little bit above average for this time of year, but still comfortable. once the rain moves through, we have another cooldown in the forecast as we go into your weekend. live look at center city, clouds moving through, but otherwise very comfortable, 75 degrees is the temperature right now. humidity is at a comfortable level, but we are seven degrees warmer right now than we were at this time yesterday. that warming is going to continue tomorrow. just a little bit warmer tomorrow than what we have right now. 71 for westchester, 72 degrees in glassboro, 73 millville, 72 in dover and tonight will be another cool night. a few more clouds moving in. right now satellite and radar looking at mostly sunny skies, clear conditions, no rain, but then off to our west you see more cloud cover heading in this direction. overnight tonight you will see clouds increase for most of the
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area, so that's going to keep temperatures maybe not as chilly as last night, but overall looking at dry, comfortable weather. here's future weather, so as we go overnight, you see the clouds moving in, but they leave in time for tomorrow afternoon, so another sunny day tomorrow by 5:00 p.m. looking a nice day like today. then we'll have the cold front swing in from the north. we call it a back door cold front because it's not the typical direction we see it move in from. the big area of high pressure will give us cooler temperatures into thursday, so tomorrow a little bit warmer than today, thursday the temperatures will drop back down. then we go into the end of the week friday, we have a cold front approaching. that's going to increase our rain chances. until friday we're going to stay dry. then we go into friday, make sure you have your umbrella before you leave and i think a majority of the heavier rain will be coming later in the day on friday. for tonight, though, lows in the 50s, 58 for the low in philadelphia, 52 for allentown, reading, 55 pottstown,
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millville, atlantic city, clouds around with a light wind. tomorrow it's going to be another nice day. clouds clear out, warmer through the afternoon, so maybe a couple degrees warmer in some spots. temperatures just about the mid to upper 70s in some cases. still really nice, the average high 70 degrees, so tomorrow we're going to be about seven degrees above that. today we're about five degrees above that. then thursday we get the cooler temperatures moving back in. by the afternoon around 70 degrees. most of the day will be in the 60s for thursday. friday, though, that's when we have the next rain chance, into the weekend the rain looks to be clearing after saturday morning, so we could see a lingering shower, otherwise it's going to get cooler. it will be windy through the day saturday. temperatures mid 60s across the weekend, but looking really good for the eagles come sunday. so take a pill instead of a trip to the gym? >> a new exercise pill. health experts say can get you in shape fast.
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also ahead, the salary they signed up for cut within months. only the nbc 10 investigators exposed the issue that's forcing local school workers to pay back their employers.
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>> a horror movie in real life. >> that's what witnesses are saying after a reptile store owner is attacked by one of his own snakes. police officers in kentucky had to rescue terry wilkens after he was attacked by a 20-foot python. witnesses say wilkens was cleaning the python's cage when it bit him. by the time officers got there, the snake was wrapped around his torso, neck, and head. one of the officers grabbed the snake's head while another officer uncoiled it. i can't look at this video, from the man's neck. >> i see him laying on the ground, see a puddle of blood, he looks lifeless, so naturally we got to try to save him.
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>> police say wilkens was unconscious at first but started breathing again on his way to the hospital. >> yikes. well, to another bad day at work, but this turned into the best possible scenario. >> that's a relief. a michigan woman counting her blessings this afternoon, all 310 million of them, in fact. meet 50-year-old julie leech from three rivers, michigan. leech won the powerball lottery worth $310 million. she's an overnight worker at a fiber glass factory. she says she was having a bad day at work when she checked her ticket at lunch break. wasn't too long before she became a former employee at the factory. >> i quit automatically. i was done. i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things that i had to deal with over life. >> take that, you bad day at
4:25 pm
work. if she takes the lump sum she's going to walk away with $197 million after taxes. not a bad day at all after all. well, a payroll mistake means dozens of philadelphia school employees are getting a big pay cut. >> that's not all, they now owe the district money. next, the problem that's forcing them to pay up. the nbc 10 investigators asked if the school district is allowed to do this to them. also don't forget to vote for our high school football game of the week. this week's choices. to cast your vote go to you can also call or text your vote to 610-624-4111. voting closes on thursday and we'll announce the winner thursday night on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> so imagine accepting a job for one salary but after you start the job you find out you're going to be making 25% less than you thought. >> on top of that being told you have to pay back some of the money you've already made. that's what's happening to some philadelphia school employees. they reached out to the nbc 10 investigators to expose the issue. mitch blacher is here with the story. the workers are calling this a bait and switch. >> that is exactly what they are calling this. as we investigated we learned philadelphia schools offered and paid 60 maintenance workers $3 an hour more than they went to. several said they cannot afford the pay cut and the district has started garnishing paychecks to get the money back. >> congratulations, you are hired for $12.51 an hour. >> these philadelphia school employees were hired in may to clean schools.
4:30 pm
they wanted their identities disguised because they fear retaliation for speaking out. >> the job i had was paying $11.98, and i left my job for a better opportunity at the school district. >> offer obtained by the nbc 10 investigators shows philly schools offered $12.51 an hour to workers. in september the district wrote, we're sorry you were informed of and set up for an incorrect salary. the new salary, $9.51 an hour, that's a weekly pay cut of $120, and more than $6,000 a year. >> it hurts. >> that's a lot. my son just went to college. that's a lot. >> $3 an hour is a lot of money. how does something like this happen? >> mistake, cleric put in the wrong salary. >> fernando is the district spokesperson. we asked to speak to someone with direct accountability for the mistake but told the cash strapped district doesn't have a chief financial officer, that
4:31 pm
position is waiting to be filled. >> can you legally take back the money you've overpaid? >> yes, we can legally actually deduct someone's pay if that person has been overpaid. >> gallard said the fact the district caught the oversight shows they are protecting taxpayer money. do you expect these folks to keep the job, to say we're going to accept this wage cut? >> well, it's up to the individual to continue working for us, of course, and accept the job, we hope that they do. >> morale is low, okay, but we're fighting to get this resolved. >> carl johnson is the union representative for philadelphia schools maintenance workers. >> i think it's unfair to ask the lowest paid workers to, you know, give more money. >> the union has filed a grievance. some say they might have to get a new job. >> if they can't rectify this, then i'm going to have to find something else.
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>> they took it from us just like that, they can give it back to us just like that. it's wrong. >> the district says it's only following the pay schedule set up by the union contract. the district says it will take up to six months to collect all of the overpaid money. for the investigators, mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. a 17-year-old is in custody community college of philadelphia. police say he threatened a student with a gun and then ran into a building on campus this morning. that lockdown has since been lifted, but police still have not found the gun. a teacher is accused of sexually assaulting a girl less than five years old. 44-year-old rick gazzola is behind bars tonight, according to police he sexually assaulted the child inside his home while her parents were visiting in another room. it happened in late june. gazzola is also now suspended from his job as the fifth grade social studies teacher at salem
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middle school. taking the blame. u.s. military officials now admitting fault for a deadly mistake in afghanistan. meanwhile, president obama wants to pull the remaining soldiers in that country, but senate lawmakers say that may not be such a good idea. nbc's steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: the top u.s. commander in afghanistan told senators why it happened is not clear, but the air strikes that killed 22 at the hospital on saturday were the fault of the american military. >> the decision to provide aerial fires was a u.s. decision. >> reporter: a mistake. >> we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. >> reporter: president obama is demanding quick action from the pentagon, the white house said today, to prevent another mistake. >> to get the facts, to get this accounted for and make sure whatever changes are necessary are properly implemented. >> reporter: the tragedy came after the taliban took over
4:34 pm
kundus, 14 years after america invaded and as the commander in chief is reassessing his plan to pull out almost all of the 9,800 remaining u.s. forces by 2017. do not pull out, said john mccain. >> if we do what is presently planned to begin in three months from now, we will see the iraq movie again. >> reporter: the iraq movie, isis taking territory, u.s.-backed troops fleeing because republicans say u.s. forces left iraq too soon. now an afghanistan pullout, campbell opposes. >> that decision was made in 2014. a lot has happened since then in transition. >> reporter: from syria to kabul, and almost none of it good. and isis with its brutality and ability to grow is said to be taking a foothold now in afghanistan. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. california is now the fifth state where terminally ill patients can be prescribed
4:35 pm
life-ending drugs. governor jerry brown signed the bill into law this monday following the case of 29-year-old brittany maynard. a year ago today brittnay released a youtube video hoping to start the conversation about the right to die. she had brain cancer and moved from california to oregon to end her life. brittnay's mother believes the bill brings some meaning to her daughter's death. >> facing her death with such clear eyes, objectivity and looking in the camera and talking about dying in front of all of america on youtube was instrumental in getting the conversation going. >> california's measure applies only to mentally sound people and not those who are depressed or impaired. it joins oregon, washington, vermont, and montana as the states where doctors can now prescribe life-ending drugs.
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free health checks. that's the word from walmart today. >> coming up next, when the superstores will be offering those medical checkups. plus, pumpkin problems. what's fuelling the shortage that could impact your holiday dinners. and how about this, get in shape without the gym. sneakers, really any effort at all? >> come on. >> my dream come true, what? the new pill that aims to do it all for you.
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fedex saying it will raise its fuel surcharge next month. starting november 2nd the fuel surcharge will increase at least 1.5%. for fedex ground the surcharge will go up 1%. it's the second time this year fedex is raising fuel surcharge prices. have you gotten your pumpkin yet? there's good news and bad news on the pumpkin front this
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afternoon. crop experts say there should be enough pumpkins for halloween, but canned pumpkin could be hard to come by when thanksgiving rolls around. libby says supplies could run low by late november. it blames heavy rainfall for washing out crops in illinois. illinois is the country's top pumpkin producing state. federal government is using hip hop as a way to keep teens away from tobacco. take a look. >> cigarettes? >> that's not my thing. >> it's not. >> no way. >> that's part of the food and drug administration's new anti-smoking campaign. the fda says it is targeting black and hispanic teens because tobacco disproportionately affects their health. the world's largest retailer trying to become your destination for health care, too. walmart announced it will hold health fairs at more than 4,000 stores across the country this saturday.
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flu shots and other vaccines will be available. most of the stores will also help customers sign up for health care during the enrollment period. what if getting in shape were as easy as popping a pill? sign me up, right? european scientists are working on a so-called exercise pill that would mimic the effects of working out. the pill would help your body develop new blood vessels and boost energy in yourself. they say it could also help build muscle. the pill is still in the very early stages of development and experts say no pill can truly reproduce all the benefits of exercise. >> all that exercise, you know, raising it to your mouth. >> exactly, too good to be true. >> sounds like it. well, a new crime fighting tool helping a local police department solve cases up to 12 times faster. >> next, the new addition to the police force helping criminals off the street and keeping the innocent out of prison. and we have just slightly warmer temperatures in the forecast, then some rain and
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another cool down. i'll show you the forecast and how cool it will make your weekend coming up. introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus, an appetizer, or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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there's a new crime fighting tool in bucks county. police say it's not only catching criminals, but clearing the innocent. >> as nbc 10's deanna durante tells us, it's the first county in the country to join forces with the countywide dna database. >> in bucks county, we have to do what we have to do to stop crime, and if you're coming to bucks county to commit crime, chances are you're going to get locked up. >> reporter: since 2010, bensalem township has solved more than 400 crimes thanks to dna left behind by criminals. the township was the first in the state to use its own dna database, saying wait times crippled local law enforcement. >> instead of waiting nine to 18 months to get dna results back, bucks county gets results back in less than 30 days.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: the results can be had in 24 hours. today all 40 of bucks county police departments announced they've joined forces, the only county to do so, creating a countywide dna database and so far crimes from bensalem, even montgomery county are being solved by the joint effort. each officer, hundreds of them, are trained to take dna from suspects in cases. the sample is then shipped off and tested. >> this gets criminals off the street today. >> reporter: police say the quick turn around means they know if they have the right suspect. >> not only able to solve crime, but we're able to clear the innocent. >> reporter: taking dna is not news, but this connects the dot from township to township. they took dna, led to a suspect. july 14th, dna leads to the same suspect. police say no one is forced to surrender their dna. >> inform a subject whose dna we
4:47 pm
wish to take, they have a right to refuse. if they refuse, we don't take it. >> reporter: they hope the effort will spark other counties to jump onboard. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, another beautiful fall day today. temperatures a little bit above where they should be for this time of year, but it is gorgeous outside. this is a live look out at the link, the eagles will have a nice game come sunday night weatherwise, but will be quite a bit cooler than today. right now, sunny skies across most of the area, warming temperatures, though, even tomorrow will be similar to today, couple degrees warmer, but we have another rain chance coming before the week is over. this is going to set us up for another cool down just in time for your weekend. i'll show you that in just a second. right now mid 70s for allentown, reading, 73 degrees pottstown, 76 degrees in bensalem. mostly low 70s for new jersey
4:48 pm
and dover coming in at 72 degrees and atlantic city. we've seen a sunny day today, but tonight clouds starting to increase. good news is they'll be clearing out tomorrow again. by 6:00 p.m. this evening temperatures around 70 degrees, still nice by 8:00 around the mid 60s, getting cooler. by 10:00 we'll see more clouds moving in, still about the mid 60s. areas north and west may be in the upper 50s by then. nice and dry on radar, no rain until the end of the week, but we have clouds back off to our west, just don't have the rain with them, so even though the clouds will be increasing for the overnight hours, they are not going to be bringing any rain, just keep our temperatures not as cool as they were last night. still cool, though. here's future weather. we'll be dropping down into the 50s overnight tonight, mid to upper 50s. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, walking out with temperatures about the upper 50s for philadelphia, around 60 for millville. low 60s for dover, mid 50s for allentown and reading by 8:00 a.m. and through the afternoon
4:49 pm
we're going to be similar than today, some areas might be a couple degrees warmer. thursday, though, a little cooler in some spots may not even get out of the upper 60s and then we go into friday, that's when we'll see even more changes. temperatures mid 70s through the afternoon, but then you see the rain moving in. friday that's when the rain chances are going up, definitely don't want to leave your umbrella at home that day. it is going to set us up for cooler weather for the weekend. for tonight, though, lows dropping to around 52 for allentown and reading. 58 for philadelphia for the low temperature, 54 millville and atlantic city. tomorrow we'll see temperatures similar to today. maybe a couple degrees warmer in some spots. still sunny and nice, allentown, quakertown, philadelphia around 77 degrees, glassboro 76. closer to the shore, mid 70s, 75 degrees, 78 for dover, 76 for vineland. so we're going to stay nice tomorrow. thursday we're cooler.
4:50 pm
sunny, though, 71 degrees for the high temperature. then we get back up into about the mid to upper 70s friday. that comes with the rain, though. this will lead us into a cooler weekend. we could see a stray shower saturday morning, otherwise it will get cooler and windy, mid 60s on saturday for a high. 67 for sunday, but we'll see sunshine, so looking pretty good, definitely football weather for the eagles game, back into the 70s next week. well, consumers finally getting their wish after years of griping. >> breakfast at dinner is now a reality at mcdonald's. next, the big change under way the company hopes will boost its bottom line.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> all those of you who like breakfast for dinner, the wait is over. you can now get a mcmuffin whenever you want. >> could you tear into some pancakes right now? >> oh, definitely. >> starting today mcdonald's is serving up breakfast around the clock. the latest effort to boost business. nbc 10's tim furlong has more on today's launch. >> yes, sir, hi, i'd like some breakfast. >> reporter: remember the scene where michael douglas just misses the breakfast cutoff and loses his mind? >> i don't want lunch. i want breakfast. >> reporter: you won't have that problem at your local mcdonald's. as of today they serve breakfast all day long. >> pancakes, pancakes are banging. >> now i can come any time i want and get anything i want.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: he says customers have been asking for years why they can't get breakfast past 10:30. he said the drive through line got crazy every day just before the changeover. >> some people want hamburgers and some want breakfast and we're trying to accommodate them. >> i like the sausage burrito. i could eat those all day long. >> reporter: i'm told it might take longer to get the breakfast items outside the breakfast hours. they are not going to cook them until they are ordered. mcdonald's has more and more competition these days, they want to keep pace with the dunkin' donuts and wawas of the world. if you want hot cakes for dinner, she can get them, although mom isn't totally onboard with pancakes. >> i do do a biscuit. and coffee. and hash browns. >> reporter: breakfast items are typically less expensive than other items, could be some risk here, but mcdonald's is counting on the plan to succeed. companywide, mcdonald's wants to
4:56 pm
show its mcmuffin loving customers their opinion matters. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> now i'm just hungry. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> maybe that's what's for dinner tonight. here's keith jones. next at 5:00, a transgender woman murdered in philadelphia. we have an update from police as they search for the people responsible. plus, a suspect taken into custody after a gun scare locks down a college campus. how students learned about the threat and what police are still looking for in this case. and we have more beautiful weather in the forecast, but then rain before the week's over. that's going to give us another cool down. that coming up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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gunman, everyone stay still. >> a gun scare has students hiding for safety and s.w.a.t. teams swarming. sky force 10 over the community college of philadelphia as the campus went into lockdown. nbc 10 also in the air as police brought their suspect into custody, but tonight the gun that caused all this fear is still missing. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. we'll bring you the latest on that lockdown in a moment. first we begin with a developing story. >> police are searching for the people who murdered a transgender woman shot to death this morning. drew smith joins us live with an
5:00 pm
update. drew? >> police are telling us there was more than just a victim and gunman involved in this case. they are looking for a whole group of people and anyone who may have seen how and why this happened, the killing at 2:30 this morning in the middle of the street. we have some video from sky force 10 which shows the scene where this happened near 13th street. here's what investigators tell us. a transgender woman got out of her car. men ran up and began to assault her. jenkins was shot twice in the back. doctors pronounced her dead at the hospital. detectives returned to the scene later today to search for surveillance and talk to witnesses, but right now it's not clear why this attack happened. >> we don't have a motive, don't know if it's a hate crime, a robbery, we don't know. too early in the investigation. >> jenkins was from north philadelphia, 22 years old, and police have also spoken to her family and they said they will do everything in t


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