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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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don't wait. call now. was it a hate crime or a heinous robbery. this morning's philadelphia's lgbt community is on alert after the murder of a transgender woman. with a vote coming today, pennsylvania could be closer to finally having a budget. we'll break down the governor's new spending plan. and the round of nice weather continues this morning. we're starting the day off with partly cloudy skies but will warm up into the 70s. the first alert weather system tracking some rain. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today on this wednesday, i'm chris cato. let's begin with bill henley and
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his first alert forecast. >> this morning, not quite as chilly, 59 degrees currently in redding, 57 in wilmington. nobody is reporting any 40s this morning. millville is at 52, still falling in philadelphia international. we'll see bright sunshine but we're starting off with scattered clouds, 63 at 6:00, a gentle breeze at 6 miles an hour at 6:00 and then bright sunshine, near 70 degrees at lunchtime and still climbing. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. we're starting off on the boulevard right now, 17th street, no problems so far. northbound lanes here. the schuylkill expressway, no problems. eastbound no problem, no problems on the 5 into the center city area.
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the blue ridge doing okay. but when i come back we'll go over some construction spots all over the philadelphia area. it is a crime that is sending shock waves through philadelphia's lgbt community. this morning detectives continue their search for a man who murdered a transgender woman. katie zachary joins us live with more on this. do detectives believe at this point that this was a tate crime? >> reporter: well we asked them that and they say they still aren't sure. detectives say it's too early in the investigation to know if this was a hate crime or a robbery. we also learned from police they need a key witness to come gord to get more information. 22-year-old keisha jenkins was shot twice in the back and found in the middle of the street yesterday morning. homicide detectives believe before she was attacked and shot someone dropped her off in that
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area. she is from northeast philadelphia. minutes after she had gotten out of the car, a group of five to six men attacked her. during that attack she was shot twice. police tell us they are still looking for the driver of the vehicle, the driver of the car which dropped her off in the hunting park neighborhood. they want that person to come forward. they're hoping they can provide answers to what still is a mystery as to why she was targeted. we'll have the latest for you coming up at 4:30. reporting live at police headquarters, katy zachary nbc 10 news. police want to find a woman who they believe used a little girl as a lookout while she stole a purse. look at this video. video from casey's store on thursday. the woman snuck into her office -- >> this is the major thing, the child involved. that gets me, makes me sick to
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my stomach. they say a woman took a purse containing $1600 cash along with credit cards and a cell phone. the owner can replace the items but she's more worried about the little girl that she used as a lookout. if you recognize the woman or the little girl in this video, call the police. detectives believe the girl is around 5 years old. the trial will continue today for two men charged in a case of kidnapping on jeweller's row. authorities say in april the two men kidnapped a woman, tortured her, drove her around in the van beating her and torturing her while demanding codes at the safe at the jewelry store where she worked. a third suspect who pleaded guilty comes up for sentencing next month. in the pennsylvania budget battle, today they'll vote on
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tom wolf's spending plan. he proposed a half cent increase in the budget tax. that's a change from his original plan. he still wants to tax natural gas drilling. gop leaders said that the governor's plan doesn't have enough support to pass. they're going to vote on it anyway. the state has been without a budget for three months. a middle school teacher is in the salem county jail, accused of sexually assaulting a little girl. authorities charged him with assaulting the girl under the age of 5 in june. it happened inside his home while the girls parents were in another room. his neighbors were shocked. >> i'd be in jail. i'd be in jail because i would kill him. i would, i really would kill him to touch any child of mine, i would, i'd kill him. i'd be in jail too.
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the district has suspended him from his job as a 5th grade teacher. pending further investigation. philadelphia will honor a fallen police officer with a permanent memorial. the city will unveil a hero plaque for sergeant robert wilson, iii. the ceremony will happen at the 22nd police headquarters later this morning. police have a teenage suspect but still no weapon following yesterday's gun scare at the community college of philadelphia. the 17-year-old suspect had a personal dispute with a student at the college. yesterday morning he threatened the student with a gun and then ran into a building at the campus. students and faculty were told to stay in their classrooms. >> one of the other instructors came in and asked me to keep my students in, so i had my students in for about an hour.
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then we saw people were walking the floors, so the students left and i left. >> well with the tense situation, a student recorded this video of officers taking the suspect away. police say this scare had nothing to do with the fbi warning earlier this week about an online threat against local college. and yesterday's lockdown was the second in the past year and a half at the community college. many may, a student pulled a loaded gun on a classmate. that school was locked down. no one was hurt. the suspect in that case, ryan fitch was in an argument with another student over a girlfriend. he wu sentenced to four year probation. if you're the right distance away from city center, like our camera conveniently is, you may notice the philadelphia skyline is pink. this is for october being breast cancer awareness month of course. and there are other celebrations takes place as well.
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a shoe store is putting hit heart and sole in offering pink soles. and they've convinced 60 other businesses to do the same. proceeds will go to help fight breast cancer. 8 minutes after 4:00. we've got a cool start this morning. but thanks to scattered clouds in the area, not as chilly as yesterday morning. late week showers, we're still on track for that but after a sunny day today. the showers move through and then a cooler weekend. we'll see temperatures in the 60s this weekend. today in the 70s. philadelphia is 61 and it's 57 right now with clear skies in cape may. there there's cape may, a live view. the radar completely clear for
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our area. no sign of a shower today. those will wait until friday, probably later friday. today you'll need your sunglasses because these clouds are on the move. we'll see lots of sunshinelike yesterday and really comfortable with low humidity. 60s for the poconos, 74 for allentown and redding, plenty of sunshine today for boilstown, trenton and mount holly, no problem warming into the 70s this afternoon. and right along the coast, bright sunshine for cape may, ra ho best 71 degrees and wilmington 71 degrees along with philadelphia. westchester with a high of 73. the hourly hour future cast when i'm back in ten. it is 9 minutes after 4:00, time to get a check of the major
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roads including the beloved route 42. jessica boyington is watching that. >> we're going to do the jersey check. there's a lot of construction going on. first we're going to talk about 42 right you, around the new jersey turnpike, you can see everything moving along, northbound lanes doing just fine. if you are in new jersey, though, what you need to know today with ongoing construction, watch 676 north and south, they're going to have the two left lanes closed, 295 in both directions between 47 and 42, and the white horse pike losing lanes between airplane circle and route 130. also no problems or delays there. when i come become we're going to take a look at the schuylkill expressway. one town in south carolina has not kind of water woe and
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that's why people in columbia are worried about going thirsty. plus we're learning about a new victim in the flooding. this video that you have to see. you'll see what happens next after a car cut off a moving truck on a busy highway. plus, 'tis the season to celebrate the pumpkin. but less we could see less of this fall favorite by thanksgiving. we'll explain why.
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♪ we're having an open house and you're invited (cheering) ♪ take a look at this new video of a tractor trailer flipping over on a highway in detroit. you can see it starts when the car cut off the front of the truck and hits the truck cab. the truck goes out of control,
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overturns and crashes into the median. wow. right under the overpass there. police are still looking for the driver of the car that cut off the truck. how about this now in south carolina. going thirsty in a flood. that's a real possibility. that's what people in the capital city of columbia could face if crews can't fix a breach in a canal. it's threatening the main valve for the water system. the city would likely have less than a day's supply of drinking water on town. tracy davidson is live in our digital operations center right now. >> that's the drinking water. the flood waters have breached about a dozen dams in south carolina and several more dams are in danger of giving way. the list of flooding concerns keeps growing. people keep getting trapped. crews made dozens of water rescues. and the 911 system has been
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swamped with thousands of calls. but despite it all, the community is staying strong. >> we have resilient people, hopeful people, thank god we're caring folks. >> south carolina's november gore says it's still too soon to assess the damage across her state. in the meantime in neighboring north carolina, the coast guard called off its search for this missing traveller. crews found michael hopkins boat washed ashore on monday along with his dog and wind jacket. wind, rain and flooding is already blamed for two deaths in north carolina. 4:15 now. in the next few hours, coast guard crews near the bahamas will continue their search for the american cargo ship that disappeared last week. one person has been found dead. 32 are still missing. yesterday searchers in the air an on the water spotted more
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debris believed to be from the missing ship, the el faro. many are wondering why the boat was allowed to go out during the storm. the ship's owner insists that the captain and crew were not pressured on keeping their delivery on schedule despite the growing storm. >> i can assure you there's no schedule that's more important to keep that would in any way endanger the lives of our crew members or employees. >> and nbc news has confirmed that the coast guard is working on a timetable for when to call off the search. ntsb investigators are now in florida and will begin trying to piece together what went wrong. in the meantime, dozens gathered at marine maritime academy in may. the captain michael davidson is from maine. all four crew members graduated from the academy there where that service was held. happening today, members of
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congress will look at whether drones pose a safety hazard for planes and helicopters. an faa spokesman will testify, the president of the airlines association is set to testify. this hearing comes as pilots and air traffic controllers have repeatedly sited drones in the air. the top commander says that the u.s. should keep more than 1,000 troops this. conditions have changed in afghanistan in the year since president obama announced his plan to cut troop numbers. campbell pointed to military battles with the taliban, al qaeda and isis. the general also testified that the deadly u.s. air strike on an afghan hospital on saturday was a mistake. bill cosby is in for more legal trouble. a model who accused the actor of drugging and assaulting her in
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2008 has now filed a lawsuit against him. chloe goins lawsuit does not list the alleged date. it's being filed under a law that allows underage sexual victims to sue. it includes a list of 40 women who have made sexual misconduct claims against cosby. and for the first time, more than two dozen of bill cosby's accusers dame together for a group interview with nbc's kate snow. they'll appear in a dateline special airing friday at 9:00. you can watch that right here on nbc 10. from our jersey shore bureau now, it looks like stockton university will lose money on the deal to sell show boat casino. they're going to sell it off for $22 million.
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according to the sales report, stockton wracked up costs since it bought the casino. legal troubles have gotten in the way and now stockton will sell the casino. crop experts say there should be enough pumpkins for hall wean but supplies could be scarce for thanksgiving. spliegs could be running low by late november. blaming heavy rainfall for washing out crops in illinois. illinois is the country's top producing state. i did not know that. i bet bill henley did. we've got a nice day ahead today. we're seeing sunshine for today this morning, just a few scattered clouds. completely dry. and once again a very light wind. breeze barely moving at philadelphia international. 61 degrees, that's nine degrees
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warmer than yesterday. everybody is running warmer this morning. we will see plenty of sunshine, this view from the comcast center in center city. 75 yesterday afternoon, we're back in the same territory later today. 61 in philadelphia international, wilmington into the 50s at 57 degrees. these numbers were in the 40s yesterday morning. blue belt is 54, collegeville at 53 degrees. fath farther to the northwest, gilbert 53. the clouds moving through are helping us stay a bit warming are going to keep on going. in western pennsylvania, these clouds will arrive late on thursday night and into friday. the clouds will be on the move and a cold front will cool things down the second half of the weekend. you can see the clouds building
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into minnesota, wisconsin and heading our way for later friday afternoon, possibly during the evening commute. 1:00 in the afternoon, the showers are off to the north and west, possibility of heavy downpours at 4:00 and during the evening commute on friday. today, nice and sunny with temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. northwesterly winds like yesterday will be light, up to eight miles an hour at times. the weekend, sunny on sunday. clouds clearing out after some earlier showers on saturday. saturday will be cooler with a warmup on sunday. 4:21 now. if you're about to hit i-76, let's let you know if there's something to watch out for on the schuylkill expressway. jessica boyington is watching that. >> let's just say if you have to go on the schuylkill expressway, go now. now is your chance. we're clear.
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we're looking live at the schuylkill around garden street. eastbound, no problems from the blue ridge to the vine way expressway, a 13 minute trip. but if you're in south jersey, right outside of bellmawr, without on on 285. the southbound ramp will be closed for the next half-hour or so. you can watch out for that. as for mass transit, currently no problems or delays for the morning, patco, new jersey transit or septa. today in philadelphia, the san vegas army will celebrate 150 years of service. the salvation army of greater philadelphia will gather with hundreds of community members to mark the milestone today. they'll have a luncheon at the crystal tea room and will be honoring several people who have done a lot of good work for that charity over the past year. well the deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia of
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course thrusts train safety into the minds of commuters and lawmake lawmakers. ahead at 4:30, e eel tell you what amtrak is threatening to do now if congress doesn't extend the deadline for adding some of the technology. reinventing monica. we'll find out what monica lewinsky was doing in philadelphia and you'll hear her message for young adults. you can see what happens behind the scenes at periscope here. we're back up to full speed ready to talk to you during commercial breaks. our address is nbc philadelphia on periscope. i'll see you there.
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high school football fans here are the three games vaing for you vote, mainland, st. augustine , coatesville at westchester east. if you're a fan, get on the phone or log on to, cast your vote and we'll have results for you on thursday. monica lewinsky was in philadelphia trying to make a different name for herself with a new generation. she spoke yesterday at the forbes under 30 summit at the pennsylvania convention center. she appeared at the same event last year speaking of the humiliation she went through after her affair with president bill clinton. this time she spoke to an audience about what it's like to become a public personality again. >> my narrative had run away from me. it was about healing and getting strong enough to step guard and
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take back that narrative. >> now the forbes under 30 summit is an extension of forbes magazine's annual 30 under 30 list. it bring thousands of young entrepreneurs to philadelphia. it continues today. a few scattered clouds in the area this morning. a clear view of cape may. the temperatures are cooling right now but overall running a bit warmer than yesterday at this time. it's 4:27. 60 degrees here at nbc 10. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. we're looking live right now route 309, everything moving along just fine. almost a little dark. not a lot of head lights and cars through the area. when i come back we'll go through more drive times. and will he make a confession? this new jersey priest is the focus of a gun investigation. wh he's saying now about allegations that he pointed a
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gun at a boy because of a football rivalry.
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who killed this 22-year-old transgender woman. philadelphia police need your help in cracking the murder case that has the city's lgbt community on edge. safety on the rails, investigators said that technology could have prevented the deadly derailment in philadelphia but amtrak is threatening congress about a deadline to implement the technology. temperatures in the mid 70s. there is the sight of rain closer to the weekend. 4:30, 60


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