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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 7, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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mid span of the bridge. watch out for the left lane being closed. that's an ongoing construction project. as for pa turnpike, you can see no problems, the drive times are okay and the roadways are clear. from the blue route northbound -- i mean the pa turnpike northbound, that accident scene has cleared out of the way. as for new jersey on the 42 freeway, oroute 41, no real problems. at 5:30, the murder case that's shocked the lgbt community. katy zachry joins us with details. you told us earlier you had just spoken to homicide detectives. what are you found out this
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morning? >> reporter: it was in this area where we're standing just over 24 hours ago when police found 22-year-old keisha jenkins dead in the middle the street. the morning i did talk to homicide detectives who say they're still looking for the group of men believed to have attacked her. here is a picture of the victim, 22-year-old keisha jenkinjenkin. police say minutes before the attack she had been dropped off. they believe a group of five or six men beat her and then shot her in the back. she's the second transgender woman murdered in philadelphia this year. >> it's a tragic loss for the city of philadelphia, for the lgbt community and for this individual's family, friends and loved ones. >> reporter: homicide detectives tell us it is still too early to call it a hate crime. they're still considering that
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the motivation was robbery. coming up, we'll look closely at how social media is helping to play a role in potentially solving this case. it's 5:32, happening today a hearing on the financialji%e fu of the school district resumes in delaware county. a judge began hearing arguments last month and last week the govern governor's administration submitted a revised plan to help the district climb out of $20 million of debt. at the start of school year, the state shelled out $5 million so the teachers could be planned. >> the master plan is road map for statewide education policy. the auditor general says the reason i's not been updated is because of misguided leadership on the part of the board.
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the board chair says the plan needs to be updated but the board has tried to meet obligations despite limited resources. amtrak is threatening to shut down some train service unless congress extends a tlien for adding some safety technology. that technology called positive train control is designed to prevent derailments like the deadly one we saw in philadelphia in may. they first discovered the technology missing on the stretch of track. the northeast corridor is one of the few places in the country where amtrak says it will have positive train control installed by the end of the year deadline. but the rest of the country could be a problem. a vast majority of the network would be inoperable without the program so it would have to cancel service by december 1st. there is one section of track that amtrak does not own, that's the 56 miles between new haven,
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connecticut and new rochelle, nork that will not have the pcp installed by the end of the year. that section will not affect service between washington and boston. to morning we're a step closer to seeing a new casino complex near the stadium in south philadelphia. yesterday the master plan was approved. it includes 2,000 slot machines and dozens of table games, a hotel and a spa and a parking garage. hillary clinton is taking a job at her gop rivals by giving them all gag gifts. we'll tell you why clinton is trying to one-up the opponents. plus she made her name for herself in the '90s. coming up how monica lewinsky is trying to change her story line and forget about the past. 5:34, 60 degrees here at nbc 10.
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we're looking at another dry day at the shore. that's a live view at cape may. there are changes ahead. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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5:37 this morning and cool but nowhere near as chilly as yesterday. we've got a few scattered clouds for the area. 58 degrees in philadelphia. the clouds moving through will keep going and we're on our way to another nice sunny and mild day. typically this time of year we'll see a high temperature op 70 degrees. it will be warmer this afternoon for most areas. and completely dry. we've got lots of clouds but the radar we're completely dry today and we'll stay dry until we get to the end of the workweek. then we've got showers, possibly some thunderstorms on the way. today leave the umbrella at home, don't forget the sunglasses. 70s this afternoon. 72 in quakertown, 63 degrees for
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the pocono mountains, sunshine and a gentle breeze out of the northwest, so the humidity stays low. you'll see sunshine and a few scattered clouds at the shore. low 70s for rehoboth. 70s looking good, low humidity for westchester, and williamstown. there are changes a head. a look at what's to come and the tombing of the wet weather when i'm back in ten minutes. sounds good, except for the rain part. time to get a look at the highways out there. >> let's look at the vine way expressway. jessica? >> we're on the vine around the 8th street. no problems. westbound is typically where the see the jam for the first part of the morning. right now no problems. we're about five minutes and under in either direction. the you're headed towards the
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schuylkill expressway or 30th street station, no problems there. on 676 north and south between walt whitman bridge and morgan boulevard, two lanes closed for another half-hour or so, ongoing instruction on 295 in both collections. watch out for bridge work, tracy. today is walk to school day in philadelphia. mayor michael nutter says it's up to all adults to teach children safety tips for walking to school, including how to stop, look and listen before crossing the street. drivers are encouraged to slow down in school zones, watch out for the kids and to put away cell phones and other distractions. a north jersey police are entered a plea after police charged him with pointing a civil war musket at an 8-year-old boy. we'll hear from lawyers on both sides of the case.
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plus teenagers use a stolen car to pull off a gun heist. we'll explain how the plan backfired.
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. >> hill clint sent on reading materials to her rivals.
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she sent a copy of her book "hard choices" to the gop candidates. the aides sate was meant as a snarky retort to criticism lobbed at her belittling her accomplishments. the aide added that it would be an informative resource for them. a source for biden denies a plit kol report. calling it effectively placing an ad in the "the new york times." the politico piece published on tuesday said biden told the story of beau east plea to a columnist of the tooims who reported it in her column last august. the spokesman called the report categorical categorical categorical categorically false. fiorina says when people get to know her, they support per.
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but the pundits say along with support comes increased pressure and she had to make adjustments to her message in response to that scrutiny. people do not believe their government works for them, but that doesn't mean it can't be the way it should be. >> that's from the new campaign video from jeb bush. the gop candidate delivered an upbeat message that she can knock down barriers to economic growth. he'll continuing campaigning in iowa today. an dieted congressman chuck ka fattah faces a new challenger. state represent brian sims announced he's running to unseat fatale next april. simms has been a state legislator since 2013. he's now the third person to challenge fattah. fatale is vowing to stay in office as he fights those
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federal corruption charges. the congressman is accused of misusing husband influence, stealing taxpayer money and stealing charity donation. prosecutors also said he accepted a secret million dollar campaign donate. congre renee is referenced in the criminal complaint against her husband, labeled as person e. the feds allege that she took part in a scheme to fraudulently sell a car in order to pay closing costs on a vacation home. she is not charged with a crime and denies any wrongdoing. renee is on leave from nbc 10. monica lew winsky was in philadelphia trying to make a new name for herself. she spoke yesterday at the forbes 30 under 30 summit. she was at the same event last year and spoke about the humiliation she went through after her affair with former
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president bill clinton went public. this time she talked to an audience of young adults about what it's like to become a public personality again. >> it was about healing and getting strong enough to step forward and be able to take back that narrative. so it's -- it took a lot to get to a place where i could do that. >> the forbes 30 under 30 summit is an extension of forbes' mab zeen 30 under 30 list. happening today, the u.s. transportation department will unveil a new program to educate drivers. it's call "my car does what". >> research shows that driver are unsure of the technology in their car. so this new website will offer videos and graphics to help them better understand the features. volkswagen plans to fix all of the cars by the end of next
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year, a lot of cars, up to 11 million vehicles. they contain the diesel engine with software that cheats u.s. emissions test. the ceo says a software update should fix most of the cases. a local county is fighting crime with a first of its kind test. they're gathering dna. police say it often takes month to get results from the state database and the delay can cripple law enforcement investigation. so far the database has been able to help nab suspects behind multiple crimes across township lines. >> it's not a gun, it's not a taser, not even a weapon. it's a q-tip. and because of it we're all much, much more safe as a community. >> police say the database has
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been a valuable tool to clear the innocent. this was a valuable tool for investigators in virginia. look at this surveillance video that show as group of teens smashing a car into a gun shop and stealing at least 25 guns. see the teens get out there in a moment. the police used the video to catch the teens and they found out the car had been stolen. u.s. energy department predicts most heating bills will drop this winter. propane users expect to spend $300 less, using heating oil, $450 less. projection is based on warmer weather and lower energy prices. we've been enjoying some warm weather the last couple of days. i was in the middle 70s yesterday and this morning it's not as chilly. if you look closely, you can make out a few clouds moving through the area right now. allentown has them, 56 degrees,
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61 in philadelphia and atlantic city in the 50s. that's warmer than yesterday. some spots 15 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. we'll see sunshine. the clouds moving through right now will be moving out this afternoon. so another beautiful day. there's the satellite imagery. nothing falling from the clouds. we'll stay dry today. later in the week, a good chance for showers and thunderstorms. today you'll need your sunglasses, back in the 70s this afternoon. nice and comfortable. the humidity stays low. tomorrow, 55 to start with, 73 in the afternoon, a nice day for thursday and a warmer day for friday. but friday is the day of change. that's when a cold front arrives. likely see some showers during the afternoon and evening hours, could have some heavy downpours and a possibility of the storms with the cold front. the showers end early saturday
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morning. and that sets the stage for a beautiful sunday. eagles and the saints, 69 degrees plenty of sun shine. and the cancer program at chester county, big fundraiser there, chester county hospital, the dover town and wine festival. always perfect weather for the wine festival. monday, warmer, 74. let's get you updated on your ride to work. >> depending on where you're heading, you may find some construction cones. >> a closure in center city philadelphia, 19th street south closed between vine street and the ben franklin park way. as for 295, heading out the door into new jersey, no real problems around black wood and
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the black horse pike here. we have a 12-minute trip southbound. you can see active work zones in there but we can see all of the traffic still moving along nicely. otherwise in new jersey on 676, watch out for the ongoing construction but it will be cleared in the next ten to 20 minutes or so. 676 north and southbound between the walt whit man bridge and morgan boulevard, batch out for the two left lanes closed. nine minutes before 6:00 now, our planet as you've never seen it before. take a look at this video. this is around the world in seconds. a young british man quit his job to travel around the world. jordan simmons recorded one second of every day of his trip to create a montage of all of the countries he visited, traveled to 46 countries across four continents in a little more than a year. he sold all of his belongings
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before the trip and lived on $20 a day. >> here's another way you can experience with world without leaving the comfort op you pajamas. nbc 10 every morning we have periscope. you can talk to us right here on the news set. we have our feed through this ipad. people right now are looking at an extreme closeup op tracy. >> we answer questions. >> if you would like to join us, download the app periscope, it's a free download. here's a scandal picking up scandal in the world of fantasy football. we'll tell you how a big win for a fantasy sports employee has some people claiming there an uneven playing field. we'll break down the wild card game between the yankees and astros.
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and a swing and a ground ball to short. and the astros have advanced to the division series. >> the baseball post season
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began last night and ended for the yankees. the houston astros beat them in the american league wild card game. astros pitcher keuchel allowing only three hits. the astros will advance to play the kansas city royals now. not guilty is the plea from this priest in north jersey. h he's accused of pointing a musket an an eight-year-old boy, charged with aggravated assault and child endangerment. authorities say the boy is a cowboys fan, the rev rant is a giants fan. police later arrested the reverend. his lawyer said that he and the boy were just kidding and talking about their favorite football teams. but the county prosecutor said it was no joke. >> put him up against the wall and pointed a long arm rifle and hi said i'm going to shoot you.
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>> the father did hold the musket was the boy was never ever put against the fall. reverend carter says he will be vindicated. the new york giants are taking pretaugss after a team member was diagnosed with mersa. doctors examining tight end dane yell felds found the mer so infection. it is dangerous and can be fatal if it gets into the bloodstream. an employee for the online site, one of the on line sites cashed in big. a contest tent picked the roster of each players, each carrying a monetary value. are we really explaining how fantasy sports work to people? can we go throughout the script real quick? here's what happened. experts say that an employee who worked for one of the fan duel sites had access to the data and
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used the data to win money on the other fantasy site. >> so that's how it works. >> knowledge is power. you need to know more than the next guy to win. >> the employees of the companies are winning the contests. that needs to be disclosed because to me that's a conflict of interest. draft kings said the employ owe who won $350,000 on fanduel could not have used their information to make questions about lineup. employees are barred from entering fantasy sports contests for money. here's something you won't have to bet on. cast your vote. our nbc 10 high school blitz of the week. mainland very sus stachlt augustine , coatesville at westchester. we'll have results for you on thursday. i just checked. wait a minute right now.
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coatesville/westchester east leading. almost a tie now. >> tracy and i play fantasy high school football. >> play fantasy high school football? okay. >> we don't know the players. but it's fun and cheap. >> set your roster now. >> thank you chris. nbc 10 news at 6:00 starts right now. a murder in philadelphia sends shock waves and concern to the city's lgbt community. fafr averted. efforts to e cure a dam in flood ravaged south carolina are successful but there' still much to be done before life gets back to normal. and we're an hour away from sunrise. we have another beautiful day on the way today. it is just about 6:00 a.m. good morning.
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i'm tracy davidson. >> i think it's going to be the best day of the week. let's get to meteorologist will henley. >> that's the right attitude, vai. the clouds are on the move. they're preventing the temperatures from cooling down like they did yesterday morning. instead of 40s, we're in the 50s for most of the area and it's completely dry. nothing is falling from the clouds. and a nice light northerly wind, that's dry air coming into play. we're starting off with clouds, 61 degrees, look at that, 11:00, 67, then the clouds break as we warm into the low 70s at 2:00 and top out in the middle 70s just like yesterday. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check in on traffic. jessica boyington


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