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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new at 11:00, rescued from the flames. police and firefighters sent to the hospital after saving someone from a burning home. good evening i'm jacqueline london. skyforce 10 was over that sce scene. >> we know four people were injured but everyone survived? >> that's right jacqueline and jim. that fire sent a firefighter, two police officers and a man who had to be rescued to the hospital. firefighters had that fire contained at 8:30 but not without injuries, a rescue, and
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a scare. skyforce 10 over a row home fire on taylor street near montgomery avenue in north philadelphia. >> they observed heavy fire on the first floor and heavy smoke on the second floor. >> reporter: flames shooting from the roof. one person trapped inside the home. >> neighbors alerted officers that there was at least one person still inside the house trapped in the house. there was heavy smoke, heavy fire. these two officers entered the property, they tried to make a rescue, they were overcome by smoke. >> reporter: firefighters moved in to rescue a 45-year-old man at one point while batting the flames a scare when crews lost communication. >> communication could not be established with one of our crews on the inside. our rapid intervention team was placed in service, subsequently there was a minor injury there also. everybody was removed from the building. firefighters got out safe. >> reporter: a fire lieutenant was injured when he was struck
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by debris. two police officers suffered possible smoke inhalation and the man rescued from the house was taken to temple hospital. all in stable condition. i'm denice nakano, nbc 10 news. breaking news. a new york police officer shot in the head after a confrontation with a man on a bicycle. that's according to our sister station in new york which says the officer is in very critical condition right now. police did find a man with a bullet in his leg nearby the scene. they're working to figure out if he is a suspect or another victim. new tonight, police are investigating a double shooting in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood that sent a 13-year-old boy to the hospital. it happened around 7:30 on north 18 street near west chai o cuyahoga street. both victims are in stable condition. one person is dead and four others injured after this accident in glassboro, new
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jersey. two vehicles collided on the 400 block of new street around 8:00. this accident remains under investigation. >> bing! >> that knockout punch to a homeless woman landed an atlantic city man in jail and now tonight he's accused of getting in another fight behind bars. >> nbc 10's drew smith has reaction from people who saw that first punch that started it all. >> reporter: it was the same type of violence that was captured in that video that police say has him in trouble again here at the atlantic county jail, this time for attacking an officer. >> bing! it's over! >> reporter: the fighting appears to not be over. he'll face another assault charge. police say he got violent after he was strip searched. police brought him there after he was arrested for knocking a
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homeless woman unconscious and someone posted the profanity-laced video on facebook. >> that's what happened when you say i ain't gonna smack you. >> well, i was sitting over here. >> reporter: irma ortiz says she's never seen anything like it at browns park, which she described as a hangout spot for homeless people. she said people didn't rush to the woman's aid because they were scared. >> they might come after them. you never know. >> that right? >> reporter: the woman arrived in critical condition over the weekend. we checked in with the atlantic city rescue mission but they could not provide an update on her condition. >> wow, they did it just for that. oh, my gosh. >> i'll knock the [ bleep ] out like that. >> reporter: but not everyone was upset at what happened to the homeless woman. >> i don't know and i don't care abher. >> reporter: this woman says she is his boyfriend, she claims he was provoked even if the video doesn't show it. >> it had to be somebody else getting in his way for him to do that and i don't think it's fair for him to be locked up like that and then get beat up. >> reporter: hunter is held on
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$100,000 bail and he's wearing a different type of jump suit because he's now a high security inmate. in atlantic county, drew smith, nbc 10 news. a dramatic change in breast cancer screening guidelines is causing confusion tonight. the american cancer society now says screen later and less often. among the changes you need to know, they say women should start getting annual mammograms at 45 instead of at age 40. then they should switch to every other year at age 55. also clinical breast exams are no longer recommended. >> the life saving potential of early detection really is found in regular mammography. that's the test that can find a cancer before anybody can feel it. >> the american cancer society says this advice applies specifically to women with an average breast cancer risk. but some oncologists are criticizing the guidelines saying they don't provide enough
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clarity. to our weather now. we saw plenty of tricks here at this skate park in fair mount park and kind of looks like mother nature is playing a few of her own, too. >> let's go to sheena parveen. sheena, tomorrow is another loop in what has become a temperature roller coaster. >> certainly we're going to see mild temperatures as we go through the afternoon tomorrow and then even warmer as we go into thursday but take a look at temperatures right now. we are in the mid to upper 50s at this hour which is about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it was last night at this same time. so as you wake up tomorrow morning you might need a light jacket, but by the afternoon probably not. here's the bus stop forecast. for areas north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley, you'll be in the mid-40s. 7:00 a.m. philadelphia around 53. new jersey and delaware right around 50 degrees. so maybe a light jacket in the morning at the bus stop but in the afternoon you may not need it. we'll see sunny skies with temperatures in the low 70s after school lets out, but we
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will keep on warming up this week, going to thursday, before another cooldown that's going to hit just in time for your weekend. so we'll take a look at how warm and how cool we'll get straight ahead. unwanted action off the field for seattle seahawks. running back fred jackson escaped injury after wrecking his car following team practice. his corvette lost control and took out a street sign. initial reports were that he may have been drag racing fellow teammate marshawn lynch. police say there was no evidence of any racing. philadelphia police trying to figure out why the victims of a violent home invasion in kensington were targeted. bliss say two masked men tied up a man and woman at a house on f street around 2:30 this morning. another woman says she was forced to drive her car to an atm to withdraw $100. police and the victims are at a loss as to why that house was chosen. >> i just wanted to give them what they wanted so they would
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leave us alone. >> they did not have large amounts of money. it's a mystery as to why they were targeted. it seemed to be at random. >> 28-year-old edwin velez is in custody and officials are looking for the second suspect. both men could face robbery, kidnapping and assault charges. a tribute for a north philadelphia teenager killed last week. the community gathered at a church tonight to remember duval deshield. skyforce 10 was over the scene last monday night when the 14-year-old was shot in the head. the victim died from his injuries. police have a suspect in custody. >> parents in a new jersey school district are coming together after a recent rash of elementary school threats. parents at charles street elementary in palmyra say there have been three lockdowns in the last 30 days. dozens of parents attended an advisory meeting tonight at the school and those we spoke with say the school is taking the matter very seriously. >> i think most of the concerns that the parents have is the
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fact that whether or not what is being told is what's really going on. >> they were still trying to investigate what was going on, but we were notified like, look, this is what happened, this is where the kids are, this is the procedure we did. so the school is very good with that. >> the school superintendent would not specify the nature of the threats but said they were written in restrooms. less than half of new jersey's public high school juniors are ready for college, that's according to the results of a new controversial standardize test. the state department of education says the parcc test results show just four out of every ten students are performing at or above grade level. the results are generally in line with expectations and with the results of other states, but education officials say they show a lot of room for improvement. congressman paul ryan announced he will run for house speaker -- if the republican party unites behind him. >> if you can agree to these requests and if i can truly be a
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unifying figure then i will gladly serve. >> ryan outline it had condition for the post tonight. in addition to calling for the party to unify he stress head would not give up time with his family if elected speaker. ryan gave republicans to the end of the week to decide whether they can agree to his terms. all eyes remain on joe biden tonight who hasn't announced whether he will seek the highest office in the land. he spoke at a celebratory dinner for former vice president walter mondale tonight but he didn't address the rumors. biden did get people talking today when he threw a not-so-subtle jab at democratic front-runner hillary clinton suggesting he's bert at working across the political aisle. >> i still have a lot of republican friends i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. >> if biden were to announce the presidential run, he would become the fifth democrat in the race since jim webb dropped out today. a member of the clinton
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family was in philadelphia today but it wasn't for a campaign event. >> chelsea clinton was here to promote her new book and speak with local students. lawyer mayk spoke to her about the presidential race and her mother's chances of winning. >> reporter: the students in this room are about the same age chelsea clinton was when her life changed forever. her dad ran for president, she moved into the white house. >> at the time -- >> reporter: now she's talking to rooms full of young people for her new book "it's your world." >> i'm very close to my parents and we certainly talk about everything so of course i tell them kind of what i'm hearing in schools. >> reporter: her mother is now on the campaign trail. during her stop in philadelphia, chelsea clinton told me she thought her mother's recent debate performance was wonderful. >> my daughter charlotte just turned one and i have a different stake in the future now that charlotte is in the this world and i certainly believe my mom is the best president for her. >> reporter: i asked her about
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the possible new competition from vice president joe biden. >> well, goodness, running for president is a big decision for anyone to make and so certainly i believe the vice president has to make what he believes is the right choice for himself, for his family and for our country. just how much of a family business is this? well, chelsea clinton said today in very specific words "i have no plans to run for political office." in roxborough, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. temperatures warming up, but not for long. in minutes i'll show you when cooler air will return. called out for not prosecuting bill cosby. who a new attack ad is targeting in a local race. and set to open after a roach infestation closed them down. we'll see if customers will give the restaurant another chance.
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bill cosby has a new legal team as he battles sexual assault allegations.
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the comedian had replaced his long-time flaur a pair of lawsuits, including a definition lawsuit from supermodel janice dickinson. cosby has faced several legal setbacks in the cases. and bill cosby has never been charged with a crime and that fact has turned into a political controversy. >> it's the topic of a new attack ad in the race for montgomery county's top prosecutor. nbc 10's keith jones explains. >> reporter: the ad starts innocently enough. we see assistant d.a. kevin steele. >> a 98% conviction rate. >> reporter: then hear the attack against bruce castor. >> a former d.a. who refused to prosecute bill cosby. castor said "we don't charge people for making a mistake or doing something foolish." >> reporter: that's the accusation, now the response. >> it's a despicable distortion of what happened. >> reporter: low life a tactics, that's how bruce castor characterizes the ad. >> when you're as far down in the polls as he is, desperation
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takes over. >> reporter: yet in 2005, former temple employee andrea constand alleged bill cosby drugged and molested her. >> there was insufficient evidence to prosecute bill cosby. i had to make the decision. >> reporter: the case was settled in civil court. tonight steele said that was a failure and he stands for justice. >> not to allow somebody who is rich and famous to get a pass on things. >> reporter: as the ad puts it -- >> bruce castor was not looking out for the victims. >> reporter: it's a statement castor vehemently denies. >> it's he who did nothing and i was the one who achieved justice for andrea constand when i forced cosby to testify and presumably made her a very wealthy woman. >> reporter: keith jones, nbc 10 news. tomorrow we could learn what pennsylvania's attorney general will do once the suspension of her law license takes effect. a spokesman says kathleen kane is preparing an e-mail that will
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detail her role once the suspension takes effect on thursday. the state court took away kane's law license after she was charged with perjury. prosecutors say she lied. a popular restaurant is set to reopen two months after it was shut down. the owners of yangming opened their doors to show off the $500,000 renovation they completed. they replaced woodwork, carpet, and repainted and cleaned the restaurant from top to bottom, they say. yang mink was shut down in office after inspectors found a roach infestation. managers say the age of the building and a lax pest control company were partly to blame. >> reporter: when did you become aware that there was a problem. >> before there was a small problem and we didn't collect it properly and i'm sorry to create a problem. >> reporter: the owners' hope
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they can regain their customers trust. south jersey fitness enthusiasts have a new place to call home. lifetime athletic in mount laurel is set to open to the public. tomorrow morning's official open is at 4:00 a.m. the brand new $30 million facility features an indoor pull, full workout facilities and a state-of-the-art spin room. well, the warmup begins with today really because yesterday we were so much colder, but that warmup is actually going to continue and the warmest day out of the week being thursday and we do stay dry the whole week, too, so we've been dry for 11 days, no measurable rainfall, that will continue, too, but before the weekend gets here we will have another cooldown. so most of this week will be warm and that cool air comes back so here's what it will look like yesterday. we only hit 55 for the high temperature. today we got to 71. tomorrow around 74.
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thursday 77 degrees. average highs actually 65 degrees so thursday is going to be the warmest day. not just of this week but for quite a while. then we drop down to 60 degrees as we go into friday so we're going to see quite a difference from thursday to friday. now, tomorrow morning when you walk outside it's still going to be cool, maybe cool enough for a light jacket, just not as cold as we've seen the past several mornings. in the philadelphia area around the mid-50s. by 8:00 a.m. poconos around 50 degrees. along the shore around 53 but by noon we'll be close to 70 degrees in a lot of locations along with that sunshine so it will feel warmer as we go through the day tomorrow. any rain will stay up to our north. we, however, keep staying dry. big area of high pressure will keep us dry and this is future weather now so this high is going to stick around as we go into thursday but in the meantime wednesday we're still going to get that mild air moving in from that southwest wind so that's going to keep us in the 70s again tomorrow, even warmer for thursday.
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that's going to be the warmest day out of the week but once that cold front moves through going into friday, that cooler air starts to come back. the coldest air still stays to the north but we will see a bit of a drop from thursday to friday so remember that. and even with the not fall-like temperatures, because it's quite a bit warmer, we have the fall foliage out there. the best time to see it around the philadelphia area, northern delaware, new jersey, will be the end of october but the best color right now is in the po poconos and through much of new england that color is quickly starting to fade away with the leaves falling off the trees now. for tonight, though, not as cold, low 50s philadelphia, low 40s, areas north and west mid-40s. new jersey and delaware suburbs, tomorrow sunny, warm, about the mid to low 70s. thursday, there you see it, 77 degrees. staying dry to end out the week but going into the weekend you see 60s friday, 63 saturday, sunday mid-60s, low 60s next week. new jersey state lawmakers are trying to put an end to a
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controversy involving student athletes. state senator richard cody introduced a bill that would penalize athletes who repeat 2k3wr5i grades sixth through eight. under the rule, violators would be docked a year of athletic eligibility. proponents athletes who red shirt take away students who move through school at a proper pace. >> a night after a big win on the field, the eagles getting it done in the community as well. the team presenting northern children's services with w the hometown huddle grant for $25,000. it's part of the nfl and united way's national day of service. the money will go to support northern children's health and fitness programs. speaking of sports, that's coming up next.
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i'm john:00 from comcast sports net. your first place eagles will have a big test in carolina. the panthers are 5-0 and they have won nine straight, the longest current streak in the nfl. the panthers have a very good defense, but the eagles' defense, they're showing they're east. the birds shut out the giants last night after giving up the touchdown on the first drive. turnovers, only the broncos have more. the birds are 3-3. so i asked jason kelsey, are you fortunate to be in first place? >> i don't know. i think we're 3-3 and a few games -- a few plays here and there, especially in if first three. we could easily be 5-1. i don't think we're fortunate to be 3-3 but i think there's positive things to take away from where we've come the last
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couple games. >> and bradford threw three interception so he has nine picks. the last eagles quarterback that many picks in the first six games, ron jaworski in the '70s. peyton manning is the only quarter back who has more in the nfl right now. chip kelly knows that has to change. >> i don't know what the waiting out is. sam is our quarterback, we have full confidence in sam. >> inconsistent, missing throws. there was some good, there was some bad but i know for us to be where we want to be i have to play much better. vote for our high school game of the week. we have hammonton at delsea. flyers trying to win for the first time in seven years hosting a good dallas stars team and things getting chippy. sam gonyea getting the worst of this fight. then ryan white, yeah, clapping. everything's all good. 11 seconds into the second
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period, the sixth goal, most in the nhl, 2-0 stars. flyers answer in the third. flyers within one but that's as close as they would get big in net for dallas. flyers lose their first game at steve mason returned from his >> got better as the game went they're a talented team so it was kind of trial by fire there and it was nice to get back out there and get my feet back under my and just continue to look to build off this now. the mets are up the 3-0 on the cubs in the nlcs. royals are up 3-1 in toronto. we're right back.
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tomorrow's "back to the future" day inspired by the 1989 film "back to the future ii."
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marty mcfly and emmett brown travel to october 21, 2015, they predicted hover boards and the cubs would win the world series. well, the mets would have something to say about that. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. good night. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hillary clinton, dakota johnson, musical guest, fetty wap,


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