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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 23, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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we're following breaking developments from a shooting on a college campus. it happened overnight near nashville. one person is dead, two wounded. details are ahead. >> in philadelphia, two police officers in two citizens are recovering from injuries this morning after a chase led to a crash. we'll hear from a witness who recorded video of the aftermath. >> pleasant but cooler weather on this friday as we take a live look over philadelphia and the ben franklin bridge. the weather team is tracking a temperature dip plus the chance of showers. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm chris cato and temple wins, temple wins. the owls 7-0. we have new video of the players arriving back here after the
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victory. we'll share that in a moment. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and football like weather. >> temperatures are cooling down though it's warm for this time of year. we have a breeze blowing, that's cooler, drier air coming into the region, that's going to make a big difference this afternoon. clear skies over boathouse row and the temperatures now down to 59 degrees. 40s, that's normal for this time of year. that's where the pocono mountains are but the rest of the area starting off very warm, 59 in dover, 58 in atlantic city. the breeze will be with us through the day. sunshine nice and bright and a slow warm-up today. 55 degrees at 7:00, by 56, not much warmer thanks to the northerly wind which will still be blowing at 1:00 this afternoon when we'll be at 60 degrees, and will go warmer than that. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, when i'm back in 10 minutes. right now jessica boyington has your friday morning first alert traffic. >> we are watching 422 right now, a work zone right around
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trooper road. the off ramp having lane restrictions you can see. and the eastbound lanes losing some shoulders and lane restrictions. also headed toward the schuylkill expressway. we have the eight minute drive time from 29 to the schuylkill, 63 miles per hour is your average speed. so it's not affecting traffic yet this morning. we're not seeing added volume because of that scene. if you are out in new jersey, watch out on the new jersey turnpike northbound between 73 around exit 4 and burlington and mound holly. that span, two lanes will be closed that's out there for another half hour or so until about 6:00 a.m. mass transit good to go, no problems or delays and i'll come back with another check on your traffic. we have new information about breaking news we've been following out of tennessee. police are searching for the gunman wanted in a deadly shooting on the campus of tennessee state university in nashville. a man killed the 19-year-old man killed in this case was not a student. according to police it started
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last night during a dice game. an argument ensued and someone started shooting. three women walking by were injured, one of them suffered a minor wound and did not need to go to the hospital. she was treated at the scene. however, another did go to the hospital and remains there this morning. we'll continue to follow these ongoing developments. a wild scene in west philadelphia last night. look at this. two police officers recovering in the hospital this morning, they were injured in a chase that ended with this crash you see here in west philadelphia. a suspect and a woman were injured. right? >> reporter: chris, the good news this morning is that everyone involved in this purr stoot and crash will be fine but witnesses describe a high speed and frightening crash that apparently started after officers tried to pull over a driver for dark tinted windows.
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and a viewer sent us this eyewitness cell phone video of the aftermath. you can see the responding officers moving quickly at the scene. it began around 10:00 last night, the driver of a black cadillac took off when police tried to pull him over. the cadillac apparently t-boned a police suv, sending the suv over a curb and into a street light. neighbors who watched the pursuit and the crash say the driver was going very fast on the residential streets. >> they were coming up at least doing 80 miles per hour plus, and trying to stop this guy, didn't want to stop, ran through the red light, hit the cop head on. >> reporter: sky force 10 was also over the scene last night, the two officers who were injured suffered cuts to their nose, head injuries, they were taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition. they should both be okay.
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we can also tell you that the 23-year-old driver of that black cadillac and a female passenger who was inside, were hospitalized also they also should be fine but at this point the police investigation is continuing. live this morning in the 19th district in west philadelphia, george spencer, "nbc 10 news." thanks, george. a philadelphia hospital is the apologizing for what it's calling a mistake. st. christopher's hospital investigating how a baby may have received 10 times the proper dose of chemotherapy. we introduced you to isaac harrison. he has a rare form of cancer. the baby is now being treated at a different hospital but st. christopher's continues to communicate with the family. >> first thing i want to say is how sorry we at st. christopher's for children are that this mistake happened. >> st. christopher's says
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administrators are looking to see what changes to protocol may be made that could include reeducating staff on medication delivery and ordering. >> this morning we're hearing from the family of a little girl killed in a road rage shooting in new mexico. the parents of lily garcia are speaking out. allen garcia was driving when he was cut off by a car. according to garcia he made a gesture to the other driver and that's when the car pulled up next to his truck and the other driver opened fire, killing lily who was in the back street. this isn't the family's first tragedy either. lily's mother lost her brother to murder, 12 years ago. >> when i lost him it wasn't compared to losing a child. doesn't compare at all. >> police have arrested the other driver tony torres, he is charged with murder. >> the parents of a radnor
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township man accused of trying to lure children insists their son is harmless. they say 26-year-old daniel lee has autism and simply likes to talk to children. officers arrested lee near wayne elementary school on wednesday, concerned parents called police after they say lee scared their children at the playground. he allegedly talked to them about finding an abandoned cabin in the woods. police ended up arresting him. lee is being held on $100,000 bail, he is awaiting a psychiatric evaluation. >> this just in. we told you we had this video. the temple football team returning victorious this morning. we were there as those buses rolled onto the campus in philadelphia just in the past hour, the players getting off. it was a long drive back from greenville but it theft players a lot of time to think about the fact that they are undefeated. the owls made history beating
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east carolina for temple's first ever 7-0 start. students and even the school band watched the road game from temple basketball arena last night. it was a tight one but temple scored 14 points in the final four minutes to rally past east carolina 24-14. congrats to the owls on a great start. they play notre dame in philadelphia on halloween. that should be a good one. >> they are overworked andy overtired, that's what a new report reveals about secret service agents. and some say that's putting security at risk. why the agency disputes those findings. remember that new jersey nurse who spoke out about being garn teened last year. she is now skooing the state. we'll tell you what she wants and who she's named in the lawsuit.
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>> we've got a cooldown right
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now. but the temperatures not falling all that fast for this time of year. normally we add be in the 40s. 57 degrees with the northerly wind at 10 miles an hourk it's warmer than yesterday but the northerly wind that you see here is going to assure temperatures stay cooler than yesterday. you have a cold front pass by yesterday, showers offshore. no siwet weather. the temperatures will slowly climb but look at the readings today. camelback, 56 degrees, bethlehem and pennsburg up to 59. sunny skies, low 60s for souderton, new hope in the low 60s and sunny skies for millville and milford up to 63. rehoboth a high of 62. sunny skies for philadelphia, berlin, wilmington. sunshine, low 60s this afternoon. it's really not a lot warmer than it is right now. and chilly this weekend. saturday morn, that's when temperatures will fall into the 30s, up to 63 in the afternoon. and there is a chance we'll see
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showers come through sunday morning. by sunday afternoon we'll get breaks of sunshine at 66 degrees. let's go through the full seven-day forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> a border raid reveals a secret tunnel in california. we'll tell you who has been arrested and the unusual way the suspects hid the entrance. plus, a pacific hurricane strengthens into an extremely dangerous storm. it could be poised to take aim at a top tourist destination in mexico. >> a look at your traffic right now. route 1 to the roosevelt boulevard around 17th street no problems northbound or southbound headed to the schuylkill expressway. when i come back another check on your morning traffic. it used to be illegal.
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atlantic county didn't allow its elected politicians to take large donations from contractors doing business with the county. then will pauls changed the law, allowing him to pocket thousands of dollars in campaign cash.
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now pauls is taking thousands from those who want to move casinos to north jersey, threatening our jobs and our local economy. and he said he wants the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." we just can't trust will pauls. >> folks in mexico are boarding up as they brace for what may be the most intense hurricane to hit that country's southwest coast since record keeping began. hurricane patricia is headed to the coast of mexico and powerful category 5 storm. it has maximum sustained winds of about 150 miles an hour. a hurricane warning is now in effect for a stretch of coastline that includes the popular tourist resort of puerto vallarta. >> take a look at this new video of a drug tunnel found in
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california along the u.s./mexico border. homeland security officials raided the tunnel wednesday and discovered 800 packages of marijuana. they arrested 16 people. the tunnel entrance was hided in a fake carpet store and had its own lighting system and rails. >> the u.s. secret service is being warned that its employees are overworked and overtired and that our security is at risk. a new inspector general report reveals that agents were found sleeping at their posts while on the job. including one incident at the white house. secret service records show one agent worked almost 60 hours of overtime before he was caught sleeping. this is just the latest in a string of embarrassing episodes for the secret service. including agents under the influence of alcohol while running a security barrier. >> when you're a federal law
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enforcement officer with the u.s. secret service you should be operating at a much higher caliber. >> the white house is standing by the agency but the director joe clancey is scheduled to testify before congress next week and will likely have to answer questions about the report. 5:47. a town hall meeting is planned today in west palm beach, florida to discuss the fatal shooting of a 31-year-old black man by a plain clothes police officer. corey jones was shot three times last sunday by an officer while he was waiting on a tow truck. protesters are demanding answers after that officer stopped his unmarked van and fired several times at jones. jones has a legal permit to carry so he was armed at the time. but attorneys for the family say he never fired his gun. people in a small town in north jersey woke up to find recruitment flyers, for the ku klux klan. the flyers had drawings of a
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clansman on a horse and flag. it read join the klan, save our nation. there was a number for the royal white knights based in north carolina. residents were upset by this. >> thought it was a prank, a joke. i didn't think this was still around. >> i'm appalled and i can't believe in this day and age that something like this would exist. >> there were official complaints. the police chief does not believe the person who handed out the flyers is from the area. there is no active faction of the kkk there. the new jersey nurse quarantined last year over ebola concerns is now suing new jersey governor chris christie and members of his administration. attorneys for casey hickcox filed a lawsuit in newark yesterday. it names governor christie and claims that she was held against her will. she is reportedly seeking a minimum of $250,000 in damages.
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>> today one of philadelphia's oldest schools will receive some special recognition. students, faculty and dignitaries will be on hand to help dedicate an official historical marker at the entrance of the william penn charter school. penn charter is the oldest quaker school in the world, established by philadelphia quakers and william penn in 1689. coming up on 10 minutes before 6:00. the temperatures slowly coming down under clear skies in philadelphia. and a northerly wind which is going to keep temperatures cooler this afternoon. but it's a warmer start, look at the temperatures, up 8 degrees compared to yesterday morning. we're just shy of 60 degrees at this hour. winds out of the north at 12 miles an hour will keep us clear but also bring in dry cooler air for today. so it won't be in the upper 70s like we saw yesterday. but it is in the upper 50s in
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northeast philadelphia, philadelphia internationalnality, millville, atlantic city, a mild start for bluebell. not even all that chilly at 53. it has drop independent the 40s for collegeville and pottstown in the low 50s to start with. clearing skies, a cold front that came through yesterday will cool us down today. and this will bring us wet weather over the weekend. look at that, canada down to texas, a line of showers, thunderstorms to our south, but we'll see light showers over the weekend. none of that today. you'll need your sunglasses and a jacket. 56 degrees at 7:00 and 10:00. by lunch time in the early afternoon hours when temperatures top out in the 60s. again tomorrow in the 60s but after a colder morning, 39 degrees to start with. sunday morning that's when we'll see rain showers. done by monday, though, 62 monday afternoon. back up to 62 on tuesday.
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another round of wet weather wednesday and thursday. >> it's about 10 minutes until 6:00. time to get you ready for your friday morning drive. >> jessica boyington starts us off in new jersey. >> we're on 295, the black horse pike all cars moving nicely even through the work zone a. slow go in some of the lanes but moving. we have a southbound drive time from 38 to this point. so we have no real problems there. yet. as for the p.a. turnpike watch for construction eastbound at fort washington, the left lane of the on ramp is closed. something to watch out for. the schuylkill expressway we'll fly through the conshohocken curve. no problems not even a jump. when i come back at the 6:00 hour i'll have another check on your morning traffic. >> we just gave away to our friends on periscope this
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beautiful water bottle part of a story we did earlier. we give away cool prices. we chat with our friends, answer questions. it's the way you can see what happens behind the scenes and interact with us. all you have to do is down load and use the app our address is nbc philadelphia. >> a police chase ends in a crash that injures four. now police are looking into what may be drugs in one of the cars. >> spreading the word against bullying. the message philadelphia's d.a. is bringing to kids across the city.
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you'll have a chance this winter new equipment is helping penn dot plow the roads and keep up with equipment, reroofl tracking technology will be on 700 of the trucks, they will be outfitted with location devices and have real access to real time information to track plow progress, vehicle movement and usage materials. officials say the data will save big money for the state.
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penn dot plans to make the data available to the public later this year. parents you may want to check out your child's toy box over this. build a bear is recalling more than 34,000 stuffed animals because of a choking hazard. the recall for the star bright dragon you see there. the satin seam can open allowing the stuffing material to be exposed and children could choke on it. but no injuries have been reported. you can return the stuffed animal to the store and exchange fort another build a bear toy. >> october is national bullying awareness m. to spread the importance of stopping bullying, the district attorney visited a school in philadelphia yesterday, seth williams and members of the police department deputized the children as assistant district attorneys against bullying. >> many of the shootings we have, the homicides, are still the result of someone feeling disrespected and not knowing how to resolve conflict in a healthy
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way. so coming to schools like this school, to talk to some great kids, about their own experiencing bullied or bullying others. helps us to prevent crime in the future. >> he's done it a lot. he visited more than 25 inner city schools to spread awareness about the importance of speaking up. speaking of speaking up, these women have done that. main line today magazine honored some business women and our own tracy davidson was the emcee. the women were featured in the october issue of "map line today." hispanic leaders gathered for a latino summit. more than 55 exhibitors were there. local leaders say the summit provides an opportunity to talk about ways to build on delaware's growing latino community with a strong focus on hispanic youth. >> it's so critical because the
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youth today don't see the growth in the hispanic community but they are going to be the majority and no longer the minority. >> that event sponsored by the hispanic commission. >> a very important visitor. you recognize him? that's wrangler from the "today" show. the service dog is hitting the road and this is video of the golden lab in philadelphia yesterday visiting people at the veterans administration hospital. wrangler is a therapy dog so he was providing companionship. it's the final stop on a three-day tour that took him to dallas and then washington, d.c. so he's making hearsay way around and later this morning we're taking a live look soon at independence hall. wrangler will be there later. people are invited out at people's plaza at fifth and market streets there around independence mall.
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>> we kid having your people get a hold of my people. wrangler has walker. >> people started telling us he was coming. he had this well organized. >> he will have sunglasses on later. you're watching "nbc 10 news." breaking news we're following, a shooting on a college campus in nashville. one person is dead, we have new information on what may have sparked the violence. and we have new viewer video on the west philadelphia police chase that ended in this crash and landed two police officers in the hospital. >> a live look outside tort penn's landing. temperatures are right around 60 degrees. but don't expect the mercury to rise much more, coming up, this is "nbc 10 news today."
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>> do you like this trend we had the last few days, really nice but i don't know if it's going to end like this weekend. right to meteorologist bill henley. >> it ended yesterday. sorry to break the news. yesterday, 77 degrees in the afternoon. and we're still feeling some of that warmth. it's unusually warm for this time of year we should be in the middle 40s, we're at 57. the temperatures are coming down. currently in millville, south philadelphia is down to 55. we will see sunshine but the breeze out of the north will keep temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. so in spite of bright sunny skies not the big warm-up we saw yesterday. the weekend, there are more change, we'll go through the neighborho neighborhood. the first alert traffic. >> traveling out the door now on


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