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tv   Today  NBC  November 28, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EST

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good morning. c carnage in colorado. a man in a deadly shootout in colorado. >> we're getting active gunfire. >> all i can s is my heart's broken. >> nine people wounded. what setoff the gunman? and a woman in the clinic when the shots rang out joins us live. treacherous travel. a storm glazes the mid section in ice making for deadly driving on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. dylan is following it all. brush with death. dash cam video captures the
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harrowing moment the speeding car slams into a vehicle on the side of the highway narrowly missing a connecticut state trooper and two others. and black friday a dud? despite brisk sales, analysts saying the shopping holiday did not live up to the hype. what changed and why you may find the best deals in your pajamas at home, today, saturday, november 28th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. >> we want to get to the top story. accused gunman in custody after the shootout at the planned parenthood that left three people dead. the standoff went on for hours. we have nbc's national
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correspondent miguel almaguer with the story as investigators try to pinpoint a motive. >> reporter: erica, police have garrett swasey in custody. an official tells nbc news the 57-year-old is mentally unstable and killed three before surrendering. >> attention all units. working active shooter. >> reporter: when police arrived at planned parenthood in colorado springs, they were met by a hail of gunfire. >> we're pinned down. active gunfire. >> reporter: the shooter, who law enforcement say says armed with an ak-47 style rifle entered round after round on black friday in a shopping mall wounding nine and killing three. >> i've been shot. >> reporter: police took the brunt of the gunfire. five officers hospitalized. 44-year-old garrett swasey.
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>> all i can say is my heart's broken. this is a tough situation for a lot of people in the community and community at large. >> reporter: the standoff lasted five hours. hundreds surrounding businesses ordered to take cover. police evacuating the masses between the gunfire. this man was caught in the crossfire in his car. >> i could see him turn and move. it was horrible. i saw myself in the mirror. i thought he was aiming for my head. >> reporter: with the perimeter set up, s.w.a.t. teams moved in. the gunman hunkered down if planned parenthood with an unknown number of people in the building. one patient took cover with others in a back room. >> you could hear the gunshots going off at planned parenthood. you could hear them breaking down the door. >> reporter: with the sun setting, the gunman surrendered and the building swept for
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explosives. the siege finally over, but not before three lose their lives in a violent and terrifying standoff. planned parenthood says because of previous threats, the facility has a safety room with bulletproof vests inside. that room may have saved several lives as people were huddled in the room for five hours. the facility has a closed circuit television which police used to pinpoint the suspect with those nine injured said to be in good condition. we hope to learn more about the motive of the suspect who has a criminal history. erica. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. a number of people in the clinic as shots rang ougt and the hour that followed. we have one witness who managed to barricade herself in the ultrasound room as the shooting started. she is joining from us colorado springs. how are you this morning?
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>> i'm hanging in there, erica, thank you for asking. >> it was a long night for you, probably without a lot of sleep. take us back. you started to hear shots rush out and you found a room to barricade yourself. >> yeah. so when i was not in the lobby, but the room before the lobby. i noticed people in the front were going down and they were saying everyone get down. i heard gunshots. i saw the gunman and from there, i had run down the hall of the planned parenthood in the back of the building. i tried to open different room doors. some of them were locked. i was able to get inside one room where there were two other patients. i was able to alert that there was a gunman. they were unaware of a gunman on-site. from there, we grabbed the table and placed it against the door.
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we sat there frantic for up to five hours. >> you are in there for up to five hours. were you aware during that time of the police presence in the building? could you hear anything when you were behind that door? >> yeah. when it first happened, i saw the man walking outside shooting the gunshots. at one point when the armorred truck came, i don't know if it was before they had actually jammed into the building or afterwards, but you could literally hear gunshots and them trying to find the gunman. there were a few bullets that entered in the room. you could see the gun powder from the actual gun. >> what is going through your mind and what are the conversations are you having with the two people in the room during the five hours, kentanya? >> i think we were trying to keep each other calm during the situation. at one point, we are plotting on what we would do if he entered
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in the room. as i had mentioned, all we had was a table in front of the door. there were no locks on my door. with the three of us, if he comes, let's tackle him or do something. just to be able to get out of the situation alive. >> you mentioned you saw the gunman and heard activity. did you hear the gunman say anything? >> as far as i could tell, erica, i was behind the actual, you know, not the lobby, but the part after the lobby. what i could tell, he was on the planned parenthood premises. what it looked like was he was shooting in front of the doors. not directly aiming inside yet. there was maybe someone outside that he was attempting to get. i'm not necessarily sure. i watched him shoot at least two to three times before actually reacted and i tried to shelter myself. >> quite a story. we appreciate you joining us
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sharing your story. we are thankful you are okay. >> thank you. >> planned parenthood has faced whithering criticism in congress and on the campaign trail because it provides abortions and because of some controversial uncover videos. so are those the reasons that this particular clinic ended up in the cross hairs? nbc's kristen welker has that story. >> reporter: craig, good morning. it is not clear the gunman was specifically targeting planned parenthood, his actions come as the health care provider is at the center of the fierce fire storm in recent months as you point out and violent attacks over the years. the deadly shooting at the colorado springs planned parenthood comes against the back drop of the heated political battle still brewing. this summer, an activist group released videos that seemed planned parenthood was selling fetal tissue for profit.
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the organization's president said the tapes were heavily edited. >> the outrageous accusations levelled against planned parenthood based on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> reporter: the controversy fuels the republicans to defund the organization saying which providers services and health screenings and cancer screenings. it has republicans lashing out. >> i dare hillary clinton or president obama to watch these tapes. >> these are horrifying. >> reporter: and democrats speaking out. hillary clinton tweeting out today and every day we stand with planned parenthood. and investigators are still trying to determine the motive of the colorado shooting, planned parenthood and other abortion providing facilities have been the site of violent
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attacks. in 2010, a washington, d.c. decline he can set on fire. in 2013, a man broke in and used an axe to damage the facility. and a doctor who performs late term abortions in 2009 was shot to death in his church. a chilling history as investigators try to unravel the latest tragedy. no reaction yet from the presidential candidates. planned parenthood advertises itself to be the largest provider of reproductive health services in the united states. at one point, it provided services to 1.7 million patients in 2013. craig. >> kristen, thank you. dawn is the executive president of planned parenthood. first of all, your staff and patients inside the clinic at the time, are they all safe and accounted for? >> according to the reports i
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have today, yes. they are all safe and accounted for. i wanted to say our hearts go out to those who were lost in the tragedy and also our thanks to the brave officers and our well trained staff who managed this crisis. >> had there been to your knowledge any specific threats made to the clinic? we are not aware of any threats. >> had it been the site of regular protests? >> they do have some regular protests there. they are always well managed and the health and safety of our patients are top priority. >> the motive is unclear as we have been reporting. why do you believe that he targeted planned parenthood? >> i really can't speculate about this, but one of the things we do know is that he did rhetoric that we see out there can contribute to a culture of people targeting and acting up in terms of this. we really don't know in this circumstance. of course, it seems to me that
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one of the things we should be talking about rather than should we fortify health centers is why are people walking around our communities and threatening our schools and theaters and health centers is ak-47s. >> in light of what is happening, are you ramping up security? >> as you can see, with the staff and how they managed this and no staff or patients were harmed in the attack, we were very confident that our security procedures were instituting and working well. we always take security very, very seriously at planned parenthood. we're open today. >> dawn, thank you. >> thank you. turning now to the nasty weather across much of the country today. the times could not be worse. one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. the roads are not just dangerous, but deadly. the weather channel's mike
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seidel joins us from oklahoma city. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. more freezing rain continues to coat the trees, the cars and power lines. over 23,000 customers in central oklahoma are without electricity on this cold morning. with ice storm warnings continues until noon. treacherous roads lie ahead for many drivers getting behind the wheel on the busy travel weekend. especially in the middle of the country. four people killed driving along roads in kansas. icy conditions were to blame for wrecks along oklahoma's highway friday. in dallas, downpours. 2015 is the wettest year on record with over 57 inches and counting. friday alone, they picked up 3.5 inches of rain. the rushing water swallowing up cars and killing at least three and stranding the sheriff's deputy who firefighters had to rescue. friday was a day of records for other parts in the country.
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it dropped to 22 below zero in wyoming. lander, wyoming picked up 10 inches of snow and 2 inches of rain fell in missouri. after the most hospitalable day of the year, the most dangerous day of the year with weather is unwelcome. 3 million people are trying to get this thick ice off the windshield. a scraper will not work. turn on the defrost and find the ice pick. in the warm air in dallas, more rain today. we have 30 million americans under some type of flood alert. in dallas yesterday, the wettest day, the wettest november on record. almost 10 inches of rain. erica, flash flood watches continue until sunday. >> folks in dallas cannot catch a break. mike, thank you. dylan dreyer is here. how long will this last? >> the freezing rain has been sticking around for the last two
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days. in amarillo, texas, .50 of ice coating the trees and power lines making the roads dangerous. here is the 32 degree line. the cold air surging from the north. the freezing rain has been falling across northern texas and central oklahoma for the last couple days. we have ice storm warnings in effect until noon. then the freezing rain itself will sort of fade away as temperatures begin to warm up. rain becomes the biggest issue, across eastern texas and arkansas. again, dallas not only had the wettest november on record, but wettest year on record ever. we are looking at more rain to fall. we could end up seeing another several inches of rain. that could lead to flash flooding. as we go into sunday, the whole system shifts to the east. watch what happens on sunday. we will see more ice and snow develop. how much more rain will we see? parts of central arkansas could end up with additional several
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inches of rain. it is the icing concern through northeastern texas into central oklahoma where we could end up with .25 to .50 of ice. power outages could be an issue and the roads dangerous. even the sidewalks. you walk outside the door, watch out for slipping. >> good reminder. >> dylan, thank you. time for a look at the top stories we are following on the busy saturday. sheinelle. >> two peace keepers were attacked and killed in mali. rockets landed inside the base. 20 people wounded. french troops are struggling to stabilize mali where the radisson hotel was attacked last friday. pope francis celebrating mass in uganda. as many as 2 million people were expected to attend the mass at the holy shrine.
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and hundreds of protesters blocked the entrances of stores on the magnificent mile in chicago. a black teenager was shot 16 times by a chicago police officer last year. video of the deadly shooting was released this week triggering a firestorm of controversy. newly released court documents say the man who jumped the white house fence left behind a suicide note. the breach prompted a three-hour lockdown and a second layer of spikes was added to the fence. the suspect is due back in federal court on monday. and a connecticut state trooper is lucky to be alive while responding to an accident on friday. his dash cam caught a speeding
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car narrowly missing him and two others. the car was estimated at 85 miles an hour. the 21-year-old driver escaped with minor injuries. and finally, holiday decorating in full swing at the white house. on friday, the christmas tree was delivered, look at this, via horse-drawn carriage. the frazier fir stands more than 18 feet tall. the tree displayed in the blue room will honor the military. that's what we need. our tree delivered in a horse-drawn carriage. >> we have it right out the window. >> the elves come in and set it up. we have dylan dreyer with the latest on the weather. >> and craig, i almost got a thank you? >> i should not give you grief when the weather is bad. >> the temperatures remain above average and showers move in. the focus is on the ice in the
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good saturday morning, mild day, temperatures in the 6 o 0s, and tracking clouds and sun, tracking chance of scattered shower bs don't be surprised by that. winds 5-10 miles per hour. nice night, temperatures in the upper 40s. tomorrow, 52, traging the chance of showers south. lots of sun on monday, chilly, 49, 56 tuesday with returning rain, wednesday, chance of showers, 55. 50 thursday, 5 friday. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. up next, catching you up on the week in news. donald trump mired in controversy again. a major fumble for the nfl and concussion protocol. and the personal encounter with dozens of hungry sharks. it is all in "the download." but first this is "today" on nbc.
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back now with "the download." our look at the week's biggest stories. >> we spent a lot of time preparing for the thanksgiving holidays and here are some of the stories you may have missed. a new cold war. russian leader vladimir putin furious after the turkish jet shot down the war plane near the turkish syrian border. >> russia blamed ground fire on the mission in syria. turkey said two of its u.s. made f-16s like these shot down a jet after it illegally entered air space in turkey. two shootings in the spotlight. one in new orleans. 21-year-old eric cane, the cold blooded gunman who fired at tulane medical student peter gold, was taken into custody. >> and the other in chicago where a video of a 2014 police shooting was released.
7:23 am
>> officer jason van dyke and partner approach him with weapons drawn. within seconds, van dyke starts shooting. mcdonald stumbles. 16 rounds were fired. >> it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling. >> van dyke was charged with first-degree murder. and donald trump mired in controversy once again. this time accused of mocking a newspaper reporter disability. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> "the new york times" outraged trump would ridicule the physical disability of a reporter. he should stop using it as a disability to grandstand. a brutal injury for the rams quarterback brings concussion debate in play. >> the league is investigating why team trainers and independent injury spotters
7:24 am
called a.t.c.s allowed case keenum to continue playing after this brutal hit. >> and some related news from frank gifford. >> he died of natural causes in august, also suffered from cte. also associated with concussions. with the holiday season upon us, travel alerts were issued due to the increased terror threats. >> a bulletin encouraging law enforcement to stay vigilant. the concern at home is the copycats. this week, hundreds of assigned officers to the critical response command prepared for nightmare scenarios. >> but the macy's thanksgiving day parade went off without a hitch. >> giant balloons, floats and performances. >> adele had a busy week promoting her new album here on
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"today." >> you know you ask yourself why might she sell 3 million albums in one week. this is why. right here. >> and then on "the tonight show." ♪ >> and the close call for some vacationing children in florida. >> a family's day in florida on vacation turned deadly when dozens of sharks whipped up in a feeding frenzy. tara says sharks were whipping toward them. they got to the shore safely. >> you don't want to see that coming at you. >> adele had a great week. >> we were in the studio. very exciting. >> i'm trying to think of somebody else that has been here that commanded that much attention from the staff as well. everybody. >> she was some kind and approachable. her dressing room door open with
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her makeup. she brought snacks. our love affair with adele continues. good morning, i'm rosemary connors, just a few minutes before 7:on this saturday. michelle grossman has the forecast. >> looking good this morning, mild, temperatures in the 50s n philadelphia, 51 degrees. looking at clouds and scattered showers throughout the day so the tradeoff is the showers with the mild air. as we look at radar, looking to the and west, showers falling now, light stuff throughout the day, not on and, and not everyone sees the showers, otherwise, mild air, 51 in philadelphia, 50 in allentown, 45 in lancaster, 50 in atlantic city, and 52 degrees in wildwood, new jersey. up to 63 later on this afternoon.
7:27 am
sunday, cooler, back to normal temperatures, 62, showers to the south, sunny, chilly monday, 49, temperatures in the 50s tuesday and wednesday. >> today, autopsies are scheduled for two men from philadelphia who died when their pontoon boat capsized in the inlet ocean county. investigators say choppy water flipped the boat over killing two and injuring five others. first responders managed to rescue the five boaters who got hurt. today is small business saturday, in delaware, old new castle is promoting state's underground railroad byway trail with the discounts you get as you drive through it. the trail connects historic spots including where tubman and others led slaves to freedom. today in daeelaware, there's a parade in downtown wilmington. the parade on market street starts at 1:00 this morning with floats, cartoon characters, and, of course, marching bands. that's all for now. now back to the "today" show.
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♪ kick off your sunday shoes ♪ >> we are back on this saturday morning, november 28th, 2015. a clip there from "footloose" as life imitates art. where a high school canceled its winter formal amid fears of students dancing too aggressively. we have that story just ahead. meanwhile, a big crowd on the plaza. people enjoying this long thanksgiving weekend here in the big apple. we will get out there in a bit. here is what is making headlines on this saturday morning. a 57-year-old man believed to be mentally disturbed in custody accused of attacking a planned parenthood clinic in colorado
7:31 am
springs. three people, including a police officer, are dead. hazardous holiday travel as a winter storm grips the nation's mid section. slippery roads killed four. that same system opens up record-breaking rainfall in texas. newly released court documents show the man who jumped the white house fence on thanksgiving left behind a suicide note. the 22-year-old connecticut man jumped the fence draped in the american flag as the president and first family were inside. we are looking at the black friday that was or wasn't. with millions hitting the malls, it turns out retailers did not see the bonanza they did in the past. olivia sterns is here to see if black friday is past its prime. >> it is fading or gray. americans are opening their wallets more than ever before, but they are doing it in
7:32 am
different ways. black friday is paying the price. long lines, the mad rush. deep discounts. >> all the characters were buy one, get one. >> reporter: all the markers of a great black friday. >> i'll probably look at this with tvs and toys. >> we will shop until we fall. >> reporter: why are experts saying this black friday has been a bit of a dud? >> some of the factors that go into shopping on black friday, of course, have to do with the weather that day. >> reporter: black friday has turned into black november. americans are shopping earlier taking the punch out of friday's numbers. >> so many of the deals have been open to the public since the beginning of november. >> reporter: mother nature also didn't help. just look at the weather map. gorgeous on both coasts with ice storms and snow in the midwest. all plenty of reason to keep shoppers away from the mall. the americans are not shopping
7:33 am
as much in stores, but shopping more at home. >> they are using their desktops and mobile devices to take advantage. >> reporter: in fact, online holiday purchases are up 14% this year with more than half of the purchases made on a smartphone or tablet. a silver lining on a black friday that may have many retailers seeing red. if you missed the black friday deals, don't worry. cyber monday starts this weekend. walmart and toys r us start tonight. >> will we see based on that as big as cyber monday or is that a bust? >> it is expected to bring in $3 billion. black friday was brought forward. cyber monday is brought forward as well. >> if you wait until monday? >> buy toys, toys, toys. >> my kids are happy. >> toys are one thing you don't have to go in the store and try on. a lot of people prefer to buy
7:34 am
them at stores. the bad news is it is harder to find a bargain on toys. the top 20 expected toys price tag is up 36% to $65. that "star wars" stuff is expensive. >> any other benefits to shopping on monday? >> no shipping. >> i forgot about that. >> we should point out we talked about black friday and cyber monday, but small business saturday, which is today. are they hoping for big numbers? >> of course. there is a bit of a backlash. the big box retailers. everybody says amazon grabs the market share. everybody is eager to get out and support the local business. >> olivia, thank you. time for the weather and dylan. >> announcer: "today's" weather is sponsored by american express. today is small business saturday. show up and shop small at the top shops you love. >> good morning, guys.
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we found a country girl in the big city. what part of the country? >> virginia. >> what do you think of the buildings and everything? >> pretty tall. >> they are pretty tall. you are a little small. it makes it even taller. anyway, let's look at the weather across the country where it is going to be a warm one today. still in the northeast, new york city close to 60. raleigh, 72. behind that front, temperatures are well below average. enough to cause the icing conditions through texas and oklahoma. it is going to start to cool off through buffalo tomorrow. a high of 41 degrees. boston drop into the 40s. then the warm air settles into the southeast and the rest of us will see temperatures closer to average. nebraska still with temperatures near 32 degrees. ice will remain an issue through the morning and tapers off this afternoon. heavy rain through eastern texas and arkansas with another several inches of rain could lead to potential
7:36 am
good saturday morning, mild today, temperatures in the 60s, tracking clouds and sun, the chance of a few scattered showers, don't be surprised by that. wisconsin west at 5-10 miles per hour, a nice night, temperatures in the upper 40s. tomorrow, close to normal, 52, chance much showers south. lots of monday, but chilly, 49, 56 tuesday with returning rain. wednesday, chance for showers, 55. 50 thursday, partly cloudy friday, 51. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> all right. dylan, thanks. just ahead, no twerking allowed. an oregon high school preventing an oregon high school preventing students from busting out their an oregon high school preventing students from busting out their this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home.
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"footloose." an oregon high school scrapped plans for winter formal. school officials are concerned students will go a little too far on the dance floor. nbc's jacob rascon has more. >> reporter: it is the winter formal. the popular dance now shutdown. the school administration says the gym looks more like a nightclub. >> if the kids are doing something on the dance floor, that's completely inappropriate they would not do in front of their parents, they should not do it on the high school dance. >> reporter: some call it grinding and twerking. made popular at award shows like this one. and some were in maine and colorado and vermont. at cleveland high school and elsewhere, when the students ignored the dance rules.
7:41 am
future dances were canceled. >> it is not everybody's fault. it is not our fault they do that. the dance shouldn't be canceled for everybody. >> reporter: the district spokesperson says it is a matter of keeping students safe and comfortable. >> this is way worse than "dirty dancing." this is over the top and sexual in nature and inappropriate. >> reporter: the move reminds some of "footloose." an oklahoma town where dancing was forbidden until 1980. ♪ everybody cut footloose >> reporter: cleveland high says it is the students' fault for breaking out rules. no more winter formal. jacob rascon, nbc news. >> i thought they can hop. >> this is a controversy i can
7:42 am
remember when i was in high school. nothing like that. >> no. it is so much more suggestive. >> as opposed to telling them not to do it, they had to cancel it. >> they tried. they didn't listen. >> that's what happens when you don't listen. >> when you twerk and grind, you get your dance canceled. from hello to online?
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♪ i said i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i have to go away ♪ baby it's cold outside ♪ i really can't stay ♪ baby it's cold outside! you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble. ♪ back now on a saturday morning to see what's trending. first up, this is the worst social media holiday. it is all the pictures you posted of food. most of us agree it may taste delicious, the thanksgiving food is not the prettiest food to post. >> we're all eating the same thing. >> the majority of the 10 million thanksgiving theme
7:46 am
photos shared on instagram had nothing to do with family or friends, but food. the article is begging. next year, eat your ugly turkey and don't instagram it. >> it is all the same colors. >> the decorative plate clashes with the food. >> speaking of thanksgiving food. remember the patti labelle pies? and the singing review of the patti pies. it caused a frenzy in stores and credit james for the pies selling out across the country. the year for that guy continues. he is celebrating thanksgiving with patti labelle at her house. the youtube star captured every moment. ♪ you are my friend >> that's a thanksgiving. >> a lot of be thankful for
7:47 am
there. a new sleep study released for our favorite weekend activity. the study published by world report combines research from leading sleep experts across the country to see if you can catch up on sleep. here is good news. if you get extra sleep after a short night, it will help you function better. however, if you are constantly sleep deprived, present company, we never make it up. it says you won't. oversleeping on the weekends or sleeping odd hours throughout the day can further throw off your natural sleeping clock. >> i think if you are tired. >> take a nap. >> sometimes you feel good after a nap and sometimes you don't. >> sometimes you feel like a nut, dylan. >> that was deep, dylan. >> deep thoughts with dylan dreyer. she used to call him on her flip phone. >> she used to call him on her
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flip phone. >> that is what you get in the mash up of drake and adele's song. >> a lot of people did not know what you were saying. two of music's biggest stars could break the internet with the most anticipated duet that hasn't happened. rumors started when adele said she was obsessed with the song "hotline bling." she said i wanted to do an official remix. and drake said i would do anything for adele. i literally do laundry for her. then drake posted this of "hello" and "hotline bling." up next, a huge weekend at the box office. one of the movies getting buzz may surprise you. it has been 40 years since sylvester stallone stepped into
7:49 am
the ring with "creed." he won best picture and stallone nominated for best actor. many say this could be the year. all of the hard work with the franchise could be rewarded. we will see. congratulations are in order for actress anne hathaway. anne and her husband are expecting their first child together. >> congrats. >> we like babies. >> thanks, sheinelle. just ahead, taylor times two. a man can tell you the woes of sharing the same name with the pop princess. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ still to come on a saturday edition of "today," rekindling an old flame. turning to an author in the face
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nbc 10 news starts now. -ñ good morning, i'm rosemar ñ 8:00 on saturday. let's check in with michelle grossman. it's cloudy out there. >> clouds today, a few scattered showers as well with mild air out there, and temperatures in the 50s in some spots. a live look outside, there are the clouds rosemary was talking about. gray today as we head throughout our saturday, also our sunday. also tracking showers to the north and west as well with that front with us all day long. temperatures now mild in the 60s by this afternoon, and right now, though, 52 in philadelphia, 50 in allentown, 48 degrees in lancaster, and 54 in wildwood, and 51 in new jersey.
7:57 am
63 today, sunday, showers to the south, mostly cloudy, 52, and sun returns monday, chilly, 49, chance of rain tuesday and wednesday, and then lots of sun thursday with a cold wind and 60 degrees. local retailers, save big by thinking small. today's small business saturday. haddonfield camden county is one place to support your local stores. there was a tree lighting, parade, and appearance by santa claus. yesterday was all about the malls and big chain stores. we found customers looking for black friday deals at the mall. bargain hunters roamed store to store while drivers circled the parking lot looking for a spot. also happening today, liberty one in center still, philadelphia opens up the observation deck that happens at 10:00 this morning. i'm rosemary connors, and we'll
7:58 am
be right back here for a full hour of news at 8:30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it's 8:00. here are the top stories we are watching on "today." a 57-year-old man in custody accused of attacking the planned parenthood clinic in colorado. he is said to be mentally disturbed and a criminal record. three people are dead, including a police officer. a winter storm grips the mid section of the nation on the busiest travel day of the year. it caused several wrecks in oklahoma. the system has left several in the dark with texas with record amounts of rainfall. and two weeks after the paris attacks, an author has a renewed love aware with earnest
8:01 am
hemingway. today, saturday 28th, 2015. >> joining us on a saturday morning are people out on the crowd. we have another incredible crowd. >> and now through january. >> i think you are right. >> it will be crowded. >> this is a fantastic crowd, actually. fantastic. >> i'm erica hill alongside craig melvin and dylan dreyer. we have a bit of a busy morning. >> we should get to it. let's get to sheinelle inside with the latest on the deadly gun battle at the planned parenthood in colorado. >> authorities are looking for a motive after a shooting spree at a planned parenthood clinic. nbc's miguel almaguer is in colorado springs. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. the suspect identified as robert lewis dear in custody. we hope to learn more about the motive. he was questioned for several
8:02 am
hours last night. a law enforcement tells nbc news the 57-year-old appears to be mentally disturbed. that standoff took place for five hours. police exchanging a volley of gunfire with the suspect late into the evening. 12 people injured and 3 killed, including a police officer and two civilians. the gunman was holed up in the planned parenthood building. it is unclear if he was targeting the facility or walked into it. the officials say there was a safe room in the planned parenthood. there may have been bulletproof vests inside. the safe room may have saved the lives of several trapped inside the building. police were able to watch the suspect on a closed circuit television system inside of the planned parenthood. that gave them their location of the suspect. now five hours after the shooting began here, the suspect ultimately surrendered. we are told he has a criminal history and will be questioned later today. sheinelle, back to you. >> thank you, miguel.
8:03 am
forecasters say at least 15 million people are in the path of severe weather as they head home from the holidays. in texas, at least three people were killed in flash flooding with the flooding stretches to illinois. icy roads blamed for two deaths in kansas and the storm knocked out power to thousands in oklahoma. the faa investigating another laser strike on the commercial airliner. it happened in new york last night. the crew of the virgin america flight from san francisco said a green laser lit up the aircraft as it came in for a landing at jfk. the nypd has been notified. a new warning for the travelers heading to the caribbean. the use of banned pesticides while those that harmed the delaware family on vacation. the epa says officials found several other chemicals prohibited used at hotels in puerto rico.
8:04 am
anyone staying in the puerto rico hotels or virgin islands to ask if the hotel was treated with pesticides. and the government's phone data collection program ends at midnight. starting tomorrow if the fbi wants your records, it must have them on a case by case basis. it happened been recording numbers dialed and times called to try to identify terrorist. when it comes to holiday wish list? barbie is back on top. one in five parents plan to buy barbie. last year, "frozen" topped the girls list and then boys, legos and "star wars" toys topped the list. happy shopping. and dylan dreyer is back with the forecast. >> this is a big travel weekend especially into sunday.
8:05 am
today, rain will start to build in to the northeast. the heavy rain down through the southern plains and icing is an issue. let's break this down. showers and morning fog could lead to delays at the airport. we are not seeing widespread delays. this is the big trouble area along i-40 and i-20 in abilene and oklahoma city where the ice is still falling. freezing rain is falling. it is making things dangerous. watch out for the overpass. they freeze on top and underneath. on sunday, it is more or less the rain that is the big story. areas like dallas and houston, we could see major delays because of the heavy rain. if you are traveling along i-64, it will be wet. slow down a bit. you could run into patchy areas of dense fog. elsewhere across the country for the weekend, we are looking for more snow to work back into the denver area also across the eastern rock rockies. sunday, a bit of extra snow could accumulate in the higher elevations. rain will not be as heavy today,
8:06 am
good saturday morning, i'm michelle grossman, mild today, tomes in the 60s, clouds and sunning the chance of scattered showers. don't be surprised by that. winds west at 5-10 miles per hour. mild tonight, temperatures in the 40s. tomorrow, closer to normal, 52, chance of showers, especially south. lots of sun monday, but chilly, 49. 56 tuesday with returning rain. wednesday, chance of showers, 55. 50 thursday, partly sunny, and friday, 51. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. two weeks since the terrorist attacks in the city lights. paris is emerging from the shadows with the help from the american author. he has been in high demand in a long time. >> and gabe gutierrez is telling us how parisians is finding
8:07 am
comfort in earnest hemingway. >> reporter: this is taking on a new surge after the paris attacks. as they often do, this love story begins with a moveable feast. earnest hemingway's ode. now a new romance after a local grandmother was interviewed on television. she urged people to read and reread the timeless memoir. the native chicagoan has lived in paris for years and owns a bookstore. >> it is something to see that parisians is looking at an american writer to get hope for the future. >> reporter: the book's title is "paris is a party."
8:08 am
of course, on november 13th, it was anything but. suddenly paris became a hash tag to share stories of healing. the book skyrocketed and sold out of bookstores and well worn copies grace memorials. >> it has become a symbol of defianc defiance. >> reporter: one of hemingway's old bar still serves the signature drink. >> it is like a prescription. you might feel better. >> after the attacks, you need to carry on with what the terrorist resent which is culture and which is music and music which is reading. >> reporter: in the poet's words, if you are lucky enough to live in paris as a young man and wherever you go in life, it stays with you. paris is a moveable feast.
8:09 am
this morning, the city of lights is moved. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, paris. and indeed, many people were moved on friday during the national memorial service with the pictures of the victims flashed up on the screen. we have seen the french flags displayed in windows and businesses throughout paris. the paris attacks took a lot from the city. erica and craig, literature and culture can bring comfort. back to you. >> that's a great story, gabe. thank you. and from that to this. give him a blank space, he will write her name. >> talking about taylor swift. >> not that one. the washington state man who happens to share the name with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. as nbc's blake mccoy tells us, despite the confusion, there's no bad blood. ♪ shake it off ♪ >> reporter: she's been shaking it off on the charts for almost
8:10 am
a decade. before there was this taylor swift. >> what's your name? >> taylor swift. >> reporter: there was this taylor swift. 30 years old, living outside seattle. >> have you thought about changing your name? >> oh, yeah. i thought about it several times. >> reporter: both taylor swifts have blonde hair. he has a squad. she has a squad. >> do you sing? >> a lot of people wonder does he sing. no, i do not sing. i occasionally sing, but not well. >> reporter: give us some taylor swift. >> i can't. i'm on the spot. ♪ i'll write your name >> reporter: sharing the name with one of the biggest pop stars on the planet has perks. restaurant reservation? no problem. >> i got an invitation for a yacht club. >> reporter: most of the mail comes from teenage girls. >> i want you to know you are my favorite singer.
8:11 am
this is a small collection. >> reporter: the name does sometimes present a challenge. this taylor swift is a photographer, but try finding his work online. >> i'm still 10,000 pages back on a google search. >> reporter: we did an internet search of our own and found 61 people across the country with the name taylor swift ranging from age 20 to age 60. for now, this taylor is taking the notoriety in stride. showing his driver's license when asked. and while he may not be as famous as the other taylor swift, he's finding the name -- >> can i get a picture with you? >> reporter: has enough star power to go around. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: for "today," blake mccoy, nbc news, seattle. >> at least he has a great sense of humor. let's go to sheinelle in the orange room with the plaza fan of the day. >> some of my favorite friends.
8:12 am
the miller family from ohio. this is lauren. a rock star cheerleader. an ohio state fan. your first time in new york? >> yeah. >> she was in the thanksgiving day parade. i'm in love with you. i used to have these on my face. you don't have to respond. up next, stumped on what to get your friends and family gifts? gifts? awesome mail order holiday gifts ♪ gifts? awesome mail order holiday gifts ♪ ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy.
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get it at hellmann's and holiday leftovers become irresistibly creamy turkey casserole. real delicious hellmann's. bring out the hellmann's. bring out the best. back now on a saturday morning with "today's" hassle free holiday. if you are stumped of the list
8:16 am
you need to buy for. we have you covered. today's lifestyle contributor elizabeth mayhew is here with us. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> you have items which are all one and done. >> that is my topic. one site. you can order one gift and send it to a lot of people. by and large, everything is under $100. >> you start off with food. you have cookies, marshmallows. >> the whimsy cookie company started by two women. one is from "the blind side" family. i tasted a lot of decorated cookies. these are delicious. you get a box. $42. six of the gooey cookies. six of the decorated cookies.
8:17 am
what i love is they are giving 10% back to st. jude. >> st. jude is based in memphis. we wrapped up our week of thanks and the st. jude research. >> this is malvi marshmallow. you can go to it is two butter cookies with homemade marshmallows. >> this is a bourbon theme gift set. >> you tried a bit of the toffee. for the guy or anybody who loves bourbon, this is a kcurated grop of products. everything from honey which is aged in barrels. >> caramel. >> $65.
8:18 am
from high note gifts. >> this is fantastic. a suitcase of beer. >> this is six highest rated craft beers. you can walk into the office, i'm giving to every 21-year-old i know. >> my mom used to sneak beer in her dorm in a typewriter case. i called you out, mom. this is our splurge gift. >> i like very good coffees. for the purest, this is from sun town coffee. it comes in the very stylish kit. it is $185 from stumptown coffee. if that is over your budget, they do a great package of coffee and chocolate for $27.
8:19 am
>> these are well known from brooklyn. >> this is a new way to play the memory game. >> a fun family gift. we are getting into personalized action. you notice your pictures here. >> look at that. >> it is pinhole press. you send them 12 images. we have one for your family here. the mixture of all of the different. >> i see dylan's family and sheinelle's family. >> great gift. >> personalized gifts are a lot of fun. blankets and scarves. >> everyone has touched them. they are so soft. they are $24. you can get them personalized. they box it. they have scarves. they were $29. now they are $25. super soft. it is called cash. you can get those from land's end. they have a thing if you buy more than two, you get $7 off.
8:20 am
buy more, save more. >> and you can do it all on one site. who doesn't love something special. >> this is from farm to face. it is all pure 100% natural organic sets. they range in the $58 range. farmaesthetics. >> and this from loccitane. they are giving back to dress for success. they are really giving back. they are no fail products that you can give to anybody. >> a great range of stuff. elizabeth, thank you. nice to see you. happy holidays. for more on all of these items, visit we'll be right back. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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8:23 am
we have a happy birthday. >> my father in law. >> happy birthday. >> that will do it for saturday morning. tomorrow, we will track the winter weather that is wrecking havoc. >> and we are celebrating 50 years of the dance group. we will see you for that and much more right back here give underwear to this holiday. and there are some people you shouldn't . people you should. shouldn't. janice! should. shouldn't. yes. no. should. no way. should. no. definitely not. ha ha, nay. you shouldn't give underwear to everybody. but for those you do, give them fruit of the loom.
8:24 am
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with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing. today is small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. shop small today. good morning, i'm rosemary connors, and just ahead on nbc 10 news today, three dead including one police officer after a gunman opened fire at a planned parenthood clinic. what we're learning now about the suspect. and breaking news overseas in mali. a u.n. base under attack after
8:27 am
four mortars were launched into the building. plus, trouble for the sixers on and off the court, allegations surrounding the star rookie involving a gun in old city. another mild day today, temperatures in the 60s tomorrow, cooler, and chilly monday. have the numbers coming up. those story and more coming up next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
right now on nbc 10 news today, three dead in colorado including a police officer after a shooting at a planned parenthood clinic. you'll hear from one of the survivors who says he look the shooter right in the eyes. one in the hospital this morning after a three alarm fire ripped through an building in north hampton county. who is stepping up to help those forced from their homes this
8:30 am
holiday weekend. if you had headed out for holiday shopping, bring the umbrella. the clouds come showers. details on the wet weather are next on the first alert forecast. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:30 on saturday. let's check our weather now with meteorologist michelle grossman. it's mild out there. >> just need the light jacket. it is mild. temperatures where we are supposed to be for the normal high this time of year. feeling good outside. that's the big weather story. another mild day, but along with that, we have clouds in place. you see this from the live shot here. outside, plenty of clouds, looking at the chance of scattered showers throughout the day, and not everyone will see the showers, but every has the chance to see showers. currently, mainly in the 50s in the area, philadelphia, 52, 50 degrees in chester springs, 52 in ricetown, and 50 in trenton, north and west in the 40s and's. 50 in allentown, and 48 degrees in


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