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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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"nbc 10 news" starts now. right now at 6:00, a community in mourning. people in colorado springs are coming together to remember the victims of yesterday's deadly shooting at a planned parenthood. this as we're learning more about the suspect. plus, forced out of their homes. dozens of people are homeless this weekend after a fire tore through their apartment building. and don't forget the umbrella if you are headed out. you might see some wet weather.
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but we begin with breaking news out of west philadelphia. two children and a woman is hurt after a car hit them. it happened in just the past 40 minutes. a 6-year-old child and a 25-year-old woman were taken to the hospital in stable condition. a 15-year-old girl was also hurt, but she has not been transported from the scene. we do have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you more information as soon as we get it. turning now to the other top story, the wet weather. nbc 10 was in montgomery county where you can see the slick roads tonight. but that was not enough to stop one runner from hitting the pavement. this is just the start of the wet week we'll be seeing all week long. glenn, will this rain put a damper on saturday night plans? >> if you're concerned about getting a drop or two of rain on your heads, then yes. but no thunderstorms, no heavy
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rain, no freezing rain, any of that stuff. we have cooler air starting to come in on a northerly wind. it was quite mild today, in the low 60s. we have a few showers on live radar. in south jersey for example. that is where most of the action is going to be during the night tonight. the farther north you are, the lower the chances of any rain. the future cast as we go through 10:00, a few little showers and sprinkles from philadelphia southward. the clouds are around. by 4:00, 5:00 a.m., more in the way of light rain could be certainly affecting parts of the area early in the day. but then the general trend is going to be for improvement. the temperatures are going to be cooling down. we're down in the 50s after being in the 60s. we'll see when the rain is likely to get heavy with the seven day.
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as we mentioned, the rain is an added nuisance for anyone trying to score some deals this small business saturday. drew smith is live tonight. has the weather impacted the crowds at all? >> reporter: well, this is an outdoor shopping town, so a lot of the store owners are a little disappointed to see the drizzle, but right now it's clear and there are quite a few people out here, even at this late hour. this is the sixth year for the small business saturday, and the amount of people embracing the idea seems to grow every year. here in doylestown, the stores hosted special events and encouraged people to visit as many stores as they could. shoppers can see their purchases as an investment in the community and they're offering some discounts. that came as a surprise to some of the shoppers we spoke to. >> i was kind of expecting to come out for small business
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saturday and be supportive and expecting to spend more on things than i really did, so that was a nice surprise. i should have come out here much earlier. >> reporter: and this day has also grown so much that it's become something that the stores rely on, because they get a lot of first-time visitors that come back throughout the whole year. i'm drew smith, "nbc 10 news." >> thanks, drew. small businesses in most philadelphia neighborhoods welcomed shoppers today. and the depp tay mayor chatted with people on his tour of small businesses in the mt. airy neighborhood. he says he's happy that small business saturday gets people focused on supporting their own neighborhoods. and download the "nbc 10 news" app where you'll find a list of businesses taking part in small business saturday, as well as nbc 10's holiday gift guide. developing tonight, about 40
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bethlehem resident also be spending the weekend away from their home. a fire forced them from their apartments. one perp watt hospitalized after the fast-moving fire on irene street. and george spencer found many more stayed safe, thanks to the quick response by neighbors. >> that's when i started freaking out, because i'm like, it's going to take the whole building. naomi diaz watched in horror as this for seemed to explode overnight, a bright orange ball of flames against the night sky. michael could see it from his home five blocks away. >> i walked out into my driveway and the flames were like 50 feet in the air. >> reporter: for diaz, the fear was acute, her pregnant sister lives in the building on the ground floor. once firefighters arrived, they rescued one of the stranded
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tenants and neighbors rushing door-to-door rescued another fast asleep. >> there was a lot of confusion, as far as making everybody was safe. >> reporter: out in front of the building here, you can see this melted metal panel, and a pile of burned up belongings. witnesses say the fire likely started in the first floor unit here, possibly in a back bedroom and then spread up. nbc 10 watched as fire crews returned around midday, checking to ensure there were no lingering hot spots. all told, the fire damage pushed 40 people from their apartments. many now staying with family and friends. 14 being sheltered by the reds cross. as the fire was spreading overnight, diaz found her pregnant sister safe but scared, crying in her car. tonight, her family prays for their neighbors left homeless on this thanksgiving weekend. >> i feel really bad. i wish we could help, but we can
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only do so much. >> reporter: george spencer, "nbc 10 news." ♪ what happened yesterday was a terrible crime, resulting in a terrible tragedy and we will never forget it. >> a vigil was held today in honor of the victims of yesterday's shooting inside a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. dozens gathered to remember the three people killed in a deadly standoff. and the motive for the shooting remains a mystery. robert dear opened fire inside the clinic and had a five-hour standoff with police. leanne gregg has the latest. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: a vigil at a colorado springs church, the first of several to pay tribute to victims terrorized. >> our hearts break together for what has happened.
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>> reporter: friday, reports of shots fired near a planned parenthood office in the west side of colorado springs. when police arrived, they were met with a hail of gunfire. the shooter, armed with an ak-47 type rifle, wounded nine and killed three. a bullet shattered his windshield as he was caught in the cross fire. he described what could have been much worse. >> he was looking directly in my face and aiming for my head. i could see it in his eyes. >> reporter: after a five-hour standoff, the gunman holed up inside planned parenthood finally gave up and was taken into custody. the colorado springs mayor is among those who praised first responders. >> there's no question we could have had more victims but for the incredible work of the first responders in this case. >> reporter: and now as this community mourns its loss, an investigation is under way into what led for the shooting.
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leanne gregg, nbc news, colorado springs, colorado. stepping down from his post, how a racial slur led a pennsylvania police chief to resign before he ever started the job. plus, a deadly attack just days after terrorists hit a hotel in mali, taking dozens hostage, the country is under attack again. we'll tell you who is believed to be behind the assault on a u.n. peacekeeping base.
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at least three people are dead and 20 others hurt in an attack on a u.n. peacekeeping base in northern mali today. two u.n. peacekeepers and a contractor were killed in that attack. no one has claimed responsibility but islamic extremists are expected. jihadists often attack u.n. peacekeepers.
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today's attack comes just over a week after gunman stormed a hotel in mali's capital, killing 19 people. some believe the attackers were linked to al qaeda. still ahead, a view from above. we'll tell you about the new attraction where you can get a birds eye view of the city of philadelphia. scattered showers across the area and i'll tell you how long the wet weather is going to be sticking around in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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new at 6:00, the sister of a homeless man beaten by a upon at a philadelphia gas station is talking about her brother's death for the first time. the attack was caught on surveillance back in april. robert barnes remained in a vegetative state until he died on wednesday. the day before thanksgiving. police say the suspects who are now in custody used a hammer in
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the attack. barnes' sister wants the people to know that he was more than a homeless man living on the streets. >> he was a person. you know, he was my brother. he has a mother and father and we loved him. these homeless people suffer from mental illness, addiction, and they need to be guided. >> the family is asking for more services for people like him, including mental health programs. the three adult suspects in this case rejected a plea deal. they're waiting to stand trial in january. prosecutors said they plan to upgrade the charges against them to murder. police chief in western pennsylvania has resigned after a scandal involving a racial slur. it happened near the ohio border and 65 miles northwest of pittsburgh. the chief apologized for his comments, but the mayor asked him to step down a few days later. the chief used a slur in a fund
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raising e-mail earlier this year. he says the racial slur when mentioning black people in a nearby town "got to learn how to read." he had not yet started the job. black friday wasn't exactly the bonanza retailers were looking for. total sales fell 10% this year to $10.4 billion, down from $11.6 billion a year. that's according to shopper track. sales on thanksgiving were also down. experts say this is all due to more americans shopping online. ♪ marching bands, dancers and others spread holiday chair today. the parade runs along hadden avenue through the heart of
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historic comiko collingswood. and children from the boys and girls club of philadelphia were the first to get a look at the new attraction. the observation deck is on the 57th floor, 883 feet above street level. inside, this is a giant bust of benjamin franklin, as well as interactive technology. now your abc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the view would have been a whole lot better yesterday. we had spectacular weather on black friday and now things have changed. we have showers around the area tonight. more during the morning tomorrow. and even more as we go toward the midweek period. so the dry pattern we've been seeing is at least temporarily going to be changing quite a
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bit. we see dry conditions across most of the area now. there are some light showers. it's 58 degrees, not all that cold for this time of the year. and the wind is calm at the moment. we can see even in allentown, 50 degrees. redding, 50 degrees. 58 in philadelphia. the average high for this time of the year is 51. we got up to 62 today. it's 64 right now in dover, delaware, and 60 in atlantic city. starting to cool off to the north. temperatures a little cooler than 24 hours ago, especially in the poconos. so the cooler air is coming down. this will continue as we go into tomorrow. now, we've had an exceptionally warm november. how warm? so far, close to six degrees above average for the month. in philadelphia and close to that elsewhere. it's going to be one of the top three warmest novembers ever
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recorded in philadelphia. there are those showers. you can see they're light, not covering a whole lot of the area, but more back to the west. that may be coming in during the morning hours and then there's a band that goes all the way down into texas. so until that gets out of here, we still have kind of a wet pattern. so there we are sunday, 7:00 a.m. some light showers generally from philadelphia southward. everything pushes south during the day, so we get more sunshine to the north than we'll get to the south. look at that, dry conditions by later on sunday. and even into monday. but that rain is going to be coming back. there's some tuesday and even more coming in on wednesday. there's some heavy rain if we're going to get any heavy rain this week, it would be wednesday. cloudy and mild with the showers south tonight. 46 for a low in philadelphia. 38 north and west. tomorrow, we start off with the showers early in the day. they spread to the south and
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temperatures cooler than today. but still not all that cold for this time of the year. dry on monday, but not dry after that. tuesday and especially wednesday are wet and mild and then it gets nice later in the week. thanks, glenn. all month long, the nfl and the eagles have been honoring the nation's military with their salute to service month. tonight, the eagles with nbc 10 are proud to showcase the military in our salute to service special. we'll profile the powerful story of dan rose, a paralyzed vet, who is back on his feet through the help of some remarkable technology. and a hometown hero whose dedication to our country runs generations deep. and the pros take on the gi-joes from halfway across the globe. john clark hosts our special tonight at 7:30, aboard the historic battleship "new jersey." nbc 10 is your official station of the philadelphia eagles.
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>> coming up in sports, can the temple owls take another step toward a conference championship? we'll hear from the head coach coming up. plus, the flyers are hot. we'll show you how they dismantled the rangers today in the big apple. sports is next.
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time now to check in with jose for a look at what's coming up on "nightly news." >> thank you, denise. coming up tonight, new details about the deadly shooting rampage at a planned parenthood clinic colorado. plus, we're following some dangerous weather and its impact on the holiday travel. and the city where the homeless are being given a chance to work and find their dignity again. and the college band where two brothers found their place marching right past their challenges.
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see you for "nbc nightly news." back to you, denise. >> thank you. we'll see you soon. every season has a turning point. could the flyers be reaching theirs? the orange and black visiting the rangers this afternoon, trying to build on yesterday's overtime victory and win back-to-back games for the first time in five weeks. the flyers have scored one goal in the last three starts combined. nick schultz gets run over here. flyers are energized. schultz did not return. the flyers stopped all 24 shots. second period, wayne simmons goes top shelf and scores his first in seven games.
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third period, simmons added an etchty netter. flyers win 3-0. >> i thought our energy level and completing throughout the entire game was a huge factor in determining the outcome. >> i think specially the last half of the game, we really shut it down and we got a ton of opportunities. >> yesterday, we learned of a second off court incident involving sixers rookie okafor. a witness saw an altercation outside a nightclub in october that included a gun being pointed at the sixers' rookie. okafor was asked about that incident after last night's game but had little to say. >> i'm not allowed to talk about it. i'm sorry. >> news of the october incident came following another
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altercation involving okafor early thursday morgue outside a boston nightclub. the boston police are investigating. it's a simple scenario for the temple football team. beat uconn and go to the acc championship game. but he says his team is not feeling any extra pressure. >> i think they've been pretty loose. when we get tight and worry about what's going to happen next week, what happen it is we win or lose, we're not great football team. when we just concentrate on having fun, we're a good team. i feel really confident. uconn is a great football team. they upset the number 13 team in the country last year, so we know it's a challenge. but i'll put my money on my guys. they answered the call all year long, and it's a great group of seniors and i trust they'll play well. >> former ohio state buckeye malcolm jenkinses with a celebrity bar tender today.
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o state won, but the three-game skid with the eagles is still on his mind. >> it's just that time. this is one of the most frustrating months of my career. you know, i think everybody is searching for answers. everybody is under the spotlight. and that's deservedly so. >> and la salle wins and drexel loses to san diego. that's sports. >> danny, thank you. the comcast center is filled with the sights and sounds of the season right now. ♪ >> the holiday spectacular featured a live performance by a seen singer and songwriter evan. it's 15-minute mix of classic family favorites on the state of the art comcast experience video wall.
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no snow there or here. but we do have some rain. >> it's been an incredibly mild november. and yesterday really topped that. but today, we're starting to see a little bit of rain. tomorrow, we'll see some early in the day. and then we'll really get into some wet weather tuesday and wednesday. you could see temperatures over this next week are still going to be at or above average for this time of the year. i don't see any cold air in sight or any of that "s" word stuff. >> we'll say that word for later. that's "nbc 10 news" for now. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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on this saturday night, deadly siege. the terrifying rampage that left three people dead at a planned parenthood clinic. how those trapped inside were able to survive and what we know about the gunman. the tragedy once again putting the spotlight on abortion rights. dangerous weather. the ice, the flooding, thew making travel treacherous this holiday weekend when millions are on the move. work in progress. one city's innovative program that offers the homeless a way to earn their way back to a more dignified life. how two brothers facing a challenge found their wirhythm in one of the most weno


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