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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. right now it sure looks like winter in the poconos. they appear to be making snow and mother nature could help out with a wintry mix falling here this morning as well. check out the first alert radar. we're in for a messy commute with hours of rain ahead of us this morning. check out this exclusive individual yo individual owe of a man with i sledgehammer. this is nbc 10 news ten. i'm tracy davidson. meteorologist sheena parveen has her first alert forecast tracking rain. sheena? >> we have rain around for most of area. like you saw in the poconos that's only really the spot that
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saw any snow around. where you see the pinks here, that's freezing rain or some sleet occurring. kind of a wintry mix in this pink area. still falling in carbon and monroe counties. most of the lehigh valley, temperatures have warmed above freezing. allentown, 478, 476. a messy commute. especially for berks county. areas of pink near cliffs town. may have rain or mixed in sleet. temperatures are warming above freezing. that would be less likely at this point. the rain has continued moving up to the north in these areas and we'll see that progress through the morning as temperatures keep warming. pretty steady rain around the interstates, delaware, south jersey, heavy rain towards dover and it's not the end of it either. we will be seeing the rain around for the morning commute through the next few hours. temperatures now 35 in
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allentown, 25 in mount pocono. 45 philadelphia. 44 degrees in wilmington. here's what's going to happen today. this rain will keep moving through. by 8:00 this morning, temperatures warming above freezing and we'll see that rain around for the morning commute by 10:00, 11:00. big improvements with fairly mild temperatures. we'll look at the rest of this afternoon. a closer look at the radar coming up. we're all in for a messy morning commute. for others, they're seeing the first taste of winter weather. nbc 10's katy zachry is live with the conditions. >> they're seeing it and feeling it. we're just south of allentown. and sheena mentioned, the temperatures are in the 30s. i can attest to that. it's cold, windy and rainy. we have seen rain from our drive along 76.
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schuykill expressway. just a lot of rain. rain got heavier over the last 15 minutes or so. i saw one plow on the roadways but didn't look like it was doing. just monitoring the situation. this is the intersection of 12th street where it connects with cedar crest boulevard. cedar crest boulevard is a pretty heavily trafficked area as we get into the later morning commute. we'll let you know how the conditions are changing throughout the morning, especially as more people leave their homes for work or school, actually not school because most people are off, fortunately for the holiday. you might see fewer drivers on the roadways, which would be nice. if this continues for the morning commute as we're reporting it will, it will be messy for so many on the roads this morning. reporting live in ee may us, katy zachry. you can track the changing weather conditions with our app. you can download it free and get
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updates on your smartphone or tablet. now let's check the roads with storm force 10. they're live along route 310 in port washington. you can see the rain coming down, wipers on. that will be the case for most people today. let's check the roads. jessica boynton is doing that. >> lots of we had roadways. a few moments ago when i looked at our cameras here, we were all closed and had police activity. a few moments ago, i saw several vehicles moving through the area. may be picking up this project a little early this morning because of that rain. this is around 24th street. when i come back in ten minutes or so, i will double-check to see if they have lifted the construction cones a little bit early. at least we can watch out for crew members and police activity on the scene. for right now, it seems to be the traffic is getting through the area with police activity nearby. drive times are still okay. not a lot of traffic on the
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roads. the schuykill to 95, definitely wet roadways. you definitely want to get out the door a little earlier this morning. only a 15-minute trip. >> five minutes past 4:00. now to breaking news we're following overnight. two people under arrest accused of planning terror attacks overseas. the pair was arrested after days of searching. no weapons or explosives were found. officials say they recovered military-type uniforms and islamic state propaganda. also breeking overnight, authorities are holding the affluenza teen, ethan couch and his mour. he and his mother were arrested in mexico. they are expected to turn them over to u.s. marshals.
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this was after an apparent probation violation. he got probation for a deadly crash. they arpgd he didn't know right from wrong because his affluent parents set no limits for him. now to an exclusive in center city. watch this. >> oh, my god. a viewer took this video of a guy with a sledgehammer pounding away at the rainbow crosswalk at 13th and logan. the guy walked up to the crosswalk around 10:30 last night and started hammering the ground in plain sight as other people passed by. >> we came to grab dinner and there was a man in the middle of the road with a sledgehammer beating the rainbow sidewalks with it. another guy came up behind him and started chiseling with him. we called 9-1-1. i dfrnt want to get involved. a cop was out in less than a minute. the guy started walking down the
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road. >> the rainbow crosswalk is a fairly new addition to the sidewalk in support of the lbgt community. it's 4:07. 44 degrees outside. tom wolf will make an announcement about the budget battle. he's deciding what to do about a republican bill on his desk right now. it would end the stalemate without raising taxes. the democratic governor says it doesn't include enough money for schools or social services. here's what could happen. governor wolf could sign the budget bill into law, he could veto it or eliminate the individual spending items in it. if the governor does nothing, the budget bill automatically becomes law. families worry that means it could make them change schools, you -- the program was on hold. some families had concerns they wouldn't be able to afford
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private school without the scholarships. now to a story we broke here yesterday morning. a couple faces a list of charges, they're accused of attacking a man with a tire iron in montgomery county. police arrested sergio gallo of and oochka of bethlehem. the man saw two suspects trying to steal two tires off his car. the man confronts them. police say that's when the couple beat him with a tire iron and a brick. the injured victim did manage to call police. the victim is in serious condition. a pennsylvania appeals court has 60 days to respond toe philadelphia district attorney's request to take another look at the case against monsignor william lynn. his conviction in the cover-up of sex abuse cases was overturned by a three-judge
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panel. they asked the nine-member state superior court to hear the case. it granted lynn a new trial. he remains behind bars until that time. the district attorney's office promise toss use all of its resources to keep him in state custody. >> he had to show all these other acts, all the things it showed monsignor lynn knew how dangerous it was to put a pedophile into a school with children. >> williams will appeal the findings to the state supreme court if necessary. lynn became the first church official convicted over the handling of sex abuse allegations against priests. three parks in upper darby will get a makeover thanks to a $10,000 grant from pico. guilford road, acker dean road and michele park will share the funds. it could include new pathways, benches and they're helping to finance it through their project to conserve open space.
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good morning. we have a messy morning commute for the area. those of you seeing any type of a wintry mix, it's mostly confined to the poconos. the rest of us seeing rain. snow in vermont, new hampshire and main. heading in that direction. but we're on the warm side for this. most of the area is going to continue to see the rain. up in the poconos, carbon and monroe counties, a wintry mix. sleet or freezing rain in these areas. possibly a little bit of snow mixed in. the farther south through the lehigh valley and allentown, this is where we're seeing heavier rain. temperatures too warm to support anything else. some spots around northern berks county, cliffs town, that's where the temperatures are starting to warm up. that's what we expect in bucks, montgomery, chester county,
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heading towards the philadelphia area. more rain moving in. wet morning commute. 495, 95, 76, 676, through delaware. that's heavier rain too. more on the way for the later part of the morning commute. like i mentioned, temperatures too warm to support anything else. 45 philadelphia, 42 degrees in trenton. lehigh valley above freezing. 25, though, in mount pocono. cold enough to support a wintry mix. 50s for south jersey and dill ware. a milder day today than yesterday. here's future weather. the rain continues. the wintry mix moves out by the morning commute. temperatures continue to warm. by 8:00, we'll be seeing temperatures rising into the upper 50s farther south with that rain around. make sure you grab your umbrella today. what you can expect the 6 the week coming up. that rain sure to affect your ride in. jessica boyington has more on
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the commute. >> accident blocking the left and center lane on ridge avenue. we'll have updates for that. that happened 15 minutes ago or so. 295 into jersey, reduced visibility in this camera here. the lens is even covered in rainwater. shiny roadways, definitely wet. a car still moving along nicely. no problems getting to the delaware memorial bridge from the 42 freeway. average speed 63 miles per hour. but still give yourself that extra time before you head out the door this morning. the northbound drive time doing okay from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. more when i come back in the next ten, tracy. locking your doors may not be enough protection from thieves. that's because there's a new high tech way to steal your ride. find out how.
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says she heard, oh, crap, they have a dog. >> what a good dog she is. find out what she did that her owner and police say saved the day.
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4 clochb 15. look at that. we're in for a messy morning commute. heavy rain across the area. the lehigh valley and north could be wintry weather mixing in with that rain. we're watching the road, what the rain is doing to the roads. live along 309 headed towards center city. you can see the rain coming down, wipers are on. sheena parveen returns in a few minutes with an update on what's ahead. the police officer who shot
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and killed a 12-year-old boy in cleveland will not face charges. this was in the tamir rice case. the boy was shot outside a rec center after he reached for a pellet gun. police could not have known it was only a toy gun. >> he had reason to fear for his life. it would be unresponsible and unreasonable if the law required a police officer to wait and see if the gun was real. >> anyone disappointed with the decision to express their feelings peacefully. the u.s. attorney's office is conducting a civil rights investigation. stop police brutality. >> in the black community. >> protesters in cumberland county marched for justice for jerome reed last night. in marks one year since employs shot and killed him during a traffic stop. in august, the grand jury decided not to charge the officers involved in this
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shooting. reed's brother shawn wants a federal investigation claiming county prosecutors mishandled the case. >> i do something, i go to jail. they do something, they get a pat on the back. we still don't get no -- there's days i don't come outside, days i don't eat. >> police dashcam video captured the traffic stop last december. officers pulled a handgun out of glofl compartment and after yelling, they fired several shots at reed leading to his death. in newcastle county, two would-be burglars are stopped after a close encounter with a pit bull named precious. tim furlong caught up with the hero hound and her grateful owner. >> the dog's name is precious. >> cute name for a tough pup. on saturday night, would-be burglars didn't see the beware of dog signs. they tried to kick in the door to the home. the homeowner's sister was home alone. she knew to let the pit bull out of her crate. >> before she knew it, the door was being kicked open.
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she unlocked the cage and the dog went after the person. >> my sister said she heard, oh, crap, they have a dog. and took off. >> good girl. >> steph nif tells me precious is a sweet, loving dog but is trained to attack if the home or the owner is threatened. the burglary lass are lucky they got to their car before precious got to their legs. her home is literally a a few homes away from the police department. there have been similar break-ins on her street. a stray bullet hit her house a couple years back. she didn't get a look at the people, but saw the sedan with tinted windows. this is an active investigation. if you have any information, submit an anonymous tip or contact police. >> the burglars didn't get anything except a good scare.
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but precious got a nice treat from her very appreciative family. >> she's very happy with her ham bone. i had to go out and get her a nice big one. >> in newcastle county, tim furlong nbc 10 news. 19 minutes past 4:00 right now. the white house says president obama called texas governor greg abbott to offer federal support for recovery efforts in the wake of the severe weather there. at least nine tornadoes cut through north texas on saturday. 11 people died and dozens more were hurt. yesterday people started cleaning nup garland, one of the hardest hit areas. the national weather service says the ef-4 tornado brought winds and destroyed hundreds of homes. >> there's been a lot of devastation and destruction. we're working through this. we feel blessed there were not more fatalities. as we work through all this, we'll go through the phases. we want to let people get back into their homes soon. >> most died when their vehicles
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were lifted off the highway and dropped more than 17 feet on to a service road below. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for parts of iowa as a large storm system moves through the midwest. snow and freezing rain crippled several states and caused dangerous driving conditions and more than 28 flights were canceled and nearly 5,000 have been delayed. sheena, the same storm system headed our way, right? but we're getting rain for the most part. >> yes, tracy. some areas in the poconos seeing that wintry mix still. you can see the snow well to our north in parts of vermont and new hampshire. the only spot cold enough to support a wintry mix up in the poconos. carbon and monroe counties across 380, 476 and the poconos, 476 through the lehigh valley. that's mostly on the rainy side. that's where temperatures are warming up. spotty areas of pink through berks county. we could see light wintry mix there. maybe sleet, possibly freezing
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rain. the only area that could be supporting that would be farther up in the poconos. across 76 here or 78 i should say and the lehigh valley, we're seeing steady rainfall. closer to parts of montgomery, bucks county, the major interstates around philadelphia and new jersey, this is where we're seeing pretty moderate rainfall now and more moving in from the south. northern delaware and newcastle county, even over towards chester, lancaster county, moving into parts of south jersey, some heavier rain shown bit yellows and oranges. this is all going to stay in the forecast and keep moving in from the south for the morning commute. temperatures will be warming up. by 7:00 a.m., mostly the entire area will be seeing rain from this system. 11:00 temperatures warming some showers and by this afternoon, a drier evening commute. into wednesday, not looking too bad. temperatures still at about the mid-50s. for today, we're going to keep seeing that rain clearing in the afternoon. 50 degrees farther north. possibly close to 70 degrees
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farther to the south. then we go into wednesday. late showers move in. thursday we can have showers farther to the south too. we go in to friday and that's where we see things cooling down to start off 2016 and even for the weekend. all right, sheena. let's see how that wet weather is impacting the roads. we have fallen power lines. let's get an update on where that is. jessica boyington. >> it's blocking at paris road. follow the detours through. not blocking major highways right now. obviously, follow the detours. you can see that around the paulsboro area on route 44. the schuykill expressway, a wet commute as you can see by the cameras at montgomery drive. no major incidents right now to report on the schuykill expressway, westbound and eastbound pretty much the same drive time. from the blue route to the vine
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street expressway. still waiting for the accident to be cleared around ridge avenue, left and center lane were blocked a few moments ago. we're seeing improvements there. we'll do a check on mass transit for your morning drive when i come back. tracy in. it's one of the hottest gifts but comes with a growing danger. this is the charred remains of a brand new hoverboard. find out what happened after it suddenly caught fire. plus, what you need to know to keep safe. this comes with something special to play for. a live look at the blue cross river rink at penn's landing. it's raining. you may not be able to skate. they open at 11:00. you can enjoy tasty food and drinks at the cottage. in three nights, crowds will gather to ring in the new year. helping your family celebrate 2016 along the waterfront. the sugar house new year's eve
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fireworks display will be televised live on nbc 10 and tell memundo 62 at 6:00 thursda night.
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if you think the eagles season fi nall si meaningless, no. there's meaning to it. the loser will head to london next year for a game against the st. louis rams. the birds lost their chance to the playoffs. they are blaming chip kelly whose offense is scoring less and less. during his three years here, his team has given up the second most touchdown passes and most
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yards. a reporter asked kelly if he was in charge of a bad football team. >> it didn't go our way. i don't think we're a bad football team. not by any stretch. i can point to plays and i think we're not consistent and we need to be consistent. i don't think we've done a good enough job with coaches and putting them in position to make plays. we need to revamp this entire group of guys, i don't think we need to. he made a quick exit after that question. well, here's a look at the radar. big storm system with rain for our area. snow well up to the north. parts of the poconos seeing a wintry mix. coming up, i'll show you where the rain is heading and what to expect for the morning commute. >> definitely wet roadways to watch out for on route 309. you can see if that car actually drives by. lot of rainwater coming from underneath. you can see it heavily falling as well. use caution.
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we'll go over construction projects that are clearing up because of that rain. i'll talk about them at 4:30. look at this video. that's no halloween costume. find out where this upright walking bear was spotted and why it's a very good thing.
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right now rain is fall across the area. this is along route 1 off broad street in philadelphia. you will need to take it slowly today. here's why. look at the first alert radar. it will be with us all morning thrks rain. some


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