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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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minds. if you become the nominee who the hell knows if you can even serve in office. >> the gloves are off after months of civility between donald trump and ted cruz, they clashed in several heated exchanges. i'm sure a lot of us take the schuylkill expressway to work or to school. some big changes are coming to a busy stretch of the highway. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it is going to be warmer today than yesterday but if you have any plans tonight you will want to plan for some rain. let's get right to first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> we are clear this morning but clouds will be taking over during the day and the rain is going to hold off until tonight. a little bit of a breeze blowing above building level at center city, at the surface it is cold. overall we are much warmer this morning than a couple days ago, 31 degrees in philadelphia, 40
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in atlantic city, allentown, pottstown and reading are in the 20s. they will be warming into the 40s and then the 50s this afternoon with temperatures climbing quickly this morning. just a few thin skalt ertd erred clouds at 8:00, 11:00, 46 degrees and 52 degrees at 2:00 today. go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm gag in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> one accident after another. remember out in west rock hill where we do have an accident scene on route 309 southbound around route 563. they have traffic being diverted around the scene. nothing is closed. definitely something that might set you back five to ten minutes or so. getting out the door earlier this morning. heading over to cherry hill township, new jersey, right around penn avenue we have a downed pole and wires in the right lane and shoulder are being closed for repairs so far for this morning. as for the rest of new jersey we will keep it in there, out in
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west sted ford, if you're heading to the delaware memorial bridge 23 minutes trip, heading to the bridge average speeds 65 miles an hour so no problem. we will update you on more traffic problems in the next ten minutes. just moments ago sky force 10 checked out this breaking news in delaware county. crews are still on the scene of a fire at a construction sight in marple township. they've done a good job of extinguishing those flames. no one here was hurt. and we continue to follow developing story in hunting park this morning. just about a half an hour ago the intersection of fifth and hunting park was reopened after a hit and run investigation. we brought you this as breaking news. police were investigating it for about two hours this morning. about 3:00 this morning police were called to the intersection, they found a man laying in the road unconscious. they took him to the hospital where he is listed in critical
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condition and again, that road is reopened now. drew smith still at the scene right now and he tells us police will be coming back. we're going to check in with him at about 6:30. today vice president joe biden will be in philadelphia to kick off his mission to cure cancer. his first stop is at pen medicine's able ram son cancer center. the vice president lost his son to cancer last year. his son beau biden died from brain cancer in may. that's when the vice president entered a period of painful public mourning, it was followed by his decision not to get into the presidential race. this morning nbc 10's katy zachry has more on the vice president's emotional mission to cure cancer. katie. >> reporter: as you can imagine there is a lot of excitement and buzz here in university city surrounding the vice president's visit later this afternoon. it really highlights philadelphia as a hub for cancer research, as well as it
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reinvigorates the fight. now, this nationwide initiative got bipartisan applause when president obama announced it during his state of the union address earlier this week. vice president joe biden is leading the effort, it has special meaning for him because his oldest son beau succumb to cancer last year. at md anderson cancer center in camden they tell us they see close to 3,000 new cancer patients a year. >> i think it's not likely that we're going to find one cure or one treatment that's the end-all and be all, but we're likely going to find multiple pathways that we can target to hopefully prevent and treat this disease. >> reporter: again, a lot of excitement felt by the various hospitals in university city and the research institutions in our area. now, coming up in the next half hour you will hear from a cancer survivor who was unfortunately once again a cancer patient and
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she will talk about the president and vice president's refocus on this deadly disease and what it means for her on a personal level. reporting live in university city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 29 degrees at 6:05. the gop presidential candidates sparred in a lively debate in south carolina with some heated exchanges be between the two at the top of the pack, a new poll released just before the debate finds donald trump more than double his national lead and a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll finds trump is the first choice of 33% of national republican primary voters, ted cruz comes in second at 20%, trump's new lead over cruz represents an 8 point jump over last month. senator marco rubio comes in third with 13% followed by ben carson with 12%. >> and now to the debate. those top two candidates took off the gloves last night. ted cruz criticized donald trump for his, quote, new york values,
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but trump countered with an emotional tribute to his hometown's response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. trump also continued his jabs at cruz over whether he is even eligible for the presidency. cruz was born in canada, but his mother was an american citizen. here is some of their exchange. >> my friend donald said that he had had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. there was nothing to this birther issue. >> since september the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> you become the nominee who the hell knows if you can even serve in office. >> why are you raising this issue now? >> because now he's doing a little bit better. >> there were other fiery exchanges as well, !=nator maro rubio criticized chris christie for his policies on gun and education and then christie suggested senators like rubio are all talk, while governors like him are held accountable for what they do. >> on the democratic side
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presidential candidate bernie sanders has picked up the endorsement of former democratic party chairman paul kirk. kirk was a long time aid to the late senator ted kennedy. briefly filling kennedy's senate seat after he died in 2009. kirk is one of the few party officials so endorse sanders over hillary clinton. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton weighed in on last night's republican debate in south carolina when it was over clinton tweeted tbt, gop, love trump's hate. the democrats will get their turn this weekend, they will take part in their final debate before the iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary. you can watch hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley square off in the democratic debate, that's sunday night at 9:00 right here on nbc 10. now to a developing story in michigan where the governor is asking president obama for an emergency disaster declaration and more federal aid to deal
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with the flint water crisis. despite those efforts protesters marched yesterday at the state capital calling for governor rick snider's resignation. tap water in print became contaminated with too much lead after the city switched its water supply in 2014 from detroit ace water source at lake huron to the print river. chicago is already a city on edge after controversial police shootings and now a judge has ordered the release of a new video showing a police officer shooting and killing a 17-year-old theft -- car theft suspect back in 2013. a quick warning you may find this footage disturbing. the grainy video showed see drink chatman running from police. officer kevin fry claims he thought the teen had a gun and his partner was in danger so he fired three deadly shots. all chatman had in his hand was the box for an iphone. now the chatman family is suing the family for wrongful death. in recent months the chicago
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police department has seen its superintendent fired and one of its officers charged with first degree murder in the fallout over several controversial police shootings. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nine minutes after 6:00. a cold start this morning, but our skies are clear and we will see sunshine at least to start the day. a pretty good warm up, too, we will be in the 50s this afternoon. as the temperatures climb clouds will be moving in and i'm tracking rain for this evening and tonight and into tomorrow. right now the numbers are down to 27 degrees in reading. philadelphia is 31 degrees, that's the same as the pocono mountains right now, cape may into the 40s and that warmer air is going to push into the rest of the region. that's a live view from camelback where they have been making snow overnight, but during the day tonight, well, the temperatures will be too warm for that. tonight it's rain that will be moving n the rain that will be in the area this evening is in the atlanta area with heavier
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downpours in alabama and southern georgia. some of those heavier downpours could be in store for the shore during the overnight hours. future cast hour by hour shows clear skies to start with but the clouds move in during the afternoon hours. by 4:00 this afternoon we're looking at cloudy skies. by this evening the first showers just starting to move into the area that's at 8:00 this evening, the steadier rain will hold off until 10:00, 11:00 tonight. there you can see some pretty good downpours in parts of the area but it's not going to last through the weekend. temperatures will get out of the cold zone today. 47 degrees this afternoon for allentown and waker town, 44 in the mountains, sunshine this morning in trenton, norristown, mt. holly all under the 50s this afternoon. during the after noon the clouds take over for cap may, rehoboth but dry during the day. no rain for philadelphia, drexel fill and philadelphia. a massive improvement over even a couple days ago when we were stuck in the 20s.
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seven-day forecast and the answer for that question when i'm back in ten minutes. 29 degrees in philadelphia at 6:11 in friday morning. yesterday was relatively you quiet on the roads, today different matter. >> jessica boyington starts us off in montgomery county. >> you can't predict it. we are out in montgomery county right now in horsham where we have an accident and downed pole on easton road and more horsham road. traffic is being directed around the area. the schuylkill expressway right around belmont avenue you can see no problems here, eastbound from the blue route to the express press way no delays or backups east or westbound on the skew skill. on route 309 there is an accident scene, traffic also allowed to move through the area still. sky force 10 is live on the scene of a fire in burlington city, burlington county. you can see flames and smoke here at this building on st. mary's street. this is a two-alarm fire, crews
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and emergency workers are on the scene. we will continue to monitor this. as soon as we get an update we will pass it along. good morning, i'm matt delucia for the philly home and garden show. we will show you a couple big trends to help you spruce up your home. all new at 6:00 chipotle is closing every one of its restaurants but just for a day. we will tell you when and explain why coming up
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hey, do you need to freshen up your home this spring? how about getting some ideas from the philadelphia home and garden show. >> it kicks off today and comcast has a special feature on display at this year's show, we
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sent matt delucia out of the greater philadelphia expo center in montgomery county. you've shown us the backyard and home automation but a big thing this year is being green, right? >> reporter: that's right. of course, everyone is looking to save the environment and make their house look good in doing so we will take a look here, this is a 1,600 square foot house they built inside the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks for the philly home and garden show, you have everything from the vinyl flooring to repurposed wood tables, having things to check out here. xfinity by comcast has a setup to show you how you can control everything from your tv to doors to your thermostat and even your lights. home automation has grown significantly in popularity over the recent years and comcast by the way is a parent company of nbc 10 so comcast has a setup in here. you might be used to the philly home show, that's been going on in the city for 35 years and because that show has been so popular the organizers expanded
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it here to the suburbs. >> it's really exciting that every year at our shows we're seeing the newest and greenest and exciting products that are not only looking fantastic in your home but really helping the environment and helping people save money as well. >> reporter: so the philly home and garden show opens today here at the greater philadelphia expo center in oaks. i'm going to sit here and lounge on the couch and open the blinds. maybe i will get nice sunlight in here, at least artificial sunlight. live in oaks, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> not a bad assignment. >> a little man cave out there at the home expo. 6:17. 29 degrees on this friday. jessica boyington keeping an eye on the roads. >> what do you see out there? >> out in montgomery county first where we do have an accident out in new hanover, swamp pike and levy road, but we will check out the rest of our
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majors. we're going to show you some things that don't have problems but normally they do at this time. 95 around cottman avenue, we're starting to see slow downs but no real backups yet, southbound towards the center city area. we have a 14 minute drive time. no real increase in that yet. you can see we are seeing that added volume, but that's something we're used to. here is the p.a. turnpike, pretty much in the green west and eastbound from route 1 to valley forge at a 23 minute trip in both directions. mass transit currently doing okay with no delays. i will be back in the next ten minutes with an update on some things going on in new jersey. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 6:00, the temperatures cold to start with, but a quick warm up today. skies mostly clear over the city, we will stay dry all day long today. 31 degrees right now in philadelphia, that's 4 degrees warmer than yesterday and the wind nowhere near as strong as it was a couple days ago.
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those cold winds have left us now it's just a 3 mile an hour breeze, northeast breeze at that. we come southerly, you can see the skies are starting to brighten up a little bit, you will see plenty of sunshine at least to start the day but as the day goes on and the temperatures climb, that's when clouds will move in. 24 right now in pottstown, 20s in much of south jersey and into delaware. lafayette hill 27 degrees, glen sighed is 31, just below freezing in eagleville at 30 degrees. pottstown it's 26. so a cold start for much of thet area, but sunshine just a few scattered clouds this morning, a quick warm up during the day before that arrives and behind those clouds the rain that will be here this evening. it's got a long way to go but this one will be a fast mover. by 9:00 this evening the showers just to the west of philadelphia moving in during the later evening hours and staying with us overnight tonight into saturday morning. that's 1:00 in the morning you see rain from southern delaware
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into the pocono mountains, most of that will be light, we could pick up half an inch of rain in philadelphia with higher totals along the shore. by saturday morning at 9:00 we will be drying out by afternoon. we will see some sunshine. look at those clouds. the wind will be increasing and that will return cold for sunday but not today. a sunny start, mild this afternoon. 50s today, upper 40s we will see that by late this morning, by early this afternoon in the low 50s and 55 degrees at the warmest today. tomorrow not quite as warm in the afternoon after the rain, 48 degrees, the wind will be kicking in and here comes the cold for sunday. at least colder. 39 degrees, not bad, but mostly cloudy skies, it will be a chilly one sunday. we will see some sunshine for the holiday, martin luther king day, 29, the temperature stays below freezing on monday, colder on tuesday morning, do you know to 18 degrees. coming up at 6:45 all new
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this morning, a man caught on camera roaming around in a new jersey school at night. what police say he's doing on the video and how you can help detectives in their investigation. and sky force 10 is live on the scene of a fire in burlington city, burlington county. you can see that smoke billowing from the top of that building, plus some flames coming from the roof. we will continue to watch this breaking situation and keep you posted throughout the newscast.
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new this morning, a very familiar name in the appliance game could soon be made in china. general electric announced this morning that it sold its appliance position to china based hire. the deal was for nearly $5.5 billion. the hire group is the world's biggest maker in home appliances and plans to expand its u.s. and global presence.
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ge is shifting emphasis to higher technology areas. no word if this will impact any jobs. at 6:25, 29 degrees outside, new at 6:00 chipotle is closing every single one of its single stores but don't panic, it's only for a day. on february 8th the stores will close for an all employee meeting to discuss food safety. chipotle is starting marketing efforts next month to woo back customers in the wake of the nation hide e.coli outbreak. good morning. here is your first alert traffic update. we are on the boulevard watching no problems either direction but we do have problems out in new jersey that i'm going to cover when i come back in the next five minutes. for now let's get a check on today's forecast. >> 25 -- it's in the -- it's 29 degrees in the city at 6:25. so many numbers to deal with, but they're looking more
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impressive this afternoon, temperatures to climb into the 50s today and it stays dry, too, but that changes tonight. got your hour by hour forecast just ahead. we're following the latest developments in a north philly hit and run, a man left for dead right on the side of the road. we're following where exactly police hope to find the driver. and vice president joe biden is coming here to philadelphia this afternoon for a life changing mission. coming up after the break i will explain how it's personal to him as well as thousands of people in our area. thank you, katie. we have sky force 10, it is live over the scene of a fire in durlg ton city, burlington county, we will continue to watch this two-alarm fire shooting flames sky ward and we will bring you updates just ahead. ♪
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29 degrees in philadelphia at 6:30. we're still following a developing another in hunting park. police are investigating a hit and run there, one man is in the hospital. what police are telling us about the evidence that they've gathered this morning. the search appears to be over. doug pederson has reportedly emerged as the man for the job as the eagles head coach, but the official announcement won't be coming today. we will explain why. on a national mission, a personal mission, to cure cancer. vice president joe biden will be in philadelphia today in his efforts to find a cure to a disease that has impacted all of us in one way or another. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm rosemary connors. 29 degrees out there but that's not bad considering it should be in the teens right now. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley. >> we will see a nice warm up today. a lot has to do with the
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sunshine we are going to enjoy to start the day. with err about 50 minutes away from seeing the sun, so less than an hour. look at this, just a few thin clouds, a better view of them from here at the nbc 10 studios as the skies start to brighten up a little bit. cold in the 20s for pottstown, doylestown, writes town, 32 in rocks borrow, we will see the numbers climb into the 40s then we are headed for the 50s this afternoon with lots of sunshine and a few chin clouds at 8:00. 46 degrees by 11:00 as we go to the afternoon hours people will be ditching the jackets at 52 degrees with sunshine, though, fading by late this afternoon and that's going to make for some changes this evening and into the weekend, too. i have the hour by hour future cast when i'm back in ten minutes with details, but right now jessica boyington is helping you get out the door with first alert traffic. >> if you're heading out the door in cherry hill pay attention. we do have some problems out in
6:32 am
cherry hill township on route 70 westbound around penn avenue. there was an earlier went that caused down wires and poles so the right lane and shoulder is closed for repairs. you may see some delay and backup but the whole road isn't closed for right now. this is in montgomery county an accident and downed pole or easton road at horsham road, the area. here is the vine street expressway, we were open all morning, these are the eastbound lanes, just up ahead around 24th street on the off ramp just some lane restrictions but everything still doing fine. you can see we're starting to see that normal volume westbound lanes ladied to the schuylkill expressway and 33 station doing okay. we are not seeing any increase in these drive times yet at all. kind of avoiding a little bit of the rush hour, at least maybe we will start a little later. the schuylkill expressway and 95 no problems in the center city. we want to take you back to this breaking news scene. we've been following this since just about 6:00 this morning and
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we have an update. this is a fire in burlington city, burlington county. we've will earned that one person was injured. this came into us as a report of a fire inside of a building getting a better look at this scene it appears as though it's a residential neighborhood. crews have been battling this blaze for the better half of a half an hour, 45 minutes. this is on the 300 block of st. mary's street in burlington city, burlington county. as soon as we have another update we will pass it along. happening now, police are planning on going whack out to the intersection at fifth and hunting park to investigate a hit and run. right now the road is open and a man is in critical condition in the hospital. nbc 10's drew smith is live for us in hunting park. drew, you've been out there all morning, what can you tell us about the investigation? >> reporter: well, vai, the roads are back open, but i can tell you police are not done searching for this car and a driver who hit a man and left him unconscious and critically injured right here at the street
6:34 am
corner. police began -- people began to call police around 3:00 this morning, they first thought someone shot the man who was lying down with his legs out into the crosswalk, but doctors at temple hospital said all of his injuries showed something else, a forceful impact. he was unconscious with head, face and knee injuries, plus police say the bones in his legs and pelvis are shattered. there is one other clue that has them thinking this is a hit and run. >> and he also has what appears to be some road rash on his hands and face which is consistent with him being struck by a vehicle. >> reporter: as you said, vai, accident investigators will come back here once the sun comes up. a lot of the businesses have surveillance camera. they're hoping to take a look at the video, pinpoint where this car was driving and maybe get a license plate and find who was responsible for severely injuring that man and leaving
6:35 am
him in critical condition. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. and happening today, vice president joe biden is in philadelphia starting his mission -- his directive, really, from president obama to help find a cure for cancer. >> it's a disease that's impacted so many people's lives in one way or another. we watched the vice president go through a very public mourning period last spring when his son beau lost his battle with brain cancer. datesy zachary is live at penn medicine's abramson's cancer center where the vice president will be visiting later on today. >> reporter: this is a mission no doubt very close to the vice president's heart. he will be hoo ner university city today meeting with heads of hospitals as well as researchers, some of whom are working on a sort of cancer vaccine right now. now, this moon shot program as the president and vice president call it was publicly announced during this week's state of the union address. it's an initiative to bring together all the key players in
6:36 am
the country who fight cancer, get them on the same page, align the resources and money so that a cure and prevention can be found soon. this mission is close to the heart of vice president joe biden as his son died from cancer last year. one area hospital alone tells us they treat close to 3,000 new patients every year. >> it's a moon shot. i mean, it's a big project, it's going to be incredibly difficult, but there's no reason to think that with the hospitals and science and funding that we have in the states that it can't be done. >> reporter: there is a lot of excitement and buzz and anticipation surrounding the vice president's visit. it's just a few hours away. he will be here in university city for that meeting at 3:00 this afternoon. we will have complete coverage of it on nbc 10 news throughout the day. reporting live in university city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 6:36 on this friday, 29 degrees. fortunately it's not any colder because it could really pose a
6:37 am
problem for firefighters who are trying to battle these flames at a building fire, house fire on st. mary's street in burlington industry, burlington county. smoke is just billowing throughout this neighborhood. we know this is a two-alarm fire, one person is injured, but no word yet on that person's condition this morning or where that person may have been taken, which local hospital. again, we continue to monitor this and we will bring you any updates. the eagles have found their new head coach, he is kansas city chiefs's offensive coordinator pederson who played and a present dissed under andy reed. this is what you're going to see at news stands. the cover of the daily news reads hail to the chief. and the back cover has the head line little red, it is a reference to pederson learning his trade from reed who had the nickname big red. they expect to make it official
6:38 am
when the chiefs playoff run is over. he was an assistant under andy reed before running his offense in kansas city. he is planning for the payoff game against the patriots on saturday. you can count on nbc 10 your officials eagles station for the in depth coverage of the latest head coach. we will send you a push alert as soon as we know anything new about the search for that new head coach. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 22 minutes before 7:00. we are getting closer to sunrise, we are going to see a sunny morning today and that's going to lead to a warmer day overall. 50s this afternoon. but as the temperatures climb, clouds will take over and i'm tracking rain for later this evening. overnight tonight and into at least the beginning of the weekend. today we're beginning the day in the 20s and 40s. 24 in allentown, 27 in northeast philadelphia, but look at the shore, atlantic city is at 40 degrees and that warmer air is
6:39 am
going to be pushing into the rest of the area. completely dry and clear skies over the city, that's the live view from the comcast center in center city. nothing to show you this morning on radar, but tonight this will be moving into the area. we've seen the rain move into atlanta since we've been on the rare at 4:00 this morning, this is a fast moving system, it's going to come right up the east coast. by late this afternoon the clouds take over. after sunshine this morning 5:00 this afternoon cloudy skies by this evening the first showers arrive at 8:00 in delaware and maybe an isolated very light shower in parts of pennsylvania, then steadier rainfall at 11:00 tonight and the rain stays with us overnight tonight and into first thing saturday morning, but by 9:00, 10:00, we will start to see those skies break and sunshine will take over tomorrow morning. today dry all day long, the pocono mountains 44 degrees the high temperature, up to 47 in allentown and reading. clouds increasing for trenton and mt. holly and doylestown
6:40 am
after sunshine in the morning and look at the temperatures at the shore, low 50s in atlantic city and cape may, 56 today for dover. dry through the morning and through the afternoon for wilmington, drexel hill and philadelphia, 54 degrees in the city today with temperatures coming down over the weekend. i've got the seven-day forecast with the timing of the return of the cold when i come back in ten minutes. >> return of the cold indeed. 20 minutes before 7:00, 29 degrees in philadelphia, let's get a check on the roads for your commute this morning. >> a few problem spots out there, jessica, what are you seeing? >> we have a lot of problem spots all morning which is rare for a friday morning, normally that's one of our lightest traffic days. west rock hill on route 309, 309 southbound around 563 watch out for that, you can see we have a little bit of red in the area, traffic is being directed around the scene for right now, lanes are not all closed, we are on the schuylkill expressway right now, no increase in the drive times yet, right around south street we're moving along nicely
6:41 am
westbound or eastbound. heading over into new jersey route 55 right around debt ford center road, that's if you're headed to the 42 freeway, 295 or if you have to get into philadelphia this morning, that's typically where we see some backups or delays. the area bridges are okay, just checked in with them, no scheduled opens for the tacony-palmyra, the burlington bristol and no problems on the ben and walt heading into the city. bye. >> 29 degrees and 19 before 7:00. looking for something to do this weekend? how you can go to some great philadelphia restaurants on the cheap starting sunday coming up in about 15 minutes. plus police in new jersey are looking for this guy after he was seen wandering the halls of an elementary school at night. the story all new coming up in three minutes.
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at 6:44 on this friday, we have some new information on this breaking news in burlington city. we now know that a block of row homes about four row homes, are on fire. this fire has been burning since before 6:00. we also know that three people are injured, they were taken to lordes medical center not too far away. no word on their conditions or word on what started this. crews have their work cut out for them. plenty of flames and smoke coming from this scene. drew smith is en route to this fire scene right now. we will continue to get information from him throughout the morning. meanwhile, new at 6:00 police in gloucester township are looking for a man caught on camera roaming around and element school. >> surveillance video from black well elementary on monday shows the pjs9 walking down the hall happened 8:00 at night. the custodial staff called police when they say they saw
6:46 am
the man going through desk drawers in the school's main office. the man was seen going in and out of classrooms. if you recognize him give police a call. students at fs elementary school in philadelphia will return to class today for the first time since tuesday's explosion in the boiler room. school maintenance workers are demanding action in the wake of the explosion that nearly killed a manic. school safety will be the focus of protests planned today at the philadelphia school district headquarters on broad street. union workers say they have voiced numerous concerns to the district about the inadequate staffing levels and unsafe equipment in their schools. 29 degrees, 6:46 on this friday. we have new information on a story we first told you about at 11:00 last night. a man has died at the hospital after crews pulled him from the delaware river. sky force 10 was over this scene on the 1900 block of south
6:47 am
columbus boulevard. it appeared the man was working in the area and somehow fell into the water. it may be one of the toughest commutes in philadelphia. i'm talking about the schuylkill expressway. all looks relatively okay right now, but we know it's going to back up. if you've ever driven the schuylkill you know it's more of a crawl than drive. it is one of the most congested highways in the country but penndot has a plan to ease the pain. drivers would be able to use the shoulder as an extra lane of traffic that would transform the highway from two lanes into three during rush hour. ben do the commissioned a study to see if it's possible and the results should be in by the spring. traffic engineers say it's not a perfect fix but it could ease congestion at check points like the notorious conshohocken curve. >> there are four or five pinch points which could be bun piece by piece. this is a band-aid but it will
6:48 am
keep it from bleeding. >> experts say a lot of engineering and planning will be done to complete this project. penndot also plans to add new technology to improve traffic flow and safety along the expressway. it has been a week since officer jessie hartnett was ambushed while on patrol in west philadelphia i while he continues his recovery local lawmakers held an emergency auto meeting for people who live near the site of the ambush. they are worried for their safety now more than ever after the fbi said it's investigating the crime as an acts of terrorism. last night a standing room only crowd filled the bryant school where he is dents expressed their fears. >> when we thought about terrorism, we must be real and we must face the fact that we all live in terror. >> i'm still scared about what happened. i've got a granddaughter in my house and it was very scary. >> residents called for better police community relations, more officers on patrol and trauma services for the community.
6:49 am
now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 11 minutes before 7:00, about a half hour away from sunrise, just a few thin clouds. mainly clear overnight, we will get a sunny start to the day. i'm expecting a quick warm up. 31 degrees in philadelphia, that's 4 degrees warmer than yesterday morning at this time. we will be in the 50s this afternoon. already on the warm side, cape may is reporting temperatures in the 40s with a few scattered clouds. that's a live view. while it's 20s north and west, trenton 26 degrees and 28 in millville, head to cape may, north cape may is reporting 47 degrees, cape may point at 43, right along the coast 41, but go inland just a little bit wood vine is right at freezing and right along the river it's 29 degrees while atlantic city at the marina is 43. we will see that warm air push into the rest of the area.
6:50 am
for a quick warm up this morning with a lot of sunshine this morning. but this afternoon look at those clouds to the south, we will be taking over by late this afternoon and that will lead to some rain starting later in the evening. the rain will stay with us overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. during the day, look at that fast moving rainfall. by 7:00 this evening we're still dry. cloudy skies with rain making fast progress into the area, late evening hours, rain starts at 11:00 this evening. light rain in philadelphia, heavier in delaware and south jersey. ending by tomorrow morning at 9:00. tomorrow afternoon we will see the skies clear as another round of wind will bring in colder temperatures for sunday. but not today. today is nice warm up. sunny start, too. mild this afternoon, 52 to 55 degrees with the winds stay light out of the south, 3 to 9 miles an hour. tomorrow we will get the rain in the morning, comes to an end then 48, windy in the afternoon
6:51 am
and riding in on the winds, the coldered air you will feel on sunday. 31 in the morning, 39 in the afternoon. then turning colder for monday's holiday, martin luther king day. then the wing dice down and gets colder, tuesday morning 17 in the city, just up to freezing toous afternoon. moderating temperatures for wednesday and thursday. 9 minutes until 7:00 on this friday. 29 degrees, we know the roads are starting to get backed up. >> jessica, you have an accident and first alert traffic system. >> a bunch of accidents today. here is a brand new one. this is out in west brandy wine township on route 340 around man in a road. out in horsham we've been watching this accident all morning it now turned into a down pole situation. traffic is being directed around the area right now, so you will follow those details and you will be fine. route 433 around trooper road we are starting to see that backup here on the eastbound side.
6:52 am
it hasn't come through on our drive times yet, still at a 9 minute trip, 29 to the schuylkill expressway and police activity that we're watching up on. maybe something just occurred a few moments ago up ahead that isn't into the traffic system yet. still some delays there. watch out on 295 -- actually, don't watch out. we did have some delays, you can see how quickly things can change. everything is moving along nicely whether you're headed northbound, southbound. thanks, jessica. coming up next we will have the biggest stories of the day including this breaking news, sky force 10 continues to be live over the scene of this fire in burlington city burlington county. a block of row homes at least four of them are on fire, three people had to go to the hospital, we do have drew smith on his way to the scene here. we will continue to update you before you leave you at the end of the morning.
6:53 am
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with top prizes of a hundred grand. it's the best game yet. 'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'!
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6:56 on this friday. 29 degrees and this fire continues to burn in burlington city, burlington county. three people injured. at least four row homes on fire. crews have been on the scene for well over an hour. we're going to continue to monitor it through the rest of the morning hours. i'm katy zachry live in university city where they are preparing for vice president joe biden. this is his first stop since president obama put him in charge of the so-called moon shot program. a national initiative announced this week to develop a cure for cancer. vice president biden will be at penn's abramson cancer center in afternoon to meet with members of the medical community. we've learned some here are
6:57 am
already working on a sort of cancer vaccine that's in clinical trials right now. reporting live in university city, katy zachry, abc 10 news. vai, we will send it to you. a man is in critical condition in the hospital after police say he was hit by a car around 3:00 this morning this is in hunting park. police are telling us they will be back at the intersection of fifth and hunting park to continue to investigate. that road has been reopened. that investigation will continue later this morning. and today we will be tracking more reaction to the eagles hiring of doug pederson as the new head coach. pederson is the offensive coordinator for andy reed in kansas city. he used to quarterback the eagles. good morning, i'm matt delucia like at the expo center the oaks for the first philly home and garden show it starts today. this is an add on to the long standing philly home show that is held in the city every year. at the show a couple big things to check out, first home automation, comcast has set up
6:58 am
to make your tv, lights and thermostat a whole lot smarter. another big thing is making the home eco friendly with suppression floors and using repurposed wood and materials to make your home look nice while saving the environment. it starts today and runs through sunday. live in observings i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. good morning everyone i'm first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. we are watching a few things this morning, we have had a busy morning for sure. a few accidents on route 309, one out in west rock hill southbound around 563, a little further south on 309 southbound a few delays there. an accident and downed pole situation on easton road and horsham road. we will head over into new jersey. this is cherry hill township on route 70 westbound around penn
6:59 am
avenue. we had an earlier accident, now the right lane and shoulder is closed for repairs. that may tie you up later on in your morning commute especially when route 70 starts to back up. we are not seeing an increase in the drive times on the schuylkill expressway. we are an 13 minutes trip from the vine street expressway to the blue route. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> the morning commute will be sunny and dry, it will be a sunny start at cape may, too, that's a live view. already in the 40s in cape may, 32 degrees in philadelphia that is warmer than yesterday by 5 degrees with very little wind. still some cold spots, 20s in the suburbs, but they will quickly climb into the 40s by 11:00 this morning. after a sunny start, 8:00, 32 degrees, 46 at 11:00 and then into the 50s this afternoon. later today the clouds move in, but the evening commute will be dry, it's later this evening that we will see the first rain move in. >> all right, bill. coming up on the "today" show an
7:00 am
exclusive interview with a tennessee couple who have come forward with one of the three winning powerball tickets. >> we will update you on that breaking news in burlington city. good morning. taking aim. the donald trump/ted cruz rivalry rises during a heated presidential debate. trump once again questioning cruz's eligibility to run. >> there's a big question mark on your head, and you can't do that to the party. >> but cruz is ready with a reonse. >> the constitution hasn't changed. [ laughter ] but the poll numbers have. >> and carly fiorina appears to take a very personal shot at hillary clinton in the earlier debate. health alert. a dangerous untreatable virus posing a big risk to women and babies. the cdc now considering a first of its kind travel warning to parts of the caribbean and south america. could it spread to the u.s.? nbc news


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