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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ga high school say this is the second time in recent weeks the school's reputation taken a hit. keith jones is live in the digital operations center with the details we've learned about this investigation. keith? >> reporter: the district attorney's office is looking into hazing allegations against the conestoga high school football team for current and former football teams. they say they're working with law enforcement. so far, the school isn't con ducting its own investigation. students tell nbc 10 the hallways are buzzing about the allegations but one senior tells us the allegations aren't true. >> the thing here is that with the football team, like they're boys in the locker room, you know, stupid things will happen and nothing to the degree that is going around. >> reporter: these allegations months after a sexting scandal at the school. at least one student charged with sending sexually explicit
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messages this school year. >> our students work hard. they work insane grades and to be back in the news for negative stuff, it's going to ruin -- like ruining the school's really good reputation it has. >> reporter: the school district tells parents to call authorities if the kids have information. chester county district attorney's and police are handling the investigation. keith jones, nbc 10 news. a man's rushed to the hospital after he was shot in front of his house in camden county. sky force 10 over the scene tonight. this shooting before 8:00 and from the ground you can see a number of police officers searching here outside the house. we're working to find out the condition of the victim. tonight, norristown is grieving a 12-year-old boy who was killed trying to rescue his father from a raging house fire.
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>> the boy rushed back in to his burning home looking for his dad. the father escaped but the boy did not. >> nbc 10 is live tonight in norristown. we still don't know what caused the fire, right? >> reporter: that's right. the cause of the fire behind me at this house is still under investigation. meanwhile, a family has to plan a funeral and figure out how to start over. >> just like sanford, want to succeed. be a part of positive things. >> reporter: at just 12 years old, sanford was called man-man by those that knew him best. that nickname took on new meaning today boldly reentering the burning house to save his father who he thought was trapped inside. his father was recovering from surgery but had already managed to jump from a window. >> he died trying to save his
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father's life. >> reporter: that's why sanford is called a hero. councilman jones has known sanford's family for years through various school and football programs. >> sanford was i would say resilient. just, just always active, always involved. >> reporter: now jones is helping to coordinate efforts to support the family because tougher days are ahead preparing to say good-bye to sanford and start all over again. >> norristown is a resilient community. we always support each other when these type of things happen. >> reporter: already 11 -- more than $11,000 raised for this family. if you want to know how you can help, go to our website. reporting live in norristown, nbc 10 news. an elderly woman is dead, her husband seriously hurt after a tree crashed through their roof and into the bedroom as
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they slept. took crewings 70 minutes to rescue the man from the home. investigators say they may have been there more than an hour before someone heard the man calling for help. they don't believe the weather played a part in bringing the tree down. sky force 10 over a house fire tonight in delaware county. just 7:00. no one was hurt. investigators still trying to figure out what sparked the fire. a man is getting treated at hospital tonight after falling down an embankment in newark, delaware. crews spent about 20 minutes getting the victim back up the embankment for treatment. the injuries are not life threatening. one dead, three hurts after a crane collapsed on to the street in lower manhattan. >> there it goes. it's moving fast now. >> oh! >> holy smokes. >> the crawler crane lowered and secured this morning because of
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the winds topping 20 miles per hour. but it slowly toppled over instead as you just saw. it smashed into several buildings on the way down. before landing on several parked cars stretched over two blocks. >> it was an enormous bang, like the loudest bang ever. and the whole building felt like the whole earth shook and moved. >> the collapse killed a 38-year-old mathematician who worked on wall street. two bystanders are in serious condition and a third with minor injuries and investigation into what caused the collapse continues tonight. hard to believe this is what the morning rush looked like in burlington county. the snow has melted. drivers had a hard time in marlton before the sun came up. >> here's down the shore in mays landing. despite this snow, buses still headed off to school. dropping the kids off at class. the snow stopped around lunchtime there. not as much on the pennsylvania side. here's a look at jenkintown,
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montgomery county. barely snow. >> in delaware, check out this guy with a tractor turned into a plow. clearing the walkway and a lot of people pulling out the snow scrapers again before heading off to work. no snow and a chill tonight. nbc 10 found some people that didn't like the winter temperatures ruin their night out. >> let's bring in sheena parveen. you're tracking the potential for ice? >> yeah. from the snow, when's melted, any wet sidewalks or driveways not treated freezing overnight. so here's a look at the snow cover from this morning. mostly on the lighter side. but the potential for ice is going to be there tonight. as we go through the overnight hours, temperatures dropping. untreated surfaces turning icy. if they are wet tonight. look at the temperatures already at 26 in millville. 35 philadelphia. 30 in atlantic city. so we'll be below freezing going through tonight. an then tomorrow, we actually
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have pretty nice weekend for you. 31 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., mid-30s and by noon tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds. near 40 degrees and by next week, early next week i'm tracking some snow in the forecast. winter's going to come back again after the weekend. i'll show you the timing of that coming up. following a developing story from taiwan. a 10-day-old baby among those killed following an earthquake. more than 150 others are in the hospital. the quake toppled a complex of two high-rise residential buildings. a broadcast in taiwan showed frantic rescue efforts as hundreds were pulled from the rubble. tonight, a 7-eleven clerk is out of the hospital after being shot in an attempted robbery in upper darby. we first brought you the shooting as breaking news last night at 11:00. today, police released a photo of the suspect right here. upper darby's police
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superintendent called him an urban terrorist. would be robber escaped without getting any money. no jail time for philadelphia rapper meek mill. today a judge ordered the star to serve 90 days house arrest after he was found in violation of parole in a 2009 drug and gun case. this is video of him speaking to students in southwest philadelphia yesterday. he said it was an erratic schedule and prosecutors pointed the finger at his girlfriend singer nicki minaj. we spoke to his attorney following the sentencing today. >> he wants an education, better himself. and he can do a lot of good for people here. i mean, putting him in the penitentiary wouldn't help anybody. >> minaj was at today's sentencing hearing. under the ruling, meek mill cannot work in the three-month period and must do daily community service. the house arrest begins march 1st. a spokesperson for
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pennsylvania attorney general kane says she was surprised that her law license was rejected. kane fighting criminal charges of leaking secret grand jury material and lying about it. in decision 2016, the republican presidential candidates get ready for the final debate before the new hampshire primary, marco rubio could have a bigger target on his back. the newest nbc/"the washington post"" marist poll has rubio gaining ground in second place. he'll join the others for tomorrow night's abc news debate in manchester. and nbc 10's george spencer is heading to new hampshire for that primary. you can watch his live reports starting sunday night on nbc 10 news at 11:00.
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how did you feel when you walked out of there? >> mad. upset. confused. >> dorney park cuts ties with the long-time worker who has special needs. tonight, how social media outrage led to the theme park making an apology. plus, a food fight at the wells fargo center. wait until you hear how many wings and calories it took to win this year's wing bowl. that's attractive. >> makes you want wings, doesn't it? >> oh yeah. okay. so as we go into the weekend, it is going to be nice. and next week, snow in the forecastment we'll she you the timing coming up. introducing new k-y touch gel crème.
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for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. ♪ the educational value of hip hop, that was the message behind a special summit tonight. dr. james braxton peterson of lehigh university explained why he says the hip hop education is
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the most undervalued tool in the schools. a sea of red. health care providers of the temple institute hosted motown night. it raises money for philadelphia's american heart association go red for women campaign. which raises money to support heart disease research and education in women. police in the lehigh valley need your help finding the people that stole from a popular amusement park. >> going to show you pictures to see. police say four people broke into dorney park in allentown over the weekend. climbed nearly 200 feet to the top of the dominator ride and took a blue and white dorney park flag. if you recognize any of these suspects, call south whitehall township police. in other news, dorney park is backtracking after social media outrage began with the termination of a long-time employee with special needs. >> dorney park says it would welcome him back but as stewart
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spencer reports, it came after tens of thousands of online supporters expressed their shock. >> reporter: you can almost feel chris' excitement last spring. this photo from from his first day of year 12 as a dorney park employee. it's a photo-op that won't be repeated this spring after chris was not rehired for the first time since he was a teenager. >> i was very angry. >> reporter: chris' mother said he has physical and learning differences. he's always been able to clean park bathrooms, never taking a sick day in 12 years. but yesterday's new group interview and team building exercise left his confused. >> so she said, he didn't do anything wrong. she goes, but he doesn't fit into what we're looking for. >> what did you think? >> well, i missed all my friends. i miss -- i miss going to the employees. i miss getting my number, my number 12 snoopy pin.
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>> your pin? >> yeah. >> reporter: as chris laughs, the online world rushed to his defense tie chris i knew with a smile on miss face at work. >> reporter: a former co-worker wrote this facebook post condemning the prk's decision and since shared more than 20,000 times. today dorney park reversed course saying it values all its associates and would welcome chris back. >> it was kind of scary just because you don't realize how powerful social media is. >> reporter: the emerys say chris is not returning and as tough as it is, he is thinking of other job options. >> maybe, like, a giant. right? >> maybe a grocery store? >> mcdonald's. >> you'd work anywhere, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: chris' mother says she is not looking for anyone to boycott this park. that was never her intention. but she does hope park owners will adjust their interview
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practices so chris 'em bar raszment isn't repeated. reporting in allentown, george spencer, nbc 10 news. evening of hope tonight for families with seriously ill and disabled children. the kelly anne dolan memorial fund held a wine and dine with casino games. the fun helps families caring for children with severe illnesses or physical or cognitive challenges. from our delaware bureau, crews working to rebuild the dunes at rehoboth beach. this comes as the state's beach replenishment project around the corner and some people think it makes surf fishing more doing rus. >> needs to be, like, more public means, exactly, how we're going to replenishment and ways to improve it. >> the state hopes to begin the beach process by this fall. it takes place every three
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years. it's just as competitive as the super bowl but a whole lot messier. >> we are talking about the wing bowl, of course, competitive eaters across the country flock today for wing bowl 24. and you're looking at the big winner right there. molly skylar of nebraska. she may weigh only 125 pounds but look at her go. she devoured 429 wings, i wish you could see sheena's face. here's what she had to say about taking the crown. >> i'm happy because i won a harley. i've had endorsements for 12 years. i wanted it last year. i'm ecstatic. this is the best day of my life. >> she also took home a ring and $10,000. >> and she's this big. always so tiny, the one that is put ate way like that. >> 429 wing ice yeah. >> and hopefully something to help with indigestion, right,
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sheena? >> a skinny one. gootd for her, i guess. congratulations? yeah. as we go into the week, it is nice. hopefully you plan on ordering a lot of wings for the super bowl. but starting off your weekend tonight, icy spots in the forecast with the snow from earlier this morning. temperatures below freezing so we expect some slick spots. the weekend will be nice and dry. very comfortable. but enjoy it. going into next week, even to start off monday, looking more likely like we're going to see rain and snow in the forecast. here's the temperatures right now. we're at 27 in pottstown. 35 in philadelphia. currently, 26 in millville. we have areas below freezing and many areas with the untreated surfaces. could be icing over. going overnight, below freezing and then finally by 9:00 a.m., mid-30s and closer to noon close to 40 degrees. big area of high pressure, this's keeping us nice and dry and keeping us dry going throughout the weekend.
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here's the weekend forecast. saturday, mix and sun of clouds. sunday, milder 48 degrees. more sunshine and then we go into monday. take a look at a computer model showing. we will have an area of low pressure and far offshore, on the edge of the moisture. now, this particular model showing by monday morning some rain and snow across the area. that would be wet snow. by the evening, that all clears out of the area and we could be left with snow showers and then another weather system approach for tuesday. this other model we're looking at keeps the moisture just offshore so doesn't really agree that we are going to see snow inland and could be changes over the weekend. so we'll have to be keeping you updated here and and then tuesday, two areas of low pressure nearby and expect some snow across the area for tuesday. possibly some snow showers going into wednesday. so winter is coming back next week. we'll have more specifics over the weekend.
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tonight, mostly clear and cold. tomorrow, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures around the mid-40s. very comfortable. for sunday, near 50 degrees. monday, the chance of rain and snow and could be starting for the morning commute and definitely stay tuned over the weekend with the updates on monday morning and then we go into tuesday, another chance for snow and a wintry mix in the forecast. and then we see those snow showers wednesday and i don't think that would be a big deal and windy and colder. look at the high on thursday. 33 degrees. >> all right. we'll enjoy the weekend. fiery pottery in philadelphia's northern liberties neighborhood today. they introduced people to the japanese style of pottery. the proceeds benefit the clay studio's educational program. ♪ and coming together in the spirit of tolerance, nbc 10 and
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beth israel with the 49th annual service tonight open to the public and featured members of the vineland ministry. students from the public schools of vineland read essays of tolerance and civility. john clark? flyers lose a key player for a month. sixers highlights and more trouble for johnny manziel. that's next.
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i'm john clark. just when the flyers playing the best hockey of the season get goog the playoff chase they lose couturier for a month with a lower body injury. they have called up nick cousins.
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he left last night's win in nashville. the flyers record much better when he's in the lineup. 2-5-2 without him. with him, 21-11-4. the gm said he aggravated an injury and doesn't need surgery. >> that's a big loss for us but we have other guys that are going to fill in and need to pick up the slack. no one's going to replace him. got to be a group effort. >> a huge piece of the team. you know, he brings it at both ends for us. plays pk, p p, real valuable. >> the flyers play the penguins in an outdoor game at heinz field in pittsburgh next year and then two years later in philly. apparently penn state wanted too much money to be there. over 7,000 fans in redding to see bobby clark and flyers alumni. all six decades of flyers hockey represented by players. there's donnie briere and the puck drop. the orange beat the white, 9-4
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and briere scoring right there. sixers tonight in washington. ish smith left the game. he sprained his ankle. time winding down in the first quarter. neil beats the buzzer. the wiz up. sixers trying to claw back. towards the bucket, finishes. too much wizards. to the window. to the wall. john wall, to bradley deal. sixers lose 106-94. they have lost four in a row. dallas police opened an investigation in browns quarterback johnny manziel for domestic assault. his ex-girlfriend got a protective order today saying he hit her and also johnny's agent dumped him. sunday could be peyton manning's game and if the broncos win, the first quarterback to win a super bowl with two different teams. >> it's very special opportunity
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to be playing in this game like i mentioned and to be playing in super bowl 50. it is -- if you have any appreciation for the history of the game and certainly you'd watched super bowls and played in super bowls, have a sib ling that played in super bowls it does make it even more special. >> he could match his brother with the two wins. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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a year of giving fb comcast. the philadelphia based company dished out more than million to charities. they selected 43 organizations in 2015 to expand digital literacy, community service and to build tomorrow's leaders. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. here's the 7-day forecast
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going into the week. looks nice and dry and then next week a chance to see rain and snow monday. snow on tuesday. tracking it over the weekend. >> all right. >> have a great weekend, everybody.
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