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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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out there. not a big deal. it's not going to be a big deal for the morning commute either. light rain through allentown, lehigh towards easton, bethlehem area. this is mostly going to continue to move into parts of upper bucks county. for this morning, showers in the forecast. but they should be gone by about 8:00. for the main part of the morning commute, showers moving out of the area. 61 in philadelphia. just about an hour ago we were at 66 degrees. cooler now, 56 allentown and pottstown, reading, low 60s. cooler, 10:00 a.m., mostly sunny to partly cloudy. 57 degrees. more sun as we go through the afternoon. by noon, low 60s, cooler today than it was yesterday. and yes, this cool trend will carry into your weekend. yesterday that was the last 80 degree we'll see for a little while here. coming up, i'll show you the weekend forecast. here's a check of the roadways with katy zachry.
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we want to check in, we have live team coverage on the paoli/thorndale line and the problems there. >> we've been following this since last night because that's when the problems started. katy zachry has been monitoring the situation, checking in with septa practically every half hour. >> i've been in touch with the septa spokesperson this morning. i knew within seconds of them continuing the suspension of the line and fortunately we were able to bring it to you. the paoli/thorndale, service on that line is suspended until further notice. it's because of an amtrak signal problem. they have crews that have been working throughout the night, from last night to early this morning, to fix that problem. take the norristown high speed line. exit at 62nd street and board theç market-frankfurt line.
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one of the stops on the paoli/thorndale, monique braxton is with us. >> we're hearing the announcement right now, letting folks know when to board the trains. this is the time, this entire platform would be full of commuters getting ready to head to center city. you can see, no one is here at the bryn mawr station. check out this cab. there's one cab here. we counted a total of four like that cab here. a much different scene last night when we talked to -- >> take the 508 to paoli, got stuck shortly out of the city and sat on the train for a couple hours, came back. i was going to take another train and have someone pick me up. they said go down and catch a bus. they made it sound like the buses were right outside. i've been waiting hear for three hours for a bus. no bus. >> reporter: this was the scene when passengers were forced to
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wait for buses for what became a long commute home. so today, septa tells us they're going to re-evaluate how they handle the situation and we're going to teen you abreast of the repairs on the amtrak problem as well as when septa service will be restored. live in bryn mawr, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. more breaking news that we're following from philadelphia's olney neighborhood. here's what we can tell you, police are investigating an abduction, they say a man xplashed a septa bus window, took a woman off that bus and took off in his car. nbc 10's matt delucia has been following this. he joins us live with more breaking details. >> reporter: rosemary, this right here is where that septa bus stopped after the attack. the intersection of the boulevard and garland street. take a look at video here of the septa bus. you can seat damage caused by this man. police tell me it was a little before 2:00, a septa driver said the man was driving close to the
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bus. when the bus stopped, the man got out of his car, started yellingç at a woman inside the bus and punched the outer glass, cracking it. the bus driver went a few more blocks. he was cut off by the same man. the woman tried to get off the bus, the man physically grabs her, punches her and forces her off the bus and into his car. >> there were several cameras on the bus. at this point, the bus was -- returned to the depot at frankfurt and pratt. septa officials are going to get a copy of the recordings. now, police are looking for a dark gray or silver pontiac grand prix or grand am last seen going south on the boulevard. this was around 2:00 this morning. the car had delaware tags. police ran those tags and came up with no record. the police don't know if this woman is in danger. they believe the marne and woman know each other.
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they're calling this possible domestic kidnapping at this point. this woman is described as being in her 20s, 5'7" with straight, dark hair and all dark clothing. police will be looking at that surveillance video, hoping to get ans. a frightening morning, especially because there were about 20 people on that septa bus at that time. a lot of witness statements and video that the police will be looking for throughout the morning. matt delucia, live in olney, nbc 10 breaking news. four people are in the hospital after being shot while sitting outside. police tell us they were called to the scene along oliver avenue early this morning. shell casings littered the street as you can see where it happened. we're working to phone out more about the conditions of the victims and working to phone out more about the search for the suspects. now to decision 2016 and last night's republican debate. >> making headlines this morning is what we did not hear from the candidates no interruptions, no personal attacks.
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>> please wait until you're called upon and please do not talk over one another. >> they discussed issuesç duri the debate, just outside of miami from free trade to immigration, education and social security. the candidates showed some restraint and even respect. >> i will let donald speak for himself. >> we're all in this together. we'll come up with solutions, find the answers to things. and so far, i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> the pundits will be watching to see if this civil tone continues on the campaign trail with five days left until the next round of primaries in florida and four other states. and just a week after announcing he was suspending his own presidential campaign, ben carson will endorse donald trump for the gop nomination for president. nbc news confirms carson will make it official today at trump's private club in palm beach, florida. a source close to carson says the retired neurosurgeon sees
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trump as an outsider and authentic. that punch you just saw at a donald trump rally in north carolina on wednesday has now led to an arrest. it all happened when authorities were escorting a protester out of the building. officers then tackled the protester. the man who hit him told "inside edition" he's not sorry. >> knocking the hell out of that big mouth. he deserved it. the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> authorities have charged that 78-year-old man with assault and disorderly conduct. atlantic city's mayor and a group of residents were at the statehouse in trenton yesterday to fight a proposed stay tateover of their town. they testified before a senate budget committee telling lawmakers that a financial rescue plan should not strip the resorttown of its local
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governing power. the state has offered two bills. one that would prevent casinos from sinking ac into further debt by winning hefty tax appeals. the other is a takeover that mayor don guardian andç resides say violates their civil rights. >> we are not going to give a government more money just to spend it. >> we're at war against this legislation to take away our sovereignty and our right to vote. >> lawmakers could vote on the ac rescue legislation next week. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we have a few light showers this morning but overall, it still feels comfortable outside. a few showers around now but i don't think they'll be here for the main part of the morning commute. after 8:00 a.m. we should be looking nice and clear. cooler temperatures are moving in, though. you see the flags blowing on top of the aramark building, this is all because a cold front is about to move through. once it does, it will be cooling
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temperatures down through the afternoon. same thing as we go into the weekend. we stay cooler. we also have a rain chance by the end of your weeks. 61 in philadelphia, 64 west chester, 62 wilmington about the low 60s through south jersey, mid-60s through parts of delaware. here's what's going to happen today. yesterday we hit a record high of 82. today we'll be down into the mid-60s. this is still about 15 degrees above normal. but compared to yesterday, it's going to feel cooler even as we go into the weekend. we stay in the 60s. currently a few showers around like i mentioned, mostly north and west through the lehigh valley. allentown, a few light showers. easton, moving towards holland. few light rain showers here. i don't think this will be a big deal. not a lot of moisture with the cold front moving through. we have the clouds around which will eventually start to clear out later on this afternoon, too. it will end up being a nice day today. future weather as we go towards 7:00, 8:00. there you see any rain moving out. the wind direction switching. now we have a northwest wind.
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that's going to give us cooler temperatures. 8:00 this morning about the upper 50s, low 50s north and west. this afternoon, though, look at these temperatures by 4:00 p.m. 57 allentown, 62 philadelphia. 63 in wilmington. so it is going to be noticeably cooler. it will also be breezy. friday night plans, it will be cooler, 42 allentown, 48 philadelphia. by 10:00 tonight. the cooler of -- the cool trend is going today into the weekend and next week. the 80s are not coming back anytime soon. the rain moving out before the morning commute starts. cooler and breezy today, this afternoon, 64 to 67 degrees for your high temperature. then we go into the weekend, 63 saturday, 65 on sunday. we stay cool but still above normal. as we go into sunday morning, we spring forward one hour. the rain chance returns later sunday into monday. thank you, sheena. 5:10 this friday morning.
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we get to the roads in a minute. our bigger priority is mass transit. >> we've been following what's happening on the paoli thorndale line. katy zachry fills us in. >> who would have thought the roads were secondary on a friday morning commute. we have issues on mass transit. i want to draw your attention to what's going on on septa's paoli/thorndale service. it's a suspension that continues over from last night around the evening rush into this morning. the problem is a signal problem. amtrak controls those signals. crews have been working out there for quite a while on the rail loans trying to fix the signal problem. nothing has been fixed yet. i'll get to an alternate in the minute. everything else is looking good with the exception of the amtrak line. the keystone train last night was affected because the keystone train runs to harrisburg on the same line as the paoli/thorndale line. we are trying to find out if the keystone service, amtrak's keystone service is still affected this morning.
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right now we haven't heard word that it is. how do you get around this? your best alternate is the norristown high-speed line. if you're headed into center city philadelphia, take the norristown high speed line, to 69th street, exit there and then take the market/frankfurt line. facingç charges after a fal overdose. we'll tell you the story behind why this man is now being accused of a first degree crime. plus, this -- >> i got the baseball bat. and i hit him with the baseball bat. he took it away from me again. >> only on nbc 10 we're hearing from a man who fought off an attacking during a home invasion. he explains how he had to improvise until help arrived.
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only on 10, a man who says he fought off an attacker with a baseball bat describes his life or death strugle. police tell us an intruder assaulted a woman inside. we spoke with a man who tells us he was in the basement of house and heard the woman yell. >> i got the baseball bat and i tried to hit him with the baseball bat, then he took it away from me again and then i get the congas and i put my feet and i grab him there and kept him there until the police come. >> the suspect is now in police custody. new information in the fight
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against terrorism. experts are pouring over leaked isis files. they contain detailed information about isis's efforts to recruit foreigners. in a preliminary review, nbc news fond the documents named several americans, including douglas macarthur mccain from san diego, reportedly killed two years ago. he told nbc's richard engel he smuggl smuggled it. >> i put it in my baby's diaper. i knew they wouldn't look there. >> nbc news has not yet fully vetted the isis documents but two security experts tell nbc they do appear genuine. 16 minutes after 5:00 on this friday. and today japan is marking the fifth anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami that swamped much of the country's northeast coast. the disaster on march 11th, 2011
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left nearly 16,000 dead. some 2,500 have never been found. much of the coastline devastated by the tsunami remains empty except for mounds of dirt that are being piled to raise land in an effort to prevent another disaster. take a look at this. back here in the u.s., more than 100 los angeles firefighters battled a massive warehouse fire overnight. the flames sent a plume of smoke into the night sky that could be seen for miles away. the blaze caused part of the building to collapse. fire trucks circled the building as firefighters sprayed water. we're not hearing of any injuries. nobody was hurt and it's still not clear exactly what sparked the flames. today in texas, a memorial to the victims of the ft. hood terrorist shootings will be dedicated. the memorial will honor the 13 people killed and the more than 30 others wounded in the 2009 shooting. major nadal hassan opened fire
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at ft. hood. right now he's on death row. a group called stadium sympt stompers is putting its foot down about temple's plans to build a stadium on campus. >> enough is enough. >> disapproval was voiced for the proposed stadium saying it's a way to kick local residents out of the neighborhood. temple's president says the stadium will help showcase the campus and grow north philadelphia's economy. the $100 million facility would be located on the northwest corner of the campus and take up about two city blocks.ç 5:18 on this friday. 61 degrees outside the nbc 10 studios. a lot of commuters who take regional rail will have to get up early this morning. >> katy zachry, you can't give us enough updates. fill us in. >> if anyone tells you not to have your phone on the set, tell them that's not a good idea.
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service on the paoli line has been restored. i was trying to give you guys the thumbs up. i know you were deep in thought. that's some great news. basically i'm going to change this graphic. the service no longer suspended on the paoli-thorndale line for septa. really good news for septa riders. hopefully i will be able to find out how soon that service is going to resume because of course people are needing to get out the door to work at this hour and we were originally telling people an alternate was the norristown high-speed line. i will be back in a few minutes with an update on how soon that service will be restored. back to you guys. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, good friday morning. we're going to see a very different day today than we had yesterday. we'll start with morning showers, not for everyone but we do have a few sprinkles around the area this morning. not lasting through the main
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part of the commute. i'll show you those in a second. cooler temperatures today. even into your weekend. yesterday we had a record high. today don't expect the 80s again. into part of your weekend we'll have another rain chance to move in. mid-50s, cloudy skies, philadelphia and atlantic city, looking at low 60s with mostly cloudy skies. this is all because of that cold front trying to move through. take a look at our temperature trend, as we go through the day today. yesterday we were in the low 80s. today we'll be topping out in the mid-60s by the afternoon. so noticeably cooler today. this is, again, going to carry over into the weekend and even into the beginning of next weekç right now here's a look at satellite radar. clouds around, few light showers. towards the lehigh valley, maybe sprinkles now. a lot of shower activity that we did see maybe an hour or two ago. it's starting to break up. this is a cold front moving through causing the rain. there's not a lot of moisture with it. so once this whole thing slides through, we'll be drying out in
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time for the main part of the morning commute and we'll see nice conditions this afternoon. this is future weather. it clears it out by 8:00. winds in from the north and west. temperatures around 60 degrees, to the low 50s north and west by 8:00 a.m. this afternoon. we'll be only in the mid-to-low 60s across the area. tonight if you have the friday night plans we'ring looking at mid-to-low 40s. today, clouds move over to increasing sunshine this afternoon. it will enup being a nice day, breezy, 64 to 67 for the high temperatures. we go into your saturday. look at that, nice conditions but cooler. 63 degrees, send wool see rain chance later in the day. 65. we spring forward sunday morning. you lose an hour of sleep but now we gain more afternoon sunlight and rain starts us off next week, too. 21 minutes past 5:00 a.m. 61 degrees through most of the delaware valley. remembering nancy reagan. today the former first lady will be laid to rest.
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ahead on nbc 10 news, we'll tell you about the services and why president obama will not be in attendance. it's one of the most recognizable food brands in the country but now it's one of several items being called. we'll tell you about the potential danger when we come back.
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today there will be a celebration of spring with a tree giveaway in philadelphia. tree philly is run by the parks and recreation department. it's pretty cool.
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your invitation gives away free trees for residents to plant o private property. today you can register for your preferred type of tree. several brands of frozen meals are being recalled. we check in now with landon dowdy. she has this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there, rosemary. good morning to you as well. nestle is doing a voluntary volunteer of roughly 3 million boxes of digiorno, lean cuisine and other items. no injuries have been reported. though it was a series of customer complaints that lead to the recall. all three indexes in the green. that comes after yesterday's choppy trading session. the dow and s&p came off lows to close mixed after the ecb announced its decision to cut rates and expand quantitative easing. the dow ending down five points to 16,995.
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the nasdaq down 12 to 4,662. back over to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks for that. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're starting off the morning with still nice conditions, breezy outside. that's because we have a cold front moving through. that's going to cool us down today. live look outside. all is quiet but some parts of the area seeing a few sprinkles. later on this afternoon, much cooler than yesterday. that will carry into your weekend. i'll show you that forecast coming up. a check of the roadways with katy zachry. >> the big story this morning has been mass transit, specifically septa. because service was suspended on the paoli-thorndale line. in just the last few minutes that service has resumed. coming up after the break, we'll talk about residual delays you might encounter and what you can do about it. br montgomery county over the case of comedian bill cosby. hear why the current and former district attorneys are fighting over a subpoena.
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nbc 10 breaking news. that breaking news is out of philadelphia. police say a man smashed a window of a septa bus, kidnapped a passenger and forced her into his car. live in frankford where investigators are searching for answers. power strug.
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the current and former montgomery district attorneys are fighting over the ability to issue a subpoena and it involves the sexual assault case against bill cosby. 5:0 on this friday. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm vai sikahema. 61 degrees right now. we've been spoiled over the last couple of days with 80 degree weather. let's get to meteorologist sheena parveen with the first alert forecast. time to come back to reality t. is time, vai. you'll see the 80s as we go across the weekend. we'll be in the mid-to-lay 6ow . we're looking at a few light showers across the area. not everyone. it's not heavy, though. it's not that big of a deal. right across 78 in parts of berks county, heading toward reading, kutztown seeing sprinkles right now. this is all part of the cold front moving through. by 9:00 a.m., the rain will be cleared out. temperatures around 50 degrees. it will be breezy, too. through the afternoon int


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