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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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with x1 from xfinity. breaking news. chaos in chicago. violence erupts at a donald trump rally. as supporters clash with
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protesters. the safety concerns so extreme the event was canceled before trump even took the stage. at least one police officer left bloodied. officers struggled to hold back the crowds as thousands of people poured from the arena. i'm jack line london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. tonight, marked the biggest escalation yet. >> here's a live look at the streets of chicago tonight. most of the crowds have left an it's a stark difference from what we saw just a few hours ago. right now, we are expecting chicago police to begin a news conference at any moment. we'll tell you what comes of it. we begin with nbc 10 national correspondent brian moar. >> reporter: tonight in chicago, crowds took to the streets after a rally for republican presidential candidate donald trump was postponed. hundreds of dmemonstratored gathered earlierñi in the day.
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they're protesting the planned appearance of the gop front-runner. inside, an audience packed with supporters and opponents. they decided to postpone because of safety concerns. >> for the safety of all the tens of people gathered in and around the arena, tonight's rally will be postponed until another date. >> reporter: there was an immediate uproar from the crowd. punches thrown, signs torn. protesters and supporters clashing inside the arena. in a phone interview with chris matthews, trump said it highlights america's anger. >> so much anger in the country, i mean, just anger in the country. it is not directed at -- i don't think it's directed at me or anything. it's just directed what's going on for years. >> reporter: the unrest in chicago came hours after a protest in a trump rally in st. louis led to 32 arrests. one protester led away bloodied. days before a key primary test an increasingly heated
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presidential campaign season seems to be reaching the boiling point. nbc news. as you will real new jersey governor chris christie endorsed donald trump and tonight spoke about the violence in chicagoment we'll let you hear what he had to say in just a few minutes. also, new tonight, strike averted. the trains will keep running on new jersey transit after all. reached a deal with union workers. >> nbc's drew smith is live. commuters are breathing a big sigh of relief. >> reporter: yeah. we were talking to people, especially earlier tonight, worries getting off the train how to get to work on monday. there was a possibility of big traffic backups, parking problems and bus shortages but the problem is cleared up thankfully. commuter worries were wiped away tonight. we got smiles and waves from
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these passengers, no longer worried about thousands of rail workers going on strike and there are no plans for an immediate fare hike. >> that's great to know because that's important for us we have to pay too much money. >> good evening, everybody. >> reporter: governor chris christie cut the vacation short to deal with this. >> monday morning it will be business as usual. >> reporter: the governor didn't get into specifics of the agreement waiting for union members to approve it but called it a fair deal. we watched passengers board a train for atlantic city, worried if they they would have a way back. >> this is the best way, most efficient way and cleaner way to get down there. >> reporter: a contingency plan would have left thousands without a way to get to work. but the governor says he remained calm this week. >> these things also come down to near the end and the hysteria going on, quite frankly, you know, ginned up many of the people in the media was just not
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something that i was all that concerned about. >> reporter: and this new agreement will run through 2020. and they won't be paying for it with higher ticket prices, at least in the near term. your prices will stay the same to get on the trains, through at least june of next year. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. tonight, a predator is on the loose in philadelphia. police are searching for a man who forced a woman into the woods and sexually assaulted her. >> the attack in penny parkinson's disease on a popular trail. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal live at the police station. >> reporter: despite described as a terrifying attack, the victim was able to escape after the assault and give special victims investigators a sketch. the 22-year-old woman was walking alone late wednesday night on ron street in a quiet
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area of pennypack park known for trails and biking. >> people walking, jogging, families. >> reporter: 11:30 at night, a large man grabbed the victim and dragged her into the woods. after taken into the woods, police say the suspect duct taped her mouth shut and thin pulled out handcuffs, latching her arm to her ankle. unable to run, police say she was physically and then sexually assaulted and helped police create a sketch of the suspect, a heavy set 30-something man with a light beard and a heart shaped tattoo on the chest. >> you have streegt lights. in the park it's pitch black. >> reporter: they say it's usually peaceful it does get quite dark at night and they try not to walk alone. >> usually with company. just to be safe. >> reporter: again, that suspect at large tonight. police hope somebody that recognizes him from the sketch. live at special victims, randy
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gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a house fire displaces a family in camden county. sky force 10 was above the home this evening and seeing heavy smoke and flames and an hour for firefighters to get it under control. we're told one person was taken to the hospital after having a panic attack. a wildfire in the new jersey highlands is fully contained tonight but not before scorching 350 acres. the flames started spreading in a remote section thursday afternoon. no homes or butzs were threatened. fire officials tell us they don't normally see wildfires this large until april. nancy reagan is once again with her beloved ronnie tonight. today the former first lady was laid to rest. ♪ mrs. reagan's final farewell drew hollywood stars, political heavy weights and representatives of ten white house families. the service all planned by nancy
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reagan herself gown to the white peonies on her casket. tributes were both funny and sweet. >> occasionally i have thought that even god might not have the guts to argue with nancy ray again. >> she will once again lay down beside the man who was the love of her life, the one she loved until the end of her days. >> following the funeral, nancy reagan was buried on a southern california hill top alongside her husband who died in 2004. congressman fattah's trial returned to federal court today with new attorneys. the legal team argued 19 of the 29 federal charges should be thrown out because of the legislative immunity. the judge called it somewhat thin. even with a trial date looming may 2, the congressman is focused on a different decision. >> there's a decision that's going to be made april 26th.
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i'm running for re-election and working hard to make sure that the unfounded allegations don't interfere with the democratic process. >> fattah is facing trial before the same judge with the same prosecutors in the same courtroom where his son was convicted last year. we're updating the breaking news of donald trump rally cancelled in chicago tonight because of safety concerns. the chicago police department saying at least three people were injured in skirmishes. up next, what new jersey governor chris christie had to say about the violence now that he's endorsed trump. tempers flare after a van runs off the road narrowly missing people sitting on a porch. why police say this was no accident. plus, dining with cats? why one local business thinks these felines are the perfect dinner partners. dave? dipping down to 40 degrees, close to the freezing mark to the north and west tonight. what's tomorrow look like?
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and do we warm up again next week? i'll have the answers.
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updating our breaking news now, chicago police are holding a news conference about the donald trump rally that had to be canceled because of security concerns. police say there were a total of five arrests. and the trump campaign did not say it was concerned about violence ahead of time. punches were thrown. signs torn and groups yelled at each other as authorities tried to escort the crowd of the of an arena. new jersey governor chris christie who endorsed trump said he's never observed this kind of behavior at a trump rally before. >> no. i think everybody's responsible for their own conduct. like saying does a sports team have responsibility for every knucklehead who runs on the field? >> trump said the anger on display tonight was not directed at his campaign but was a sign
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of the public's deep frustration with economic conditions in this country. but many of the protesters say they were there to specifically stop trump from speaking. and tonight's rally came hours after another former republican rival endorsed trump for president. today dr. ben carson said there's two donald trumps, one of them is trump on the stage and carson says the other trump is cerebral and considers things carefully. carson dropped out of the presidential race earlier this month. tempered flared as a minivan crashed into a house. police say the driver was intentionally trying to hit people. you can see some of the people were upset and tried to damage that van. at least one person sitting on the porch and the driver were hurt. so far, there have been no arrests. a homecoming celebration nearly a year in the making in montgomery county tonight. >> welcoming home supervisor
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greg phillips, the lieutenant commander serving overseas for the navy since last may and will head back to norfolk for another week and then he'll be back home for good. well, you can now grab a perfect cup of joe while making a feline friend. >> that's because philadelphia's first cat cafe is officially open for business. >> cat cafe? >> yeah. called he cat cafe and in brewerytown. costs $12 to get in. for that price, you get a hot beverage and an hour to play with the cats. the cafe's founder hopes the setting will help the can malls find forever families and not their only goal. >> space is available for people who need a cat fix and necessarily don't want to be a cat owner because of your landlord, because of, you know, allergies or because you don't have the finances, et cetera. it is a good place to hang out
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with cats. >> all right. cafe operated by the green street rescue. >> kind of zen. they look relaxed. >> yes. i guess that's the goal. from our the delaware bureau, wilmington is seeing green. >> gets ready for festivities this weekend. the mayor helped to paint the lines green marking the route for tomorrow's parade and hundreds march. kicks off at noon and there's a party where you buy the mug and keep refilling it for you. >> this week, glenn is out with the flu. we have help filling in for him. >> dave price, no stranger to philly. >> so good to be back. >> so good to have you. >> the city looks terrific and especially with the great weather. the question is, can we keep it up through the st. patrick's parade on sunday in philadelphia? trying to answer that right now. how about it? >> you would know. >> let's walk over to the
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weather wall. take a look outside earlier today as people were enjoying the beautiful conditions. we stretched it out. now it's not as warm as it was but certainly today wasn't so bad at all. 54 degrees outside. at this hour. let's did to the maps right now. shall we? we have got some increasing clouds to deal with tomorrow and locks like we are going to get rain heading to sunday and monday morning, not so great. we have rain rolling through and makes far sloppy commute. now, as far as what we are expecting tomorrow, looks like we are going to start the day chilly with the low 40s. a slow climb heading to the afternoon hours and where we see clouds begin the kind of roll on in here, a high of 68, 66 degrees, depending on where you are and just a light wind out there at about 6 miles per hour. but, you know, want to keep the sweater with you. all of the rain right now in the southeast. it's caused serious flooding in sections of that area. now it is going to push up in
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our direction. without the intensity but certainly with some of the moisture. so let's put the clock in motion and as we can see, sunday just as the parade wraps up and the celebrations continue, we see most of this precip staying to  the south of us. wilmington may get wet stuff and then push on up as the afternoon progresses. 4:00, scattered shower activity. just have the umbrella handy on sunday. but you're certainly going to need it monday morning when the start of the commute we all see rain rolling through and that's going to create that kind of slow commute on monday. 9:00 it is over everybody. from trenton to neptune and back to wilmington. philadelphia an allentown. some could be moderate and push out heading to monday night. and all is better. tonight, 40 degrees is where we bottom out. 34 closer to the north and west. sun rise coming our way tomorrow just about 18 minutes after the hour of 6:00.
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tomorrow we see the clouds th k thicken up. but great news. tomorrow night, remember, we push the clocks forward. and sunday we will see almost an extra hour, hour and one minute extra of daylight and the days only get longer from there. st. patrick's day forecast, look at that. i'll step out. 3:00 we could see some rain and for the parade itself, cloudy skies, cool conditions, comfortable out there. 6:00, showers again a possibility and 60. here's the 7-day forecast, everyone. again, spring ahead. sunday, less terrific of the two days. monday, some rain. tuesday i should say we see a mix of sun and clouds. st. patrick's day itself, luck of the irish with us. temperatures are close to 70 degrees. that is a quick look at the forecast, everyone. we'll send it back to both of you at the anchor desk. all right, dave, want to go back to the breaks news. police wrapping up in chicago
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about the violence at the donald trump rally there. nbc's ali vitale covers the rally. >> police made five arrests. what other information did police reveal tonight? >> reporter: hi there. we finished up the press conference and we heard not only five arrests made but additional law enforcement was added right after the event was called off. though the police department did tell us that they felt that they could have gotten mr. trump in to and out of the event without concerns, the trump campaign canceled the event. when's interesting and when i asked the superintendent there was whether or not they'd had contact with the trump campaign in the days leading up to the event. they said, no, not with the campaign itself but the secret service and when i followed up asking about the secret service felt confident, they referred me to the secret service and they felt as though the secret service felt okay about the
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security levels and the way that it was being addressed toward the rally here in chicago. so really interesting to hear from the fridpolice department saying that it could have gone on and the campaign saying because of police and security concerns they decided to call it off. there was a question from another nbc reporter about whether or not the event would have been better if it had just gone on. and the police chief did decline whether or not to say that speculation could be confirmed or not. it is a valid question to ask, was canceling the event worsening the tensions that were stewing inside? that's something that we have no way of answering and definitely something worth marinating on. >> all right. ali vitali, you'll be covering the future rallies. thank you from chicago. >> reporter: thank you. and we'll be right back. stay with us.
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hey, i'm john clark. scary here tonight. s sixer covington is being evaluated. kicked in the face. take a look at the left by the foot of his teammate and twisted upside down. covington hit the court and grant hit his head. grant is being checked for a concussion. and robert was stretchered off. sixers did break the 13-game losing strategic beating the nets. roberts' teammates are thinking about him. >> first and foremost, you pray that everything is okay. they're all right. and, you know, that it's not as severe as i guess it kind of
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looks. >> okafor the season is over. he will have surgery for a small tear of the meniscus in the knee. relieved it's not more serious. >> i want to be out there with the teammates. but, you know, i'm going to get the surgery. minor surgery right away and that's always a positive. i'll be able to be right back at it in a few weeks. i'm excited about that. get ready for next year. the flyers in tampa bay. they strike the lightning twice in one week. look at manning. manning up. he's fine. he's a hockey player. flyers up 1-0 in the first. look at this shot. 2-0. and then schenn on the wrap around. flyers win, 3-1. they have won 6 of 7. two points out of the final playoff spot. howie roseman did it again. dumped sanchez's salary. the eagles trade him to the broncos for a conditional seventh round pick.
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saving $4.5 million. the eagles with two new birds today. bradham, one of two that swartz coached in buffalo and then 450-pound bran i do brooks. a right guard. he is liking philly. >> i know it's the city of the first, you know, the first bank, you know, the first stuff like that. and then from what i've heard it's like a smaller, cleaner version of new york. >> definitely cleaner than new york. villanova back to the big east final again for the second straight title tomorrow night and looks like seton hall will face them. there's a flying like wolverine. nobody hustles like archie. second half here. jenkins game high 21. nova wins 76-68. sairnt joe's down by as many as
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16. they come back. b bembry. st. joe's wins and plays dayton tomorrow at 1:30. american conference quarterfinals so the owls play a tired uconn team in the semis tomorrow at 3:00. phillies-braves. howard is back. first at-bat against kendrick. two-run double. phillies rough up kyle. they win 9-2. every philly area team won today. 6-0 sweep for the city of champions.
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rounding out friday night with dave price and cooler temps. >> yeah. a great day tomorrow to get out there and enjoy things. mid-60s. through the beginning of the work week next week, seeing the rain and keep in mind pushing
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the clocks forward tomorrow night. >> oh boy. >> we're all on time on monday. >> exactly right. if you are not we know i told you. >> no excuses. >> thank you for joining us. have a great weekend.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeff daniels. lilly singh.


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