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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and walnut. the baby was in the back seat of the family's minivan when someone hopped into the driver's seat and took off. >> i don't know why they wouldn't bring it somewhere like a church or something. where it would be protected from the outside. elements. >> reporter: from west philadelphia to west tenth street in germantown this is where the infant was discovered in the cold and rain. >> anybody who would just leave a child out in the rain, that says volumes, they have no concern. >> reporter: the person who found the baby called police. the child was taken to st. christopher's to be checked out. fortunately it wasn't out long. residents hope that the low traffic street where the infant was left wilt be a clue in itself as to who may have left the baby here. >> really only people that live here mostly come down this street. it's really not good for cutting across. >> others hope this serves as a
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reminder to all parents. >> please do not leave your baby inside of a running car. >> reporter: police are still searching for that white town and country minivan, anyone with information should give police a call. recording live, familiar a la osborne for "nbc 10 news." >> take another look at this new video we got in to the newsroom about five minutes ago before we went on the air. it shows a man open his umbrella, then slowly walk up, there goes the minivan. he drives off with the baby inside. again, police are still looking for that man. to the weather we're tracking more showers. nbc 10 was in camden where this person was met with cool and damp conditions out there. and as you can see from pamela's live shot there is wind out there as well. hard to handle the umbrellas. a lish picture from center city, the gusts are flapping. you can barely see through the
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raindrops. the rain will be with us throughout the evening. >> first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back from the flu. good to see you back. hope you're feeling better and you're tracking what we can expect. >> well, i wouldn't say it's close to 100% in either department but certainly the weather is not like it was last week when i was stuck inside and couldn't go anywhere. you can see it's raining. and most of the rain is on the lighter side. it's more in the form of drizzle. and the radar showing that. the drizzle drops are too small for radar to detect. and the more solid rain, heavier rain has moved out to the north and east. you can see that moving toward new england. there is more rain that is going to be moving in, though, over the next couple of days. so we're certainly not done with this pattern. it's a lot cooler than it has been with the east winds and the clouds and the rain. we're in the 40s across most of the area, 51 degrees in dover right now. only 37 in mount pocono.
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there is that main rain area moving out but there is some sprinkles around so you need the umbrellas at least a little bit during the evening hours. not going to be any real significant rain and for most of the night may actually not be raining. but it's also not going to be cooling down much. the wind will be diminishing, that's the one thing that is going to be changing. we have warmer weather coming in, then much colder air during the seven-day period that's coming in in a few minutes. we have new information this afternoon about that deadly stabbing that killed a bucks county man in philadelphia's rittenhouse square this weekend. police released a mug shot of the suspect today, steven siminger issing lowed up on charges. he and the victim, they got into an argument over a hat. deanna durante has the latest from rittenhouse square. >> reporter: 24-year-old collin has photos with his friends and family on facebook. the school district confirms he
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graduated from council rock south high school in 2009. police say mcgovern and his friends had been out drirnging in center city saturday night. >> what you have is the decedent was with his buddies and two girlfriends, female friends, had just gotten out of a cab, bar hopping and they were looking for a hotel to stay over. >> reporter: security cameras picked up the altercation showing the group getting out of the cab and the suspect walking past him. when something was said and the suspect returned to where the group was standing. >> there was a verbal altercation which quickly turned into a physical confrontation. during the confrontation collin was stabbed to death. >> reporter: it start owed ver siminger's cap. they say mcgovern poked fun at the fan. it got nasty and then physical. >> the decedent is actually on top of the suspect. and he stabs him a couple times from underneath him.
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>> siminger according to police left the scene turning up later at the v.a. hospital with a cut. he was arrested. record shows siminger had a previous arrest for a dui in philadelphia and in delaware county in court for a landlord tenant dispute. when siminger was arrested they found two knives, one they think is the murder weapon. on social media tributes are written by mcgovern's friends and police saul his death senseless. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." we have new information on another stabbing last night in center city. police say this one also began as a fight but three men were arcing over a drug deal in a mcdonald's at broad and arch. that fight ended up moving outside where one of the men took out a snknife and started swinging it. they are expected to be fine and no one has been charged at this point. talk about a frightening ordeal. a chesser county homeowner waking up to find a man in a
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halloween mask in her bedroom. now a look at that man. denise is live in our digital operations center with that story. >> in the past hour police sent us an image of the masked intruder, take a look, a bank camera snapped a shot of the man after he stole the woman's atm card and car along with some jewelry. he left her back at her house tied up with duct tape. she told police she found the masked man at the foot of her bed early saturday morning after he broke in. she said she gave him the atm pin number after he threatened her with a stun gun. police later found the victim's car but they are looking for the masked intruder. call police if you know anything about this crime. live in the dinltal operations center, denise nakano, "nbc 10 news." >> a woman convicted in the awe salt on a gay couple will remain behind bars after a judge says she's not remorseful. today a judge denied catherine
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knott's request for a new sentence. back in september of 2014 she was without a group of friends who attacked a gay couple leaving one of the victims with a broken jaw. two others in the case got probation. her lawyer argued that her sentence was too harsh and she could have done more by being released early. >> it was my sincere belief and remains my sincere belief that if in fact this case has affected this community, she's going to be out in a couple months anyway, why not do something to try to heal the wounds. >> prosecutors say knott showed little remorse and argued she should remain in jail. a truck driver is recovering after crashing into a plane at philadelphia international airport. this is the scene around 1:00 today from our camera atop the hotel. the airport tells us the plane was empty. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the
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driver to crash into it. sarah palin appearing at a campaign stop for donald trump after her husband recovers from a snowmobile crash. a source tells nbc news that todd palin was hospitalized in intensive care. the campaign initially announced that sarah palin was returning home but she appeared at this event in florida ahead of the state's primary tomorrow. it is one of five states holding primaries tuesday and here is a look at all five of them. the biggest battles in florida and ohio. the winner of those contests gets all of the delegates and they are also the home states of measure mr and john kasich, so it is critical for them to win in their home states. trump began his day in north carolina with chris christie there. christie announced he was endorsing trump after dropping out of the race last m. trump's rivals, they continue their criticism of the violence at some of his rallies. but trump rejects claims he is
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inciting the violence. there were scuffles over the weekend. former candidate ben carson now backing trump spoke about the problems on the "today" show this morning. >> the problem is that there are those who are being taught that if someone disagrees with you, you have the right to interfere with their first amendment rights, their ability to express themselves, their freedom of speech. >> ted cruz was in illinois today and criticized trump for donations to chicago democrats, cruz says the donations show trump cannot be trusted but he's said he'd support trump the he becomes the nominee. trump blames the problems from taunting from bernie sanders fans, sanders calls a lie. he is campaigning in ohio, north carolina and illinois. and hillary clinton has events in illinois and north carolina as well today and during this stop in chicago she called on democrats to unify around their presidential bid. clinton told the crowd the party
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must focus on the threat of donald trump. a new poll shows trump holding double digit leads in florida and illinois, john kasich leads trump in ohio. for the democrats hillary clinton has sizable leads in florida and ohio and narrow edge in illinois over bernie sanders. make sure you download the nbc 10 app before tomorrow's primary day because this way we can send you the winners of each primary as they happen. you can get the latest delegate counts and primaries and caucus information. we have new information now on the ambush murder of a maryland police officer who is a former standout athlete from delaware county. authorities announced they now have a third person in custody in connection with the death of officer coleson. they are looking for a further to. one of them shot and killed the officer outside the prince george's county police headquarters near d.c. sunday. one of the suspects was wounded.
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when officers returned fire. the attack was unprovoked. we expect to learn more in a news conference scheduled for 5:00 tonight. >> coleson is originally from boothwyn and graduated in 2005. tim furlong spoke to the fallen officer's friends and family. >> screaming and screaming. i don't know what to do. >> james and his family struggling with the news his grandson is gone, he is the maryland police officer killed sunday afternoon in an ambush outside his own police department. he followed in his grandfather's foot steps going into law enforcement, he was an undercover narcotics officer who put himself in high risk situations to protect his community. >> he was a good kid. he was a great kid. >> like a punch in the stomach. >> word of his murder spread quickly to the high school, many remember him from the class of 2005. his guidance counselor showed us the glowing letter she wrote for him.
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his coach says he was a good player but a better person and leader. >> he did it the way we want our students to do things, graduated from high school, went to college, did everything the right way. >> the officer's parents now planning their son's funeral after the attack. friends now doing what they can to help the family in their lowest moment. >> it goes back to old school, be there for thy neighbor. friends and family. and shoulder to cry on. >> reporter: the high school principal is working with the district office on a way the school can properly honor officer coleson and late today governor tom wolf ordered all state flags flown at half-staff. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> and today friends and family said their final good-byes to a new jersey trooper killed in the line of duty. a funeral mass for trooper sean cullen was held at noon today in
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burlington county. the 31-year-old officer died a week ago at an accident scene in gloucester county. a driver hit the trooper while he was investigating a crash on i-295 in west deptford. the driver stopped. she's not facing charges. nbc 10's south jersey reporter cydney long will have a live report coming up. a plan to put casinos in north jersey is center stage this afternoon. lawmakers are expected to vote on whether voters can decide the fate of the casinos on the november ballot. supporters say it would bring in gambling money that is going to neighboring states. opponents worry how it would hurt atlantic city. the largest websites are opposing the efforts to regulate them. draft kings, fan duel and the sports trade association say the products are games of skill. new jersey says they are games of chance and wants to tax them. the sites say the proposal is
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not clear whether the games are gambling. comcast the parent company of nbc 10 is an investor in fan duel. >> pennsylvania could join delaware and new jersey when it comes to legalizing medical marijuana. bills headed to the pennsylvania house today that would allow marijuana to be prescribed for a list of conditions. the state senate passed the bill in may and passed the state board would regulate who can grow it and dispense it. a final vote could come later this week. 23 states including new jersey and delaware have legalized medical marijuana. four states ok'd adult recreational use of the drug. >> no longer have to disclose prior criminal convictions. the amended ban the box law goes into effect today. employers are prohibited from running a background check until they extend a job offer. state law maintains protections for specific careers that include law enforcement, children, and the elderly.
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from our delaware bureau, delaware state sufrt slashing two dozen degree programs in a move to increase revenue. the programs are being deactivated because of their lack of participation. in all 76 courses in 23 degree fields are being cut. the cuts will go into effect in the fall semester and students who are currently in those degree programs can continue their studies, this move is expected to save the school close to $1 million by 2020 and no staff layoffs are expected. >> overseas we're hearing from survivors of a deadly attack by islamic extremists in the ivory coast. terroristed gunned down leaving 18 dead. three gunmen were killed and 33 people wounded. witnesses say they were told to say the name of allah or they were shot.
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>> in front of me i saw -- >> this is the third attack on a tourist town in a west african country since november. back in this country now, investigators checking whether a car crash may have damaged train tracks in kansas for this derailment that injured 30 people. the train was heading from los angeles to chicago, officials say the engineer noticed a bend in the rail which caused him to slam on the brakes. all of the injured passengers are expected to be okay. quite a change today, weather, the warm weather that we've seen over the last week, including the couple of days in the 80s last week with those records. it's been damp and chilly. believe it or not the temperature really isn't that much farther away from normal. foggy morning rush for tomorrow. we've got fog moving in later
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tonight. it's going to stay cloudy, stay a little bit damp. and then the warm weather comes back in on wednesday. nothing like 82, but it's going to be significantly warmer than it has been. clouds in there, damp, chilly, 47 degrees. winds 16 gusting, that's the reason it feels cold along with the dampness than the air temperature because the average high is 52. so we're not that much below that. we've been up to 50 so far. 45 in allentown, 44 in doylestown and trenton and in mount holly. 45 in glassboro. 50 in dover one of the warmer spots. look at this. 10 to 15 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. poconos, 17 degrees colder but dover is the same temperature it was yesterday.
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there's the steadier area of rain moving out, we still have that drizzle around and it drops too tiny for the radar to detect. an idea of how tiny those drops are. you can see this area of moisture across the ohio valley. we don't have big storms on the horizon, but going to be little bit -- little disturbances affecting it this week. then a bigger storm over the weekend. here is the futurecast, we go through the night tonight, some sprinkles or drizzle at times. temperature doesn't really change very much. by tomorrow morning it's pretty much the same temperature it is now. could be a couple of showers or sprinkles during the day tomorrow. most of the day is dry and if we get a little sunshine in the afternoon, the temperature should get up near 60 degrees where we barely got to 50 today. and then on wednesday with even more sunshine, we'll be seeing temperatures get closer to the
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70s. 63 degrees by noon on wednesday. and as we go through the night tonight, 46 degrees for the low. cool and damp. the fog developing toward daybreak. it could have an impact on the morning rush tomorrow. high temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s. the wind of course really diminishing as we go through the night tonight. the seven-day forecast, there is that warm weather on wednesday, it's 71 degrees. and then starts cooling down by friday, the highs only 54 degrees. then it gets even colder. look at this over the weekend. highs in the 40s, and could get heavy rain coming in on sunday. here's some irish eyes hard to pass up. pennsylvania spca is getting into the st. patrick's day spirit with a promotion to save you. all week long it's saint pet
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trick's day. any one adopting an animal gets to select a lucky gold charm good for discounts up to $50. one lucky person wins a free adoption. >> hoping to bring luck to these adoptable animals, we hope it will rub off on them and they will find forever home and be loved. >> st. pet tricks day runs through saturday. >> nice hat. how much sleep do you need is >> i like 8, 9 hours. >> ditto. so, but apparently it isn't equal in terms of what you need. >> which gender needs more and the reason might be hard, ready, for some men to take. also, $6 for sliced pizza. we'll tell you what could triple the price. >> plus, his claim to fame is sweating to the oldies. richard simmons making headlines for another reason.
4:21 pm
how he is responding to reports he is being held hostage. >> plus, a bull caught on tape charging right onto a kid's soccer field. how it all ended. >> first, a look at the closing bell today. the dow and nasdaq up.
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>> here is one way to bring a soccer game to a halt. look at this. that bull sent kids running in australia. a few close calls but everyone managed to dodge this run away bull before it scamperred off into the woods. >> on the move.
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richard simmons says he's not being held hostage in his own home. simmons spoke this morning during a phone interview that aired on the "today" show. he denied a report that his house keeper was holding him against his will at his home for the past two years. simmons has largely stayed out of the public eye since 2014. ♪ >> the legendary rock bond the who making a stop in philadelphia. the who hits 50 tour will perform at the wells fargo center, the band says this is the last time the group is going to tour. they sold 100 million records since 1964. still going strong. >> the crowd there was impressive. >> it was. the last time they say. all right. to this. a serious heroin epidemic forcing local police officers to respond to certain situations in a new way. >> they are armed with a new tool to save lives, next, you'll
4:26 pm
hear from an officer who has saved more than a dozen lives and what was going through his head as he administered the life saving medicine. >> honoring a fallen hero. we'll take you to today's emotional good-bye to a local father and state trooper. >> then coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, cancer survivors dealing with debt. the financial battle they are more likely to face after beating the disease. katie: the u.s. has added 14 million new jobs
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since the great recession - a good start. but too many families see the special interests gaining the upper hand in washington,
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while paychecks don't go far enough. if you work hard, your paycheck should show it; you earned social security - it should be there when you retire. and you shouldn't have to go broke to afford college. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn.
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>>. >> the final farewell to a fallen hero. thousands came out to pay respects to new jersey state trooper sean cullen who was killed in the line of duty a week ago today.
4:30 pm
he was hit by a passing driver as he responded to a car crash and fire. nbc 10's reporter cydney long is at the services. >> the trooper had strong ties to the community. >> reporter: i can tell you he does. people came out to witness the ceremony here, sean cullen grew up here since he was 3 years old and graduated from high school. he had moved from dublin, ireland and his relatives came from ireland today on the day he would be laid to rest. pregnant with their second child, sean cullen's widow, erin, stands beside her husband's casket. this as thousands of law enforcement from across the nation surrounded her and cullen's loved ones. inside the funeral mass, cullen's siblings turned tears and the soft embraces into moments of laughter sharing with
4:31 pm
mourners, quote, shawn was a firecracker since birth and he went on to find new and interesting ways to be dangerous. >> the only thing that gets me through this is by some of his crazy antics. >> reporter: lieutenant patrick spoke to us only after a procession led cullen's body. down the street to pass by his own home and his parents' home. so many focused on the way he made them smile. >> sean, i'll never forget him. he may be gone but not forgotten. one of those guys, aus got the job done and always made me laugh. going to miss that with him doing his crazy jump kicks in the station. >> a sea of red and blue flashing lights made its way to lake view cemetery. >> you have all of the regallia of the military funeral. there's going to be a riderless horse. >> he was one of those that touched everyone's life.
4:32 pm
as we saw today how many were here that he truly did do that. i was honored to know him. >> trooper cullen was 31 years old. >> reporter: now, to show peace and comfort the father of eli mccarson was here to hold the hands of trooper cullen's family and also his widow erin. eli was the last to die in the line of duty and he was laid to rest two days before christmas. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." a breaking story among those making headlines. new video here shows a man who stole a minivan with a baby inside in west philadelphia this morning. that's him with the umbrella. turns out the boy's father also left his cell phone in the van, so he used another phone to text his phone. and the thief texted back. telling him where to find that boy.
4:33 pm
police later found the baby on the side of a road. they are still looking for the thief. >> philadelphia police say an argument over a hat led to a deadly stabbing in rittenhouse square. steven simminger is charged with murder. police say he stabbed collin mcgovern after an argument over simminger's new jersey devils cap. >> three are in custody for the shooting death of a maryland police officer. jacai colsgentleman kjacai cols d.c. police are looking for a fourth suspect. >> actions we're following, police in camden aggressively attacking oppose yoyd and heroin over doses with narcan. >> there is one young cop who has embraced the tool to save two dozen people. denise is here now with that story for us. >> officer bagby has brought 16 people back to life in his two
4:34 pm
years on the force. one man he even saved twice. the 24-year-old officer considers himself lucky to be able to bring people back to life. police often arrive to a scene faster than medics when precious moments count. the officer revived two people even before he was out of the police academy. the first time he gave narcan it left a lasting impression. >> as soon as i administered to both of the nostrils i remember looking up the second time and went from two police officers to over 30 people on the street from pedestrians to other officers and everyone's watching me to see if this individual is going to make it alive and he did. and at that point in time i realized that the people who are affected by heroin overdose is not the individual that just overdosed on heroin. >> since the program started in may 2014, 174 people have been
4:35 pm
saved in camden city alone. when the program was introduced the officers were apprehensive but once they saw how easily they could use to the save a life that changed. now officers have friendly competitions to see how many people they can save. officer bagby was one of the 80 people we interviewed for our investigation looking at the epidemic in our region. you'll hear more from officer bagby and see how police departments are making changes in fighting this crisis. >> numbers are impressive when you see how many have been saved. there has been some criticism, though, some people saying that narcan is enabling drug use. >> police in camden and across the country refute that. saying it's their job to preserve life. they hope that person has the experience with overdose and will get them ready to seek treatment. and many folks say that you can't get a person into
4:36 pm
treatment if they are dead. that's the facts. >> maybe it wilt turn their life around. >> they are hoping. >> as denise mentioned join her and fellow reporters as they take us into the tragic world of heroin and opie yoyd addiction. march 21 at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 10. >> switching gears, question for you. who do you think uses their brain more, men or women? i got two here. two against one. >> we'll find out what researchers say. they know the answer. and that it means one of the genders actually needs more sleep because of it. that story is next. all right. well, this story too. retail experts saying march is the it new cash in. next, what items you could find for the lowest prices right now. and then all new on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, should all employees in new jersey be
4:37 pm
entitled to paid sick leave? the legislation lawmakers are weighing and how it could affect doing business in the garden state. the month of march with t
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madless of college basketball. there is another madness that interests plenty of us, march sales. consumer experts say the end of this month is especially good for stocking up on things from electronics to exercise equipment and clothing you need next winter. >> go to the racks in the back of the stores, you can get anywhere from 40 to 70% off clothing. >> consumer experts say there are plenty of march sales to be found in stores and online as well. here's a timely story considering we lost an hour of sleep over the weekend. >> it didn't beat me up too badly. a new study suggests that women need more sleep than men because of our complex brains.
4:41 pm
that's what they say. they found that women need around 20 minutes more sleep than men. and that's thought to be because the female brain works harder during the day. the research says women tend to multi-task more than men. >> wait, this originally said i'll try to go over the research slowly. >> it said that but -- >> i took it out because i didn't -- one of our writers, dennis, the best, he wrote that. i didn't want to hurt your feelings too badly. >> you are too kind. tournament time. several local teams heading to the big dance. >> the latest on this friday's match-up. are you filling out a bracket? some do it for fun. others put money on the line. we'll tell you why your boss could be the one losing out if the you play. >> i'm tracking a damp and breezy night ahead but the 70s could be making a comeback soon. tell you when the rain is going to move out and the sunshine is
4:42 pm
going to return next in my first alert forecast.
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ready for the big dance? tournament time. the ncaa offers three local teams the chance of being number one. >> all playing this friday and john clark is joining us live with more on the big dance dreams, local interest here, john. >> it's going to be a fantastic friday. a big five philly friday, three teams from the big five all playing on friday, all starts with nova, then temple after 3:00, and st. joe's is the nightcap around 10. all the big 5 coaches got together this morning after the selections for the coaches versus cancer breakfast. it's the 18th annual and these coaches are bonded by this, also bonded by the pride of representing philly area
4:46 pm
basketball. and the cats and the owls could meet in the second round. this is a chance to put philly on the national stage. >> awesome feeling. the culmination of the statement is made that you had a really good year. that's really what you want for these kids. >> it's an advantage to play on friday in our case where we play saturday night, actually today will be what we call a rehab day. >> i love to promote my players, i love to promote philadelphia basketball, coaches versus cancer but i coach basketball. and i can't wait at 5:00 tonight to get started. >> it is a fun job. march madness has started, the teams are practicing right now. we're going to hear from some of them coming up at 5:00, we'll have more at 6:00 as well. i'm john clark sending it back to you. >> while millions of americans are gearing up for march madness, employers bracing for the worst. >> a new report says preoccupied
4:47 pm
workers could cost employers $4 billion in lost productivity in the first week of the tournament. the report cites the increase in ways to watch games as the biggest culprit thanks to options to live stream games on phones and other devices. nearly 51 million american workers are expected to participate in office pools. probably as bad as facebook. >> hard to get away from it. yeah, today one of the days to be indoors filling out your brackets. not like last week when you wanted to stay outside. it's been damp and chilly. it's going to stay that way during the evening hours. we've got fog added to it for the morning rush tomorrow. then we have warmer weather on wednesday, nothing like the 82 that we got last week. low clouds, we got fog, we've got drizzle. it's 46 degrees with
4:48 pm
17-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 24, 13 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday and the wind chill is 39. feels like 39. it was 69 on friday, 61 saturday and sunday. 50 during the day today. 60 degrees tomorrow. then up to 70 degrees probably by wednesday. but we're not going up from there. it's 44 in kennett square and washington township, wrightstown, trenton. the cooler spots, the coolest in bucks county, 41 degrees in quakertown. 43 in doylestown, and in blue bell 48 in newark. and 44 degrees in mount holly. now, it's chillier here because we have an east wind. if we had a wind from the west look how warm it would be. there's plenty of warm air to our west. 70 in cincinnati. 66 in st. louis, even 72 in
4:49 pm
des moines, iowa, 88 degrees in dallas. hard to believe that this air is not going to be getting here. this is what we're missing because of the wind direction. you can see the rain moving away, the steadier rain which is left us drizzle drops here. we have a system in the ohio valley that could bring showers later tonight and into tomorrow morning. but the temperature doesn't really go down much. as you can see, it stays pretty level through the night tonight. and then it's going to start warming up gradually tomorrow. 46 degrees for low in philadelphia, 42 in the north and western suburbs. tomorrow we get up near 60 degrees, in the afternoon. it's going to stay in the 40s, with fog and clouds, maybe some drizzle. so a nasty morning tomorrow. then it gets warmer on
4:50 pm
wednesday, thursday and friday we have some showers coming. and over the weekend could be a pretty significant storm on sunday. some heavy rain and cold winds as well. >> there is a new concern at the shore ahead of the start of the summer season. >> nbc 10 is talking to business owners concerned about a proposed minimum wage increase. the changes if the hike goes through. >> then all new on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, doing business along the beach. while the scenery will change, why it will down in delaware.
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>> new jersey's top democrats are pushing to raise the minimum
4:54 pm
wage and give workers more cash in their paychecks. the plan proposes an increase from $8.38 to $15 over several years but it's a jump some business owners say they can't afford. ted greenberg spoke to businesses on the board walk about the proposal today. ted is live in atlantic city. what did they have to say, ted? >> reporter: jim, along with a lot of businesses here at the shore, the steel pier is seasonal and pays employees mainly college kids and foreign exchange students minimum wage, many merchants say being forced to nearly double the pay would be disastrous. darla says making ends meet is a constant struggle. her job at an ocean city gas station pays minimum wage, $8.38 an hour. >> at the end of my pay week after i pay part of my bills, i have like $60 left in my pocket. that's not enough to live on. >> she welcomes a proposed hike
4:55 pm
in new jersey's minimum wage. but wes and other business owners in this tourism dependent resort believe it would be devastated. >> it's tough for us because we have a small window to make our money for the year. >> we need to take care of the most vulnerable. >> days after democratic leaders announced a proposal last month to raise the state's minimum wage to at least $15 an hour over the course of five years, ocean city business leaders blasted the plan in this letter to governor christie, who also opposes it. they say the hike could force some businesses to shut their doors. >> somewhere along the line we'd have to pass that $15 on and your piece of pizza for 2.50 is now 6. >> this company hires 150 seasonal employees, many in their teens and paid minimum wage. >> it just would not be profitable to be in the business where it's 100 days on the
4:56 pm
boardwalk. 100 days you have to make your money. >> the plan would initially raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour followed by annual increases. if governor christie refuses to sign it, legislative leaders say they will put it on the ballot for new jersey voters to decide. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> "nbc 10 news" at 5 is next. here is denise. >> next on "nbc 10 news" at 5, breaking news, police on the hunt for a man and a minivan, after he stole it with a baby in the back seat. and breaking down this surveillance video, police want you to see. plus, mow the father found his baby several neighborhoods away. >> chilly and soggy start to the week but a midweek warm-up is on the way. i'm tracking climbing temperatures plus your st. patrick's day forecast. >> bucks county woman asks for reduced sentence after being found guilty in an attack on a
4:57 pm
homosexual couple in the city. we'll have the outcome of that case coming up. >> plus, a potentially life saving surgery being performed at a local hospital. why it's unique and the patients it could help next and all new on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"nbc 10 news" at 5 begins with this. that man on the left there with
5:00 pm
the red umbrella about to steal a minivan with a baby inside. police released this video about an hour ago while they are still looking for the thief and the van, there you see the baby is safe and sound and back where he belongs. this ordeal began outside of a west philadelphia convenience store. >> we are learning the baby's father actually crossed paths with the thief. you can see it in that newly released tape. nbc 10's jacqueline london from our digital operations center. >> take us through the tape. >> you can see the thief step into the minivan with the baby still inside and then just drive off. watch, there he is with that red umbrella. he walks past the one white van and steps into the second one. the van's driver ran inside a store with his baby still in that van. the keys were also in the van and the thief drives off with the baby. the baby fortunately was later found along


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